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Are you looking for someone important who you just can’t find? Birth parent? Sibling? Lost Love? Over the last two decades, The Locator, Troy Dunn, has found over 20,000 “unfind-able” men, women and children – be it an adoptee seeking their biological parents, someone looking for a lost sibling, or anyone with a heartfelt need to reunite for a personal and compelling reason.Troy is currently looking for individuals who have a desire to be reunited to be featured in his new WE tv series, “The Locator.” If you want to say: “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” or “Thank you” to someone you can’t find,Troy might be able to help you do it.


Be reunited on TV! Tell your story to a national TV producer! You may be the next TV reunion!

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  1. I m searching for my love, whom i love more than anything in this world. He left for usa after completing his deployment and He drop me a sms saying that he reach home safe but later i couldn’t contact him. Please help me to locate him. Please help me. Hoping to see him soon.

  2. Hi, my grandmom was born in 1946. Her dads name is Thomas Allen. All we know is that he was a fisherman from Florida. My grandmom has no known brothers sisters aunts uncles or anybody on that side of the family. I know all this happened a long time ago, but it’s important to my grandma. She gets very sad about not knowing her dad. The last thing she heard was she had a half sister somewhere. If you can do anything it would be a blessing. Thanks!

  3. I would like to locate my birth mother. She was 16 yrs. old at the time of my birth. She’s Caucasian and my birth father is apparently African American. My birth records state that I’m white with negroid features. I was adopted by a African American family. I understand she had very difficult time giving me up but her father would not let her bring me home. I have a lot of my information but need help locating her/them.

  4. I have a brother out there and me and my sisters and my other brother have never meet or seen my other brother my dad had him by a nother whoman befor he got with my mom and had all of us and my aunt jan is the only one who new his moms name and everything about her but she has passed a way from cancer and all i now is that he lives in texas the last i new all these years we new we had a brother out there but never meet him i realy want to meet my other brother so bad i pray GOD helps me find him some how please if you can help me i would realy love that and GOD Bless you we lost are dad in a trucking acsadent when i was 9 please help us find are other brother we have never meet please and GOD Bless you missouri

  5. I have a brother out there and me and my sisters and my other brother have never meet or seen my other brother my dad had him by a nother whoman befor he got with my mom and had all of us and my aunt jan is the only one who new his moms name and everything about her but she has passed a way from cancer and all i now is that he lives in texas the last i new all these years we new we had a brother out there but never meet him i realy want to meet my other brother so bad i pray GOD helps me find him some how please if you can help me i would realy love that and GOD Bless you we lost are dad in a trucking acsadent when i was 9 please help us find are other brother we have never meet please and thank you

  6. Hello my name is Richard Kirby and I never knew my real parents and its giving me a deal of great problems. I have serious trust issues with women, I have the love of my life now and i’m scared to make that next step because I cant trust a woman because my mom gave me up at birth and I just want closure to this situation I have tons of questions and I heard I have a couple of brothers I would like to meet

  7. I am a 46 year old man that has never met his dad or even seen a picture. I don’t know if he is still alive, but I would like to meet him if he is. Please help me get closure for this part of my life, thank you.

  8. Hi. I have a friend of mine who is like a little sister to me. She is 13 and has a brother who is 9. They are determined to find their younger brother whom they have never met, but are trusting God that one day they can meet their long lost sibling. I really hope you’re the angel God has sent to help me make their dream come true. I look forward to hearing from you so we can get started on their search.

  9. My sister was abducted in the early 1980’s- always searching but still nothing- her case is a cold case. I am 33 years old and would love any chance or be able to utilize help in anyway to locate her, bring her home to our family, build a relationship with her- I have not seen her since I was a baby- I was almost 2 years old at the time of the abduction-

  10. I’m 25 years old. I am looking for my mom’s biological mother. I would love to know I have any of her traits. My mom’s adoptive mother is 101 years old. I know my mom wants this. She knows her name and where she lives she jus hasn’t had s chance to meet her because she thinks my grandma would be offended. Which she won’t. She’s loosing her memory day by day. My mom wants to wait till my grandma dies to meet her Biological mother. She might be gone by then. Her name is Eleanor Reusche, she lives in California. I need your help. This will change my moms life for the better.

  11. My sister died in 2009 and we tried to find my twin nieces dad. we looked it up on the internet. had the cops go to a house and it was the wrong house. my nieces need to find there sisters and they have some brothers. please help

  12. August 23, 2013

    If your name is Kelly and you were born in the Seattle Washington area between January and March of 1994 and were raised by your grandparents or another family member, please contact me ~ I may be your paternal grandmother.



  13. I am looking for my nephew born in 1966 my sister was at a unwed mother home in the Bronx she passed away. But he has a brother that always thought he was a only child now I told him and he wants to find him. I have his name at birth the hospital he was born at and a baby picture of him his biological patents names.please help me.there is a lot a health issues in our family he should know about and how his mother died. Thank you.

  14. i am 40 years old and found out i have a sister 4 yrs.ago.my mom is terminally ill and i would like her to meet her daughter as much as i would like to meet my sister. please help if can.i have a few important facts but am unable to go forward without help.thank you for reading this,brandituck

  15. I am trying to find my mothers daughter in Japan. My mother is 82 yrs old and she doesn’t have much longer to live. At the wishes of my grandmother my mother was married at a young age. After a couple of years the marriage was very unstable. My grandmother suggested that my mother should have a child because it might help save the marriage. The marriage ended before she gave birth. Her ex husband did not know my mother was pregnant when the marriage ended. My grandmother did not my mother to struggle to raise a child as a single parent so she suggested that my mother allow her childless aunt and uncle take the child. So my mothers daughter was raised as my mothers first cousin.
    During that era in Japan children listen to their parents without question.
    When my mother was in her mid twenties she met my father that was an American citizen in the Navy. They got wed while he was stationed in Japan. In 1959 my mother and father returned to the United States. My mother left family in Japan never to return again. Her daughter was 12 yrs old the last time she seen her.At the time my mother kept in contact with her family via letter. When my mother realized that her aunt and uncle was getting closer to death she begged her aunt to tell their daughter(my mothers child) the truth but her aunt would not. Now that all of my mothers family has passed on we have no connection with where my mothers daughter is or even if she’s alive. As I said my mother is elderly and just to be able to see her daughter that she has never or gotten would be her last wish. Please consider helping us find my mother daughter before its too late. Thank you so much.

  16. My name is Jennifer and I was adopted in 1968 in Meriden, CT. I would like to find my mother and my sister. Their names were Sherry Bogert and Christy Annette Bogert. I have had a brain tumor removed, and I would like to know my family medical history. I have two daughters and two granddaughters and it would be useful to have this information. If there is any way I can find them, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you.

  17. My biological father left my mother before I was born. My mother, older brother and I lived with my grandparents until mom remarried when I was 5 years old. Our step-father adopted us and our last name was changed.

    My older brother started searching for his father and we knew that there were 2 older children. As far as we know, our biological fathered at least 15 children. Our best connection is a younger half sister who has also been searching for other half siblings.

    Myself and my half sister would like to find “everyone” and to try to
    understand who and what this man was. We would also like to meet everyone and see who looks like who and try to piece together all of us.

  18. I am looking for my biological Father. I have never met him or even talked to him. He left when I was two years old when he and my Mother separated and then divorced. I have looked for him several times but have been unsuccessful. I did one time find him when I was 18 but he was incarcerated in Texas and have since not been able to locate him. Please Troy…if you can…help me find him. His name isJames Herbert Hubbs. The last place I know of him living is Ft.Worth Texas. I live in Palm Bay Florida. Thank you for your time.

  19. I would love to help my mother find her oldest brother. She was put up for adoption as was he. My biological grandma kept 5 other children. We have found her and those siblings along with my mothers biological father and two sisters from him. Her oldest brother is the final piece. All I know is Judith was about 14 or 15 when she had him in Germany. I believe a military man was the father. I have no names to go on but I’m sure Judith could help. I’d love to do this while everyone is still living. I have been somewhat of a burden on my mother and I feel like this would be the best way to say “thank you” for all she’s done for me. One last piece to all of my mother’s unanswered questions. She’s found everyone else but one on her own.

