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Rich Poor Bide- WE TV
Rich Poor Bide- WE TV

Are you engaged or married? If so, you can join us on “Rich Bride Poor Bride.” We’re looking for outspoken, dynamic couples that are open to share their wedding planning experience with WE tv. This is a awesome opportunity to be on a show all while making money to get your dream wedding. This is definitely a great opportunity to not only make some money, but gain exposure in the industry.

Rich Bride Poor Bride is a television series shown on WE tv: Women’s Entertainment network. It follows the planning stages of a happy and stressful wedding.

Each episode begins with a suggested budget and then follows the bride and groom as they struggle through the highs and lows of the planning of their wedding. And at the end of the episode the budget is revealed and as they tally up the cost the viewers get a sense of whether they were under or over budget.If you would like to audtion for the show please send us an application. Girls of all ethnicity are welcome to apply.

Please keep checking back often for other casting dates and locations and leave us a comment. Good luck!!

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  1. Hi there! My fiancé and I are college sweethearts from Southern California who moved to Atlanta last year. Since getting engaged, it’s been a wild ride navigating wedding planning with his family in Idaho and mine in New Jersey– and our bridal party scattered between California, Minnesota, and Florida. On top of normal wedding budget issues for job-searching-recent-grads, we are dealing with travel costs and my opinionated Italian family. If someone doesn’t film this, I may sell the story for a sitcom–that’s how it’s going. We are considering a summer 2016 wedding in the Tetons, but anything can happen.

  2. Hi! I’m getting married at the park plaza in boston and will spare no expense within reason for my big day! My fiance and I are opposites and come from boisterous families so it’s sure to be a wild ride!

  3. Hi! I’m Cait and I’m about a month shy of 21. I met my fiancé Kye in high school, and we have been together for 6 years. We’re getting married on October 9th, 2016, on the day that marks our seventh year together. We’re both in college, and come from lower middle class homes. I know there are SO many wonderful brides out there that
    could greatly benefit from this opportunity, and I hope I’m one of them!

  4. Hi my name is Maika Morgan,from Columbus Ohio. I am 21 years old. I met the live off my life when I was 19 years old. We have a beautiful 2 year old son together, we’ve been engaged since November 2014, and our wedding is rite around the corner. JULY 25,2015.WE HAVE BEEN STRUGGLING PLANNING THIS WEDDING! I just want this day to hurry up and get here. I want to spend the rest of my life with this man. I want my family to finally be completed. PLEASE HELP! SIGNED (PENNY PINCHING)

  5. Hi! Me and my fiancee is planning our wedding for 7/31/16 and I am definitely a poor bride. This is my second marriage and my first was domestic violence and raising 7 children and also took custody of my brother from his mother too as a recently divorced single full time working mom with no child support or public assistance was stressful and left no time for dating let alone a relationship but we made it work and want to share and declare our love and happiness with all our friends and family. But with my 7 children and his 3 it’s hard to save for a wedding and keep up with our children extra curricular activities as well. We want an outdoor wedding ceremony at this beautiful location in our city of Buffalo New York with garden reception plus all inclusive Bahamas Honeymoon too. I’m currently working overtime at the bank I work at and my fiancee co owns a barbershop but also suffers from a rare blood cancer so sometimes everything is all on me financially but I do it cause I love him and our children and believe they deserve it all. I think we as a family deserve and need a celebration like this to mark the blending of our families and start of a new chapter in our lives as one!

  6. We are the two most sarcastic people you’ll ever meet. It’s a scientific fact. I’m a comedy writer, and she’s an emcee/performer. We are both completely over the wedding planning process, because we can’t seem to get our asses in gear to make it happen. When I saw there was a way to be on Motha Bleepin Television while doing it? Well I just had to reach out.

    Give us a shot – at least for an interview. If we don’t slay, I’ll apologize personally and send you some Mars bars, which are really delicious and forgotten.

    Sit down dinners at weddings are stupid. They’re overly formal. “OH PLEASE MEDIUM RARE FOR MY FANCY STEAK, BECAUSE I DIDN’T JUST GYRATE TO A LIL JON SONG 15 SECONDS AGO.”

