What to wear to an Audition!

Many times the simplest advice is the one we miss during an important audition or interview. In this case, your appearance! When picking out clothing for your next acting or modeling audition, consider how much of a factor appearance is. Sure, you can arrive on time, have your favorite lip stick on, and your resume in hand, but if your wardrobe is “off”, most likely so will your audition be in front of the casting director. From a stranger to a client you are trying to impress, the first impression is the most important one. So dress well! You don’t have to arrive looking like a barbie doll, or the next Heidi Klum, but our advice is to dress age appropriate and classy!

If you are attending your acting audition and the character you are auditioning for is a police officer, the casting director will not expect you to have an entire cop uniform on. Instead, consider wearing a busineess suit, something professional and clean cut. If you are a male talent, be clean shaved and make sure to gel your hair. As for females, put your hair up and rock your hottest business suit you may have. Whatever you would imagine a cop wearing. No casting director will ever expect their talent to be dressed in full costume to embody the character, but they will expect you to look as close as possible to the character you are auditioning for. If there is no physical appearance description next to your character, then dress normal. Street clothes, such as a nice clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt is perfectly fine. Steer away from anything too flashy, trendy, or colorful. Casting directors are looking for an actor, not a walking billboard.

Modeling auditions usually require for female models to bring a pair of heels, as you may be asked to practice your runway walk. Females, be prepared to put your hair down and wear as minimal to very natural make up. A nice pair of skinny jeans and a form fitting top is perfectly fine for a modeling audition. Gentlemen, wearing good and new clean shoes and a pair of jeans is fine as well. Some modeling agencies may require for male models to take their shirts off, depending on the type of modeling you will be required to do for them. So be prepared!

In general, remember this, if you wouldn’t wear it to you first day of school, or to your grandmother’s house on Sunday, do not wear it to an audition! Dress age appropriate and make sure you pick colors that don’t wash your skin out. You want to look your best right? The biggest advice we can give you? SMILE! The perfect accessory to any outfit is a smile. Good luck!

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