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Sports Studio announces that that they will be hosting auditions and tryouts to cast for an upcoming USA Networks television pilot, Necessary Roughness, to be filmed in the Atlanta area. They will be casting for football players, referees and coaches at James R. Hallford Stadium (formerly Memorial Stadium) in Clarkston, GA.

Necessary Roughness is the story of Dr. Dani Santino, a tough, sexy Long Island divorcee who becomes the therapist for a pro football team – a huge career coup which wreaks havoc with her personal life.

The cast is headed up by Callie Thorne (“Rescue Me,” “ER,” “The Wire” and “Prison Break”), Marc Blucas (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Knight and Day” and “We Were Soldiers”), and Scott Cohen (“NYPD Blue,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “Law & Order: Trial by Jury”).

Sports Coordinator and Head of Production of Sports Studio, Mark Ellis will be conducting the tryouts. Mark Ellis has been the leader in coordinating sports action in Hollywood productions for over 17 years. He has directed and coached Oscar winning actors and Hall of Fame athletes over countless feature films, television shows and commercials including The Game Plan, We Are Marshall, Invincible and The Longest Yard. In addition, Ellis has been a critical component in films honored with nine ESPY nominations for “Best Sports Movie of the Year”, including three award winning films, The Rookie, Miracle and Semi-Pro.

Anyone interested in trying out for this upcoming television pilot will be required to pre-register, and create a profile under “Football TV show.” The casting location and exact casting times for the November 4th try outs will then be emailed directly to each interested participate. Timing is limited for this one day try outs and spots will fill up quickly.

FOOTBALL PLAYER REQUIREMENTS: Age 18-35 and have extensive football experience. Players should not be seeking NCAA eligibility through a college program. Selected player positions are paid positions.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. I am definitely interested in this opportunity I am 6’3 215 African American and I have football experience. Are you guys still casting for this???

  2. I cant find where to go to creat the profile page.. Can anyone help please?? what’s the website i go to?? when i go to sportsstudio page all the agenies come up but no where to create a profile..

  3. Played professional Football for !0yrs.. Still currently playing. 2yrs of division 1 football..

  4. I played college football at the university of southern cal I was a wr I run the 40 yard dash in a 4.34 so I’m very football oriented

  5. I feel that i am a great fit for this new pilot because I have been an athlete all my life. I have extensive football experience i started playing football when i was six years old. I played football in high school and was all state for three years, in addition to wrestling, and basketball. After high school i gained much experience coaching, i coached pop warner all the way to the varsity level as the head offensive line coach. Moving here to Atlanta I have gained experience in acting as well as modeling, I would be perfect for this opportunity.

  6. I’m a great fit to be your referee. This show has great cast already and they keep my attention and interest in every show. I love everything about it and I would look GREAT in an referee outfit to keep the show sexy and I love football.

  7. I am a SAG/AFTRA Actor with a substantial amount of football experience as I have been playing since I was 7. I still currently play flag football in the USFTL league in which we travel around competing in various tournaments country wide.

  8. I love acting and I love football! I’m 6’1 220 athletic build. Played quarterback and slot through high school. It has always been a dream of mine to be a part of a show dealing with athletes. It doesn’t seem to happen too often.

  9. Hi! My name is Kara. I am 16 years old, going on 17. I am a singer/songwriter, actress, dancer, musician (I play guitar and piano), gymnast, basketball player, surfer, am an avid jet skier, I am a fisherwoman, hunter, and amature archer. I have many talents that I could bring to the table when it comes to sports. I am seeking any opportunity that would allow me a step in the right direction towards my dreams. I would really appreciate this opportunity alot . What I lack in age I make up for in maturity and dedication, determination, and enthusiasm. I think that my talents and my age would be a contribution to the already great show. I would bring in a wider demographic and contribute to a larger age group and viewing audience. I am very active in many different sports, some sports that people don’t even consider when they think of sports. I think it would make for an awesome episode. I hope you think so too! Thank you for this opportunity!

  10. Why me? Short and sweet I’m 5’11 180 pound young 25 year old athlete who played cornerback at Mcneese state university,, for 4 years, I’ve jus recently started modeling and trying to take the next step into acting, I feel like I was put on this earth to entertain people. I’m competitive, hardworking and coachable, and ready to work, so in the words of a back up high school football player… ” Put me in. Coach.

