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Famous Comedy Central TV show workaholics is has been renewed for at least 2 more seasons according to executives at the TV station. Workaholics is in its third season and has around 2 million viewers witch was enough for Comedy Central to renew the show for at least 2 more seasons. Workaholics is  written by its stars Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and revolves around three recent college dropouts, roommates, and co-workers at a telemarketing company—and their drug dealer, in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The casting directors are now looking for male and female actors of all ages that are interested in auditioning for several extra and stand in roles for Workaholics. If you have been a fan of the show and always wanted to be a part of it this is your chance. Do not miss out apply now!The series stars Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Kyle Newacheck and revolves around three unmotivated college graduates who are about to learn what the real world is all about. From now on they will be forced to follow dress codes, make deadlines and above all wake up before noon. After realizing they are no longer responsible for making the grade in school, they will do whatever it takes to avoid work and have a good time.

Season 4 and 5 will have 26 episodes total and the casting directors are now taking applications for male and female actors of all ages for seveal extra and stand in roles. No prior acting experience is necessary but a positive attitude is a must. If you are interested in auditioning for Workaholics pleaes submit your information along with a recent photo and contact information. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates, locations and times and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the first 3 season of the popular Comedy Central television show.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. F-ing love this show! First 3 seasons were absolutely hilarious. Don’t be a loose butthole and let’s get weird!

    • Look I’m going to keep it simple I’m a cute ass guy 18 years old with a baby face and can play a role with any age because of my voice and baby face in only 5’6 mid built I have dreads both sides cut my dreads are mid long I’ve been acting since I was in the 1st grade I’m one hell of an actor and I am still doing acting as I am enrolled in UNCG theater department you can check me out on Instagram @jelani_3d and on Twitter @jelani_3d email me guys won’t regret it ?

  2. My names justin Bradley, obvso, you can call me JB, jbrads, jdawg, bitch….anything but loose butthole. You guys shouldnt be a loose butthole and give me a shot!

  3. 21 years old, male
    6’2″ 200lbs
    Jock build/meathead (personal trainer in real life)
    In a college fraternity (hangout with many guys similar to those in workaholics)
    Been told that my natural self should be a TV character, or that I should have my own reality show.

  4. Height: 6 ft 3″
    Weight: 202
    Build: Athletic, abs, muscles etc.

    Absolutely love the show. I’m Sean. I like to challenge people’s authority in a sarcastic way. I’m funny. And extremely obscene. And good looking… So I guess narcissistic as well? Anyways, you should call me for a meetup so I can convince you to put me in the show. I’m athletic, cool, and look like a stoner but am not (completely).

  5. Hello,

    My name is Chalice Howe. I would be a perfect fit for any sort of role on this show. I know given the opportunity I could make a lot of people laugh. I am a 24 year old male. I am 5’8 and 140 lbs. This would really be a dream come true for me.

    Contact for more info.
    Thanks guys!

  6. Male
    Age: 25
    build: Athletic
    height: 5’9
    weight: 160 lb. of yoked!
    hair: light brown
    Facial hair: mostly red
    eyes: brown-hazel
    Caucasian and a bit of Cherokee.

    I’ve seen every episode so far!
    To say the least, I’m ready to “Get weird!”
    I have experience in theater, as well as, ALOT of improv with my own rag-tag group of stonies!
    I know that I can bring a life to a character that can be loved or hated enough to re-occur. Although I’m open to be an extra or anything you need at the moment.

    TALENTS: acurate impersonation,
    plethora of voices and personality, can sing in tune, willing to do stunts, extremely adaptable and a fast learner.

    I am also an experienced musician, with stage experience.
    I have played guitar for over 10 years and can play almost any of style electric or acoustic, lead or rhythm. and various other stringed instruments.
    I hope for the best and would love to speak more in person.
    Thank you for your time.

    – Nicholas

  7. Hey, my name is Sadie Jones. I will be 14 in 2 months, I have brown eyes, I have brown curly hair, but I dyed it blue, I am 5’5, 130 lbs, and even though I am young, I love your show. Your show brings me to the verge of pissing myself from laughter. I do not have any prior professional acting experience, but I’ve been told I’m pretty funny and a good actress. I am half black (which probably explains why I’m so funny), and half white. I would be great for this show because I have the same sense of humor as the people on the show. It would be so awesome to be on a show on Comedy Central, no matter how small the role, because who wouldn’t want to be on Comedy Central? I sing, I dance, and I’m pretty flexible. I live in Orange County, California. I would be so honored to be provided with an opportunity to get started as an actress. I hope you see this and consider me!

  8. This show is insanely hilarious! I have been watching religiously since season1episode1. I look forward to each new episode and it’s right up there with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    • I f***ing love all three seasons! Each episode has me choking on my taco bell! I’d love to work with all these guys and maybe cement myself into some other cool stuff!

  9. Heyyyy. My name is Max Troia. I currently live in Monterey, CA and have been interested in acting since 1998 soooo 17 years? I’m 28 years old, act like I’m 10, but an immature 10 year old, or something. Anyways, I just got into this show. It’s so ridiculous but in a great way! Seems like a fun experience to be a part of, and I would love to be a part of it! I submitted my info and now I shall post this comment! Hopefully there isn’t some other person named Max Troia who applies. So if you guys are looking for the right person, *BLAMMO* right here!

    Thank you

  10. Hi…..

     my name  is  Majd Abdulhadi  

    I’m 22 years old 

    I live in Cyprus  now  for study  

    My high 177cm
    My weight  63kg 

    I’m  studying architecture, it will be my 3rd  year  

    I’m  from  Syria .

    l love drawing and design &party 

    I’m  interesting to become  actor  in your movies  

    When I was 10 years  old that was my dream  and I will  never  give up  if you don’t  give me chance may be another  company  will that is my dream  and that is my hope and I’m sure  that one day I will be great  actor  

    thank you 

  11. Hi. I’ve never seen a single episode of Workaholics. I am just looking for a nice paid job. I can act with a professional aproach. Btw I live in Kazakhstan, so you hardly choose me. Anyway I tried.

  12. Hello, I am a 22 Caucasian Male
    Bulky Build
    Blonde Hair
    Blue eyes
    I am a Corrections Officer in Florida, With a Charming And Witty Personality, and Right about the Same Goofiness level as the guys from Super Troopers. I think I would make a Great Fit for the show.

  13. im a 20 year old Korean but people tend to say I look mixed with Caucasian. I am 5′ 7″ and am 135lbs with fair black hair. I know I would be a useful extra in one of your episodes should you tend to need an Asian in one of your episodes

  14. Hi I’m Sharon the reason why I would love to be apart of this show is because, I’m funny and and I love working with new people. I’m fairly new to acting and I love it although I love acting in all genres I excell comedy. One of my joys in life is to make people laugh and that’s why I would love the chance to audition for the show.

  15. Hi, My name is Gwen and I am 26. I have a doctorate degree in psychoactive medications and I was an athlete and bartender in college. I perform frequently at my local karaoke bar in my spare time for fun. I am very versatile, highly adaptable, and would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work on this production. Please contact me and I will be happy to share more information. Cheers!

  16. to be honest ive whatched a couple of shows and laughed my asss off!! basicaly im here because im very interested in any role you want me to act on. to be real i dont consider my self as an actor or funny but my whole family and friends always tell me i should go out and try it, i guess i make them laugh HA! so what do you know i ended up here what a better way to start a new chapter as long as you guys give me a couple of minutes of youre time ill make worth youre while and youres mine. if you have any but i mean any types of question please let me know. ill even act the part of the janitor ;) have az great day thanks for reading…………

  17. Hi, My name is Brandon

    I am a junior in college and a big fan of the show. I feel like I would really have something to add to the show. I hope you might care to get to know me and see for yourself. Thank You!

  18. Caught the show a few times. I love it. I would love to be apart of it. I am trying to get my acting career off the ground. All I need is a chance. Please.

  19. Hello! I am a 19-year-old current student at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI and would love to be involved in the shooting of this film. I am an acting major in MSU’s competitive Department of Theatre Bachelor of Fine Arts program with a minor in Musical Theatre, and have a lifetime of acting experience prior to college. With all of that, I have watched Workaholics religiously since season one, though I would have to say my all time favorite episode is “Office Campout” from the first season. Because of my shameless amount of viewing hours of this show, much of the dialogue and phrases introduced by it have become a part of my daily language–as every character on the show is utterly hilarious in their own brilliantly unique way. With my prior acting qualifications and experience with many similar Workaholics themes (antics of a Big Ten University), I would be a terrific consideration for any sort of part on this series.

    145 lbs.
    Brown Hair/Eyes
    Detailed resume and headshots available upon request

    Thank you!


  20. As my last name states, I’m Korean, 5′ 7″ and 135 pounds, though i dont know if that information is necessary. I love this show as they quite resemble my character as well. It would be great to just be an extra on the show as some sterotypical asian like Wayne. Except people don’t techically say i look completely asian. Although i think i would be a pretty good candidate for a scene or two in Workaholics!

  21. I’m Christopher Calisto I am 15 years old and a huge fan of this show. Ever since I’ve seen it I wanted to be on it, this would be a great way to start my carrier.

  22. My name is Sean, I’m a 21 year old fun loving dude with a huge an awesome sense of humor. I’ve worked in a call center and know the antics of a work place like it so I feel like I’d be at home on the show. I’m 5’10 have that stoner demeanor and pretty good at coming up with witty ass remarks on the fly. Best of luck choosing. Hope it’s me.

  23. Well I should be chosen because one im yoked to the core and when I take my shirt off ppl stare with envy. SECOND.. Im funny as balls when I say balls I mean male genitals. Give me a shot and I will and you wont be disappointed fools.

  24. I’ve loved Workaholics since the pilot and I’m elated that there’s an open casting! I’m a 20 year old multi-ethnic female. I’m a little shy of 5’8″ and have a slender build. I have a knack for physical comedy and dramatic, awkward movements.
    I’d love to hear from you!

