TLC – LA INK Castings


LA’s favorite homegirl is back on her turf and she is interested in inking unique and entertaining people who are celebrating a victory, commemorating a loss, continuing a saga or just want AMAZING ART on their bodies!

We are currently casting for upcoming shows.If you want a kick-butt tattoo by the best in the biz write us

Background of the show LA INK:

After leaving the hit program Miami Ink because of a dispute with her fellow cast members, Kat Von D moved back to Los Angeles to open her own tattoo shop and was offered a spin off show. Initially, she hired her close friend Pixie Acia to be the shop manager, and her good friend Corey Miller as the tattoo artist. After considering many more artists for the job, Von D hired Hannah Aitchison and Kim Saigh to work for her as well. The cameras follow her as she opens the shop, while capturing everything that unfolds in between.

Each customer coming into the shop usually has a story or reason behind their tattoo. On occasion, even known celebrities make an appearance to get tattooed by Kat or one of the other artists.

Inevitably, as the show progressed, changes occurred. Von D fired Acia during the second part of Season 1. Saigh and Aitchison left the show after the Season 2 finale. Season 3 premiered with a new shop manager, former Rock of Love competitor Aubry Fisher, but she was fired by Von D during the Mid-Season premiere after getting into a lot trouble with most of the people at the shop.

Tattoo artist Amy Nicoletti was hired on a trial basis, but left to work at American Electric, owned by Craig Jackman. Tattoo artist Paulie Tattoo was also hired and quit to go to American Electric, because of lack of work. Fisher soon joined them as a “shop helper” at American Electric after she got fired from High Voltage. Fisher left to pursue her dream of becoming a make-up artist without telling Craig and was later fired from American Electric, but does make an appearance for a couple of episodes in the fourth season when she appeared at the shop’s 11th Anniversary as a guest.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. This would be an amazing experience, and I would be very grateful. I have 2 tattoos now and I have been planning a rib cage piece for years. It’s very cool and holds cool memories for me. Oh and by the way……… Hi, my name is Chelsea and I’m 23. :)

  2. I’m partial ink up
    I lost my mom to cancer , so I would like a dope fuck cancer tat . I also lost my grandmother and I’m reinventing my self after a 7 1/2 year marriage because my spouse cheated !! . I had a pretty damn bad year .I need some super cool art to express that

  3. I would like to be considered to be apart of the show because I collect tattoos. I am a 22 year old who aspires to be a famous tattoo model. I currently have a full rose sleeve done by Dan smith and it would be my dream to have a tattoo that was featured of la ink. I became interested in tattoos because of this show so it would be an honor to be a feature. I have a lot of great ideas that I would like tattoo, I currently have 2 full sleeves and a half leg sleeve that is a majority of my left calf. I would love a back piece or just anything! I want to be apart of the show.

  4. I live in Murray ky. I’m 20 years old, with three beautiful children, and my husband saves me every day. Drawing and modeling are my passions. I have a half sleeve that I would love to add to. I have multiple smaller tattoos, but my thighs and right arm are bare. I am up for anything to be placed on me, and virtually anything.

  5. Aloha!! My name is Merly Israel and if I was chosen to get a tattoo from Kat Con D. That would be Amazing with a Capital A!! Her life gray and white portraits are so realistic like they are brought back to LIFE!!
    The tattoo I would ask Kat to do for me is a gray and white photo of my (deceased) dad when he was 6 years old. That portrait means the world to me. When my dad was alive he would share with me the stories he went through as a Filipino/American living in the Philippines. He was and will always Be My Hero!!
    He passed on August 2013 liver cancer.
    Thank you Kat for your Gift of Tattooing!

  6. Hi my name is Cristina I’m 25yrs old I have 3 boys, I got my first tattoo when I was 18 which it was my oldest sons name on my ankle, I had a rough teenage life when I was 15 I started dating my first baby daddy he was my first love my first love my everything to me I even ran away with him to Detroit where he was from little did I know that he was going to start beating on me he didn’t care about me he would always abuse me physically n mentally but I didn’t care bcuz I loved him n I thought I was never going to find n e one else he would always humiliate me in front of people telling me that no one was going to want ms with 2boys little did he know god put a wonderful man in my life that help me get my GED loves my kids n loves me he treats me like a I’m suppose to b treated I got certified as a medical office clerk n I just want a tattoo that symbolizes the pain I’ve been thru but also the accomplishments I’ve done in life, n I would love for Kat to do it her a s a woman would understand my pain but now the happiness I feel that I have made my parents proud n I have a job where I can say to everyone I did it ….

  7. My name is Darmia I am from Chicago il. I had a daughter 7 months ago and she changed my body completely, of course I love my child its the horrible stretch marks she gave me i hate. Every since having her i have been insecure do to the horrible black stretch marks on my stomach. I have tattoos but they look like BS! i would love to be considered because you guys would give me my happiness back. I don’t go to hotels or anything because i am ashamed of my marks. I believe tattoos are a work of art.

  8. Hi, my name is Shiela. My husband and I have a now 2 year old son. Even before he was born my husband said that he will get a portrait of of our son on his chest. But since our son was born we have been very busy just trying to keep up with him, and every day life. Also, looking for a great artist that can do a great portrait is hard. I would love to have my husband get that portrait for our wedding anniversary which will be June 1. If any at all possible, please contact me!! Thanks a bunch!! :)

  9. Hi my name is Jimika Nix. I’m 18 years old and I have a thing for tattoos. I only have 6 but they all either are big or have a lot of detailing. I love the feeling of tattoos and I really want more. I enjoy the art of the tattoos that people come up with and I think of tattoos as an artistic thing.