  20. My mom gave my lil brother up for adoption when he was born never met him, but I would love too! I’m almost 18 and he’s pretty young still but my mom crud all the time for him! His names mathew don’t know where he lives! But please give me a call 9033550233! Please!

  21. Please return to tv!
    The Locator was such an inspirational show
    heart warming, top notch tv. I would love to hear that
    maybe another channel pick it up if WE does not
    care to bring it back.
    Would love an update(s) series, showing some of the
    past cases & how they have adjusted.. And new Angel cases.
    Pleasse bring back “The Locator”

  22. I am trying to find my husbands mother. They were separated when he was 9 years old. She is Japanese and lives in Japan, and he was brought to the USA to live with his father. This separation really devastated him and he has never gotten over it. He is now 54 years old and we do not know if she is even still alive but would like to at least find family members. My husband father is deceased and was African American. Please help me heal an open wound in my husbands heart. Thanks, Ann

  23. I am looking for my father. He is from Iran, he was here for millitary training when my mother fell in love with him. They decided to have a baby so he can stay in the states and marry but the military didn’t let him so he had to go back. My mother only gave me limited information and now she is passed away I would love to locate him and just meet him if he is still alive .I feel like there is a piece of me missing not knowing my real father. I think his name is Jamshed he is from Shiraz Iran he was here at the Air base in rantoul illnois in 1976 he worked on the fighter planes for the military f314 and I believe 747

  24. I think the show is awesome you can change so many lives in so many different ways I hope you guys can help me I am now 36 years old my daughter is 20 Ihave not seen her since she was 2 I hope you guys can help me

  25. I was just watching the show the locator I have a 20 year old daughter Iwould like to find she was 2 years old when I adopted her out that was something I have always regreted I was only 15 when Igot pregnate I was very young alone and confused I felt I had to do what was best for my child so can you help me

  26. I desperately want to help my husband find his biological parents. He was in foster care as an infant and was adopted at the age of 3. He only knows his birth name which was Christopher Hannah but he doesn’t know the name of his birth parents. His adoptive parents passed away and now I feel that he really needs to find his biological family. He was born in Buffalo, NY in 1969 but he thinks his mother lived in Rochester, NY. He also believes that his mother gave birth to him when she was 18 and put him up for adoption to attend college. Please please please help me fnd my husband’s biological parents. He deserves and needs this more than anything. Thank you!

  27. My husband was adopted when he was an infant, he did not find out that he was adopted until he was 32 years old, by this time both of his adopted parents had passed away when he was only 8 & 9 years old, he was raised by a step mother who told him nothing, he actually found out through an attorney who had the original adoption papers while looking for other relatives in a will. My husband was adopted through a private adoption with an attorney, he never went through foster care or an orphanage. My husband knows his adopted mothers name is Elizabeth Workman and she had 6 other children before my husband was born. He was born in Brooklyn NY in 1960 at Kings County Hospital. He is desperately looking for his siblings and birth parents. I Pray you WeTv and the program can help my husband find his family, we have been married for 28 years and have raised 3 boys, this would mean the world to my husband and our family because he feels so alone without knowing his family history. Thank you in advance for any and all help.

  28. Through online investigating, we recently found my husband’s brother. They had not been in touch in 47 years. My husband is 72 and his brother is 62. We have been in touch by phone but would love to meet in person, but find it difficult since we live in Connecticut and the brother lives in Hawaii. We hope for a reunion while both are still in ok health.

  29. I am looking for a long lost friend…in the late 1970’s my aunts family was hosting a young boy about 10 years of age that lived in Jackson,Ms at the Baptist Children’s Village. He stayed with them for several summers and holidays. We were the same age and fast friends. My cousin is looking for him. Her mom passed away and her dad is not well…her dad would really love to see him again. He was part of the foster care system and we can not find a trace of him. We have a name and some very basic info from the home. We would love to be reunited with him. Because of my aunt’s love for him I have also taken foster children living in group homes into our family…to love them and mentor them the way my aunt did for Bo….can you help us…I think of him often and would love for him to know what an impact he had on my life as well as the family he stayed with so many years ago when he was just 9…..thanks for your time
    Deanna Knight

  30. hi mr.dunn i would like to know why you are not on prim time t.v. i lve your show but it comes on to late

  31. i would like to know why a great show like the locator is not on prim time t.v. it is the best show on we tv next to the ghost whhisperer

  32. I’m 52 yrs old and was adopted at 3 days old by private adoption. My adopted mother has been very resistant in telling me information therefore I only have a few papers with what I believe to be my birth name. Financial barriers have mainly been my reason for not searching but now I have 3 children with special needs and would love to have information as well as meet and learn of my actual heritage. I believe this connection is what I have been missing my whole life. I would be eternally grateful for any assistance you would provide. Thanks for the wonderful life changing work you do.

    Shari Nowak

  33. My name is Kelly Knapp. My daughter is BlairMarie Hipple. She is 27 years old. She has not seen her biological father, Craig Eugene Hughes, Jr. since she was 2 years old. He was in the military and lost touch when he was transferred to Michigan. Over the years, Blair has asked about her father, but I have not had any information. I believe she needs to know him. Her self-image needs the boost. thank-you. Kelly

  34. Hi Troy I know you have so many people that are looking for someone. I have been looking for my moms family for years she is 73 now and I am 38 I have never met any of them and have not even seen a picture of any of them and I recently found my Aunt and cousin my grandparents are dead my uncle is dead I just found out that I have brothers and sisters out there somewhere that I have never met ~ my oldest brother may be in his 50’s I know time is running out can you please help me. My moms first husband died in a car crash and left behind my brother who was about 1 or 2 and is now around 50 and I guess my mom left him with family Im really not sure then she married again having 3 -4 more children and leaving them behind for reasons unknown. I know the names of the men she married and the name of my oldest brother but not the names of the other children. My heart breaks that I have other brothers and sisters out there that I never knew about I would like to find them. I know this could possibly be a very painful reunion as I am hurting after finding out all this information. Now I am on a mission to find them but I need help. can you please unite me with my brothers and sisters?

  35. my name is Cindi I am trying to locate my real parents. There names are Bill & dixie beaber. I’ve been looking for them for years. I’ve never meet them ,but would like too. I also have a younger sister &brother I haven,t seen since I was yrs. old. My parents live in Kansas City Missouri thats pretty much all I know.My sister & brothers names are Crystal, John, Jimmy. Please Help Me. Getting desperate

  36. My fathers name is Victor Manuel Garcia, my brother was named after our father, the hardest part about looking and searching for my father has been a rollercoaster ride. The name is to common, no one could help me. Is that true Troy? I will never stop searching,

  37. My fathers name is Victor Manuel Garcia, my brother was named after our father, the hardest part about looking and searching for my father has been a rollercoaster ride. The name is to common, no one could help me. Is that true Troy? Will never stop searching,

  38. Troy “THE LOCATOR”, Im hoping and praying that you can find me peace, I was born Dec 23 1983, in NewYork city, my mother left my father before she found out she was pregnant with me, my brother remembers very little of him. My brother was born in august of 81, as soon as he was born he was rushed to childrens hospital for open heart surgery, he’s moved on with his life surgery after surgery. I have no history to tell my daughters, I never even seen my fathers face, no pictures, nothing. Im trying to write this, but my eyes are filling with tears, Troy I honestly feel incomplete not sure of who or what I am. Please help me find our father. I always been a stern believer that theres two sides to every story, and my mother says nothing but bad things about him. Im so ready to hear your voice, thank you for hope and belief, that one day I will reunite with my father.