  11. acting has always been my dream. i enjoy making people laugh and im a fun n energetic person who loves to entertain. i want nothing more than to become an actress and live my dream.

  12. Not very experienced in acting but I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love me by the end of the day. I just love people. I’m 6’3 180 lbs and very handsome. Great wide receiver/ quarterback body. I started varsity wide receiver in high school in high school but was McDonalds All-American nominee in basketball.

  13. I’m 34 years old 5’11” 265 lbs I played four years in high school a year at ETSU when they had a football program and a year in Germany. I have played nearly every position. As for my acting I have some experience. When i was 8 I played a munchkin in the high school play Wizard of Oz plus I was a stage hand in high school for drama class

  14. I am 18 years old and I am an outstanding football player, I am a great catcher and a bullet when the ball is in my hands. I am also told that I am a natural in front of the camera so that should help my acting career I’m hoping. I really appreciate u guys looking over our comments. take care and have a wonderful day. Also EID MUBARAK to anyone celebrating.

  15. I have done theatre for nine years, and do not mind changing my appearance for a role. I want to expand my acting experience. I am interested in working as extras, coaches, someone my age bracket ( 54). I can travel.

  16. I was very athletic in High School, I’m still very athletic. I played football for my school, ran track, did gymnastics, even swam for a bit. I’ve also taken acting classes since I was a kid, I’ve done school plays and tons of other things like runway shows, and dance performances.

  17. I feel I should be considered for Necessary Roughness because I am a talented new comer to the acting scene. I am raw undiscovered talent and I do have a few credits under my belt but like to broaden my horizon to bigger things and be the actor that all directors fight to work with.

  18. I am a great actor for one. I taken acting classes while in college and either be of comedic relief, very dramatic, or intense. I was a superstar football player in highschool as well track and field. I am 5’5 170 lbs and very fast and well built with the perfect smile.

  19. Hi just finished my season with the NPSFL as a cornerback and safety. I don’t look my age and I am very handsome and I feel I could be the perfect fit for this job.

  20. Football has always been in my blood. It may hurt my chances, the truth is I’ve always played football in the streets of bronx, NY. My mother was unable to afford to put me on a real team and my highschool was too small to have a football team. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about the game. I am 32 years old 5’10 300lbs. Do not let that fool you, I am very fast on my feet and agile too. I guanranteed I will turn heads.

  21. Hello! I feel as if I should be considered for the Necessary Roughness audition because I am an actor and athlete and sports is my life. During my high school years, I was an All-State quarterback for Thomas County Central High School in Thomasville, Georgia. Compiling over 4,000 yards of total offense and 50 touchdowns in two seasons as a starter, and also garnering All-Region and All-Area honors as well. I am currently an actor and model and I feel as if I fit this role perfectly and could be another oppurtunity to show my talents in front of the camera. I look forward to hearing from you and the staff and more information on the tryout as it becomes available. Thank you.

  22. I am 6″4 280 lbs I have over 10 years experience playing football and participated in several plays, musicals and shows during high school and currently in college. With my size and experience with football and acting I can truly authenticate the show.

  23. Hello. My name is Luke Harben. I am a recent college graduate and collegiate athlete. In high school I was a 4 year high school football MVP (both offense and defense) in a class 5A Georgia high school, a 3 year Varsity football letterman, the team captain and voted Best Athlete and Best Looking in my senior class. I was a child model for Arlene Wilson, which was later bought by Ford. After graduation this past June, I decided that I would like to get back to modeling and acting. Most recently, I was hired as an extra on Reed Between the Lines.

    I would love an opportunity to be considered for your new series.

    Thank you
    Luke Harben

  24. Hi my name is Adam Rowe i think i should be chosen for this show because i’m a high school football player i’m very good i just don’t want to play in college. I think i would be great for this show because i can bring the realistic energy of a football player into this show seeing as this is my last year in high school and playing football so i just think this is a great opportunity for me.

