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What not to Wear
What not to Wear- TLC
What not to Wear
What not to Wear- TLC

Casting call and open audition announced for TLC What Not To Wear.

Clinton and Stacy are back for more makeovers, for a new season, and TLC is now casting in the NY area for people willing to nominate a friend, family member or co-worker whose wardrobe is screaming for a make-over! The city is filled with unique individuals who aren’t dressing to their full potential!TLC´s What not to wear is a show about fashion intervention to people who needs a style change. Fashion experts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are in charge of the makeover, sorting through the person’s current wardrobe and providing them with rules for maximizing their best assets and personal style. They are given a Visa card worth $5,000. After a consultation with Stacy and Clinton on these new clothing choices, along with a dramatic hair and makeup revamp, viewers will see a complete transformation and a stunning reveal.

If you want someone you know to participate in the Casting Call Audition for What not to wear, you need to submit him/her. Please keep checking back often for dates and times of the auditions and leave us a comment.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. I am posting here to ask for help for myself because I know I need help. I have been fat my entire life but lately I have really gained weight. I am biggest I have ever been. I have never known how to dress a fat girl and I just turned fifty and now I am fat old and still don’t know how to wear the right clothes for my age or body type. Not only am I fat but I have no curves. No butt and no hips. All my weight is in the belly and I have broad shoulders. I have chicken legs. I am just a hot mess in desperate need of a makeover. I am a CNA and make no money to buy clothes that truly fit. I wear baggy clothes all the time, long shirts. My hair is falling out and have never worn makeup because it never seemed to make a big difference. I have good skin. I have two walk in closets full of clothes but mist are many years old and out of date. Please help me. I help people daily but I need help for once. Thanks

  2. My mom finally has two out of three kids out of the house. She has always been on the go and working several jobs to make ends meet. Now that things are starting to cool off, she needs to spend some time and money on herself instead of worrying about us kids all the time, but she’s far too stubborn to buy anything for herself. SHE NEEDS A NEW WARDROBE! She wears sweats because they are easy and comfortable but not her age. She has ill-fitting jeans that she rolls up with her worn tennis shoes because she’s short-AND WON’T buy herself some nice jeans! She wears this awful cap to hide her big curly hair so she doesn’t have to fuss with it and has beautiful bodacious curves that she covers up with baggy clothes. Whenever she needs to dress up for something she pieces items together that are drastically outdated and don’t even go together. She’s a beautiful, sexy woman, and she deserves to have herself again.

  3. I am leaving this comment in hope that you will consider our kind teacher on TLC what not to wear. She has a black mess of hair that is a single poof ball and she tries to braid it which only makes it worse. Her hair may be a disaster but it only gets worse. She takes pride in her jean pencil skirt that looks 50 years old, or her brown with huge yellow daisies looking like a tornado destroying a picnic. For homecoming teachers are allowed to wear whatever they want and her definition of a “clothing disaster” was just wearing what she wore every day. Although her skirts are not the prettiest she loves to wear a harry potter black zip up jacket with a thin shirt every day so that by third hour when she takes it off you can see the pit sweats down to her belly button. She also wears the old same strapped to small open toe shoes every day and her feet arent the best lets just say but that you nor anyone would be able to help. So I am begging you, on the behalf of Harlan Community High School in the small town of Harlan, Iowa, please consider our favorite science teacher, homegrown in Wisconsin, Merry Gillaspie.

  4. Hi Stacey,

    I am a 22 year old wife and mom. Over the past few years my self confidence, self-esteem has dropped so bad! Being told that “you look like how I feel right now, I don’t like your style, your clothes is ugly, that doesn’t go, that doesn’t match… ect.” has really made me into a locked up person. I don’t wanna go out anywhere… I just sit at home in my big fat, long, fuzzy, red robe and my hair in a messy pony tail. Not pretty! Surprisingly my husband still loves me but I feel so crappy about my style and I have no idea where to start to change it! I have no clue what goes with what! My hair is always flat or messy. My clothes is old and raggedy. I need help!I’d like or my husband and people around and especially myself to be pleased and happy with myself, my outfits and for once feel good about myself. Get my self esteem back before I bury myself in too deep.

  5. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mom has horrible fashion taste she doesnt even know how to match simple stuff like her pair of sucks. shes a 38 years old women who has a taste of a 69 years old. shes very hardworking lady that even in her house shes wearing her uniform. hardly has time for her or her personal aperance. i love her very much and i believe that these will defenetly help her with her self-esteem, specialy now that shes going through a though situation besides of her diabetes. and with all these shes taking my 15 years old sister through the same path of horrible fashion taste. she needs help and now!!!!!!

  6. Dear Stacy,
    I am the daughter for a 33 year old woman named kandace Longoria she has a kind heart and a good personality but she dresses like a 24 year old Hipster.. she is not open minded or understanding she always wants things her way. It might be a hastule with her, but i hope that you would find it in your heart to help her… please get back to me if you get the chance thank you for opening and reading this… && I truly hope you can help..
    . – Gabrielle Longoria

  7. HELP!!!!! My dear friend, Amy, is the most PERFECT candidate for What Not To Wear!!! This past year she lost two brothers within a month of each other. If this wasn’t bad enough, due to a new job and difficulty selling her house, her husband lived three hours away for the past year while she dealt with her grief and took care of her two little boys on her own with a smile on her face. I dare anyone to not fall in love with this woman! (She’s been asked to be in 15 weddings-no joke.) She is a BALL OF SUNSHINE through everything and does anything for anyone….but herself. Amy is SO DESERVING TO FEEL AS BEAUTIFUL ON THE OUTSIDE AS SHE IS ON THE INSIDE! With love from her childhood friends

  8. I would love to be a part of this show. I am 55, 5’2″, computer engineer, overweight. After a lifetime of fashion misery, I am trying to improve. When I pick out clothes for my daughter, I call if “vicarious fashion victory.” Why can’t I find anything to fit me? I also am trying to use Pinterest to study fashion, but I don’t know how to shop…

  9. Dear Stacy my name is Harriet im my daughter natavia need help she is 25 in dresses up like a 16 year old she have four daughters in don’t care how she dresses PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. *****EMERGENCY ALERT***** My mother who I love dearly needs some help. She wears clothes for comfort so she wears baggy t shirts and big flowing shorts. I am 19 years old and have to beg her to wear something attractive when we go out somewhere nice. She doesn’t care how she looks even though she always feel like she looks hideous. My own dad wants me to take her out shopping with his money so she can get a new wardrobe but she absolutely hates shopping so never buys herself anything and if I try to buy her a cute top or something she refuses to wear it. She needs serious help so that she feel pretty again. Her coworkers even know she needs help and they tell her all the time but she just ignores them. Her hair is always gray because she doesn’t want to spend the money to die it. Long socks and hideous tennis shoes is all she wears. Please help her she needs it the most. Sincerely her concerned family, coworkers, city and the state of Ohio.

  11. Dear Stacy and Clinton,

    Our friend Arelie needs drastic help!From camel toes to hair that belongs in the 80’s, Arelie is plagued by bad style choices. It’s not entirely her fault though, growing up on the east side with an EXTREMELY over protective mom and evil sisters that dictate her every style choice, she’s accepted the norm of the household -whether that be lip liner no lipstick, or an entire can of aerosol hair spray to get those “perfect” crunchy curls. Please help us bring Arelie to her full potential!

    Concerned Friends

  12. Hi my name is Chelsea, I’m 23. I would like to nominate myself and my mom. The reason for that is we work 6 sometimes 7 days a week and barely have enough time to do anything else and don’t make the money we deserve despite out hard work. My mom just had her second surgery on her foot and it would also boost her spirits. We would be so grateful. Plus we are a lot of fun to be around. :). Please please please please please please. And thank you.

  13. Hello, my name is Chantae Meyer and as I have seen above you have a big amount of replies but I am hoping mine really stands out to you. I am currently a Junior at the Chippewa Falls Senior High school in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin. At school I am involved in the 11/12 orchestra and we take pride in what we do. Our director Ms.Malone is like a second mom to each and everyone of us, she is constantly taking her personal time to put us before herself and that is why I am writing to you. As much as we love Ms.Malone we all greatly dislike how she dresses! Please don’t get me started on her neon pink skirt and striped shirt outfit! Over the past year Ms.Malone has recently been divorced but through it all she stood strong and continued to help us with our problems. She is so willing and just simply amazing. I am speaking on behalf of the 11/12 orchestra when I say Ms.Malone NEEDS this make over. Not that we don’t love her for who she is but she has so much more beauty then she thinks…We are begging you to PLEASE HELPS US!!!!!

  14. Hello!
    My bf is dreamy, tall and such an amazing person but he has a problem… Blue baggy jeans and a black T-shirt is his wardrobe of choice. He doesn’t have the body of a typical 24 year old, making it harder to buy clothes that fit and flatter him. I try to help as much as I can but I’m no Stacy and Clinton! Please please please help my bf compliment his personality with his looks :) thank you

  15. Please HELP ME! My name is Mariah I am 17 years old I have no taste in clothes…I literally wear the same old hoodie, t-shirt, sweatpants, and jeans every single day it’s a DISASTER! I was really hoping if you guys can help me out…I am 17 this is just terrible…

  16. I am 54 yrs. old, single, and work for a large law office in my home town. I always wear slacks and larger type shirts to hide the way I look. The bad part is I meet with clients a lot and I am embarrassed because I really don’t know the best way to dress. I HATE shopping for clothes because I’m embarrassed that I wear a size 22/24, and it seems like the stores around where I live just don’t carry fashions that look well on people like me. I am desperate and could really, really use your help.

  17. hello me name is Carla is that there are many requests for help for a change,although I’m not sure who reads this 100% but i’ll be turning 20 years,she wants to be a writer too actris.but she does not know how dress according to their age that will meet also dresses like crazy and the hair would not regulate please just ask for help for my sister can have a good future I am your sister and I have 17 years wanted a professional can see,and that will open new doors and thanks for the opportunity to participarte and change lives.THANKS :)

  18. Hello, I am fashion frustrated! I’m 5’10” skinny build, 35 years old and I’m a mom. I usually always have to shop in the junior stores or junior sections because of my body type, but because of how tall I am, these cute flirty clothes on a 35 year old mom? No, so I usually leave the stores empty handed. I get so frustrated with every clothes shopping trip. I have troubles even finding undergarment & bathing suits that fit & don’t look like I’m trying to be a teenager. I don’t want to end up on a show of “what moms shouldn’t wear!” So instead, I admit I’ve mostly given up. It’s lazy pjs in the morning to drop off my kiddo at school, and jeans with a t-shirt, with my hair tied up in rubber band, (no make up on.) please help!!!

  19. Hello I have a coworker who has zero fashion. We both work at a college with students and she doesn’t care about her appearance at ALL. She wears baggy clothes everyday with (Dog Hair) on her clothes every morning. She has so much dog hair on her clothes to where its all over her chair she sits in. She is a sweet lady with a great heart that sleeps with her dogs at night and after she puts her work clothes on in the morning and lay with them. She doesn’t wear any kind of jewelry or make up. She use to be a biology teacher and think its ok to look any kind of way to work. Her hair never looks nice. she usually pulls it up in a ponytail. Please I would love for my coworker to be selected to come on this show. She is always doing for others and not for her self. It is now time for a change. I hope she is selected to come on the show.

  20. Over 50. Bad Feet. Ugly shoes. Poochy tummy. DANG – can I get a break?!!
    The shoes make or break the outfit.
    The pizza-dough tummy makes me feel confined to blousy tunics.
    I am SO stuck, trying to look professional at my new job in the Alumni Network.

    Yikes. Do I need to get someone else to nominate me and act surprised about it? I will not only be a good sport, I’ll be your best student.
    Wise but wide in Waco.

  21. I would seriously LOVE to nominate my mom. She is 43 years old with four kids. All of her children are above the age 13. My mother tends to think that her appearance doesn’t matter and she can care less about it. She works at a big At&t company as a service representative but never puts the effort to dress herself. She actually have been having the same wardrobe for about three years, same shoes as well. Occasionally, I can find her trying to wear my shoes. She has had a rough 18 years of marriage and is finally moving on. She has attempted bypassed surgerys because she thinks she is to over weight. Not just me, but many of our family thinks the way she keeps repeating the same style with the same clothes does not reflect her personality, her accomplishments, and how successful she is in life. Please, help my mother!

  22. HI Stacy and Clinton,
    My name is Jaime I am 33 years old. I have been watching your show for years in total denial that I have fashion issues lol or lack thereof.
    I need a way to celebrate being 5 years cancer free and what better way to do it then to celebrate me and making myself feel beautiful.
    I was 27 when I was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer. My son was 19 months old and I was in a failing marriage. I had 6 months of chemotherapy followed by 30 days of radiation. Battling cancer took a toll on me mentally and emotionally but then physically it took away a lot of what made me feel like a women. I have had over 8 surgeries and cosmetic procedures. I have seen left my failing marriage several years ago and recently married my best friend. I have lived in tee shirts and stretch pants for the past several years and I want to look the way that I feel. I feel amazing I feel accomplished I feel loved but because of my clothes I feel ugly.
    I want to celebrate all of the challenges and obstacles that I have overcome and celebrate me. I want to feel beautiful instead of feeling like a bum. I hope you can help.

    • Hi, I have a friend named Patty who NEEDS your help. She is 55 years old, mother of a 13 & 11 year old, stay-at-home Mom who runs the family business out of the house. Well she is stuck in a time warp of the 70’s and NEVER has done anything to her hair!! I don’t think she has ever even looked at a fashion magazine so she truly is clueless. She is a beautiful woman with some extra weight that she just covers up with oversized T-shirts or button down shirts….THAT’s it. Even though her hobbies are the garden & art projects she doesn’t have to look like that ALL the time. It would be so helpful if she could get a make-over & REAL guidance on how to dress, I mean her 13 year old daughter can only suggest so much without getting grounded LOL I have pictures if you want!!! You will be shocked.
      Thanks for your consideration.

  23. Hello my name is Shawn Davis. I would like to nominate myself. My wife loves your show and I enjoy it as well. I don’t recall ever seeing a man on there, although I haven’t seen every episode. I’m 31 years old and my marriage is in a real tough place. My wife is considering a divorce and isn’t sure if she wants one or wants to stay. She always says I don’t dress age appropriate, and while I do agree with her, I feel like my options are either continue to dress like I do or look like one of the stiffs from an L.L. Bean ad. I’m desperate to turn the tide in our marriage and hope that a new look on me can help do that. The problem is there’s no help here, and I don’t know what to look for. I live in Middletown NY and wouldn’t have to go far for the show. I could really, REALLY, use you help here, not just for me to dress more appropriate for my age, but help in my marriage as well. Thank you and I hope to hear from you and possibly be(I believe but could be wrong) your first man on the show.

