WE tv – My Fair Wedding

My Fair Wedding
My Fair Wedding- WE TV
My Fair Wedding
My Fair Wedding- WE TV

WE tv’s hit series “My Fair Wedding” is casting for Los Angeles brides! If you are getting married between September 2012 and March 2013, send in your applications.

My Fair Wedding with David Tutera is a reality show which airs on WE tv, starring David Tutera, a wedding planner for celebrities.In the show, women send tapes to Tutera asking for help planning their weddings. After selecting the women he is going to help, he arrives and puts his own touch to the plans, creating a “dream wedding” for each woman.

He makes his alterations with just three weeks before each woman’s wedding day.

The show premiered in October 2008, with subsequent seasons starting in September 2009 and June 2010. The first two seasons profiled women and weddings in the New York City metro area, while the third took the series on the road, helping brides-to-be in Dallas and Los Angeles, among other places

Information to include when Applying
• Please also include a brief description and/or photos of any existing wedding plans (i.e., Dress, Venue, Decor, Etc.).

Keep checking back often for more information and don’t forget to comment.

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  1. Hi my name is Jay, my partner and I is a same sex couple. We are from Fort Worth, TX. I noticed that you were here in Dallas and did a wedding at MD Resort. I would love if you could help us with planning our wedding.

  2. I never really believed in love at first sight…until I met my fiance. I have wanted nothing more than to marry the man of my dreams since we got engaged back in 2012. Unfortunately, life circumstances have gotten in the way of planning our wedding.
    My name is Taylor, and my fiance’s name is Hunter. We are both 23 and live in Central New Jersey. My mother and father absolutely love Hunter and want so badly to give me away to such a wonderful man. However, being the oldest of three children in a middle class lower income family makes it difficult to put out expenses.
    Just when my family thought they could possibly begin to help me look at venues, my father was diagnosed with cancer. This took a devastating toll on my entire family. For obvious reasons, my wedding was put on the back burner due to overwhelming medical bills. To make matters worse, the company I manage recently filed bankruptcy. It is difficult to plan a wedding with hardly any means.
    I am a simple girl wanting a fun BBQ wedding. Fire pits and horse shoes are a must. But at the end of the day, any sort of wedding will do, as long as I’m married to the love of my life.

  3. Dearest David I love love love u and your awesome weddings I have been watching u from day one I am going in 55 years old this month and have never once had the wedding of my dreams I married Eric twice but nothing nice please help me on a. vow renewal ceremony and an awesome party and your fabulous design I love u I just feel like I’ve never had anything special and need your help to plan the perfect wedding party please contact me love and hugs JoAnne mawaring would like to have it around July 2016 please get back with me

  4. Dearest David I love love love u and your awesome weddings I have been watching u from day one I am going in 55 years old this month and have never once had the wedding of my dreams I married Eric twice but nothing nice please help me on a. vow renewal ceremony and an awesome party and your fabulous design I love u I just feel like I’ve never had anything special and need your help to plan the perfect wedding party please contact me love and hugs JoAnne Manwsring

  5. Hi David,

    My name is Arnold Bryan Arellano from the Philippines. Am your number one fan here in the Philippines. I always watch your show (My Fair Wedding) and see your revision on the weddings of these people, if i may wish for something – i wish you can do your magic on my cousin’s wedding they are in California USA, my cousins name is Frederick Ladrillono and his fiance is Melissa Duncan they are about to get married this September 7, 2015. I hope and i wish you could read this, please do this revision to their wedding and I would be super excited to see their wedding with your revisions

    Best regards,

    Arnold Bryan L. Arellano
    In Manila Philippines

  6. Greetings, My name is Ms. La Shurl Young and I’m searching for the casting for “My Fair Wedding” for 2015/2016. I ben praying for this to come for my daughter Addiyon, and it’s “HEEEARRR!!!” She good and wonderful girl and desire the best that the world have to offer. With that “GOD” had blessed her with a wonderful given young man, her “White & Shining Armorer” Kenate, he is a great guy I “LOVE HIM SO!” I NEED DAIVD TUTERA!!! There’s “NO WAY” this very special event can take place with out HIM!
    David, Please HELP ME HELP MY DAUGTHER! She the kind of girl/person that believes that if she can’t do whatever that needs to be done, then maybe it’s not meant to happen. I finally gotten her out of the frame of mind in thinking that, & she understand much better now that “We are Helper’s One to Another” Addiyon, Has only had me for the most part as a single parent, her dad has always been around but not in her live as he was really needed to be. Now, as my baby girl looks to her dad to really to there all I see is a shadow of someone that really wants to be but, for some reason really don’t know how to be without missing things up at the same time. Now, this is my opinion & this is how I see things & praying everyday that thing would change. He told my daughter that he would pay for everything & I believe with good intention, here we are still in the planning stages, “OMG” please forgive me my daughter Wedding date is set for, January 2,2016, it was Dec 31, 2015, & we where having a time of our life’s trying to find the right & affordable “Venue” now, that that task is over, it’s the planning stuff. I mention to my daughter from the very beginning “LET’S CALL DAVID TUTERA!” Her response was Mom, It’s not going to be a big wedding so I’m not going to need him for this. I said Big or Small, trust me your going to need his “Expertize!” So, David here we are. Addi’s guest list is for about 100-125 people. Daivd, I was looking to see when the casting would start for us to make contact with you, for Jan 2016. Please David, please make contact we me/us. I’m in prayer that “God” will send you to “Rescue” Us. From our mascara of stress. I know I can afford “Stress” in any form or fashion. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor soon to be “Celebrating” My first year on August 13, 2015. With that in mind Daivd, you will continue to make my life a “Stress Free Journey” I’m in prayer to hear from you real soon. Thank you, in advance for listing to my needs and concerns. God Bless

  7. I have been dating the love of my life for the last 1 year and 9 months and just a few weeks ago… On my birthday, July 7th, he proposed!!! From the beginning it just seemed like we were meant to be together. All this time later it’s actually going to happen. I absolutely admire David Tutera’s work and his eye for detail and making dreams come true. Since I first began watching him on tv I hoped and prayed and prayed and hoped the one day when I was asked for my hand in marriage that David Tutera would be apart of my wedding planning. Still praying… Please come to Augusta, GA and make my dreams come true!!!

  8. Hey it would mean the world to me and my mom if you could create my moms dream wedding she was not able to have the wedding she wanted because of complications and she had to do it with no one at her wedding and at a random strangers house and it would be amazing if you could make her wedding as amazing as she is.

  9. Hi my name is Shaycie I’m from Slc Utah and I would love for you to come help me with my wedding. My husband and I got married last year but were unable to go through the temple and now that we can we would love to have the wedding of our dreams. For LDS people weddings are a bit different. Our ceremonies are held in a beautiful temple that is very private. Then go to where ever the reception is to have a good time. We have two beautiful little girls and come from two huge crazy families. (I come from a family of 10 and Kyle comes from a family of 11). If you were to pick us you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for your consideration!

  10. Hello david WOW !! where should I start !! my name is rosie and my fiancé is wayman I’m 49 yrs old hispnic and he is 51 black man were a biracial couple this is his fist marrage my third we are both from 2 different small town 50 miles from each other we met on a dating site at first I was scared to go on the dating sit but if I hadent I would have never met my sole mate my best friend my everything he’s the love of my life we both have no children but I have a adopted daughter she’s 8 years old were both up in age but were hoping to have one of are own we have both been threw a lot in are lives I lost my mother witch was 83 years old but healthy up in to a year befor her passing of cancer 4 years ago to breast cancer I took care of her my hole life she would always tell me I want you to find a good man and that’s exactly what I did I know she sent him to me because he’s everything she wanted me to have he lost his fiancé 3 years ago to complacations his father also has cancer and 2 of his uncles like said we have been threw so much but we have each other and my baby girl she loves him so much we got engaged Christmas day 2014 have not set a date yet but I’m hope for march 5 ,2016 because were planning a trip to Hawaii in march 2016 honeymoon my theme would be vintage I love antique style and lilys that was my moms theme when she got married in 1950 I want my dress vintage to look some what like her’s I hope you have something like that in your wedding dress line I also have to say me and my mother would always watch your show together she would tell me one day you will be talking to david just you wait one day you will find that perfect man and you will be on my fair wedding because I’m some what of a wedding planner and I make wedding cakes there’s so much more to say but I could probly write a book of are journey to were we are rite now david I hope you read this email and take us in to consideration just make me and my mother’s wishes come true and god bless you !! sincerly rosie andrade

  11. Hello!
    My name is Mia I am 18 and my fiancé’s name is Fred he is 21. A lot of people say we are very young to be getting married but we feel as though waiting would be wasting time we could be together. Here is a little bit about us…
    We met at mutual a mutual friends party in the summer of 2012. He had come straight from work as garbage man (at the time). I was speaking with my friend when I made a remark about the horrible smell in the air and Fred spoke up, from right behind me, taking credit for it (due to his job). Glamorous chance meeting, I know. Even though the way we met was not very charming, he is. I gave him my number and we spoke for a while before we made our relationship official 10/13/2012.
    Two weeks into our relationship, hurricane Sandy hit. Even though the house was not distoyed my family has been displaced on and off ever since. The house suffered a lot of damage do to Sandy, which was eventually repaired, we did go back to our house for a few months before more problems arose deeming our house unlivable. Currently I live with my parents, my mothers parents, my brothers, and pets in a three bedroom town house in Staten Island. My family is moving to Chrrry Hill (south) Jersey over the summer.
    Fred and his family, on the other hand, was left relitively unscathed by Sandy. He now works as a Carpenter’s Apprentice in Point Pleasent New Jersey. Even though he was not effected by Sandy, me was very effected by the abandonment of his father in February. With his brother in the military, and his mother working only a minimum wage job, he was left with the responsibility of the bills. He and his mother live in a small house pay check to pay check. His mother plans to move to Arizona to live with family after Fred is on track financially. Currently I work as a photographer part time at a portrait studio and start my first semester at Brookdale in September.
    Needless to say we have next to no money to get married which is challenging when it comes to making plans. We have considered just going to the court house to get married, however, I have a very large, close-knit family. We would prefer to be able to get married with all our friends and family with us, somewhere out doors or in a canopy/tent. We have agreed that it would be beautiful if we went with a theme of blue, white roses (the kind of flowers he always gives me), and I personally love peacock feathers. We would prefer to get married on out three year anniversary on 10/13/2015. Yes. I understand that is VERY soon, but that’s why we are reaching out to you!

    Thank you for your consideration,
    The future Mrs. Barth

  12. We are high school sweethearts who made it official on Sept 12, 1999. We were on and off for 15 years and always knew in our hearts that we were meant to be. On Sept 12, 2015 we have decided to finally tie the knot. My fiance is an amazing person inside and out. He is the sweetest man alive. I am a lucky woman! His mother always said “Old is Good”. We are looking for our perfect wedding on one of our special days. We are not into the material things. We just want to be with each other and remind the world why love is important and is all that matters. Please help us have a romantic adorable and perfect wedding. He proposed this year in 5/4/2015. We always had a special number in h.s. it was 54. We would write this number on the chalkboard in our classes following each other to say I love you. This number has followed us for 15 years and always been a constant reminder of our love. I would send a pic but there is no option on this too. But if you saw the engagement, you would just melt.

  13. Hey there my fiancé Marcus and I met in September 2014, however, got to know each other through the telephone and internet. And became engaged fairly quickly–on my birthday, march of 2015. We expect to get married In December of this year. We were matched by a Shidduch I forgot to mention, so we are Orthodox Jews and plan on having an orthodox ceremony and figured this would be a great challenge for you!

    My bashert, Marcus, is from Sweden, and I from (originally So Cal but studied at NYU)So, however we plan to get married in the states. In Monsey or Brooklyn these are the two venues we looked at so far we liked in our price range. There is no dress yet, it is fairly hard to find a Tzniut(modest) gown so we might order it online from Israel. We have bought small stuff and have been planning our honeymoon so other things have been shaved off a bit on price or held off to the last moment.

    Your help would be greatly appreciates! I hope you can pick us!!

    Miera & Marcus

  14. Hello, My name is Jill and my fiance’s name is Javi. We live in Orange California. We have two children together and live in a house that was built in the 1800’s. We renovated it and live on a fairly large property. This will be our wedding venue as well. Our wedding is set for this October 16th 2015. I am a cosmetology teacher and Javi works for our family company, Confetti events and catering and The green parrot villa, both local in Santa ana C.A. While we do have the option to have our wedding at the beautiful Green parrot villa, we have opted to have it at our home in the backyard. (many weddings have happened in our backyard before due to the ambiance) Our back yard has been designed by my fiance’s parents and features a old western town on one end and a beautiful garden setting on the other end. The theme for our wedding will be a vintage/organic feel. The invitations for the wedding have gone out already and I am working on centerpieces with confetti events. We are having tons of wood of all types to be cut and displayed along with other organic elements. Anyways, we would enjoy being considered for My fair wedding.

  15. Hi David! My name is Stephanie. Me and much husband have already got married the beginning of this year, just me and him. We both have are own kids. Both our boys are 2 years old so it was out of the idea to have an actual wedding. I have a whole idea of an outdoor wedding. Full country from my white camo dress to the cowgirl boots that go with it. I have a dream about a huge old rustic barn with gorgeous lights all around. Our colors are snow white camo and a Burgundy red. We have no clue where we will have the venue. And I know I want to have a BBQ style reception. We plan on trying for this wedding next summer. Date being June 14th, 2016
    David we need help!

  16. Hello my name is DaJshey, I am 24 years old currently studying Architecture. My fiance is also studying Business Management at the same institution. We meet at school through his sister who is my classmate. On one hand my fiance is Russian and has never been to a wedding before. On the other hand I am African American and I want to incorporate as many american traditions as possible. Our wedding is June 29, 2015 in North Hollywood, CA with a Winter Wonderland theme, and we are currently experiencing a road bump with bring together the loose ends before the wedding. I know this is short notice but the most beautiful things happen under pressure. Please Help!

  17. Hellow my name is DaJshey, I am 24 years old currently studying Architecture. My fiance is also studying Business Management at the same institution. We meet at school through his sister who is my classmate. On one hand my fiance is Russian and has never been to a wedding before. On the other hand I am African American and I want to incorporate as many american traditions as possible. Our wedding is June 29, 2015 with a Winter Wonderland theme, and we are currently experiencing a road bump with bring together the loose ends before the wedding. I know this is short notice but the most beautiful things happen under pressure. Please Help.

  18. Hello David, I am Amanda. My fiance Ashlee and I are an interracial lesbian couple. The crazy part about it is that my parents are raccist and are refusing to attend or even acknowledge that in 3 short month their youngest child and only daughter is getting married. I’m from Wisconsin and have only been out here in Denver, Colorado for a little over a year. I have friends here but all my friends and family are back in Wisconsin and unable to come. It has put such a stress and strain on me. Our theme is fun and could be a lot of fun if I can pull if off…..are you ready? So our theme is king and queen meets harry potter meets garden party! I have a love for our theme but am having issues pulling it all together. We are hard working and doing this alone. In addition to planning our wedding I am also in the process of starting my own wedding planning company. I’m trying so hard to hold it together and the lack of support is breaking me down. David I love your show and I’ve seen you work miracles and to be honest that is exactly what I need. I need you david, please help us!

  19. Hello my name is Andrea. My fiance and i got engaged on valentines day this year and we are having a destination wedding on September 1st, 2015. Our wedding will be in St Maarten, we emailed and phoned a bunch of places to have the reception but no one seems to get back to us. i ordered my dress and shortly after i found out i am expecting so the dress that i had originally chosen will not be suitable. i am now stuck with a crappy reception at the hotel and no dress. i am completely overwhelmed and dont know what i can possibly do to make the day special and feel/look like a classy spectacular wedding like i always dreamed of. please help!

  20. My fiancé and I are getting married January 30th 2016 in riverside, California. Our wedding is unique because it will be carnival and circus themed that is unique to my family upbringing, I grew up traveling the western states following the carnival circuit with my family. My grandfather had his own circus act when I was young and my grandmother owned carnival games. My aunt owns the food wagons that sell cotton candy, popcorn. My uncle owns rides and even my mother has her own niche . Anyways, my fiancé has had the opportunity to work the carnival alongside me and agreed that since we have so many connections,and in order to cut costs, our wedding would be this carnival theme. We have a traditional circus tent to be put up on a private property, going to bring in some games for the guests and even have tons of props from our prop house that has provided props for such TV shows as HBO Carnivale , Water For Elephants and tons of music videos and magazines. I will even BE RIDING IN ON AN ELEPHANT,BUT WE NEED DAVID!!! I would like to bring some CLASS into this wedding and not have it be a complete circus! Carnies and show folk from our society aren’t the most sophisticated sorts and can’t even match our socks, more or less, match up theme colors and silverware for a wedding. This is where we need DAVIDS HELP!! This is something that has not been seen before, and I would love to share our story!!

  21. To My Future Wedding Planner :)
    Hi David! My name is Cheryl but I mostly go by my middle name, Emily. I am in desperate need of your help. My Fiance finally proposed to me after almost a decade of being together, i know!! In any event life together is great and I would not change it for the world. I believe we deserve a chance on your show because we need help in many areas. Our first trouble is I am not on talking terms with my sister or mother because we had a small petty falling out and they have even apologized to me but I do not know how to let it go and speak to them again :(. I believe having them apart of our wedding day would allow us to bond and get us somewhat closer together again. Also my fiance and I can work through anything except planning a wedding, anytime plans are discussed it always ends up no where fast. So I have no set date but would like to do it this year if possible. So please please I need a miracle come to Florida and help this girl get married to the man of her dreams.

    LOVE Emily

  22. I attended the David Tutera event Saturday, May 30, 2015, in Milwaukee, WI, with a bride I will be working with. She is 54 & her groom is 52. This will be her second marriage, after 20 years, and his second marriage after 30 years. She was (as of Saturday) interested in exchanging vows in Las Vegas on September 19, 2015, and having two receptions, one in Milwaukee, WI (where they currently reside) and the other in Macon, GA (her hometown). Both receptions were planned for October, 2015 (pray for me!). Her initial thought was to go to Las Vegas and “surprise” her groom, on his birthday, by marrying him – scary!!! I have talked with off that ledge and she has decided to have the wedding, with his prior knowledge & some involvement, and possibly in Milwaukee! (we will still have an additional reception in Macon, GA), but….. Cheryl is a loving, fun, carefree lady, who has a heart of gold. She and I share a grandson together (her son/my daughter), so I was delighted to assist her and feel they deserve the type of wedding Mr. Tutera could deliver, so I’m hoping this could happen. Her groom said, “it was love at first site when they met while she was working. He was scheduled to relocate to Michigan shortly after they met; however they stayed connected over the years and he moved to Milwaukee two years ago so they could begin a real courtship and is now ready to be husband and wife. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  23. DAVID!!!!!!! Let me just say that i think you are absolutely fabulous!! You are the best expert in weddingplanning…and i need your help desperately!! I am planning a wedding for September 2016. I have i meet my fiance Brian in novemember 2012. We just got engaged a few months ago and it seems impossible to do anything. Every girl has their dream wedding in mind just like all the girls that are commenting i too need your help in making that dream come true. My and my fiance so much wantnto get married…we love each other and our meant to be. My fiance had a truck accident and broke his femur and they put metal hardware in his leg. This incident has pushed us back so far we live with family . At this point it seems like it will never happen. And i know just like everyone asks “dont you have family to help you?” I love my family but no i dont…my mom is really sick had brian surgery….my dad left and dont know where he is. My sister is great but i think she thinks its her wedding not mine. Now my fiance family is mom is really sick too…i will not mention on here what is wrong. And well his dad is broke. (Also very loud) i would love to have a beautiful outdoor ceremony and a elegant rexeption. David i dont know how much i can stress on how greatful i would be with your help…or even just some good ideas thrown my way. You are the best…like i said so fabulous . ..PLEASE HELP ME!!

  24. I previously lived in NY and now live in Washington, D.C. I recently graduated from law school and will start my career in big law this fall. My finance is an attorney in DC, and we are an emerging African-American “power couple.” We are both originally from the metro Detroit area, and plan to have our wedding there as a sign of our love for Motown/where we grew up. We’d like to bring the bling of DC and NY to Detroit, and we’d love David’s help! I hope to hear from you.

  25. My name is Elys. I am an outgoing, kind hearted, single mother of two girls. I met my fiancé in October of 2013 and we were engaged on the Fourth of July 2014. I am a person of low income and have set/stuck with a tight budget. However, I need your help because my venue closed its doors 4 months before our wedding and I have nowhere to get married now. Our wedding is supposed to take place on September 18th 2015. We want a vintage themed wedding. However, my fiancé has thrown in ideas that you will be ashamed of… These include beer bottle centerpieces with toilet paper bows, renaissance wax stamped initials on things, and live GOLDFISH. David I need help. No venue, four months until our wedding, and a fiancé who whats to be involved but is way out of style.

  26. hi my name is Jill Mack and my Fiancé is named Chad Thomas. I’m 36 he’s 25 and I have three boys ages 6,9,18. I have no idea what I want and no idea what he wants he has pretty much said you do it all and I’m lost. one because I’m the only one working since my dad died we moved in to take care of my mom and someone has to be with her around the clock. My mom isn’t in the best of health and since my dad is gone this is a huge deal for me. I want something my dad would be proud of and something that will give memory’s to remember my mom in the years to come.

  27. Hello David my name is Justin. My fiance and I Crystal have been together going on 6 years. We have recently gotten engaged and want to get married. We have ideas of a rustic out door wedding with a whimsical peter pan theme ( my idea lol ). Our colors we would like green,purple and white. She likes the thought of burlap and haybales with white sheets to cover them. I’m OK with just about anything she wants but I’m a big kid at heart and like the youthful playfulness of it all. ( The big fairy tale) She has jitter and anxiety when it comes down to planing because she’s afraid of money and it not going right. She never been to a bridal shop to try on dresses or anything of that nature. I want to give her the wedding of her dreams but I’m stuck on how to do that when she’s always up in the air. We our both dead set on getting married between September – October 2015. Have everything picked out on where we want to be married and where the reception will be. The fine tuning on the details is where we our having the problems. We both like they same things and have pretty similar ideas on the wedding. We watch your show regularly and are inspired on some of the ideas that you bring. Anything that you could help with even if its just advice would be very appreciated. I know its probably uncommon for a man to do this but I would like my bride to be happy and have the wedding she deserves and wants. Thank you for your time….. Justin Austin Willow Springs,Missouri

  28. I’m a jewelry designer, and I’m planning on making all my own jewelry (except the rings). My husband works in tech support at a health clinic.

    We’ve actually been married for 10 years already – but we always planned on having a larger celebration when we became more established. Our original wedding was planned from start to finish in 3 weeks.

    We don’t have photos from the first wedding.

    At the moment I’m planning on doing as much as I can myself – food, music, flowers, jewelry, decorations.

    We live in Ashland Illinois, and can travel to Chicago or St Louis.

