TLC – Four Weddings


TLC  hit series Four Weddings is a fun show that gives four brides the opportunity to compare notes with other brides.What happens when four brides with four totally different styles agree to attend and judge one another’s weddings? It’s a competition with only one winner — and the prize at stake is a fabulous honeymoon! This is a great opportunity to win a awesome prize along with being on a TV show.

We are looking to feature ALL types of weddings:

Traditional, over the top, unusual venues or event spaces,
married on a cliff, at the zoo, while sky diving, fairytale, on a boat,
very small & intimate, themed…
ANY and ALL types of weddings!
It can be your first, second, third or thirteenth wedding.
No wedding is TOO SMALL or TOO BIG!
Any and all ages welcome!

If you’d like to be considered for the show, please immediately email
your name, wedding date, location, contact info and
a picture of you & your fiance

We need to consider our brides RIGHT AWAY, so drop us a line ASAP!!

Please keep checking back often for casting dates and locations. Also don’t forget to leave us a comment.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. My Name is Bethany Sands and I am marrying my best friend Jerry Balvanz on September 3, 2017. We have been engaged for 2 years already but have been waiting for the perfect time to get married. Our wedding is outside at the Arizona Nordic Village with you rustic, nature theme. We are having a never ending wedding as we have the venue reserved until 10am the next morning and have cabins, yurts, & campgrounds on site with a smores bar and weenies to roast by the bonfire. Our food is an all American cookout with a caterer coming to grill on site and we are going to have a delicious dessert bar.

    My mom and I have been planning this for two years already and it is definitely going to be a memorable night! It is also going to be a kid free evening except for the worlds cutest flower girl, our daughter Zeppelyn, who will be almost 2 at the time of the wedding.

    We can’t wait for our amazing day and would love to share it with TLC!

    Beth & Jerry

  2. Hello TLC my name is Shaquanna Griffith. My fiancé name is Ulysses Edwards. We currently reside in Elizabeth City NC. We watch four weddings day and night and would love the opportunity to be on the show. We are getting Married on April 30 2016 and I feel like our wedding is definitely worth Sharing to the world. Our theme is cinderella and I surely can’t wait to marry my prince charming

  3. Hi my names is jessenia ortiz and marrying my high school crush in June 25 2016. We are getting married in New Jersey. I would be good for the show bcuz it would be a nice small wedding with a lots of fun and family love.

  4. Hello TLC! My fiancé Anthony and I are getting married August 5, 2016 on Long Island. Our budget for the wedding is $50,000. Our wedding is very traditional Italian, with tons of food, drinks and music. We will also have over 20 stations at our cocktail hour, 9 entree choices and a dessert, candy & espresso bar! Anthony and I watch four weddings all the time and would absolutly love to be a part of the show!
    Thank you!
    We can be reached at

  5. Hi! My name is Melissa. I will be marrying my beautiful fiancé, Lindsey, on April 22, 2016 at the Watermill, in Smithtown, NY. We’ve known each other since kindergarten and reconnected at our 10 year High School reunion. She has played hockey all her life and is a huge NY Rangers fan. I am a NYC Police officer. So, our wedding will be incorporating both hockey and cop themes.
    We each have a daughter and will be including them in the wedding party as junior bridesmaids. We are doing a “trash the dress” photo shoot months before the wedding (that no one knows about), so it will be a surprise to our guests. We are taking our time to make sure every single detail is perfect, but having so much fun doing so. We can’t wait to party with the fun group of guests…and be on your show! ; )

  6. Hello!! My name is Shelby and my fiancé’s name is Tyler. We will be getting married on August 18th of 2018. I know it seems kind of far away but I am wanting to be halfway through college before we bombard ourselves with planning. We met when we were 9 years old over walkie-talkies at RiverBend off of the Frio River and we started dating 6 years ago. After dating for 9 years we will be marrying at Riverbend (In Concan, Tx) where we met all those years ago.♡ It will be a rustic theme, outside on the campgrounds and our reception will be at a nice restaurant down the street where we shared our first dance. I’ve watched Four Weddings since it first came on and winning would be a blessing because we would never be able to afford a honeymoon like that, or even half of that. And even if we dont, I think it would be so awesome to be part of that experience! Hopefully y’all consider us! Thank you!!
    Oh and my email is