  24. Hello! I would like to be considered, I’m 33 years old, my body has changed is not getting any younger. I’ve had 2 kids in the last 4 years and my hips have grown, my body is not fat, but thicker, just in general, my body changed from girl to woman. I still have high school clothes in my closet, my carreer has changed, I’m a mom now and I dont even know what to wear. Im starting to choose comfortable rather than pretty and Im getting worried! HELP-PLEASE!!! :)

  25. Dear Clinton and Stacy,

    I want to tell you in advance that if my mom gets the part, she will be a good sport because she’s told me before that she’s always wanted to be on tv no matter what part she got. She has participated in school drama. I was also told that you have cancelled the show since 2013, but that the database is still here. I hope to see more inspiring stories on this site that would hopefully bring the show back to life, not that it already isn’t online and on TLC, but to make new episodes because I am a huge fan and would like to view more episodes.

  26. My mother, Amruta Mandsaurwale, should be considered for this awesome show because she is hardworking, motivated, brave, kind-hearted, thrifty, very thrifty, which is why she never buys clothes for herself. She has a good sense in fashion, but she dresses not-so-according to her age sometimes, which can be an embarrassment. Occasionally she wears her old dark purple jacket, for which I hide behind my younger sister when we’re in a grocery store. Most of the clothes she has are nice. She just has this one habit of buying clothes from Costco. She has some are from Forever 21, which is kind of nice when you realize that a friend’s friend bought the exact same shirt about 3 weeks ago. She has helped my dad worked on his job over the years and she has the best home-cooked meals in town. She takes care of me and my sister when we’re home and she drops us off and picks us up from school, places and she attends college with me. Please consider this lovely woman with one tiny problem for your show!

  27. I think my mom should be considered for this because she is 43 years old and wears the ugliest clothes and never fixes herself up. I’m 15 and she will come to my school for sporting events and it makes me embarrassed by what she is wearing. We live in Texas and she wears the same ugly boots and long sleeve t-shirts and she literally wears the same stuff weekly. She never puts makeup on when we go out and always looks unprofessional and makes me embarrassed for her. Everyone we shop she picks out the worse clothes and than ends up not even buying anything. So I think it would be very beneficial if she got on the show because she needs to get herself together so she can be happier.

  28. My husband needs to be shown how people in 2015 dress! He is such a handsome man but is really stuck in a bad place! He wears plastic swish pants and big ugly hoodies all the time. At 45 he should have a work clothes and then clothes for going out! You have to check him out it is beyond really wrong! Please help my really good looking husband have a piece of style to go with his looks.

  29. Please consider my husband for your show. My husband has overcome so much and is going to college at 52 but does not dress his age. My husband is my best friend and fun to be around. I believe he deserves this makeover. He is afraid of change and seems to think dressing nice isn’t his style. I have tried telling him dressing casual can be comfortable and still look good.

  30. I would like to nominate my friend Sheila Gilday for your show. Sheila is a fantastic artist and graphic designer who was brave enough to start her own business. Because of her great talent, her business has grown very fast. She has aquired a number if large accounts including the United Way, distilleries and hospitals. In addition to her clients she donates and service a website to a desrving animal rescue organization each year in honor of her beloved Finnegan; one of the worlds best dogs. But back to Sheila, She wears skirts with knee highs, crazy oversized shirts and Berkenstocks to corporate offices. She needs to dress like the sucessful woman she is. She was recently appointed to the board of dirctors for the Chamber of Commerce. Please help before she dresses herself out of business.

  31. I can’t wait any longer for people who say they are going to get me on your show. I’m 57 ad contrary to the family mythology, I NEVER WORE TOE SOCKS AND A DIASHIKI (at least not at the same time) I’m a second grade teacher, I’d like to think I am edgy bohemian, but it translates to jeans and converse with some kind of top, the girls need a little help, so does my hair, I have never known what to wear, I will retire in 9 years, I am currently the oldest teacher on staff and I would like to go out with a bang, I hike every day, I do not like blazers, jumpers or high shoes, I am 5 foot 7 I have a body I think you can work with, even though I’ve had three kids, I have some horrible things in my closet, and I need help! I do not have a thick neck or a double chin, I have about 2 more years left on my arms,

  32. Someone please make over my mom!!!! She has no idea that I am nominating her for this, but I think she deserves it! My mom has over come so much in the past few years including escaping an abusive marriage, being homeless and then being diagnosed with colon cancer last year. She just finished her last round of chemo and is gaining her health back. She used to have her own interior design business but due to the economy she lost it and is trying again to get back on her feet and start doing the things she loves again. I really feel that a makeover would help her gain the confidence she needs to start her business again and get completely back on her feet again.

  33. My mom is about to be 50, and my dad is about to leave her and move away. Her fashion is dull, she basically wears hoodies and jeans until it gets too hot and then she wears guy shirts and jeans in the summer. She doesn’t wear makeup and never does anything with her hair. She’s always so busy taking care of my grandma with all of the problems she has and also always busy with her two disabled brothers. When my little brother gets home, she has to take care of him as well and he is autistic…. She never really has the time to even go out and try to buy clothes that would fit her better. It would be a blessing to help my mom!! Thanks!!

  34. I would nominate my mother. She has never had it easy, she lost her mother at 16 and her dad told her to join the navy or get out. My mom then met my father, they had a whirl wind romance and got pregnant with me. They were on again off again my father had a lot of problems and always put them on her. 6 years later they were back together and steady and got pregnant with my fraternal twin brothers. Everything was fine until the summer before I started high school. My dad left us with no vehicle and a $157 dollars. We were defeated. My mom was a stay at home mom because my dad wouldn’t let her work. She had to do odd and end waitress jobs until she started working at beacon specialized living services. My mom was very depressed for a long time and kind of shut down until she started working there. Working there and helping the clients that live there gave her a sense of need and gratification. She has worked there for almost 9 years and finally has made a difference there and is moving up and will be traveling all over the state teaching the different house how to make their clients succeed and strive to be more then what they are. She is very excited about this and she deserves it. My mom has no style anymore and never buys clothes for herself but always the most expensive things for my brothers because she feels she owes it to them. She always helps everyone before herself. She needs to dress business casual for her new position and she doesn’t even have jeans that don’t show her crack while she bends down haha. I’ve tried to buy her clothes but she won’t accept and thinks she is fine how she is. She knows she needs to dress appropriately but she is so lost on how that should be. She desperately needs a wake up call and deserves a good make up and confidence boost. She is a beautiful strong woman who can make is through anything she just needs a little help.

  35. My best friend is in desperate need of a new wardrobe. She wears the same clothes every other day and they’re hideous. The only time she wears cute clothes is when she borrows mine (which is all the time because she doesn’t have her own clothes to wear)

  36. My boyfriend is a little boy stuck in a big man’s body. His favorite wardrobe consists of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle sweat pants and tshirts often with stains on it. My boyfriend is a genuis chef and wonderfully smart man but you wouldn’t know it if you saw him on the street. I often joke to him that he reminds me of a homeless person..always walking with his head down in his holey sweats, he says he prefers to wear because he feels “too fat” right now. My boyfriend and I are 10yrs apart, he just turned 38!! And I would like him to look more like the stunning vibrant man I see him as instead of an older version of Seymour Hoffman. We are both in a professional industry in West Hollywood and how people view you is key and i want him to get all the benefits of a great first impression as everyone else! He NEEDS THIS MAKEOVER BAD!!!! Even when he does dress up I need to be there giving him every style tip because he CANNOT SHOP ON HIS OWN!!! PLS HELP!! My boyfriend needs this MAKEOVER!!!!

  37. 1 word: HELP!!!
    Beautiful almost 18 year old daughter fashion faux pas.
    Doesn’t care about appearance, wears XL men’s Spider-Man pyjama bottoms, oversized Spider-Man t-shirts. Men’s boxers around the house (thank god). Used to be level 8 gymnast and now a national trampolinist! Doesn’t know what fits her body type that changed tremendously since stopping gymnastics because of a serious wrist injury. Please help her get her self esteem back. (BTW, she’s a tough cookie)

  38. my algebra teacher, Ms. Tucker, just really needs this. if I could comment a picture, you would understand.

  39. I am writing about my friend, Liliana, who has never been loved. She needs to feel pretty once in her life. She wants cosmetic surgery but it would be better for her to have a makeover. She has only had one boyfriend. That relationship only lasted a year and did not end well. Additionally, she is looking for a job. This new wardrobe would enhance her looks and improve her self confidence.

  40. My name is kayla I am 20 years old I have a lot of problems with self esteem I can’t even shop for clothes any more I am a tee shirt with yoga pants kinda person I think everything looks bad on me now I am a single mom of a 2 year old and have anouther baby due aug. 20th I’m hoping to get help to find a new look for me and maybe help my self esteem come back

  41. The reason I should be on what not to wear I’m 25 years old. I love wearing leggings and shirts and pjs when I’m out. I see all the girls on the tv and I wish I could dress like this I would love to be considered on this show I’m a short girl a bit chubby and I get told I wear short things or thigh things.

  42. Where do I begin… I love this show its my favorite!
    I’m horriable with fashion! I can not match at all. I have to ask my husband for help. Its sad.
    I’m a sweat pant and t-shirt junkie its all I wear. Nothing fits so I go to sweats. I’m a size 7 and 5 2.
    I’ve been watch this show since I was young
    It would be the greatest thing that would ever happen to me if yall gave me help!
    I would be forever greatful
    Thanks so much!

  43. I’ve seen what not to wear on TV and seen how you guys can transform people. My mom is 41 and I believe could seriously use this help. She’s taking a course to become a real estate agent but we’re all worried that with her eclectic dress style she may not be taken seriously. Even some of her own friends described one outfit as looking like a crayon box. We’ve put up with it but an outfit she was wearing yesterday to dinner with our grandparents was kinda the last straw. I wish I had a picture of it to show the full effect. She was wearing a canary yellow shrug with a safari print dress, texture patterned leggings and a blue hat with a pink flower. My dad described it as “the whole jungle in one dress. It was like goodwill meets the amazon”. My mom also has this puffy red ski jacket she wears over almost
    everything. She even brought it on a cruise we went to. We’ve all tried telling her and helping her pick out better stuff but to no avail. I’m worried about her and believe she could REALLY use your expertise. I love my mom but I feel like possible donors for her non profit as well as future employers dont take her as seriously as they could because of the way she dresses. She refuses to listen to us when we try and suggest outfit possibilities dismissing them as “not her personality” you guys seem way better at this than I am. I’m a 14 year old freshman girl and my school is like mega preppy iI want to be able to take pride in my mom and her appearance as well. I love her to bits but I feel this is the only way to help. Thank you for your consideration.

  44. I don’t know if we are allowed to request ourselves for what not to wear but I need help fast!! My issue is thatfor the llast 7 seven years of my life I have been battling epilepsy in and out of hospitals therapy’s and doctor offices my wardrobe only consist of sweats and sweats and jeans n t-shirts … Before it didn’t matter because I was living on a day to day basis not knowing when my next seizure would hit I wasn’t allowed to go to highschool because I was a liability to the school …. So I really don’t know what girls my age were wearing … Today I am 22 and although I stillsuffer from small seizures i have not had a grandmal seizure in a year this is the longest I have went without seizures since I was 14 and for the first time in my life I am somewhat able to live a normal life I worked my but off to catch up in college and I am finally done with my nursing pre requs and will be applying for my schools program ,I also have recently been highered as a marketing clerk for my schools performing arts department and we have to dress in office attire my first time in 8yrs having a sum what normal life and I have no clue what 22yr old girls are wearing not to mention multiple medications have made me gain over 50lbs the jeans n t-shirts are allll too tight … Leaving me with yogas n jogging .. Please help me !! I’m ready for my shot in life n don’t want mywardrobe to hold me back ….. :-( HELPPPPPPPP ME PLEASEEE!!

  45. Help me….. I only own about 15 items of clothing and they are out dated and or ill fitting. I want to look and feel better about myself plus i am the mother of a 15 year old daughter that I don’t want to embarrass. With my current financial situation in not able to update my wardrobe, and I recently graduated from a technical college for culinary arts and I would like to start life anew clothing and all, gain confidence and present myself to employers and the world with my best foot forward. Stacey and Clinton please help, I have potential but nothing to wear or not wear.

  46. This show needs to hit smallville, USA! I have friends in a small-ish city in Wisconsin who never left the 90s. Plus-size women who complain that “nothing looks good on me” so that’s why they won’t update their wardrobe or even try. These are beautiful women who need some serious help! How about a group intervention??

  47. I have nominated or submitted my 15 year old sister because she needs help when it comes to fashion and she needs to boost her confidence about herself. I thinks you should help her because she wears our dad’s and mom’s cloths but never her own. She also very self conscious about her body shapes and size. This would make a great episode of you helping a teenager and that will put your rates throw the roof. Please help my sister so she can grow out of her bad habits.

  48. I work in a upper class salon and im very tired of seeing this 41 year old woman dress like shes about to go paint her house! Frumpy pants and raggy shirts and nasty looking old head bands, 80s style bangs and she puts ugly rose colored blush alllllll over her cheeks!!! It is awful!! She does not know how to dress!!! HELP STACEY AND CLINTON!!! HELLLP! I Cant look at it much longer my eyes want to pop out of my face!!!

  49. My husband is in serious need of wardrobe intervention. We both are 52 years old. I have known him since elementary school. My husband has made some really bad choices in his past. I am very proud of my husband and have seen some amazing accomplishments he had made. He is clean and sober, my best friend and getting ready to start college to continue to better himself. My husband wants to become a social worker. I feel if he learned to dress for success this would help him succeed. He wears sports and t-shirts most of the time with sculls and sayings on the shirts. Please help my husband complete his transformation.

  50. My mom should be considered for What Not to Wear because she is the best women I know. She went through a devastating divorce around 11 years ago, and has yet to recover. The relationship she was in left her self-esteem broken down and destroyed. It is devastating as a 22 year old to watch my beautiful mother see all of these faults in herself that no one else sees. She is scared to start dating because all she can think about is all of the negative comments pushed upon her by her previous relationship. My sister and I just want our mom to see what we see in her. She is a single mother, killing herself to put both my sister and I through school. She doesn’t spend a penny on herself, and refuses to let my sister and I suffer in any way. A women like this deserves to feel beautiful and important, and we don’t know how to give this to her. She watches your show and is brought to tears when she sees the women’s reactions after their makeover, and she has always mentioned wanting to be on the show. I know she would only want to do this with someone like Clinton and Stacy because y’all give her hope. Hope that she will feel beautiful one day. Please consider my mother for your casting of What Not to Wear 2015, I don’t know anyone who deserves it more.

  51. Hi…. I need you both to help out my mother. Shes 34 and is in desperate need of help. She know absolutely nothing about fashion, or makeup. She basically wears nothing but jeans and yoga pants. she has maybe 3 pair of jeans and 10 shirts that actually actually fit. All she ever does with her hair is pulls it up in a tight pony tail or braid to the side. Her hair is red. Most of all her clothes are between the blacks, grays, browns and a couple white shirts. Her shoes are basically tennis shoes and black boots. She has not style what so ever. She works at Harley Davison Manufacturing. She works on bikes for a living. She has multiple tattoos. She needs to wear something that would show then off. With out showing to much off. She needs something that will show off her curves. She is starting over with a new life in a new city, and I think she needs to change her word robe too. I think it would benifit her in many ways, and give her the confidence that she needs. She is a very beautiful woman but she needs to show off her beauty. We’ve been watching WNTW for years and I’ve always said she needs to do that. I would appreciate it very much of you would consider her.