    July 30, 1016

    I have kind of a Downton Abbey style in mind, and I don’t want everything to be matchy-matchy.

  29. Hi my name is Sheldon and my fiancé and I have been together for almost 5 years now. I have been planning my wedding since I was a little girl, but certain things have happened that has turned my dream wedding into a mediocre wedding. We have a beautiful son who is almost 2 and I am in my final year of college working hard to become a teacher. I wanted to feel the accomplishment of finishing college and then immediately getting married. It seems that life keeps getting in our way and now I am doing the best I can to have something put together for this wedding by May 2016. I feel like nothing has really been accomplished except for the fact that I know I am settling in every aspect of our wedding. Raising our son, finishing school, working a part time job, and trying to plan a wedding is a lot and some expert advice would be great!

  30. My name is Jeana and I have been with my other half for over two years. Last January we found out we were pregnant with twins and Jesse proposed shortly after. Because we are on our worship team at church we were pressured into getting married before the kids were born and ended up with a dinky thing that was small and filled with drama! We decided to keep our original wedding date as well (August 1st, 2015) because we didn’t even have control over the guest list! Needless to say it was the COMPLETE opposite of what I wanted and now this wedding is starting to turn out the same way because im doing everything by myself. Nothing is coming together and everything is a mess. Only two of my bridesmaids are even interested in helping the third is making me pay for her dress or else she will have her boyfriend who is a groomsmen drop out because she wont be in it and on top of that im raising 7 month twins and…. the big wedding surprise is that we have another on the way! SAVE ME!

  31. Hello my name is Allyson. I have finally find my soul mate & lifelong partner with my boyfriend Oscar. We have been together for almost 4 years now & have decided to take the next step. I dream of a very romantic fairy tale beach wedding. I love the ocean & it’s soothing & calming qualities. My dream venue is at the Hotel Del in Coronado, CA. The date is set for Thursday, September 29, 2016 no set times as of yet. It will mostly be my friends & family attending since he only really has his Dad & no other close relatives & some friends. I project the guest count to be under 150, depending on who RSVPs & actually is able to make it. Most of my friends & family will be coming from my hometown in Alaska. I don’t know how I can & will pull my perfect dream day together…the more I think about it the more it becomes what it really is…just a dream. If this dream could become a reality I couldn’t even express the amount of happiness it would bring to me & my family, especially by David Tutera. David was my biggest inspiration for becoming a wedding planner myself, if only I could just make my dream career come to life too! I will keep counting my lucky stars….& hope & pray, maybe, just one day….this simple girl will be just that fortunate & lucky.

    • Hello my name is Brittany I’m getting ready to marry my best friend and soul mate,David I really need help my wedding is in one week 5/30/2015 I have one week and I don’t have anything in place I do have an venue,dj,and photographer but I have no clue on how to decorate or get party favors I’m just clueless when it come to this stuff as of yet I have not picked a theme only thing I can say to you David is DAVID I NEED YOUR HELP YESTERDAY PLEASE HEEEELLLLPPPP ME.

  32. My name is Stephanie . I am getting Married August 6th 2016 , we already have out locations. our ceremony will be at the jewel box in forest park and our reception is going to be at windows on Washington. I do already have my dress ordered , iIgot the David tutera dress style 115248 and i love it. We are on a stricked budget because my mom is paying for our wedding , but she has always been a single mom and she wants to give me everything i want and more. My taste is the expensive taste and I don’t want her to stress out on money , so I’m trying to get what i want without spending a ton of money . Its really hard when you have so many people telling you what you want and need in your wedding . I just want to make everyone happy. My fiance is totally involved in this process and i don’t know if that is a good thing or bad thing because he has strong opinions.. i need help getting my dream wedding without spending a lot of money and making everyone happy … i have my guy and that is all that matters to me everything else is just stuff …. Please help me make my wedding perfect ( i forgot to mention my mom has never been married before so i am the first wedding that my grandparents get to help plan and I am the only one my grandpa will get to walk down the isle and that means the world to me because he was my father figure growing up .

  33. Hi David my name is Joana I’m 23 and my fiance is Gus he’s 21! My situation is a bit complicated. I don’t want to have an ordinary wedding like most brides. Gus and I are christian so it hard to plan a wedding that most people are used to! We are christian so we can’t have alcohol or dancing at the wedding! As much as I would like to make it fun like the rest I can’t do it! All of my family are ministers or pastors I grew up in church! My uncles are pastors and youth pastors or there in the musicians at church! Gus didn’t exactly grow up that way but he now goes to church and became Christian as well. I would like to do a carnival wedding or circus wedding where I can take the focus off of drinking and dancing and put the focus into fun family games! Gus on the other hand is a mechanic and loves cars he wants the wedding to be about cars! I do want him to be happy but I don’t know how to mix those two ideas together. I don’t have a lot of time on my hand to go and look because I work for a charity from 8-4:30 and then start school from 5:30-9:30pm mon-friday  Sundays I have church the only free time I get is Saturdays until I start making up hours at school then I won’t really have a life! If you can so much help or even just give advice that would be greatly appreciat it!! 

  34. Hi my name is nichalus Darby,i dont know if men write you.but me and my fiance been together 3years
    Best friends for 7yrs,our wedding is August 9,we dont have much funds but am working day in and day out to give her a nice wedding,my fiance has been dealing with alotta health issue plus dealing with our two children,she wants a masquerade red carpet wedding, she doesnt have friends so she been stressing herself out doing it along,i really love this woman its something about her that lights up my heart,even if u dont read this i hope u find it some how even if you cant help i wishu coud atleast write her with ideas or send her some motivation,i would really appreciate it.

  35. My name is Kerry (Bottom) Irwin. I am 36 years old and my fiancé Scott Damm is 26 years old. Our wedding date is Saturday, April 9, 2016. My ideas are to have the wedding ceremony and reception at our house. In our front yard we have a beautiful flowering dogwood tree and April is when the flowers are in full bloom. We will have the ceremony under the tree. We have a huge side lot next to our house that is our property and the reception will be there. I like the idea of having bales of hay with linen over them as the seats and then bales of hay with wood over it as the tables. We have a couple huge trees in the side lot that I will hang mason jars with candles along with white Christmas lights for the lighting of the reception. For music, I’m going to see if my fiancé will set up his 4 box speakers and sound system outside and we’ll have our tablet that will play music. I and hopefully a couple friends/family will prepare food and set it up as a buffet and I will make cupcakes for our wedding cake along with a sweets table. I’m picturing soft lighting with the country feel to it – which is why I said bales of hay for seating  We both also like glow in the dark so if I can incorporate that in the wedding reception. I know we both love country atmosphere, blues, some purple, billiards, music, horses, swimming at the creek, and anything outdoors  I also love butterflies! Scott is your kind of guy that is a country boy, faithful and a trusted friend. Give him whiskey and a bonfire and he’s a happy camper  We are outgoing, willing to try new things and stay positive. Our typical weekend consists of playing pool, listening to music (classic rock, r&b, country, dance, pop) or outside having a bonfire. My fiancé hasn’t given me any input at all so I’m all alone on this. I’m desperate for help!

    I won’t have any family at the wedding. I haven’t talked to my Dad or brothers in over 2 years. I don’t know what his family will think of the idea of ceremony and reception on our house. In fact, I haven’t told anyone anything. I’ve told Scott a couple things and that’s it. When I told Scott about having it at our house, he paused and then switched subjects. Trying to get him to plan for a wedding or set a date for the wedding just doesn’t happen with him. I set the date and started making plans whether he likes it or not. We have been dating for a little over 3 years and I have 2 wonderful children, Mary (age 10) and Brody (age 6) and I don’t want to live together much longer not married. I want to set a good example for my children

    I need help arranging my outdoor wedding at my house. I don’t know really know what to do for table for the reception and don’t know if I should have something down for a floor for the reception. The wedding will be small, but I want some class to it. Colors for the wedding would be blues and little bit of purple. We’ll be inviting around 60 people to the wedding and reception. I think I’ll have 2 bridesmaids and he’ll have 2 groomsmen. I’m going to ask my friends for help with the food and drinks. Wedding dress – not a clue, but not all white, nor bridesmaids. I want my children in the wedding and Scott’s niece and nephew in the wedding as well. I would love for my Dad and younger brother to be there and for my Dad to give me away but I just don’t see that happening at all. I REALLY need help with EVERYTHING! Oh yes and it’s going to be worse than pulling teeth to get Scott to dress up. A button up shirt and jeans is him dressing up….

    I think our wedding is a great challenge for David! Never seen him in a small town not close to a BIG city. I’ve seen all his episodes and I would LOVE to see him come to Illinois to change things up for the show! Let the world see how David handles the Midwest 

    Scott Damm & Kerry Irwin

    Wedding Date: Saturday, April 9, 2016

    Address: Niantic, IL 62551

  36. Hello,
    My name is Rachel Nunes I live in Kansas City ,MO. I’m nominating my older sister Valarie. Valarie is 27 years old, and her fiancé John have together for almost 10 years now they share a wonderful but sometime crazy five year old named Jaden. Valarie is an amazing and incredibly strong woman, and for the past 4 years as been battling MS. MS is a autoimmune disorder causing lesions on the spinal cord and brain which can eventually lead to problems with walking thankfully she doesn’t have that problem yet. Her wedding is scheduled for November 14th 2015. Valarie doesn’t have some crazy themed wedding just a color theme of pink and black. Thank you for any consideration god bless.

  37. Hi David!!

    My fiance, Jake, and myself are planning a Lord of the Rings inspired wedding! We are huge Ringers and would love for you to be a part of our big day. We’re currently waiting to begin our wedding plans until we’ve finished up college and are planning a July wedding…and we haven’t even begun our planning because of school. Please help us!
    We look forward to sharing a pint with you at the Green Dragon!! Namarie!

    Jake and Emily

  38. Hello David Tutera!!
    My husband and I need your help! my husband is a US Marine and we got married in city hall, so we never got to have a wedding. We’re planning it on June 15 2016
    And Id really love it for you to make a out dream wedding a reality!

  39. Hello! My name is Julie and my fiance’s name is Will. We are planning an outdoor wedding in 2017. My fiance doesn’t get out of the army until Jan 2017 so we wanted to wait until then. We met in Korea where he was stationed and I was on a temporary work assignment. He is currently stationed in San Diego and I live in Baltimore but my parents live in West Virginia and because it is so beautiful there we decided to try and have our wedding in WV. We of course want to incorporate Korea somehow into our wedding since that is very important to us but we also thought maybe doing a “say goodbye to long distance relationships” theme could be cool too! We are both terrible at making decisions so we could certainly use some guidance…the only thing we know is that we are so excited to get married and we just want to have the party of a lifetime – we just want everyone to have a blast! Thank you!

  40. Hello David & WE tv,
    My fiance and I will be getting married August 23, 2015 and our theme is a Royal Wedding. Our colors are blue, silver, and purple and I’m involving my fiance with most of the wedding decisions. Some problems are occurring due to cultural differences. I’m American and he’s Caribbean so our mothers have different views about our wedding plans. I would graciously appreciate your help to blend this family together with our special union. Thank you :-)

  41. Hi Dave! My name is Maika Morgan, I am 21 years old. I’m from Columbus Ohio I met the love off my life when I was 19 years old, we have a beautiful 2 year old son together. Our wedding is right around the corner. JULY 25,2015. IT’S BEEN SO HARD FINDING A VENUE I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A MERMAID WEDDING. I LOVE MERMAID DRESSES. WE LOVE PINK BLUE AND GREEN. AND CANDY. SO YOU KNOW WE LIVE EXCITEMENT. DAVID, WETV. PLEASE HELP!

  42. Hello my name is nikki. I am marrying the love of my life Jacob on June 20, 2015 here in san Diego, CA. I love your show. I am a nurse and I’m 29 years old. We going to have a semi rustic / Forrest wedding at our property. We need help. Would you guys please help us.

  43. Hello David! My name is Rita.. I am not getting married… But my sister should be! They are coming up on their 20 year anniversary! They are engaged! The most amazing person in my life- a mother of two beautiful boys- As long as I can remember she has always been doing for others. from personal to business she never says no! Her amazing goddaughter-Kylee Rose- passed away at 9 years old but during her short time here my sister gave her the world! She was in a wheelchair but she gave her a bike just because she wanted one… She was a huge Bon Jovi fan and she brought her to his live concert! I can list 1,000+ ways my sister simply brought a smile to others or made their dream come true! She is a senior event manager working for Hilton. She truly has the biggest heart and creates these magical moments for so many other people except herself; and by now she should’ve had her magical wedding.. but no! She decided that her wedding should wait because she wanted to secure a safe home that her family can grow up in. But MY SISTER had more; she spent much more to guarantee my disabled father and I had our own space in her home! I tried to move out but she refused (crazy I know)! but she insisted that I would always have a place in her home! Now I am 31 and beginning my own life- I will soon be gone from her home and I would like to give her the wedding of her dreams; SHE DESERVES IT! We are huge fans of your show; spent many many weekends watching David Tutera Marathons! amazing! She does not know I am writing this, nor do I know if I will get a response (hoping so)! I just hope she does not read this comment page ;) With much respect and regards, Rita

  44. David Tutera help me plan a winter wonderland wedding. I’m planning this event alone but I have no clue what I am doing, not one bit. My fiance Clyde and I plan to get married this October 3rd, 2015. We have been together for 4 years. Not too many people have weddings in our families, so I’d like to put on something nice to bring my family and his family together for a magical time.

  45. Hello my name is Carol. My husband’s name is Loren. We started our lives with a religious wedding ceremony in his parents living room. We are legally getting married Sept. 5th 2015. It was important to us to be married in front of God before we started our lives and lived together, esp. since my daughter has never met her biological father so my husband is the first father figure she has ever had. My outfit altogether cost $30 and the ceremony was crowded and unprepared but filled with love and simple. However, we both wanted a traditional wedding so we decided to hold off on a marriage certificate until we could afford a real wedding. I am struggling with this because of our tight budget, and because I’m not a girly type of girl. We are getting married at a lake with a rustic theme. The reception will be at a building on the fair grounds. I’m trying to make everything myself, if possible, so I’ve decorated mason jars and dairy bottles…..fake flowers and i planted babies breath to add too. I’ve met my soul mate and I could really use help to make my day look on the outside how I feel on the inside. I want to feel beautiful and proud on our day, and I don’t think I can make that happen with me planning alone.

  46. Hi my name is Janyra and I’m 22 years old and my fiancé name is Jose we are planning to get married on August 29th ,2015 in San Bernardino Ca. I’ve been watching this show ever since it premiered, my mother and I have always watched it I would love for you to help me with the planning since I’ve never planned something so big. I would love to meet you and to be advised by your expertise. Thank you.

  47. Hello! My name is Juleica I am 23 years old and I am marrying my high school sweetheart. Are wedding day is August 22,2015. We been together for 5 years . My fiance Brian and I watch your show all the time . I just graduated from medical assistance. So the money is tight . I always dream that for my wedding I would have you as my wedding planner lol. My theme is great gastby 1920. I love the pearls and lace. If you get the chance to read this and get to me I would be the most greatful braid on earth . My family is pueto rican so is a very different wedding theme for are family. So please David if you can help us it would me the world to us .

    • Hello! My name is Juleica I am 23 years old and I am marrying my high school sweetheart. Are wedding day is August 22,2015. We been together for 5 years .I’m from Lancaster Pennsylvania. My fiance Brian and I watch your show all the time . I just graduated from medical assistance. So the money is tight . I always dream that for my wedding I would have you as my wedding planner lol. My theme is great gastby 1920. I love the pearls and lace. If you get the chance to read this and get to me I would be the most greatful braid on earth . Both of are familys are Puerto Rican so is a very different wedding theme for are family. So please David if you can help us it would me the world to us .

  48. Hello! My name is Chloe Shepard and my Fiancé’s name is Matt Payne, and out wedding date is set for October 10, 2015. We have been engaged since Christmas Day of 2013 and I have only just started my wedding planning process. I am just so overwhelmed with the entire wedding planning process that I don’t know where to start, I have people giving me their input at just about every turn. My fiancé and I also both have divorced parents with families that don’t get along so well, resulting in a lot of conflicts on who to invite so we can avoid family clashes. We live in Austin Texas, but the majority of my family is in Arizona and I want to get married in the red rocks of Sedona Arizona. We are both 22 years old so our budget is small, and I’m trying to just figure out the planning and budgeting of the whole process, which is difficult. Please help us to plan a wonderful wedding with your expert advice. I’ve got ideas but no idea how to execute them.

    Thanks For your consideration,
    A big fan, Chloe Shepard

  49. Hello David , my name is Jerrica my fiance Dennis and I have been together 2 yrs we live in Pueblo ,Co and we would love to have the dream wedding we’ve been trying to plan but we need some help We have a $2,000 budget and I want to do alot of diy and I have family pitching in also. I have a for sure theme but need help with everything else. please please help us. I just wanted to give you a little info on who we are we are parents of two amazing boys 6 and 3. We work hard and beyond love eachother…we fell in love right off the bat. We met threw mutual friends and we couldn’t stay away from eachother we are truly soul mates I couldn’t imagine living another moment without him in our lives.. He has not only made me a better person but has given us a much fuller life… we love him I love him with everything and more… I hope to see you and thank you..

  50. Hello my name is Brittany Moore. My fiancé and I were getting married September of 2014 but I was 7 months prego and I already had my wedding dress so I could fit in it. We have reset our date for October 4th 2015. Our theme is old rustic country wedding. We don’t have a lot of money for our wedding but would love for you to help us out. We are open for any ideas you and your staff may have for us.

  51. Hello David. Do you believe in Faeries? I not only believe in fairies I adore faeries or fairies. My ultimate wish is to be a fairy. Thus, my wedding theme is based around fairies, nature and fantasy. My name is Kimberly but I like to be called Kimy and, I love to live life as a fairy (or close as I can get). My love’s name is Raymond and I have been waiting over 11 years to marry him. We have only ever been with one another. I had a rule, “no boyfriends till after 15”. A few months after I turned 15, I met Ray in School, and since then I have not been able to take my eyes off him. In times of personal darkness, he is my reason living. Ray is like a genius with technology, mechanics, and computers. He is amazing. He accepts me for who I feel I truly am (a faery); he has agreed to a fairy wedding. He is my prince who loves his sleeping beauty. Since I was kid, I could never get enough sleep, and I was diagnosed as depressed. I slept with ray at the beginning ( and for many years) of our dating, Literally slept mid day! We would be hanging out in his room, him on his computer, and I would just pass out. He has taken pictures of me sleeping. It was not until recently, that I learned that I have narcolepsy. So I like to think he is my loving prince, who keeps kissing me awake (and carrying me to bed), kinda of like sleeping beauty, but I am fairy. Ray and I have been together for 12 years, I am 27 and he is 29. We have a beautiful, energetic, little three old boy (Dakota or as he likes to be called cubby). We live in a first floor aprtment in a house, in Auburn Maine. I need help, as of now I will be having wedding in my back yard and I dont know how to deal with my family. We were going to have part of the wedding at my grandparents house, where we lived so I could help take care of my dying grandfather, and so we could save money while I am in college. However, not long after my grandfather died than my grandmother kicked us out of her house. The family has been in chaos, loved ones as well as my self have been mistreated and I dont feel comfortable being at that house. However, That horrible situation I feel was a kind of good thing, as I have never felt more connected to and in love with ray. Our bond only grew stronger. I will have a dress from Zizzyfae bridal, it is silk and if my soul was a dress this was it, I am in the process of setting up a payment plan with the designer. I am hopeful for my faery dress and wings, I should have them by wedding. Please help me create my
    dream fairy wedding on September 27, 2015. I want the wedding outside, because their will be a harvest moon lunar eclipse. p.s I dont have a theme color because I want everyone to feel as radiant as I will. I want people to wear (fantasy in mind) what ever color they feel their best in, mine is green. This is because I wish for everyone at my wedding feel as happy as do, because I believe my happiness is my fairy wings. Please help me make my dream a reality and fly with me, David. Thank you.

  52. hello David tutera my name is sergio and i am writing this letter too u because i want my soon too be bride too have the most wonderful wedding that she dreamed about since she was a little girl and i ask that you help her make it possible she needs help with the planning and financially we dont that much money and too find the right venue in our budget and my bride too be has been threw alot and she lost her dad when she was 14 yrs old and she has gone threw alot the planning of the wedding by her self with and no one too help her she dosen’t know how too plan a wedding its her first wedding we need ur help david if you can her she would thank so much for it

  53. Hello, my name is Alexia.
    I am born and raised in minnesota, and honestly have gone through so much in my life. Upon my 19th birthday, I fell in love with the most amazing guy anyone could ever ask for. I honestly believe he is the one. He proposed to me on my 20th birthday, about 3 months after we had our beautiful daughter Lillyana. I’ve been trying to plan our wedding for 2016 but I don’t even know where to start. I want to be somewhere warm, so I can walk down the Isle barefoot hopefully in the sand while the sun is setting. I really believe I could deserve this. I really wish that I could have had my grandmother to be there to see it, and I want something of her incorporated in the wedding. If you could help I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  54. Hi, My name is Amanda and I’m from Yucaipa CA…..about and hour east of LA.
    My fiancé and are both students and both coming close to graduating and hopefully landing jobs in the fields we love so much. A good job with a steady income is our biggest priority, and then we added Love to the mix. We have so many things in common but our backgrounds couldn’t be more different. His family is Persian/Hispanic, and I’m as white on rice! Our cultural and religious backgrounds are very different as well as our taste in food. Both of us have been previously married. He had the big expensive wedding and I did the Vegas chapel thing, both marriages ended badly. My greatest joy in my first marriage is my now 9yr.old daughter who absolutely adores her soon-to-be step-dad.
    Finding each other was a miracle to us both. Neither of us thought finding a soul-mate was possible, but here we are today. It is our extreme joy and a huge goal to get married this year.

    We both have a big passion for Movies, comic books, and baseball. My peacock color themed wedding is starting to grow into a mess trying to include movies, Game of Thrones, comic books, baseball and any other idea from Pinterest that blows our way and we like. I don’t want my wedding to look like a kids party! I’m a huge fan of this show and I thought I’d send out a plea for help. David Tutera is a miracle worker!

    The only thing set is the date, November 7, 2015. Due to the fact that we both are just finishing school, finding an affordable location has been exceptionally difficult. It may end up being at our parents home if we can’t find anything else.
    SOS, please send help!!!
    Thank you.

  55. Hi
    My never ending romantic love story is all that I can ever hoped for. We realized that’s still our present and my future. I met my boyfriend when I was 19 yrs old. He is my 1st boyfriend I have ever had. We have been boyfriend and girlfriend for 13 years now. And still going strong. Because we have had many economic struggles & challenges, but we still managed to have each other’s back financially and emotionally.
    It seems that we can’t afford to have a small celebration of our love. We both love the 60’s mod era, especially the music with Vespas, etc.
    I gave birth to a wonderful boy. This little 2yr old person is an expansion of Our unity. We adore him so dearly. We would love for him to carry our rings.
    Before at the beginning of or love story we never really set marriage as out top priority, but now we feel that after everything we’ve gone through even the struggle of seen it each other. We feel we should celebrate our unity of love &compassion for each other.
    I really love how David Tutera loves to share his compassion with humanity.
    We are all made out of start dust .

