TV One – The Ultimate Merger 2

TV one
The Ultimate Merger- TV one
TV one
The Ultimate Merger- TV one

Are you a single, good-looking guy ready to show the world what a REAL man should be? Here’s your chance.

We’re casting for the new season of Donald Trump’s The Ultimate Merger, TV One’s hit reality show that matches one lucky bachelor with a famous and fly female celebrity. Last year it was Omarosa and this year it’s . . . well, you’ll find that out later, but trust, you’ll know her and she’s gorgeous!

Donald J. Trump Presents The Ultimate Merger is an American reality television dating game show starring Omarosa (née Manigault), a former political consultant who in 2004 appeared on the first season of The Apprentice, another American reality series. A spin-off of The Apprentice, the series premiered on TV One on June 17, 2010, with the final episode of Season 1 airing on August 5, 2010. Notably, The Ultimate Merger is the first reality dating series to feature contestants who are almost entirely from the African American professional class.

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  1. I’m a military veteran, and established proffesional. Business entrepenuership student in college ready for a new grand experiance

  2. I’m a conscious 44year, seasoned, that looks younger and
    Will bring the flavor needed for the show!

  3. Hi, this is a comnemt.To delete a comnemt, just log in and view the post’s comnemts. There you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  4. I’m a young man not dah best looking I know that, I’m a great guy definatly a gentlemen! Looking for a shot at this. If I’m selected I want to make every body proud and shock the world

  5. im a very down to earth guy, im 22 and very well rounded- highly motivated, stay in shape as i work as a personal trainer. Career driven and fun- you wont be disappointed

  6. Why me? Simply because I feel I was born to entertain people , I love woman and woman love me.. and have the coolest personality that woman seem to adore.. not to mention I’m kind of kute!! Well that’s what the ladies tell me.

  7. Spiritual. Stylish. Smooth & Sexy lol- I am 22yrs old, holistically educated and driven. I look forward to UM2

  8. I want my own show. I’m 23 year old female. I really haven’t had a man in years. I’m steady working all the time. I can’t recall the last date ive bn on. I just wanna go out and have fu. I’m young smart and unique in many ways. In seeking for love and wishing the best in my life

  9. I am Y.H.F. Young,Handsome,and Focus and well educated, well spoken,and knows how to treat a lady focus on making my appearence on the Ultimate Merger 2 be felt by the woman who is selected because im ready to win the show and the girl of my dreams!!!

  10. I am a caring, good looking, do anything for my woman man who is great for this show. I would show the beautiful woman and America just how amazing one gentleman can be to a lady.

  11. Hey im a down to earth guy im willing to be there threw thick and thin im an artist out of orlando fl, nice personality and know how to treat a woman

  12. I am a very gracious and ambitious gentleman that knows how to treat a woman and give her what she wants. I am also a 19 year old beginner actor that would like to start his career off in the right direction.

  13. Im a very attractive well fit 26 year old male. I am energetic , hardworking and motivated. I pay attention to detail and I always am on time.

  14. I know I’d make make a great addition to The Ultimate Merger because I have a great personality, and Im a Jack of all Trades!

  15. I am a regular human being. Nothing special or fancy about me. Um not well off or rich. But i have what a real woman lacks in her man that money can’t buy. Common sense and the sense to make her know she is important at all times. And she is my number one priority. If she ain’t happy i ain’t happy. Again all u need is common sense basics not money.If were not treating eachother like royalty then whats the point emotional treatment not spending money and no time. THANK YOU FOR OUR TIME THE SOONER ONE LEARN IT AIN’T ALL ABOUT THEM. AND YOU CAN’T WIN ALL THE TIME THEN YOU WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

  16. I am the guy you are looking for because simply iam AM willing to do anything nessasary by any means to succeed. and i kno how to put on a show.

  17. I am applying for the role to be the Mistress of the Household. Im gracious, Im beautiful, Im well spoken, and I take orders very well!

  18. Im that young gentleman ladies be looking for. Im that man that actually know how to treat a lady, willing to wine and dine. Give me the chance I will show you I will shine

  19. I’m a down to earth gentlemen who has his head on straight, I take care of my responsibilities and know how to make a woman feel special.

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