  52. I would like to be casted on what not to wear. Because I have low self esteem about my self because I’m over weight all i buy is black clothes and maybe a few other colors but when i do buy other bright colors you can see my gut hanging out. I have clothes i buy but never use they just sit in my closets. I like using black it flater my stomach area. I like to use black sweat pants at work they go way up my stomach to hide it and make it look *flater* i Need a new make over ASAP i can’t do another summer hiding under black.

  53. I am a Licensed Practical Counselor Intern who is in her second year of business and I need help with my professional and personal style. I reallyyyyyyyy need a make over.

  54. Mom Jeans… Shoulder Pads… Overgrown, poorly dyed hair…Running shoes as office footwear… Blue Eyeshadow… Now do I have your attention?

    This Smart, Independent, Single mom (who also just became a Grandma!!) – Wanting to get back in the game!

    … submitted by concerned co-workers!!

  55. I’ve always been athletic & never realized how good I looked. Till now. I’m 55, 10 lbs heavier, my skin is starting to look old & sag where I never thought it could. The same make-up no longer works’ shopping is no longer fun because nothing looks good anymore. I don’t even like me in gym clothes anymore, let alone dressing up or even looking presentable doing errands. My husband is a fairly known local professional & I pray I don’t run into his clients when I go out. Have virtually given up on trying to be in style at all. Would love a mid-life crisis intervention!

  56. My daughter Marie needs a make over because she takes no time for her self. She is a wonderful person but she takes care of so much that she is the last one she thinks of. I tell her to take time for her but she tells me I am fine I have others to take care of. She just can’t see that she needs to take care of her self. I want her to see she counts too. She wears nothing but tees hits and sweat pants. Even when going out to dinner or to her children’s school I need her to see she’s a beautiful woman.

  57. My story is not that exciting, I’m a nurse and have been for over 26 years. I’m 45 now and my 16 year old son told me I was the best mother ever except…..I’m the worst dressed one lol. Pyjamas and scrubs, needs change and would love this experience. Thank you

  58. My story is not that exciting, I’m a nurse and have bee for over 26 years. I’m 45 now and my 16 year old son told me I was the best mother ever except…..I’m the worst dressed one lol. Pyjamas and scrubs, needs change and would love this experience. Thank you

  59. At 24 years old, I should have more fashion sense than I actually do. I was never taught how to do my hair or how to do my makeup growing up…I even “styled” my own hair for prom which was not a good idea. After losing some weight and overcoming personal issues including depression and suicidal occurances, I would love to be shown and helped. I want to look as good as I feel now. My life has started over and I want to bring my inner goddess out…I know she is in there.

    I have been watching WNTW for years and have found myself tearing up at how absolutely beautiful the women they transform become. I would love to be considered.

  60. Help my wardrobe is in dire need of a revamp. I want to feel better about my appearance and help my relationship. I feel like I’m not sexy enough for my bf. I wear jeans and t shirts all baggy because i hate my body. I think my bf has lost the attraction.

  61. I need major help. I am 27 and I can’t choose my own clothing which would actually look good on me. For example: At this very moment, I can’t even explain my own way of dressing. From the beginning of time, my mom has been the one choosing my clothes for me. I have not developed my own taste with the type of clothing and everything. To tell you the truth, I feel as if I am an old woman because of the clothes I wear.

  62. I would like to nominate my mom. She is 65 and retired at the age of 62 from the irs after having brain surgery. After surgery she quit smoking and gains a lot of weight. She also had facial drooping from her brain surgery. These two things together have severely impacted her self esteem and sent her into a severe depression. I remember my mother having impecable dress code when I was younger but she is 4’10 and 155 pounds now and cannot figure out how to dress her body. She will be starting to work again in August after recuperating and I would love to see her be able to get her self into clothing that makes her feel good about herself so that she can stop focusing so much on her weight. She and my dad are also planning to be married after 40 years of being together and if love for her to feel good about herself as she walks down the aisle.

  63. I am a 47 year old woman that is in serious need of a makeover. I havent changed my wardrobe since I was in highschool. I wear jeans and tshirts all the time, and most of my shirts are black. If Im not wearing jeans, Im wearing sweats because they are sooo comfortable. Im lazy when it comes to my hair and makeup, meaning I just dont do it. MY boyfriend payed for me to get a haircut, I took a picture of what I wanted and ended up looking exactly like I did in highschool. NOT what I wanted. I just dont feel good about myself anymore, and I dont understand how he can feel good about being with me when I look so frumpy. Hes all the time telling me he wishes I would dress more like a lady. Even gave me money for my birthday to go shopping and I ended up with clothes that just sit in the closet because they dont look good on me. I need HELP! Im unemployed at the moment and cant even attempt to look for a job because I dont have anything appropriate to wear to interviews. Please help me, PLEASE

  64. Hello, I’m Sarah Lowry. I would love for my mom to get chosen for a TLC’s What Not to Wear episode. There’s many of reasons why I feel that my mom should get chosen but here are the main ones. My mom has been a mother since her teenage years. She has 5 kids which she has completely raised on her own up to about a year ago. Never once has she complained about the extra hours she has to work to make ends meet or the over time she has to do to pay for the things us kids want and need. She has the most giving heart of any one human that I’ve ever met. There’s been many sleepless nights she’s had due to getting off work late and coming home trying to finish our school projects or getting things ready for us. She’s so selfless yet so caring to all the ones around her. She’s always said she only wants the best for us kids and she’s given and given and given to us and now we want to give back to her with the help of you guys and y’all’s show. All of her kids want her to experience a true make over of clothes, hair, and makeup. She never spends time on herself because she’s always doing for us. It would literally mean the world to not only her but her children as well too see her transform and get a chance of a lifetime just for HER!

  65. my name is crystal boyle . i’m 31 years old. i just had a son january 13th,2014 , i’m totaly out of style and need a need look and new confidence in my self . i’m the heavist i’ve ever been i’m 210 pounds and have no clue how to dress or look lie a mother instead of a bum . i despreatly need help, please help me if not for me than my son , thanks , i hope to hear from you soon

  66. I need help. I’m 27 yes old mother of 2 and expecting my 3rd. I maybe only 27 but I feel a lot older. I will be married to my wonderful husband a year on April 26. He’s the love of my life. I want to get this makeover not only for myself but for my kids and husband. I’m plus size and its hard to find clothes that fit in all the right spots. Its either you have to be tall and skinny or short and stubby. I hate it.

  67. Me and some friends have a class together and come to class with my teacher dressed in trashy clothes every day. her name is Kenna Taylor and she needs help. she’s 32 years old and she dresses like an 11 year old. she’s single and I beleive that if she changed her wardrobe that she would no longer be single. she’s also a the cheer coach and as a coach and a teacher you should dress somewhat professionaly and she doesn’t at all.

  68. My sister n law is a mother of four boys she never does for herself she always gets her boys something she is in desperate need of a makeover she wears pajamas to the store mall or where ever she goes she is very beautiful and doesn’t know how to show it. She is very loving kind and would give someone the shirt off her back so please Stacey and Clinton please help my sister n law she really deserves this

  69. I’m a 45 yr old mom of 2 boys 19 and 14. I have health problems I’m disabled. I have the confidence in my self. I feel like there are not clothes made for my body type. I tend to hide my top half I’m ashamed of how I dress plz help me !!! I never go any when. I stay home. I wish I felt better about myself and could look normal plz choose me

  70. My grandmother Debra should be nominated for what not to wear, she is such a hard working person and always puts others before herself. she has taken on 8 foster children and never has any time for herself, she is stuck in the 70’s and 80’s!! Not only is she overwhelmed with all the kids in this house her daughter also recently got cancer and its affecting her big time. i couldnt think of anybody who deserves this more than her, she needs and wants help with herself to not only look better but feel better. so please help me help a deserving woman with nothing but a caring heart. this would be an amazing surprise for her. thank you and greetings from Surprise, Arizona

  71. I am nominating my mother! She always puts everyone first and deserves to feel good about herself. My mom has seriosis which makes it difficult for her to find clothes that cover it up since its all over her body.. She deserves to feel beautiful! Shes my role model and funniest person i know! We are also located on LI which is close to NYC! Please contact back! Thank you

  72. I’d like to nominate my best friend Cristina. She’s a beautiful loving mother of two who spends all her time raising her kids and working. Her wardrobe well … it sucks. She spends her money on her kids and has no money for her own wardrobe. She’s a great mom and person and needs help!

  73. Hello my name is Erin . I am 28 and a single mother of two small children ! When was younger I feel as if I had an OK style however sience my mother passed away 10 years ago I feel as if have lost myself and am not sure were to go from here . sience becoming a mother I am so busy with my children I guess I just don’t make the time for me anymore witch is hard ! My weight is up and down and I don’t have any sience of style I don’t really know how to match things or to do my makeup ! I don’t feel good about my self and really need some help … I know this may be a long shot but please I know this could be a really good thing for me I just want to feel good about my self and feel like a beautiful woman please help thank you !

  74. Help my 23 year old daughter! So many of our young ladies are a little over weight! My daughter is over weight, young and beautiful! She always wear skinny jeans or leggings and always a shirt to tight on her stomach! Please have a show with young women. Young women need to be educated young, then maybe we won’t have as many 40 year old women in to small clothing. Please help my daughter look sexy, and sophisticated for her age”

  75. Well Im a mom of 4 kids 2 boy and 2 girl. Im 28 my body change after I had my last two kids I gain weight its had for me to lose it. While thats happened now im having hard time find thinks to fit me. I want to look my age I always wear my crub from work can you plez if me .

  76. My whacky fun loving sister is in desperate need of a makeover. She is a 47 year old mother of 3. Her st8yle is outdated and sometimes too funky. She tends to buy her clothes at resale shops. When I recently stepped foot in her closet, I was aghast! She has so many crazy prints and little flowers on everything. My sister, Krista, is very well endowed and often doesnt know how to pick out appropriate clothes that are flattering. She is a marketing professional that usually dresses like a teenage fashion victim. She needs to be taught all of the lessons that Clinton and Stacy can give her personally. Krista is a very quirky, fun person, but needs to dress so people will take her seriously. Please, please help this very deserving sister of mine!

    Jennifer Evans

  77. I should get selected for ‘what not to wear’ because after 17 years in the military all my clothes in my closet seem to be all the same colors. Green, black and khacki. I just want to be a girl and not a soldier..

  78. my aunt needs this. She is a mother of two, & shes in need of a makeover.. she deserves this opportunity because she needs her glow again

  79. She has been through so much. Has a disorder called trichotillamania which causes her to pull her hair out. She resorts to wigs to cover it from family and kids. Lately she has given up. Won’t get dressed, won’t go out, she feels invisible. Put on a little weight due to medication now sees no point in trying cause she doesn’t think she’s very pretty anymore. Even though she’s engaged to be married. She’s just given up hope and likes her pj’s too much. It’s sad. She sweet, hides her pain,depression, and ect. Always nice and all smiles til home in front of closet or mirror.

  80. I desperately need help. I am a walking fashion nightmare. Im a 26 year old mom to four (6 is the oldest abd 2 is youngest) amazing kids, who are my world. The problem? Im stuck in between a teenager and an adult. Short shorts, cleavage, tight clothes. Too much skin for a mommy, who wants to show her kids respecting yourself is everything. Even my poor hubby, I’m sure he would appreciate me ‘growing up’. I volunteer at my kids school, and I Feel so out Of place cause of my outfits, I just don’t know anything else. I am so desperate for change! Thank you in advance. Although I must say the thought of going on tv is anxiety heaven, but if I learned some tips, so worth it!!

  81. Hi , Please help me Stacy and Clinton, I have never felt sexy or looked sexy. My hair I couldn’t tell you when I had it professional done, I let my 12 year old daughter cut my hair. Please everything has been for my family, iam ready for something for me. Thanks laurie lapierr

  82. Dear TLC,

    I’m a canuck, but because I need Stacy and Clinton’s fashion advice so badly, I figured I may as well throw my hat, or tuque, in the ring. Why should you choose me? I’m a hard-working honours student, a rag-to-riches scholarship winner, and a witty friend, but despite the blessings in my life, I’ve always struggled with my self-esteem and self-acceptance. As a child, I used my brains to compensate for what I perceived as my overwhelming ugliness. But when I entered university, I began to suffer panic attacks, depression, and poor health at the thought of my grades slipping. Thankfully, I realized in time that something had to change.

    I know that to get what I want in life, I need to value myself more; I don’t quite feel it yet, but I work at it every day. Unfortunately, my fashion sense hasn’t been updated with my attitude. At 23, I barely know what to do with clothes or makeup and none of my attempts to learn have worked. I’ll be graduating soon and I need a fresh wardrobe to pursue grad school, teaching assistant work, and internships, or all of my hard work could come to nothing!

    If you can, please help me. I’d gladly fly to NY to meet Stacy and Clinton; they’re truly brilliant when it comes to design and colours, fashion-wise. In any case, please keep up the good work in producing your excellent show.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    –Jasmine K.

  83. Many people think a young girl who loves fashion shouldn’t have a problem with dressing themselves. I think a huge part of why I have such a hard time is because I don’t feel comfortable in my own body to be able to feel confident in going shopping g and wearing the trendy clothes. I have a younger sister who is all skin and bones and can wear pretty much any piece of clothing she buys. I on the other hand, can not. I envy her in every way because I feel as if I should deserve to feel beautiful, but I don’t. Its not the fact that I will be on tv if I’m considered, because that is the last thing I care about. I honestly am just desperate for the help. The money and the TV fame is the least of my worries. I would be greatly appreciated if I was chosen. I could finally find a piece of me that has been missing since my teen years!(:

  84. I would like your help! I’m a 25yr old stay at home mom, most the time it’s just me and my boys, my husband works alot. When me and my husband do get the chance to go out with eachother I feel insecure and start comparing myself to others, I don’t feel comfortable with the way I look, I have no idea what to wear for my body height or shape. It really affects me and my relationship being as insecure as I am. I need yalls help and show me how to dress and feel comfortable in what I wear. I wear my hair in a messy bun everyday and I dnt wear much makeup… Also if not me then choose my mom! She’s raised 7 boys and 1 girl and never has had time for herself, we are all grown and she deserves this, she has a irregular heart beat, she has RA she just seems to stay so stressed out. Shes not so sure on what to wear, she is a petite woman. Id like to see her happy again and I think this would help her feel a little better about herself and give her hope!