  39. DearMr.Dunn, I always your show,cus while im watching your show I pretend to be the one who your doing the show on.im looking for my father, my mother said his name is Jesse Carreon .and im hoping that I got his last name right.because my mother,said his .name twice to me,she kept him from me,i guess she was afraid I would tell my dad what kind of life I was having to live.you see Mr.Dunn I was a child who was being molested,by family members,i ran away at a young age .alot of good that did me,i ran into the man who became my husband then my abuser,after about 9yrs ,i ran into my second husband,who was abuser and had a drinking probalem.and then finally my third abuser,i have 4 children

  40. Hi my name is lisa marie im hear today looking for help to find my dad i was nine years old the last time i got to se him his nae is fredrick micheal gonzales and it shows on my birthcertifacate that he was 25 when i was born iam now 27 with two biutiful children and i wuld love for him to meet my kids the last i knew of him he was living in sacramento california plz help me find my dad i pray evry night for GOD to plz let me see him one more time i know he has more kids iam his first born doughter and i also know that at one point a girl he was with wouldent iven let him mention my name or talk about me im beging you plz help me find my DAD thanks so verry much Lisa Marie

  41. Due to an emergency surgery, I was only able to have one child, my daughter, Autumn Papendick, always wondered what it would have been like to have a brother or sister. Imagine our excitement when we found out (through Friend of the Court, because money started going to their welfare account first over our non-welfare account) that her Dad had fathered twin boys in a nearby town. Funny thing is that know one seems to “know” anything concerning them except that they were as much of a child support burden on their father, (Perry L. Papendick) as my daughter, (Autumn Papendick) seemed to be. Autumn is 31 years old now and has two children with a third one due in June, her half-brothers are either 18 or 19 years old now. We know their names are Josh and Joe. They lived in the Gaylord, MI area and possibly the Roscommon, MI area as well. We lived in the Grayling, MI for many years but now reside in Clarkston and Troy, MI. It would be a great story for your show as there are many layers to this “onion”. Perry has chosen not to be involved with the lives of his children but it should not keep his children, Autumn, Josh, and Joe, from knowing each other or a least having that chance to be close. I’m asking this for my daughter. I had dreamed as a young women of having a whole table full of kids! I’d like to help put her in touch with these boys.
    In appreciation for any thing you can do, Julie Dinkins, Autumn’s Mom

  42. Hello Troy: I have written letters with photos to you and also to your son, but no answer. Do you only find famous people’s relatives?? or do you find the people who are the easiest? I had a father, who was in Berks County jail for stealing cars in 1940. My 2 brothers never remember him because he left and never came back. I would like to locate him, or his sister (my aunt) and catch up on family history. I would like to tell him all about us, & his family here in PA. If he is still alive. Time is running out, I just turned 70. Do it for me, Troy. Thank you CEY

  43. My maternal grandfather said goodbye when my mother was 12. When she was old enough she sought the help of her aunts to find him because she had children now and wanted to introduce them. They told her to “forget him because he’s a no good drunk”, so she gave up. 20 yrs later I found him in 1988 in TX through a nursing home and we also located his military grave and received some medical records, he’d passed away in 1985. We have some records but would like to find out if anyone could tell us about him. We heard a story that he was seen taken away by the military police in Seattle but we really don’t have an explanation about his disappearance to TX.

  44. Mr.dunn , i have read great things abput you finding biological parents..it would truly be a blessing if you could help me find my biological father.. my biological mother got pregnant with me in stuart Florida, she passed away when i was 15 all she ever told me was that his name was ‘Jose and he was from Honduras,anf he was a very kind man. My grandparents on my mother’s side adopted me when i was a baby. I want to find my dad, for a lot of reasons… he doesn’t even know i’m alive, i want to know him,and have a relationship with him,and his family. I feel like something is missing in my life.I want to get in touch with my roots, and i want him yo help me. I don’t want anything from him otjer thn to tell him i love him even though he never got to meet me.
    Please help my dream come true!

  45. I actually want my sister Lisa Boren to be the one considered for an audition for The Locator. We come from a family of five children. She is the oldest and was adopted at 4 days old in July of 1969. My parents tried for 2 years to get pregnant and when they couldn’t, they adopted my sister. Ironically, when she was only 2 months old, my mother got pregnant with my brother and they are only 11 months apart. Our family continued to grow and my mother was able to have 3 more kids. My sister is the only one adopted in our family. I recently was chatting with my sister about this great talk for teenagers I had listened to with my kids. I told her the speaker was some guy named Troy Dunn, but I had never heard of him. She then told me “Yeah, he is the host of a show called the Locator”. I asked about the show and she explained its premise. She then confided in me that a couple of years ago, her two oldest daughters wrote a letter for her to be on the show but then got cold feet and never submitted it. For many years she has toyed with the idea of learning who her birth mother is, but has been afraid of hurting our mother’s feelings. Even though our mother would understand, I can see the angst in my sister’s face when we discuss it because she is afraid it comes across as if she isn’t happy with her family who chose her. I know she would welcome a chance to search, but is afraid to take the steps herself. I can tell she has deep rooted pain as she talks about being adopted by comments she makes. When we look at cousins or aunts and uncles, she mentions how she doesn’t look like any of them. We had family pictures over Thanksgiving and she chuckled “One of these things is not like the others” trying to make light of her pain that she feels a lack of connection physically to us. I know emotionally and spiritually, she knows she is connected to us. But, it’s hard physically to not notice the differences even when nothing is said. Luckily, because she is the oldest, she isn’t afraid to make light of it and try to make us laugh about it even though it must be painful. I love my sister and would love to push this effort forward for her. I know she was excited when her own daughters wrote the letter. I wish I could find it and resubmit it, but I am afraid it is gone. I hope that this will reach the right people at the right time for her and her search. I trust that if it is meant to be, it will happen. I am grateful for Troy and his passion for connecting families. It really is about connection. Even though my sister isn’t my biological sister, because of my faith I know she is my sister with an even tighter connection than blood. She is my friend, my rock, and my family. Please help her to have closure on this one chapter of her life that she can’t seem to close and accept. Help her realize that wanting to look is okay and that her family that she has lived with since she was 4 days old will always consider her theirs no matter what!
    Eva Flake

  46. Hello Troy, I am a 74 yr old woman looking for a granddaughter. My last contact with or about her by telephone was probably 10-12 years ago. She was born and raised in and around the Stockton, California area. She was living with her mother and her mothers ex motherinlaw in Stockton. I have only seen her one time and she was only about a week old. I do have some pictures of her when she was somewhere 3-4. As time ticks by at my age I would love to make contact with her. I do not know what last name she uses. Weather it is her fathers name (Collins)OR her mothers name (Martin). Her name is Haley Sorrel ( Collins Or Martin) Thank you for your time and keep up the wonderful work you do to reconnect people with the ones they love and miss

  47. HI Troy. I really need help finding my oldest brother his name is Reggie Cox he 37yrs old his D-O-B 04-27-1973 OR 74.
    He is the oldest out of 8 girls and we having seen our brother since 1992. We got
    took way from our mother but he stayed in las vegas with his boyfriend when that happened. Well about two years after we got took way he came to visit us and me and him had a few words i called him gay. Than we did not hear from him for about three years than he started sending letters from vegas saying he was in trouble and he needed to get home but we were to young to send him anything so some months went by we got another letter saying if he come home in a body bag it’s our fault and that was in 1994 we having heard anything from him since
    than. And i was hoping you can help me find my ONLY BIG BROTHER thank you very much.

  48. Hello, I am 26 years old and me and my brother were tooken by the state when were extremly young because one of our parents has mental issuses and was mentailty unstable. The other parent was in an out of jail and drank heavily. To sum it up they kept me and my brother together but our baby sister also was given up but we didn’t know we had a sister until about a few years back. I tried to find her on facebook,twitter and facebook no one matched with the info I have. I know she is gifted like us in the arts like rapping or writing,poetry and I know you can help us. I won’t give up until I find our sister.Thank you Sincerly, Shanetta aka “NETPOET”

  49. I am 29 years old, married now with a wonderful husband, in the picture. My daughter from a previous relationship lives with us and is now 10 years old. My husbands family lives far in MN, we live in Dallas, TX. Living the life in Mckinney, he is a financial advisor, and I am in property management, my daughter is an excellent volleyball player, I am the team Coach. I am happy with my life but have always wondered what happened to my real dad, birth dad Larry Hale. My previous name was Vanessa Shae Hale, then Peart, and now Bangs. My mothers maiden name is Linda Green, Hale, Peart, Lawrence, Green. I meet all types of people, and wonder he looks like the picture I once saw. 469-363-4305 vanessashaep@yahoo.com. Email is easiest fast response. Thank you for your time I would love to tell you more.