  7. Hello!

    My name is Jennifer and my Fiance is Chris. We have been together for almost 3 years and last summer took the trip of a lifetime to Disney World. After saving for 2 years, and on our first day in Florida (before we even arrived at Disney) we were in a serious car accident when someone turned left infront of us on the highway. Although the other driver was at fault, medically and financially, this has changed our lives. We were determined to still go to disney, but I saw it from the perspective of being in a wheelchair.

    Now, we are trying to plan our dream wedding and have decided to go with a cinderella theme and try and bring some of the disney magic home. We don’t have the skill or the time to execute all of our dreams so we would love the help!

    Hoping to hear from you!

    Jenn and Chris

  8. Hello RBPB!
    I am a somewhat non-traditional bride…think artistic, edgy, but classic style. At the age of 39, this will finally be my time to get married! I am a military veteran, but currently also run my own makeup company, where I work on film, tv, commercials, and tons of bridal makeup! While I ADORE my job, the company is fairly new, so any profits I make go right back into the business account to pay for supplies, website fees, etc.
    My fiance, Nathan, who is also very creative and musically gifted, and I had been dating for only 3 months when he proposed, but I already knew he was the one. We are both, as performers and artists, very outgoing; he’s the undercover funny one, and I’m the loud and sassy one. Our personalities are almost yin/yang, but compliment each other so well. Watch out Brangelina, Nachel is here!
    On our wedding day, not only will I be marrying him, but inheriting three beautiful bonus daughters, about which I couldn’t be happier.
    As you can imagine, raising three daughters alone has been somewhat of a challenge for him, testing his patience, and also financially.
    We are SO looking forward to planning this wedding- his first marriage was at the courthouse, so he might actually be more excited about the wedding itself than I am :) Our wedding will be in Cincinnati, OH, in late 2015 or early 2016…we really had our hearts set on New Year’s Eve, but can’t find a location that is small enough for our guest list of 30 people…all of the venues have much higher minimums for that holiday, so we wouldn’t be able to meet their food and beverage minimum pricing.
    We would love to be considered for your show- we have some really interesting ideas planned which I think your viewers would appreciate and get a kick out of, and we could certainly use the additional funds. From our engagement pictures that will be recreating the Rolling Stone cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, to the sterling silver fortune cookies we want to give as wedding favors, it’s all happening here, so you guys are definitely on the invited list.
    Rachel Lisa

  9. I am an untraditional Bride to planning a very traditional wedding day! This year I will marry the father of my beautiful daughter Sophia who is 6yrs old! We’ve waited so long for this day! Our wedding will take place at the historical Omni Mt. Washington Hotel in the White Mountains in Sept. 2015. A venue fit for a princess and a dream come true for me!

  10. Hello all,
    My name is Ajah and I am the maid of honor for my best friend of 20 years wedding. This young lady honestly deserves the world. So basically she has this dream wedding that we are planning, but all that has recently come to a halt because her amazing fiance just recently had a terrible freak accident and completely ruined his left leg. The accident has left him in the hospital for almost two weeks and he has already had a totally of 4 surgeries and looks like he will be in there for quite some time. I want the world to know that my best friend will have the wedding of her dreams and we will not let this get in the way of anything. We will just have to work a little hard and maybe find some D.I.Y. projects for the wedding. The wedding date is planned for 7/11/2015. She is trying to push the date back to insure that everything is perfect but her Fiance is strong and believes he will be able to stand at the altar and wait for her by 7/11/15. I believe this also, we just need to convince her at this point. It is possible!!!

  11. I met the babe in high school and we moved quickly. Within a few months of knowing each other I moved in with him and his parents. We got engaged in 2011 and are planning to get married this year in the summer. We are planning everything and we would love to share our love with the whole world. So many haters that have tried breaking us up but we just get stronger and become more love with each other no matter what anyone thinks!