  85. Please please help the last 2 years have been the worst of my life. I stopped smoking January 2013 which I thought of the weight gain possibility. I then was hospitalized for depression which just added to my weight. February 2014 I fell and broke my elbow which I am waiting on surgery June 2015 to replace the radial head. October 2014 I fell again and broke 2 bones in my foot so had a cast to almost knee for eight weeks. After 3 broken bones in 9 months I was found to have low vitamin D ( which the doctor said was the lowest he had ever seen) which opens up a lot more health issues. The problem now is I don’t even own a bra or pair of jeans that fit. I purchased two pair of leggings from the grocery store and I help myself to my hubby’s t-shirts. I really spend most days in my pajamas as I hate going out, especially to go shopping as it is so upsetting. I really need your help to put the past couple years behind me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  86. I am a 36 year old mother of 2 kids with autism. I usually neglect myself and put everyone’s needs before myself. I am very skinny 5 foot 7 weighing only 103 pounds with not explanation from the docs. I get mean jokes and comments just like an over weight person would and it hurts me because I can’tfix the way iI am. I can’t find clothes to fit me. I usually have to shop in the kids section making me look like a teenager. Please help me gain back my confidence and see what its like to focus on myself for once.

  87. Hello I think my auntie Carla would be a good candidate b/c she has bad style. She always wears a hair scarf and big and baggy clothes she needs a totally new wardrobe please and thanks

  88. Hi. I watch your show regularly.
    I want makeover because I am getting married soon.the guy to whom m getting married, he doesn’t like the way I dress up n my teeth. He keeps telling me to change my hair style. How shoukd I do that I tried everything. I had pimples now its fine I look good but he says be bit more beautiful. Please help me out.

  89. I nominate my best friend Aylin. She is a beautiful person both inside and out. She has a heart of gold and loves to help others but she can’t help herself! She needs this TRANSFORMATION badly. She is 32 years old. She has never had a boyfriend. She has no confidence and doesn’t think she is pretty. She is one of most beautiful people I have ever met. I know that her low self-esteem is holding her back in life from finding a man and from excelling in her career. I don’t think people take her seriously when it comes to business and I think men don’t take her seriously because she has no confidence. She needs help badly. This TRANSFORMATION is needed because she has done nothing but been the best friend, daughter, and sister and it’s her turn to have something done for her. Aylin’s styles is lacking. She wears clothes that are too big to hide her weight. She looks frumpy and also looks like a junior high school student. This transformation is needed to help her be successful in life. She needs help with dressing, hair and makeup. Her hair is normally thrown up in a ponytail. She doesn’t wear makeup. She wears jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts most days. Other days some sweats. It seems she has just given up on how she looks. Please help!!!

    She lives in Queens, NY.

  90. I am a 39 years old an am still wearing sweatshirts that I had when I was 19 yrs old because I’ve always bought shirts three times to big for me. At that age I was 92lbs an could wear just about anything.. But now I have been so back an forth with my weight an I seem to be staying at 144lbs.. I don’t know what kind of style I am or what I should be wearing.. So many clothes I like but most of them seem to be in the junior section an I know I’m to old for that! UGH!! Don’t know what to do!! In 2008 I under went brain surgery for the removal of an AVM an two anyerisums that I happened to be born with but never knew til I was 33yrs old.. From taking all kinds of different meds to now taking none my weight has been an issue for me an hard to find clothes! Please help me!! Even if you could send me some tips I would so be very greatful for all your help!! Thanks so much for listening. Donella Gooding

  91. I recently had gastric bypass and I have no sense of fashion especially now that I have lost weight. But i am still chunky so I feel embarrassed most the time because of my shape. I’ve never really put thought on how I look. I need help!!!!!

  92. Hi, my name is Paige white and I am entering my mother, because she is very sick. She has many issues. Anyway . She never buys stuff for herself but when she does, she doesnt dress like a mother should. She tells me she doesn’t like the way she looks, or they never fit right. Her closet really needs to be changed u . She watches #WNTW all the time. Please consider my mother (: xox.

  93. Please help me! I’m a 26yr old single mother, full-time college student, and full-time employee. I need help with my fashion choices. I buy items and feel they are great and nothing is wrong with them, but when I get home it’s like they don’t fit the same. I hate shopping because I always feel defeated. I just don’t know how to dress my body. I’m very self conscious and would love nothing more than to have one moment where I feel good about myself.

  94. Im 31 a mother of four .I have kidney failure and and have be in sobrity sence 9/27/12 ive been off of probation for 4 yrs and need to figure out what should I wear to complament my body .and get a job to provide for mychildren .also know it will uplift my confidence levels .wich in tjrn will help in getting a betger job.I finished highscool and got a cosmetology licence and makeup artistry deploma from mudd but dont have the comfadence to go forward in that career .please ont judge me on my past im a loving person just tring to get help to figure out to wear and watch you guys all the time ive done alot of work on changing my life please help ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  95. Ok I don’t know where to start because I don’t even know what fashion is. I have four kids and a husband and I share every single one of their clothes. Now the shoes I only ware my husbands you can check me going to the mail box or up town and shopping at the grocery store in. My oldest two daughters shoes when they no longer want them I ware those everywhere. I ware my husbands underwear for shorts, his t- shirts which I call them our shirts and he’s 250 pounds lol. I’m about 138 in. My daughter clothes are mine as well even if there to small. We was joking that I wear everyone in the houses clothes one day. I said no I don’t I have not wore my 11 year old sons clothes and they busted me out real fast. I had borrowed on of his shirts. I wear my hair in a pony tail everyday but it’s usually just a half pony tail because half my hair falls out. I wear jogging pants even though I don’t jog. I’m horrible at make up and have rosacea so I don’t even begin to try. If I do I throw on foundation to try and cover the redness it looks blotchy but it’s better then everyone staring at my redness. I never look at a full link mirror cause I do want to see how everyone see me.

  96. I am in need of a make over and can you help me and l live in mena Arkansas and my name is Sandra Reid and my phone number is 479 3941930 thank you from Sandra reid



  98. Hi,my name is Isela and i am 13 years mom has a serios problem with wearing what she calls”clothes”.you really need yo see her only wardrobe ooooh no.well,you should pick me because kids know all about modern and my mom is barley 34.she has a long life through the future and i really really really need you 2 to would be helpful if you guys come.I will tell you about my mom,she does not work and really needs a dad is still amused why she has’nt chaned at least 1 shirt that she has’nt wore sin 1 party!!!i justo don’t know what ti do.sometimes she doesnt look feminine enough.bit don’t tell ver i told you that.ver makeup justo doesnt…you konw what if you guys don’t come i would die of frusteration!!!!HER SHOESJUST DON’T FIT!!!I really need your it for the family and for her!PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

  99. I would like to nominate my mother-in-law to be on What Not To Wear should you ever decide to have a casting call in Tennessee.
    My mother-in-law is a beautiful and vivacious lady in her 50’s that has regrettably held onto her style and fashion from the 90’s! Permed hair and clothes that look like they may have been stolen from the cast of Saved By The Bell are only two of her many fashion offenses.
    My mother-in-law is a very giving person who helps everyone all the time but seldom takes time for herself.
    I would love for her to have an opportunity like this to start fresh and get a fashion forward look to match her dazzling personality!

  100. I need to be on what not to wear because I have no time for myself I have ALL pajamas I never do my hair I have to keep up with my kids so I basically look like a tragedy.. Thank you

  101. I am the daughter of Heather Johnson, and my mom needs fashion advice 101!!!!!
    All she likes to wear is T-shirts, sweats or jeans, and ariat boots! All the time!!!! Please, I want to see her dress nicely, her hair done and makeup on point!!
    Sincerely, Jade Johnson

  102. I was wondering when you guys are coming back to Canada. I would love to audition for what not to wear Canada.
    Thanks C.

  103. I have a long time client and friend who needs your help. She said to me the other day I wish someone would nominate me for one of those makeover shows. She has been struggling for years. She is a full time cardiac nurse who also runs a dog rescue off of her farm in Bradenton, Florida. She has been working herself into the ground for years and has always been too embarrassed to ask for help. She has very few clothes and the ones she does have are pretty close to shredded because of her work with the dogs. (seriously, I took pictures). Most of her money goes to the dog rescue and she doesn’t have the funds to “take care of herself”. Her mother passed the end of last year and until now it has been questionable whether she was going to “stay here on earth”. The fact she asked for a makeover is HUGE and shows she actually cares and wants to live. I would love to help her feel good about herself and all she does to help others.

  104. There is a population out here that is being overlooked by WNTW…those of us over 65 who are fighting the effects of gravity! It seems to be more and more difficult to dress comfortably without giving the impression that we are trying to regain our youth or looking like we are going to a business meeting! Please, no granny dresses for this soon-to-be-retired grandmother of 4 who walks/hikes 4-5 hours a week after a full day of work. Stacy, Clinton, Ted, Carmindy, please help.

  105. My daughter should be on What Not To Wear because she really needs it. She’s a young entrepreneur in Chicago and she spends nothing on clothes. She deals with a lot of well to do business people but she doesn’t look the part. She’s 28 now and I really think she needs some help with wardrobe, it would help her business and her self image. She’s a beautiful girl who needs a little styling help.

  106. Jewel March has been my mother for 29 years and she has never put herself first. She drove a school bus while she raised my brother and I as my father went to sea for a living. Once she was separated from my father she went back to school at the age of 54 and earned her dream job. Even though she is more financially stable for the first time, she will still buy used clothing and hand-me downs not knowing how to dress herself. She is single for the first time since my father and doesn’t have a clue on how to enter back into the dating worlds.
    She is a Counsellor that helps adults living independently with mental and physical disabilities.

    She lives in a small town called Chester, Nova Scotia Canada.

    I truly hope to hear back from you!
    I can’t imagine the amount of Emails you get daily, but just know this is a women that truly deserves it!!!

  107. I would like to nominate myself.I am 54 and lost.I am disabled since 2006,soon to follow my husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2008 and also became disabled.Since that time we lost our home and two investment properties,which ended in bankruptcy.It then took 2 years to get his social security,at that time we had to move into his sister’s basement or be homeless and still needed to pay for cobra insurance @ 1166 per month so he could get his cancer treatments and medicine.We finally started getting his pension in February of 2014.We have moved into a rental property in August of 2014 that is close to his doctor, but we only get 3,300 per month and rent is 1200plus the other normal bills.Which does not leave any money for clothes or other frivolous things. MY dog ate my glasses and I don’t have any money for them.My husband is not in the greatest condition now and I feel tired and beaten down and it shows in my clothes as well.Please make me feel alive and vibrant again.I can’t do this without help from an outside source and. Hope this may be the answer.Please consider my situation.Thank you Shirley Lowry

  108. I would like to nominate the love of my life Kathi. She is so selfless and deserves (needs haha) a wordrobe overhaul to let her light shine even brighter. Thank you.

  109. My 52y fiance needs an intervention … he’s stuck in the 80’s and is so humble I swear he thinks dressing “nice” is a sign of arrogance. His style reminds me of the Rob Lowe commercial of the guy in HS clothing! Bill has done welll for himself given that his father was a truckdriver who put 4 kids through college. Bill was the HS QB, who went on to play football in college and get an Ivy League education. He is now a successful GM of a business in CT– but doesn’t dress for the success he’s acheived. A factors here 1) he is comfortable in his skin and cares about the character of a person than the outside 2) he doesn’t think looking nice can be comfortable and finally, 3) deep down i think he feels looking nice is a sign of arrogance. He’ll be more open to “professionals” than to lil’ol me. Would love your help so the inner beauty of this wonderful man can show on the outside as well. Was so thrilled to see WNTW may be back on the air!

  110. My wife is a 22 year old mom. She is so beautiful but doesn’t feel beautiful. She only wears yoga pants and v neck shirts with a frumpy pair of black moccasins. She feels fat since she had pur son and that’s not the case at all. I love her shape. But she only wears black clothing because she feels it makes her slimmer. Please help my wife. I think this would be great for her confidence and she can get out and start making friends with other moms. I love my wife, but she doesn’t love herself. Please help her get herself back to how she used to be before the baby. She was a size 2 and thinks that since she isn’t a size 2 now that she’s not pretty and has to show off her body in black. She also only ever wears up in a bun anymore. I love her how she is but I want her to love herself. Please show her how.

  111. I hope this works, as not computer smart
    I would like to nominate myself. After years of loving taking care of evryone else, I forgot to put myself on the top of the list.

  112. My sister desperately needs help to create a wardrobe and new self-image. She is a highly regarded pediatric surgeon (saves lives of infants and children through surgery). She has been on sabbatical from work, recovering from illness and financial difficulties, and then spent nearly two years meticulously caring for her best friend who suffered from breast cancer. Now she is returning to work, again as a pediatric surgeon, but she really needs help to make this transition/transformation back to professional status. Her entire identity is as a surgeon and she has almost no clothing since she insists on wearing hospital scrubs. She won’t even wear a white coat since it might scare the little children. She is very uncomfortable with her body and self-image. I know that she would be extremely grateful for help transitioning into her re-newed life. She has spent decades tirelessly serving others. No one truly deserves help back into professional status as much as she does. Thank you for your consideration.

  113. Hi Stacy and Clinton,
    I was a cosmologists for years. I was injured on the job and can no longer do hair. I used to consider my self as somewhat of a stylish person but now having not worked a few years and aging, almost 55, I have lost my fashion sence. I want to get out and meet people again. I loved to be sociable. But now, when I shop I feel lost. I’m having a hard time leaving my youth behind and being age appropriate. I live in south Florida where people wear shorts and bathing suites. I pretty much live in scrubs. I really need your help! I’m ready to find a new sexy me!

  114. Hello,
    My name is Ximena, I am 20 years old and I am a mother and a wife; however as much as I would love a make over, I am here to ask your help for my 21 year old sister. Although she has always had bad taste in clothes I think now that I have moved away from her, her confidence level is down on the ground and I do believe she doesn’t like to go out of her apartment because her clothes don’t motivate her. She has a lovely body but she doesn’t know how to dress it. I will really appreciate it if you guys can help her because she is very special to me and it hurts to see her so low. Please and thank you.

  115. I have not seen you do any type of fashion suggestions for people that have body “malformations”. Most people don’t know that I have scoliosis, as I try very hard to hide it. I had surgery as a very young person that did a great deal to correct it, but in the last few years some of my curve has returned.

    I have always care very much about my appearance, so I am not sure that your show would be a great fit. My husband has told me that I dress “too old” for my age. Haha. Also, I have put on 15-ish lbs, so hiding my figure becomes even more important.

    I am 5 ft even and weigh close to 150 lbs. not too proud of that, but it is what it is.

    Please consider me for your show. I believe you could help me a great deal.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  116. I want to be on what not to wear, because I have no sense of style and I want my own image. I would like to show the world who I am. I feel like having new clothes will help me feel more confident. Being that I deal with self image issues because of my disability. I would like to stand out and feel beautiful for a change.

  117. My daughter and I probably need a make over. My daughter is only 17 but because she is like 6 ft tall and weighs over 200 lbs she has no self esteem therefore doesn’t dress to match her beauty within. As far as I go, well every since I lost my soul mate (the father of my children) in a car accident in 2007 I’ve lost the desire to dress pretty. So if Stacy and Clinton are up to the challenge I would love to let them work their magic.