  25. Hello I am a 22 year old comedian from Long Island looking for an audition with one of my favorite shows. I will do anything for a laugh and my comedy act will show how raw and outrageous I can get. One question you might have been thinking is is that my real last name and yes it is. I am the Vaglica and I am blessed to have delicious hobby for my last name. I’d love for a chance to show you why I am an excellent fit for the show, my email is Thank you hope to hear from you soon.

  26. I’m 5 ft 8 in with a slim build. I’m Hispanic with natural straight black hair that is past my shoulders. I’m 25 but many say I look19. Being funny and a goof is what I do best. I’ve been watching the show for years and I’d fit in perfect with these guys. Every time I watch an episode, I picture myself right there with them. This show have the tightest bullhole on the network.

  27. I’m Adam and I am 21 years old. I’m 5’4 and 100 pounds which I think would make the character even more funny. I a variety of skills, including voice overs, and voices for any part. Great at sarcasm and puns.

  28. I’ll work for food stamps and or burweedos.
    I love Workaholics.
    I’ll even take a terrible job as an intern that you just throw stuff at…

  29. Hey i am a 19 year old 120 pound skinny brown eyes black haired, middle eastern boy, i can pass for white , spanish, italian, or middle eastern obviously. I am a comedian so i have experience making people laugh. im just looking for an opportunity to extend myself into the world of acting. I do have experice ive been in many short films and one wynona ryder movie with jim gaffigen. If chosen for any part you will not be let down
    my talents include, skating, basketbal, parkour
    i do stand up and ii act
    please give me the opportunity to give back.

  30. This is so up my alley and I won’t disappoint! I have background in Theater and Music and Comedy is my THANg! I’m 30 yrs old dedicated and a hard worker who is a team player… Holla back younginz!:)

  31. I’m Shaquara Mask and I’m a 19 year old female from Sacramento California. I’m a HUGE fan of the workaholics tv show. I have background in acting. I have a great personality, I’m funny, impressionable, and a joy to be around. I sing, dance, and act. I’ve traveled in high school to preform in school plays and wanted to experience life on the tv side of acting.

  32. Ok here’s the deal, workaholics has just been a summary of my life. Not only will there be a connection with the cast and myself, there will be a wild episode. A little about myself. I’m 21 and I go to community college as an athlete. That pretty much means I’m already a big deal. I’m 5’9 165lbs of lean sexy muscle. I have absolutely no filter if you can’t tell. I think Adam is hilarious and he and I are a lot alike. We’re pretty much the coolest guys in the room at anytime. So please do yourselves a favor and email me back so we can get all the details figured out asap. Have a great day and don’t be a loose butthole about this.

  33. My name is Jaznique Jamerson I’m a 26-year-old African-American female. My look ranges from 17-22. My height is 5 foot 3, 118 pounds. I would be grateful workaholics because I have a very large aura and personality also I have a dynamic voice and mischief in my eyes.I understand a wide variety of comedic timing and would blend well with the principal cast. Physical comedy, I found, from someone of my stature can be very hilarious on camera. In college I studied radio-television-film, minor performance;focusing on writing.

  34. My name is Jesse Jamison I’m a 26-year-old African-American female. My look ranges from 17-22. My height is 5 foot 3, 118 pounds. I would be grateful workaholics because I have a very large aura and personality also I have a dynamic voice and mischief in my eyes.I understand a wide variety of comedic timing and would blend well with the principal cast. Physical comedy, I found, from someone of my stature can be very hilarious on camera. In college I studied radio-television-film, minor performance;focusing on writing.

  35. Hi im chastity!
    -19 years old
    -im a 5’5″ female
    -redhead with blue eyes
    -weigh 135 lbs
    -measurements are (35-28-40)

    Itd be so much fun working with you guys (as long as you guys dont get sick of my puns) I really enjoy acting and I feel as though workaholics would be the best place for me.
    in all the seasons I honestly love everything that happens and how the cast acts when in sticky situations.

  36. when i first seen your show i thought it was hilarious and it is something i know i can work on. i can be serious and i can be funny.

  37. This show just reaches me. A bunch of crazy guys mixed with wild shenanigans is where my heart truly lies. I’d love to be in on it. Let’s get weird.
    Katie Hamilton

  38. It’s been a long time dream for me to act, I’ve been told my whole life to go for it and i honestly didn’t know where to begin. Still don’t really. This is the first time I finally took the advice I’ve always been given. I’m told not to give up by my big brother. Not sure what your looking to hear from me cause I’m sure you hear it all the time. I think even with no experience people should get an opportunity, could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Thank you and good luck to who is chosen guys!

  39. hello.
    my name is kent.I’m from japan.I gonna stay only three month in NY.
    I’m japanese acter and improviser.
    I wanna be good comedy actor.
    please pick me.

  40. im looking for a break into the tv and entertainment industry for extras i’m 22 white male 6’3 fun to be around super positive personally and i think i would be a great fit for this show my contact info is looking forward for working with everyone on the set and bringing my super positive and funny personality

  41. Name:Parker Haugen
    Hair:Brownish red

  42. Hello my name is Christopher Rose.
    I am an aspiring actor from Texas and I’ve been acting for 4 years and I’m now majoring in drama in college. I’m 5’11”, 240 lbs, and mixed with black and white. I would love to have an experience like this to be able to put on an application for future jobs

  43. My name is Cody Oakes, but my friends call me c-dawg. I’m a super nice guy. Probably the nicest person i know. I’m very handsome, my mom always say “you are the most handsome man”. So i guess that tells you something. I am extremely interested in Workaholic’s. I don’t have much experience, but my attitude says otherwise. And i only smoke weed when i am done with my job

  44. I love, love, love workaholics! Working alongside Blake Henderson would be an amazing experience!

  45. I Believe Im The Best Man For The Job because Im Naturaly Funny & Im A Peoples Person. I Can Show & Prove If Giving The Chance. Thank You Enjoy Your Day.

  46. Yo I’m Shane from san Diego, I think your show is super tight butthole, I’d love to be inserted into it… That sounded a bit weird but def mean like be on it, cause you guys seem like legit broges. Some bonus good news I also have some acting experience and extraed on some tv shows before. Any tits thanks for your time!

  47. lets get weird!!!! call me . I’m 26 blonde, kinda look like adam devine , brad pitt, and leonardo had a threesome and i was the result but more hung then all three of them prob. let do this. lets do this tonight guys. you can come to my house and wake me up with a super soaker and drench me . lets do this tonight. i can’t wait another second. lets do this hard. so hard.

  48. I’m just a awesome individual. That’s really all I have to say about myself. If you like me I love you ❤

  49. I am 34 yrs old 4ft9in and 110 pounds. I think that I am funny-I know that I am sarcastically funny but you have to be smart or those wont seem funny to you. I am just trying to get started. Ive had my kids, I have 2 BA degrees and will have my Masters in Psychology in August. I want a long term gig if I can find one, and I want to be given the opportunity to show off that I have more talent than just being smart. Thank you for your time and consideration, I know you will enjoy my pics on my website. I hope to hear from you soon. Oh, I currently live in Pueblo Colorado and can do Skype or web cam auditions and then figure out how to get to were ill need to be if I get a part.

  50. I don’t know if the last comment went through.. I’m 26, and grew up in Rancho cucamonga .. I live the life that is shown on the show.. I’ll hump dead animals , or dress up in hulk hogan uniforms . Let me know when u need me . Thanks

  51. Hi my name is Joshua A. Arroyo and I’m 18 years old .I would love the opportunity to be on this show .I’m goin to be honest I’ve never had much acting experience but I’m a fast learn and if given the opportunity to act with these funny guys I would maybe start my acting career in a fun and awesome way .thanks for taking the time to look at my comment have a good day

  52. hi my name is Raquel, i’m a hooping hippie with dreads and a passion for acting. i absolutely love workoholics and would love to be considered to be in it :)

  53. Hello my name is Ciara Spiller I am 21 years young and I am something new to bring to the table. I am smart and hard working and devoted to my acting career. I’m a great actres! I can do improv and come up with skits on spot or I can follow a script. I only wish to act. It’s my life calling. And no I have not been to acting school. I feel like either you have it or you don’t. School could help and I’d love to go but don’t have the funds right now. I live in GA right now but with an audition I could fly to Cali in a heart. My whole family lives there so it wouldn’t be a problem to relocate. All I ask for is just one change to prove myself.

  54. Good Day! I would love to be a part of this revolutionary, nutty show. I have a wide range and a unique, naturally goofy persona and would be content with background work or more. SAGAFTRA. 5’10, 130 lbs, Brown Hair, Green Eyes, 34b, 28, 36, 10.5 shoe. Stand-In Experienced. Thank you ever so much for your consideration and I hope you have a fantastic day. Abby Gregor

  55. I am a big fan of the show workaholics. Love it. I’m very interested to be able to do any role. I have acting/modeling experience. I’ve been told by many that i was born to act! I have a great sense of humor. I can do this. Give me a chance. I hope i hear from you. Thank you for your consideration.
    Age: 20
    Height: 5,7″
    Weight: 115
    Hair: black
    Eyes: hazel

  56. Female
    5’5 120
    Scorpio – if that already doesn’t tell you something.
    My personality and my humor are pretty much spot on when it comes to this show, and I know without a doubt I would add to its glory.
    I’ve watched it since the beginning, chupacabraj still my favorite but really this show has been my #1 go to… I drove to California 2 years ago and found the house where yall film it, not in a creepy way, pretty cool..
    And I’m hoping this is a legit site cause I’ll be a little peeved yall didn’t email me.. Cause you should.

  57. Hello, first off id have to say that I am 30 years old from Wichita Falls Texas! Raised Below the Mason Dixon Line. I love to Hunt, Fish, get muddy, and drink Cold beer! I am ASIAN!!! but best of all, i came fully loaded with country boy swagg, with A DEEP Southern ACCENT!!! its funny to hear, just watch me go! I was being Scouted for CMT 495 Productions for a reality tv show, i did not make the final cut to fly out to LA, to be on the Green Screen. Just getting in the top 10 was awesome the crew from 495 productions were fun to interview with and the skype was awesome but fun! I was told by interviewers my voice does not match my body! I am very athletic, and ready for a challenge. Please Allow me for an audition, and Ill do the Rest:)

  58. To be completely honest with you I don’t think I have ever watched this show, but guess what? I will start watching it. I think it’d be an amazing opportunity for me to show people anything is possible. I would love to play any role in this show! I am turning 15 in April and I really want to start an acting career.

