TMNT 2 Casting Call for Male Photo Double


TMNT 2 Casting Call for Male Photo Double

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 is currently filming in the New York area. In the upcoming Paramount Feature Film the Turtles return to save their beloved city from a dangerous threat. David Green, who directed Earth to Echo and Dial M of Murder, will direct TMNT 2.

Megan Fox will return as April O’Neil, a struggling reporter who wants to report real news. Will Arnett will return as Vernon Fenwick April’s camera and often voice of reason. Joining the cast of TMNT 2 is Arrow alum Stephen Amell who will portray Casey Jones and Tyler Perry as Baxter Stockman. Also joining the cast is WWE Wrestling Superstar ‘King Sheamus’ Stephen Farrelly as Rocksteady.

Casting Details

The extras casting team with Grant Wilfley Casting has released a casting call seeking a male photo double for WWE Wrestling Superstar Sheamus. Interested talent must resemble the actor. The casting team is seeking a male double who has the build of a professional wrestler, has very pale skin, minimal tattoos and is between 6’3” – 6’5”. The casting team prefers a male who is clean shaven and willing to allow the hair department cut and die hair to match that of the Principal Actor’s.

To be considered as a Photo Double for Stephen Farrelly on TMNT 2, please read the casting description provided below:

STILL Seeking SAG-AFTRA & NON UNION Men to work as a Photo Double for STEPHEN FARRELLY in the new Paramount Feature Film, HALF SHELL. A photo double is someone who resembles the principal actor and who can fit into their wardrobe.

Must be available Monday, July 6th. Shoots in the NYC area. MUST BE FROM THE NYC AREA!!!! Must have full availability.

Looking for men who have the build of a professional wrestler, who have very pale skin, minimal tattoos and are 6’3-6’5 in height. Also seeking men who could be clean shaven and allow the hair department to do a cut or color in their hair.

Pay rate is $250/8hrs. Must be 18 or older to work this scene.

If available and interested, email current, candid pictures (the more pictures, the better) to with the following information:
*Your name,
*your union status (SAG-AFTRA or Non Union),
*height, weight, jacket size, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam and shoe. .
The subject line of your email should read “FACEBOOK STEPHEN PD”

Stephen 'King Sheamus' Farrelly
Stephen ‘King Sheamus’ Farrelly

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.


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  3. Name:Kayla Nicole wells
    nationality:African American,and Cherokee Indian

    I think I’d be great at this role because I have a lot of potential and I loved the first moved I love the teenage mutant ninja turtles because there inspiration because the fight for what they believe in and that’s a very positive quality to have I am very smart tall and talented I can sing dance and act I had a amazing personality and I have amazing qualities I think that I’ll be great in this movie thank you.

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  8. Sex: Female
    Age: 12
    Hair: dirty blonde/ dark blonde/ light brown (either works)
    Height: 5’6
    Eye color: brown
    I hope to be in the movie!! I love tmnt so much! Please notify me if I can be in the movie!!! Thanks! :)

    • Sex: Female
      Age: 12
      I love by New York (it is not a long ride for me)
      Hi, I’m Ariana and I am very tall for my age. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I love TMNT. I loved the first movie and would love to be in the second one. I am totally find if I become an extra, but I would love to get my own part.

  9. I wish to be part of a movie I hope you write me back I want to be part of a movie I don’t care a little piece or small character

  10. Hi my name is mackayla i am a huge fan of TMNT i would also love to become a actor when im older it would be a dream come true
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  12. Sex: Female
    Hair: Dk. Brown/Black
    Skin Tone: Tan
    White Caucasian
    Height: 5’10
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    I know you aren’t looking for any Females but just in case you have any other open calls! I live in Indiana with my brother and grandparents so money and traveling may be a problem. Acting is a dream of mine. Most kids dream of becoming a actor/actress but only a few carry on that dream. I am one of them. I hope you consider me for a role! Have a wonderful day and good luck to everyone else out there!

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