  118. Hey guys, I’m so glad your back!
    I’m 30 and I am stuck in my ear 20’s style. I just don’t know how to dress for being 30 with two kids. Not to mention my body isn’t like it was before I had my two children. I either dress to young or to old. I can never layer or put complete outfits together. I really need your help so I can start feeling good about myself again. Thank you.

  119. I would like to nominate my sister. She is a beautiful loving sister, daughter and mother of 4 beautiful children. She is also a member of the Royal Mounted Canadian Police, she is constantly putting others before herself and deserves to feel and look as beautiful as she is inside and out. However if my sister ( LIANNE ) is not in uniform then she is in yoga pants and t- shirts with holes in them. Her clothing is from when she was in her 20’s .and falling apart…Lol.
    Her life at home is demanding and draining and after working a 14 hour shift at her job which is even more demanding it takes it’s toll. Being a single mother and juggling her kinda life is amazing in its own and if she could have that moment of feeling and looking amazing again , I am sure it would reset her to feel confident and beautiful .. Love you sis

  120. I am writing this for my wife of 34 years, who for 10 years before that was my high school sweetheart and she still is.
    Mariana was an elementary school teacher and finished her 35 year career as a J to 8 school principal for 9 years. Mariana has always and still does always first think of taking care of others before she thinks of herself.
    She has commented on wanting to be on the show, for whatever reason, because I think she’s perfect as she is. But, if she wants to be on the show, she must have a reason. So, after an up to now selfless life, I am asking that her wish be granted.

  121. Hello, My name is Lindsey, my mothers name is Leah and she needs lots of help with style. She is always worried about making others happy. Her style is either baggy sweatpants and a loose tshirt or jeans and an ugly hoodie. My sister and I are the people she will go to for help but we arent always going to be there. she wears the same thing for every family outing or business meeting with her husband. she gets so emotional everytime she has to dress up because she has nothing. my sister and i have gone shopping with her and it always ends up with her in tears. she has bought and outfit that we have all agreed on one time and returned it the next day, because she thought it was too expensive. it was $30 for the outfit. she hates spending money on herself. it gets to the point where i am embarassed to go in public with her. she is so self conscious and i need to see her happy. shes always stressed and needs someone to do something good for her. if you chose her it would mean everything to her and to my family we need your help Stacy & Clinton!!

  122. Please help my girlfriend of 6 years! She is 24 years old, tall, blonde and athletic. She works with animals and really loves what she does. Since she started at this job 3 years ago, she had almost all but given up on fashion and the likes. I’m not dating her because of the clothes she wears :) so I couldn’t care less about her wardrobe but I can see how badly she wants to feel like a normal girl again. She will never admit that it bothers her. Here is a short rundown of why she has lost her fashion sense from my perspective: Krysta (my girlfriend) has to wear scrubs to work. She works from sun up to sun down at an exhausting job and comes home filthy, tired, and barely able to walk on her painful feet. When she makes it home she had just enough time to drag herself to the gym before she has to go to sleep to do it all again the next day. Her job time consuming ,exhausting and stressful and to top it all off she makes terribly low wages. I am still a poor grad student myself and can hardly help in the money department. It breaks my heart to see her struggle so much and to be so disappointed in what she has to wear anytime we go out with friends or to an event. She doesn’t need more cloths, she just needs the right clothes and she deserves to have clothes that make her feel confident and human!

  123. I have a co-worker who is really out dated!!! Where should I start she has this dry redish orange hair it’s thin I’m not sure what time zone she stuck in her dressing is horrible forget calling the fashion police, she needs to see the judge and be sentenced immediatley!!! let me just give you a idea of who she look like we call her peppermint patty from the charlie brown show they could almost be twins. My co-worker is a really nice women she just needs a little HELP or should I say whole lots of help…

  124. I’m a 45 yr old mom and due to complications from my diabetes I’ve had since I was 6, I started dialysis a yr ago. I lost alot of weight and quite honestly, I dont have a bad wardrobe, I dont have much of anything. I still bartend and hate going to work b/c I have NOTHING to wear that even comes close to suiting my taste. I honestly need a better job and dont have clothes to do it. I have no style AT ALL…just wear what I’ve got. 911 it’s a wardrobe emergency!!!!!

  125. My daughter Heather is a 36 year old mother of two children. Her baby is now 6 months old and recently came home from the NICU at Strong Memorial hospital after 165 days. The family has been under extreme stress dealing with a life changing situation with there premature baby. Heather has suffered from emotional problems for many years and has just given up on herself. She use to have a beautiful fiqure but since the birth of her first child her stomach extends and the rest of her body is proportional to her previous fiqure. None of her clothes fit her appropriately even her shoes dont fit right. This is a sweet girl who really needs to have faith in herself again. Please consider offering her help. Her opinion of herself reflects so much on her 8 year old daughter. Thank you.

  126. I watch What Not To Wear, every single time I see that it is on. Currently, I am watching the episode featuring Jennifer W. All of the pieces that Stacey and Clinton pick out are items that I would love to have in my closet, however I am not convinced that they would look good on me, as I have a weird body shape. This past summer I spent an ungodly amount of money on clothing, that sits behind a closer door that is almost never opened. I am horrible at color blocking, and stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion. I am a full time college student, I work at a day care and an agency with developmentally disabled adults, so my daily wardrobe consists of scrubs, sweatshirts, and jeans. When I do find an outfit that clicks with my thought of beauty, I feel pretty and better about myself. I would give anything to re-vamp my entire wardrobe with pieces that bring out my good features, make me feel beautiful, look good to others, and help me look more professional. Please help me!

  127. My mother would be a perfect candidate for the show because of her major wardrobe malfunction. She only has a total of three outfits she wears everyday but mainly see her wearing the same leggings an plain black shirt everyday. She’s 46, fun an is full of life an needs a good style to go along with her outgoing personality. Please help! I want my mother to shine in her day in age an not look like she’s attending a funeral everyday. Help!

  128. I need help! I have lost 100lbs on my own and still can’t dress myself. I am 30 and have cut my hair 3 times in my life. T-shirts, capris, and jeans. Hair is a messy bun and some eyeliner. That’s it. As I lost my weight I gained a huge confidence in myself but I still have my fashion issues. I have no idea where to start or where to go. when I do buy clothes they are all the same. Don’t know where to shop or what to do with my hair. No idea about makeup. Although I am now a size 12 instead of 26 I wear the same clothes just smaller size. I have never been to a dance, no formal events, nothing girly. I don’t know how to. Now that I feel I have a body and a huge accomplishment under my belt, I am ready to show it off. Please help tlc! Help me to wow myself with who I am becoming. I want to see my success.

  129. Her birthday in in March 24th 2015 she will be 45 yes old she has not had a birthday since she was 15 yes old and she has had a very hard life her kids are on their own now their are grown and are being parents them self so they don’t interact much with my girlfriend millie.. I pray and hope we could give her this gift for her 45th Birthday..
    Thank you again…
    Sincerely; Charles Quintero Serrano

  130. Hello, I wanted to apply to see if what not to were helps me with my Girlfriend I have been wanting to find a way that my girlfriend Millie will feel beautiful, I am in need of your help please!!! I need help or I’m afraid she’ll never come out of her negative thoughts of her self and she is beautiful inside and out she deserve a change in her life and I know this will help in her confidant level.. Thank you! Hope to hear from TLC What Not To Were…
    Sincerely; Charles Quintero Serrano

  131. I have a beautiful daughter named Samantha. she’s married and has two children. She has had many challenges in her short marriage. about 5 years ago her trailer burned down. It was a rental and they had no insurance and they lost everything. When you hear people say they lost everything you never realize just how much that is until you see it for yourself. They have never fully been able to recover since. A year and a half ago they found out that their four year old pat the time had a rare condition, his kidneys were enlarged and he had developed a staff like infection in his bladder and his bladder had developed a bulge. they have been back and forth to Denver Children’s Hospital, at a great expense they don’t have. Samantha and her wonderful husband Jon have always been on the bottom of the Priorities List. Jon has an upholstery business and could use someone to help in the office and to help do bids and such. Samantha is 4 foot 11 inches very big busted and since the birth of her two children she has gained a few pounds around the middle, she has a hard time knowing how to shop for her size and shape and needs some help. Because their priorities have always been somewhere else,Samantha’s dress has become kind of dumpy. Her self esteem has been kind of low I believe because she doesn’t know how to dress for her shape and size. this experience would do so much to boost her self confidence and give her a head start to build on. She is a great girl who cares deeply about others and deserves to feel good about herself. I’m her 53 year old mom and I think I dress better than she does!! Please help her find the beauty in who she is. You are our best hope.

  132. I want to nominate my mom, Rebecca Simmons for a fashion makeover! My mother is so selfless and so for her kids that she does not have time for anything else. Ever since I can remember my mom has done WHATEVER it took to make sure that we were fed and had clothes(even if they were tacky) and electricity.Her nickname used to be “Hollywood” because of her style and fashion sense (back in the 80’sand 90’s). Now she suffers with lupus and arthritis. She’s lost majority of her hair and she walks with a limp (because of arthritis). She also gives most of her time to my 17 y.o sister who was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2011, a year after my gma passed(her world). She’s 49, 5’11 and she dresses like a tomboy that’s going alligator hunting with kitten heels and socks. Lol I have tried to help her fashion but I wouldn’t know what to do to help a 49 year old. She gets all her clothes from the catholic sisters free hand me down buckets up the street from our home. Her wardrobe is DEFINITELY screaming for a makeover. I’ve always watched What Not to Wear on TLC and I just get to tearing up at the family members reaction and the reaction of the participants seeing their proud family members!! My mother deserves this makeover. Please help Stacy and Clinton!!!!

  133. This is Jessica’s sister, Amanda. I think my sister needs a makeover. She’s 40 years old, a new mom, she has 3 other children, and her husband agrees with me. She wears Mickey Mouse pajamas all day unless she has to get out and then it’s stretch pants and the same shirt all the time. She stays down in herself over her weight gain and grey hair. She just seems to have no desire to dress up or even do a casual wear. She is a beautiful lady when she wants to be. She is an LPN and I guess she feels that scrubs is the only thing that matters. Please help my sister find the beautiful lady she could be if she tried, for herself, for her children, and for her husband. Thank you!

  134. Stacy and Clinton, please with me with the way I look. I have lost myself. I’ve never felt beautiful or pretty. And now after having my first baby I feel as though my is ruined. I know I gave life to the most perfect, most beautiful daughter alive. But what it’s done to my body.. Eh not so much. I need help making myself feeling beautiful and finding clothes that flatter me. And helping me with my depression I have about myself. Thank you. Please help

  135. C&C are mom and sister of a graduating dance major from NYC. The graduating senior is actively on auditions, and job seeking in the City, but taste in clothing has been influenced (we believe) too greatly on warm-up wear! A beautiful dancer, avid reader, and lover of films ~ we would love to see our daughter/sister experience a much needed clothing and styling make-over! Thank you!

  136. I need help!! My wardrobe is all over the place! I can dress nice one day and sloppy and baggy the next. I feel embarrassed sometimes to go out and don’t feel feminine enough. I need to dress more like a girl and need help. My mom tells me to change my style and when I do I go right back to the same style I began with. I need help badly please help me!!! I need to know how to dress and what not to dress in! Please come save me!

    • I would like to nominate myself.I am 54 and lost.I am disabled since 2006,soon to follow my husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2008 and also became disabled.Since that time we lost our home and two investment properties,which ended in bankruptcy.It then took 2 years to get his social security,at that time we had to move into his sister’s basement or be homeless and still needed to pay for cobra insurance @ 1166 per month so he could get his cancer treatments and medicine.We finally started getting his pension in February of 2014.We have moved into a rental property in August of 2014 that is close to his doctor, but we only get 3,300 per month and rent is 1200plus the other normal bills.Which does not leave any money for clothes or other frivolous things. MY dog ate my glasses and I don’t have any money for them.My husband is not in the greatest condition now and I feel tired and beaten down and it shows in my clothes as well.Please make me feel alive and vibrant again.I can’t do this without help from an outside source and. Hope this may be the answer.Please consider my situation.Thank you Shirley Lowry

    • Hi, my name is Lisa and I am in desperate need of a makeover. I was always told how fast and unattractive I was by my father which in turn led me to stop eating and become anexoric. I have carried this my whole life and now I’m a mom of two and 48. I have gained weight so now I won’t and have no desire ti put on makeup, fix my hair and would pretty much like to blend into the walls instead of stand out. I’m having a hard time getting older and figure who cares I’m just unattractive and frompy and that’s how I should look. I usually shop at thrift stores when I do buy myself clothing because I don’t have the money for myself and this is how I’m supposed to look because of my age. I need to break out of this horrible shell. Guys please help me!!!!! Thanks for listening.

  137. Hello, I need you both to help out my mother. Shes a desperate case, she LITERALLY knows NOTHING about fashion, makeup and, and but she’d love to learn. Shes a typical San Diego, California woman but clueless on what to wear. My mothers always been one to do everything for everyone else but HERSELF and i think its her time to shine and show off what potential there is to her fashion sense. The clothes she wears on a daily basis reminds me of a lost performer from the circus. She would be an amazing candidate because she my role model and a teacher to many but yet knows nothing about fashion and shaping to her body. I know my mothers confidence some where in that mess of colors, no kidding her fashion is probably stuck in the early 70s… from crazy hot pants to scrubby dresses with T shirts over them and a leopard printed hats. Shes really a beautiful mess under all that confusion. Shes a thrift shop junky with a mind set on what more comfortable then fashionable. Everyone sees it, past students, all of her kids, family and you name it. Shes a desperate case!! WE need your help Stacy and Clinton!

  138. I think my mom deserves to be on this show. She is a wonderful 46 year old mother of 2, she does all the work around the house she also takes care of 5 pets and works as a school nurse.She dresses very plain and has more to show off. She doesn’t dress to her full potential. She goes to work in scrubs and usually keeps that on all day. She wears ugly clogs all year. When she is off work she wears sweatpants and a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. Each outfit she wears is black gray or brown. If she goes out with her friends she will sometimes wear jeans or leggings. Her hair is the same everyday. I personally think her hair looks best down but she wears it up everyday in a ponytail or in a clip. Her makeup usually looks pretty good but she only wears mascara and when she tries to add some color she adds more than she thinks she is wearing. Her shoes are usually sneakers and sometimes boots. I think my mom wears outfits like this because she doesn’t think she can look good in anything else. She is truly beautiful but she doesn’t dress like she is. She sometimes attempts to wear a more colorful or detailed outfit but she claims that she looks too fat and takes it off. I would really appreciate TLC considering my mom on the show. This experience could really bring my mom to her full potential and be more happy everyday.