  59. I can honestly say I haven’t done any acting since middle school, but I am pretty good at living in a fantasy world. I recently moved to Tacoma, Washington to find my calling. I realized I have not acted in years & figured being an extra would be a good to picking it back up. I’m 20 (21 in may). I’m 5’2″. I weigh 110 pounds. I wouldn’t say I’m the best at acting, but I know the basics & I find enjoyment in being bubbly & silly much like the Workaholics characters. I have done a bit of modeling back in Indiana, where I’m originally from. In my spare time, I like to be outside in the sun, paint, play guitar, & sing. Yes, I also sing.. took choir up until sophomore year of high school. Um.. I think I’m done bragging. If you’re interested.. you’ll know what to do. Peace. :)

  60. Name:Giovanna Chavez
    Weight: 120
    Ethnicity:Mexican/ German
    Eyes: Brown

    I have experience as an extra for film it would be a great opportunity to be apart of such a crazy awesome cast.

  61. first let me say my brother, fiance, and I adore the show. Great job haha. Anyway I’m 19 and a mommy. I want to really start acting or singing because its what I love and I know the money from it would help give my little man a good life. I love comedy so much half my time is spent either watching something funny or being a dweeb to make other people laugh so if I start acting comedy is definitely the way to go haha :)

  62. Workaholics is pure genius, such a rad television show and it never fails to keep me laughing. The comedy behind it is completely laid back and it would definitely be an honor to be a part of the upcoming seasons.
    I’m always up for performing anything with a positive attitude through it all!

  63. I’m tired of working behind a desk all day where everyone behind me gets rubbed. This is show is so close to what my work life is like that I would fit right in.

  64. My name is Eduardo Zink, im 21 years old living in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles CA, I’m a mix of everything, Caucasian, Hispanic, German and also Irish., I’m 5″10 , with black hair brown eyes , I feel perfect for this show , only cause I can fully relate to how the show is, also been known as a class clown when I was in school. Hope to hear from you guys.

  65. My name is Eduardo Zink, im 21 years old living in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles CA, I’m a mic of everything, Caucasian, Hispanic, German and also Irish., I’m 5″10 , with black hair brown eyes , I feel perfect for this show , only cause I can fully relate to how the show is, also been known as a class clown when I was in school. Hope to hear from you guys.

  66. Ive been told I look like Adam alot, I think I could do well playing
    his younger brother in a few episodes. Contact me for more information.

  67. Age- 18
    Height- 5’3
    Weight- 120
    Hair- brunette
    Eyes- green
    Gender- female

    I really want to be an extra because i want to be an actress someday and you gotta start somewhere!

  68. Hello!
    I’d like to start by introducing myself, my name is Joey but I like to be called JoJo, It would be an honor to be on Workaholics, I am a big fan of the show and have been on tv shows and movies before, such as (Orange is the new black which is a Netflix original tv show) I stared as one of the “scared straight girls” in season 1 episode 10, bora bora bora) as well as admissions ( which I played as an extra dancing at a school dance but was moved right in front of the camera and have seen myself on the movie) I also played as an extra for the new Amazing Spiderman and was on set with Jamie Foxx. I am a twenty year old soon to be twenty one, I am a mixed female, (Italian, Hungarian, and African American) and live in Bordentown, NJ. I’m 4`11″ and weigh no more than one hundred pounds. I have not only been an extra but also have done modeling with an agency called interface located in East Brunswick, NJ. I have also had an agent from ixist agency and even tho I live in NJ I am able and willing to make it to New york, I enjoy acting and hope to hear back from you soon. (:
    My email is:

    You may reach me either way. Thank you for your time (:

  69. We’re a package deal. 3 guys with not much else to do during the day. We don’t really have jobs or want any. Entrepreneurs/law school students. Been watching the show for a few years. Big fans. Big fans. We don’t need to be paid. We’d just like to be extras. We’re pretty good at getting drunk and some people think we’re funny. Why can’t we post photos? We have full frontals.

  70. Hello, My name is Timothy Grimes and I am an aspiring character actor. I am a huge fan of every season of Workaholics. I love the episode “We Be Clown’n”. I think I may be a good fit for you guys. I am like Gomer Pile and Kevin Smith had a baby.
    Timothy Grimes

  71. Hi my name is David Mcdowell
    I am 5’8″ 180LBS
    It would be an amazing experience for me to further my career in acting, and even in life itself.
    I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for the opportunity

  72. – acting for the past 12 years
    – experience in stunt execution, stage combat, musical theatre, firearms
    – full resume available upon request (contact through email preferable)
    – currently residing in Michigan, originally from Korea

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Age Range: 18-25
    Physique: Average
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Length: Medium
    Eyes: Black
    Ethnicity: Asian

    I appreciate your time and look forward to the opportunity to work with your crew.

  73. Age:19 (soon to be 20)
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Big in Stature

    To be even an extra on workaholics would be amazing. I feel as if i could fit into the environment of the show very easily.

  74. My name is Katrine (pronounced Katrina) Reddin and it would be a dream come true to appear or act as an extra on Workaholics. I am 19 years old, and while my main residence is just outside of New York City, I am currently attending university in Fort Worth, Texas. I stand at 5 feet and 4 inches, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I am bilingual in English and Danish and I have a passion for hiking the outdoors and traveling. I am an assistant NRA Instructor so I am well acquainted with the use of firearms (handguns, rifles, shotguns) and I can drive stick shift. I may seem shy at first glance, but I am actually very outgoing and a go-getter type person. I am competent, reliable, hardworking, and spontaneous and will not be a disappoint. Failure is not an option.

  75. Im amber im 16 white 4’11 green eyes weighing at 105 This is by far my favorite television show id love to be apart of it itd be amazing! And i need to start my acting career

  76. famous viner, with over 600,000 followers, looking to be a part of , what I believe, to be one of the funniest shows on air. My fans would love to see this happen. Lets do it!

  77. What did I think of the first three seasons? Tight butthole. HA! My name is Jesse Beach, I am 27, about 5’9 and weigh 150lbs. I have a good sense of humor, probably the best you’ve ever had.

  78. I am perfect for this part I am young handsome gentleman , I am 20 years old. I believe I am perfect for a part in the show because I can relate to the characters. All my friends think I’m one of a kind and my friends would classify my sense of humor and my personality to Adam. I am a very positive person and I bring a positive persona to the work place.

  79. This show is me. I am smart and I make things funny when no one else thinks they can be. I see a bit of myself and my friends when i watch this show. I am 19 and i love to party and live life like the characters in this show. I stand out and i have a nack for making people laugh.

  80. Hey there! I would love an opportunity to be on a comedy show. I have seen a few of these episodes and it completely had me in stiches because I realized holy crap this is sort of my life! While I don’t partake in some of their “extra curricular” activities, I did just graduate from college and have been thrown into the world of responsibilities of this thing called “adulthood”. Despite having to become a real live adult, I am always trying to make light of situations and crack jokes! Because the truth of it all is, if you’re not laughing and having a good time you’re missing out on the best opportunities life has for you! I hope you will consider me for your show!

    age range: 17-27
    long brown hair

  81. I’m 24, white, female and chunky body type. Hazel eyes and chocolate cherry brown hair lol I’m super funny, easy to get along with and talk to. I serve at Cracker Barrel in Cookeville tn. I’m a hard worker and easy learner but it’s better you see that for yourself. I would be a great person to have on your show. I’m ridiculously funny and crazy

  82. Hey, my name is Taylor. I am 22 years old and I’m from Texas. I started watching the show last year and I fell in love with it. It’s absolutely hilarious and the guys are great. I would love to be a part of the show and meet the guys and experience it all. I know I would be great!! :) Plus it’s in my bucket list to meet Blake!

  83. Came to the US from Russia this November to do PhD in chemistry.And it sucks. So today after watching the episode of WH I threw my flasks away and ran home to write this application. So if you wanna a funny,good-looking Russian in your show – let me know. Get me out of Utah state.Please.

    P.S. I was a pro actor in Moscow while I was 10-14 yo. But then things got worse…
    P.P.S I guess I was the only guy watching Workaholics in Russia,so I’m not gonna be kinda famous in my homeland when I star in your show…but I’m fine with it,don’t worry.

  84. Good afternoon. If you are looking for an African American male, 43, hard worker and dedicated and new to acting, please contact me. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

  85. Hello my name is Campbell McKim and I’m going to tell you why I should be on Workaholics…oh yeah and if it really means anything I’m a 17 year old high school senior standing at 5’10 and weighing in at 172lbs with a slightly muscular build. To be completely honest, I have absolutely no acting experience. But what I do have is the bright-minded, comedic, and spontaneous personality that this magical show embodies so well. A show like Workaholics calls for a specific kind of person. A person who has added many words to their alphabet such as “loose butthole” and “kiddens”. A person who understands what it means to YOLO once and takes it very sleazy. Basically what I’m trying to say here is that Workaholics exhibits a comedic level that a lot of people don’t understand, and that’s exactly what would make me a great fit for any role in this show. Oh, and I’m armed and I have AIDS so physical contact with anyone on the set might not be the best idea. Anyways, if you’re looking for someone who will successfully contribute to the beautifully immature comedy of Workaholics, I’m your guy.

  86. Name: David Johnson
    Age: 25
    Hair: Black
    Eye: Hazel
    Height: 6′ 1”
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Waist: 34
    Inseam: 32
    Sleeve: 31
    Coat: 47

    I am recently separated from the Marine Corps after 6 years of service. I am attempting to jump start my career in entertainment via reality television. I have been recommended by a close personal friend to audition for this show.