  56. By the age of 41 I never thought I would get married. After years of heartbreak I decided to give it up. Then out of the blue someone responded to a neglected online dating profile. We started dating causally just having some fun. Then a couple of years later we decided to take things more seriously. Now a surprise baby is accelerating the plan. Now our lives are changing in every way possible and I have to rush a wedding and making a whole new life all in a matter of months.

  57. Hello there and help!! My fiance and I recently became engaged and plan to wed in March of 2016. While we are geeks at heart and both love recent shows such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, my husband has his heart set on a Game of Thrones themed wedding with an “authentic to the story line” wedding, complete with all the guests dying at the end. He even wants me to wear some sort of faux bear fur over my dress to truly play the part. Save me please!! I would love to compromise with him and have a themed wedding but the thought of death and gore isn’t exactly what I envisioned for us to start off our wonderful life!!

    House Marlos (see, even our moniker is Game of Thrones inspired)

  58. I’m doing this for my best friends, they are like family to us and we want to help them as much as we can. We live in Tucson Arizona and they have set their date to be January 1st 2016. The bride Sara is going to school full time to become a 1st grade teacher and she also works as a waitress part time, the groom Victor is a correction officer at a local jail. They have been together for 6years and are completely in love. They don’t have a ton of money and are saving every penny they can for their big day. I’m not sure what their budget is on the wedding but I know it’s less the $10,000. They have looked at a dozen places and every place is booked for their day and they just can’t find a place. They are wonderful people and I feel like they deserve a wonderful wedding! We have been friends for just about 6years now and my husband and the groom have been friends for about 10years now. They are wonderful people and I know they probably won’t get picked but I have to try for them! Please keep them in mind! I know they would appreciate it so very much!!

  59. Please come to Canada!!! I need help badly. Wedding is in 5 weeks and I am panicking because of family issues including jealousy. I’m alone trying to figure it out. So this is basically a hail Mary attempt.

  60. Hi David! I’m Lily and I’m writing to you for my older sister Roxana who is 28 and is getting married in August to her long time boyfriend of 10 years! We live in Los Angeles and are planning the wedding all by ourselves. Although I’m enjoying the process of helping her out, we definitely need help! We are working with a small budget and trying to create a beautiful wedding for the both of them. I watch your show often and see how beautiful you make the weddings for the couples and I’m hoping my sister can get her dream wedding she deserves. She has no idea I’m writing to you, but since we started the whole planning process I’ve had you on my mind as to contacting you and hopefully getting her on your show-Thank You!

  61. Hi David,
    I understand this may be a long shot and many people have similar stories and very high expectations to get the chance for you to plan their dream weddings.
    I am reaching out to you because my sister-in-law is getting married June 29, 2015. For years she has admired your show and dreamed of having you one day plan her wedding. She would watch your show and tell me all the things she loved and what she would have you do if you were her planner since she was in junior high.
    A brief history on the bride, Paige, she and her fiance, Paris, have been together for about 6 or 7 years. They have been through some extreme times. I want to first make it very clear that our family has been through some very extreme moments in the past 3 years and we do not want those moments to be in the spotlight. We had to deal with that in the moment of it and we do not want to share our personal lives and stories with the world. I know that the drama is what makes the show but it’s too much to put our family through it again to gain a chance at this once in a lifetime opportunity. So to be brief, Paige and Paris have been together for at least the past 6 years. He is from St. George, UT, and she is from the Ogden area of Utah. She is 22, he is 21. They are both recent graduates of Dixie State college, she with her Bachelor’s degree and he with his Associates and continuing to work toward his education in Radiology. She moved to St. George about 5 years ago for school and to be with him. Pertaining to the personal story of our family. About 3 years ago she lost her brother in a terrible accident that left our family shattered and broken. We are still extremely close, the incident brought our family together in a whole new way. But her Mother was torn, she had one daughter long distance, lost a son, faced incredible circumstances with her other son. Since the accident her other daughter got engaged, married, and moved across the country with her husband’s Air Force career. Over the last year Paige’s mom lost both of her parents. Her Mother to Cancer last week and her Father to Alzheimer’s and Diabetes in December. So in the last 3 years her mother has financed 3 funerals; legal fees; a cross country move and now 2 weddings. It wasn’t impossible but the poor lady deserves a break. Some help desperately.
    Paige has had to over come many family issues in preparation and planning of her wedding. I have known her as my sister-in-law for nearly 10 years and she always dreamed of a beach front destination wedding. But has been given so much grief from members of both families that she has to let go of that dream. Her mother took Paige and Paris with her and her husband to Hawaii this fall so they could fulfill their beach elopement dream and then have an open house style reception following their return. But This too caused so much drama she was in tears trying to please everyone. Her sister and I Know what it was like to try to please everyone during each of our weddings and the grief it caused. Paige has always been our event planner, photographer, shopping consultant. She has bought and given so much to us that I want to give back to her a chance for her dreams.
    Her wedding is set for Monday, June 29, 2015. I know her colors are a blush/pale pink and I believe black, and the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses are a chiffon material in the pale pink color. The men and boys will be wearing black suspenders but she is still looking for outfits for the two toddler boys (ages 2 and 1) and still window shopping for the flower girl dress though she has already bought one for each the girls (ages 5 and newborn). She is doing the invitations herself. And is still just starting them. I don’t know of flower, decoration, cake, reception details. She chose the LA Caille castle near Salt Lake City, UT because she wanted to find a central location for family traveling from Northern Utah, Southern Utah, Las Vegas, Her sister will be flying in from Virginia with her 1 year old son and a 2 week old baby. Her Mother will not be present in the few weeks leading to the wedding as she will be with her other daughter in Virginia while she delivers her child, she will arrive back the week before the wedding.
    Page’s mom is financing the wedding but as Paige lives 5 hours away she has been doing all her planning alone. She travels 4 hours for her dress fittings and the meetings with the venue directors. But as for all the details she is overseeing them all solo. She does have some help from her soon to be mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law. But mainly she controls all details. And she is a perfectionist.
    In the last month, Paige and Paris have hosted her 4 soon to be in-laws in her 2 bedroom condo while they sale and build a new home. And 2 weeks ago her fiance Paris broke his leg playing frisbee. Compound fracture of both bones in his shin. He has a rod in his leg and has 4-6 months of healing. So he will be in a boot and ) outs of physical therapy before the wedding. And we are only 90 days away.
    Where she has coordinated 4 weddings, 3 baby showers, numerous wedding showers, many photography sessions, her brother’s funeral details. She deserves to have you – the dream she has hoped for since I’ve known her – see to the details of her wedding for her.
    Please and thank you for your time.
    Juli Charlton

  62. Hello David,
    My name is Courtney! I would love and appreciate you and your crew to plan our wedding! We have been together for almost 2 years and I knew right away I wanted to marry him! It’s been a rocky road with people not accepting us being together and trying to break us apart. All due to me being married before. We have made it through all the nah sayers. We have been through a lot, and we are happy. We are looking to have a 1920’s gatsby theme wedding! I’m obsessed with that Era. Plus Brad (the groom) will look amazing! I’m amazed at the feet he has over come over the years and he continues to amaze me! He’s a wonderful man. He’s never been married before so I want this to be perfect for him. I have no idea what I’m doing! We live in a small town in texas so we want to show them how it’s done! we would love to have that happily ever after!,

  63. Hi David, My fiance’s name is Josh and we met in the unlikeliest of places, we met on a Facebook. We played a game together and we didn’t know each other, until I stopped playing and then I started again my group I belonged to was disbanded and I was “homeless” in the game a friend ask and I joined his group My fiance was assigned to show me the ropes of the game, when we finally started talking I told him I caught up on things myself how about we just talk.. and we talked everyday after that through Facebook, texts, calls we never were out of touch. that was almost 3 yrs ago. I used to live in El Paso, Texas now we live in a small city called Cannon Falls, Minnesota, he moved down to EP and for 9 months we struggled till finally his mom let us move in with her and he got his old job back. Well, the reason why it would be awesome and a blessing if you could help is that we are planning to get married in El Paso and I’m planning everything through, phone and texts with my mom and grandma’s at this point I don;t know how things will turn out, I have OCD, Anxiety, and Panic Disorder, so I am really nervous and worried that this won’t be our dream wedding and that I’ll be disappointed. I try to be positive and my fiance helps me alot, he is funny, caring, sweet, and knows just what to do to keep me sane, I don’t think I could find anyone else better I believe God brought us together I think he said “you belong here” and we found each other, I would like nothing more to give him the wedding he would like, we have so many dreams and ideas that we would like to have and happen, but it seems we are fighting a battle from, loss of jobs, to negativity from some family. I’m starting to lose the spark and excitement one should feel about their wedding I have had moments in which I have told my fiance I want this over, or maybe we should just forget it, I don’t want that to happen. I want us to celebrate our love in front of God and our family and friends, I want it to be special and magical, please help us! We would be eternally grateful and blessed!

  64. Hi I’m Christina , I’m 29 I live in birmingham AL, my wedding is july 18th 2015. I met my fiancé through mutual friends and between the two of us we have 4 children. I really need the help of David because this whole process as been so stressful and it’s something that I have to do alone. My mom passed away two years ago and I’m not from here so my support system is really low! I’m not getting any help from bridesmaids or anyone so this planning has been more a job then a moment of happiness. I had to go dress shopping alone and we have already lost 2000$ on a venue due to no financial help! We are footing the bill alone! Everyone is so negitivie about this process I just wish we had more support! I find myself bring more considerate to others when there not being considerate to me! My problem is to nice. I fear I won’t be able to enjoy my day due to having to instruct everyone of there duties on that day! It’s been so over whelming to where I’m bout to cancel everything and just court house it, even though I’ve done that once before! This process has been a desaster and I’m in deep need of your help David! PlZ save us and make our day special! If anyone can do it you can . PlZ be my guardian angle my mom usually sends done to help me in my time of need to make our day special , thanks Christina

  65. I am writing in hopes that some way you can help me bring my son and future daughter in law’s dream wedding coming true. My son has some pretty extensive health issues. Knowing that my daughter in law has stuck with him. Even financial supporting him through his last year of college. She works full time and attends school part time. He will graduate in May 2015 and she will have another year. They want to may fall of 2016. They started off 2 years ago when she bought him at a fundraising auction. They are both so amazing, loving and always willing to help. It would be a blessing and a dream come true. I understand you have many people with many back stories. I wish some how we could all be blessed.

  66. My name is Batina Baker and my groom’s name is Jamie Olson. We are planning to marry on November 28, 2015 at a local church we attend. Our reception will be in the same location. He and I met online. It was amazing because he is originally from North Dakota and I am originally from Louisiana. We were both in our home states when we started communications and soon found out we lived less than 4 minutes from each other. From the moment we met he said he knew he had to bring his A game. Two weeks into the relationship he announced he was to marry me; however, he didn’t ask until 2 years later. He had wanted me to have enough time to heal from a previous marriage that ended in divorce. He proposed on a river boat in New Orleans just as the boat was coming back to the shore and the city lights were in the backdrop. It was dreamy. Jamie, the groom, has two children; 18 and 11. I, the bride, have two as well; 18 and 14. We are a happy bunch and enjoy each other very much so. Jamie and I always joke about why living so close we didn’t meet sooner. This is a small town of less than 10,000.
    The wedding plans so far are that we will marry the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Both of our 18 year old children are in the military and will not be home until then. I have bought a used dress that is nice enough and have decided on navy blue, grey and silver. As far as anything else, I have just loose ideas of a winter wedding with a sort of rustic, vintage feel. Jamie and I hoping to have a small wedding with close friends and family. We enjoy music and would love to have a venue that allows dancing and cocktails but that may not be possible on our limited budget.

  67. Hello! Our names are Kelley Lucotch and Chris Ryan we submitted an application on your website but are also sending you this message again in the email along with attached pictures of what we have set in place for our wedding. We are getting married on September 5th of 2015 at the Arrowpeak Lodge in the Highwood Mountains outside of Great Falls, Montana. We met when Kelley was in college and Chris was visiting some friends at Kelley’s college. We have been together for almost 4 years and have been engaged for 3 years. Chris proposed to Kelley on her birthday at her work….but he got the ring 30 minutes before proposing so it is safe to say he didn’t know that he would be proposing an hour before it happened! We are extremely close to our families and are relying on them to help with all of the DIY projects of the wedding, which is overwhelming in itself. We are paying for the wedding ourselves, which is why we are relying on DIY projects so much. Neither one of our parents have the financial abilities to help us with the wedding, but they are willing to but in elbow grease which we are SO thankful for! We will be having a rustic/country wedding with the colors turquoise and salmon mixed with wood, burlap, and lace. We would LOVE if David would help us with the wedding because we are trying our hardest to do what we can to have our perfect wedding, on our small budget for 300 people. Kelley’s cousins are making the food for the buffet for the reception, Kelley’s other cousin is making the mints, Chris’s aunt is going to do the flowers, Chris’s other aunt is providing homemade wine, and we are hoping one of the other family members will provide the kegs and beer. We are also hoping that some of our family members will help by providing some desserts for the dessert bar which will be set up with a variety of sizes of stumps. We have been raised Catholic but aren’t doing the traditional wedding style. Instead of the normal unity candle we are hoping to have someone (hopefully a family member) make a branding iron with our initials to burn into a piece of wood. Thank you for reading this and we are hoping you choose a small town couple like us to help us and to show your skills off. Thank you so much!

  68. A self proclaimed hopeless romantic, lucky enough to find a love that I plan to make last forever! Being the mother of 2 beautiful little girls in love with a man blessed with 2 handsome sons, we are the modern day “Brady Bunch” looking to combine our families in holy matrimony. I am in love with the most AMAZING man in the world! He is my best friend, my confidant, my strength and our family’s protector. A southern guy who has fallen for a Jersey girl, we are the best of both worlds! Recently we were elated to find out we are expecting a new bundle of joy and decided to bring our child into the world the “right” way, but the thought of planning a wedding in such sort time while also preparing for the new arrival is seeming to be borderline impossible! I never imagined having my special day take place at the local courthouse, but with so little time, my fairy tale wedding is beginning to seem more like a dream and less like my soon to be reality. Please consider helping me be the blushing bride I so desperately would love to be <3

  69. Hello :0)

    My Name is Eva and my Fiancé’s name is Colbi. I’m a Italian/white Pansexual Christian and he is a White none religious Transgender man. We have been together for six years and excited for our Never ending future. We have been planning our simi traditional, shabby chic wedding for a few months now date is set for 6/7/2015. We are very organized and things have been going smoothly so far. However we face challenges with my family and their exceptance of us getting married. My family is very religious and a few of them (my Dad and Brother have declined to be apart of it) have made it clear that they will walk out on our wedding if we kiss. They want to come to support us as individuals but not as us coming together. I would like for David to plan our wedding and make it something that is touching and reaches out to people. Something that makes a statement that love, is love. So far everything is DIY shabby chic with coffee filter rose bulbs on candel sticks and huricanne candle holders as centerpieces. Nothing too fancy. The ceremony is planed at the UC Berkley Botanical Gardens and reseption will be at the Lafayette Veteran Hall CA. It would be a dream to make this happen for not just me but my STB husband. Im happy either way, but how inspiring it would be to show off how blessed we really truly are. And how much support we would have even with judgmental people their.

    Thank you for reading.


  70. Hello my name is Emily Harrison I’m getting married in July 2016 and have watched your show for forever!!! I am a young bride, I got engaged when I was 18 and will be twenty when I get married. I would LOVE to be on the show!!! My family is crazy and hilarious and would be a hit on TV.

  71. My name is Stephanie and I will be married to rich garcia on Oct 31,2015 sat holloween …. we live in the San ferando valley in so cal… we have been together for 14 years lol… I am 35… we are planing to have a back yard wedding with about 250 friends and family… the back yard it great it already has a dance floor…. thanks so much hope to hear back

  72. Hi my name is Yvonne Sandoval I am 29 year old from San Jose, CA. I got engaged in November 2013 and looking to get married in September 2015. We have been together for 8 year now. I never though i would be getting married but, he changed my whole life. He is the best thing that every happened to me. I have the luxury of marrying my soulmate and spending eternity with him, I would love the opportunity to share my special moment with David at my wedding. I watch the show all the time. My sister say I’m Crazy, but i love David. My theme of my wedding is vintage elegant with lost and lots of bing. My color are white, purple and gold. a little about me I put my family 1st, 2nd and last so i really haven’t had to much time for my wedding as much as i want to. I have done DIY projects for the wedding. there was no really engagement we went in together and bought the ring so I knew. Jeff and I are really hard workers and want the best for us. I want my guest to have fun. I have a big bridal party but am doing all my wedding by my self. I really need Davids help. I hope to hear for you guys. much love- Yvonne.

  73. David,
    In behalf of my wife I’m reaching out and hoping you, a producer, or someone finds and reads this. My wife loves you’re show and wishes her wedding could even come close to being as fantastic as the ones you create! She hasn’t had anything in life and that’s no exaggeration. Decent food, clothing, shelter and love was all she wished for being an 18 year old who was ran out of her house on a weekly basis. Any more details would bring you and anyone else who would read this to tears so I’ll spare you of them for now. Because of her home life circumstances, we had no choice but to just go to our local government office to fill out an application for a marriage license to then be signed by a friend of mine with a license to marry and call that our wedding! We do have a reception and ring ceremony in the works, but at this point, we’d be lucky to have our reception invites sent out in the next month before May 4th 2015 the day we’ll celebrate our marriage. If I could give up everything I had to give her the one thing every women deserves, a perfect wedding, I would! I can’t tell you enough how amazing and special she is! This would change her life forever and really prove to her that there are people who care and want the best for her! I wish you the best David and I’ll keep watching your show to support my wife and her dreams!

    All the best,
    Erik Armstrong

  74. My name is Heather. My fiance and I have been together for three years, this will be his first marriage and my second. I have a seven year old son and he has a daughter that we had to give up right after we started dating. I’ve only actually seen his daughter once, she lives with an aunt of the mother’s, so the mother still gets to see her all the time but we don’t. I really don’t know if I should try and include her in the wedding. I don’t know if my fiance wants it and I don’t know if the family will allow it and should I have her in the wedding party when she isn’t even in our lives. There were so many things I regretted about my first wedding that I really don’t want to happen or me up for this wedding. I know there were hurt feelings about who walked my down the isle and my father daughter dance, I have such an extended family and I don’t want to hurt anyone.
    We live in Atlanta Ga. Our wedding is going to be on Halloween. Halloween means a lot to both of us. It’s our favorite holiday. Since we are having it on Halloween, we of course are having a Halloween themed wedding as well. I’ve been playing with the color scheme and am trying to decide between black and red or black and purple or some combination of the three. We also love Tim Burton’s nightmare before Christmas so we are working towards adding elements from the movie into the wedding.
    I need so much help and it would mean so much to me to be able to work with David.

  75. Hi David, one of my best friends is getting married to her soul mate. They’ve been together for 9 years, but haven’t had the finances to get married. This year, they are wanting to get married in September, that this is their year to do it. She’s a freelance editor, he’s an accomplished author. Together they own their own Kenpo Karate Studio and he is an honorary member of the Boozefighter’s biker club. She is also a “boozette” in this club. Oh and he’s 20 years (ok, 19) older than she is. He’s turning 65, she’s going to be 46. This will be her 2nd marriage, this will be his 4th or 5th. However, somehow it all works for them and they are still in love with each other as they were 9 years ago. She wants to wear either white or green leather….green is their favorite color and the color of the Boozefighter’s biker club. I hope you will consider them for a dream wedding for them, they deserve it after all these years. They don’t know I’m submitting them for a dream wedding, so it’d be a wonderful surprise. They are not traditional people (they did that already anyway), so something unique and memorable would be right up their alley. There’s not enough space to tell you all the wonderful things about them, so hopefully you’ll want to meet them in person anyway. If there’s anything else you need about them, please let me know. Thank you.

  76. Hi, David I have been watching your show in awe! All of the weddings that you do are so amazing. My fiance and I have been together for about 8 years now and we finally decided to get married. We have a 5 year old son together as well. We have a church to get married in and a venue spot, wedding colors but really no theme. We don’t know where the heck to start and we could soon use your help. We don’t want a drab wedding but if we try to plan it who knows what will happen. We live is good old wisconsin. I haven’t seen ant of your shows filmed here. Ours could be the first. Haha please we….i….need your help! Wedding September 4 2015. Hope we will get to be surprised by your awesomeness!:)

  77. What would it take us to be on this show. Its like im so anxious to get a message back in my email we are praying for it . There is so much to us and we would love for everyone to be part of our story as well as this show. I know its like one out of a million chances in us getting this oppurtunity but we hope we get this pleasure its once in a life time and could really change our lifes pleade please pick us david i am absolutely in love with what you do its a passion of mine i havent had the time to live.

  78. hi, my name is Alexandrea I am 20 years old from louisville, Ky my fiance is Zachary Cochran and we are asking for your help to plan our wedding because it has been hard for us to do with not much time on our hands and our indecisive minds lol. Zach amd i have been engaged for a little over a year now and have a crazy story behind us ; he had had a crush on me since my sophmore year in high school ( i am now going on 3 years graduated ) i didnt even know who he was i met about going on two years ago from now and we instantly connected had so much in common there has never been a dull moment he brings out the best in me and changed my life so much! We got engaged not long after meeting and dating and have been engaged for a little over a year , right after the engagement we got some crazy news we were going to have a baby but that baby ended up being TWIN GIRLS, zach already has a daughter Addison 3yrs old and i also have a daughter already Audriana 2yrs old so now we have four all together. Life has been full of adventures with us and i dont want it to stop every aince we have been in a relationship everyday he tells me how happy he is and how crazy it is that things happened in his favor but i want to show him and see him light up when i walk down the isle because i know it will be the happiest day of our life and his dream will have come true. We need the most help we can get with our family and our new home we have been trying so hard to plan our wedding but supporting our kids comes first so we have no time with the babys , two oldest and work . I have always had in my mind about a fall looking wedding with haystaks and a barn with pretty leaves or just a pretty white and off white wedding with blossoming flowers i pray that one day that both of our dreams come true to a beautiful speechless wedding for our big family to see and we would love davids help . So please please help us we would love to be part of your show we have a date picked out also july, 11th 2015

  79. hi, my name is Alexandrea I am 20 years old from louisville, Ky my fiance is Zachary Cochran and we are asking for your help to plan our wedding because it has been hard for us to do with not much time on our hands and our indecisive minds lol. Zach amd i have been engaged for a little over a year now and have a crazy story behind us ; he had had a crush on me since my sophmore year in high school ( i am now going on 3 years graduated ) i didnt even know who he was i met about going on two years ago from now and we instantly connected had so much in common there has never been a dull moment he brings out the best in me and changed my life so much! We got engaged not long after meeting and dating and have been engaged for a little over a year , right after the engagement we got some crazy news we were going to have a baby but that baby ended up being TWIN GIRLS, zach already has a daughter Addison 3yrs old and i also have a daughter already Audriana 2yrs old so now we have four all together. Life has been full of adventures with us and i dont want it to stop every aince we have been in a relationship everyday he tells me how happy he is and how crazy it is that things happened in his favor but i want to show him and see him light up when i walk down the isle because i know it will be the happiest day of our life and his dream will have come true. We need the most help we can get with our family and our new home we have been trying so hard to plan our wedding but supporting our kids comes first so we have no time with the babys , two oldest and work . I have always had in my mind about a fall looking wedding with haystaks and a barn with pretty leaves or just a pretty white and off white wedding with blossoming flowers i pray that one day that both of our dreams come true to a beautiful speechless wedding for our big family to see and we would love davids help . So please please help us we would love to be part of your show

  80. Hello,

    I just started watching your show on Netflixs and absolutely love what you do to make a dream wedding come true. I have just started trying to plan a wedding, I met my fiancé as a freshmen in high school, now 20 years later we reconnected can’t believe it took us this long to find each other. Both of us have over come so many obstacles in those many years,(addiction) and finding each other at this time in our lives has been nothing short of a god send. Finding someone that not only understands you history but excepts all the imperfections and love you more for your flaws is what we have found in each other- I would love a fairy style wedding, I am pretty simple, I don’t wear jewelry, my style is more hippy/hobo to bohemian. I am not sure how to execute a fairy style with out it looking like a renaissance costume part- we live in Fort Worth, TX and the venue I like is the botanical gardens, I have found a few dress I like online only and that scares me, I don’t want to buy something without a fitting first. Please help us David, this wedding would mean so much to us, it not just a cornerstone of starting our lives with each other but it will mark the start of a new improved us- leaving our pasted behind us and being the happily ever after live together!!