  139. I was in the hospital recently with my infant son and was watching t.v. (I don’t have it at home.) I saw your show featuring the twins Molly and Mandy and realized I need help. I am a mom of two boys, live in the country on a beef cattle ranch, and resonated with wearing way too many t-shirt and jeans combos. I haven’t had the time or money to spend on many clothes since my first son was born over two years ago. In high school and college I used to keep up on things and looked great most of the time. Unfortunately, I’m afraid most of the clothes I still wear are from that time period…which ended in 2009! When I get dressed now, instead of thinking, “What will look great?” I think, “What fits?” I don’t live anywhere near NY though. I’m a Nevada girl. This may disqualify me. A cattle rancher from the middle of nowhere may be a nice difference though. I also have dress “restrictions” due to religious views which makes buying clothing a little more challenging. I don’t wear anything above my knees or without sleeves. I also don’t wear anything that shows my stomach, is low cut in front or back or is super tight. Thanks for considering me!

  140. I believe I would be a good candidate for the show for several reasons. I am a 44 year old mother of 3. I work from home and have for over 15 years. I generally only go out of the house when necessary and therefore, spend most of my days in pajamas or ‘comfortable’ clothes that should not be seen in public. When I do need to go out for children’s activities, shopping, etc., I struggle trying to find something to wear from my selection of clothes ranging from 1 to 10 years old! I have completely lost myself and have little to no confidence when getting dressed to go anywhere. All of the other moms are so ‘put together’ and I feel completely inferior when around them – a complete lack of confidence in how I look. I am not in NY so PLEASE take your show on the road!

  141. I’m a 57 year old with 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. My family and sons would be happy if I changed my attire, hair and make-up. I have not been able to dress my age appropriate from Teen-age look. I’m a 5 ft. Woman, 120 lbs. with M.S. I would love so much to be able to look like a grandmother and my CHILDREN would be so proud of me as well as family. Thank you for considering my application.

  142. My girlfriend tries so hard to find cloths to wear but she fails sometimes to where it frustrates her to the point of giving up. She needs this opportunity to boost her positive mind set and give her validation on how other people think she looks. She does have nice cloths and she does pull them off very well but she someone to help her but it all together. I’m being short because she asking me why I’m doing this and I’m trying to get her help.

  143. My sister needs your help it’s an Emergency! She is 40yrs old has a son and recently divorced her HS sweetheart. She is wearing only what’s comfortable and it’s not complimenting her! She hasn’t truely went shopping for herself since HS. Her MO is unisex t shirts and jeans with no makeup. I did her make up over Christmas break and I could tell it really boosted her confidence. I was so happy to see her happy. I feel your makeover could have a huge impact. I asked her why she quit wearing makeup and she said she didn’t have time. I feel it’s a confidence issue. She is absolutely beautiful and I hope you can help her see that.

  144. i should be considered for what not to wear because even though I don’t live in NY I am a mess and need help. Ever since I became a mom I have not been myself. My body and lifestyle changes so drastically that I feel like I am always a frumpy baggy mess. When I do go out I wear jeggings with holes and shirts that don’t fit my body anymore. I don’t know where to begin rediscovering myself or being my own person instead of a mom and wife in every second of every day. Please help me look and feel like an attractive human again!

  145. I enjoy your show and the way you let the participants beauty and confidence shine in just one week. I would like to nominate a friend and sis-in-law for ‘What Not To Wear’. She is in her 40’s and beautiful. Like most women, she doesn’t believe that she can be beautiful. I believe she would be confident after being on you show. Her wardrobe consist of oversized T-shirts, flared jeans or leggins, and tennis shoes. She has just come out of a 16 year, not so good, relationship with my brother. I am positive she is trying to find a new way to define herself. I would love for you to make her over- show her how to dress her body to look and feel beautiful, how to style her hair and make-up, and get her out of a T-shirt. Thanks for your consideration. I wish I could post a picture.

  146. I am a 48 year old woman who has everything working against her in past years… I recently married my soul mate and have a 20 year old daughter … I am a nurse at a long term care facility and have recently had a radical hysterectomy due to Health issues.. I feel fat old and frumpy… I don’t know what to do with my hair… I would like to feel sexy and age appropriate!! For myself and my new husband; please help me!!!!

  147. My name is makel Robinson my mom Brittany Hubbard really needs a total makeover ever since she had me and my sister danayshia she have really stopped dressing nice she now wears unprofessional clothes she wears clothes that is at least 10 years old she tries to fit into clothes that she had since she was in high school and that was 5 years ago she wear shoes that is tore up and that leans when she walk she wear the same blue jeans everyday until the start to get big holes in between the legs she volunteers at her daughter school she wear clothes that is old and ripped up

  148. My mom needs help with fashion really bad. She just went through a divorce with my dad. She needs to get a new look she need to learn to shop for fashionable clothes and do her hair and make up. She needs to move on and dress better!! Her closet is horrifying Please help her out!

  149. I am a part-time property manager and I also have my own little business doing mobile notaries, which I am passionate about. I love helping people and this is something that feeds my spirit and makes me feel good inside. Although I am a very hard worker I struggle due to having gained weight plus being a tall woman of 5’11” makes me feel huge. I have no sense of style and end up wearing jeans and a polo almost everyday. Having been diagnosed with MS a couple years ago I was given the option to let it break me or to try to overcome it and I chose to change my diet and eat more healthy foods and change my thinking to POSITIVE!!! I feel blessed to say that I have worked very hard to achieve success with my employer and it feels amazing to have done it even though I am overweight and some would say the odds were against me. I can only imagine what I could achieve if I had the ability to know how to dress more professionally, to have a polished look and style that would make me feel confident!! My dream is to be successful and to give back as I am so freely given.

  150. Hello,
    My name is Karima Echols. I am 36 single mom no life to dress code. I should be On the show God know I could use the blessing

  151. I should be considered because since I have had numerous surgeries over the last 10 years and have gained a lot of weight. I have finally stabilized I am between a 12 and 14 depending on where it’s made. I look in the mirror and everything looks bad. I used to be 110 lbs and I can’t get past what I see in the mirror. I get frustrated and just leave the stores. I end up just wearing yoga pants or jeans that are saggy. For my self esteem to be a better wife and mother I would be very grateful for the help.

  152. My name is Nadia and I desperately need help regarding my mother. Her over provocative style is embarrassing not only myself but all of my sisters and my grandmother as well. She wears things at age 42 that I, at age 22, wouldn’t wear to a night club. From short, tight, cleavage dresses with hooker heels to fish net stockings ( I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THEY STILL MADE THOSE). In addition to all that she finds the biggest most gaudy jewelry -from rings to bracelets and plate sized earrings to “compliment” to outfit for the day. Going out to the store in BROAD daylight with her dressed like this is very embarrassing and I catch everyone staring all the time, especially creepy men. I want to go and hurt them for looking at my mother but who can blame them if she just puts it all out there for them to stare at.

    Not only is her wardrobe similar to an off duty hooker, her make up says the exact same thing. She is the ONLY person i know who uses mascara on her eyebrows. It seems as though she uses a sharpie as eyeliner because it is so thick and dark she achieves that raccoon look. When looking at her eyes you would think that she was wearing three pairs of fake eyelashes but that is just how much mascara she brushes on everyday. Her lips are always displaying a super bright and shiny lip gloss found on girls in junior high who are first discovering lip gloss. There are many occasions where I have stolen her makeup bag because just when you think she cant put any more on, she’s in the mirror applying yet another layer to her already thick mask.

    To top it off, my mother wears bright brown and red wigs that finish the provocative look. We don’t even know what her natural hair looks like as it has been so long since we’ve seen it. I wouldn’t mind the wigs if they weren’t so wild looking, drawing even MORE attention to her as we walk around. And the worst part for me is is that while clad and made up like this, she attends church and goes around in the name of christianity claiming that Jesus told her that she could dress this way………I cringe every time she says that

    Underneath all of this, I KNOW my mother is a beautiful woman ( the one I remember from my childhood). I’m not really sure when this all started but I believe that it is out of a fear of aging. I want her to be able to find a style that makes her feel beautiful and confident at her age without defaulting to the “sexy” look. I know my family would literally cry with joy because it it something that we have wished for and have tried and tried tried and tried to help her with for at least the last ten years. Please help me, help us get my mother back.

    Thank you

  153. Please help!!! I’m 27 years old and the mom of two little boys. I’ve put on a good bit of weight staying at home with the kids and I’m completely lost when it comes to my new body and how to dress myself. An average day for me is sweat pants and my husbands shirts and hoodies. I don’t even go shopping because I don’t know where to start! My self esteem is at an all time low, and I get completely frustrated when I have somewhere nice to go and absolutely no idea what to wear. I’ve been wearing the same few outfits for the last few years. Please help me out of this rut so I can feel better about myself and be a better wife and mother. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

  154. My teacher needs MAJOR help, she wears clothes from at least 10 years ago. She tries to fit into her high school clothes and she’s almost 30. All clothes are way to small. She never matches colors, she wears all corduroy pants and velvet vests. She wears potatoe shoes with glitter on them that are all torn apart because she refuses to throw them away. She is stuck in the past. She wears peace sign and hello kitty earrings. PLEASE help us out.

  155. I would love to have my mom get a tad bit of some fashion help! My mom unfortunately suffers from depression along with anxiety since the year she gave birth to me. I just turned 21 so it has been quite some time, she deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin and she needs to also show family that she is confident in herself ! My dad always attends his work events or goes out with friends whether it’s a nice dinner or grabbing a drink at the bar and he would love it if my mom could attend but her everyday style is an oversized shirt or sweater baggy sweats and basketball shorts pretty much anything in the men’s department , her hair is pulled back in a bun everyday and no makeup except eyeliner on a “special” occasion. My dad is a guy who can clean up very nice ! And he wishes my mom can do the same although it’s not so much what he wants for himself it’s mainly for my mom too feel better about herself because she does have a low self esteem. It’s myself, my 6 year old baby brother and my dad and we would all love too see my mom smile, be happy and most importantly be confident in herself , I know she has it but it all starts with an outfit!

  156. Please help my mom!!!!! She is 37 and going through a mid life crisis. She has NO idea how to dress. She wears the same pair of jeans until they literally wear out usually a hole is worn in the inside th high area. She has worn jeans with a hole in the inside thigh crotch area to volunteer at my school….so embarrassing. She claims to not know how a lady her age should dress. She loves Boho Chic style but anything will be better than her “no no chic” style. From her hair to her shoes everything in between my beautiful mother needs help to look and feel as beautiful as she truly is.

  157. Dear Stacy and Clinton. I would love to be in you program, my husband left me because I gain weight and really I don’t know how to dress. With your help I would like to proved my husband that I’m beautiful and mostly for me to feel beautiful. Thank you and Hope to hear from you soon. :)

  158. I would like my dear friend Christy to be considered. She is one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out, however she lacks the self confidence to let her inner beauty shine through. Back in 2009 Christy was diagnosed with a very rare condition called lymphangiomatosis, a lymphatic disease where your lymph nodes turn into large masses all over your body and was forced to drop out of nursing school. Christy went through chemotherapy, interferon injections, and during this time period due to the medications Christy gained over 100 pounds. Now she is in much better health and has just graduated from Nursing school and is about to start her new job as an RN. Unfortunately, Christy has been unsuccessful at her attempts to drop the added weight and dresses in sweat pants and sweatshirts everyday. Christy is a 33 year old single mother who needs a little help with dressing her body and showing off her beautiful curves. It would be difficult to find someone more deserving than Christy for this opportunity. She has overcome so much and is truly a beautiful soul. Thank you.

  159. my mother should be on what not to wear, because she has raised me and my sister all alone and she hashad great jobs at state schools and everyhing and had to stop to raise me and my sister. she has no style at all she wears baggy clothes thinkin if she doesnt show her figure no one will notice her but my mother needs to feel beautiful she raised me to be a wonderful person and now me being a mother i want her to see she can walk around looking like she does. if she wants to feel better inside she has to look better on the outside. stacy and clinton i need ur help my mother doesnt feel beauitful can u help me make her see how gorgeous she really is

  160. my daughter has gained weight no matter what she does continues to gain weight. Works in a professional setting doesn’t know how to dress the body now. Her confidence is wanning and of course self esteem so low.
    she feels she just needs to live till she dies at 34 years old. This makeover would help her.
    she watches the show and loves it so much. She totally feels like a loser. She has a champagne taste on a beer budget. This would be the greatest thing to ever happened to her. Please consider her. she would choose going to your show over meeting Oprah Winfrey. LOL.

  161. My 36 Year old mom should be considered for what not to wear show. My mom is a Mother of 7 Kids and a single parent. She works with kids with austim and does not really have time for her self. My mom wears sweats with a kiddey shirt ,Pants that needs a little adjusting. I would love to see my mom care more about her look, I would love to see her bright confidence I know she hides under those clothes, My mom is also picky about her legs beinging to SKINNEY to wear certain types of pants and dresses her legs are perfect, I have saw my mom wear a dress 3 Times in my life WITH PANTS. My mom has a wonderful personality but she focuses more on other people than her own self. I would love to see my mom with a nice hair style, I have seen my mother in the same sloppy half curly ponytail/bun for 20 years, My mom never wears makeup, I would love to see her bring out her pretty skin tone and eyes. Please help my mom m boost her conference in clothes, help her understand its Ok to take time out for herself and to enjoy the look.

  162. The reason why i wanna be a participate on What not to Wear is because I need Help!!! With my dressing basically my whole wardrobe Tomboy central and old ladie to covet my body up ive been very self consence about my self since i had a baby i dont feel comfortable in my own skin and body and low self esteem i jus need a little kick boost so Stacey and Clinton please please help me!!!! If my email doesn’t work my number was on the application 203’560’1148 thank yu and I pray u guys pick me!!

  163. My boyfriend should be picked he really needs help he’s never bought anything for himself he uses hammy downs from his brother which are way to big or he uses clothes that people just give him he really needs help and some sense of fashion I’ve wat you guys sense you came on air

  164. My boyfriend should be picked he really needs help he’s never bought anything for himself he uses hammy downs from his brother which are way to big or he uses clothes that people just give him he really needs help and some sense of fashion I’ve wat you guys sense you came on air

  165. My friend Alex Nixon should be chosen for TLC’s what not to wear because he honestly needs more confidence in his life. He is 23 years old and has the appearance of a 40 year old man. He has such a loving nature and personality but because of the way he dresses he has never had a significant other. I believe What Not to Wear would boost his confidence, and prepare him for a better future.

  166. My girlfriend Jackie Bail is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I love her with all my heart and I want her to think of herself the way that I think of her and her style doesn’t support her personality at all. She is so gorgeous and I’m not sure if she sees that. She is always dressing in dark cloths and long shawls that really don’t flatter her figure at all. She wears sweatpants and old US Taekwondo hoodies. I feel that she is trying to hide behind her clothes. I think the reason that she has been going so much into this direction is because her son Nicholas has recently died and she is still coping with it, and i think that a new wardrobe would be just enough of a change for her to help her move on. so thank you for considering her and i hope you can try to give us some feedback and i hope you pick us. Thank you.