  10. Hi, my name’s David. I’m 26 years old. In 2008 was forced to drop out of college when I started feeling the effects of a rare autoimmune condition. As if the weakness, fevers, fatigue and nausea were not bad enough, they were soon eclipsed by an over accumulation of excess fluid in the heart (Pericarditis) Things were never the same after this. After consulting my Physician, he was initially left puzzled. Only after being rushed to the hospital one June night, enduring a severe life threatening fever, seizure, and 5 days in an induced coma, biopsy tests were performed and sent out to be tested. After countless diagnoses the tests revealed that I was suffering from Anti-synthase syndrome. I remained at the hospital for the remainder of the summer until my health was stable enough to return home. This was not the last time that I would be hospitalized as I later returned numerous times as my disease progressed. Ultimately I was again hospitalized in 2012. After several complications which included the contraction of a stomach virus, a collapsed lung, and bacterial Meningitis I suffered a cardiac arrest which resulted in a double total metatarsal amputation. This severely hindered my balance and relearning how to walk proved to be one of many life challenges. I have since also been diagnosed with Lupus, a disease which took the life of my Aunt. During the last three years I have made tremendous strides with my health. Despite the progress I’ve made I still feel that this disease which I continue to battle has robbed me of some very integral years in my life.
    My understanding is that we are limited to only one piece, but I would be eternally grateful if you would be willing to make an exception and allow me to commemorate the life of my grandmother who suffers from severe Chronic Alzheimer’s disease. She is currently in the hospital and has been given a zero percent chance of survival. My family and I are now both counting and cherishing the remaining days that we have left with her in physical form. I’m very artistically inclined and can sketch out some concepts that could meld both of these themes together if it would help matters.
    I consider myself an art aficionado as I have been drawing and painting since early childhood and I have also studied art in college. I’m contacting you today to express both my respect and admiration for the work of Ms. Kat Von D, as well as my desire to be featured on the show. It would be truly life-changing for me to be on the show because it would be my first tattoo. I always told myself that I would get a tattoo under two very stringent conditions. It would first and foremost have to be meaningful, and it would also have to be done by the best in the business. I’m sure you can satisfy the latter to the fullest extent! I’m from Boston, MA and I’m not hard to get in touch with. You can contact me at (516) 512-3308, or e-mail me at I hope you will seriously consider me for the show. -Thanks

  11. Hello my name is Athena Mai and I have a sad story that I like to tell on my body. I will let you my story real quick I was molested and abused by my step dad and my real dad for as far as I can remember to 16 1/2 years old. Now the worse part my 2 precious daughters in 2013 also faced the same fate by my ex-boyfriend. Heart broken I want to have my tattoo done for them. Please pick me so I can show my story… hope to hear from you, you can contact me at or leave a message at 850-426-9270 and I will call you back. Thank you

  12. My name is Alicia! I would be honored to be tatted by you all. I really want a portrait of my fathers but I’m so scared to go to just anybody. If this gets messed up I’d be damaged. My father passed early 2009 and since then I’ve felt this void. When It first happened I told myself I WILL get his face on me permanently. He was a great father and I just want to be able to look down and see him again. That’s all I want.

  13. Hello I am very interested in auditioning for this show. I am from Chicago but I currently live in Florida. I have tattoos and piercings. I love tattoos and I would love for her to tattoo me it would be an honor. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time.

  14. My name is LT Luther Hall of the United States Army (reserve). I’m writing in prayer that I can some how submit, audition or whatever your process is in becoming a feature for the exquisite Urban Ink Magazine. A little about me, I’m a single parent, I work for the DoD Government is supporting the Air Force and I’m also a LT in the United States Army. I have graduated with both my B.S. in communications and even earning Summe Cume Laude while obtaining my M.B.A. with a concentration in human resources. I recently moved out to Los Angeles, CA after a deployment. I really want to model and hopefully one day break into acting. Any consideration or information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you. Also, I was a feature in Tattoo Magazine’s issue #303.

    Luther Hall (Mr. Tattoo Model)

    “live in FAITH not FEAR”


    IG @mrtattoomodel

  15. I have never got a tattoo yet and I’m 19 years young. I’m a mother of a beautiful 4year old, and I’d love to get a tattoo done professionally of my daughter on her first birthday on my thigh. It’d mean the world too me and have my daughter watch her momma on tv getting it done. I want too meet Kat Von D so bad, it’d be my dream. She’s one bad ass bitch. I’d love to hear back about the audition.

  16. People often comment on the fact that my sleeves don’t carry the same theme. I have inspirational to emo. Bad ass chicks packing pistols, to can’t we all just get along?. Religious scriptures to smoke rising from the flames of eternal Hell. And a mask. My tattoos aren’t of the same theme for a reason, being this: Life is made up of different “themes”. There is good AND bad in everything, and in everyone. Life can be Heaven and Hell. Sometimes at the same time. Like uncertainty. It can be dark and scary, but the uncertainty is what keeps hope alive in us all. And we all wear a mask. At least to some extent. We have a darkness we don’t want others to see. Some just darker than others. Life is my theme. And I will continue the journey.

  17. Hi! My name is Roni and my sister and I have been looking at, getting matching sister tattoo’s on our ankles. We want it to look like an anklet with a, peacock feather coming of of it as well as half of a broken heart charm that says Big Sis and Lil Sis. I am 21 and she is 18 and we will both be moving away from home next year to college. She is going to get her undergrad and I’m going to get my graduate degree also I am getting married so we want something on our bodies to remember each other and to never forget that even a thousand miles away we will still be close. I hope you consider my sister and I for an audition!! Thank you!

  18. Hey I’m Karoline!
    I’m almost 18 and I got my first tattoo when I was 16. I have been planning my next one but I want to make it special. Recently my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. It is not the only family member who is battling cancer and I have lost many due to it. I wanted to get an angel with the cancer ribbon intertwined somehow, I love seeing the amazing work that comes out of the tattoo shops LA ink shoots in and I know they can help me bring this tattoo idea to life and make it something special in honour of my grandmother. Thanks

  19. Hello, I’m open to getting a tatoo. I already have about 20 and I’m only 21. I’m a very happy person and would love for you guys to consider me as a person of interest.
    Any questions email me please.

  20. Hello, my name is Jessica. I am 18 years old almost 19. Growing up I had a bestfriend whom I did everything with. She was always there for me, especially when I cried. Unfortunately she passed away December 19th in 2009/

    I would love to get a tattoo by Kat Von D commemorating my bestfriend’s life.