  25. Played college football for 2 years then competed in D-1 Rugby at UC Santa Barbara where we played in the national championship this year. I am a recent college graduate. 6’3″, around 190 lbs, I am 23 years old. Very athletic and physically capable of practically anything. I hope to hear back and answer any questions you may have. thanks.

  26. I should be picked because not only am I in great shape and look like an NFL defensive back, but I look good in business/casual attire as well, I have experience in acting, and I have played football my entire life. Thanks for your consideration.

  27. I played high school football all four years as a receiver/corner-back. After that I joined the Military for 8 years and was the physical fitness expert out scoring my whole battalion in push-ups, sit-ups, and run 2 miles in 11 mins. Still fit and after the military came to Atlanta and went to Alliance Theatre in Atlanta for acting courses. Also did a little stand up comedy while I was in the Military. Ready to rock with you guys. 4.6 flat that’s why they call me Thundercat

  28. Being affiliated with football majority of my life its basically what i have built my life around. Ive competed against the top D1 universities and have 6yrs of experience in the NFL. Do to a knee injury which is now perfectly fine ended my dreams. Though my passion and ability/agility is still very competitive at the top level, its crushing to know that i cant compete. So to be even considered for this audition would be a honor, so tht i could once again do something thats natural and embedded in me to entertain others. Thank You for Your Time


  30. I am 18, 6’1 275 and played football until my freshman year of high school when I tore my MCL, so thats when I turned to acting, I always played back yard football and improved my throwing, catching and tackling. I played baseball in the meantime, but everyone says that God made me to play football, and since I cant anymore, playing one would be a dream. Thank you for your time.

  31. I believe this will be a very entertaining show. Especially with the Lockout continuing, people are going to want to see somthing football related. Thats what attracts me. Entertainment to me is catching people with something that they may not have known they needed. A smile, a laugh, a cry, its all theraputic. I am a former football player myself, and I understand the authenticism factor in performing. I think I would be great for this.

  32. I would make a great addition to the cast because I can adapt and be as I’m needed to be. I’ve always wanted to test the acting and modeling. I would enjoy the opportunity. Thank you !

  33. I should be chosen for a role in Necessary Roughness because im a natural athlete i was forced to play all sports while I was young.I excelled in all the sports I played along with football i also excelled in tennis basketball and soccer. I am 5’11 160lbs athletic build.

  34. Just begining a career in acting and has already taken acting classes. This role would be perfect for me because I’ve played High school and College Football. 6’1 250

  35. As an extra to my first post I have taken a theater course in highschool and have had a history of performing on stage growing up from solos in musicals from elementary through middle school to band concerts in highschool. So performing in front of others is not an issue especially if Im well prepared.

  36. The reason why I believe that you should choose me for a roll on Necessary Roughness, is the fact that growing up I have always loved playing football. Yes I may not be like other guys who can name almost every player in the league now or past players but; I do know that it takes heart to play the game of football. All throw highschool I never was given the chance to play at the position I knew I could and still can play because of my over weight stature. I have lost almost all of the weight that I was carrying in school and now I am on another level when it comes to football, especially tackle. When it comes to playing tackle football I know that runningback is the position for me on the field. I know I’m not extremely fast but fast enough and also a hard runner so I don’t go down easy and prefer running through people instead of around them. When it comes down to the wire I want to win in a game even if that means I have 1 or 100 yards to score I want the ball that way I know that even if my team looses I know I dd the best I could to help my team win. I am 20 years old, 5’8″, and 195 pounds and from now until November till try outs I plan on training like I would for actual football season. My personality is outgoing but subtle at the same time, which is good for any type of show. Growing up I have always felt that i was going to do something big with myself and have loved finding ways to make people laugh or entertain them. I have always wanted the chance to show I can be all I can be one the field, and with a roll on this show i can do that If you would like more information from me you can reach me at (620)-704-1375 or email me at if you have taken the time to read this I thank you for a possible opportunity to follow my dream…

  37. I Have done some acting before i am 22 yrs old and 6’7 290 lbs, played DE?DT for 4 years in college. I have more of a chunky athletic build,

  38. I am a former college and semi pro football player. I have been a head coach in Pop Warner and Off Coordinator for High School and semi pro football for last 10 years. I have limited acting experience but if it is a coach with great knowlege of the game, I would like to be considered. Thanks

  39. I should be accepted on the show not only for my football skills but for my personality as well. I am a very strong and out going person everyone loves to be around me. I am currently playing for a swmi-pro team called Stillwater stallions located in Oklahoma. I was class of 2008 and voted Player of Week everyweek as well Team Leader! I am fast and know my sport and is very dedicated to football and wont let nothing stand in my way to go pro!