  167. College student!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister Darion is a 21 year old college student attending Claflin University in Orangeburg SC,who is in need of a make over !! BADLY she has had the same clothes for two years no shopping and she still has a few clothes from high school. I have been trying to help her break out of this box and open her eyes up to more style but she doesn’t get it. I want my sister to be able to walk around and have people want to know her, she has a beautiful personality and most people will never know because of how she presents herself. My sister is past due of help can you please help me!!!!!! Please!!!!!

  168. I Am 16 years old ,want my mother to be well dress, because she is very beautiful and ,now I want her to live stylish than before and to live a good life she is 40 years old and please do me a favor by selecting her

  169. I think my mom should be on this show. She is a massage therapist and her work clothes are scrubs (which can’t be changed) but when she’s off work she wears boyfriend jeans, sweatpants, t-shirts, and workout clothes. She likes comfortable clothes but needs somewhat serious fashion help. I asked her what she would do if she was on the show and she said she’d go to a sports store, but she probably wouldn’t…. No. She would

  170. Hi my name is Stacey im nominating my daughter for the show..she is a beatiful young lady with a bad self of steam problem…she has two kids just had a baby girl. Her clothing consists of tank tops sweat pants and hoodies..she is heavier set and thinks all year long she has to cover her body up with sweat pants and hoodies..we love watching your show and she needs to be opened up to other clothes that will fit her body and feel beautiful.. it would be a blessing if you guys could help her open her eyes so she will stop being so hard on herself. Thank you god bless!

  171. My sister should be considered for the what not to wear show. Her wardrobe consist of pjs, jeans that are 10 plus years old and holey tshirts. I’d love to see her feel better about herself. Being a 3 time cancerssurvivor, she will basically out on what will cover up the scar even if it’s pjs and go out. She would make the perfect candidate with a fantastic personality to go on the show with hesitation but what it would do to her self esteem would be great. She spends all her extra funds on their 6 kids. Good will is her second home.

  172. I’m submitting myself simply because I dress like a bum 24/7 and I have no direction at all to get myself out of this predicament! I also love you to!

  173. My mother is in great need of a maleover. She is stuck “in the teenage years” wearing tight teenage clothing never shopping in the women’s section and she’s 43. She just needs help. She needs Fashion Jesus.

  174. Hi,

    Im 26 years old and i have a beautiful 19 month old daughter. I NEED HELP!!! I am not bigger then i have even been and im not sure how to dress, i. Used to always be fashionable and trendy and i feel like i have lost my touch. Im constantly taking care of my kid my fiance and i never have time for myself. I recently got a great job, kind of my dream job and its a up and coming company with young and trendy people and i feel like i am not dressing for the job. I recently moved out on my own so i have no funds to buy clothes that fit. Please please at least give me a chance to meet you guys and tell you more about me. This would mean so much. I have watched the show for ao long im also a huge fan and i know i would be in great hands :)! Thank you guys!!

  175. I’m 21 years old. I’m single. I wear skinny jeans and t-shirts everyday of my life. I only know how to do one style of makeup and I wear the same style of sandals constantly. I’ve recently cut my hair short and I have no idea how to style it. I just cut it off because I didn’t know how to style my long hair either. Most days I either pull my hair in a pony tail or put a hat on. I used to wear makeup all the time but as of lately I go without it everyday. I would really love a makeover so I can go out and enjoy my life and maybe find a guy!

  176. My wife should be consider. We’re a young married couple who had to let go of our new born daughter last oct. My wife went into deep depression shortly aftet. She wont leave the house and she has wont dress up all shes wears is my tshirts and sweat pant. And it was worst when thr second time she got pregnant and had a miscariage, on top of that she has let herself gain weight up to 161 when she was weighting only 128. I mean shes really young as so am i and dont want her to loose herself. Help!

  177. Our math teacher has recently lost a lot of weight and is in need of SERIOUS help she dresses like a two year old. She mix and mashed different pieces of clothing that should NOT go together. She is single and this will most likely help her find someone. We would really appreciate it!!! She Definitely needs help with her style! We can’t stand to look at her dressing this way! Please help us! :) Thanks!

  178. I am trying to submit my sister Brenda for what no to wear. She is very beautiful, but i think she tries to wear the wrong types of clothes. I wish she could see how beautiful she really is. I’m afraid people will take advantage of her insecurity. I would love for her to be done over. She lives in Coney Island, NY and I am from Groton, CT. I didn’t get to grow up in the same household as Brenda, so she grew up with her two brothers. She wears baseball caps and guy clothes. She went through a slight gothic stage. when it’s time to go to the clubs, she thinks that shorter is better, but I’m concerned. She would be a challenge. She is not skinny mini, but not greatly oversized. She is a thick chick with a georgous face. Long long long hair and beauitful smile. We are Puerto Rican. I know brenda is only 23, but she needs to start thinking of a career. Her clothes and a confidence booster might be just what she needs.

  179. My Mom should really be considered she does so much for us kids. she lost her brother and her niece and nephew.. her brother was her best friend.. she never goes out and buys anything for herself its alway for us kids and i think that we should give back to her!

  180. My friend should so be on this show. She only wears jeans ( that don’t fit her) and GUYS shirts. She won’t wear skirts. She never does anything for her self she does for her kids and husband. She is an amazing woman. Beautiful she just needs a wake up call.

  181. This is my fiancée, Sammantha, she is 21 years old and has a bad look on what she wears. She never does her hair, barely wears makeup, and generally wears jeans and a T-shirt. She has issues on making good choices on what she buys and wears. I would love to see you to help her in making better choices in what she wears. Please and thank you.

  182. I should be chosen because as a single mom I don’t have time for myself and I haven’t bought myself clothes in a long time. My clothes don’t fit either too baggy or too tight and they are outdated. I look heavier then I am and I’m constantly in ripped jeans or sweats.

  183. My aunt aleshia seriously needs some fashion help! she is turning 27 years old and she has 2 kids she dress way to sluty she wear tube tops that don’t even cover half of her breast ! she always dresses so sluty! is either sluty or sluty top with yoga pants and it is just horrible !

  184. My daughter is 17 and she has an eating disorder.
    She doesn’t really care much for her clothes or her looks, and I wish she would stop looking down on herself and her body. She’s the perfect size, but on the verge of falling in weight again.
    She’s so beautiful, I just wish she could see how beautiful she is.

  185. My mom would be a perfect candidate for TLC’s What Not To Wear. Her name is Suzy, she’s 54, a mother of 3 and us kids finally ALL moved out of the house. She’s ready for a new life and a new her. She always takes care of everyone except, herself. Her wardrobe has clothes from 10 years ago or more, she has bangs and always wears a pony tail. She wants to get back out into the world but has NO confidence to do so. She has no motivation and feels stuck. She’s an awesome woman, she has a huge heart and it’s time for her! Clinton and Stacy, you will love my mom. Choosing her will be the best choice you’ve ever made. Thanks you and we hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Julia

  186. I Have My 18 year old sister that I always bring her self down about her weight but she is beautiful. She deserves to be pretty for once but she can’t see the real her. It’s a shame because she is so young and instead of going out she stays home because she says she feel like a fat old lady next to us and our cousin because we dress better. Please help HER.!

  187. My mother needs to be on TLC’s What Not To Wear for many reasons. She wakes up every morning and takes her shower, but when she’s done.. She goes to her closet and it puts her to tears. I tried to take her shopping a few days ago and she picked out some very cute clothes with my help. She got home and tried them on, but had a very hard time liking them. I thought they looked great on her. She has a only a few pairs of clothes that she wears and she wears those same clothes every time she goes somewhere. She DOES NOT know how to dress her size. She is overweight. She gets very embarrassed when she goes out in public and sees other older ladies dressed nicely. We recently went to a lunch with some of her friends and looked over to me when she saw them dressed up and said “I wish I looked that good”. She really needs to be on this show. I hate to see her in tears over the way she looks. She needs help. Thanks.

  188. My wife to be (we’re getting married in March 2013) deserves to be on TLC What not to wear for several reasons:
    1. She is an amazing friend, mother, and a complete extravert.
    2. She gives her all to make me and our son happy with no thought of herself.
    3. She has know idea how to dress her 6 ft. frame with the exception of blue jeans and fleeces a hobo would wear.
    4. Her self confidence in terms of body image has sunk to an all time low since the pregnancy and birth of our 3 year old.
    5. Lastly, I just want her to look and feel as beautiful on the outside just so it would match the beauty on the inside and all the love she brings to our family.

    • My sister works at Marshalls and her apperance should be more since she works the front end and does management. Her apperance sbould be sppealing and authorative, yet she looks like shipping amd receiving. She wears plain Jeans and teeshirts, every now and then throw on a big top. The hairstyle is from the 80’s, the twisted roll!! With the added plain Combs tuck in it. HELP, HELP. She just finsh taking care of our cancer stricken Mom , who died this Mothers Day. My sister has three kids, single parent. Please make this a tribute to her, our Mom and your final episode. Thank You.

  189. My mom is 42 and she’s still gorgeous . I just don’t think she knows fashion anymore . Ever since she had kids . She just gave up on her look. She hasn’t bought herself new clothes in 7 years!!! I want people to look at my mom and know she’s beautiful .she is and she won’t ever look in the mirror and tell herself that. She spends all her time and money on me and my brother . I need you help!!!! Please .

  190. My mom is in her prime around 45 years old and she has let her self go since she had kids. i love her and i know that she knows style but she doesnt apply it to herself. its the same tshirt and jeans everday. everything is plain. And i just want something new for her befor she reaches 50!

  191. Hello my wife mentioned you guys ” it would be great to be on what not to wear” the other as she is watching the show i figured this is the perfect time to apply without her knowing.Here is a little background,she is a beautiful 53 years young,very family oriented,fun to be with,but hard to change her dressing habits.PLEASE HELP.

    Thank you Ed

  192. My daughter has faced some amazing challenges this past 2 years. She has lost 200 pounds and has transformed her body and has taken on a very healthy lifestyle. She has in spite of her weight loss, she still struggles with her self image, self confidence and continues to dress in her black leggings and sweatshirts. She is in college to become a writer and has true talent but will not be taken seriously unless she dresses the part and believes in herself. She is beautiful and talented and needs a push to see herself as she truly is. Thanks and God Bless

  193. Please select Cindy – my daghter in law for your show. Cindy is a 39 year old divorced mother of 5 – ages 4 – 14. She is the sole support of her family and she is close to completing her Master’s in Child Development and works with severely hadicapped children. Cindy is a hardworking, wonderful mother but has no time for herself and every cent goes to things for the kids. She has been known to wear silver heels with a pair of sweatpants – if they are all she can find when going out the door. I can not think of anyone that works harder and is more deserving of a makover than Cindy – this would be a wonderful, heart warming show if she is chosen. PS – She has gorgeous curly auburn hair that needs help!

  194. HELP!!!! What Not To Wear should help me because I want to get back to being ME. I am going through a very painful divorce and feel somewhere along my 20 year marriage I lost myself. I have not been able to do much for myself and am afraid I have forgotten how to be me.

  195. Good Afternoon, I submitted Linda Felsner for “What not to Wear”, she has just lost 100 lbs. Is a window of 2 years, and Really could use a Fashon Diva to help her realise what she truly LOOKS like after loosing so much weight. She works full time, walks on a daily basis after work, watches what she eats, pinches pennies to make ends meet, and always gives from her heart. I just hope this is a way I can help give her something back for all her hard work. We talk on a daily basis, we have been BFF’s for over 40 yrs. If we all could be as kind as she is the world would be a better place. Thanks for the chance to entry my BFF!. Laura



  198. My wife is the artistic director of Olympia Family Theater in Olympia Washington. We met 20+ years ago in a theater program in Seattle. We now have three daughters ages 16, 18, and 20. Jen is a gorgeous woman with a huge personality. She is a public figure in our city. When wee met she had a great, unique sense of style which has given way to comfort and utility,and suffered from high anxiety regarding clothes shopping. Please consider Jen for your show.

  199. The Mother of my two boys needs a “Damn” makeover.. “Bad”. I love her to death.. but Got-damn.. she wears sweat pants every day.. and wears the shirts that i cant wear anymore..She gets mad when i wear pants and a nice shirt. Im suppose to dress the same way, so she doesnt feel singled-out in the publics-eye. There is no Spark in our Sex Life either.. Its like we are room mates with Kids together.. SHe gets the Bed room and i get the Couch..
    From the Depth of a Mans only chance to get his Wife Back and in action..

    Yours truly, ** High Five **

  200. please please please help my wife shes 18 and we have two beautiful little girls.but she has lost everything she looks like a old women she doesn’t know how to u jest from being a teen to being a teen mom.shes a wonderful wife and mother. she does everything for everyone. especially her girls but she has went from 98lbs to 191lbs and she doesn’t know how to dress herself properly please please please help she really needs it. i will be greatly appreciative of it thanks.

  201. I would like to be considered for the extreme makeover. I am 41 and my children tell me I am definitely stuck in the 70’s & 80’s. I raised my 2 oldest daughters alone and everything I did was for them. My clothes come from consignment shops or I get hand-me-downs from my girls. They are both over 18 now and sometimes I don’t have the options of their hand-me-downs so I go back into the closet of my 70’s & 80’s. I have a wonderful husband and a 16 son that I make sure they are stylishly dressed but for myself….I just have no clue. I love my jeans and t-shirts but sometime I would like to be a “pretty female.” Please consider me if I am still within help.

  202. Hello I am contacting you for my sister. She is 43 years old and dresses as if she’s 62. My. S sister have been through a lot she has Kidney failure and she has has two toes cut off this year. I believe she don’t care to much about the way she dress because she feels awful most of the time. But I’m confident if she looks better she will Feel better she just need a little help getting there!

  203. I will be 43 next month and need a change in my clothing styles. I have had several health issues and thus gained weight and went from a size 8/10 to a 12. Can’t find clothes I am happy with so I stick to baggy older styled clothes and I want to look more youthful with my clothing but yet still look like a mom of two. I really need help finding the styles that look right on my 5’4 body.

  204. I am a stage 4 cancer survivor I am proud to be alive and want to learn how to dress and feel great about my body I have a 90% chance my cancer will come back and I want to live life to its fullest and dressed to showw it please grant me this

  205. I need help because, I am 30 and I can’t get out of an oversmall t shirt and jeans. But everytime I go to the store I can’t find a different style. I am changeing my life and I would like for you to help me change my style. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. i should be considered for the What Not To Wear audition because i am an 18 year old pretty girl who is moving onto the next phase of her life but is stuck dressing like a high schooler. I know i have the potential but i can’t seem to put anything together without sending out the wrong flashy signals. I aspire to be an Animal Investigater and i know i need to learn to be conservative but sexy too if i want to be taken seriously. I would love and appreciate the opportunity to transition myself into adulthood and professionalism.

  207. my daughter should be on what not to were because she has no sense of style at all. she constantly wears sweatpants and a t shirt. she wears no make up and always has her hair pinned back in a pony tail. she is very beautiful but its hard to tell under all of her curly crazy hair.. she needs help, professional help at that. head to toe makeover, herself as well as her sweatpants wardrobe.