  12. Ever heard of 6 degrees of separation? It is one thing to have millionaire family members, yet you find yourself unable to keep the bills paid on time, let alone think about planning a dream wedding. The funny thing is that I aspire to do more, be more and “get” more, I can always stretch a dollar and create a posh atmosphere on a limited budget. I guess you could say it’s a “gift”. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to put down the trouble of pinching pennies and actually go all out?

    What I have learned about myself when it comes to money, is what I don’t want. I’m not a traditional kind of a woman and I don’t put on airs, but I do like quality and a LOT of it!

    So if I could create a television challenge it would be creating POSH experiences on a budget. Creating spaces and places that take you away. Using budgeting techniques that take things over the top without breaking the bank. I would love to see David Tutera really pull something amazing off with a limited budget.

    So all in all, my dream is not to keep up with the Jones’, but to surpass them with the most incredible experience known to anyone who has attended a memorable wedding. All on limited dollars. I want their heads to spin, their taste buds to burst, their eyes to widen, their feet to ache on the dance for and most of all for their hearts to bust with the ultimate joy from not only their sensory experience, but from the love felt between myself and my future husband.

    Thank you for the opportunity. Love Donna

  13. Hello my name is Anitria An i am marry the love of my life his name is darrick sr we have a 5Year old son together his name is darrick as well We have been dating since the year 2000 and now we are ready to make official I am a year older then he is i am 28 he is 27 years old now we have been threw so much together and have had a lot of problems the biggest problem was his cheating and life style but now he has made a change and he has made bad choices but i still love him to death and im very excited to become mrs darrick alexander i know he is a good catch im working right now its hard for him to find a permanent job but we have been saving little by little to at least get rings for each other i would love to have this opportunity for a better wedding i think this would be really fun and we would really love and thanks in advance for the help we are really in love i hope we get picked so we can have our love on t.v for the world to see

  14. Hello. My name is Dominique and I am a beautiful Puerto Rican princess with an amazing Fiancee of 8yrs. We did everything backwards, we had 4 kids, bought a home, and now we are looking into getting married. My husband and I have been planning to get married but with everything that’s popped up we keep setting it aside. We planned on getting married last year but our son was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy so of course we put everything on the back burner because our sons therapy was far more important then a wedding. Now he is doing amazing and I think about a wedding all the time. Every woman wants a dream wedding and sometimes I feel like that’s all it will ever be to me… A dream. I’m ready to get planning and be selfish for once. Please let me have this opportunity… My husband and I are the life of the party… And definitely are ready!

  15. Hello there I’m Karen Cox aka Coxxy because I’m Foxxy35. My fiance is Tyrone 33. We live in the bay area. Ty and I are very interested in having my luxe looking dream wedding on your show. I’m expecting to have about 200 people driving in and flying in from all over the country. I have a large, off the chain, loving, and a tad bit nutty country famly  who have been waiting 10  years for this. My fiance and I are paying for and DIY-ing everything. I’m making the centerpieces, jumping broom, wedding wagon, the flower girls head pieces, baskets and  a lot of everything else.  We’re just trying to   stretch every little bit of our tiny $5,000 budget. We truly have rose’  taste on a bottle beer budget. Ty and I met at Livermore High School 1997 in the DECA marketing class. On our first date we went to go see Mars Attacks. Ty was the first person to ever bring me a bear to school on Valentines Day. I was a senior he was a super sophomore. We lost touch, and he looked for years for me. Ty  finally found me on September 18, 2004 when I was cocktail waitressing. We both are survivors of sad circumstance. I lost my daughter A’Keyla in a house fire when she was only 5 years old. She would’ve been 16 years old now. Ty was waiting in line to get food and he got shot by a stray bullet and shattered his leg . He was hospital for over 7 months and I was with them almost everyday. Tyrone gets me and he surprises me and that’s why I love him. We are each others first love. We would truly appreciate it if you choose us. Our wedding date is Sunday May 17th  2015 – Sunday July 12th 2015 we are very flexible with the date. We are getting married at a night club called Kimbles and the theme “Turn down for what!” The favors will be shot glasses and the colors are diamond, black white and silver with purple uplighting. We would truly appreciate it if you were able to work with us. Cast Us Please!  Thank you very much. 