  50. I am submiting this for my sister (she is adopted) she is 47 years old and deaf.In the past she has been afraid for fear of being rejected due to being disabled.It was not known at birth that she was deaf.As she has gotten older she has felt the need to find her biological parents.She is having a hard time doing this on her own and would love some help to find answers to her questions.Some incude what is my nationality? and what is my health history?Di I have other siblings?She is afraid if she waits to long possibly her biological parents may pass away and she will never get to meet them.Any help you can give will be appreciated.

  51. Hi Troy: My name is Maria Schellberg and was watching your TV show this early morning and decided to contact you regarding the son I gave birth to back in January 1986. My story is very intense and long. I gave birth to my son and was told that he was born dead at the hospital. At the time, I was in college and was 19 yrs old dating my first boyfriend in which he did not want the responsibility of being a father at that time and talked me into giving him for adoption. We signed adoption documents with a Doctor. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out i was pregnant until i was 5 months pregnant and by the time i discover i was pregnant, I blame myself for giving birth to a dead baby on my six month of pregnancy and I didn’t took proper care of myself prior to that. With many worries and fear that my parents would find out, since I come from an disfuctional family and physically abusive was afraid that my Dad would kill me or beat me up. I gave birth to a baby boy on January of 1986 on my 6th month of pregnancey and was told in the emergency room that my son was born dead. My baby boy was taking immediately away from me and was not given the chance to hold him and or change my mind in keeping him. The Doctor that we had signed adoption documents showed up to the hospital immediately and right after I gave birth to my baby boy he told me that it was best if i leave the hospital before I was released without nobody knowing. I believe i was lied to and keep thinking about my son and I hurt every day of my life. Throughout the years I’ve always wonder if he in deed was born alive and the Doctor lied to me since he didn’t allow me to stay at the hospital . I want to make sure that the story i was told was true or if i was lied by this Doctor and my Baby Boy is out there somewhere. It is very important to me so that I can have a peace of mind and put this incident to rest. I will very much appreciate, if you can assist me in finding out the real true and if my son was in deed was born dead or if i was lied to and he was taking away from me without me even holding him my dear 1st babe. Please reply at the email listed above or contact me personally for further details on my cell 201-303-1119. I thank you very much for considering me in this matter.
    May God Bless you for doing such a wonderful job in reaching out to all of us out hear and providing us with that peace of mind and happiness in our lifes.

    I look forward to hearing from you and admire you for whhat you dedicate your life for others with peace and happiness. I pray that you can heal me from this deep secretely pain that I have carried for all these years.

    Thank you for your anticipated assistance in this matter.


    Maria Schellberg
    201-303-1119 cell

  52. Hi. My name is Angela. I’m 16 years old and i’m looking for my older half brother. My dad and his first wife had a son named Chad Bledsoe. Over the years my dad didn’t keep in touch with him but my other 3 siblings Haley, Kayla, and Desiree knew about him but he didn’t know us. My dad got in contact with him when he was about 22 years old. I was about 8 then. He last lived in Georgia and we got to meet him. Ever since I met him I hoped I can find him. But i can’t find a profile for him on facebook or anything so i’m contacting you to see if you can help. He had 2 boys last time i knew. I’ve only met him the one time but I don’t see why there can’t be another chance to find him. I’m hoping that even my father doesn’t have a relationship with his son, i can have a relationship with my half brother. It would be greatly appreciated. If you can help thank you so much.

    Sincerely, Angela.

  53. Hi Troy and Team!! My story is long and I hope that you read this. It is quite interesting and I still cannot believe what I have found out just 7 months ago. Here is my story…In late March of 2011, my husband Scott asked if I wanted to take a vacation in June to Andros Town, Bahamas with our children and friends. Of course, I wanted to experience this. In order to get to the Bahamas, I would need a certified birth certificate and passport. In the next couple f days, I applied and sent for my certified birth certificate. In early April, I received a packet my Vital Statistics of Florida. When I opened the packet, Vital Statistics informed me that I do not exist in their system. Initially, I thought that there has to be some kind of mix up. My first phone call was to my Grandmother who lives in Long Island, NY. When I told her the news, she didn’t seem concerned. She also said, “There has to be some mistake.”

    The next day I called Vital Statistics of Florida to inquire about my birth certificate. I gave the woman on the phone my birth certificate number. When she looked up the number, she told me that the number did not match and that it wasn’t even close. Vital Statistics asked me to fax the birth certificate. I faxed the birth certificate and waited for their call. A few hours later, I received a call back from Vital Statistics while I was at work. Sheila asked if I had Aunts and if any cousins were born at Broward General Medical Center. This is a hospital located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I told her that I had many cousins and that I also had 2 brothers and 1 sister but, that my mother and brother were killed in an automobile accident 23 years ago. Sheila told me that all of my siblings were in the Vital Statistics system. I asked her why some many questions. Sheila told me, “Nancy, I am so sorry but, your birth certificate is completely fake.” Still, not understanding I said, “What are you trying to tell me?” Sheila states “You need to talk to your family.” I said, “Are you trying to tell me that I was adopted?” Sheila told me, “Yes.”

    I believe I went into complete shock at that time. I had absolutely no idea!!! None!! Little did I know, My Grandmother and my family that lives here in South Florida were talking on the phone trying to figure out how they were going to tell me. Almost everyone in my family knew!! Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and older cousins knew.

    My next phone call was to my husband and he told me that there has to be an explanation and that we will figure it out. I believe at that time my husband just didn’t believe what I was told. Next, I called a a very close cousin and told her. She couldn’t believe it either. I told her, “Kandi, if anyone knows if my Mom was pregnant with me, your Mom would know.” Kandi said that she was going to talk to her Mom, my Aunt and tell her the difficulty I was having obtaining my birth certificate.

    The next day was April 7, 2011 and my cousin Kandi text me to ask if we could meet for lunch. Initially, I told her that I couldn’t because I had to work. Then her texts became urgent and said, ” I need to see you today, we need to talk.” I told her I would meet her for lunch with her Mom. At this point, I am still thinking that I am going to tell my Aunt Kathy what I had found out.

    When I arrived at the restaurant I was nervous. I sat down and said to my cousin, Kandi, “I don’t know how to start and how am I going to tell Aunt Kathy.” With that, Kandi said, “Let me help you.” I looked over at my Aunt and she said “It’s true, you were adopted.” I felt like I was punched in the stomach. My whole life I believed I belonged and was biological to this wonderful family!! At that very moment, I felt very alone. After a lot of tears, My Aunt Kathy explained that my parents could not conceive a child and wanted a baby girl. My mother worked as a hair stylist and my father worked as a carpenter. An unidentified woman came into the salon and explained that their was a newborn at Broward General Medical Center that was born in a gas station bathroom on June 6, 1967 and brought there for care. This baby was going to have medical problems and that they were unable to adopt this child to a family. My mom asked, “Can we have her?”

    According, to my Aunt, after I was released from the hospital I was brought to a house. My 2 Aunts received a phone call that they could come pick me up. My Aunt said, “This house was dirty and there were many children and one woman there.” She directed my Aunts which bedroom I was in. My Aunt said, you were all by yourself on a bed in dirty clothes and you were dirty, too. You were all of 5 pounds at that time. I was born very early, probably 2 months early weighing in at only 2 lbs, 7 ounces. My Aunt said, we wrapped you up and took you home and we never talked about this again.

    One of the Aunts that picked me up that day is now deceased. I also found out that the birth certificate I have had my whole life was falsified by one of my Aunts. She had a baby a few years before I was born but, the baby died at the age of 6 months old. She somehow erased her daughter’s information and typed my information on the birth certificate. She then lamenated and copied the birth certificate and gave it to my parents that raised me.

    For some reason, my parents that raised me never wanted me to tell the truth. The family was sworn to secrecy. Over the years, the family tried to convince my parents to tell me but, they refused.

    As I have said before, My mother died in a car accident and my father died 6 years ago from bladder cancer. I have no one to go to and find out the true story. The only document that I have is a birth record certificate. On this certificate is my birth mother’s name, Elizabeth Gorman and my birth given name of Kathyrn Sharon Gorman. My birthdate, birth weigh and length and my birth mother’s right index finger print. When I sent this certificate to Vital Statistics they said that the printed paper was authentic but, when I asked if the birth given name was in the Vital Statistics System, they said “No.”???