    I forgot to mention my bestfriend was a Dachshund named Mowglie.

    Please email me for an audition, it would mean the world to me. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

  21. Well hello there:-)
    my name is Tayler Sharbono I’m 21 and I have been watching Kat Von D since her Miami days. Her Portrait tattoos are awe inspiring. Anyone in this world would be lucky for her to ink them. There is a backstory to the recent loss of my very strong grandmother, who has been through quite the life battle as well as helped me through my own struggles. I would love to get a meaningful tattoo in her honor. It would mean so much to have it done by Ms Von D or one of her crew members. I most definitely look forward to hopefully sharing the experience with you.
    -Tayler Sharbono-

  22. My name is Kendra VanMeeteren, I’m 18 years old and from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I know the likelihood of being on the show is slim to non but I have an interesting story about my life and I want to get a tattoo to represent the things I’ve overcome in the past few years. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, in April of 2010, while living overseas and had a few surgeries and 8 months of chemotherapy along the way. I was told I was cancer free on my birthday in November of 2010.The tattoo is to represent what I’ve been through. I know Kat Von D will do an amazing job.

  23. Hi, my name is Cindy and I am 18 years old. I just recently came home from studying abroad in Europe and that experience changed me and the way I viewed the world! I have been trying to find something that represented my entire exchange and how I feel now. So, I chose a compass. I feel like it would be perfect and represent how I like to travel all over the world and how I never quite know where I’m headed in life so it would be like my own personal guide to anywhere. This tattoo would be a piece of art that would stick with me forever and remind me of the adventures I’ve had and will continue to have. It would be awesome, if Kat Von D was the one to tattoo it on me.

  24. My body is your canvass!!!!
    Do as you please!!!!!

    Please, Need help to clean up this trash on me by other wanna be artist!!!
    I will give you there names.
    Need a piece for my brother who passed and want to clean up my body before I die!!

  25. Im 42 yrs old and in desperate need of some fixing uping!! LOL

    I have a lot of trash all over my body and need to get it fixed and I need one in memory of my brother who resently passed.
    Think of it as an old junked car that needs to be restored and customized..
    Steve Avery
    80 Rivet St. # 204
    New Bedford ma 02744
    I am born ans raised in Los Angeles and now live in Mass
    I will pay for my trip

  26. hi im chrs, i watch your show LA ink all the time. i would love to be on your show. i have a 2 year old son and i don’t get to see him as much as i want, so i want to get a picture of him tattoo on me. i hope to hear from you soon. I’m from ohio. thank you

  27. I just want to pay tribute to my grandparents who came from nothing and gave not just a house but the American ream to all her children to become something than just farmers living in Ecuador. I thank them for showing me love and the value of a dollar and that hard work and never giving up anything is possible. Thank you

  28. I would like to get a tattoo of a letter my mother wrote to me and left in my place the last time she came out to visit me before she passed away…..

    It would be really great to have this letter either on the side of my torso, or intermingled somehow as a sleeve.

  29. i am in real bad need of someone to trust over 8hrs and 3 years still a bad and unfinished tattoo that leaves me embarrassed to even take my shirt off. i am so scared after what i have went through and how i have been treated that you are my last hope. i just want to have this dragon fixed it means so much to me and will be my only one. i am open to a fix a cover up or anything . i think it can be fixed but you are the experts. just have fun and lets turn this into an experiance that i can be so proud of pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me i’m begging. the worst thing is this all started with a family member.

  30. Hello, My name is Krystal. I currently am looking for a good artist to do my tattoo. I want something that represents the love one that I have lost and I don’t want it to be crappy. I am 27 from richmond va. I currently have 8 tattoos and I am ready for number 9.

  31. I have an awful old tattoo I would love to get covered up by a pro. It’s large and lots of old color. It’s also about 19yrs old!! Either that or some brand new ink! :) I’m a single mom so it’s not exactly in the budget to get a new tattoo, much less from a real professional! I would be so grateful if you could make this happen for me!

  32. To whomever will read this I hope that you will read the following story and take into consideration all that it intails..This is no ploy for fame. its a long thought about and dream to be tattooed by Kat…. I am a 39 single mom who has been cancer(Cervical) in 2000 and free of it since then, however i was in 2005 diagnosed with Lupus. it is the most underdiagnosed and hard to deternime because it mimics so many other diseases.. i have discoid which is the least (ya rt!) dibilitating.. i have a purple butterfly tattooed on my inner rt wrist as it is the symbol of LFA lupus foundation of America and the butterfly reps the metamorphic changes that can happen to anyone who suffers fr this disease Systemic is the worst and last yr I showed signs of that type and tested negative Thankfully. I would love a omage if you will to this ugly disease and made beautiful by adding more butterfllies and a purple ribbon similar to the pink breast cancer ribbon i believe that there is one for cervical cancer as well and if that can be added would be cool I look up to your work Kat and would love a portrait, actually if you were to accept me i would pretty much be an open canvas to you,, i will tell you what to incorparate and let you and your imagination run wild . it would be beyond an honor and mean ever so much 951-207-8912(c)951-735-1219(h) email hope to hear or recieve a response soon i ha ve quite the story to tell and would love gto share it with you through the beauty of your insanely beautiful ink masterpieces..thx

  33. Hey my name is justin and i wouldnt think anything cooler and rad to get both my portiat photos of my granparents than by the beautiful kat von d. I want the tatts on the back of my calf’s symbolizing the fact that they both always keep my feet in the right direction and keep me going and motivated. This would be the greatest thing i could imagine tattoo wise. :)

  34. i’ve been a fan of kat from the time i first i seen her.tattoos are an inspiration for me. i am an artist myself and just receiced my first start-up tattoo kit. my best friend,my brother bobby passed away from a self inflicted gunshot 32 years ago when i was 10 years old. he was ,is my life.for the past 15 years i’ve wanted to get a tattoo as a tribute to him but dont believe there is an artist out there that can capture his uniqueness as i believe Kat can.i would give my right arm to have the opportunity for her to do one of her masterpieces on me.