  87. Love the show (I watch it with my two older brothers)
    A little about myself:
    I’m 19 years old and I stay positive and energetic at all times! I absolutely love being around people. I graduated high school in 2014 and I was very involved in acting in high school. I’d love to gain more experience with acting! Thanks!

  88. my name is junior turner AKA Junior T
    Nothing truly stops you.Nothing truly holds you back. for your own will is always within your control.sickness may challenge your body. your will needn’t be affected by an incident unless you let it.

  89. Hellooo!! My name is Kelly Mazza, and i would love to be on workaholics! I do not have any professional acting experience, but have taken classes from professionals. Workaholics is one of my favorite T.V. shows and i believe i would fit in perfectly. I am around 5’1 , have big brown eyes and brown hair. I am italian and norwegian so i would consider myself unique, my personality included. Ive always wanted to model and enjoy acting, so this would be perfect experience for me! I weigh around 105 pounds and am very in shape. I am not sure how to attach a photo so if you would like to contact me, you can reach me at (917) 754-2998 or email me at Thank you! :)

  90. This link has all my info,acting experience,my youtube channels where I make and act in my on videos along with my friends, and a recent headshot of myself. I hope you like me and think i’m cool. I’ll give you a really big kiss on your face. I’m professional I swear. P.S. I got a callback from One Source Talent Agency and I was an extra in the film titled Lollipop Lady directed by Justin McDowell.

    Since i’m a minor here’s my mother’s contact information.
    Phone number: 1 805 407 0619

  91. Male
    20 years old
    5’10 180lbs Athletic body
    Dark brown hair
    Dark brown eyes

    I’m a positive, dedicated individual who puts their diligence towards anything i want to achieve.

  92. Hi! I’m 16 years old. I love acting, and sing too.. I love make people smile and I really love make that people laughing at me.
    Height! 5’3
    Weight! 136
    hair: light brown
    Eyes: browm
    I hate that phrase .. TO BE HONEST.. TBH.. Tbh.. Omg people!! Stop write that, but .. to be honest I wanna participate and be an actress ;)

  93. hello i am 29 yrs of age with a slim built standing 6’0. i love this show for the way it makes me laugh and myself love making people laugh which way i feel i would be a great asset to this show in any shape form or fashion..

  94. Hey! My name is YANELLY ROCHIN and I’m 21 years old. I know I am a great candidate for the show speaking from it’s successful history I can assure you that I’m a great asset to have. I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I want it more than anything else in my life!
    Height: 5″4
    Hair: light brown
    Ethnicity: mixed/Hispanic
    I will most definitely not let you guys DOWN help me help you make your decision a huge success.

  95. Sex: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 18
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 175
    Build: Slim
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

    Comfortable with anything! I’m trying to get my foot in the door of this business and I’ve been a huge fan of the show since it started.

  96. Hi, my name is Austin Wolters. I currently reside in Grandville, Michigan. I am 6’3. Brown hair, blue eyes. Just waiting for my opportunitu at a movie, tv, or any role to show the world just exactly who I am. I am very adaptable, very comedic and outgoing with whatever role you give me.

  97. I’m very excited to send in my information for workaholics! I am 5’3, 16 years old with a great sense of humor and very open personality and live in Los Angeles, Ca. I am not shy at all and I’m always giving 110% in everything I set my mind to. Workaholics is one of my favorite shows and I would absolutely be thrilled to star in it! thank you so much and I look forward to the chance from hearing back!

  98. My name is Tewodros Tella abut I go as teddy for short and I’m 22 years old and being an actor I do stand up comedy at local clubs humor is my passion

  99. hey blake anders adam guys. this opportunity would be the tits. if you need any guy in your show as an extra or as whatever really, it would be a righteous decision to have me be that guy. It would be truly lifechanging.

  100. I can do funny voices and I’m 16 and I’m willing to do anything to get exposer I feal that I could be a great comedy actor and I’ve done many theater parts in comedy and I also do standup locally and have a great rep I would be honored to be able to have exposer like this I will work for free and to what is needed to get a part I’m a very hard worker

  101. I absolutely love this show! It really was a genious idea… Plus, the characters personalities and mine match perfectly! These are the type of guys I would hang out with on the daily. I mean I have someone sitting right next to me who reminds me of all three characters combined, I wish I could send a picture of him. You’d be amazed! But anyhoo, I LOVED the first 3 seasons!

  102. I would most likely shit myself if I got a chance to be an extra. Along with the being the happiest camper of my life. Oh me oh me please

  103. I’m a heavy set 19 year black man man that is actually really funny. I’ve even hosted a local show in my city I don’t have much experience in the entertainment field but I can handle myself well and perform.

  104. hello my name is simoen and i;ve been watching Workaholics since the 8th grade (so two years) and i love it its hilarous and i have a very out going personaliy and i would love to be a part of Workaholic! i’m 15 and im 4’11 i weigh like 120ish? i’m half mexican and asian/hawaiian. i have brown hair and brown eyes

  105. Hello, I am Evan Sayers, I am 17 years of age, I love to act it is what I want to do. I would love to be on this show because me and my brother watch this show every time it comes on it is one of my favorite shows and it would be amazing to be apart of it.

  106. Hello, I am interested in any available character and a script please. I have little experience but very outgoing and postive, along with prepared for almost any scene. Thank you for your time, please get back with me at my email address

  107. I’m 23. Rookie to the Acting world, I have bits of experience. As a kid I do admit, I’m one in like a million who want to be apart of something cool. All I really want is to be an extra. Either way I’m up for anything that involves acting or showing up on set to be an extra.

  108. My name is Zach Bell. I’m 18 years old and about 6 feet tall. I shoulp probably mention I have never acted before but I am totally willing to do whatever it takes to be awesome on this show. From the first season I knew I wanted to be at least on one episode. I love the show and think it’s freaking hilarious! I was actually scared it got cancelled, but I’m so glad it didn’t! I would have been extremely butt hurt. So, if any auditions come to Houston, Texas anytime soon don’t hesitate to email me. I’ll send a picture of myself and what not whenever you do if it’s necessary.

  109. hi i am a 14 year old boy who loves to do comedy and i am a huge fan of the show i have been acting for 5 years now and i think this could be my big break but since im 14 i dont know what you guys may put me as , I will ALWAYS have a positive attitude and very I am very deserving of the position. Thank you.

    height 5’11
    weight 182
    age 14
    Ethnicity Latino
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Brown

  110. how’s it going comedy cent my names mitch mcmullen 24 years old from washington Pennsylvania In the Pittsburgh area pretty much. I first off wanted to say this comedic opportunity I have snook up on me out of nowhere, and I just want one shot. Just one. I’ve got heavy punchlines that I can do on the spot, one of the nicest people on the planet, and am good at working with people. I currently have an 8.50 an hour job as a cook at a restaurant, and that’s just not cutting it I gotta go after a dream. I got a lot of talents and good qualities but my main one is making people laugh with my stoner talk lol, they can’t get enough of it. it’s crunch time baby lol let the dice roll on me man 100 percent original my major influences are dave chapelle, mike epps, and mitch hedberg. I’m not bighearted at all it’s just something I know how to do. and it took a lot of life events to get me up there with them. I can make you some good loyal tv fans and need this so bad please let me know if you can help. -Mitch McMullen

    • how’s it going comedy cent my names mitch mcmullen 24 years old from washington Pennsylvania In the Pittsburgh area pretty much. I first off wanted to say this comedic opportunity I have snuck up on me out of nowhere, and I just want one shot. Just one. I’ve got heavy punchlines that I can do on the spot, one of the nicest people on the planet, and am good at working with people. I currently have an 8.50 an hour job as a cook at a restaurant, and that’s just not cutting it I gotta go after a dream. I got a lot of talents and good qualities but my main one is making people laugh with my stoner talk lol, they can’t get enough of it. it’s crunch time baby lol let the dice roll on me man 100 percent original my major influences are dave chapelle, mike epps, and mitch hedberg. I’m not bigheaded at all it’s just something I know how to do. and it took a lot of life events to get me up there with them. I can make you some good loyal tv fans and need this so bad please let me know if you can help. -Mitch McMullen

  111. Hi, I am a very enthusiastic and dedicated young woman, as well as comedic, looking to fulfill my dream of entertaining. To be a part of this particular show would not only move my soul, but inspire me and soo many others! This is a dream that will never fade away. Praying that I would be blessed to bring my talent and personality to a very peculiar project such as this one.

    Thanks in advance!

  112. Big time fan of the show. Recently moved and most definitely would love to even be an extra for one scene, just to say I did so.
    Being half Samoan and Alaskan Native gives me a distinct look. It also helps being 6’2″
    Left the info, but thought leaving a comment would be more intrusive and grab more attention. Waiting on hearing anything back.

  113. Height: a whopping 5’9″ at least that’s what my doctor said but what does he know he’s just a doctor.

    Special traits: comedy/acting, but I call it pb&j because it goes together swimmingly! Oh and good attitude.

    First off I am happy the show is back and second off I am delighted I have a chance to be on the show! I don’t mean to sound cocky it’s just I was born for this show! It’s as if God himself came down and said to me “hey you are going to have to be in this show! No questions” and I wouldn’t not obey him, so here I am applying for this future that has been laid out for me. So that’s my story I am completely familiar with the whole “lights, camera, and action” scenery I have experience with youtube it’s not much but it’s a start, I also play in the field of director. this may not seem like the other comments, but that’s just not who I am I like to build relationships with people or else it will get a little boring hearing or reading the same stuff all day long. EX: Hi I like acting pick me. I’m good at acting. See that’s just boring and I’m not picking on anyone in just saying this is who I am! Not to be contradicting, but I appreciate your time please email me at you pick me you won’t regret it, and that’s a promise!

    Thanks you all!

  114. Hello. My name is Andre Muldrew. I lam a 29 year old heavyset African American male in Omaha, Nebraska and I am a huge fan of the show. I am an aspiring actor and improvised sketch comedian. I’m from Nebraska like Adam. I’ve very funny especially at ad-lib. I have a great smile and I can easily change my look from clean shaven to grimey. I’d loved to be introduce as a family member of Montez or maybe Jetset’s long lost son. I’m amazing at getting angry. Very organic. I’m a huge fan of the show and desperate to make it to Hollywood and pursue my dream of entertaining America. And I can also promise if I get any scenes with the guys to do my best to make them instant classic episodes. Thank you for the opportunity.