    I am curious about my birth mother and would love to meet her. At this point, I do not even know the birth father’s name. I would need to ask the birth mother this information. I would love to know if I have other family out there. I am 44 years old woman married with 2 children and I work as a Registered Nurse. Being a Nurse, I am also curious about my own medical history.


    Nancy Kovi

  54. This is for my younger sister,who has also tried to contact to with her plea to find her son who she gave up for adoption.She was 18 and and still in high school when she found out she was pregnant.I was married and pregnant myself,but didn’t find out about her until she was about 7 months along.She hid it very well,because she was terrified to tell my mother.I came to her with my suspicions,and she broke down and cried and admitted that she was.We went to my mother,who raised the 6 of us on her own and wasn’t ready to raise a grandchild.She went through our catholic church to find an adoption program,and that was final.I was due in February and she gave birth in December.I offered to take her son,but again,my mother made the decision that adoption was the best way.But I can tell you that the decision has changed my sister for ever! She is married,with a son and daughter,but a whole in her heart.We have always been close,but one night,she lashed out at me for no reason,and things have never been the same.Me and my mother are the only ones that know about this family secret.My mother has since passed,and I’m wondering if my sister is somehow blaming me for not taking her son.I often feel that guilt that I should of forced the matter,and I know she carries alot of guilt herself.So I think finding her son,would not only heal her,but our relationship.So please help an older sister make her baby sisters heart whole again.It would be great to finally share this with the rest of our large family.Thank you,Theresa

  55. I am trying to help my father find his biological mother. My father has known he was adopted for a long time. He had wonderful parents. He is now looking for his mother and/or father. He has an up coming birthday and I think this would be a great gift for him. I have started some of the leg work. While moving some of my grandparents things out of their home I found an adoption certificate with my fathers birth name and where he was born at. I really hope to help with this process for him.

  56. I was given away at birth. I was born in Allegheny Mckeesport PA, 7-1-1968 to a woman named Delores Hall or Hill. However she put on the medical documents her name was Yvonne Davis. She named me Yvonne. My name ended up Lisa Yvonne. My dad is William Davis. She gave me to him as she had planned to have me adopted. Seems she had other kids and a husband. I was raised by my dad and his mother Eva Davis. If my mother is still living I would love to meet her and her family. I have always wondered about her growing up. I never knew how to find her and more importantly if she wanted to be found. It would be nice to know my siblings. This is my greatest wish!

  57. Steve Heinitz 58 (blueelk@pacbell.net) and Lynette Miller 54 (lynettemarie57@yahoo.com) are looking for their biological sister – name unknown, born in Denver, CO June 25,26,27 or 28th, 1955. She was abandoned at birth by her biological father Don Roger , assistant pastor of the First Christian Church in Englewood, Co. at a home for unwed mothers. Both the Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News showed her newborn baby picture on the front page of their newspapers. Her Biological father, Don Roger, was also a butcher full time and belonged to the meat cutters union in Denver. The mother of the children was Frankie May Brown, Heinitz (now named Deglow) of Denver, both parents moved to Los Angeles, Ca in 1957 and gave birth to another daughter, now looking for their sister. Both parents are still living, Don Roger in L.A. is a long time member of the First Christian Church in Hollywood and Ms. Frankie Deglow lives in Grand Junction, Co. (frankiedeglow@yahoo.com).
    Please contact any of the above with any information you have. Thanks

  58. I am 30 years old and was adopted by two great people when I was just days old. I know quite a bit of information to find my biological mother, it shouldn’t be that hard – and what information I know about my biological father is he was a musician on tour and she was dating him and following him on tour – they had a relationship then he cheated while she was pregnant so she decided to give me up for adoption. I’m not sure if he knows she was ever pregnant. I know more detailed information however this is the short version. I live in SLC, UT and am a hairstylist with a great passion for life. I am not looking for my parents to replace the ones I have – I am just so curious to meet them and see who they are :) I really hope that I am considered for this show, it would be an honor, Thank you for your time.

  59. Hello Troy,
    I’m 56 years old and was adopted when I was only 4 months old. My adopted parents were a police,man and his wife. My dad was very mentally and physically abusive. He would sit my mom and adopted sister down and make them watch as he took a thing called the strap, (a broken off broom handle with a leather belt that he had broken over me) nailed to the broom stick. He made me stand at attention while I was whipped from the bottom of my legs to the back of my neck. Couldn’t take a shower after gym class for fear that my fellow classmates would see all the whip marks. I started running away from home at 10 and hitchiked to almost every state in the US. At 30 years of age my adopption records were open and I got my mom and dads name. My mom was named Marie Antionette Rappasarda Sec. I found her in 5 hours of searching on the phone. She was in CA helping a sick sister. She flew me out to see her and flew my sisters in from Hawaii. That’s where they all lived. I have two older sisters. Tracy and Teri, and a younger sister named Vicki. Supposedly according to my mom, she met my biological dad in a diner in Pimlico, Maryland. They had a short love affair, and he went back to NJ, as he was in the Navy. His name supposedly, Pearly Rose. I have never been able to find him. I sure would like to find him or his family if he is deceased just to see where I came from and I have some serious medical issues, I’d like to see if they run in the family. My 12 year old daughter has one big brother, my son Tom, and a sister named Kayla who was with my wife when we married 19 years ago. I’m not going to lie to you. I lead a pretty rough life for many years and found out that I have about 100 relatives in Hawaii I have never met. I would like my daughter to have the chance to meet her biological family as both her brother and sister are step. I have some pictures with names.
    Troy if I had what is known as a family reunion which I have never had, because we don’t know any of our biological family, it would bless our socks off. As I said I led a life that, well let’s put it this way, should have been dead thousand times over. I worked at Blaze Starrs famous strip club on Baltimore Street on infamous Block. Spent 22 years of my life there. I have turned my life around and am now a Pastor. My story is nothing less than a miracle, with one giant puzzle piece missing, my real family! Thanks for your time and consideration. Tom Mitchell and family

  60. hi.. my name is jasmine i am 18 i dont have that many people that i no of in my family i grew up with my mom an uncle my two older brothers an my sister my brothers are the only ones that have kids. but when my mother an uncle where young there mom an dad past away an they say there mom had other childern but they dont no them or how to find them i think this would really be good for our family. they where adopted as kids in to a nother family (my mother an uncle) this could be the best gife i give to them for given me so much n my life

  61. hi, my name is arona i was adopted when i was six to a wonderful family of a mom and dad and 8 brothers and sisters who i love so very much. i never notice how different we were from one another till i was 10. at that age i asked my mom about my biological mom and she reallyd didn’t say much till i was 12yrs old. at 16 years old she finally gave me my moms first name which i held close to me. from age 10 to now i have always wanted to find my mom and see who i came from. i only want to know this becaues i see thousnds of kids around my have their real parent and know what looks they got from which parent. i see it in my own family. i would be happy with just a picture, all i want to know is who i came from and who they are.
    thankyou arona

  62. Hi troy and team, my story probably isn’t intense as the comments above me but i’m hurting deeply from my father not being in my life. He left when I was only 2 years old and I’m 19 now. I’ve tried googling him but nothing has really come up. I found a card in my mothers old boxes from me to him that she never sent. He upset me tremendously. All I want is to meet him and to form a relationship. I would also like to know his side of the family because I’m not that close with my mothers side. I miss him terribly, I feel like a peace of my heart is missing because he is not in my life. If you could help me or give me the littlest information whether its good or bad. It would be greatly appreciated. I want him and his family to know me, to love me and to give me a chance to be a part of their family because at the end of the day. We are blood relatives and he is my biological father. Please help me find my dad.

  63. I was adopted a birth and after all the years I finally found out I was born at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, NC. That I was conceived in Massachusetts and she came to live with her sister and brother in in North Carolina and that my biological mother is a direct descend from Ireland. I am a cancer survivor for 8 years now and that started me to what to know my family history and if I have any brothers or sisters or what my mother was like. I would love to see Ireland some day to see my Heritage and to learn about it. I also had to have my thyroid removed and sometimes of bad sinitis attacks. But mostly being a cancer survivor intrigue me to want to know about my heritage my history especially medical. Please help me, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you in advance for this enormous opportunity to find my real mother and to know.