    Loving Love, 

             Karen the future Mrs. Spears

  16. I am a nurse who is engaged to a severe hemophiliac. We are very stubborn but very much in love. We knew we would never be financially secure due to my fiances medical condition but as long as we had eachother we would be rich in love. Beings that i am the financial support for our family we butt heads alot on what we can spend. If you are looking for two hilarious, dramatic, and very much in love people you want us. We also have a son together which adds to the dynamic and eventful show if you pick up. We are down home and hardworking with little to no money but what we do have we make the most of

  17. Despite our age difference, these past two years have been amazing. We faced a lot of up and downs but after a year of being engaged we are finally ready to say “We do” on August 16th 2014 in Jacksonville, Fl. We have a very small budget but I think we can make an inexpensive wedding look like a million bucks!!!

  18. Hi, I am a 25 year old Hispanic Female, engaged to my 42 year old Italian/Portuguese boyfriend of 2 and half years. Our planned Wedding date is for September! And we are planning a destination wedding because our budget cannot accommodate all the people we have to invite! We are stressing!

  19. Hello my name is Cynthia and I am currently married. Married for 6 yrs, I am writing because I did not get to enjoy my wedding at all. It was a large wedding that I did on my own, and didn’t have fun at all. I did it because I am the 6th child and my mother who is 76 yrs, old wanted to witness one of her daughters get married. She had 6 girls and one son. I was sooo disappointed. A lot of my family didn’t come, including one of my sisters. Two of my sisters passed away. What I would love to do is have a wedding anniversary ball, and I want to be Cinderella. I want a elegant Cinderella Ball, but this time I want to enjoy everything about it. Guess what I am 52! I am thinking of doing something on our 7th anniversary, 7 is God’s number or do something huge for the 10th. We spent our money for our wedding, so I will not have much to pull off a second. Please Help!

  20. Alright!! So!!
    Im marrying a man who is WAY older, WAY cuter and WAY funnier. But age with us doesnt matter. We are perfect together. I have three kids, he has none. He is Mormon, I am (slightly) not.

    We are on a “secret” budget. I make less than 20,000 a year and I dont know how much he makes, (but I know he cant afford a wedding because my engagement band has no diamond) ha!

    Also, he proposed on April Fools day. But THAT is a story I will share ONLY if you want to laugh and only if you pick us.

    Love you guys!

  21. To whom it may concern,
    Me and my fiancé have been together going on 4 years this may. We would really love to be on the show we really want to get married but we have to take care of our sons we have bills to pay and after everything is paid up we have nothing left. So it’s kind of hard to save for a wedding when you really don’t have much.

  22. Hi my name is Cindy Covington i live in a small town called Raiford,Florida.I got engaged to Jonathan Griffis on 2/14/2012 we have been together over Six years i have Three kids only one belongs to Jonathan but he loves them like they were is on.I am a at “HomeMom” i love my kids i like spending every moment with them.Jonathan work’s two jobs gone n the morning n gone at night we dont have time for ourself at times between kids n school n by him working all the time i dont see how we r gonna have time to plan a wedding.Not just planning but where would we get the money from times are very hard for me in Jonathan between Bills i dont see how we would be able to pay for wedding.So David I Cindy Covington would be so Greatful to be on ur show i think that u would make Family Dreams Come True

  23. Hi, my name is Hara I have been married for 8yrs. We were very young when we got married, in the court house. I told my husband that for our 10yr anniversary I want to renew our vows. We as a couple are not well off at all but we have enough money to servive with 3 children. We are very out spoken and loud. From Santa Cruz Ca

  24. At age 19 & 24, my husband and I met on October 10, 2010. We had our first conversation October 11, 2010. We were married December 23, 2010. We had a beautiful wedding-on a budget. But with the ups and downs from our spiritual-and then not so spiritual family, trying to merge two people from different worlds, and only love to stand on. Our story is truly something worth seeing.