  115. Hello, I am Valeria, will be 18 in november, from Croatia, I adore comedy(all sorts), I am a great actor even though Im not a professional actor, I am funny and good :D
    I have dark brown eyes, brown hair, nice shaped eyebrows, height 167 cm and 52 kg :D

  116. Cast me as an extra! I would kill to work alongside these funny as fack guys. I’m 115 lbs, 5’3, and blondish brunette if thats a thing. I’m from Austin which I’ve heard the boys like this city sooo bonus?

  117. I’m Madison, 20 years old and currently studying film at Pepperdine University in Malibu. Of course, I’ve never done anything like this, but there’s no where I’d rather start. Who doesn’t love the rude, crude humor of Workaholics? It would be an honor to work with these dudes!

  118. Hello, my name is Lindsay. I am a 19 year old female, caucasian, I have blonde hair, blue eyes and weigh 125 pounds. I am in college and currently have taken multiple theatre and acting classes at my school. I have truly developed a passion for it and would be extremely interested in pursuing this as a career. Photos can be available upon request.

    Thank you for your time,
    Lindsay Nolan

  119. Hi I’m Juwan Malik Davis the first, I love acting and being on camera. I love making others smile and even though I joke a lot I have a lot of determination to better myself as a person and an actor. I moved to LA from Minnesota nearly 2 months ago for school and am only a part time student as of right now. I am 18 years old and I really hope you guys can consider me for a part, thank you and have an amazing day.

    Height: 6’0″
    Weight: 170
    Age: 18
    Ethnicity: Mixed, African-American & Caucasian
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Brown

  120. Don’t make me butt hurt bro pick me
    age 22
    lives in grand rapids MI.
    i am a shapeless character. what you want, i will do…form me

  121. HI, My name is Noah Lebovitz and I’d love to be on the show. I am 16, but have no acting experience up to this point. Im also about 160 pounds and 5’9″. I’m Also Caucasian. Thanks for your consideration.

  122. Hi I’m Emiee!
    I’m an 18 year old ball of energy & comedic actress from Orlando, Florida. well originally from Scranton Pa (yes like the office) but i just recently moved here to further my career as an actress/singer.
    what better way to do it than to work on workaholics! am i right?

    Please email me if interested, i applied up above but idk how that works.

    thank you :)

  123. Hi!
    My name is Morten Fischer, i’m 19 years old, and i currently live and reside in Denmark.
    I speak fluent English, and would love to be a part of your show!

    I’ve been watching since the beginning, and i’ve probably watched the whole series about 2 or 3 times… It’s addicting ;)

    I’m prepared to do anything to be at an audition, even if I don’t get the part, it’s nice to get the chance at least.
    I will pay for my own tickets etc etc. And will be at the audition, ready to take on every single job I can get my hands on … Hell, i’ll even scrup the god damn toilet! :-D

    Even if this doesn’t get chosen as a good enough description, I’m just happy you took the time to read it..

    The following is a description of me:

    Name: Morten Fischer
    Age: 19
    Height: 187cm
    Area: Fyn, Denmark
    City: Nyborg
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair color: Light Brown
    Eye color: Blue
    Build: Average
    Languages: Danish, English, German.

    I can be contacted every day, any time of the day, @ my Email.

    I’ll hope to hear from you soon!

  124. What up!! My name is Christopher Jeffreys A.K.A Chris Harris from Raleigh NC and I’m a 18 year old up and coming comedian…I find my self to be very do a lot of people..soo I believe i will be great asset to this this show is hilarious and this show need a goofy black dude with a flattop..I will add some flavor to it

  125. Caucasian female, 19, 110 pounds, long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a dazzling smile with an extravagant sense of humor. That’s me! I would love to send headshots via email. I love who I am, but am also open to change! Workaholics is hilarious, and I KNOW I would fit right in. What an honor it would be to simply be featured.. My fingers are crossed that I am contacted! You will not regret it! I have a sparkling personality, and get along with everyone I meet. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

  126. You guys are the best I watch workaholics all the time and would love to meet and work with you guys. I am outgoing like to joke and have a good time. I am 19 years old and have a positive attitude. I’m the top gun pick. Thanks and take it sleazy and I’m out

  127. You guys are the best I watch workaholics all the time and would love to meet and work with you guys. I am outgoing like to joke and have a good time. I’m the top gun pick. Thanks and take it sleazy and I’m out

  128. Yo what up, the names Aacin (Ah-seen) as in “Ah seen you before” . I’m a young aspiring actor who is barely starting off. I go to UCSB (best party school in the f***ing country) but I’m willing to take any acting opportunities given to me. I’m Latino and Native American, 5’6, 145 lbs, and I have the desire and heart to be the best f***ing actor I can be, I just need that shot. If you’ll give me the opportunity, I’ll show that I can be a great asset to the best f***ing show on TV “fur sure”

  129. Yo yo yo, the names Aacin as in “Ah seen you before”..but you can call me Ace if it’s easier. I’m a college student at UCSB (best party school ever) and I’m just looking to start off my on screen acting career with a group of Cool Cats (yall the coolest, hands down). I’ve been in theater plays before but I’m looking for something bigger now, and I’ve got the determination and heart to be the best actor I can be. I’m 5’6, Latino and Native American, around 140 and I’m about to turn 20 in November. If you guys give the chance, I’ll prove I got what it takes to be part of the best show on Comedy Central “fur sure”.

  130. Hey you! I’m an 18 year old smart ass and barely funny. Friends and family call me Marie. I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was 3. Been in theatre and womans ensemble throughout high school and now into collage. I’ve also done photo shoots but I enjoy acting much, much more. I’m a fast runner, I can shoot a gun, 5’5″, brown shoulder length hair, blue almond eyes, Caucasian, clear skin, weigh 99lbs (but still have hips & ass), and perfectly straight, white teeth. Thats titts. bye!

  131. Hey my name is Jared Michaels. I am a very talented guy who can adapt to just about anything. I put 110% into everything I do, no matter how immense or minuscule the task at hand may be . If you’re looking for someone who can get the job done, I’m your guy.

    24 Year Old White Male
    Height: 6’4
    Brown Hair/Brown Eyes
    Build: Athletic/Muscular
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Location: Chicago

  132. Hello. I’m 21. From Fl. I will work on a role from sun up to sun down because I don’t do well with mediocrity. I am passionate and positive about anything I set my mind to. I am persistent. Please consider me. Also, I’ve graduated college and know how it could feel after and during the journey.

  133. Hi Team
    I’m 59 african-American male I have black hair about 14 tattoos I am 21 and I will be perfect for workaholics because all I do is go to work and smoke weed, smoke we get a little drunk probably done everything on the show in real-life so I can relate to the script of characters etc. and if this ever gets looked over I did not say any of that LOL thank you for your time…Ahmaad

  134. I am a 16 year old actor with some acting experience in school plays, but I would love to be a apart of an episode or even season of this show. It is funny and I know this would be a perfect role for me. I am a hardworker and I will not let you down. Thank You!

  135. Hello! My name is Brooklynn, I’m 20 years old with dark brown hair and eyes. About 5’8″ and 115 lbs. I’m in love with making others laugh – taking away any empty or lonely or misunderstood feelings even for a minute is worth the world to me. Workaholics is a hilarious tv series, and being a part of something that brings laughter so many people would be such a great experience! Although I don’t have any acting history, I’ve always wanted to be involved in comedy shows/movies. I think this opportunity would be a perfect start to making others smile!

  136. Not going to lie have never done anything acting wise always wanted to get into it, I just recently graduated from high school this year. I would love to get the chance and opportunity to get a shot on one of my favorite Tv Shows
    Thanks Mike

  137. My name is Kevin McAfee Jr, I’m 22 years old, and I am looking to pursue my acting/ voice over talents. I took video production all four years of high school and actually taught the class the last half of my senior year, and I was in theater arts for two years and was the lead role of “Bang Bang Your Dead.” I am highly interested in this position and I am very focused on moving forward with my talents. Please contact me if there are any further questions.
    thank you,
    Kevin Mcafee Jr

  138. Hey there workoilics imreal comedic actor on comedyccenrtal some experience gagderrt man bothering people nyc

  139. My name is Jake i am 17 looking to start a career im 6’1 230 i am very out going and very social always been funniest guy in the room i currently live in Michigan and i would appreciate an opportunity to be apart of this show

  140. Look I don’t believe this casting call is real but I am completely broke and have lowered myself to scavenge for movie auditions on Yahoo and I came across this. Hypothetically if this is indeed a legit casting call then be a saint and hook a brother up with a part in one of my favorite comedies.

    I’m 6 foot something (I don’t really care how tall I am, so i don’t check)
    Dark Brown Eyes
    Short Afro
    I’m Black (No, i haven’t been in a Tyler Perry movie)
    Weight: I’ve been called Lardo my whole life so I guess that means I’m a tad bit over weight
    I’m 18 (So if there’s a make out scene with Amanda Seyfried, I’m legal!)
    I have a lot of experience acting, dancing, and singing mostly on stage
    Did I mention that I’m Black…
    I can get along with everybody who can get along with me.
    And…. thats about it. If this isn’t real then i guess I’ve wasted 20 minutes of my life….
    Thank You :)

  141. Hi my name is Krysta. I am 20 years old soon to be 21. I am fun, loud,and I talk way to much. I have always been interested in acting. I have been in a few plays when I was younger but was always to busy playing soccer I never had the time to really work hard on it. I dont play soccer anymore and ready to take on a new adventure.

  142. Hi I’am lisa i am 21 i love this show
    Hair color: dark red
    Hight: 5”7
    Weight:210 (don’t look it)

  143. This show is hilarious! I love all the actors and actress in it and would be an honor to be on the show and make people laugh with all of them! Wahoo!