  35. I want to get a Tattoo of my one and only “Knight in Shinning Armour”, my best friend, my lover, my husband, my soulmate! I have other Tat’s for the other special men in my life (my dad & 2 sons) and want to stick to that theme. I think your shop is great and the feelings your people show for everyone that comes in and that’s why I want this very special one done at La Ink.

  36. ied love to come on the show and get some ink from kat iev been a BIGGGGGGGGGG fan of kats,, i watch her show all the time..i think she s HOTTTTTT keep up the good work keep ikking XOXOXOXO..// my home [ 106 francis st jamestown ny 14701 ] 716 483 0908

  37. My name is Phil Buell and have been a fan for years. I always thought it would be cool to sport a Tat from Kat! I have been holding on to a Spiderman tattoo for years now, haven’t been able to find anyone who can do awesome color/shading like Kat. It would be an awesomw honor to meet Kat and to have her talent on my body to share and brag about with others. I really don’t have a story I just thought it would be cool to have Kat do ink on me! I am 45 and have lived a strange life and thought this would be a great story to add to my many in my life. I live in Oregon and know alot of artists in general but not many tatooists and am an artist myself and could whip up some sick %#$@, most of the art on my body was from a wall but slighly changed by my own flair.

  38. I need this sooooo bad!!! It will really feel great to get a tat in memory of my brother!! And it will stay with me for the rest of my life!! Plz help me out!!! Plz respond to my attention and if I’m picked I will make any arrangements to be there or wherever!!!! Thnx again chris

  39. Well were do I begin I’m a male 34 yrs old,, and have a strong love for tattoos ,I was addicted to heroin for 6 yrs!! I’m sober now it’s going on, almost 10 yrs! But I have a had a very difficult life and hung around all the wrong people, and to top it off my only brother passed away may 14 , 2010 he was 27 yrs old,, it was a freak thing that happened to him,,!! I miss him everyday he was mh best friend and brother he would of done anything for me!!! I can go on and on but keeping it short!! I would LOVE some ink!!!!!! I already have a decent amount on me ,, but would love for kat to hook it up,,, thnx sooo much , Chris from new jersey

  40. I want a tattoo of kat von dee on my ribs i love her art and would love her to
    tattoo it herself and sign it i am a music producer from cleveland oh now living in
    north carolina

  41. Hey, i would love a Kick ass tattoo, i know nobody can pull it off better than anyone in La ink.
    A colorful tattoo that can match my colorful personality,and Hair!

  42. My name is Myqueal Rogers, and I’m a huge fan of tattooing. I have seven tattoos already and I would love to get more. I am also a model and an actor and this opportunity would be great to go towards me being a tattoo model. I am also a very dedicated marital artist and pro wrestler. This would be a great opportunity to now only get great art work done by some absolutely beautiful and talented artist, but it would greatly further my career.

  43. I starred on MTV TRUE LIFE I HAVE A FETISH and also had a recent spot on BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD. I love Kat Von D. I love tattoos and i want a tattoo that represents my uprising to becoming something big for just being myself and for what i love and obsesse..FEET!! WOOHOOOOO!!! PICK THE MTV FOOT BOY KAT!!!

  44. WANT TO BE COVERED in organic and beautiful artwork w tons and tons of color….moving to Oceanside from the east coast and starting my life over….going to the best floral design school and will have my own shop someday…from one strong woman to the next…I’d be honored and beyond stoked!!! Funny chill and not to soar on the eyes hee haw!!!

  45. I would love to be considered. I have a few tattoos, and I love when people say “what made you get that” or “didn’t that hurt” or “wow thats different”. I love art. I’m open for just about anything.

  46. People always talk about generational curses and I can say that I’ve honestly been a part of one. It seems like every woman in each generation of my family has been a victim of abuse. Whether it may be physical , sexual, or even just verbal. My name is Cara and I’ve gone thru it. I am a rape victim/survivor. My abuser was found not guilty and it shook my world but I over came it. I want something that shows the chains can be broken and that women can be empowered. please consider me…

  47. I would love to be considered for this show because not only do I think my story is unique and interesting, but I also think I’d be the perfect candidate. I have recently been living out my dream to come to America , its been my dream since highschool, and I decided that each time I visit a location in America, I want to get a tattoo as a reminder and kinda like a “trophy” of my experiences. Apon my last trip to California, I got the words “California” tattoo up the side of my stomach. I’m now currently here in the States and looking to get my next Trophy :) This could be the perfect oppurtunity

  48. Hello, my name is Aurora Bervera, I live in Las Vegas NV, first of all I like to said that I admire the work you guys do, from putting the whole show together is a wonderful idea, a lot of people love tattos this days and they are a beautiful expression of art and feelings and you guys capture the whole meaning of it, I love it, and well second Kat Von D, besides being so beautiful, she is extremly talented and with such caracter wich is admirable, so passionate, I personaly love tattos Im done some to myself and I got a lot of learning from the show and from her in particular. Im looking to always work hard and learn new things ,Im wonderful at talking and relating with people. Thanks for your time and congratulations on the show.

  49. Whats up my name is Lisa Montgomery from Oakland Ca. but now I live Alabama. I am retired from the Gov. due an on the job injury back in 2007 which left me this scar for life on my lower back. I’ve had 2 lower back surgery within the last two years. I’m only 39yrs old and married with 4 kids. I really would like to cover this scar because I am now have issue reveling my back to my husband or any body for that matter. I would greatly be honored to have the best “KAT” take care of this horrible scar and to be able to tell the story behind the art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Hi my name is Brandy and I’m not actually looking for an audition for myself but for my husband Levi. I’ve been through some rough relationships in the past and swore I would never remarry. And then Levi came along and proved to me that there are still decent men out there. Levi is a wonderful, fun, caring smart ass who is my perfect match in every way. Recently he began his dream ink, a huge oriental dragon spanning from his belly up his chest, over his shoulder, and down his back. The artist who began the work did his best to take advantage of us, trying to charge us upwards of 5,000$ after quoting us a price of 800$. My husband and I, not having that kind of money to put into ink, decided to leave it an unfinished piece. Even though it is unfinished my husband is completely proud of it and shows it off whenever he has a chance. He recently separated from the army and we are beginning our new life here in Long Beach, Ca. He has shown me so many wonderful things and taught me so much in our time together, and has repaired my formerly dim outlook about myself and life in general that I would love to have the chance to give something back to him. He has always had a fascination with tattoos, and i fully see him being a tattoo junkie :) He is my life, and I want to be able to show him how much I appreciate all that he has done for me with one of your exceptional artists completing his piece.