  25. We are a engaged couple to gether we have a four year old son, we are getting married 3/24/12. From Houston Texas alot lot happens to us like bad luck all the time however even though we don’t have much money we are slowly putting our fishing themed wedding together. All the grooms men will wear neon colored zuit suits and all the brides maides in neon colored dresses. We will be getting married lakeside in Huntsville Texas. This will be a small buget wedding with a big bang, I am a professional window shopper so I find so of the best deals and will also so others how to get sponsers for their wedding cause insteads of gifts when some one asks what we want or need I say well we could use help with the invatations, decorations excetiera. I want to shoow those with little or no money how they can still have the wedding of their dreams with out spending hardly any thing. Not only that my mother and other family members are always complaining about the choices I have made as to what I want just might make it real interesting when it gets closer to time.

  26. TALK ABOUT DRAMA!!…we ARE Hollywood! I am a 35 and he is 64…I am a beautiful black woman..he is a charming and sophisticated black man…We are characteristically in love and will be getting married in 2012! You might want to roll the cameras for this because the red carpet will DEFINATELY be in effect!!!

  27. Brian and I are getting married 9-10-11. We were a blind date and EVERYTHING ABOUT US is something for the world to see!

  28. I was born in a war during the cambodian genocide. It was hard to start a new life in america. My fiance and I have been together 5 years and have 3 children.. 2 from my previous marriage.. needless to say we have been providing for our kids and not enough time or money to have a dream wedding..

  29. Hello, my name is Samantha, I’ve been engaged for about two years, we haven’t planned anything yet because well we don’t have the money to do. We love each other so much and we want to get married soon, but having to raise our daughter and her needs and having to pay bills and etc, it just isn’t the time. I’m going to school and well my fiancee is the only provider right now, it’s hard to get married now. I think were a great candidates to be on the show. Our worries will be stress free.

  30. We should be considered for “Rich Bride Poor Bride” because we are are having a very different kind of wedding. I am an East Indian Jew who is Israeli and Adam is a Canadian Jew. Our families are coming together to celebrate our East Indian, Jewish, Canadian, Israeli Wedding. It is something so different, something no one has seen or experienced before. We are going to have 500+ people with more than 5 events including a Henna party, Ceremony at the Synagogue and one huge reception with a lot of good food and dancing the Hora and Bhangra. This would be a show people would be really interested in. Pick us :) p.s it would be a big help with a guestlist of 500+ ;)

  31. I am Keshona Isaacksz. My husband and I got married September 2010. Fortunately we got married in Sri Lanka with his family and friends but only my mother was able to attend from my side. We are going to have a ceremony and reception for my family and friends September 2012. I think we would be a good choice for the show because my husband is Sri Lankan and hasn’t arrived to the States yet due to his visa still being processed. We have a strong relationship and faith, since that’s the only thing that helps us through this difficult time. He is due to arrive in a few months meaning we will then start planning for our American wedding. Also the wedding we had overseas was the wedding his mom wanted so this time we will be able to have “our” wedding. Our budget will be about $10,000 since I am a full time student and only God knows when he’ll get work. We plan on no more than 100 guests, so I think our budget is reasonable. Hopefully!

  32. My husband and I met on the set of Fox 17 news in Michigan. We fell in love and a year later we were planning our wedding. It was the most stressful thing ever because we disagreed on everything. He’s a longtime bachelor who’s friends have been married for a decade and I’m the first one of my friends and siblings to walk down the aisle. He didn’t know what the purpose of a save the date was!! We started fighting so much aout the wedding planning that we had to call it ‘WP’ as a code. It all worked out and our wedding was beautiful and a blast for both of us. I’ve learned that a lot of brides go through the same struggles when it comes to the planning.

  33. My name is Arynn Davis. And I married my wonderful fiance on Valentine’s Day this year because we did not have the money to have a true ceremony. He is in the military and trying to save up the money for us to have a real ceremony. I know how hard he is working, but he doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I would love to be chosen for “Rich Bride Poor Bride” so Sam doesn’t need to worry about the bills, our little girl, and paying for the wedding while I’m working on my education.