    Peace and Love,

    Dianne Foster

  64. I have always wondered about my fathers (Kenneth Eugene Hillen SR.) family. My siblings and I have never had any kin from paternal side since his father (Earl John Hillen) died in 1970. I don’t know the story behind why my father was separated from her. I was told that our biological grandmother was Vivian Webb from Butcher Hollow, KY (sp). I was never able to find anyone. She supposedly had a brother that worked as a barber at a military base for several years close to Butcher Hollow and that she possibly had other children. My father passed in 1996 he always had wondered. I tried to contact anyone that would speak for Loretta Lynn to find out if she knew Vivian Webb..since her name was Webb and that town was so small. Of course with no avail. I didn’t try to contact Loretta for years for fear of her thinking it was for different reasons we were contacting her then the need for wanting to know family became greater than what anyone thought. It would be great if you could help us solve the mystery of our family no matter who they are! It would feel strange but great to have paternal family and finally see where he came from! Thank You, Regina

  65. You could be my sons hero! My son just went off to boot camp. He is eighteen and in the marines. I am so proud of him. He has been such a great child. He is so smart and handsome. He has never met his real father. My ex husband raised him as his own child. My ex has been wonderful to him but there has always been something missing in his life. He wants to know his real father. It has always been something that he has in the back of his mind. I know that his biological father would be so proud of him also.

  66. My is Danette Moore I am looking to reunite withvmy one and only true love. I have been tryingvti find him fir12 years and till this day I am unable to find him..or his family. I met him when he was in prison we we’re together for 5 years. I wanted to marry him and make a life with him we lost touch with each other 12 years ago.please help me! I just wanna know if he is ok and I want him to know I still love him and I will always love him….

  67. Hello my name is Lesley and I am 25 years old. I need help finding my biological mother and father. All I know is that I was adopted when I was a baby. She is from Nigeria and came to the US to go to college, she got pregnant by one of her professors and gave me up for adoption. That is all I know. Please help me, I have had a challenging time growing up but my parents did the best they could and I am thankful. I need to know the truth for I am now a single mom. Thank you and have a blessed day.

  68. Im trying to find my son, I don’t know his name. The last I knew he lived in Oklahoma I think, He is about 18 yrs old by now, I would like to find him, I,m his Father, I am hoping you can help me make this happen.

  69. My name is Keva and I believe I should be considered for the locator audition because I have been trying relentlessly over the past four years to find my father. He left when I was 2 and here I am 20 years later with only a picture of him from at his prom and his name which he apparently changed. Now that I have finally found out what he changed his name to, I’m stuck. I can’t find a current address, phone number, not even his relatives addresses or phone numbers. It’s like impossible to contact this guy and I would really appreciate it if you could help me find him.

  70. I am 34 and I have vague memories of my father. My mother died in 2005. I can remember my fathers parents having me a lot when I was little but thats it. My mothers side of the family are very selfish and have no problems using the kids to destroy people. I didn’t get to have a relationship with my mother and I do not know my father. I try to be the best father I can be to my four kids and my wife and I are vert serious about family. I don’t know if he was cheated out of a relationship with me like most of the poor men that got involved with the women of my family or if he chose to leave. I can’t imagine not being in my kids lives and I just want to know the truth. If he was cheated out a relationship I want to know. If not I will respect that.

  71. I am almost 12 and have been curious about my dad for a few yearsnow. MOM says she kicked him out for cheating on her, and he never showed up for visitation. I want to ask why? What was wrong with me that he didn’t want to know me? Why he never pays child support? We get by ok, but money is always tight. He owes my mom and me over $150,000. I just want to find out why.

  72. I was put through 12-15 adoption homes being abused terribly. I have been searching for my birth mother since I was 18 I am now 40 I have alot of serious health issues like a Pituitary Tumor tha nearly killed me and I need to know health information and also to see my birth mother before her or I decease from the earth. I have tried everything and have been so very unsuccessful in my search. Can you please help me.

  73. Originally from Los Angeles, I have been living in AZ for 15 years. I’m a 43 years of age and married, with a 15 year old daughter. I am the ONLY child from my mom and my dad (never married). On my mother’s side, I have 3 younger brothers, and on my father’s I have one brother and a sister.
    The Search Request –
    Is for my sister whom I’m never met.
    Her and I are the same age. My father was messing around with the girl next door, while messing with my mother.
    When we were born, my father had no strong urge to keep his two oldest kids in his life.
    The girl next door was white, and during the late 60’s that was a bad thing.
    My sister’s mom parent’s, packed up and moved, and against the wills of my sister’s grand parents. My sister’s mother, tried to keep in touch with my father.
    My sister’s mom eventually got married and my sister name was changed.
    I met my father when I was 14 years of age.
    All these years, he has not made an effort to contact or find his only daughter.
    So I have a sister somewhere, my daughter has an aunt she has never met.
    Maybe, this is a story for your show, or not; but thank you for listening.

  74. I’m trying to find my birth mother I have never met her all i know is her name is Kim Yout and I would really like to met her before I get to old even though I’m only 14 it would really help:)

  75. Hi my name is Krystal Katz, 19 of Michigan & I feel that I should be deeply considered to take part in your television series of reuniting people with loved one because I am searching for my biological father. When my parents started dating in the 90’s where were and are alot of traditions and rules that have to be upheld or you would be disowned from your family. My Mother is African American & my father is Natively Jewish and my fathers parents had a hard time with my father dating outside of his race and felt that a girlfriend would distract him from his religious views. I believe that very obstacle is what made my parents bond stronger & lead to them becoming teen parents. Soon after it was acknowledged that my mother was pregnant my fathers parents moved away and made it hard for my parents to continue to be together & it is said that my father wanted to be in my life but I have no memories to look to and many unanswered questions I want to solve. It is also known that my father wanted to marry my mother but with all the complications love failed & they soon fell out of contact and have not talked for close to twenty years.I need your help to put the missing pieces of my life together & help me to know the family I never had the chance to establish as my own. I want to know if I’m wanted by my father & grandparents or if I’m even how different my life could of been. I want to know if I have other siblings & a step mom to call my own. Please help me fill in the gaps to my life’s story & but you could never know how much this will mean to me.

    Thank you,
    Krystal K.

  76. I can only guess that my fathers name is dedrick Martin. I’m not sure.. He and my mother we into illegal activities I. The late69’sand70’sin Michigan. I think they were arrested once.. I’m not sure about much except the all had alias and they lied to each other back then.. I’m truly at a loss for words… How do you not know much about someone and bring kids into this world… Sad… My mothers street name was chucky and his was mo’. Not sure if he was really fromkentucky or if that was a lie too..I look in the mirror everyday….

  77. Hi my name is Taffy and i am 27 years old and I have 2kids! I would love if yall could consider me for Troy Dunn-The Locater because I have a long lost sister that I have been trying to find for years. I have did everything that I know of and have had no luck at all. My sister is on my dads side which I didnt know him or his family growing up. I found out that he was dead when I was 16 which was in 2000 and he died in 1995 I had no clue and was so heart broken because I never got a chance to meet him and it hurts so bad to know that I have a sister out there and I want to meet her before I ever die. I didnt have any kind of way of getting information about my dad or sister, and then one day my mother comes to me and says I have your dads ex wife number. So she sent me the death certificate and gave me a number to my great aunt which raised my dad. So I hurry up and called and her name was Carloyn she was helpful to let me know I had alot of family. I ask her bout my sister and told me she had never met her. That was when I was younger and Im 27 now and talk to alot of my cousins on my daddy side now but still havent found anything about my sister. My step mom sent me a photo and her name of her when she was a young girl but that all I have of her. Please help me find my sister it would mean so much to me thats the only thing I have that ties me to my dad and I dont want to go living knowing i never will get to meet her! Thanks for listening to my story have a Blessed Day!!!

    • Dear troy dunn my name is Kathryn mortagne am 25 years old and am looking for my aunt crystal handcock and her two Son’s there names are daniel and Cody handcock my sister Ashley Stanley and being looking for since our mother keri kieth and uncle Gary handcock and my grandmother passway three years of each I was wondering if you can help me find them the last location was shoreline Washington state

  78. Hello i really need your help in finding my siblings i have no idea how many of them are out there i think maybe 4. Im the only child my mom kept im now 27 and the oldest please help me thanks in advance.