  144. Im Shey, I am 19 years young. I live in sherman, TX. I love acting, did advanved acting in high school. I love workoholics ( : it is an awesome show that I would LOVE to be a part of.

  145. What’s there to be said in such a tiny text box? I’m a big ass kid trapped in the body of a thirty year old woman. 5’7″, 150 lbs (I’m a thick, white broad; chest, hips, the whole nine). I look young for my age and still have to deal with getting carded. Brunette, brown eyes, with video game and horror tattoos. The only experience I have is the trickery I impose on my friends, but I’m a blast. I’m professional, goofy, take direction well, and am detail-oriented. I think I would kick ass as an extra (or even a small role) because I’m very animated, and never flat with my speech delivery. Workaholics humor is right up my alley, and I would be geeked to partake in such comedic genius.

  146. I’m Andy Belo, 23 years old, a stand-up comic, improv comic, sketch comic. White male, 5’9, 220lbs lean muscular frame. Currently residing in Idaho. I am a comics comic, I am a huge fan and forever student of the craft. I love all types of comedy especially workaholics. Huge fan of Mail Order Comedy, really can relate to what these guys are doing. Hungry for my shot to make the world laugh, annndd yeah, that would be tight butthole.

    – Love,

  147. I’m a big fan of this show since day one lol “POOP DOLLA!!!”. To be an extra on this show would be an automatic highlight of my life. I have 3 yrs of acting experience under my belt and im ready to showcase my talent.

  148. How is it going! I love Workaholics, such a terribly funny show! I would absolutely cherish the chance to be a part of this epic comedy! My name is Nolan Sherman, I am 21 years old, and I am an aspiring actor. I live in the greater new york city area, and would be willing to travel anywhere that was requested of me! I hope to hear back from you all soon.

  149. Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Italian/Filipino
    Height: 5′ 5″
    Weight: 140 pbs
    Build: Average
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Location: South Haven, Michigan, USA

  150. I’m the worlds tallest leprechaun at 6’3′. I’ve been able to do impressions and would love to get into voice over work in the future. I’ve seen the great comedy that comes from the Workaholics cast and would be grateful to be a part of their team, even it was in the writing room.

    Plot idea – Adam takes a part time position at a gym as personal trainer while Ders and Blake try to get him fired by undermining him with clients.

  151. I am James Overby, 23 years old and from Denver, Colorado. I am a young aspiring actor who is looking for the right opportunity to get exposure. I am a hard worker and a quick learner who is willing to do whatever it takes to build a successful career. I am 5’11 and 180 pounds, brown hair with brown eyes. I have my degree and am very talented in business, however I would much rather chase my dreams and do something that I am passionate about. I have attached a copy of a previous submission tape so that you can get a feel for who I am and what I bring to the table.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  152. Name: Alex Gillman
    Age: 15
    Height: 5′ 5″
    Gender: Male
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Straight, Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Hi my name is Alexander Gillman, I am 15 years old and I love tv shows. I love to watch Comedy Central. I have always wanted to be on the tv shows you guys play. I have heart for acting I will work all day and night to be perfect. You guys are my inspiration. I love to act and have fun. I have been in a play for the sun sentinel. Any theater or tv acting job I would be very interested in. I would love to be in any part of a show. I would even die to be an extra. If I even got a response I would die. I would love to be on an Comedy Central show. I’d love to have an opportunity to work for you. Please contact me if their is anything open, thank you.

  153. i just finished high school in Tampa Florida and want to pursue of a career in acting. im not gonna write a long comment explaining how i am perfect for acting and even more perfect for the show, i just want you to get in contact with me and you will then see how i fit perfectly in it. i sent a few applications so just give them a look.
    Height: 5’6
    weight: 125
    Race: brazilian and white
    Skin: olive tan
    Hair: dark browin
    Eyes: blue

  154. My name is Jocelyn Ketler, I am 18 years old 5’5 120 lbs I have dirty blond hair and brown eyes. The first time I stumbled across Workaholics on Netflix, I died of laughter! The show is no filter funny and is relatable to many people. Every time new seasons come on I have it recorded. It would be a blast to be apart of this. Hope to hear back (:

  155. My name is Natalia, which people apparently don’t know how to pronounce for shit. I am 19 years old, but I act like a 12 year old child who’s always curious. I am not the best looking person a.k.a somewhat PHAT. I am 5’3 and people say I look like a short dwarf. On my spare time I like to do what non normal people do such as take fat shits in the woods and get bloody wasted off of coffee. My skin is covered with art and some kindergarten drawings. My eyes are the same color as the trees you smoke. My friends always tell me I have an odd mind which isn’t always a bad thing. This sums some of me up, ( not even close). Hope to not hear from you guys! Jk…..

  156. Hi my name is Anthony Jordan I’m 15 watch all your shows every single one of them and I would love to be in an extra for this show or even a small part you can contact me I can act any roll and would love a chance to audition please notice me

  157. Hello my name is Aliyah, but I like to be called Ali. I would like to audition for a strong reoccurring part, but anything works. I am an 11 year old Caucasian girl entering 6th grade, though I can play 11-13 year olds. I am currently 4’8″. I have been approached by talent scouts before. I love to act and sing. I am currently in my school choir. I have strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes. My hair is naturally wavy. It would be amazing to be on TV. I love sports, especially soccer. I live in Scottsdale, AZ but could be driven or flown to auditions. Please email me any questions or comments you have. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you for your time

  158. big fan of the show um im a 22 year old pot head musician with glasses and gauges im like 5’6 1/2″ but licence says 5’7″ spice it up a bit i weigh 190lbs it carries well ha yeah would love to do some shit pick me

  159. Hi my name is Tegan Pace and im currently 15 years old. I have loved and have pursued acting for many years but have never had any professional acting jobs. I am 5′ 4″, have brown, medium, length hair, and blue green eyes. I am a white female with a fairly neutral English accent.I live in England and would be EXTREMELY interested in auditioning! I wasn’t able to submit an application so that’s why im commenting. I live the series because i think its original and has great comedic plot lines with relatable characters in one way or another! Please consider me and email me

  160. I know you guys don’t have time to look at my commit but I would love to join in on this fun adventure it would be a good time and all I do is eat and sleep workaholics I want my college life to be exactly like y’all’s but with more girls haha but seriously it would be tight butt hole if you guys got me in on this adventure because i know I could be a lot of help and be a part of some weird stuff you guys do Haha

  161. Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5’3″
    Area: NY
    Ethnicity: Mixed, Japanese, Filipino, Italian, etc.
    Aspiring actress who is looking to gain experience and build a resume.

  162. Hey, I am a smart, independent witch/actress who is looking to get her name out there. I have just broken up with my partner Ron and am looking for a new adventure. Not only will you save expenses on CGI because i am actually magic but, i am great on camera. I have lots of experience with stage combat, iv even had to fight a three headed dog in my lifetime and i was only 11, don’t even make me bring up the troll. But anyway, you would be foolish to not pick me, seriously… email me, because if you don’t my best friend/F buddy, Harry, will lend me his invisibility cloak and ill come down there and… well… you ll see. Ill make Voldemort (yeah that’s right i said it) VOLDEMORT, i make him look like princess peach… trust. so ill be speaking to you soon wont i? :) great cant wait :)

    Hermione G. X

  163. Hi! My name is Robin Evans. I am 19 years old and a fresh graduate from high school. I have no prior experience but I want to act very badly, and I have the ambitious attitude and motivation that I believe would be a good addition to the show. I would be honored to be considered for any part and hope to hear back. Thank you.

  164. Now this would be a audition i truly want! I freaking love this show bought there dvds and record there shows ! They are freaking funny.. I would beg to be on there show … I am begging … !!!

  165. I’d love to be a part of this show. I’ve got experience as an extra and find the whole process interesting. I’m hard working and never have trouble following direction. Just looking to work and be a part of the creative process. Thank you!

  166. Name: Daniel
    Height: 4′ 10”
    Weight: 111 lbs
    Ethnicity: Latino
    Age: 12
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown

    I am an aspiring actor looking for a small role, or even as an extra. I play guitar, bass guitar, and drums, as well as baseball. Please consider me, I’d appreciate it.
    My birthday is April 2. I want a role on this show for my birthday

  167. 6″ 3 tall, red haired, slim, 21 year old man raised in New York
    Both parents born in Ireland(able to portray Irish accent)
    Truly Love acting
    Talented in pronunciation.

  168. 6″ 3′ tall, red haired, slim, 21 year old man raised in New York
    Both parents born in Ireland(able to portray Irish accent)
    Truly Love acting
    Talented in pronunciation.
    Aspiring Actor

  169. I’m 18 years old, white, blonde, blue eyes, and 5’4″.
    I have 5 small, hide-able tattoos.
    I have stretched ears too.
    Which i know can be a problem.
    I’m used to voice acting, so its never been a big deal.
    I figured I could be good for an alternative girl part.

    Please consider me, and get in contact.

  170. well if this isnt the most perfect casting call. i have no experience but i am a sales women direct door to door sales with some telemarketing so i can act aka sell something fake on the show like a real salesman would or stand in or extra whatever you feel i would best be suited as!! lets get the ball rolling!!!! also im available at the drop of a hat as i am an independent contractor so i dont answer to anyone really but myself. looking to get into another field. and ive always loved the entertainment industry so why not shoot for it. i have nothing to loose and everything to gain!!!!

  171. I’ve liked this show ever since it came out. I thought it was really funny and always wondered what it would be like to be a part of it. I’m 15 years old, 5’8, black, male, and I have the goods that will make you say ” Um do I need to clean my kids (underwear) now?”. Well Byeeee.

  172. I’ve liked this show ever since it came out. I thought it was really funny and always wondered what it would be like to be apart of it. I’m 15, 5’8, black, male, and I have the goods that will make you say ” Um do I need to clean my kids (underwear) now?”. Well Byeeee.

  173. Well some people don’t read because it says to post what you like about the seasons. This may be one of my favorite shows … loving this new season. (and then broad city) But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Keep it up!! p.s. I submitted an application.