  81. Hi! Me and my fiancee is planning our wedding for 7/31/16 and I am definitely a poor bride. This is my second marriage and my first was domestic violence and raising 7 children and also took custody of my brother from his mother too as a recently divorced single full time working mom with no child support or public assistance was stressful and left no time for dating let alone a relationship but we made it work and want to share and declare our love and happiness with all our friends and family. But with my 7 children and his 3 it’s hard to save for a wedding and keep up with our children extra curricular activities as well. We want an outdoor wedding ceremony at this beautiful location in our city of Buffalo New York with garden reception plus all inclusive Bahamas Honeymoon too. I’m currently working overtime at the bank I work at and my fiancee co owns a barbershop but also suffers from a rare blood cancer so sometimes everything is all on me financially but I do it cause I love him and our children and believe they deserve it all. I think we as a family deserve and need a celebration like this to mark the blending of our families and start of a new chapter in our lives as one!

  82. Hey guys!
    I am engaged to my best friend and our wedding is June 20th 2015. I love this show and how resourceful David is and how he really becomes a friend. We live in a small town in Pa and are having an outdoor wedding at my fiancés fathers house. He has a cabin there and that is where we fell in love so its a special place to us! We live 3 hours away so wedding planning has been stressful to the max but it will all be worth it! I teach preschool and my fiancé is a linemen for our local power company we went to high school together and have been together for 7 years FINALLY getting married and I couldn’t be happier! Our wedding is woodsy, I hate the term rustic, but we live in the woods and I LOVE wild animals, if I could have deer and squirrels be my bridesmaids I would. We are doing a simple but elegant backyard wedding. I am hoping to pull it off and that everyone has a great time! Keep up the great work :)

  83. Dear. David
    My.Name is Leslie Wesley Williams, My husband name is Mario Williams. Were from Chicago Illinois, living on the out skirt’s, about 15minutes away. In a little town call Bellwood Illinois. Praying, wishing and hoping you receive this message.
    I no your wondering, ” Chicago” yes David. Please come to Chicago Illinois to “HELP” my husband and I plan our Fairy Tail Wedding for our second Anniversary In October of 2016. You are the “fairy king” and we are so so, far far away. Needing your guidance on our wedding planning.

    My husband and I met 9years ago in Chicago, at the time Chicago was our hometown. In the year of 2006, he was 24 I was 25. We laid eye’s on each other.
    I told my best friend, “O MY GOD” that’s my husband. I whisper it in her ear. She began to laugh, her name is Latisha Anderson. And as he began to walk tour’s me. He asked my name, and I replied Leslie Wesley. We have been together ever since.

    I’m 33years old, I’m attending Triton College, In River Grove Illinois, obtaining my Associates Degree.

    My husband Mario Williams age 33, he currently working at Main’s Paper Distribution Warehouse. In Villa Park, Illinois.
    It was so “crazy” how god put us together, my father is a pastor of a church, and his father is a pastor of a church.
    Our family’s are very spiritual. My father’s name Pastor. Dwight E. Wesley Sr. My mother’s name Lillie Wesley. I have 3 siblings.
    Mario father’s name Pastor. Slaughter James( Amy) stepmother. Then his mother Brenda Williams(Richard (Richard) stepfather. He has 6 siblings.
    We have 5children total. I have 3children from a previous relationship, there names are Lyric, Davin, and London. He has 1son from a previous relationship name Omireon, then we have a child we share together name Logan, and he is 6year old.

    Mario my husband propose to me on, October 22,2013 . The very next day we went to justice of the peace, and got our marriage license. On October 27,2013 on a Sunday. Inside my parents house, just my parents, our son, my father married us…..
    We would love to have a fairytale wedding it’s just we don’t no were to start, my sister Lurenza McGhee Made it very scary to plan a wedding. Very over whelming, very challenging task to plan a wedding”. My husband would come home from work, he would always tell me, I’m Going To Give us our dream wedding. My husband and I, we are 33years old. I believe him so much, when he say to me I’m going to give you the wedding of our dream’s. He is a great husband, father, son, brother, and uncle and hard worker.

    I still have the promise ring that he gave me 9years ago. That mean’s a lot to me, it only cost $50 dollars. I value it with all my heart. We used my promise ring he gave me, on the day we met. Because we couldn’t buy each other rings at the time. It doesn’t matter to me. I love him, and he love’s me. This ring represents friend ship, Husband and wife and the wedding vows and most of all love.
    I will be giving this ring to our son Logan some day. So that one day he will get a best friend, that he could fall in love with, and make a promise like his dad did to me, that some day get married like his father and I.

    I’m doing this for my husband, us we deserve our fairytale wedding. David I watch your show’s all the time, even before I got married and it always make’s me cry. You have a gift from god, to make people smile, and feel beautiful. My husband and I would be honored if you would help us pull our fairytale wedding off. Please come to Chicago Illinois and spread your gift that god has gave you to us.

    Our wedding is scheduled for October 27,2015 at 3:00p.m at Double Tree Hotel, By Chicago Magnificent Mile. Our wedding guest 300 people.
    Our wedding party 30.

    Theme of the wedding
    Mr.and Mrs.Mario Williams masquerade fairytale wedding
    The colors are Gray,Canary and ivory.
    Were inviting only family, and close friends
    We want it to be very classy, fun, and aintimate setting at the same time.

    I have pictures and lay out’s, kind of an Ideal but do not no how to bring it together.

    Leslie Wesley Williams
    From Bellwood Illinois.
    Thank you for letting Mario andI
    Share our story.

  84. Hello, my name is Amy, 34 years old from Chicopee Massachusetts. Me any my fiancé have been together for 10 years engaged since April of 2013. We have waited so long to get married to be able to save up and have the fairytale wedding I have always dreamed of but now things are getting super hectic only months before the wedding, my parents are getting divorced and my dad is moving away, my sister wont come to the wedding, his brother wont come, just lots of stressful situations to add to our already monstrous list of stress. Despite everything we are still moving forward with our planning, we will be married in a castle in november of this year, our colors are champagne and gold and the theme is romance, I just want everything to be super elegant and romantic. I absolutely adore David, and am a faithful fan of the show and having him take part in this experience and help me put together my dream wedding and all my fabulous visions would be such an amazing experience!! Thank you so much for you consideration!!

  85. I have not dreamed of “this day” since I was a little girl. I was perfectly happy living a fabulous successful single girl life in NYC until I tripped and fell on my now hubby to be…and what an incredible fall it has been. He is everything I never knew I needed and more than I knew I deserved.

    Our original wedding plan was to fly back from where we now live in LA, to NYC and elope at the courthouse and have tacos and margaritas at the place we had our first date…that was until we got officially engage and realized we have so many awesome people in our lives that have helped to shape us as individuals and who will hold us accountable throughout our marriage. It’s true what they say…It takes a village. So here we are planning a wedding and I’m a planner, I know what I like and I’ll stop at nothing to achieve it…but so far the planning process has me teetering the line straight back to elopement. Trying to find a house in L.A. to rent that has everything I need/want is proving to be insane! Is it so much to ask to achieve a 70’s glam, midcentury modern, movie in the park, Moroccan wedding blankets, sheer caftans, romantic starlight full moon, swanky pool party ceremony/reception; all while making it look effortless, easy, casual and chic at the same time?! David’s expertise in refining and bringing my vision to life would be the saving grace to my sanity. SOS


  86. Hello!

    My name is Jennifer and my Fiance is Chris. I know you het hubdreds of these so Ill keep it short abd sweet.

    We have been together for almost 3 years and last summer took the trip of a lifetime to Disney World. After saving for 2 years, and on our first day in Florida (before we even arrived at Disney) we were in a serious car accident when someone turned left infront of us on the highway. Although the other driver was at fault, medically and financially, this has changed our lives. We were determined to still go to disney, but I saw it from the perspective of being in a wheelchair.

    Now, we are trying to plan our dream wedding and have decided to go with a cinderella theme and try and bring some of the disney magic home. We don’t have the skill or the time to execute all of our dreams so we would love the help! All your weddings always turn out AMAZING!

    Hoping to hear from you!

    Jenn and Chris

  87. Hey David!
    My name is Sasha Quintana. I am 23 and I live in Orlando Florida. I am writing to you in the hopes that you will reach out to me with the interest to do my wedding. I just recently got engaged and have no idea where to begin. Just as a snippet, I live in Orlando, but want my wedding in Miami (all my family, friends, and childhood is there) I am the baby of 3 (minimal contact with my siblings) and my parents hate one another. I want to be walked down the aisle by my father, my mother may be that of a problem. I ultimately fear my parents going at it and although I am sure my father will try to help with the costs for my wedding, he wont be able to provide much which is embarrassing for me to disclose to my fiance because he has such a genuinely supportive family and I know that ultimately if not him, his family will take care of the cost which I don’t want happening. To be quite honest it is almost the sole reason why i find it so hard to plan a wedding, I don’t want it to become someone else’s expense. If it were to become my fathers expense and then my mother and him get into a fight at my wedding, what am I supposed to do but kick my mother out? I don’t want my happiest day to be interrupted and I cant begin to express how scared I am of my happiest day.
    I have ideas of what I want but I’m weary on how to get it. I’d like Cherry blossom trees as my reception decor with simplistic and conventional favors. i would love something outside near a lake but am afraid that it’ll be buggy (that’s Miami for you) I’m dying to find a suitable dress for myself. Something lace and vintage but with no ball gown ….more of a mermaid I suppose. My Fiance is Chinese/Cuban and I am Venezuelan so although I want Cherry blossom’s we don’t want it to look oriental as the tree is more Japanese. I want a live band to play and although my father is a musician who want to play for my wedding, I want him to enjoy his baby girl getting married. another reason why I need help is because my step mother is helping with arrangements but she and I bump heads at times. She means well but she honestly can get a tad obnoxious and yea she is jello inside but on the outside she can be a bit of a hard ass which is a bit stressful.
    I suppose the easiest way to describe my dream wedding is conservative, natural, slightly traditional, slightly vintage and cherry blossom tree.
    We are planning on sometime 2015 (preferably December 20) as close to our anniversary date as possible but because I’ve found it so hard to plan this I’m sort of hoping for a miracle. I genuinely and desperately need assistance. Please Help!
    Thank you, Hope to hear from you all
    Sasha Quintana

  88. Hi there,

    To make things short and sweet, the man that I am marrying is my best friend and a dream come true. We’ve been together for 3 yrs, but have been friends for 6. God knew he was the one from the day we met, we just hadn’t realized it yet. Needless to say, we are madly in love, shopping buddies & couldn’t be happier to start out lives together. We are getting married May 16th, 2015 in Temecula, California in front of 120 of our closes family and friends. I have watched David Tutera and the amazing weddings, parties and events he puts together and would be so overly blessed to be one of those people chosen. He has so much passion and love for what he does and the people he does it for. Thank you for your time :)

  89. My Name is Eileen Collins (Friend of the Bride to be)
    David, if you are planning to do an episode of MY FAIR WEDDING in California July 2015, Please consider my Friend Kathy Trinca (reception/phone operator) where I work in Lake forest california, She and her fiancee Don are planning a backyard wedding 7-11-15, Plastic table covers (yikes) Center piece Carnations with skulls and crossbones (Nooo) , Food Chinese and just finger foods (not Good), im trying to talk her into a more elegant theme, but shes trying to take the Inexpensive, thinking its a Party versus a Wedding, can you help!!!! Thank you so much

  90. To whom it may concern:

    Hi! My name is Cortney Wyatt. I would like to give you a short bio of myself and the love of my life, for a chance for you to help me with, “My Fair Wedding”!

    I am a 21 year old makeup artist and esthetician at a spa in North Carolina where I specialize in bridal makeup. Me and my man, Drew, have been together for 2 1/2 years but we have known each other since we were kids at the same small Christian elementary school. He is also 21, a straight-A, full time student, majoring in accounting at a local community college. Drew hopes to continue to a four year school next semester, and one day become a CPA. He also works part-time at a lawyers office.

    Me and Drew, together with my family, have had a major victory together! The two of us have lost over 300 pounds combined! We started a weight loss competition with my family and within a year, he was down 130 pounds, and I was down 80 pounds! We love fitness and working out together. We hope to continue this life style change for the rest of our lives together.

    We are at the very beginning of wedding planning. Being, the ring is still at the store and he has JUST saved enough money, with his part-time job, to be able to afford a ring! Therefore, we have not set a date or done much planning except for thrown ideas around. We both really love French macaroons and would love to do an elegant, Southern France themed wedding.

    Since I was young, my mom and her best friend had a “business” of planning weddings for low income family’s at no cost to the family. So I have grown up attending, setting up for and planning other peoples weddings; mean while always dreaming of how I want my own wedding to be. My mom and her best friend have helped so many people from the kindness of their hearts, and have worked so hard at so many weddings, I have always wanted my wedding to be different. I want my mom to be able to ENJOY my wedding. I know that if I don’t get help, she will work herself the entire time and she will not be able to relax and enjoy seeing her only child get married.

    I hope this is enough, and not too much info on our lives and I hope that you will consider helping us plan our big day! Please contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you for the opportunity,


  91. Hi. My name is Megan Williams. 24years old. Im from Monroeville, Alabama. I recently got engaged in November 2014 and looking to get married in September 2015. He is in the oil field industry and runs the family farming buisness. I am anursing student and run a family industrial tool company. He and I are comfortably set in our southern roots, so a rustic wedding is my ideal theme. It suits us in every aspect. I have the luxury of marrying my soulmate and spending eternity with this man, I would love the opportunity to share my special moments on your show as well as having you a part of the bliss.

    Thank you

  92. I would love to have David help me plan my wedding. I have helped so many brides plan their own and now that its my turn I am kind of over whelmed and wonder how I did this for others without going crazy. I just got engaged to my best friend and love of my life of 7 years and now our time has come. Are wedding is set for June 6th 2015. We live in Kansas City, Missouri.

  93. Hello David,

    My name is Nicole and my fiancé is Michael. We saved the date for 8-12-16. I plan on having an outside wedding in the evening. I am going to have a traditional white wedding dress and planning on my bridesmaids wearing a champaign color. We both have one child from a previous relationship and plan on having them be the ring barrier together. I don’t come from a family with a lot of money and I’m currently in nursing school to better out lives. It’s just so stressful, because I’ve always wanted to have the most beautiful wedding. Which to me it would beautful either way for I’m marrying my best friend. I’m very outgoing and love to work with others. If I hear back from you or not I just want you to know you really have an impact on that special day and I hope one day my fiancé and I can meet you.

  94. Hello David, I’ve thought about this over and over and over, my name is Kacy and I am 23 years old I have been engaged to my fiancé Aaron for 4 years now, he’s 26 years old. We met through a good friend of mine and have been inseparable ever since. He’s my best friend, my rock, the love of my life. He is a very loving, passionate, sweet, adoring, and protective man. I mean what can I say I found the one. We have been planning our wedding for 4 years on and off, he has had a few health scares and issues that made us put our wedding on the back burner but now we are good to go. I have been trying to plan this wedding for forever. I went through themes and ideas over and over. And I don’t know how to start to put everything together. I watch your show because you are just awesome at what you do and I’ve tried to do what you do but it’s not working. I need you, (the real flesh and bones you) to help me with my wedding. We want to be married on July 5,2015. We live in Detroit, MI. David you don’t understand how much it will mean to me if you came to help us put together the wedding of our dreams. David please, please, please pick us as your next couple. No one deserves this more than us. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration

  95. Blessings & Love to David, the Producers cast and crew of My Fair Wedding. My name is Ashley Vance, I’m a 30 year old Profesional Chef , Baker & the mother of 3 handsome boys. And we’re from a small city called Port Allen located in the state of Louisiana.(the Cajun country)…Lol.. I can only be truthful about the reason I have come to you all in a humble request for your assistance in making my wedding day unforgettable. A little over a year ago My father SelinVance lost his battle with Curvical Cancer, He was my best friend and one of the best father’s a girl could ever ask for. He was diagnosed and gone in less than a year, feels like it was yesterday And I’m still dealing with the reality of it. A little over a month after his passing I met my now Fience’ Derrick Williams. Thiers so much I can say about this man who’s has helped me through the hardest time in my life, along with the support and love of my family. I’m Blessed to have my Mother with me still who’s doing the best she can, she’s a little controlling but what mother isnt. Derrick has lost both his parents as well as his older brother to cancer so he knows the pain I feel all to well. I had given up on love Due to previous relatiinships. Being with him has taught me to love, trust and beleive that anything is possible. And true love isn’t perfect but it is real without a doubt. I’m not a rediculously picky individual. But I am an artist as well as a creative thinker. But Im emotionally stagnant. And I honestly need help executing my vision. And just to make it know this isn’t just my wedding it’s for my mother & and my sister as well who’s never had the opportunity to have Thier dream weddings either. to make it simple anything you all are able to assist me with will be a blessing in itself. I know what I deserve because I’m a good person but when someone else is helping you I’m humble enough to compromise especially with a professional Who’s willing to be a blessing. I’m on a emotional Rollercoaster because every time I try to plan I think of the fact that my Dad isn’t here to walk me down the Isle and it cuts like a knife. Or share that first dance. I want to be filled with joy and love while planning one of the most important days of my life. but my heart aches, My creative process is at a stand still, and because we had to fight for my fathers estate in court and unfortunately lost, I lost my savings and funds have depleted. And it would’nt be fair to ask the groom to foot a huge chunk of the bill. I watch every episode of your show. And you all really make dreams come true. Thanks for taking the time to read my Comment I apologize if it’s too long. But this means for to me than a freebe. Or a few moments of fam. It’s a dream for the my wedding day that ive been sketching since I was 12 years old to become reality!! My groom just says Sweetheart Whatever makes you happy. The only struggle with him is the Jordan tennis shoes and the tuxedo ..Ughhhhh…lol…But I love him more than anything in this world and beyond.
    Blessings & Love
    -Ashley Vance

  96. Hi,

    My name is Stacy. I’m 44 years old. Last summer I met the most amazing man in the world on a dating site. Who would’ve thought? We are now planning our wedding after enduring a couple of surgeries together. We are both disabled with different disabilities; but too stubborn to give up. I’m an amputee of the left leg due to a work injury. David was born with Neurofibromatosis type 1. There aren’t too many couples where both the bride and groom are disabled; but we make it work. We know we love each other very much. Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries; but we find a way to work through everything together. We would love to be on the show to help plan our big day. This marriage will be the 2nd marriage for both of us. Neither of us has had the nice wedding. I would love to walk down the aisle with my father on 1 side of me and my son on the other side. My son is special needs, and is looking forward to walking down the aisle with me and my father. I feel that my fiance and I would make a great episode for your show to show people some of the challenges that we face as well as how we enjoy life being disabled. I don’t like to dwell on our disabilities; but the disabilities have made us into the people that we have become. We are planning our wedding for July 2015. Thank you for your consideration. God Bless!

  97. Hi! My name is Maxine, my fiance name is Orlando. . I am dying (almost literally! ) to be apart of Davids magic touch! My fiance and I are a young couple in our mid 20s with 2 adorable sons together. We have been through so much in the past 5 and a half yrs and we deserve it! We have been working so hard to reach a time when we can afford the wedding I have been dreaming about since the moment I knew he would be the person I marry. We are full of energy, and hilarious to watch. I always tell him we should have a reality show as funny and chaotic our life is! I have prayed and prayed that I would catch a casting call for My Fair Wedding and actually be chosen! I don’t think I could come up with the words to explain the excitement and happiness I would be overcome with! We are currently living in Milwaukee, WI but I am originally from San Diego, CA so I am looking to bring that beautiful Cali life to Wisconsin just for my special day! Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

  98. My fiancé and I are planning a wedding for fall 2015. I am a full time college student and he is currently in the process of training to become a fireman. My mother has been helping me with my college tuition and other expenses which have taken a financial toll on her. Needless to say she is heartbroken that she is only able to help with minimal wedding expenses. I, on the other hand, would never dream of asking her to help because she has helped both of us so much already. I am perfectly fine with a simple, intimate wedding with just the family, but I know how much my mom wants me to have something a little nicer. She is scrimping and saving so she can at least get us the wedding cake and the center pieces and our pastors have even offered to help us out by allowing us to use the small church hall for the reception. We are truly blessed to have such giving people around us. I have seen the fantastic job you have done for other brides and I am in awe of the beautiful weddings you have prepared for them. What I like best about you as wedding planner is that you go above and beyond to make their day so special. I can only hope that they truly appreciate your hard work. I hope you can help me so my mom can experience the type of wedding she has always dreamed for me. I would be most appreciative if you would make this possible. Thank you and God bless.