  79. Troy & Team My story is very much like everyone else, I am looking for someone. It started in 1963 at the end of the school year, I was sent away to my grandmothers house for the summer (I was 11). My mother was expecting and shared the excitement with me by preparing for the new arrival.
    So I expected to go home to a new brother or sister when i got a call that the baby was stillborn! It was sad but I went home to celebrate my 12th birthday with my mother (I was born on her birthday). Soon after in September my father left for California. He had abandoned us. My mother soon became an alcoholic and the perfect life was never to be seen again. My mother divorced and remarried on the same day (another alcoholic). In later years in a drunken rage my mother informed me that my sister was alive and that she had given Lisa
    Suzanne up for adoption. It was a private adoption through Dr. Alexander
    Rodi, she thought that perhaps he had adopted her, I have found no evidence of that. I have spoken one time since then to my father and he doesn’t seem to know anything or won’t tell me. My mother was found in the desert in 1973 cause of death was undetermined. Since then the older of my half brothers passed away in 2003. And then 2005 the younger of my older brothers passes away from cancer. Both had wanted to see their sister and I was not able to help in locating her. My children know they have an aunt but know nothing about her. I have a sister and my heart hurts. My mother would not have given her up for adoption had my father not made promises that he would never keep.
    I have been told by others that have been adopted to leave well enough alone.
    I am about to turn 60 and she is the only family I have left. Should I leave her alone and hope she is happy? Or do I look for her and let her know that she was wanted from day one by my mother and both of our brothers? I need help!

  80. My name is Katherine and I am writing on behalf of my friend John
    Connelly in hopes of reuniting him with his long lost brothers and sister.
    John’s story begins with four young children, abandoned in a trailer in the back woods of Rhodes Island. John was three at the time, his older brother Charles was five, his sister Diane was just two years old and Richard was a newborn. John’s earliest memories are of his older brother Charles fixing their bottles. He recalls their trailer home having heat and water but no electricity. They were somehow able to survive until a neighbor discovered them and they were turned over to the state. John and the others were placed into foster care. Richard was adopted right away.
    John went from one bad foster care home to another stating he was beaten with everything and anything you could be beaten with including the garden hose and a brick. He would often run away. One of these times he called his case manager, Mrs. Cooper who then called the family and asked to speak to John. They told her that John must be out playing or at school not even realizing he had been gone for two weeks.
    John does remember fondly one foster mother, Nora Ricketts whom he affectionately refers to as Bubba. Bubba was loving and kind to John. He remembers living with her when he was in the third grade. She became very sick and John was not able to stay with her, however he kept in touch throughout the years. She lived to be over one hundred years old.
    When John was only sixteen he joined the army claiming he was eighteen. His friend also joined. Two days after their arrival to Vietnam, John and his friend were sitting outdoors by the mess hall when all of a sudden shots rang out. He asked his friend if he was OK. When his friend did not answer he realized his friend was not ok and had in fact been shot and killed. He was heart broken. It was only their second day in the country.
    Later as John and his unit were sitting by a rice patti, they were ambushed and John was shot, the bullet lodging in his spine. This was a major turning point in his life. John was operated on against his wishes having been told they needed to put him out because he moved too much and they needed x-rays of his back. John stated he was paralyzed as a result of that surgery. He has a difficult time remembering his days in Vietnam, stating, “none of us knew why we were there or what we were fighting for.
    John is now being cared for at Hunter Hollow/Rocky Mountain Care Center, a skilled nursing facility in Utah. He has eight kids. Sadly his wife passed away about two years ago in 2009. He also lost a son Jeremy six weeks after he was born to SID’s. Tragically his son John Jr. took his own life at age 25.
    John has such a longing and desire to see his family again. His brother Charles was the lucky one having been adopted by a good family. John has no idea what became of his sister Diane or his brother Richard who was adopted as an infant.
    John has so many questions including what kind of life they have had, are they healthy, are they happy?
    John does not have a lot of hope of ever seeing his mother or father again, although they could help him with a medical history giving him some insight to some of his medical issues.
    After sharing his story with me John became very emotional and asked, “If there is a God, then why am I living here in a wheel chair and why was I abandoned in the woods as a child?”
    Please help John find his family. John Joseph Connelly was born September 25, 1957 to Dilia Dearmos and Charles Grant Connelly Senior. His brother Charles Stanley Connelly was born August 8, 1959? He was adopted by a family and now goes by the name of Chuck or Charles Mydlowski. His sister Diane Hicks could possibly live in Florida but John is not really sure where she is. John has no idea where Richard ended up. You may contact me Katherine Bytendorp at cwkb****@yahoo.com or my cell phone number which is 801-641-****. I can help you get in touch with John and help with any further information you might need. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.

  81. hey troy my name is brandi kelly my father is in a famous singing group called the dramatics well he has had many children over the years. I was told that i had a little sister in L.A the reason im so into finding her is because I lost my brother a few years ago he was murdered at a very young age. I am in the united states army im going on my first deployment to afgan in four months and i would love to meet her its so important that i meet her because i could die while im serving please help me her name is crystal lopez thanks and GOD BLESS!!!

  82. found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  83. Hi my name is Vanessa and I really like your help in finding my dad’s lost family. He has 7 brother and sisters who he knows and loves but there is another half of the family missing. My grandpa had children with another women we believe it may be 9 or 10 more kids who we know nothing about. My grandpa never mentioned anything to my family but those kids have come around looking for him. Now that he is deceased we have no way of finding out anymore information than we already know. My grandfather never really told anyone but I know that some of my aunts know some information and do not know what to do with that. I would really appreciate if you considered my story and my family. My dad never mentions the other family but I know he has always wondered who they are and where they live. This man once told us that everyone with our last name is realated but we do not know that connection and the connection might just be my grandfather. We believe they are live in our immediate area so they might be someone we know or see in the streets everday and not know who they are. Thank you and please help me.

  84. Greetings Troy! My name is Bridgett, I have a burning inner desire to find my biological paternal family. November 23, 1978, I was born in Grand Rapids, MI. Shortly after my birth my biological father flew here from Hawaii to join my biological mother, and myself. When I was two years old, Richard “Dickie” Auwae flew back to Hawaii. For the next three years my mother did the best she could to take care of me, but for reasons like “Schizophrenia”, and not taking her medications, she was unable to do so. When I was five years old I was adopted by my maternal grandparents. I was told growing up bits and pieces of my family in Hawaii. The old I became, the more I desired to know about my family, culture, and my roots. When I was twenty one I found a letter from my paternal grandmother to my biological mother. I used the address, and found a phone number. I found my biological father, and I spoke to him a few times. Unfortunately, in April of 2005 he passed away. I have two half sisters from my biological father. In fact Collette found my number among my fathers belongings, and informed me in May of 2005 of my father. That was the last time I heard from them. I have tried numerous times to find them without any luck. Troy, could you please help me?!


    Bridgett Krzykwa

  85. hi i would really love to find my brother whos name is rosendo salazar lagunas its been more than 10 years that ive heard from him i would really like ur help our grandsparents past away their wish was to c him again before they passed our parents especially our mother is trying to locate him but hasent had any luck the last i heard from him he was in toronto canada we spoke on the phone that day he told me that he was coming back to los angeles and i never heard from him again im desparate to find him i want to bring him home to our parents brothers and sister to tell him how much we have missed him to introduce him to his nephews or to at least know that he is alive and well. so our parent can have peace of kind knowing that there first born is doijng fine if there is anyone out there who can help me i know u can thank you for ur time sincerly otoniel lagunas

  86. I am trying to find my first born child she is around 40 years old I had to give her up because the relationship between her father and I was very abusive he tried to take my life and i was dearly scared for my daughter so I had to make that very hard decision to give her a better life than I could have gave her Not a moment in my life Has gone by that I dont think of her and just wonder how she is and to know that I made the right decision She was born in Lubbock Tx in September,1972 at Methadist Hospital to the best I can remember I really would love the chance to meet her and let her know that I love her very dearly

  87. I am looking for a man Whom I’ve never met. I was told for years that the man my mother married was my father. Only to find out later he wasnt my father. My mother told me that Edwin Mayes is my father. I dont have a picture nor do I know where to start looking. He was born in Florida but thats all I know. My mother remembers nothing more . Please help me find my father. From my understanding he knows nothing of me.