  174. My name is Jack Powers and I believe that I would be perfect for the acting job. I am nineteen years old and from Oklahoma. Been a fan of the show for a long time. Little acting experience but I am a hard worker looking for the acting dream. I will ALWAYS have a positive attitude and very I am very deserving of the position. Thank you.

  175. OMG WORKAHOLICS. I’m cute, I’m funny, I have an actual sense of humor, I don’t get offended easily. Could there be a better fit? Might just want to make me a lead! But if not.. It’s cool.. But I’m pretty confident you’ll be happy with your choice. In theatre/musical theatre all through highschool. Love to act, sing, dance.

  176. I’m more buff than Adam have more out of space thinking than Blake and ders wishes he was a douche. I pissed on freshmen and teachers as a freshmen cause I couldn’t wait to be a senior. The teachers got pissed on cause the ones I did piss on I could tell slipped by and didn’t get hazed. I constantly ask myself “hello am I me” then answer yes if being you consist of a spineless bundle of sticks “faggot” female part butch female dog butthole gaped butt happy person that takes nothing from Putin but everything from Obama. Hello?

  177. 6″ 3′ tall, slim, redhead from NY.
    Aspiring actor
    First generation American(Able to portray Irish accent)

  178. hello my name is errict (not a typo) Im an 18 year old male from Florida and I love the show I have no acting experience but I feel as if is be good at it and id like nothing more then to get experience from this show Im 5’5 & 135 lbs idk what that has to do with anything but I see people puting that info in the comments PS I have tattoo if that makes me have less of a chance to get the part but one is a stoned monkey lol

  179. 5’4
    23 years old
    Blue/green eyes, they do what they feel
    Light brown hair, but can pull off dark and blonde
    From PA, pretty outgoing and out there personality
    Fun, optimistic, and funny
    Been told I look like and occasionally resemble the personality of Amy Poehler. It’s what I’ve been told, but find out for yourself

  180. Hi, well firstly we are identical twins. My name is Chris and my twin brothers name is Tom.

    We love acting, it comes natural to us.
    We were born & raised in New York.
    And for the past few years ever since we saw our road of acting we loved to do it. Especially in workaholics! haha that show is hilarious .

    We are 15 years old.


    Eyes – Brown

    Hair – Short / brown

    Height – 5’8

    Weight – 120lb

    Everything above are ironically the same.

    Our professional headshots are in the process of.

    Thankyou. -chris & tom

  181. Hi! My name is Geramiah Profeta and I am a 16 year old student from San Diego, California. Seeing that there was a possible role for Workaholics is Insane! Even though I’ve seen only a few episodes this is one of my new favorite shows on Comedy Central. It would be great to have this starting role in my new acting career, I hope to hear back for a possible audition and thank you once again for your time!

  182. Hi my name is Garrett Bailey and Workaholics is one of my all time favorite shows. Considering it’s one of my favorite shows i can relate to their lifestyle a bit from past experiences and hanging out with old friends. My talent bases in comedy and I can make everyone laugh from my funny behavior, voices, and faces. I am seventeen years old and could easily keep up with the three stars of the show by being a committed actor in the series. Email me with information and I will be glad to come to an audition and show you that you would LOVE me on your show.

  183. My name is Emma aka Emski.
    I dont have a website because Im not that sophisticated so I linked my facebook.
    Im 23 years old and your show reminds me of my life…. except I work at a liquor store and not in an office.
    Im hilarious and you want me.
    If nothing else Id like to drink beer on a beach chair on top of a roof sometime.
    Thank you for your time.

  184. Hey my name is above what I am posting so why the heck would I put oh my name is Jeremiah Seay (I just put it now so you won) but anyway I love workaholics it is one of my favorite shows and always wondered what it would be like on set if you feel as if you need a fat comedic 14 year old I am your person contact me @

  185. Hey my name is above what I am posting so why the hell would I put oh my name is Jeremiah Seay (I just put it now so you won) but anyway I love workaholics with a passion and always wondered what it would be like on set if you feel as if you need a fat comedic 14 year old I am your person contact me @

  186. Hey you guys are da bomb and it would be pretty cool if like i could hang out with you on your show, Im a 15 year old white kid im not obsessed like the other people replying and my favorite joke on the show was when anders was trying to be the cool kid in that one episode and was like “you uhh ever steal any statues…yeah like uhhh a drageeen statue” yeah that was funny, im from San antonio,Texas

    -yours truly Lance Morgan

  187. my name is lemane ismajli im 22 years old, albanian, 5’11 and i weigh 145 i can send a headshot threw email but heres more info about my self.

    I am writing to express my interest, and the skills achieved by lifetime of effort to show privileged hard work, physical and emotional excellence and my thrive to succeed and encounter the performance of acting.

    The commitment, and desire I have for my career is beyond any limits, a highly motivational actress with a mindset that failure is not an option. Most of my technique, and my skills are based on STRASBERG’S METHOD. Accomplished my courses at ACT ONE. Currently studying at THE GREEN ROOM STUDIOS ON CAMERA FILM AND COMMERCIAL.

    It would be a honor to have the opportunity to meet you to discuss how we can benefit each other to become prosperous.

    Best Regards,

    Lemane Ismajli

  188. I’ve been a fan of this show all my life . Blake is my fovorite character. Please contact I want to be in this show

  189. Hi,
    My name is haylie. I am 5’6″. I am 14 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have no acting experience but i would love for this to be my start. I would love to be an extra in this show, but i will take whatever role is thrown at me. You can contact me at 706-621-9393 or email me at

  190. I can do it. I just wanna be involved in some way. Let me hold one of those long microphones I don’t care.

  191. Hello, my name is Cale Murray. I’m a white male 5’10 age 22. I live in Van Nuys on Vanowen st less than a mile from the workaholics house. I have lots of spare time and could be there within minutes!

    Thank you!

  192. hey! im callie 21 years young, 5’5 blonde green eyed girl. no prior acting experience and looking to find some. i have watched the show a couple times and its absolutely hilarious!

  193. I’m 16 currently winning life, I can make a 3 pointer in basketball if you give me 10 shots, I can run a 6:30 miles, I can dunk on a 8ft basketball hoop. I’ve never loss to a 5th grader in pool basketball and regular basketball.

  194. My name is Emily Brown. 20 years old from Boston, MA. Third year studying broadcast news and communications at University of Colorado at Boulder. I have some experience in improv. In my free time I watch hours of netflix, eat pizza and play with my bunny rabbit. I feel as though my personality is a perfect combination of Adam, Blake and Ders.

    Contact me at for more information or photos.

    Stay classy.

  195. Hey I love the show. I think I’d be a great complement to the guys, or I could be the bad guy. Im constantly tryin to be funny in any situation, so I think I can play any role and make it funny. Its hard to make me feel uncomfortable or out of my element so being in front of the camera shouldn’t keep me from acting naturally. I have no acting experience but I lie to my parents all the time. I can also play drums and rap. And I can do accents. I’m good at falling down and stuff like physical comedy. I hope y’all give me an audition. I’ll be worth it.

  196. I watch the show repeatedly. As I watch it I say I am them. I have graduated from college and am living the dream right now. My mom tells me everyday to get a job. yeah yeah that comes later

  197. Went to my sisters college graduation last May at the University of Wisconsin and Anders Holm was the guest speaker. I was like, shit no way I love Workaholics! Was really such a cool experience to hear what Anders had to say and the advice he gave to the graduating class. Made me think that if I really wanted to do this I would have to really put myself out there. I tell myself not to be afraid of shit and just follow my dreams because I got nothing to lose. I have no acting experience but, hopefully you consider giving me a chance to audition for you guys because this show fucking rocks! And would make me the happiest Jewish girl on the planet. And come on every tv/film production needs a Jew onboard. We’re Geshmak! (Hebrew word for delicious)

  198. Hi! I am Georgeana Solis, I’m 16 years old, 5’8, weigh around 150. I range in the 16-20 category. I’m addicted to this show. Its HILARIOUS and frankly would love to meet the cast! I’m just starting out and would love for this to happen! I’m open to new experiences and very hard working!

  199. my name is steven krasner, im 24 and an opportunity would be amazing, a call back / email would be great I look forward to hearing from you

  200. im steven im 24 and live in las vegas. I would like to be apart of this show. An opportunity would be amazing, a call back / email would be great I look forward to hearing from you

  201. Hey I’m Johnathan Kando from Houston, TX. I’m almost 20, I like to party and I’m good looking and I’m funny and I think I’d be a great addition to workaholics. Hope to hear back from y’all! I submitted an application above, check out for me! Thanks for your time.

  202. Hey my name is Arielle I’m 23 years old and am interested in a part in the show! I watch the show religiously haha love it! I love comedy and being on stage performing trying new things. An opportunity would be amazing, a call back / email would be great I look forward to hearing from you

  203. I don’t mind if I’m an extra but I love all of the Workaholics shows and I love how well they have all been done and I promise you that no matter what I will not let you down at all and my dream is to become an actor unlike anything I’ve ever wanted in my life, and everyone I know tells me I’m a natural and that I have a strong chance. I was called to to a lead role in a movie that was stolen by the co-writer that left for Idaho to re-cast and I shot the trailer which was such a fun experience for me and I would absolutely LOVE to have another chance and what show better than a show from such an amazing channel such as this one? Thank you for reading my message and once again I promise you will not be disappointed.

  204. See I’m not like all these try hard people who are serious and begging for a role. Why would someone be serious about being in comedy there’s nothing serious about it. I like to have fun and joke around so it can be an awesome expierence. I’m hunter I’m 16, I live in chino hills and I fuck shit up….. its what I do!! Contact me at if you want a kick ass extra and just remember you only YOLO once phone number is 9092147920

  205. Hi guys, I’m leensey Mathias, I’m 18 years young looking for experience and just would be completely happy with life if I could be apart of your show even as an extra. I’m spunky, very outgoing, and super nice if it counts for anything. is where you can get a hold of me if you guys are at all Interested.

  206. Hi my name is Annie Jiang. And I am 16 years old and about to turn 17 years old. Acting is what I aspire to do because I am passionate about it. I want it to be my career for the rest of my life, so please consider me for a role. Thank You!