  99. I have typed and erased, type and erased trying to think of the perfect way to start my message so here it goes, I have the most amazing daughter, best friend, teacher, gal pal in the world, Yes, this is her mother Kandi and this is my letter. I was a single mother since she was 2 years old, we have traveled quite a bit (Guam, Hawaii, Alaska) due to better work opportunities to take care of us. She has had to transition so many times, different schools, leaving behind friends and family but still had time to shed a smile from time to time. As she began her teenage years I know there were times she watched friends enjoy family times with mom and dad and I could sense her sadness not being able to have both parents. When times got rough and stressful for me she would take on the mother role and comfort me, telling me we are going to be fine and I knew she was indeed my light in a dark time, my strength when I am weak, my heart and soul. At age 16 , I was married to the most wonderful man in the world to her, that’s my Dad. She always would say: Mom, I hope to marry someone just like my Dad. Now at 22, in her words has found her forever love. She has always talked about her fairy tale wedding to be in a log cabin in the woods, vintage themed style venue with twinkle lights, candles soft mint green, crème color scheme with a wedding cake with no frosting just berries and strawberries to separate the layers, I’ve always called her an Old Soul and listening to her wedding is exactly how I would of imagined it for her. She is getting married on August 7, 2015 and I’m not the best wedding planner to help bring her dream wedding to reality, She is hooked on My Fair Wedding and tries to pay close attention to how David puts his magical touches on everyone’s wedding but my heart cries for her because I have no idea how to help get this off in the right direction, There are times I would show her something and she would say: Mom, David would say where did you get that from,, no Mom,,,,so this is why I’m writing this sincere message in hopes you would consider my daughter to help her dream wedding, her reality and my heart at peace knowing you all helped make this happen for her,, She is my world,,,,God bless you

  100. Hi my name is Caitlin, my two wonderful amazing aunts are getting married, yes i said aunts! My aunt Sonia and her wife Crystal have been together for about 8 years now. My aunts have had to keep their relationship a secret from my grandparents since day 1. They will not be going and i feel like it is simply unfair, I want them to be able to have the dream wedding they deserve even if my grandparents arent there. A way to help that dream come true is to have you and your crew work your magic and help out my aunts have a night they will never forget. I want them to know that I love them very much and if I was able to get you to help them with that would be amazing way to show my gratitude for them. The wedding is set for August 22, 2015 and it would be amazing if you could come to Rhode Island and help them out!! Please and thank you.

  101. Just two months after starting culinary school, I decided that I wanted to use the tools that I had learned to give back to the community. I attended a Christmas party at Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, Florida to help with the American Culinary Federation hosting their annual celebration. I got there quite early that day and started cutting chicken, baking cookies etc. A few hours after arriving I saw a man out of the corner of my eye walk through the doorway. It was literally love at first sight, for me at least. I spent the rest of that night just trying to be close to said man. The professional that he is, because I was a student and he was helping lead the event, didn’t even act as if he may be interested. I went home that night racking my brain on how in the world I was going to find this man again. The internet is a beautiful tool. I started with searching facebook, nothing, to google I went! I remembered seeing his name on his Chef coat and decided to give it a whirl. First thing to pop up was Matthew Reed’s linkedin. I decided that I would connect with him and thank him for taking me under his wing that night at Give Kids the World. Needless to say, phone numbers were exchanged (finally) and we have been doing charity events together ever since!! I couldn’t ask for a better life partner. We have been together a little over two years now. In that two years Matthews mother and my father have passed away suddenly. We have overcome every obstacle that has been thrown our way. We are now planning our wedding for October 9th, 2015 in Orlando, Florida with an obvious fall theme! I have purchased my dress, shoes and veil. Because money is tight, I have a beautiful venue that I would love to use however, haven’t been able to afford the down payment as of yet. My mother is completely heartbroken knowing that the stigma is the brides parents pay for the wedding and she cannot do a thing to help since my father passed away. Please help make my dreams come true because as of right now it seems impossible. Thanks!

  102. Hello, I’m writing you today for the same reason as all of these lovely couples. Our story? We met almost 5 years ago on Halloween and want to get married on our anniversary with a traditional ceremony and masquerade ball reception. We are a lesbian couple and both entertainers in our area so planning the wedding that our fans would expect from us is proving to be more difficult than expected.

  103. I am nominating my twin sister Melanie and her new fiance Peter to be on your show because they deserve it. They have been trying to get engaged for a few years but Peter wasn’t able to save enough for her ring until recently. They want their wedding to be vintage themed and their date is set for September 12th, 2015. Melanie and Peter have opposite work schedules which make spending time together somewhat difficult. She reached out to me last night and asked me to walk her down the aisle. Top make a long story short, Melanie and I are 32 years old, and have lost every family member due to mostly cancers. Our mother left us at the age of 5 months old, and our father was in and out of jail all our lives until he overdosed on Cocaine and pain pills in 2004. He was adopted by our grandmother who raised us since our mother left. Our mother passed away in 1991 in a car accident. Our grandmother passed away in 2008 from cancer. The last few years of her life was spent taking care of her sister who had cancer.

    I would love to make this happen for my twin sister who has no idea I’m doing this for her. She needs to have this dream wedding come true so she can stop stressing over the losses we experienced in our family and have her magical moment with her soon to be husband. Thank you!

  104. Hello David, & All The Casting Crew.
    My Name Is Samantha, I’m from a little town called Rio Hondo. I live in Texas, and I’m marrying the man of my dreams on December 5th this year! My fiancé proposed to me back on October 10, 2014. We have only been together a year, but it has been the best year of my life. He makes me the happiest women in the world, he is very outgoing and down to earth which is why I am marrying him. Our dream wedding theme is Winter Wonderland. We love the winter! Everything about it is amazing. We live in Texas so we don’t get snow down here. For our wedding we want to hire someone to make fake snow and make our wedding day feel like it is snowing inside our venue. I am 19 years old, and my fiancé is 21. I will be 20 when we get married, I am still young, but I’m ready for my life to change for the better. I wouldn’t want to spend another day without my fiancé by my side. So David, and the casting crew if you pick me I would be so blessed to have a beautiful wedding all done by David!! Thank you. :)

  105. THIS HAS BEEN MY DREAM SINCE I WAS 14. My name is Justine. I Started dating my fiancé when I was just 14 years old. We went all the way through High school together so in love. We then went to college together where our relationship grew even stronger. My fiancé proposed to me in NYC under Rockefeller Christmas tree December 20th. Most magical day of my life! Saying that, I’m a little worried for my wedding. I have two older sisters who are also engaged. We are all very close in age, and it’s been a struggle all trying to plan a wedding. I am in grad school as of now, and my fiancé is in law school. We will be graduating May 2016, and plan to be married December 2016. Yes, it is a while away. But I am I’m desperate need of help. I have such a vision in mind and no one can understand what I’m truly going for. I want a boho winter wedding. My budget is small since I’m the third wedding in my family in 2 years. I feel like I really do deserve this. My fiancé and I have such a beautiful relationship and are working as hard as we can to save up for the wedding of our dreams!! Please help our dreams come true!!!

  106. My name is Olivia and I have been engaged to my fiancé, Todd, since April 2014. Todd and I met in 2008 while in 4-H. We knew of each other before then, but had never really spoken. The first time we really talked, there were so many butterflies in my stomach! I was just trying not to get sick in front of him. We parted ways and spoke a few times after, but it was not until July 2009 that we started dating. We were dating for two and a half years before I found out I was pregnant at 17 (he was 20). Our daughter is now 2 and the apple of our eyes! Todd works all of the time so I can go to school full-time and plan a wedding and save for it. Money is of course tight since I still have 2 more years of school (I will finish with a Bachelor degree in Nursing) but we are wanting to get married in this coming year. I have gotten ivory napkins and tablecloths, mason jars, and some burlap for my decorations. I was not looking for a really fancy and expensive wedding because we do not have the appropriate funds, but it is a dream of mine. I do not really know what I am doing and grew up a total tomboy. Please help me!! I live in Iowa.

  107. My name is Sheliah, mother of the bride-to-be. She has had the DVR set on your shows for as long as I can remember; getting ideas, making comments, even taking notes. She is a hairstylist who tirelessly feeds the homeless once a month by networking with friends and social media; is very active in the community; and puts others needs before her own.

    On Thanksgiving 2014, her long-term man-friend Mike sat on the sofa beside me and asked for my blessing to marry my only child, Dana. After a series of questions, I gave him the answer he sought, “yes”, he could marry her. Within a few days, they were eagerly beginning the early stages of planning an October 2015 wedding.

    Just today, she tearfully came to me and said that weddings and receptions were SO unbelievably expensive, and they would probably have to go to a Justice of the Peace: My heart broke into a million tiny pieces.

    David, if you are planning to do an episode of MY FAIR WEDDING in Georgia in early 2015, please consider a hardworking hairstylist who puts everyone else first as a very good candidate for one of your spectacular shows.

    A Heartbroken Mom

  108. My name is Linda Jones. My fiance, Eric, and I have been together for six years. He finally popped the question on December 23, 2014 and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to hear those 4 little words come out of his mouth! As long as I have know this man, I have always thought to myself how lucky I am to have some one as genuine as him in my life. I have won the hearts of his parents and family members with the years but I never realized that I had completely won his over as well. At the current moment we are both studying nursing with the hopes of becoming registered and diving head first into our careers as soon as we’re through with college. We both also work and have started a savings of our own but we recently began having automobile issues that need to be addressed immediately. At the rate at which we’re saving, we won’t be married for a very lengthy amount of time. Please help me make this one of the most unforgettable days of my fiances life — he truly is amazing and deserves a dream wedding.


    One drunk in love bride-to-be

  109. my name is christina the love of my life , is jaime melchor , we recently got engaged ! At disneyland witch has been like our second home for years , sounds cliche but we would love to have our wedding at disneyland at there venue , I am 25 my man is 27 we are young but in love been together for 3 years . Interracial trying to show the world that love is more then skin deep , being on ur show would make an touch our hearts we are planning , to get married in 2015 hopefully you can pick us as a couple of yours on your next episode ! We look forward to hearing from you , we love your show we watch it religiously . Prey to hear from you .

  110. Hi David, im a fiancée who is aged 25 and going to marry my ment to bean in may 2015. Unfortunately i live in Australia but i thought just maybe David also would like a holiday :) im in lovvvveee with his work and even more so with his personality and kind heart. I want him to help me with my day and make it fun and exciting as so far no one seems very interested in it :( the style is outdoors, casual but glamorous with sofas and chairs outdoors for guest as well as lawn games and festoon lighting over a big dance floor under the stars. I want my guest to enjoy themselves and for it to be a day full of happiness for everyone. Pls please show this message to David and i will forever be thankful

  111. Hi, my name is Sammy.
    Im trying to help my sister plan a perfect wedding.
    We don’t have alot of money.
    My sister marelin and her boyfriend Carlos.
    Are just the cutest. I really want her to have a nice wedding.
    There both great people. Every year Carlos, goes to Walmart to buy a whole cart full of school supplies. To ship out to Guatemala where not alot of people have money to buy there kids supplies. I really would love to have David help out. My sister loves his work. It would really mean Alot if he could help. She’s always taking care of my dad. Cause he has disability.. he cannot work. We all try to help with her wedding, now that It’s coming up in October. Please help if you can.
    I would love to surprise her with that gift.

  112. Aaliyah Moore
    A Neice that just wants the BEST for her Aunt.

    Dear David, I am 17 years old, and I have watched some episodes of your television show. Your show has really inspired me to try give my on her dream wedding I just really want the best for my on because she’s been through so much, and I really just want to make things easier for my family. David can please, please help my aunt with her wedding, we really need help and her wedding is in October 2014. I know that the day is approaching soon but can you please help me. My aunts name is Katherine, she has finally found the Manaford dreams and wants to have her dream wedding with him my aunt is a single mother of five kids from her previous marriage, and she has no parents to help her with her wedding either. She only has help from her fiancé and she has been trying to work on her wedding as well as making money for her children. I can tell that things are very overwhelming for her and I really just want to help her out. Her mother passed away about four years ago due to pancreatic cancer, her mother was a huge influence in her life and her mother always made sure that they had the best, mother always provided for her just like she does with her own kids, but during the last couple years of her life she had to provide for her mother her father and her children. Shortly after her mother passed away her father past six months later her father died due to a stroke, just when things were looking up for her and her father and her kids. She already had to give that the family home with her mother passed away and then she had to give up the home that her and her father were renting, because she can no longer afford it due to her financial situation, having the expenses of the funerals in the tombstones and different things from life. When her father died she had to rely on her own self to find another house for her children, thankfully provided for her and she had to keep her faith in him in order to be able to make it to her tough time. She has been praying for a miracle to help her with her wedding because she does not have anybody else, I know of the members of my family would love to help her but it’s so hard because everybody is in their own financial struggle, she has been hit so hard with Beth and her family from losing both of her parents in less than six months. We want to help her so badly but about seven months ago my grandfather passed away and we are going to financial situations from his funeral expenses. We are trying to pull together as a family to give her her dream wedding but it’s very hard, we are praying for a miracle and David I believe that you can be that miracle. PLEASE help us, I hate to see my family struggle, and I know that if you help us it would be such a huge blessing. It’s love and God bless -Aaliyah Moore

  113. Hi my name is LeSheryl and my husband name is Vincent and yes you read it right he is my husband. We got married back in 2009 but being that we were just starting out and relocating and reuniting I came back to my hometown to take care of my mom and he to take care of his grandmom we just could’nt afford a wedding and though our financial status is great now I would just like to get remarried and have that dream wedding just once. I spend alot of time taking care of others that if only this one time I would like to feel like that special person. This would be my third wedding second time to Vincent my first time was not only to the wrong groom that abused and just made a mess out of my life but I got married in pants my second wedding which would be my first to Vincent though I had a dress I had nothing else not even a ring so he has just brought me a ring I am trying to do alot of do it yourself things but I could really use your help. Please I am begging you to help me I would love to share some of my ideas with you and though I dont have alot of money I know my wedding wouldnt cost alot cause I am a very creative person.

  114. Elmo David and WE tv producers! My name is emilee, my fiancé is Michael, we’ve been together for little over a year now and we’ve decided it’s time to tie the knot! There’s one problem…. Michael leaves for the army, I head into college, and neither one of us knows how to plan a wedding!! His mother and father as well as his grandparents took me in when my mother abused me… I’m still trying to get her to now allow my siblings into my wedding without her in it… No I don’t have a father. I’m located in raeford NC!!! If you could please being the show down here maybe? Thank you!


  116. Hello my name is Ashley Lane and I am from Lakeland, Florida. I have always had this dream to be a princess on my wedding day and I have found a awesome guy the treat me like a queen every day. I can admit that I have champaign taste on a beer budget but I only plan to get married once. I met this lovely guy in Miami, Florida while I was going to school. I kinda played hard to get but needless to say he got me we have been together for 5 years and we have a 2year old son we have been talking about getting married for what seems like for ever and my family have even openly asked ” So when are y’all getting married” but now we are finally ready the date is 10/02/2014 and I just need a little lot of help from David Tutera to help me make this day special. So Please Please Please Please Pretty Please help me!!!!

  117. You have never done a show like this but, I am a dialysis patient. I have two daughters that was planning on getting married. The first one was April of 2015 and the second daughter was in 2016. It was always my dream to give them their dream wedding. On January 28, 2014 my husband left me for another woman, due to my illness. It devastated me. I thought for certain this was something I could give my daughters was a wedding of their dreams. Now because of this heart break and my financial changes. You are my only hope to fulfill their wish. I am sure like other moms, they fill their daughters are beautiful. I feel the same way. Please help me fulfill their dreams. My oldest is Adrianna and the other is Laken. Adrianna is all about traditional glitz and glamour, while Laken is Shabby Chic.

  118. Dear David,
    Greetings from Arizona! Before I begin ranting about my beloved deaf fiancée. Let me tell a bit about me and why I am trying everything to reach you :). My name is Ashley, please call me Shey. Cassandra and I are getting married on April 20th, 2014. The reason I am trying do hard to reach you because of my fiancée. On the night before my birthday, July 28th, 2013, I discovered I was diagnosed with epilepsy, from July to the end of August I was in and out of the hospital. My fiancée stayed up all night time to time to help me. Whenever happen to me, she would take me to ER. Without my fiancée’s help, ultimate support, devotion and strength I would not have recovered at this speed or take a control of my seizures. She researched and goes beyond to learn about my conditions. I’m also gluten free. I’m lactose intolerant. And I’m allergic. She has none, she is opposite of me. All of this has happen at merely 7 months into of our relationship, she could have just leave me but she has never once think of leaving me. Because of the amount of the hospital visits and seizure episodes which prevented me function normal, I lost my job. They didn’t want to be held responsible because of my condition. Ever since that job, it’s been very hard in finding a job. My fiancée, Cassandra is Deaf but yet my best friend, wonderful, beautiful woman, caring, a healer and so forth. Yes, I say she is Deaf. I am hearing. I learn ASL from her. Believe me when I say you will get along with her so well, it will be like that because she is so easy person to get along. She understand herself. She even knows her flaws which I never see in anyone else before. She’s honest person. She is the one who has been doing all the bills, working, paying things I need and pretty much the whole weight of two humans and six pets. It breaks my heart everyday knowing I can’t distribute much at the moment, and I’m tired of seeing her so exhausted. On her days off, we watch your show together on Netflix even if it’s replays because she loves your creative, fantastic work. You know she was the one who introduced your show to me. All throughout her dreams, you are the biggest of all, to help do our wedding. Well maybe second the biggest dream hehe.To her she sees you as an amazing friend who will help her to peel all of her shells off of her for she wants everyone to share same emotions and the memory together. She has doubts and bad bad bad self conscience which prevent her to open her wings. But what crushed me the most is, we are planning to get married but it will be coming from my fiancée and her family’s money because I don’t have money. I feel like I’m a gold digger which I am not. I had jobs when I met her, I spoiled her as my queen but now she been spoiling me. I hate it haha because I’m supposed be the one who takes care of her. So now I’m asking if you would be able to help please because the only thing that matters for my wedding is that my fiancée get the wedding she definitely deserves as for everything she has sacrificed. I want to work with you on this secretly as for she does not know I’m writing you. The best thing ever would be to surprise her with the wedding she’s always dreamed of.

    I am not sure if you have done a wedding for a deaf person who have a vast numbers of deaf people. She wanted a deaf pastor, we already had someone in our mind. She knew him though a dormitory staff of 10 years. The themes are shaking but it’s called Lords of the Rings/Mobster/Vintage wedding. she loves Lord of the Rings so much. She wanted medieval but yet modern time, lotus flowers, valley of lily, colored calla lily, oriental lily, orchids and more. She wanted her wedding full of breathtaking nature like ones in Lords of the Rings. The color is purple the food would be Mexican food because that’s our favorite international food. Cassandra wanted a jungle play place for kids as for there will be some. Even though we are loyal and madly in love we do have some different taste in things. I have been out my foot on my idea of vintage and mobster. For example, I want a mobster style tux: Aqua and white colors (Cassandra wanted me in purple/green/white colors). I wanna DJ that play modern songs. I want to perform with jabawakiiz. I love to entertain but Cassandra kinda of embarrassed and concerned for me in case if I mess up heh? I want vintage club reception. I know the budget probably has to be large to get you to help but if you could at all, just let me know the price, I can try ask her family if they want to help me with this surprise having you be part of it as well. I actually am not sure if she has anything planned because we are in the middle of moving back to Tucson to help Cassandra’s mother with Cassandra’s both grandmas and grandpa although she doesnt have to because there’s another family members in Tucson but she knew she has to be the one to help because the family members aren’t exactly thinking of others of then as she unfailingly always does think of others more than herself. I would be more than being grateful to you for your time. I want her to know that this is for her. All for her. Please send David to Tucson, Arizona. This will be a lifetime experience for her because it will be her FIRST time to not having to plan ANYTHING for her the most important event. She always plans herself for all of her events. Anyone forward this to David Tutera to help me to make this happen for Cassandra. Guide me to him, please.

  119. My Michael and I got engaged on December 25,2013 Christmas Morning in front of our Christmas tree while opening gifts. Our Wedding date is scheduled for December 6, 2014. I love Christmas time it reminds me of how important family is and we were engaged in December. So what better time of the year to have the wedding, it just made perfect since!
    Michael and I would be honored to meet David and have him plan our Wedding Day. We have a venue and we have purchased our save the dates. We decided to have a Vintage Christmas/Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding. I know David can take this idea and make it magical. Please choose my Michael and I for this once in a lifetime chance. Thank you for your consideration of our application that we have submitted.

  120. Hey David!

    My name is Ashley Grove and I am getting married to my amazing fiancé, Shawn Bresnahan August 30, 2014! I have been religiously following and watching all of your episodes and am just amazed by the beautiful work you do and would probably drop dead if you ever showed up to our wedding! We have been together 2 years now and first met on New Years in Reno, NV. Shawn proposed to me in the most romantic way on May 5th, 2013 (we have a holiday theme going on here). I know you would probably never consider traveling to a small western town for a wedding but its worth a shot right? :) We are having a beautiful lace western wedding and would love your help. You are so talented either way, I hope I will get lots of inspiration from your show!

  121. Hello David,

    My name is kashirah williams and my boyfriend and I live in Viera Florida, we’re supposed to be getting engaged sometime in 2014 as he says he’s just been trying to save up the money to do so. We have been together for almost 3 years we are both from copiague Long Island ny. We went to the same elementary, middle school & high school as we’ll. He works on a space pad in cape carnival but things have been tough since we had the government shutdown, just last week we had to get rid of one of our cars to catch up on bills. I’ve set my date for July 26 2015, and I want to have my wedding at Disney of course it’s a Cinderella theme. I haven’t started anything yet so far. I know what kind of dress I would like but just haven’t been settling down yet because I don’t want to set a date and not being able to pay for it. My grandma and I used to watch your show all the time and she would say to me I hope one day you try and get on his show that would be so nice to meet hi. However my grandma past away a year ago from cancer, she was the type if person who would have made my dress favor invitations all from scratch. I kind of guess that another reason I haven’t started knowing that she isn’t by my side to help me with these things. So that’s why I’m asking for your help @davidtutera #davidtutera please help my dream come true the sooner the better. Xoxo kashirah & john

  122. i would love for my wedding to be planned by David…. im getting married in July…i want to have my dream wedding… but my expenses are limted…. therefor i have to have a simple small budget wedding… please please contact me back i live in NY…. this really would mean alot to me…. i give so much… i just want this one day to be perfect…

  123. Hi, I’m 17 years old and I stay in Southfield,MI. I wanted to addition to be apart or one the episode of “My Fair Wedding Unveiled. My prom is in May,2014 and I graduate in June,2014. I would just love it and greatly appreciate it if David Tutera would help me with prom. I would love to blessed and given the opportunity to shine and look stunning on my prom day. I’m not a fashionista and need some help picking out what dress would look beautiful on the rack and look even more beautiful on me, So We TV and David Tutera if you guys could help me look like a princess on my prom day it would be a memory that I would never forget.