  88. Found out some more info. I am trying to find my brother. Only that he was adopted sometime after he was born. His birthday is July 27, 1992. My mom told me that he was adopted by a interracial family who had other adopted children. Last she heard he was in Michigan. He was named Deon or Zachary and last name would have been Sims at birth but that could have changed. He was born in GA (possibly Syrmna) to a Sharon Wright and Alfie Sims. I have no recollection of my mother even being pregnant and never got to see him. I just want to know my brother and hope he wants to know us also.

  89. I am trying to find my brother. I do not know much information about him. Only that he was adopted sometime after he was born. i think he was born in 1992. I was told he is a year younger that my other brother that was born June 1991. So he would have to be born sometime after March at least. My mom told me that he was adopted by a white family( I am black) who had other adopted black children. Last she heard he was in Colorado i think. He was named Deon but that could have changed. He was born in GA as far as i know to a Sharon Wright. I just want to know my brother

  90. I am a 55yr old woman tring to connect with my older half-brother whom I have never met. I was raised in Chicago as an only child; my parents divorced when I was very young; and I spent alot of days as a lonely only, always wishing for a brother or sister…mostly a brother. When I was about 16/17, I went on one of the few trips I had with my dad to Nashville, TN to visit his mom and other family. My grandmother was a very sweet, gentle, and very loving soul, who felt that I was old enough to know the truth, and she sat me down and told me that several years before my parents met, that my dad was in a relationship, and my brother was born. My grandmother showed me a picture that was supposed to have been taken of him when he was a little boy, and I thought it was my dad, because he looked just like what I thought my dad would have looked like at that age. He lived there in Nashville, but only had occasional contact with my grandmother. My grandmother seemed to be the only one of the family that accepted him with open arms. Several of the adult family members knew the story of my brother, but their response to him seemed to be based on how my dad reacted to him. My dad didn’t deny his extistence, but he never really came out as claiming this child either. I always wanted to meet him and get to know him, and build a brother-sister relationship with him. A few years later it was reported by my uncle (my dad’s brother) that my brother was “gay” and from that time on, my dad strongly questioned if that was his son. He would always say: “thats what people say, but I’m not sure that is true.” Over time, I got his address and phone#, and we did write some and on rare occasions even talked on the phone. Every year at Christmastime, I would get a card from him, even if I hadn’t heard from him all year, I could aways depend on hearing from him at X-mas. I always made it known to him that I was looking forward to meeting him in person, and that I loved him unconditionally. Several years ago, when our grandmother died, I was hoping to met him, but at the funeral, he did not sit with the family, he sat way in the back and left right befor the service was over so he didn’t talk to anyone. I was very disappointed. Then about 4/5 years ago, Christmas time came and I did not hear from him. That I thought was very odd. I sent him a card, and it came back. I tried calling-no success. I even called 411 and got phone #’s for all those listed with his same name, but they were not him. I called my dad to see if he had heard anything about him or had any contact with him. Nothing. I don’t know if he moved, got sick, died, or he just doesn’t want to have any contact with me. I don’t know any of his family, and none of my family on my dad’s side dosn’t seem to know to much about him or any of his family. Our dad died 3yrs ago, and I had no way to get in touch with him to let him know. We are getting older and I don’t want to keep waiting to meet. To much time as passed already. I want him to know that he is loved and accepted and thought of often. And I want to know if he is okay, and if he is happy, and if it’s not to late to share in his life. Please help me find my brother.

  91. i was adopted to my aunt when i was 6 months old my bio.father was adopted along with his brother before my aunt was born my bio.mother and father have past away and i have three siblings that were in the states care before i was born and i would love to meet them i dont believe they know i was born my lifes goal is to someday meet them.


  93. Hello Troy and Team, I would like to help my mother meet her biological father/my grandfather. My mother is the last of 18 children and she’s the only one with a different father. My mother is currently 57 years of age. But at the age of 15 or 16 she took a trip to NC to meet him and his wife turned her around. I believe this incident is what cause my mother’s mental breakdown a little later that year. I would just like to bring some kinda of closure to the open wound my family has. If you can help that would be greatly appreciated, if you can’t thank you anyway for all the cases you’ve done and will continue to do. God bless

  94. My story goes back to the 40’s and 50’s. My late father in law was in the navy and married to my late mother in law. He was away when he met a woman named Barbara Stever. She became pregnant with his child….my mother in law was also pregnant with my husband. Ms Stever had a baby boy in New Mexico in March 1946, my husband was born Sept 1946. Barbara came to live with my grandmother in law after the baby was born. My grandmother in law wrote many journal entries describing this little boy and several husbands/relationships that Barbara had during this time. Barbara eventually moved with her new soldier husband to Moses Lake Washington and then on to Fairborn Ohio. She wrote Grandmother one last tiime saying she gave “raymie” to a family in Ohio. He would have been 5 years old at the time. Grandma writes in her journal how devasted she was and at the time the government wouldn’t allow a woman her age and health to adopt a child or she would have taken him. It has been a journey. I have been able to locate Barbara’s family. Apparently they had heard a “family rumor” that she had a child but no one knew anything about it. I shared with them about what I knew from my grandmother’s journal. I also sent them a picture I have of Barbra and “raymie” as they have never seen her or him before. We are all now trying to find “raymie”. We have exhausted all our resources getting as far as we have. Please help us…We really want to find my husbands half brother and have him meet the rest of his family that we have found….Everyone is very excited to meet him and learn about him.

  95. I am helping my mother find her family. My mother was given away at birth so there are no adoption papers. I have my mother’s original birth certificate but I have had no luck finding her mother. I know that she had four siblings before here and the address at the time was 57 putnam avenue in brooklyn Ny. I have tried every website and still feel as though this lady does not exist. I don’t know where else to go or what else to do. My mother is turning 50 this year and I would like nothing more than to be able to share this information with her by her birthday.

  96. My father was adopted in 1953. The adoption was brokered, thus not legal. My father has a very distinct look, but we have never been able to figure out his heritage. I look very much like my father, and have never felt connected to any sort of group of people. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to find his birth parents so that I could know my heritage!

  97. Im 12 and have been looking for my biological father for many years and would love to see him. I want nothing more than to see him and be reunited with him. I forgive him for not being there and understand he is not perfect. I just want to know him. His mom also wants to be reunited with her son. I keep in touch with her. My whole family completely suports me. Please help me find my dad.
    Thank you Tyler

  98. I am an adoptee looking for my biological father or mother. My adoption took place between Florida and California court systems (both sealed record states). Both agencies involved in the adoption were private, and have since burnt to the ground along with the records. My birth mother (Paulette Snow, married name) was married at the time of my birth but the man she was married to was NOT my biological father. I have had no luck in finding either.

  99. My son is 49 yrs. of age. I cannot find his Father and he has held it against me since he was 10 years old. He just wants to see him if he is alive and to know his medical history. The father does not know about his son. In 1961 he shipped out before I could tell him I was pregnant. I never knew his full name but knew he was in the Navy. Before I die, I need to try and find him. Please help me.

  100. I am looking for a friend I haven’t seen in over 14 years. His name is too common for me to find him on my own. I really would like to see him again. I do not know what else to do. His name is Robert Zachery Johnson. I last saw him in Charlotte, North Carolina. He moved back to Raleigh, NC and I moved back to Albany, NY. HE had 2 little sisters and a handicapped brother, a mother named Terri and a father named Bob.

  101. We would like to find our sister that we have never met b/f…We have always known of her existence but we’ve never met..She is around 50…It is very important that we find her. Our father is very ill ..His heart is only pumping at 40%..

  102. I am 45 and have been trying to find my dad for the last few years. My mother divorced him when she found out she was pregnant. He doesn’t even know I exist. I would just like to either meet him or know more about him and what he looks like. I am nothing like my mother. I would like closure.

  103. im looking for my father Michael Matthew Marek. Im now 24 years old and want to know if he is out there looking for me too. please help :)

  104. Im trying to find my son, His name is Patrick E. Conklin the last I knew he lived in Belleville Il , He is about 26 yrs old about now, I would like to find him, I,m his Father, I am hoping you can make this happen.

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