  207. I’ve been trying to audition for this brilliancy since it began, as I am literally Blake’s long lost twin sister from Kentucky. I am recently 27, my life should be a reality comedy show and I’m a natural comedian. I went as Blake for Halloween in 2012 and was asked to be shown on the Comedy Central Halloweird showing, but it was dismissed due to Hurricane Sandy. This Halloween, 2013; Comedy Central (without asking them to) featured my Halloween photos on Twitter and Instagram with the caption, “You won. Nailed It”. I would hit it off with this cast naturally and legitimately believe I would do amazing with one shot to try. I have gotten the attention of Alice, Ders, Julian and Adam on Twitter. Please consider me for this, I have tried everything to do so. Stay weird.

  208. My name is Mik! I am a female and I can easily play a role of any kind. I am 14 years old and always wanting to be an actress but i dont have experience for a resume. I do think i have the experience through Drama productions and my personality would be KILLER for this show. Im always cooperative and willing to do what it takes to be on this show.

  209. Im Eric. Im 18. Im 6foot and 1 inch tall. Im 210 pounds. Im not fat. Im like a pudgey Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Im white. I have brown hair. I have very pale skin but a very sexy blush in my face. I have all my teeth. I landed a great nonspeaking nonacting role as an extra in the film Animals coming
    out next year. I dont like your show. I have a wonderful smile. I would love to be on your show.

  210. I am 5`0 110 pounds 17 years old. I am mixed African American and Hispanic. I am a print model, and actress. I have been in several retail store commercials. I have several years of experience behind the camera. I am outgoing, funny and love learning new things. Please feel free to contact me.

  211. what’s up guys, my name is Johnathan Kando, I’m from Houston, Texas and hilarious as fuck. I’d be a great addition in any part on workaholics I have the same humor as the whole cast! I’m 19, male, half hispanic/half Assyrian. but I look half white/half Hispanic. alright thanks hope to hear from y’all!

  212. This show is absolutely hilarious and every episode gets better and better. Being apart of it would be an homor and a dream. The three lead guys are talented funny and addicting to watch. They deserve to be in big movies and continue this show for many seasons to come! I can only imagine what i could learn on and from this awesome show and everyone involved in it!

  213. very outgoing and energetic 21 year old Black dude, optimistic no acting experience wanna give acting a shot cause i wanna be able to see my hand pick up a coffee mug on TV some 10 years from now

  214. Hello i’m a big fan of the show, what you guys do is awesome and I would love to be a part of it.

    age 20yrs old
    Hispanic (Mexican)
    black hair, brown eyes, funny and outgoing not afraid to act CRAZZZY

  215. Hi, I am an amateur comedian/actor/musician/writier, and have done 2 indie’s, hosted a few shows, including the wet your pants comedy film festival. I love this show, and have actually outlined multiple episodes for this show, and tried to send them in. This show is so great, because it portrays a real part of my life. I would love to be an extra in the show, or have the chance to be more. Please contact and let me know how to get you my information, shots, and etc if you are still looking thanks!

  216. HELLO.. my name is Laci. I am fun, entertaining, and full of energy! I feel like I would be perfect for Workaholics. I would truely appreciate the opportunity and experience.
    dark hair, blue eyes, fit

  217. Super big fan of Workaholics! So is the family! We’re always being entertained!
    I’m a female, about 5’4, 130 lbs. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.
    I’m fun and professional!
    Would love the opportunity!

  218. I am not going to write a paragraph describing myself but i love making people laugh and would love to take any role in this show.

  219. I am currently studying at Vancouver Film School in my downtime of my acting career, I am from a small town in Wisconsin. I love traveling and i think workaholics would be perfect because besides being in Vancouver BC right now continuing my studies, i was a complete workaholic back home.

  220. Hello,

    My name is Alyssa. I am a very outgoing and fun individual. I can always put a smile on a person’s face and I love that about myself. In addition to that, I am a very hardworking individual. I put 110% into everything I do. When I want something, I make sure I get it. I will not give up on being an actress and/or model. Acting is something I have always been told I would be amazing at and I know it is something I want to do as a career. I have been wanting to act professionally since I was a little girl. I went to an acting and modeling school in Chicago, John Robert Powers, for about a year. Unfortunately, I could not continue due to money issues.

    Name: Alyssa Martino
    Age: 18 Years Old
    Height: 5 Foot 4 Inches
    Weight: 102 Pounds
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Style: Long And Curly
    Eye Color: Dark/Golden Brown

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

  221. My name is Fadi Kayali and I am trying to Pursue an acting career. I am 22 living in Tampa,FL. I would love to audition for this show! This is my info:

    Name: Fadi Kayali
    Phone: 813-774-1534
    Age: 22
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 190lb
    Waist: 33/34
    Inseam: 32
    Jacket: 44
    Neck: 15 1/2
    Sleeve: 34-35
    Shoe: 10.5/11
    Hat: 7 1/4

  222. Hey there! My name is Alex Perez and I am an 18-year-old female actress who currently resides in the boiling heat that is Texas. Of course I’ve watched Workaholics and have been tempted too many times to buy a bear coat but there really isn’t much need for those in a state that rarely ever gets to even LOOK at snow. Anyway, I would be beyond honored to have even the smallest part in this show, so let me know if you’re interested in me.
    Height: 5’4
    weight: 115
    Race: Puerto Rican
    Skin: Brown
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Brown
    Thanks for Reading! Don’t worry I won’t hold too much of a grudge if I never hear from you guys. Have a great day!

  223. Im a female actress at the age of 16 but my range is 16-22. I look much older than I am.
    height: 5’10
    weight: 137
    race: White
    Hair/eyes: Brown
    Willing to travel and play any role what so ever!

  224. 6 ft 3 in, blonde hair, blue eyes, and very much white. Willing to change all of that for any role.. Height and all. lol

  225. Hey guys, love the show, you guys casting, you are, thats good. I like the way you guys do comedy and would be interested in possibly being on the show, and would fit a part in the show. I really have no experience, but hey, you have to start somewhere. I’m 18 years old, white, male, hazel eyes, 5’11, 160 lb, from Ohio (amish area)

  226. how are you doing? Hello, my name is Josh Swaringen. I live in Norwood, NC. I am 22 years old. I am 6’1” and weigh 160 pounds. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. My waist is 32”, size 11 shoe, I wear large shirts since mediums are tight across my arms. i love the show workaholics and would love to become an actor on this show. im striving to get my face out there but its very hard. i seen where it said we needed to have a good personality. well i have one of those and im down for anything i think i could fit this role foreal, all you need is one shot to make or break you!

  227. Name: Kaylee Johnson
    Age: 23
    Age Range: 15-20
    Height: 5’0″
    Weight: 105 lbs
    Hair: Aubrun, Long
    Eyes: Blue
    Build: Petite
    Race: Caucasian

    Graduate of Oklahoma City University in Acting.
    Stage Combat and Voice and Dialects training.
    Willing to travel.
    Headshot and Resume available upon request.

    I am a long time fan of Workaholics and the acting/ writing style. I would love the opportunity to audition and work with those involved.

  228. Hi my name is Tyler Orkin. I am currently 14 years of age and have been acting for a couple years. I mostly take into comedy and love to spread cheer to all of those that enjoy a little crude humor. I think this would be a great opportunity to be on a show as great as this one.

  229. My name is Perry Mason. I am going to school for Recording Art. I alway thought about being on television on a comedy show because I love to make people laugh. I am really good at entertaining people and I feel like me being on television is the best step to keep entertaining people. Workaholics is one of my favorite shows to watch and I can kinda relate to their lifestyle. It would be awesome to be on one of my favorite shows.

  230. hello im vanessa ash 15 from england and hate working, i’d like to be a zoo keeper because i love animals MWHAHAH IM VANESSA ASH.

  231. I would fit in great with this cast even if only a one episode slot. I have been taking acting classes for the past 7 months and am mastering the talent. As well as taking improv classes just like the cast has and I am also doing very well with the improv. I am 26 years old and building my resume as we speak. I was just casted in a play called “Reasons to Be Pretty”, as the lead role a month ago. I realize that mostly this site is used for casting extra and stand in roles, but I would really like to audition for a speaking role. If that’s not the case that’s still fine, I would love any feed back and any response to my entry will be greatly appreciated. Make sure to keep your eye out for me, I will be breaking onto the scene soon so don’t forget my name!

  232. Hello!

    My name is Mia Koo, I am 22 years old, and an actress/singer/songwriter/comedian. I would be perfect for workaholics because I am a huge jokester and I might be Adams secret soulmate aka perfect for the show!!

  233. My name is Diba Dehkhoda, I am 16 years old and reside in Singapore at the moment. I would love to be a part of this series, as it seems like a great opportunity. I have watched the series before, and think it is great. I have no acting experience, but would love to come and audition to show my talent and have get a chance. I can speak swedish and english fluently and a bit of persian. Would be very grateful for an answer, thank you very much.

    Physical description:
    Dark brown wavy hair
    Green eyes
    Ethnicity: Persian
    Height: 164 cm
    Weight: 49kg

  234. my name is isis castillo, female, 14 yrs. old and my ethnicity is hispanic i would love for you guys to give me an opportunity and maybe show you what i can do its been my goal/dream.

    • i am john iam 16 years old iam my height is 63 and i really want to be an acter please long time dream

    • Let me first start off with the last three seasons were phenomenal . Not only where they hilarious they were also quite nerve-racking when they were in predicaments, it had me at the edge of my seat laughing so hard my sides hurt. Well my name is Andres Gonzalez and I’m an upcoming rapper , but I want to try acting in this seems like a lot of fun. I’m not your average psychedelic ,hippie ,pothead smoking skater. I’m that x10 . I was the funny fat kid that got slimmer but still pretty chunky .
      I’m 6’2
      Weigh 197
      I love to skate smoke and make music.

      • My name is Brandon Laguna, I am 19 years old. I’m from Santa Cruz California and love to entertain people. I feel that I would be a great asset to this comedy show!

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