  124. Hello David and crew,
    My daughter loves your show she has been watching it for three years straight. I have seen many tears fall over your wedding transformations. The information and picture I submitted at the top was that of my daughter.
    My daughter is has been through a lot and has gone from the things that has happened to her in the past. She has now found true love I have never seen her or her twin 10 year old daughters more happy. They both work hard my daughter and her fiance, and wedding is all she dreams about. David I don’t know much about what needs to be done to become a bride on your show but please give her a chance she honestly deserves it. I am not just saying that because I am her mother, please contact me by email I would live to share her story with you. Thank you for time

  125. hi david .. nothing to special about me .. i come from a family of 5 girls and none of my sisters that were married ever had a nice wedding an being that i am number 5 i want to give them that ,, but i think im in over my head ,,i dont know where to start and i dont know what to do im trying so hard but i dont think its gonna happen if you can give me some tips an pointer that would be great ……. i picked june 28 ,2014 an me deceased mom birthday to show love … but im stuck i have a small budget to work with .. please hope you can help send me some tips …. thanks platinum princess bride

  126. Hello!
    My Name is Betty and I’m from Utah. I am finally getting married to the love of my life this coming Oct. We started our story backwards and had our babies first. My fiance always had a fear of marriage and we just never discussed it. Now three years later it’s happening (Finally) we have 3 beautiful children (7, 2, 5 months old girls) We been so busy having babies We NEED David. We got engaged Dec 23 and our plans keep getting pushed back. We have set the date for Oct 5, 2013, and whether we are ready or not it’s happening. our location is a backyard. (i want an outside wedding) my dress is from davidsbridal.com. I would absolutely be a dream come true if david chose us to transform our special day.
    Thank you!

  127. Hi I would like to nominate my friend Olivia for the show. She is planning on getting married March 2014. She has been through so much I would love for her to have the dream wedding she deserves. I wont put her story on here but please it would be amazing. Thank you

  128. Hello my name is tamika bell im a big fan of the show and it’s always been my dream to hav that big Cinderella wedding but since me and my husband couldn’t affiord that we,went to the court house to get married. I,really wish that david can do my wedding that wag it should have,been done thanks and keep the show hot.

  129. Gaby Cortez is my niece and is engage to Stefan. Gaby and Stefan are going to McLennan Community College. Gaby was excepted to McLennan Community College Veterinary School. Stefan is going to McLennan Community College for accounting. Gaby also works 2 jobs and when not working she helps foster one pregnant cat and takes care of her other adopted animals. Gaby wants to have her wedding at Moon River Ranch on March 8th. and her dress by Vera Wang and plans to use a coral and mint color for her wedding. I know that it would be dream come true for Gaby if David plan her wedding.
    Thank You!

  130. Hello, I am really hoping that we could get assistance with our wedding. We are a combined family that in total there are 9 children who are the most important thing in our lives and we put ourselves last. Any suggestions or help on how to make our wedding something that all of us including the kids would enjoy and remember would be greatly appreciated. We do plan on having all of the kids in the wedding so that they are apart of it and feel special. Please help and thank you.

  131. I’m working four jobs to have enough money to pay for my dream wedding. However, with working I’m too tired to plan. Therefore my mother has been handling all of my leg work. Although I appreciate my mother’s help, she is making it more of her dream wedding then my own. The time is approaching fast and I am on the verge of doing the simplest wedding just to marry my best friend of fifteen years. Please help.

  132. 5 days. That’s all it took to know that Robert was the man I would spend the rest of my life with. I am a single mother of 2, attending nursing school full time while helping my mother. He is a widower that works 6, sometimes 7 days a week to support the family. I gave up on finding love and all of the sudden I met Robert online. Both of us were very guarded yet the walls around our hearts quickly came down. He is my soul mate, my best friend, always puts me and my family before anyone else. He’s the man of my dreams and I love him!!! Every person sould be so lucky to marry the love of their lifetime.
    Since his parents are both deceased and my mother is divorced, we are paying for the wedding ourselves. We will be wed in our church where our wonderful pastor will perform the ceremony. The reception will be held at the church as well. Our colors are black & white (the wedding party will be wearing black, along with my dress is all black). The groom will wear a kilt tux. My daughter is a bridesmaid (very difficult finding just the right dress for a 15 year old) and my son will be an usher. Our guest list is under 100.
    I feel as though this is the one marriage that will NOT end up in divorce. What we hope to accomplish is very simple but elegant. I picture a night time winter wonderland.
    To have David choose us to plan our wedding would be a dream come true.

  133. Wow how amazing would it be for David to knock on your door and give you one of the most amazing gifts a beautiful charming wedding of your dreams. Its such a blessing when you find that one person that fulfills your life beyond explanation. Joesph Bowie is the man God brought into my life and showed me how to love and be loved. When he’s not with me my heart yearning for him. He’s one of the best things that has happened to me. We would love to have an Hamptons inspired wedding with everything over the top. I would live all the women to wear big beautiful hats and all the men to be dresses casual classic. My colors I love is navy light peach light gold silver and creme. I want a dress that is elegant ballgown and all my six bridesmaids to wear dressrs with awesome large hats or beautful hairpieces. My venue is a large Victorian house with fountains flowers everywhere9 peacocks and beautiful statues and walkways the venues is amazing I guess I was thinking the hamptons but also a old vintage gonecwith the wind tea party sounds like I need some help pulling my dream wedding together god bless all of you and how blessed are all that has found true love!

  134. Hi David, I am writing you about my niece Cora, she is a beautiful 30 year old who is planning a wedding for Sept 29, 2013 in LA Califorina. She and her fiance’ are paying for everything their selves and I would love it if you could put your stamp on it. She and E have been together about 8 years now and they finally set a date! She has a Cinderella theme which is very fitting for her she is my little black barbie doll. She just won first runner up in the Miss Black California pagent 2013. She works so hard and I really want her to have every thing she ever dreamed of and you could help make that happen, it would be an answer to prayer.

  135. Hello my name is kiandra lewis and I am engaged to james norwood. We been together for three years and plan to get married in august of 2013.both of our mothers have past away and we don’t talk to our fathers. We have been trying our best tokeep good paying jobs and save up for oour weeding. With bills and the expensive cost for things for a nice nice wedding we will not be getting married for aonotjer four years since we have nbody eles I thought out will be a great idea to ask you guys for help please help your future bride kiandra lewis

  136. David,
    I am submitting for a fellow associate. She and her fiance’
    were to be married October 18, 2012. Six days before her wedding
    her fiance’ sufferd a severe stroke, and was hospitalized for 3 weeks.
    Even before the stroke, Amanda was in trouble with her wedding. As
    friends, we were concerned with the wedding because she only had a wedding dress, and the cake picked out. She and her fiance’ did have
    their pictures taked, but that was about it.
    Amanda was lacking support from her family, and was financially strapped.
    Her fiance’ has now come home and we want to surprise her and her fiance’ with a wedding of their dreams….
    Help us surprise Amanda with the wedding she and Jeff have dreamed of….Thank you, Connie and Brenda

  137. Hi David, my name is Verona Carter I am 41 years old and a single mother of 4 kids and 2 granddaughters. Im writting u today because my oldest daughter Laquavious Carter age 23 is getting married December 29, 2012. David, I work six days a week just to make ends meet. I don’t have much and it breaks my heart that my daughter wants this fairytale wedding and I cant give it to her. But with your help I know we can make it possible. I asked my daughter What would u do if David showed up to help you plan your wedding? She said “Momma to tell u the truth I would die”. I said don’t die your getting married. She replyed with tears n her eyes “It would be the happiest day of my life”. She watches your show all the time and I do to when im not working. David, if you can please help me make her dream come true I will do everything n my power to repay you. You are a blessing to so many people that love eachother but dont have the money to be joined as one. I never been married, but I shared 15 years with my kids father. When I was 7 months pregnant with my last child , I found out that he was getting married to a woman he only knew for maybe a year. That was very hard for me. My daughter has a 1 year old daughter by her fiance. He is in the millatery and is going to Irac next year 2013 so please David in “JESUS” name make my daughter dream come true. We love you, your show, and every beautiful wedding you have Blessed people with. May “GOD” bless you DAVID and I hope you make our dream wedding come true in Eufaula, Alabama. If you don’t be able to help us at least call my daughter on her weddind day or send a card. It would mean a lot to her just to hear from you on that day, but I hope she get a chance to meet you instead……………….LOVE U DAVID and may GOD keep blessing you so you can bless others.

  138. Hello David me and my brother want my mom to have the best wedding ever and the only way that could happen is with your help . Me and my brother want this to be an amazing wedding for my mom because she has been duvorced for 8 years and she has been threw a tough time with it all and we want her to have a wonderful wedding and we need ur help . We love to whatch your show and we think ur a wonderul wedding desighner .My moms theme is chic and glamorous. My name is margot and i love you and ur show and it would be so amazing if u could help us . Thanks so much for reading .

  139. dear david I have been watching your show since 2008. so I have been looking at the show I have also noticed that my story is a littl..e bit different than others…please excuse any typos for I am using his cell phone do to our computer being broke…yet the difference in my story includes the fact that my husband and I are already married unfortunately we were not able to have a wedding. paul and I have been together well counting our puppy love since the 6 grade we have grown together move apart yet love has seemed to find us back as one. We now are both 31 years young sharing four Children..I guess what I am trying to say is though a wedding is more of a womans dream…I would like to see my husband happy for once..He really wanted to have my dream wedding working hard at the same job for over ten years..and saving to finally get me and the children in our first house..Paul was a single father taking care of my step son since I was in college. He has really worked hard to provide for our family..We he told me that I could not have a wedding yet go to the court house before then I had never seen a man cry feeling disapointed..Though I understood it just really hurt me to see him feeling like he let me down…It was bad enough that he had finally found his father again and lost him shortly after…You don’t have to help me plan our wedding renewal on my behalf yet for him to actually be in the spot light for once. To help him understand how pround I am to be called his wife and best friend. Pleas help david…I’m not sure what more he could handle before begining to feel appreciated in life….love always Shree Chamberlain a loving and caring wife…

  140. Hello Im Ashley and im 25 me and my fiance well be getting marry May 4 2013., I have 3 kids that bring joy to me and my fiance didn’t have any but he loves my kids like his there real dad. I was once marred in 2008 and it was not nice my wold family didnt come out cause my last husband would beat me and said if i didnt marry him he would take our two kids from me, This would be an honor for me to be on your show and have the best wedding wedding Thanks hope to here or see you in Houston TX soon…

  141. Hey David, My name is Lindsay Jernigan and I am 21 years old. My fiance and I have been enagaged for two years. We are highschool sweet hearts and have been dating for 7 years. We are both currently students. I am writing you this letter in hopes that you may be able to help us with our wedding. We are trying to get married this year in Ocotber. We are having a hard time finding a venue that we can afford. Wedding are so expensive! My mother is a single mom that is acutally in school as well and currently unemployed. My dad died two years ago from panteric cancer. My fiances parents have three small children which limits them from helping us too. With this being said, We are trying to get approved for loans so that we can have a wedding somewhat of my dreams. Because of my age I am very limited on what loans I can get approved. I would hate for us to start our marriage in complete debt. I strongly believe that we deserve a dream wedding. We have been through a lot the past few years and managed to stay strong and togther. He is the love of my life and I just want that special day to share with him, family and friends. Please consider us for My Fair Wedding. It would truley be a blessing from God if we were chosen. Thanks for your time and consideration. And, ps. I adore you, your talent and your show.

  142. HI! My name is April and I am 22 years old, my fiance Jesse is 21. We both have a child from a previous relationship and a son together. I am a full time nursing student and a full time stay at home mom. Jesse is the only one working so money is tight because we have to pay for my tuition out of pocket. We are planning on getting married on July 14,2012 and nothing is going right for us! We started out wanting a very elegant theme, but we just cant afford it. So for our reception hall, we settled for a bingo hall at an activity park. By the way, there is a baseball tournament there on our wedding day. Our dinner will be a pot luck because we cant afford catering of any sort! To keep our food cold, we have to get some kids plastic swimming pools and fill them with ice and set the food on the ice. We will have no decorations, no dj, no photographer, no flowers……everything that we have dreamed about for our wedding….gone! I watch your show on netflix everyday and I sit there and wish that somehow I would be one of those girls, but then I realize that I dont live in California or New York and no one ever looks at Wisconsin. I still have hope! PLEASE HELP US. This is very important for usso we can start our marriage out with amazing memories. Thank you for your time!

  143. Hi David, my name is Grace (31) and my fiance Romelle (33) and I are planning a wedding for October 6, 2012 in Long Beach, CA. I love watching your show and l love your amazing ideas. My fiance and I would love to have a wedding that speaks who we are, so we are doing a Contemporary/modern with a touch of vintage decor and our reception will be in the Museum of Latin Arts because, although im not an artist, i’ve always loved art and Romelle is a DJ and a graphic design artist so we are incorporating all our interests of art, music, movies and these sweet treats that I make called smorkles into our wedding. We love working together to put this wedding together, but since we have so much to do and a small budget, we are trying to improvise with what we have and try to make all of our decorations and giveaways. We love the urban culture and so we would like to give our wedding that feel as well, by have guests tag their names on a large canvas as our signature station as we also love street art. Although it might sound like we have everything together, we actually are still scrambling to put everything together and would love your help, expertise and suggestions to make our wedding much more memorable. I know that our theme and style of wedding is very different from most of your couples as we would love a more urban yet modern feel with a touch of vintage. I am hoping you can help us put together a wedding that is beyond what we have imagined. Thanks so much!

  144. Hi, David the wedding is not for me its actually for my parents but to be honest they need help.Their theme is crazy…. Please “HELP”

  145. Hello David my name is Nicole and I’m 31 years old and Eric is 39 years old and well we live in Jefferson city Missouri and we really want to get married but well i /we have no time to make any arrangements due to Eric has multiple myeloma its a liquid tumor in the blood and dealing with doctors and hospitals and appointments we just don’t have the chance to figure out what’s what and how not only that both of our fathers passed away at a young age and we don’t really have the cash to have the wedding that we really want due to us traveling to doctors apptmointments so please give it a thought and let us know please and so u know I really want the guys in white suits and red and silver and I would like a kinda presious moment wedding well like the bench they sit on cause Eric can’t stand for long periods of time so that away we have somewhere to sit down so please let us know asap we want to get married in September 2012

  146. I don’t know where to begin. I met my current fiancee after giving up on men and finally being ok with being single. Over the last couple of years I had two failed back surgeries and breast cancer and the man I was dating at the time couldn’t handle it and broke up with me. If it weren’t for my kids I probably would have had a nervous breakdown. I felt unattractive unwanted and bald. Didn’t have the self confidence to even go out to meet anyone. But god had a different plan I met Matt and it was like I found my other half. He has been by my side now through more back surgery, nodules on my lungs and just my cowboy on a white steed. We have both been married before and this past october he proposed. I havent been released to go back to work yet so we are on a tight budget. We are thinking of having a outdoor wedding with a cowboy theme. Something simple where everyone can enjoy themselves. Maybe horseshoes, other games and such. If you could help that would be the second brightest star in my life these days. I believe I deserve something good to happen, and he is by far e best thing that has happened to me. Thanks for reading and hope go hear from you.

  147. Hi David, LOVE the show my fiance and I are planing our wedding I have never done this before. We need help, see we are in our 40’s and yes I am

  148. Hi David I fallen in love with your show and as it would be I am trying today plan my wedding my fiance and I are getting married on September 22,2012

  149. Dear Mr. Tutera,

    I am writing this letter in hopes that you will be able to help a most deserving bride-to-be! She has been a friend of my daughter. I have come to love her and I feel she just needs something for herself. Her life has not been an easy one and her backstory reads like a soap opera. Neither parent can help out financially and more importantly emtionally. To watch this young lady cry and worry about the wedding, breaks my heart. On top of all the stress of planning the wedding, her mother was diagonosed with stage 4 bone cancer. This should be happy occasion but unfortunatlely it is not. Weddings should be about new beginnings. We live in Sussex Couny Delaware and the wedding is on June 2,2012. Shauna Lynch and Josh Pettyjohn have planned their own wedding using what little resources they have available. She even got a second job to help pay for the expenses. They plan on having an outside wedding at the VFW in Laurel, DE, The theme for the wedding is Country/Western. Since the show, “My Fair Wedding”, has been aired my mother and I have always loved it. In discussing the dysfunctionality of Shanuna’s family, we both exclaimed we need David Tutera! Only he can make her dreams come true. Please, Please consider this beautiful spirit as your next project!!!
    P.S. I can only remember one wedding created by you in Delaware.
    Thank You,
    Tara Blitz

  150. Hi, my girl and I are going on 8 years. We are not engaged yet, but I would love to. We have 3 kids; 11 year old step daughter, 3 year old daughter and 1 year old boy. I would love to give Amy her dream wedding and surprise her with an engagement on the show. I want to give her a wedding of her dreams that she deserves. Unfortunately I can’t afford it. We had to walk away from our house and do bankruptcy, my parents can’t help us as they are struggling to get by, and Amy’s dad past away do to brain cancer where her mom can’t help us. Luckily we have our love to get us through these hard times. Please consider us for you show. Thank you. Sincerely Andre

  151. Hi David, I am a big fan of yours. You are just FAB-U-LOUS!!! I wish you could help me!!! I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in August 2011, and I also got married in October 2011. We did not have a wedding because we could not afford it. My husband has always wanted a wedding too, but his main goal was making sure we had somewhere to stay. I have dreamed off having a beautiful wedding since I was a little girl. As I got older and my dream did not come true, now I just feel my dreams of a beautiful wedding is just a fairy tale. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Come on to South Carolina and help this Carolina girl !!!

  152. Hi David God Bless u,
    My husband David & I have been married for 15 yrs but really never had a wedding. We want to renew our vows but this year has been hard on us do to the lost of our daughter Dezalee she was only 3 yrs old. She passed away last year but the pain is still there. My husband & i have been through so much but through the hard ache and pain our love seems to grow stronger and stronger. Not to many people can say they have been married so long, But I hope u can help us plan our dream wedding…..tnx From: The Gerena Family :)

  153. Hey David , I’m Jennifer and i love your work ,I live in California and I have a cousin Yesenia she is engaged to to a wonderful man.There wedding is May 27 ,2012 at The Newland Barn in Huntington Beach, she has her dress and the bridesmaid dresses but has a tight budget. She has gone through a bad relationship in the past with her ex-husband and has divorced him. Now she has gotten to the point where she wants to fulfill her dream in marrying the right guy.It would mean a lot to me if you were to fulfill her dream and help her with her wedding decorations. Both her and her fiance deserve to have the wedding of their dreams and i know that with your help they well be able to accomplish it.I usually don’t write to people but i think she deserves it !!!!!

  154. Hi David! We watch your show all the time. Our neice Amber is getting married in October. She lives in Long Beach Ca. She started working when she was 15 and has always worked since then.She and Mike have been together 7 years and he proposed on Xmas Eve. She has been busy planning her wedding
    but it is a lot of work. Her Uncle Fred was in a medically induced coma for two weeks in 2010, and she was my support throgh the whole thing. Amber took me to the hospital, even though we lived in Big Bear and she lives in Long Beach. She took time off from work to help me pack our house because Fred was airlifted from Big Bear to Loma Linda due to respiratory failure and a blood clot in his lung. This was on the 16th and escrow was supposed to close on the 18th. I don’t drive so she drove me where I needed to go. When he was released we had to stay in a hotel and Amber took the time off of work to drive us across country to West Virginia where we were moving to. Amber has always been a hard-working loving,caring person. If we could afford to pay for the wedding of her dreams we would but Fred is disabled and can’t afford to so the first person he thought of was you. We would love for her to have the wedding of her dreams and know you are the one that could do that for her. Amber is very dear to our hearts. Thank You. Sincerely, Lorraine Howarth and Fred Quibilan

  155. PLEASE COME TO MAINE!!! My name is Julia and I am a 22 year old soon-to-be-bride and I am in desperate need of your help. My fiance and I met, dated and got engaged at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and after a two year engagement we are coming up on our wedding which is FOUR days after my graduation! I am a double major, writing TWO thesis a varsity track and field athlete, and I am applying to grad-schools for the fall. My fiance is in his first year of law school and is constantly knee-deep in legal work. We are broke college students who are crazy, madly, deeply in love and dream of an amazing day to celebrate our love, but unfortunately have no time at all to plan or even celebrate this big day. It feels like we are just waiting to get it out of the way. If you don’t believe me, I legitimately bought my wedding dress at salvation army! We love your work and wish and pray that you could come to Vacationland and save the biggest day of our lives from an epic disaster. PLEASE COME TO MAINE!!
    Thank you and we look forward to see more of your great work!

  156. Hi David
    My name is Tabitha and I am a mother of 2 beautiful children. Me and my fiance really need your help with are wedding its planned for 8/30/12 and are are budget is only 2500 dollars I have been trying my hardest to figure out how to plan are wedding with are budget I had to order my wedding dress off the internet because it was only 85 dollars then I ended up going way over my budget with my crown and veil and spent 115 dollars and it’s still not what I had dreamed of we have no idea where we r even going to have the ceremony or reception at because we can’t afford a venue are food is sapose to be 5 dollar hot n ready pizzas and everybody would only be able to have two slices :-( I just really want a beautiful dream wedding I live in Ypsilanti Michigan my name is Tabitha and my email address is tabbyron99@gmail.con please please David help me with my wedding

  157. Hi David, my name is Crystal. I’m writing this letter for my mom and dad. They have been married for 24 years this March 20, 2012. They have been together for 25 years. They have been together since high school and continue to be and act like sweethearts. They are well-liked by all that they come in contact with. My dad is a retired United States Army 1SGT of 21 plus years, a great father and a great husband and my mother is a wonderful wife, mother and entrepreneur. She runs two group homes for the mentally challenged. If you saw the two of them, you would think they were still dating after all of these years. They want to renew their vows next year and my mom absolutely loves you David and your weddings. She feels he would capture the dream she has been looking for in their wedding.

    Just to give you a brief overview of how their first wedding went…..My dad was at basic training with the US Army when he proposed to my mom. They were 18 years old at the time. He did not want to wait until after basic to marry her, so he wrote to her parents and asked for her hand in marriage (very old school). They had to quickly put together a wedding due to him being in basic and that he only could be there for the weekend for the wedding. On March 20, 1988, one year after high school, they wed and everything turned out fine until after the wedding when my dad told my mom that he had to be back to basic training that evening. She was not aware of this and right after pictures were taken they had to get into vehicle and quickly get to the airport. He was changing out of his tuxedo into his military uniform in the car. Family members were following behind. They ran through the airport, dad in military uniform and mom in her big wedding dress trying to make it to the terminal so he would not miss his flight. While running through the airport they stated people were shouting congratulations. Eventually, he missed the flight and had to contact commander, because he would be considered AWOL (absence without leave) from the military. He was given a stay for the evening and had to return early in the morning. They rushed back to the reception only to arrive at the end when half the guests had already left. They did not get a chance to walk in and be introduced as husband and wife, have their first dance, parents dance or to even cut their own cake. They had to see what occurred via video in their absence. I think this would be a great surprise for them to have the dream wedding that they wanted and deserved. They also only have a few pictures of the wedding since a family member accidentally threw away their wedding album while away with the military. My mother and father are very unselfish and giving people. They are truly in love and I hope this letter speaks volumes and touches you enough to help make their dreams come true. Please choose them so they could finally have “Their” Fair Wedding. Thanks in advance.