  40. Im Lcpl Mike Wild, I played sports my whole life, but aimed to be a football player and was even offered scholarships. I played for my higthschool. I am very fit as I am active duty Military, scheduled to eta in August. I am looking into gettin into the acting buisness, as in its one of my dreams. Gettin to play football would be a plus. Im 6’2, 230 pounds muscle and very fit

  41. Experience in acting for several years, also extensive football experience through high school and college. 6’3 280 lbs and play DE/LB, athletic build.

  42. Hi I’m 20 my name is candice I’m already in acting school so I know about acting I’m also fit and I’m beautiful I would love to play a remarkable role of course I’m not a football player but I know alot about football by the way I’m 5’6 and 140 lbs
    ThankYou I appreciate your time ,

  43. I’m an actor that has the “Necessary Roughness” you need.
    5’10 185lbs, African American, …You say it I do it, hard core contender.

  44. played pop warner football and love and follow the sport… im young and sexy and im your man for any role

  45. Hello I’m Juan Davis II and first off I wanted to say that I love to entertaining an audience. I always dream about being in movies commercials, and television . I had that experience when I was in the movie Joyful Noise as a extra. That first time experience told me that I was meant to be a entertainer and this was my calling. If I’m selected to be apart of this production, it doesn’t matter what role I get because I want to gain experience and learn and master how to be a great actor. Whether I get one of the main roles or if I’m a extra, I will give u 110% always. I’m 5’10 African American male who was born and raised in Atlanta and I have some experience on football so I can play.I would really would to do this movie if I selected and I hope to here from you soon. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

  46. I have acting experience and I love the game of football and I would like to be a referee on the show. I have a athletic build and I think I would give the male audience an small unexpected treat.

  47. because i am a great actor and i am 15. and just the type of kid that wants to follow his dreams. and kniw that he can make it if he puts his mind to it.

  48. in 13 and i know you probley wont read this but im up for about anything. im half philipeano half white and am fine with being an extra thanks for reading

  49. I very confident that given the opertunity that I could do well in the audition and I really have a passion to act. Ijust love anything that has to do with acting.

  50. I’m very interested in acting and I’ve played and love the game of football. It would be a dream to play a actor that plays football.

  51. It would be a blessing to be considered for an audition. I will finish earning my degree is Screen Acting in May. AND I just finished my final NCAA football season at Oklahoma State University. I’m FULLY qualified, very ready, and would love an opportunity!! Thanks so much.

  52. I think I would be great for this show. I have a very strong, leader personality and I’m an aspiring actress and am really looking for a “big break”. I have a lot of determination and am very passionate. I am 5’5″ and I have brown hair and light brown eyes. I’m 14 years old. I’d love to be considered

  53. Because Im a great actor and i just so happen to be 6’7 330lbs and i just finished playing colliegate football.

  54. Hello my name is Arris Brundidge, I should be selected for this role because I am a 3 year lettermen at blessed trinity Catholic High school (football), and A 4 year lettermen for basketball. I am currently on basketball scholarship and a theater major at Gordon college. I amTall, lean, athletic and pursueing a film career. This seems like a hell of a place to start so I will pe waiting patiently for an email, or just give me a call on my cell 352-727-0079

  55. 5’10 170 athletic build. I have played at colligiate and semi-pro level. I’ve played this game my whole life and know it inside and out. I have a very outgoing personality. I attended the music city showcase in 2006, and got 7/8 callbacks from modeling and acting. I never followed up due to football commitent at the time. I am now pursuing acting as well as fitness modeling. I am very interested in being casted!!!

  56. Retired athlete played college football at the university of south Carolina…and also spent time with NFL teams the giants and vikings. I’m still very young and active. I love sports and would love to be an actor one day.

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