  34. I should be considered for Rich Bride Poor Bride because I am a “Poor Bride” with big wedding dreams. I am a college student, full-time employee with a house note and two cars to take care of with my Fiance’. It is very hard to save for a wedding of your dreams when life keeps on happening.

  35. Good Morning,
    I am a newly engaged woman that is in love with the greatest woman ever. She has been my foundation and such a huge support in my life. My family does not approve of the love that I have in my life and has decided that they will not be attending nor have much part in my life if I decide to go on with the wedding.
    I love her so much! She is my air, my heartbeat, she is my motivation, my gravity..
    I currently am working 2 jobs 7 days a week in order to support my family. Through all of this I am trying to give her a wedding that will express all that I feel about her. It means so much because our wedding is going to be small.. I have no one coming to support me. My hope from you if nothing else is to help me make her day the best memory.
    I can not afford to do this alone! She gives me so much that I am missing I feel though I work so much it is not enough..
    Thank you for your time, I hope that your day is full of love and happiness.

  36. We’re having a baby this week!!! We’re so excited :) It’s gonna be a mission trying to figure out what money goes towards diapers and what we can put towards a wedding!! Plus, we’re cute!!

  37. My name is Eunia Destine and i am getting married June 9th 2012. I want a 30,000 destination wedding @ The Grand Veles Puerto Vallarta on a 15,000 budget :( As you can see i need to make a serious decision. On top of that my fiancée is paying for 90% of the wedding .

  38. My name is Maria & I recently married the love of my life Oliver about a month ago,initially our plans were to have a big wedding in Dec 2012 but due to the fact that I needed health insurance asap we ran to the court house & got married there, not the most romantic reason but I am being honest. We most defitnetly are still getting planning to have our big wedding as plan being that its my first time getting married but not my husbands its his third but if you give us the oportunity to show your our lifes will give viewers the experience of planning a wedding on only my husbands income, while living in your mother in laws house cause we cant afford our own, dealing with baby momma drama, trying to stay in budget & all the above while planning the most important day of our lifes.

  39. Hello, My name is Krystal and I am marrying the love of my life after 10 years of dating, this September 2011. We have a large wedding planned on a tight budget. We plan to make it work some how and would love to show others how they can make it possible to stay on task and hopefully on budget. We currently reside in Richmond, VA and would love an opportunity to be on this show. We watch it all the time and are huge fans!
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Krystal Franklin

  40. I have recently married my prince and plan to have a formal ceremony this year. We were married in our friends living room and was interesting and memorable :). We are poor to say the least. I have a 9 year old whom dreams of being on Disney and is perfect for acting/modeling. He is a born entertainer! We have our ups and downs but its mostly with finances. My husband raises two boys of mine whom dads are stories of there own. If you choose us, you shall definatelly have a show.

    • I met the love of my life at a bar in June 2013. I moved her beer over so I could sit down, she noticed and I apologized. She asked me to watch her purse. A half an hour goes by, which had me wondering the whole time when was she coming back. I think that was my punishment. That ordinary day, I would have never thought would be the happiest day of my life, that day would change my life forever. From then on we would never be apart. She asked me for her hand in marriage, I said yes, and we got engaged in September 2013. We have not even been together a full year. We are crazy in love. We originally where planning on getting married in the court on my birthday October 21st the day they legally passed the law of same sex marriage. But by that time it was to late and it was passed before we could even arrange anything. So we moved our date to September 2014. Realizing that would not give us time to really save and prepare everything. So we decided to move the date to September 2015 thinking a little more realistic. Well the realistic, sure was real alright. We saved enough money just to put the deposit down for the venue. Then my job decides to lay me off, my fiances job turns out to be going out of business. With no money in the bank and being pretty much jobless. We once thought we had this beautiful wedding started and it looks like it will not be finished. Everything is out of our hands right now and we are just trying to stay positive.
      Financially broke & eternally in love

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