  208. A few good reasons I feel I should be considered for What Not to Wear. First I am the mother of two wonderful boys. That’s right….it’s me, my husband, our two boys and our dog…Tucker! Even our family dog is a boy, way too much testosterone going on in my home. I never feel femanine!! I am too busy being a sports mom and full-time student that I do not go out shopping for myself. The second reason I would love to be considered for the show is that I recently quit smoking (YEAH!) but I have also gained the nasty weight that comes along with quitting. It is right in my hips and bottom area : ( It has been so long since I have gone shopping for new clothes that I don’t even know where to start! I am 30 years old, working on getting healthier and finishing my bachelors degree. Now I need help looking my best on the outside to feel like a girl again and to get me ready to go out into the working world. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  209. My older brother should be brought on What Not To Wear because he struggles with Asperger’s syndrome which affects his ability to social or to dress properly. He’s always wandering around with his hair a mess, dandruff, a crazy beard, jeans that don’t fit right, oversized childish tshirts and he won’t take advice from his little sister–not to mention he says he doesn’t have the money for clothes, but he’ll definitely take advice from you guys.He really needs help. If he dressed better, employers would take him more seriously and he wouldn’t be such an easy target for nasty remarks. Please help him?

  210. I’m 56 and have been dressing the same way for at least twentyfive years. There nust be something wrong.

  211. I’m 56 and I’ve been dressing the same way for at least 25 years. Something must be wrong, but I don’t know what that something is. HELP!!!

  212. I think my fiance should be considered for this show. She doesn’t have time to focus on her look since she had our son. She is an amazing full time mom and deserves a little confident push by fashion experts. She use to have time in the morning to fix herself up but now she wakes up to make sure our son is ready for the day.

  213. My mom Peg is in need of a break. She is a 57 year old (shh, I didn’t say that)secretary in a university theatre department and has been there for the past 15+ years. In watching the student actors and actresses pass her office day by day, and in costumes and makeup in shows night by night, she sees so much, gives SO much and never gets the chance to have her spotlight on the stage. My mom Peg is an amazing woman who gives up so much of herself and her time to make others happy. I would love if she could recieve the opportunity to get this makeover. Clothing choices, that would make you raise your eyebrows, have been in the closet since the ealry 90’s (yikes!). “Peggles,” “Pegasus,” “Pegasaurus,” “Peg-star” (as students would call her), is a beautiful woman who is in need of a little extra attention. For so long she has made the theatre department shine but I think now is the time to make her shine. Thank you, Mary Beth

  214. Please help my mom. She is an amazing, intelligent woman that works hard to provide for her kids by herself. She has been divorced five years, completing a doctorate and needs a transformation so people take her seriously so she can move forward in her career and her personal life. She is a high school teacher and her students love her. She wants to move into administration but it just doesn’t seem they take her serious. We would like to see her become confident again in her beauty both inside and out and start dating. She’s beaten down and needs a lift. She is an incredible peson and has done so much for us alone. She has walked a difficult road trying to meet the needs of her family and deserves your help. We want to see her be rewarded for her hard work and see how beautiful she REALLY is. Please help us give her the make-over that only Stacy and Clinton can accomplish!

  215. my name is yar kang i am from south sudan i am a single mom with two kids i really need your help i am working with a non profit organaztion called miss sudan USA i work with young girls trying to empower them but all the beauty pagents i am doing is coming from thee money in my pocket and i am strugling vary much i dont have the right clothes to wear when i am looking for girls my problem is that i am very tall and its hard to find clothes for a women that is 6’4 i see your show helping a lot of people and changing lives please help the me to wear the right clothes this october so you can help me thank you. call me at 816 5966335.

  216. my name is yar kang i am from south sudan i am a single mom with two kids i really need your help i am working with a non profit organaztion called miss sudan USA i work with young girls trying to empower them but all the beauty pagents i am doing is coming from thee money in my pocket and i am strugling vary much i dont have the right clothes to wear when i am looking for girls my problem is that i am very tall and its hard to find clothes for a women that is 6’4 i seee your show helping a lot of people and changing lives please help the beauty pagent is this october so you can help me thank you.

  217. It’s not only Ridiculous but also Hilarious. I personally want
    To submit my 40 YEAR old mother. It will b a blessing for her
    to receive her confidence back. She only have two children a girl which is me 19
    And a son that’s 3. She always put her family first raising 7 of 11 of her
    brothers and sisters when her mom past. Her Wardrobe needs immediate Attention.can u imagine her clothes of the 70s?

  218. I think I should be picked because I am a stay at home mother of two and I will be 28 years old and I am still stuck in my short short, jeans and lounge clothes. I don’t know how to transition from young twenties to “adult” attire for a mother of two. I’ve always feel like I have more to offer deep down but don’t know how to show it on the outside. I want to be taking more serious when I walk into a room. I want to standout in a fashionable sense when people see me. I want to feel pretty all the time. I’m starting college again and I want to look like the student that has everything put together and not the college student that shows up in comfy clothes. I also would love how to put make up on the right way so that it will pop.

    Thanks for your time!!

  219. I’m nominating myself as a gift to my 16 yr. old daughter who is totally embrassed of my outfits. I really don’t dress up for anything and when i do it is a massive struggle and an emotional internal struggle. I’m about 0 pds overweight and just don’t know how to dress myself anymore. Her high school grad is June 2011 and would like to look my best on her special day !
    Thank you
    darcy millar

  220. I would love to submit my sister, Stormy, for WNTW because she has never had any good luck whatsoever! She married a guy who emotionally abused her and about a year after she had his child he decided he never did love her and they got divorced. She is an accounting manager and so her job requires her to be very professional, and she is every aspect of the word- except in her wardrobe! She has more knitted oversized sweaters than I can count, she tie-dyes her own shirts, she has one pair of exercise pants that she wears almost daily and that’s just the topping!! She doesn’t fix her hair, all she does is get out of the shower and put it in a ponytail! She is a wonderful mother to her now, 11 yr old autistic son and does all she can to help him grow up to be a good person. She really is amazing and would more than deserve a chance to go to New York and learn about style and gain the confidence, self esteem and self worth that were stolen from her.

  221. I should be considered because I’ve given up on myself. I am a 46 yr old mother of 7yr old twins. Two years ago I lost my job & haven’t been able to get another comprobable one. I used to be a professional who travelled & trained hundreds of employees but in the last two years I’ve sort of lost that person and have just become a frumpy soccer mom. I love my kids, my husband & my life but not the way I’ve let myself go. I just don’t know where to begin nor do i have the funds to make myself over for the outside world. I want to join the professional ranks again but I just look so disheveled. I want to look pretty for my husband & kids …I want them to be proud to say ‘That’s my Mom’. Please help me find my ‘fashion sense’ once again! Thank You

  222. Hi! I would love to be considered for What Not To Wear. I have always struggled with fashion. I always seem to wear the same pair of khakis with the same simple cardigan and flats. Being a tall, in between plus and regular size women, clothes are hard to find and I struggle putting the right things together. I have recently graduated from college and am working with adolescents with drug and alcohol addictions. Being a good role model for them is very important to me and having my look together would be that extra boost of confidence I so desperately need. Please help me start my new life with a bang! Thanks!

  223. I think that without a doubt my mom deserves this wardrobe makeover. Ever since she lost over 100 pounds (naturally) about 5 years ago, she has never worn anything to show off her new figure. She has never bought an item of clothing for herself – her entire wardrobe consists of my (her 18-year-old daugher’s) old clothes and yes, even my brothers’ clothes. She wears baggy, unflattering jeans and long t-shirts or shirts that are much too small, even outside. I want my mother to feel beautiful in her new body because she deserves to reap the rewards of her hard work. Raising three children on her own for 17 years has given her no time for personal attention, and now that we are all older, I feel she should start reflecting on the outside who she is on the inside – a wonderful, happy, and loving mother.

  224. I want to consider my mother for this show. She needs help with her wardrobe badly. Her everyday, casual style consist of spandex pants and workout clothes that she wears religiously. The only time she dresses up is for church. Ever since our father passed away she hasn’t really put to much thought in how she looks from day to day. I would love for her to get a makeover so she can feel better about herself! :)

  225. I should be considered for What Not to Wear because I have worked very hard my whole life. Since being so involved in my college studies I paid little attention to myself as a person beauty wise, however since recently moving to CA I have realized how much I have neglected myself. The pressure to look good and having a great sense of fashion is overwhelming and I need HELP! I am beautiful but I need guidance on how to bring my beauty out so that others can see what I see. Please Help Me as I know that this opportunity will enhance and give me to an opportunity to blossom into the beautiful woman I know I am.

  226. My mom is 67 years old and is graduating with honors (!) in October for a bachelor’s in childhood education. She was single and alone for many years, finally married happily to a man who is now falling into dementia. After all these years of hardships, she is ready to start a new path with her degree and make a better life for her and her husband….and let me tell you…even with a stellar degree, I can’t see her being considered as a candidate to hire; she doesn’t look like the intelligent, caring person she is! Very overweight, thin hair in a bun, coke bottle glasses…her religious background allows only dresses….aaaggghhh….she’s a disaster. Please give a hardworking woman a hand up the ladder! Thank you, Bonnie

  227. I would like to be considered for What Not to Wear. I Love Stacy and Clinton. I am a mother to a 19 month old and am having trouble with style because of not losing my baby weight. I have no idea if anything looks good on me or not. When I try on something I usually talk myself out of it even if I think it looks good, because I can always find something bad about it. I am 24 years old and I feel like a hot mess. I have felt this way my entire life. I do not have alot of money to go out and really buy a new wardrobe. I really would appreciate and LOVE some HELP if I could please be a part of your show.
    Thank you,
    Sheridan Adkins

  228. Please consider my co-worker and friend for your show.She is the mother of four and she never does anything for herself.She is in dying need for a make over. Thanks so much.We are in New Orleans.She sometimes wear things that should not be worn at work.She can’t really afford to buy new things and when she does buy things she return all of them.She does not not make a whole lot of money so please consider her. Thanks so much Pamela Haney

  229. Please consider my co-worker and friend for your show.She is the mother of four and she never does anything for herself.She is in dying need for a make over. Thanks so much.e are in New Orleans.Thanks so much


  231. My husband, Richard, should be selected for your show What Not to Wear. His wardrobe consists of black or blue t-shirts, hoodies and jeans for winter. For summer he wears black or blue t-shrits, jean or camoflauge shorts and black sandals. That’s it. No other colors….he looks like a big bruise!! PLEASE help!! :)

  232. My wife is 52. She has aged in the past year after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer is gone and the reconstruction is finished. Diane has clothes since she was in high school. She love your show dearly & would love to be on it. She’s 6′-0″ tall and I’ve tried guiding her in the right direction as far as fashion, but you guys could do so much more for her vision and look to the future. Please consider my wife of 30 years (9/12/2011).

  233. I have a co-worked who needs an updated make over. She is always asking me to help her but she needs professional help. I think it would boost her overall confidience and give her that lil sumthin’ sumthin’ to make her feel like the sexy women I know she is.


  235. I would love to Be a part of this it’s a start to a new beginning for me for 2011 Imma need a make over ASAP and fashion tips this would be my shot at becoming famous!

  236. I believe my husband would want me to go on this show. I have clothing and shoes from 20 yrs ago still in my closet. I refuse to let go of the clothing and shoes even though it may have a grease stain on it. Right now I am a stay-at-home mother of 2 kids and don’t want to spend family money on something I could get dirty and have to throw out. So I keep a bunch of “broken in” clothing instead of allowing myself to look great every day, all day. I own too may t-shirts – but love the comfort of sweatshirts. Make-up has been optional.

  237. I would love to suggest my 41 year old nephew, Philip, for What Not to Wear. He is a delightful eccentric with absolutely no idea how to dress even though he was educated at some of our finest schools Loomis and Yale – he should look like a preppy! He has slews of friends, always there to help, very funny and kind. He describes his look as “homeless” often going ages without cutting his hair, then shaving it all off. His clothes seem to be thrift shop sloppy and baggy, yet he is a very handsome fellow underneath all that drab. He lives in Connecticut, single and certainly could use the guidance to attract an equally delightful woman. Please e-mail me if you would consider this TV ready man for this sorely needed make-over. Many thanks. 860-583-6393

  238. I would love to be part of your show because I am LOST when it comes to fashion. In my late teens and 20s I got married and became a mom and then stayed home with the kids – so of course my clothes consisted of jeans and t shirts…and my jeans were “mom jeans” at that. Now I am separated…in a fun job where I interact with people all of the time…and *gulp* dating. I haven’t a CLUE how to pick out a pair of jeans, shoes or even underwear that doesn’t come in a pack of 3. HELP ME, PLEASE.

  239. my sister should be considered for the show she really needs a fashion makeover hair and make up she only wheres plain jeans and tshirts or her work uniforms its crazy shes a 27 y/o mother of 4 and she doesnt buy new clothes she doesnt dress up at all or wear make up she gave up on her looks please help

  240. i should be considered for the TLC what not to wear! because i need help with the fashion 411 like whats the latest on everything also with make up and hair!

    • I should be considered because I have lost my 3 brothers and several of my cousins that I grew up with. Also, several of my friends I grew up with. Basically, I am the only one left. Two of my brothers died not even 3 months apart. I expected to grow old with these people now they are all gone. I went through a very depresseffect period and I used to be fashionable and kept up with myself. Now, I am finally ready to meet new people and start living again. Please help me get back to the swing of things. I have been down for too long!!!!! I need y’all more than anything! I am ready to be me again. I am tired of the grief and feel I am behind on style due too all the grief. Please help me glow again! I want to have a life again. I realize my loved one’s can never be replaced but I am ready to meet new people and do not want to be alone and grief-stricken forever. I am truly dependant on you guys to get me back to me. Please Help!!!! I have been out for to long and I am too young for this! Thank you! P.S. I love your show. Sincerely, Joni Mince.

    • I have a mom named Maria Bosques and she is a breast cancer survivor and after the surgery my mom has been really depressed because she lost a piece of her body. My mom dosent take care of herself, she doesn’t do her hair and she doesn’t go shopping. All she does is clean the apartment and go to church. I usually tell my mom to forget a little about me and my brother and to go to the salon and go shopping. Also my mom helps the homeless people and feeds the cats in the streets. My mom is a very generous person and my mom is Christian and cant cut her hair. I hope my mom can get a new look and feel confident. It will help the depression and help her forget about what happened.
      My mother Maria Bosques should be considered in TLC’s What not to wear Sincerely, The daughter of Maria Bosques.

    • Im a nurse and wear scrubs for work. I used to know what looks good as far as clothing trends. I would love for someone to help me with my clothing and makeup to help me be my best!

    • I would like to be considered for TLC what not to wear because I struggle to find clothes that fit and look good. My look effects me a great deal emotionally because I am in front of new people everyday who are judging me and my company. It’s important for me to make a good first impression. Please view my video and help.

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