  51. Hi my name is Kevin and im from the Uk. Two years ago my girlfriend was struck by lightning in mexico and after 3 horrible weeks being in a coma she came through it and survived i would like to get a half sleeve with the story in pictures because she is such an ispiration to me. two years on now and we r coming to la for a week in october 2011 before flying off to hawaii to get married. I would love to get a tattoo from any of the guys in there but if kat or correy are available that would be great.

  52. Iam 20 yrs old, i live in the Washington, dc area. I already have 2 tattoos. A music note(i want to be a singer one day, and i love music), and a Michael Jackson tattoo. I had both of my great grandmother from both sides of the family. While one turned 90yrs old in October of 2010, i lost the other one November 2010. I would want to get a self portiat of the one that turned 90, and the name of my other gradmother who passed away. With these tattoo’s i will always remember these great ladies in my life!

  53. I would LOVE to be considered for the show. I have my heart set on a memorial tattoo of my daughter who passed away in a car accident 3 years ago while we were on our way to the animal hospital to save our family dog, Tyco. This tragedy put things in perspective for me. First, I was not suppose to make it and if I did I was NOT suppose to be normal which put me in a deep understanding about my religious values and belief’s. Second, it made me realize how much I truly love and adore my now husband who fathered my 2 kids but we were never on the same page until then. Last, it made me realize more and more how this world is missing one of the greatest, most amazing little girl they will ever know. I feel very sorry for those who will never know get the chance to know her. She has the ability to see the good in people even if they can’t see it in themselves. She always made me feel like everything is going to be ok no matter what the day brings. She is an amazing 7 year old little girl. I want to get her picture I am so fond of on my arm surrounded in a “necklace” with charms about her life. Icons that made her, well her. I am so looking forward to hearing back. Thanks for the time and consideration.

  54. Hey, my name is shae and I’m from Edgemont, South Dakota and I’m 19. I was diagnosed with PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom) the day before my 19th birthday. PCOS is one of the most common female disorder but very few people know about it. I wold like to get a tattoo that incorporates a teal ribbion and the word hope on my wrist. I want more people to be aware of PCOS, I believe with a tattoo on my wrist I will be able to share my story and spread the word about PCOS!

  55. I Have Passion In What I Do , i Have been modeling & actor since i was 2 . i have been in plenty modeling & performing Shows

  56. Hello. My name is Michelle im a 35yr old single mother who loves tattoo’s. I would love for Kat to do a portriat of my deciced son Elijah. He was 5 yrs old when he passed away from a rare form of brain cancer. He only had 3 1/2yrs of life before he got sick then a year and a half later he passed two weekes after my 27th b-day. I would love Kat to do her magic with my sons pic. Please consider me for the show or just to get tattooed by Kat. Thanks for your time. Sincerely Michelle in Upland,Ca.

  57. Hi First let me say that Kat is the most amazing tattooist I have ever seen. Second, I would love for Kat to be the one to give me my first tattoo. I have recently lost my two male labs, and would love to have them tattooed. I also recently had gastric bypass surgery and want to celebrate losing weight with a tattoo. I love Kat’s black and white’s.

    So please, please consider me for Kat doing a tattoo for me.

    Thank you

  58. My grandfather, and grandmother raised me, and both have since past as a result of cancer, I would LOVE to get a portrait of them added to my collection, I already have the cancer sword of hope with their names on it, but I would like to have the picture of them.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  59. I already have several tattoos, but I would love to come get inked by one of your artisit. Realisticly I am no where near able to afford such a trip, with having 5 kids and my husband recently losing his job. I just want to say keep up the good work. A tattoo can change your life. People always ask me if I regret mine or if I think I will. I always say I never regret anything. Every step we take leads us to where we need to be and my tattoos are a mark of where I’ve been and where I’m going.

  60. Hey! My name is Alicia Lemau’u (le-ma-oo-ooh). I’m from Murfreesboro, TN (outside Nashville) and i just received my Masters. When I played volleyball in college, I had gotten a complete mural tatted from the right side of my ribs and completely covering my back of my SAMOAN tradition with the tribal wear. I am from Long Beach, CA and I had a tradition old fashion upbringing and now I am 24 and live near Nashville and I would love somekind of different tattoo what represents who i am now. I have not been home in a couple of years and I am on a roll of spontaneous things in my life which is something that my family and friends backs home would get a KICK out of. BUT the real reason would almost be to get it in an area that is visible since all of my current ones are hiding it… it would be my coming home and surprise (oh… they do not know about ANY of my tattoos!!!). What memorable way to do it than at the shop of Kat Von D’s and her full staff of the top & talented around… and to come out in many ways!!! I can’t decide between a photo or quote ( i usually go pretty big on tats) but should decide soon.

    Here is a link if you need further info =)!/Lee08

  61. I always wanted a portrait of my mother from Kat b/c that’s her specialty portraits and black and white tattoo’s. She past away 19yr ago she died six days after I turn six and the day after her b-day and since miami ink when I seen Kat Von-D working there I wanted a tattoo from her b/c I admire her work she’s a great artist and then I seen all her shows of La Ink and I seen she was doing her own thing I always wanted a tattoo from her but I know I can’t never aford it but I wish I could get 1 from her she is Picaso as a tattoo artist she is so amazing in her job and I would b greatfull and thankfull to have a tattoo done by Kat Von-D. I’m just a normal person that loves tattoo as much as she does and would like her art on my skin.