  158. hey david im christina and i absolutly love ur work. i live in high springs florida and i have an older sister ginger that is engaged to the best man i know for her and they have a 14th month yr old and they have been trying to plan a wedding but its been really hard because of finacial reasons, shes always helping me and my mom with everything including bill and things and helping out with my dad he had a aneurism 3 yrs ago and he’s not mobile or eating and he cant speak so i know she would love to be able to still have my father take her down the aile while he is still with us and she really doesnt have enough time to get to plan her dream wedding and she and her fiance really deserve a wedding of their dreams and i know that u can definitley help her out and my family and them and i would be very greatfull for it because she deserves it she definitley this angel that holds everything together and i just want her to be able to enjoy and smile on her wedding day cuz i love her sooo much and if u can do a show in florida i just hope you can try and keep her in mind for me thank you so much and i look forward to more great seasons.

  159. Dear David,
    Many wish for the perfect wedding, but all I wish for is the perfect celebration of a marriage. My fiancé and I are high school teachers who combined have 15 years dedicated to the profession. Each school year, we impact the lives of 150 students each. We both selected a giving career which rewards us with countless thank yous and college diplomas from former students. As we sit down and make our wedding budget, we feel our dream of celebrating the union of our families coming together fading away. As teachers, we do not make enough money to afford a small wedding. We are saving money, but it is never enough because we recently received a pay cut from the state. At times, I shed tears because I do not understand how two college graduates, dedicated educators, and devoted children to our parents cannot afford to celebrate such an important day. We plan to be married December 15, 2012 in the hopes that we can afford something by the end of the year. Every weekend, I see you place countless smiles on many brides, I hope that one day you can add my smile to your “Big White Book of Weddings.”

  160. My mom recently passed away from breast cancer..I am no taking care of my 6 year,old brother, my 17 year old brother,with my 3 kids. 6 years ago I met this wonderful man who has been there through it all and who raise all the kids with me as if they were our own..Now we been through alot of hard times togther as a family,, and done lost alot of friends and family. But through,it all we stayed together as a family and it has made us stronger.. I just want us to have a fresh start and not have to stress so much or be sad anymore about the one who held us together,,and helped us through everything is gone..This wedding will put us all together and hopefully help me explain to my family that we can dothis together,,that we can make it if we stay together..It will do alot not only for me but for my family aswell…

  161. Hi David Tutera, my name is Lyndsey Guffey.. I have an older sister, Kristin Guffey (soon to be Anderson), who is getting married 9/1/12. I was wanting to see if there was ANY WAY in this world i could contact you and get you there. You make her that happy and i’d give ANYTHING to have the one and only David Tutera there. :) She flat out loves you and what you do. She doesn’t have much money because she is just now getting out and on her own.. She’s always dreamed for a HUGE Disney wedding.But there’s a problem, and i’m afraid she wont get it because the money issue. I really need your help.. I’d give ANYTHING to have you there. You’d make her biggest dreams come true because your an amazing human being. I really wish you could help her out.. If you designed her wedding i know she would be thrilled to death. I love seeing her smile. But here lately she’s been so stressed trying to plan everything and i haven’t seen her smile :( It breaks my heart because i can’t do anything.. But e-mail you and hope to goodness you’ll answer my prayers. She lives in Winchester. She already has a dress in mind and her theme is ALL Disney :). She’s going with Light blue for Cinderella and pink for Sleeping Beauty.. She is all kinds of stressed out. I keep telling her to go all out like she wants and she keeps saying,” I’d love to.. But i don’t have that kind of money for the real wedding i really wanted..” It makes me so upset to hear her say that. She’s such an amazing person and sister to me. I really think she deserves it. PLEASE David, im literally begging you to show up at her doorstep one day. Please contact me and let me know something. I hope you decide to give my sister her dream wedding. Like the last person wrote, i dont normally write people. But this girl deserves it all. :) Please David. Help!

  162. We currently live in Dallas but I’m from Orange County so we are flexible with the location and date of our wedding. We have both been married before but didn’t have formal weddings. I feel like a wedding is important part of a marriage and we’d like to do things “right” this time. Our story is unique and I’d love to share more, provide my contact info, photos, etc. but I’d prefer to do this with a casting member from the show. Our theme is purple and gold with Tigers because my fiance is a die hard LSU fan. The only person who could bring class into this theme is David Tutera! Please send me an email and I will respond right away.

  163. David Turera I love you! I love your show so much! I always tear up when I watch your show! Even though I would love to have a do over of my wedding with you, I am writing today to nominate a special person who is so dear to me, The ever smiling Eva. She is my little sister my choice( not blood related). Coming from East Africa, she grow up with a Dad who never believed that women should go to school thus there was no moral or financial support from him. Her stayed at home mum was the only one who gave her a little support she needed for school. When her mum passed away of diabetes, she could have easily gave up on school. Not Eva, she pushed on. Working full time and going to school full time. My little sister Eva got her bachelor’s degree from Franklin University Columbus OH, this past October 2011 and a week ago her long time boyfriend proposed. They have set their wedding date of 08/04/2012. David, I have never write or nominate anyone before. I just know in my heart this girl deserves her wedding to be special… through all the rough times she has gone though, I have never heard her complain. Whenever you see her, she is always smiling. I pray to God that you will find it in your heart to grant my wish.

    Thank you kindly
    Jacqueline Mjengwa.
    phone: 614-804-5237

  164. I’m marring a guy that iv been knowing since we were kids and over the years we have fallin madly in love with each other but the bad thing is that we don’t have the money to have the wedding of our dreams and we want our wedding to be the wedding that people will remember.

  165. my name Sophie i am from Cameroon(Africa) and i live in Maryland (Columbia) with my two kids and my fiancee. I have always dream to get married since i was a little girl.I always thought i will finish school, find the perfect guy get married an have children but, eventually my dream is looks like it never going to happen. During my second year in college i met that perfect guy and we got engaged and now we have two beautiful children. It is being 2 years and everytime we plan our wedding something happen to family back home and we have to solve the situation. I know family first get but, it is hurting me and i sometimes cry at night to see that my dream will never come true. All i say to myself is that maybe i do not deserve to be married, maybe marriage is not meant for me. I believe in god and also believe that things happen for a reason.My family and my fiancee family back home think we have money and if when they have a problem we do not help it seems like we selfish. I regain faith and belief again to wedding when i watch David Tutera show. I cry everytime i see how those women get to be happy and get to have that special day. i wish i could have my dream wedding one day myself that is if god give me that opportunity. I will even happier if he blesses me with David Tutera the man who can help me realize it.

  166. Hello I’ve met the love of my life!!!!!! I want her to have the best of everything in this world,this is are first an last wedding,she is heaven sent I would be so thankful for this blessing seeing her smile is the greatest thing ever to me,she feels the same for me,we are soulmates,I’m so thankful I finally met the woman of my dreams!!!!!!Thank u so much for your time…i

  167. David, my name Marche’ (Mar-shay) and I am a 28 year old mother of two (boy 5 and girl 1). My fiance’ Ricardo Underwood and I have been together for 10 years. I met him when I started college in Hampton, Virginia. Within the 10 years we have grown together, learned from each other and has been each other’s backbone when we could not find our own. He is my best friend and literally my better half (on my bad days..lol) I have never been married before and expected it to be the traditional wedding (my father pay for it, give me away ect.), BUT life happened while I was making plans and my father passed away unexpectedly. My mom at this point is being forced to retire due to a back injury she received in a car accident and lacks the ability to assist me with this once in a lifetime occasion. She is about to go for her third back surgery this month and will be moving out here with me when it’s completed. I watch your show ALL THE TIME and basically all I’m asking for is some help. I have no solid ideas for our wedding, Ricardo doesn’t provide any he just says, “Whatever you want to do babe, go ahead” and that’s as in depth he gets. A few ideas I had are as follows: and angel theme (to represent my dad and the fact that I feel that Ricardo was simply God sent, a black and white theme or a fall (leaves, trees) or spring(exotic flowers) theme. So I would more than deeply appreciate it if you were to come to the Hampton Roads area to make me and the love of my life, my BEST friend’s wedding as special as it can be. I have seen your work and couldn’t imagine trusting our day in anyone else’s hands.

  168. My name is Clonie I am 41 years old ,I’m a single mother of three,who is dateing a lovely man but can’t afford our wedding, In feb 2009 my wedding was to take place for valentines day,but had to cancel because my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer,I spent all I had to get her treatment and the best care possible, I have no regrets because my mother worked hard for us, we are six children and she worked 3 jobs to take care of me,whenever she’s on break in one job she’ll go to another factory job,after so many failed marriages I never had a church wedding to make my family proud and happy about me especially my daughter hope,After losing my father in 2005 I never thought I would meet a man who loved me like my father,but God in his infinate mercy sent my fiance timothy to me and I’m so greatfull, He immediately took the role of father, daddy, protector,and friend and I am so greatfull, he has made my life easier, thanks for the opportunity of listening,God Bless You.

  169. I david my name is heather. I’m 26 I am the daugter to a single mom of 8 and yup she did it all on her own my dad left when I was 6 so I had a really hard life …I was reading these comments people are leaveing and I’m thinking why would you pick me. I have nothing even plan no dress or anything my fiance got me my engage ment. Ring off ebay for 50 bucks its not real but I love it …my fiance cody don’t even wanna talk about plans cause we can’t afford it he works at food4less and I care for our son and to top it off we live with his mom …my life has been verry hard but no matter what I’m always thankful for just what I have ..cody and I met on myspace.com became girlfriend and boyfriend our fist date and dec 19 will be 4 yrs.

  170. Hi David,

    My name is Audrey Morris. I am 19 years old (Don’t worry, I AM NOT getting married, lol). The reason I am hoping you would consider my story for My Fair Wedding is because it is a fairly different story, one about my parents.

    My parents met over 25 years ago. Their 20th anniversary is coming up in June (June 20). They both had failed marriages in the past, so when it came time for them to get married (still in marital bliss, I LOVE IT!), they didn’t have anything big. THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY PICTURES ! No memorabilia, no nothing. They always say (specifically, my dad) that they wish they can do it over again, relive the day, re-new their vows, but because funding is low, they can’t afford to do it. I want to give them a surprise wedding, no matter how small it is so that somehow, they can have memories, but because I am a college student, my funds are low also (doesn’t that suck :/ ). My mom is 60 and my dad is 68, but no lie, they still look like they are in their 40s and can jump dance and do all of that like they are in their prime. I can send you a recent picture of them if you would like. I don’t know how to do it here, I apologize. But yes, I pray that you would take my request into consideration. But there is a slight catch unfortunately… You are shooting in Los Angeles and I live in New York. This would honestly mean the world to me and my family and I know you have the capabilities to do at least one wedding here. Even if it won’t be aired on TV till another season or so. It’s the occurrence of the wedding for me that counts, not even the size or the lavishness (of course that would be nice though lol) and it’s the question of how I can put it together that I am concerned about. Thank you for reading this, thank you for your time. I hope you take my request into consideration, once again and I wish you all the best in your endeavors :)

    As far as the extra info necessary when applying: PHONE NUMBER (I don’t want to put it on here, but if you e-mail me I will CERTAINLY get back to you). ADDRESS: (I live in New City, New York about 45 mins away from the city). PICTURE: (I don’t know how to put that on here, I can e-mail it to you if you would like). WEDDING DATE: The date of the anniversary :)


  171. My name is Arzealia, I am 38 and my husband to be is Melvin, he is 39. We have been in an off and on relationship for the past 7 yrs. We both have been married before, however, I have never had a wedding. Unlike most brides to be I do not have my mother to help me plan. My sisters have their own things going on. I know what I would like but being able to have that won’t happen. We are planning our wedding for New Year’s Eve 2012. I feel we should be considered because, right now we both have had alot of things happen. He alomost lost his mother and both grandmothers. We both are trying to do things to better oueselves. He is trying to open a business and so am I, because of this we don’t have alot. Plus my oldest is in college and the youngest will be in college by then as well. I myself am a student. This is the last time I plan to get married and would love to be able to have had at least one wedding. Also, that I know of, you show has never taped in Kansas City, Missouri. Even if we are not chosen, we will still be married, I just won’t have the wedding of my dreams. Thank you.

  172. also my wedding is suppose to b april 21 2012 not 2011 but ill b patiently waiting rockingham nc…please keep me in mind.

  173. the reason why i should be considered for the WE tv my fair wedding audition is because i been through so much in my life..never really had a childhood because my mother was hardly in my life, had to take on responsibilities at a young age. im always putting others before me and never do anything for myself. now being an adult i just want that fairy tale wedding. just like cinderella my fiance is trying to take me away from all the stress i have been going thru since childhood. it would be a dream come true beacuse my whole life its never been about me i make it about everyone else….god told me it was my time.

  174. Hi David! I’m writing for my brother and his soon to be wife. They have been together for almost 2 years. I always watch your show and see how your revisions make dreams come true! Our family is so happy that my brother has found such a great woman and we feel blessed that our family will soon have another daughter. My soon to be sister-in-law has been working on wedding ideas since before my brother proposed. She has been doing almost all the work herself, making all the favors, centerpieces, etc. I know they have financial difficulties since they are financing the wedding themselves, but my brother does not want to burden the family with their troubles. Her family does not live here and I know they are also trying to pay for the visas and plane tickets for her family to be by her side on this very special day. Their wedding is in Florida on November 27, 201 and I would love it if you would step in and give them the wedding they deserve! I know you have so many brides you could help, but I would be forever grateful if you could surprise them with the wedding of their dreams! May God bless you!

  175. HI, my name is Chloe Cofresi and m fiance’s name is David Rivera. i have been planing my wedding since i was a little girl. just like any other little. i am thankful that i am able to afford my own wedding but by doing so i had to have alot of set backs such as flowers and certain things that i just wish i could change… my dress is something i had to settle for and sometimes i wish i could just have that scond dress. im just so stressed out and i need ur helo with the wedding three months away im thinking about just calling the whole thing off and going to city hall. the only reason why i keep going is because everythings almost paid for. i dont know what to do. i just want a wedding with flowers and candles very romantic. thankyou very much. love chloe. by the way i love your work i cry after every show !!

  176. I’ll be brief. I am a flight attendant for southwest airlines. My husband and I would like to renew our vows on march 2012. It will be 15 yrs. We had a small wedding on purpose. In this world where people are not staying married long we wanted to celebrate to give other people hope and keep hope alive for ourselves. Pls help like I know you can to influence others. Marriage can last

  177. We are 2 young Entrepreneurs expiring to change peoples lives on a day to day bases. My fiance Kevin 29, and myself Carly 24, both run a business together where we help families with Mortgage Protection to prevent financial ruin and help create jobs. Outside of that business Kevin is finishing up Flight school at Western Michigan University. I am currently running my families company as a Sales Representative in the Steel Business and going to Kendall Art and Design for Jewelry and Sculpturing to maintain my creative outlet and eventually add a business as a Freelance Designer to my life. We are super busy and could use the help and advise from a wedding planner! I don’t know how we could manage this on our own! Kevin and I have been dating for over 6 years now and we can get enough of each other. Kevin is Italian and Irish and I have to say I LOVE his big Italian family! So entertaining! Both of us our dancing fiends. So at our wedding the dance floor and music will be a top priority. I would love for us to have our own dance planned out to be surprise show. Our wedding is planned to be in March but we are very easy going with changing the date if that works better for My Fair Wedding. Thanks for your consideration. I know our wedding will be unlike any other.
    – Carly & Kevin

  178. Why does My Fair Wedding only choose brides from California? I’ve seen an episode where you chose a bride from Texas, but after that it’s pretty much all California. Is there a reason why this show is excluding the other 49 states?

  179. My name is Victoria, I am from small town La Porte, Tx. I am submitting this for my bestfriend Kelsi. She is getting married in January to a guy in the Coast Gaurd, who is stationed in Georgia, and is having to prepare for this wedding without him here. I know that having Mr. Tutera here to guide her in this stressful time with planning a wedding would mean the world to her. Please come and make her dream COUNTRY wedding come true, so her memory of the most precious moment in life and her ending time in Texas will be forever remembered.

  180. My fiance and I would love help with our dream wedding, Im was a single parent of three when I met the man of the dreams. I have two handsome boys, and a beautiful teenage sister who lives with me. We were quite the team before my fiance walked into our lives. When my fiance and I first meet he was like the forbidden fruit I wasnt suppose to have. He was my younger brothers friend and room mate. I couldnt help myself though. He was everything I was looking for. I never thought that we would ever start dating let alone that he would ever ask me to marry him. Im shy, quiet, a man hater according to some of my friends. Ive been threw it though. Two failed relationships with the men of my children, other pointless relationships with men who didnt understand the meaning of family. Lets just say ive kissed my share of frogs to find my prince. When I meet my fiance he just clicked with the whole family. I love him, my kids love him. He does such a good job with being that male role model for my boys. They really need that since there own fathers arent really around. I know I love the support, its nice to have someone you can count on to help you. Before it was just me and sister, now we have him. Women always told me that men dont care about details regarding their wedding. Well my fiance does. He chose our colors, the rings, he talks to me about dresses, places. I love doing this stuff together. I would love to have the perfect day for us. I would love to give him the perfect day, to show him how much we do love him and appreciate him being in lives now and forever.

  181. David I love u so much!!! IF u plan on coming to texas june 2012 I would love it if you will help me have a elegant dallas cowboy (football team) theme wedding!! Me and my fiancee’ love for american’s team brought us together and I think it will b a great theme to our special day!!! :)

  182. Hello,

    My name is Kristy Watts, Emily Watts is my baby sister. Our father passed away in a farm accident and my Mother is on a tight budget now. So planning my sister’s dream wedding is almost impossible. Her fiance is a professional bass fisherman and has had a string of bad luck during his tournaments. His Mother wants to help with suggesting using artficial flowers to cut cost. Really?!! I love my sister so much! She is very humble and grateful for her Fiance’s Mothers help. I want better for her. I feel so bad for her because I’ve had my dream wedding in Hawaii on Sunset beach. But now that my Father has passed her dream wedding seems hopeless. If I had the money I would do what ever it took to make her day the best day of her life. She is an amazing person. She has had to do without in many ways. She deserves to have her day special in everyway. Emily and Jtodd are an awesome couple. They light up the room when they walk in. I pray that you will pick Emily and Jtodd to make their dream wedding come true. I love your show! David seems to be such a good person who really enjoys helping others. I look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon. The email I gave you is mine.

    Thank you,

    Kristy Watts

  183. My name is Sheba I am currently 35 year old I have a 6 year old son. Corwin & I have been working hard on our corporate carrers After I graduated from college that we forwent the formallities of a wedding and after having our son moved in together. Our son is at the growing age that is questioning everything and comparing anything that isn’t simular in other families. One big one is why my last name isn’t the same as his father. Corwin threw out the date 11-11-11 we are getting married while in MI during vacation 10-11-10 which I was alittle taken back as we never spoke about the subject and I turly didn’t belive him. After he took me to my favorite resturant in tarrytown NY to eat and have a meeting to book the place for our 11-11-11 date my eyes and mind couldn’T belive he was serious so now I am pulling out my hair and turly at a lost as too how to bring all my ideas 2gether to make a day shine for a person like myself that turly didn’t belive in happly every after. I total love my son and Corwin I do not want to drive them crazy with all my bossy , over the top list and ideas & while at the same time I know I am willing to go to the court and just sign paperwork too not have Corwin bend over backwared working more shifts that he needs as I haven’t seen him so stress out , Plus to make matters worst My job downsized and I tired to notlet him know until I had not choice and had too ,then I though let me try and fill out this form wHILE LOOKING OVER EVERY SHOW THAT DAVID YOU HAVE KNOCK OUT THE BOX ITS LIKE YOUR IN MY HEAD PLEASE PLEASE I SO NEED YOU TO BRING THIS ONE THING TO LIFE TO SHOW CORWIN HOW MUCH I LOVE AND APPRCIATE EVERYTHING WE CREATED AND WORKED FOR ,HOW MUCH HE SUPPORTS ME AND HOW MUCH I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO CREATE A ROMANTIC AND JOYFUL DAY to express VISIONS AND FUN .WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY AND JUST TO BE ABLE TO TAKE THE STRESS OF TRYING TO GIVE ME EVERYTHING OFF OF HIM WOULD BE SO BLESS THANK YOU DAVID FOR TAKEN THE TIMR TO READ I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU SOON STAY BLESSED

  184. Hi my name is stephanie I am 28 & my hubbie to be is saul he is 30…..I have one daughter emma she will be 10 this July..she is from a previous relationship. Saul has his other children as well..we are so blessed to have eachother and a second chance with love…he is my best friend and we have a wedding planned for June 4 2011..so many things have happened since we started planning our wedding….my daughter had knee surgery in march ..saul’s truck stopped working along w other day to day things that we didnt plan. So we have used some of our wedding money for these things..another thing is we both have very little family but many friends that will not be able to attend because of our budget. david if u read this i pray u can make our dreams come true i watch your show & everytime it comes on i say why cant that be us!! we know what real love is and if we dont get your help i will be fine knowing I still married my best friend just would like to celebrate they way we deserve to..god bless and your awesome

  185. Hi my name is stephanie I am 28 & my hubbie to be is saul he is 30…..I have one daughter emma she will be 10 this July..she is from a previous relationship. Saul has his other children too….we are so blessed to have eachother and a second chance with love…he is my best friend and we have a wedding planned for June 4 2011…so many things have happened since we started planning our wedding….my daughter had knee surgery in march …..saul’s truck stopped working along w other day to day things that we didnt plan. So we have used some of our wedding money for these things….another thing is we both have very little family but many friends that will not be able to attend because of our budget. david if u read this i pray u can make our dreams come true i watch your show everytime it comes on i say why cant that be us!! we know what real love is and if we dont get your help i will be fine knowing I still married my best friend just would like to celebrate they way we deserve to..god bless and your awesom

  186. Hello David, I’ve been with my boyfriend for eleven years, we are very much in love.He is a great father to my daughter. Who is twelve. Soon we plan on having a baby, but marriage is first.Losing my little sister has brought sadness to my family. Me getting married is something me and my family always wanted.And it’s time to bring joy back in my family life’s. This would mean the world to me, if you could help me! God bless you! Litonya

  187. Hi David,
    After reading all these stories it almost makes my attempt seem effordless, but never the less my fiance and I are enagaged. We have been together for almost 9 yrs and we’re so ready to finally start the wedding planning but I have to admit I’m a bit hesitant because i want that day to be oh, so memorable. Im not a fancy girl, nor do I have any big fancy’s dreams about this over the top wedding all I want is for it to be memorable. I see the look in the girls eyes at the end of all the shows and reagrdless to whatever price the wedding was, the best part is always that they all were excited to have a day that they both would remember. A My only special request would be that I’m not to late. Thanks WE TV!!!

  188. I would love to have a dream wedding, but we dont really have the money for what i have always wanted…I meet my fiance Robert almost 2 years ago, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He gives me support, love and makes me feel special everyday. We were blessed with our son who is now 4 months old. Robert jr, and i have a 4 year old daughter, Aubrie. We keep trying to plan the wedding but then something comes up financially and then we have to cancel…My mom passed away almost 2 years ago and i wish everyday she could have been here to meet my fiance, and to see how happy i am and all the things he does not just for me but for our children. I have this feeling that maybe she had something to do with us meeting each other…Any kind of wedding, dress or location is fine with me i would be great full for a wedding period..Thank you for your time and listening to my story and please help make my dream come true!!