  62. please enough of da sad story , im pretty much ready for anything and everything first and fromose i have 18 tatoos and yes mine tell stories like most tat’s i had my first one when i was 14 . im now 33. anad yes im the 1 for the show i had what it take to survive pain plus art iz my thing cum see my body it will tell the rest . pick me pleaseeeeee…reema

  63. I have been thinking about getting a tatoo of a lioness getting stung by a Scorpion. I am engaged to a guy that no one thought would be right for me! people told me that I would just get stung! Well I did right in the heart and I would like to show that symbol of love to the world by putting it on my back. I would also like to color in an existing tatoo and and my son’s name to it!

  64. Hello my name is Andrew I was a Firefighter and Paramedic for 20 years with more years of service before that working my way into a position to again experience and knowledge. I have spent most of my life helping people and animals anyway I could. The sadness and pain that was my career began to take it’s toll on myself I had reach a point where I needed help myself. I began to suffer from Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was unable to get any help from my Employer, what I did get from them was abuse and discrimination. Ever since that moment I have lost so much of my life. I lost my career. My medical benefits for my physical and mental injuries had been denied by my Employer and my life began to spiral down I needed/need help and after 20 plus years of helping any person in need, anywhere, anytime, risking my own safety to do so. There was no help for me. I tried to fight for my benefits but have had no success. In an effort to get my benefits, my ex Employer had me arrested while I was working as a caregiver for a gentleman who is a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair. While I was in jail in became clear to me that I had lost my Spiritual Senses my soul was no longer open to anything but pain and suffering. I was reading a publication called “In Touch” when I turned the page and viewed an image of a cross in the distance with older weathered hands clasped in prayer in the foreground. The image became tattooed in my mind and I saved the picture to give me strength to carry on. I carry that picture with me and would like to carry it on my body for life, if you could tattoo my heart that is where I would put it, however, I do not think that is possible (lol or cry) Well that is part of my story, if you would consider me as someone who you might be interested in tattooing that would be very kind.
    Thank you and God Bless, Andrew

  65. HI,
    The reason why I would like to be tattooed by Kat is not for me but to create awareness for a disease which is affecting an animal in my home state of Tasmania, Australia.
    The Tasmanian Devil has been affected by a disease which is causing it to be on the brink of extinction!
    Over the years Warner Bros have milked the popularity of this animal in its cartoons but where are they now when funds are needed for research of this disease?
    I would like to get a portrait of this wonderful creature to create awareness and hopefully spark the emotions of millions to help;)

  66. I’ve always wanted an octopus and diver struggling together in a tattoo to symbolize my lifelong struggle with autism. I lived for 36 years before finally realizing that I was actually autistic once my daughter was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. Later, my son was also diagnosed with autism. Through this whole process we also determined that my father was also autistic. Genetics in our case has been the determining factor. Growing up and not knowing how to deal with social situations/sensory issues was very difficult, especially when you’re not aware that you have autism. I could discuss more if you would like-abhor me an email. Thank you. Mike

  67. I am 23 years old and I manage my family’s bar and resturant. My family is very important to me. We are very close. We work together, vacation together, and ride our motorcycles together. My mother was just diagnosed with emphazema; my grandfather has heart problems; my sister has luekemia; and my dad has liver failure. I have crohn’s disease and epilepsy. I want to get a tattoo to commemorate each member in my family. I already have a tribal tattoo with a blue rose on the small of my back. I would like to add more tribal and also paisley patterns. I also want to add a different flower for each member of my family and a hummingbird for my grandmother. Also, I want to have the music notes from a line in Amazing Grace added to the tattoo. Needless to say, this tattoo will be fairly large and take up almost the entire lower part of my back. I have always loved the work that Kat Von D has done, and I would absolutely LOVE to have this already meaningful tattoo done my the best tattoo artist in the US.
    Thanks for the consideration!

  68. I have had some major upheavals in the past 5 years. Through it all my three girl dogs (one gone, two still here) have kept me sane more than any of my family and friends. I’d like to get a tat by Corey Miller to commemorate the three. CHOOSE ME!!!!!

  69. I’m a 21 year old badass female drummer. I want to show the world a better and more true example of a professional female musician. I am confident in the fact that I have the whole package and more. I just wana rock it, get some sweet ink & show the world who Sammi really is.

  70. Hey my name is caleb im 21 i got a tatoo on the back of my left arm of my zip code were im from. I was wanting to get the rest of the upper arm and shoulder tatted to were it can kinda blend in to my chest tatoo i got which is a memorial of my Maw Maw. I would really love for one of yall at LA INK to design and tat it on me so i will know for a fact that it will turn out being a awesome tatto.

  71. Hi, my name is Mike! Im 29 years old and the father of an amazing soon to be four year old little boy! I want to get a tattoo by Kat for my brother Jeremy. We had a bad relationship growing up( he is six years younger than me and as we grew all he wanted was for me to be there and all i wanted to do was hang with my friends and smoke weed) and family is so incredibly important to Kat and now we have a great relationship except that I live in Cali and he lives in Arizona so we dont get to do as much togethor now! Kat isnt just an amzing artist, she is a family girl and a goal oriented lady and I appreciate that as much as I do her amazing skills with the Ink!! Thank you for considering me!!

  72. Both of my children were born C-section, God decided that was the way I was to deliver children because the natural way didn’t work for my body. I would like a tattoo to show God’s way of having my children born from me and the celebration of their lives together with a cross. Although they are grown now, it would mean more to me now to remember them as part of me. The beautiful work you all do would be worn proudly!!

  73. I am a very personable, kind, humorous person. That over all has managed to still be alive after 38 long years struggling with alcoholism and additions. I am now recently become sober. i would love to share some of experiences, hopes, and dreams with people. I am Native American and would love a beatiful tattoo done by Kat Von D as I have so much respect for her sobriety and it would be an honor for me to have her talented, kind, free spirit, do a tattoo for me on the theme of serenity, peace, and Native American prayer that has gotten me through tough times of struggling with this horrible disease for 38 years.

  74. I am a native american from the mohawk nation in northern new york. it is very heartbreaking that alcoholism has devastated my people. I have recently became clean and sober after a 38 year battle with this disease. I have so much respect for Kat Von D for being in recovery and being the person she was meant to be. She is so talented, kind and a breath of fresh air. I would be so honored to have her do a tattoo for me. I would love a tattoo of the happy places and things I often go to in my mind when things get tough. For example, the ocean, with palm trees, sunsets over the ocean, the end of the trail with his head down on a horse,implying a long journey to sobriety. incorporated with the native american prayer. Please consider me for this wonderful opportunity. Thank You!!!

  75. I am Jessica and I am 21……… uhmmmm well basically i want to see amazing art on my body! I am a makeup artist so I want a makeup collage on my shoulder with lipsticks, kisses, compacts, mascaras, all with cheetah print in the background. I do have a story as to why I want this, it does get emotional. I really dont care who does my tattoo cuz I’m a fan for everyone ;)

  76. Hi, my name is Monica and would love for my other half to get a beautiful portrait piece by either Kat or Corey. His brother passed in 2006 & he has the In Loving Memory part on his side but wants a portrait underneath. It was just him and his brother, no other siblins and it is hard for him still and this would be just great/awesome most important thing to him. We (us & my kids) watch the show and are fans, my daughter loves Kat’s voice. We go to shows in Austin and have seen Jesse and hope to see Kat with him one day. This weekend (April 1, 2011) is the Austin Round Up and hope to Jesse and Kat there. Again, we are long time followers of Kat & I would love to give my other half the best tattoo ever of his only baby brother that is now in Gods hands.

  77. my name is tyler and im from maui. I have always been fascinated by tattoos ever since i was little and me and my brother wanted to get one like dads…lol.Im a proud parent of 2 and devoted to my oldest who is a 10year old boy with autism. about 2 years ago i got laid off from my construction job and started drawing,i found myself getting an autism awareness tattoo and starting a tattooing apprenticeship shortly after,my life has its ups and down and is harder more times than its not and with a 2 month old accompanying my older son i dont know what i would do without my beloved wife crystal and thats why im writing this is because ive always wanted to do a portrait of her since i was young and believe me we are highschool sweethearts and now that we are 30 thats like half my life…i know everyone says dont get wife tattoos but we ar

  78. hey my name is tyler and im from maui,ive been fascinated by tattoos as far back as i can remember seeing my dads tattoo when i was a a proud father of 2 and a parent of a child with autism. about 2 years ago i got laid off from my construction job and started drawing, i found myself getting an autism awarness tattoo and shortly after started a tattooing apprenticeship i could go on and on about how much i love art and owe it to my dad whos been a sculptor his whole life but what i really want to say is i want a portra

  79. My life has always been quite the rollarcoaster ride.
    I’m a 20 year old alternative model from Alberta, Canada and I’ve always been a fan of body modifications. I have many tattoos in the works done by a variety of artists. From a Legend of Zelda sleeve to a simple Hello Kitty shoulder tattoo, people could say my work is very childish.
    But every tattoo has a memory and reason behind.. The main reason being memories of my sister. =)
    My sister, Reanna died of a inoperable brain tumor four years ago, just after Christmas. She was 23 years old. The tumor had been kicking around since she was only eight. Cancer is something a child should never have to suffer through.. But Reanna was a strong girl. Even with all the ups and downs of everything she dealt with, she always had a huge smile on her face.
    One thing her and I had most common with would of been our passion for video games. From Sonic to LoZ to Mario Party and even Kirby, we played them all. One game that really spoke to me was Final Fantasy 7. As soon as I laid eyes on Aerith, I felt like I was looking into the eyes of my sister.. Like Reanna, Aerith always smiled and tried to keep up the spirits of others even when there seemed to be no hope..
    That’s why I ever so badly want Kat or any of the other amazing artists at LAink to tattoo an amazing and heartfelt piece between Aerith and Cloud. I have a reference drawing already picked out but I’m in need of someone with mind-boggling talent to really make the piece “speak” and even had their own flare.

    I promised my sister when she died that I would live my life for the both of us and that’s exactly what I’m doing. =) I’ll make her proud.

    Thank you for your time.
    Rii Levesque


  81. My name is Tony and I will be 30 years old in August. I have been married for 9 years to my best friend and have two beautiful daughters that are 6 and 2 years old. I don’t have a sad story or anything like that. I am just a guy that loves his family and wants to get a tatoo for my oldest daughter. I am a huge fan of the show and would be honored to get a tatoo from any of the high quality and talanted artists at High Voltage.

  82. I don’t have a lot of tragic moments in my life…
    Most of the truly sad stories told by the guests of
    your program are beyond anything I’ve had to experience.
    With that said…I am turning 60 this summer. I’m having
    A bit of a struggle with it all…60…that seems so old to me!
    I would love to add to my collection of small tattoos. I would
    love a wise old owl created by Kat or Corey!
    By the way…I love the show…have been a fan since
    the first season! Keep up the good work! :)

  83. Hi I want to get a portrait of my husband on his chopper he built.We have been together since i was 14 yrs old, im 38 now. I got pregnant when i was15 and had my daughter 1 month after i turned 16.My husband enlisted in the army so he could take care of us. We got married when i was 16, two weeks after he graduated from high school. A month later he left for basic training. One week after i turned 17 I had another daughter. My husband was in the army for 8 yrs . He has always worked really hard to take care of us and we have been through alot together, I want to get a tatoo of him to show him how much I love him. Iam very lucky that he stayed with me alot of teenage boys take off when they find out there girlfriend is pregnant,But he stayed with me and took care of us and were still together. I would love if Kat or Corey could do this for me. it would be a great way to show him how much I love him. Thanks so much!