  189. I would love to have a dream wedding, But my soon tobe is overseas. He wont be here untill August 2011. I dont have time to plan a wedding with school, work, and two kids. Please help us have our dream wedding.

  190. Dear David,
    I know your show is based on couples getting married but i was hoping that maybe you would consider doing a vow renewal. My husband proposed to me at his birthday party in front of his family only 6 months after we started dating and one and half months later he was gone on deployment in Afaghanistan. He has been in the ARMY for six years now and have done 2 deployments in the last 5 years and is in training for his third. He will be leaving around the beginning of 2012 back for Afghanistan. We had planned on doing a big church wedding at the church his cousin goes to in his hometown of West Allis WI but unforntaley that was not the case. I was a single mother of three children struggling money wise and couldnt afford health insurance for myself and while he was gone on deployment I ended up with some health issues so we ended up getting married 4 days after he got home so i could be covered under his health program. Now everything with me is ok but it wasnt the wedding we were planning or wanting. Because we had to quickly get married none of his family other than his sister that had come down to Fort Bragg to see him come home was able to come to the wedding and we ended up having to have a Cumberland County Mag. marry us and the Cumberland County Detention Center. I didnt even have a wedding dress instead I ended up having to wear the evening gown i wore for his military send off ball before his deployment. We are planning on doing a vow renewal when he comes home in 2013 from his third deployment in his hometown so his family can be there to share in the love that we have for one another. He is such a loving and special man not only does he give his all for his country but he gives his all for my children (who calls him dad) and me. He never second guessed that he was going to be taking on three children that was not his and he stepped up and became the dad they never had. I gave him every chance to walk away and he refused because he said they where not just my kids but they were our kids and he wouldnt walk away from them or me. He is the man i waited my whole life for and wasted many years looking for. I would love to give him the wedding he always wanted with the women he loves with everything he has but i dont even know where to begin so could you please consider helping me do our renewal the way our wedding should have been. Thank You so much for your time in reading this and even if you cant help me physically maybe you can throw a few ideas my way that would be great.

    Jennifer Jenkins
    Fort Bragg,NC

  191. after being married for 14 years in a horrible marriage i thought i would never find anyone that I could love and be loved but I did I found my soul mate eand the love of my life. We have alot of financial obligations with child support and I went through a cancer battle and have 30,000 in medical bills and just cant afford to get married we cant afford family to attend so we were going tom have it just be the two of us just something small but need help I want it to be romantic and need help showing my fiancee how special he is

  192. Jeanette and I have been together for six years. We met in beautiful Upstate New York where we both worked at a summer camp. I knew that I loved her from the moment I saw her, and we both can truly say it was love at first sight. We have made things happen together that to the ordinary mind would seem impossible. However, Love conquers all and the love we have for each other has endured the test of a long distance relationship, having a child, balancing jobs, persuing our individual careers, finishing college, being homeless and moving from the north all the way down south. We are truly in it for the long haul, and we want to seal this promise to each other by getting married. I know this would make her happy and would be a tremendous surprise to her and all our friends and families. I would truly be grateful for any support from your show and feel that not only would we be great candidates, but we would also be great role models and an inspiration to younger couples who might endure the same test we learned so much from. Thank you!

    Miguel Reynoso

  193. I am not writing for myself. I am a 12 yo from a single mom who met a really great guy almost 2 years ago. They got engaged recently at the top of the Empire State Building. Her fiance is truly my dad. He will do almost anything to make mom and me happy and I would love to help them with a dream wedding. They would like to do a cocktail party or wine theme. My mom is always so busy with me and my grandma and dad works 6 days a week so they have little time to plan. I would really like for you to choose them and help me to incorporate my “dad” adopting me as part of the wedding so we can be a “real family”. That is all I have wanted for a long time. I knew about the engagement before my mom since Dad asked me permission. Please help me pull this off and thank you in advance.

  194. I am writing for my daughter,Janelle and her fiance,Anthony.This past year she lost her father,(my husband of 28 years) unexpectantly to metastatic cancer.Janelle is currently in Vet school in Iowa and her fiance is in Boston in grad school.The distance is very hard,but when two people love each other as they do,it has to work out.They are in the process of planning a Spring 2012 or Fall 2013 wedding.The enormous loans they are burdened with from their schooling will not allow them to have the kind of wedding every girl deserves.They plan to have the wedding in FL as they are both from this area.Is there anyway you can
    enrich the memories of this couple who are struggling to make their day so very special?

  195. Hello, I’m a 31 year old Funeral Director. I will be marrying my fiance on September 24, 2011 in Raleigh NC. I need David’s help!!! I love the colors chocolate and Blue, but need to try to tie in a billiards theme, due to the fact that my love is an advent pool player. I have no idea how to tie the two in together… we both love you and admire the way you bring people’s dreams to reality. If you could please find the time to help us we would be eternally grateful!! We are both so busy, that we barely have enough time to get through the work week let alone wedding planning!! I know I’m no where near LA or NY, but I need david’s help ASAP!!!

  196. My name is Viktoria, and my fiancée’s name is Guy, we dated in the 1980’s when I was 17 yrs old and he was 24. We sadly broke up as much as I loved him I had to let him go. I am 42 now, and he is 50. We’ve both been through some rough relationships and now we’ve got a 2nd chance at love – and because of the rough relationships we’ve had, we’ve come to appreciate each other all them more.
    I am grateful for this second chance with him, and would love to make it a wedding to represent that… over 20 years apart, only to get reunited again… life is good.

    SLC, UT

  197. Dear David, If you are ever in CT and decide to do a show on people who re-new their vows I have the perfect couple for you! My friend of 24 years, Mary and her husband Ray will have been married 25 yrs this Nov. 2011. They were married when they were in their teens and now have 3 beautiful children. They were young and their families didn’t have much therefore their wedding was very simple and they were not able to take much of a honeymoon. Mary put herself thru school to become a nurse while Ray worked, helped around the house and cared for the children. They helped one son buy a house, are putting the other son thru collage while working, running a home and caring for their Autistic daughter. They work hard, make sacrifices and deserve to have the wedding and honeymoon that they couldn’t afford in the begining. They have taught me personally what true love and commitment really means !! Thank you for your time. Sarah

  198. I love your weddings and am struggling to put together what I’ve always dreamed (Ocean front, elegant but barefoot) and include my four adult children as well as three granddaughters. Then another bump in the road is announced. My oldest son announces his engagement to an amazing girl. They had the most beautiful little girl last November. I had him when I was 16 and absolutely couldn’t imagine my life if he had not been there, we grew up together. I would and have moved mountains to give him what he needs. I now want him to have the David Turtera wedding. He deserves it. He works so hard everyday for what he calls, HIS GIRLS! They want a fall wedding (October 12, 2012), they both use to be VERY high maintenance but now give it all to their little girl. They have turned out to be the best parents. Their theme is Fall and Paris. I’m pretty scared, lol. Although, they have chose a pretty venue in St Charles. David please give the kid of my dreams his dream wedding, which would be giving his GIRLS the day of their dreams. Please consider Missouri. I would love to see these two diva’s with their little diva have the most amazing wedding. Please help me give them what I can’t but what they deserve.

  199. Although I dont live in Los Angeles or New York I LOVE for David Tutera to help me pull together my Maryland wedding. My fiance Stephen and I have been together for nine years now and, he recently proposed Jan.14 2011. I would’ve never quessed in a million years he would. Although we have a five years old son we havent had the best of a relationship but threw out all the ups and down we are finally doing Great!!! I’ve always wanted a beautiful fall, small wedding that accustom my family and closest of friends. Due to us believe in God and trying to live our life the way he would want us to. We want to do the right thing and get married immediatly; But I kinda have been dragging my feet. Not because I dont want to marry him but he would like to get married now @ the court house or something and have a wedding next year so we can save. Which is a great idea but I want to get married one time and it be the right way you know? When my daddy walks me down the aisle and gives me away. Im just really afraid that if I do it his way I wont be have the wedding I always dreamed. So I’ve been gather all my thought now to see if we can possible pull a wedding off this fall, but that literal seven months away and all I’ve been is brainstorm…. So I would ABSOLUTELY be so grateful to get help to pull this off.

  200. Hi David. I have been single and living all by myself in America for 10 years. I have always taken care of people throughout my entire life. I am the eldest of 8 kids and supported my entire family in Asia, I sent all my brothers and sisters to school. I take care of sick people, I work as a nurse for the last 15 years. I got engaged to Philip, my fiancé last year in Vegas. I was so happy to finally know that he wants me to be his wife and soon I will have a family. I have been living alone for so long that I wanted a family to go home to, call or even talk to. Our wedding will be on September 24, 2011 in NYC, where Philip lives. I currently work ( 13 to 14hrs per work day ) and live in CT It’s so hard with our hectic schedule to get the planning done. We are trying our best to be on time and with lots of love and support from my new Chinese family, we will try to get things through.
    I am writing to also let you know That I love your show and so much heart goes into it that brings me to tears :-) Thank you for taking the time to read through.
    Take care and I hope to see more shows like this that brings joys and hope to the participants and the viewers alike.

  201. Dear David,my name is Sabrina I watch your show all the time and only wish that I could have a wedding half of what you make it! I cry just thinking about how it would feel to be in those brides shoes. Silly but I waited 10 years to have a perfect wedding and financially it’s going to be impossible! We have 5 children and live in a small town in Arizona. I’m am a really simple person and have been buying things here and there but I’m so confused. I have choosen a Asian theme with cherry blossoms. I don’t want my wedding to be like evryone else’s around here. I want it to be one the town will never forget! Please help us…..my wedding date is 4/27/2012. Sincerely, Sabrina

  202. Dear David,I am the grandmother of a wonderful,ambitious young woman,
    Lauren Webb. She is a fund raiser for Young Audiences,with outstanding
    student loans. The couple recently purchased a starter home. Funds are low. We
    feel Lauren has a dream wedding,but does not ask because of financial burden.

  203. Hey Doll! I forgot to add some things! my email is melissa.jerome@kwu.edu and our trying theme for our wedding is “Daisy Delight” I absolutely LOVE Gerbera Daisies! and we wanting to use them for our theme. Daisies everywhere with Sparkles and Glitter as well as Polka dots!!…Excited?? :) Please help us!!! :)

  204. Hey There David! My Name is Melissa and I am from a small small Town in Kansas.:) I have been recently watching your show and absolutely love the magic and hope you have brought to all of the wonderful couples. No matter who Is getting married or whether I know them or not I always cry! My Fiance and I Met about 4 years ago. He was then married, but we became really good friends. I was one he could confide in because him and his wife at the time were going through a lot of rough moments. We then began dating after their divorce and it has been magic ever since. Hes my everything and the love of my life. My mother wants to give me the most beautiful and best wedding she can, however her being on permanent disability makes that quite hard. It takes all she has to get up and go somewhere with me to plan for our wedding. I love her with everything I have, and she told me she cries every night because she physically cannot help with everything she wants to. Our wedding will be in Salina Kansas on October 22 2011 with reception across town in a hotels ballroom. Our colors are to be Hot Raspberry and black with silver accents. I absolutely love your style and get tickled pink when I see what you have done with couples’ weddings! I always think how maybe perhaps I can do that! :) … We also want to do a couple of memorials… My fiances older sister passed away when he was younger from a brain tumor and she was simply a light from God..so beautiful and so amazing…and ever since the moment he told me about her…not ever getting to meet her… I have wanted to do something in memory of her at our ceremony….. Also my Grandma…My brother and I were her only two grandchildren…She passed away a couple of summers ago… She always told me how she couldn’t wait until I get married and How she is going to be there to hold my hand and dance with me… She is not here to be with me and every time I think about her being here in spirit it brings tears to my eyes… I have my dress and we have our venue and DJ/entertainer and Flowers and some other things(done by my future mother in law) However we would ABSOLUTELY LOVE for you come and help us!!! Every Small town Wedding in Kansas is the same same same… We would really love for ours to be totally different!!! Please Help Us David!! You’re such a Doll! <3

  205. I don’t have a sob story or a tear-jerking line! I just want to meet David Tutera & have him put his fabulous spin of majic on my wedding! Please David, bring it to Houston, TX

  206. We are expecting our first child this week, we’re so excited!! I wish I could have my wedding done with your expertise more than anything!!! Everything you come up with on TV is amazing!!!! I could never afford a wedding like what you do! Help us!!!!

  207. Hello David =)
    My name is Jennifer and I recently got engaged to my high school sweet heart. We have a 2yr old boy, which is the love of our lives. When I found out I was pregnant my mom got diagnosed with Lung Cancer. This is her 3rd time fighting cancer. The fact of knowing that she can be taken from me at any time breaks my heart to think that she wont see me get married. I just want to share my special day with my mom and have her see her baby girls dream come true. Money is a little tight for us but with your advice and knowledge, I know I will have the dream wedding. I love what you do and who you are. Having you help us will just add that cherry to our topping!!
    Sincerely, Jennifer.

  208. Hello David, I would love to meet you because I think you are incredible…Honestly everytime I watch th show I shed a tear simply because of the joy an magic that you bring to people’s lives. Anyway David, God has allowed me to meet Dean about two and a half years ago while vacationing with my girls on the beaches of Jamaica..totally unexpected!!!Not sure if your’re willing to travel but my dream is to say ” I do” where I first met my love….Its certainly been a challenging relationship because my fiance lives in JA and is unable to travel to the US…So with that said David I need you! I have no idea how to begin and would love if you can step in and do what you do best! I have a vision but I am completely open to your revisions! Wedding slated for July 2011….Kind Regards, Trudy J.

  209. Hi David, I am watching your show right now and crying,…I have them taped so I can pause, study view and review everything you do. You’re amazing! I want my daughter Michela and her fianc’e Joe to have the dream wedding they both so deserve. These two people are truly amazing and so down to earth. Joe is an Iraq war veteran, he was a medic in the army. Michela is getting ready to graduate from college with her Master’s degree and teaching Credential and wants to teach Jr. High School Science. She is student teaching right now and does not get paid for it and is not working so Joe is working very hard to support both of them and is so loving with Michela, she is his princess and he is her knight in shining armor. They new each other from school and mutual friends when they were teenagers but never dated. They graduated from High School and went their separate ways, …Michela went to college, Joe went to war. Eventually they both came back home and ran into each other at the gym and decided to have lunch together. They have been together ever since and are so in love. They each have a dog, Michela a tiny Chihuahua named Cheech (about 5 pounds)and Joe a huge Lab and Greyhound mix named Maverick (about 80 pounds) who are very best friends like Michela and Joe. They are getting married on 8/7/11 in San Diego with about 75-80 guests at a scenic venue called Scripps Seaside Forum. The theme is platinum, petal pink and diamond. Think of the cliffs of Monaco overlooking the ocean. Like a sultry, romantic bride marries the knight in platinum silver and soft fabric swaying in the ocean breeze while diamonds sparkle all round them like the shimmer of the ocean. They can’t afford that on just Joes income and its breaking my heart but they tell me it’ll be okay, it will be beautiful no matter what. Please help make their wedding the very special day a teacher and soldier deserve. Much Admiration, Nancy Dixon

  210. Hi David:
    My name is Mary Squillace and I live in Long Island. My fiance and I are repeat offenders. I was married one time before and he was married twice before, one time a divorce and the second time was tragic loss of his wife to breast cancer. He is a 9/11 hero and carries his heroism throughout his life. He cared for his sick wife as he worked as a NYC detective and subsequently helped countless during the 9/11 tragedy. I could not have found a more wonderful and giving man who is truly the love of my life. I wish I could give back to him all that he has given me and ten fold. Since this is a celebration of a new life for both of us, I want it to be more than special. Simple, classy, elegant –my three words to describe our perfect wedding. We both had the big bashes in our previous nuptuals and now we are looking for a sweet afternoon brunch wedding with simplicity and style and with our loved ones by our sides. I was thinking of a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme — I think this is simple and stylish as well as age appropriate. I am finding it difficult to find the appropriate venue and ideas to pull this off. I am stuck on the dress type and wether if brunch is a good idea. Unfortunately, I am very busy with work (I am a professor at a Long Island University and an Occupational Therapist who specializes in rehabilitation of infants with special needs and medically complex diseases)–needless to say we are a very stressed couple, but are very happy together, and time is a factor at times, but I manage to get it done –except now I have to be creative and think not so traditional due to our history.
    I have been watching your show religiously and love your style and ideas. Please consider our wedding ideas, we could use your help and advise. You are the best at what you do and I would love to see what you would have in mind.
    Thank you for all of the joy you bring others, you are a true blessing.
    Mary and Lenny

  211. Dear David,
    My name is Fawn and my fiance Hal and I are from Charleston SC. Hal had a huge crush on me in high school and claims to never have had the guts to talk to me despite the fact he was Mr. Popular and I was the quiet nerdy girl! Our worlds have now been brought together by divine intervention 16 years later. I have 4 children and he has a beautiful daughter. We have our hearts set on a July 4, 2011 wedding with a beautiful midevil theme. I know this is out of the casting date but it was my Grandfather’s anniversary, and he recently passed away. Due to the large combining of family and normal day to day expenses we would be truly blessed to have your help! Please consider uswith an open heart for any help! Due to funds being so tight we have discussed pushing things back to November 11th. It is not the sentimental date we had hoped for, but how mant oppertunities do you get for a date such as 11/11/11! Please help us unite our family, and give our children the ability to have the family they deserve!

  212. I am not writing for myself. My younger “sister” (not blood related) is getting married on April 23, 2011 and I believe she deserves the most amazing wedding ever.
    She has given to her family in unbelievable ways and continues to do so. She is the one in the crowd who is smiling and really for the next person and she doesn’t have what she really wants and needs. I watched her as her best friend just had the wedding of her dream and she was the Maid of Honor from Heaven.
    She again went beyond her call of duty. We are all trying to see how we can be a blessing to her and her finance who is unfortunately currently unemployed.
    They are both trained engineers but the economy ha snot been friendly to him. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick them. They so deserve it.

  213. Hi David my name is Katie Lewis, and I live in Maryland. MY fiance Noah is in the United States Navy. We have been engaged since May 2010. We have set our wedding date for August 2011, in California which is both of our hometown. Our story is so incrediable. We grew up only miles apart from eachother in California, and met here on the east coast. Crazy right? Anyhow we would love your help. We are financing our wedding by ourselves, and desperatley need help. Im not very good at decorating, and have no idea how to plan a wedding. We may even have to change our wedding date, because Noah may be going on deployment for 7 months. I am a proud military spouse, and just want to have the wedding of my dreams.Have a great year!

    P.S. You are amazing!

  214. Mark and I have been together for 5 years 2011 and he proposed on Christmas 2010. We have three children and plan on getting married May 2011 in Montague, Michigan at a 6 bedroom lake/beach font home. I arranged for redi rental to setup a huge tent on the beach for the reception for 200 guests. We picked a vibrate teal and tangerine for our colors and love the vibrance of the colors for a spring, beach front dream wedding. Mark and I have been through so many journeys throughout our relationship, but no matter what we have made it through. We have been praying that some way and some how we would be able to have the dream wedding on the beach with our children, family, and church. Due to the inability to afford to accomodate everyone in our budget we really cant invite everyone we would like to come. Our faith is high and no matter what we feel blessed to have each other.

    Thank you for taking the time to hear our wedding dream wishes and no matter what happens we are a blessed family to be considered in this contest!


    The soon to be Thomas Family

  215. Hello david, my name is cristina and i am from Chicago, Illinois. I am going to be 21 this summer and me and my boyfriend are going to have two and a half years together and we have a eight month old. We are getting married but i would love.your help and support so i would love if you would cast for Illinois brides

  216. Luke and I got engaged July 2, 2010 in front of 30 friends and family members. It was so unexpected. We have been together for four years now and this is a dream come true for us. Luke and I have done almost everything in our life backwards. Having a dream wedding that fits both our tastes would help us know all the things we have been through have all been worth it.
    I have a very small family, I am a only child from a single mother. Luke is from a huge family, both parents involved with three siblings. Traditionally the brides family pays for the wedding, however my family comes from a pay check to pay check type income. Luke and I will be paying for our wedding all on our own. We are fortunate that in 2009 Luke sister had a giant wedding. Lucky for us we have all of her decorations left over. My dilemma I have no idea what I am doing!
    I feel constricted to use all these decorations to the same taste of his sisters wedding. I have my own ideas, I can’t explain anything to my mother of what I am thinking. I have tons of pictures on line I keep saving and no one understands my vision. I want this amazing lit, enchanted misty, amazing food and a wedding cake that shows who Luke and I are.
    We have planned to get married September 10th, 2011 in Sedalia, MO. The wedding party we are hoping to be is 400-450. However with our budget we are going to have to cut the guest list to 100-150. We are planning a enchanted outdoor garden wedding, out side right after the sunsets. The reception is to follow in a building that’s about a block from the wedding location. My hope is to carry the same garden/forest/whimsical/romantic feel in to the reception site.
    I am asking that David please come straighten out my vision. Luke and I are ready to take on the task of getting things off the ground and need a little guidance to make this idea all become aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
    Thank you for reading my wishes, you have no idea how happy you would make me!! Can’t wait to hear from you!!!!

  217. I am just a regular girl, theres nothing special about me. I come from the small town of Gallup, New Mexio. When I was 16 I got pregnant and being from a small town was whisked off to vegas to be married off. The marriage was a roky one I had a terrible husband the only thing good that came out of that marriage was my two beautiful children. Aftef 11 years in that mess I finally filed for a divorce. Almost a year later i meet the most wonderful man ever, he was sweet, kind and opened up my eyes to so many wonderful things, and accepted my kids as his own. I never imagined I could ever feel this way about anyone besides my children. Atfer 8 years together and 2 beautiful girls of oir own he has asked me to marry him. I am so excited and plan on having a beautiful chirch wedding, this time I want to have the wedding i have dreamed of since I was a young girl. I am at a lost at how to go about planning it, he loves chevelles and the la lakers so i am leaning toward one of those themes. As i said before thereis nothing special about me just a small town girl with big dreams

  218. hello my name is taylor me and my brothers ,sister want my mom to have the perfect wedding ever because she has not had a wedding before since she is 38 years old and the wedding is suppose to be the most wonderful day of her life,it would make us so happy to see the smile on her face and to bring our whole familly together for this special event. My mother has met the most wonderful man and he is so good to her and to us kids. My mother injured her knee and has to have surgery, so planning this wedding has been hard on her. The wedding is planned for july 30 2011. my mother is wanting a cherry blossom wedding and her and my stepdad have been doing everything themselves. thank you

  219. hello my name is taylor me and my brothers ,sister want my mom to have the perfect wedding ever because she as not had a wedding before since she is 38 years old and the wedding is suppose to be the most wonderful day of her life wo

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