  84. Hi! I’m kayla I’m 21 married and have a 10 month old daughter! I live in alabama…. I have 4 tattoos already 1 of a cross on my wrist, the word stronger written down my rib cage, love life and live love with a treble clef heart on my hip, and my husbands name in yiddish on the back of my neck. Each of my tattoos have meaning behind them the one on my wrist was my first and I love it the one on my ribs represents my past of drugs and wrong choices and its meaning is that I’m stronger than that now the one on my hip is my life modo and for my love of being in love and my love of music. All of my tattoos are black and I really want one in color. I want to get my daughters name (lorelai-reese) tattooed on me and its going to be my first color tat but my last tat I get… She is my world and I want something beautiful just like her! I would love to have kat or someone in the shop do this for me… Thanks so much!

  85. I am Ashley, and from Orlando, FL. i am 23 years old. I am looking for a tattoo of my grandpa, who i am very close too.. He is 70 and He has beat Colon cancer, and inspires me everyday, just for the strength he had during the time. We had some scary moments after that as well and thought we were going to loose him. When he was in the hospital for cancer, it brought our family closer together then what we were before. Now i make sure i spend as much time with him as possible. I never know when the last day i am going to get to see him. But he means the world to me, and dont know what i am ever going to do when he is gone.. that is a day i dont want to think about when he is gone for good. But soo glad he beat the cancer, and it didnt get hte best of him.
    Thank you,

  86. I am a faithful follower of the show and think all of the artists are amazing, but I am not writing for myself. I am writing for my husband. We have been through a lot together and are still going strong, even though everyone said we would never make it. He has been wanting a few more tattoos and always talks about getting one from Kat or Corey. It is our Eleventh Wedding anniversary coming up this year and this would be one of the greatest gifts I could give him.

  87. I’m glad to take this time to tell you about my grandmother, a.k.a Mami Cuca. My grandma, a very strong Mexican woman was very important in my life. When I was a kid she opened her doors and heart to me whenever I needed her. She was a good lady and was the glue that kept our family together. She passed away the day after my 24th Birthday on Dec. 31, 2002, a day I would never forget. She took her last breaths in front of her family. Her last words were “I see Jesus”, and we were not sure if she meant my grandpa or Jesus our Lord and Savor. Ever since then our family has split apart in a sense that we rarely get together and some even moving out of state. I want to commemorate the loss of my Mami Cuca with a tattoo that only resembles the relationship just between her and I. I believe this tattoo will be a challenging one for Kat or Corey.
    Thank you for your consideration to be part of this fantastic show.
    Ricardo Braddick

  88. I wanted to get a portrait of My Dad. He is not My Biological Father. My Mom got pregnant with me when she was 14 from My Biological father, and he ended up getting another girl pregnant at the same time. He ended up marring her and leaving My Mom & me. My Mother met the wonderful man who raised me when I was a few months old. He was the worlds greatest dad. Unfortanlty, My Dad passed away when I was 7 in an accident. It was the most tragic thing that has ever happened to me and I will never stop my heart from the aching it feels from not having my dad around. I always wanted to get him tattooed on me as a reminder that even though he is not here on earth he will always live in my heart. I saw Kat’s work and loved it!!! I have always wanted her to do my dad’s portrait because she is amazing at capturing memories of a photograph on your skin!!!

  89. My husband (John) and I married 3 years ago. We are both 51 years old. We had both been through some very difficult times (my husband passed away w/cirrhosis at 46). I vowed to never remarry. When John and I met, one of the things that caught my attention was the fact that he had full custody of 3 girls. Although 2 of his daughters are now grown and on their own, as a couple we are still raising his/our 16 year old. He won custody of the girls (Rikki, Erin and Sara) when Sara was only 4 years old. His girls (I am told) always looked their best. John would curl and braid their hair, or do whatever he had to do to keep them from feeling like outcasts. John is a 6’4″ badass handsome biker. He loves his Harley, has quite a few tatoos and has always loved to live a bit on the edge. He’s just always had to live a bit restrained and keep his priorities in order for his children’s sake. He has raised 3 beautiful, outstanding and sucessful children. I am so very proud to be his wife. He loves tatoos and is so in awe by the work that Corey Miller and Kat Von D does. John has never asked for anything but has given all to his family. He would never do anything such as travel to Californial just to get a tattoo because he would see it as being selfish. As a proud wife and stepmother to his children, I can think of no one who deserves an audition with LA Ink more. I am asking that you take the time to allow a true southern gentleman appear on your show and allow Corey Miller or Kat Von D to use my husband as their canvas.
    Kathy Sherman

  90. Hello, my name is Stephanie Henry, I don’t have any tattoos, but would love to get one to cover a scar left on the back of my leg from a pit bull attack. In September of last year I was jogging in my neighborhood and a pit bull attacked me from behind, although I survived the attack with only a scar, it has left me very self conscious. I would love a beautiful artwork in its place so that I can forget that terrible day and move forward .

  91. Hi my name is Ryan Ramirez aka Ryno a breakdancer from San Diego California. I already have a couple tatoos on my right leg which are symbolic to me. They all symbolize hip hop. I have a boombox on my right ankle with the letter SD right abouve it. Im trying to get music notes all up my leg and my side symblozing how far ive come from the past from being locked up to now being dance instructor for kids! Dance is my art and want to be shown with your art

  92. Howdy, I’m Joshua Durkin from Canal Winchester, Ohio. I am currently back from the Army due to a medical discharge. I have seen the show several times and it has inspired me to get a tattoo. Ive been meaning to get my first tattoo but i’m a very picky person and I want something i’m happy with for the rest of my life.

  93. I’m 18 and One of the top things on my bucket list is to get a tattoo by kat Von d or one of her amazing artists to comemorate my grandfather who passed away in July from alzheimers at a very early age. I want something that when I look at it, it will remind me of the amzing person he was. And he deserves the best.

  94. My names Shayan. I’m 19 years old, from the Inland Empire, with a desire and true appreciation of art and fashion. Tattoos are one of the most eye appealing and beautiful things to me. And who better to chose than someone who can see the greatness in ink on skin. ;) xo

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