  7. Hi my name is Robin,
    My fiancé Michael and I LOVE four weddings and would love to share our big day with new friends and TLC. We have set our beautiful day for June 11 2016 at Timacuan Golf and Country club in Lake Mary FL. We live in Ft. Lauderdale FL and would love to see TLC come to the beautiful sunshine state!

  8. I am ADDICTED to watching Four Weddings and I got my Fiancé watching it too! We are young and very much in love. He proposed to me at Walt Disney Worlds, Magic Kingdom last December and we’ve been planning our wedding ever since. Our wedding will take place in SouthWest Florida. Our ceremony will be held in a garden with the back drop of a white gazebo, I said yes to a beautiful Oleg Casini dress, and our theme is a vintage fairytale! Our fairytale will take place on March 12, 2016! We would love to be a part of the show. Visit us at or contact meat

  9. Hello! My name is Taylor Dentler, and my Fiance’s name is Joseph Traweek, we are so in love, and have very strong family bonds, and we want that to shine through at our wedding. Out wedding will be April 9, 2016!!! We want everyone to have a wonderful, memorable time at our wedding. Our wedding is set at a museum in Abilene,
    Tx, it is breathtakingly beautiful with a massive ballroom that is wall to wall teal, with black accents, and an outside reception with a gorgeous view, and old town brick. We also have a rooftop setting where you can see all of the downtown area. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Our theme is romance, with a vintage feel, and a lot of pink! Our colors are pink, gold, and a hint of the same real included in the ballroom of the museum! My dress is HUGE and definitely going to be a jaw dropper! We would love to show our love for each other, and our love for our family. We’re going to include time to remember the loved ones we’ve lost, my fiancé lost his mom 2 years ago, and we are going to do the best we can to make sure she is still with us there in spirt. I also lost my little brother when he was only 6, and he will definitely be included by us, they will be remembered, honored, and our wedding dedicated to them. We have so much love to share, and would be a wonderful couple to have on the show. I cannot wait to marry this handsome man of mine! We’re so in love and our romance and passion will shine through everything. Thank you, and I hope we can be considered to be a part of this amazing opportunity!!!

  10. My amazing fiancé and I are getting maried sept 26th 2015 in Maryland at the ag center where I show my dairy cows. We are having a very country simple wedding and would love to show everyone that a country fair wedding can be fun and beautiful.

  11. TLC! Beautiful bride, handsome groom, and bad dance moves! That’s the motto for our country chic wedding. My fiancé and I have put so much work into our DIY wedding, and would love to show off our hard work! Our friends and family are such a ball we promise it’s worth the trip to the ole’ mitten Michigan! So please, consider us for this September! Thank you!

  12. It would be an honor to be considered for a bride on Four Weddings! I am a high school teacher and my fiancé serves in the U.S. Army as well as a patrol officer in Columbus, Ga. We have been dating for 2 years and our wedding date is October 3, 2015. Our venue is the National Infantry Museum in Columbus, Ga and our budget is 20,000. We have a peacock themed wedding with alot of unique details. Of course I will be a stunning bride! I would love to share my day and our love for one another with the world. I look forward to hearing from TLC about this wonderful opportunity.

  13. Brandon and I are getting married on November 28th 2015. We have been together since April of last year. We are getting married in Marion,SC and it will be a rustic country feel wedding where we will be riding our horses away from the ceremony.

  14. Hi! I am such a fan of four weddings! After 8.5 years & two kids later, my finance & I are finally getting married! We just booked our venue in Temecula, CA on 5.14.16!! It’s going to be outdoors & very rustic! This venue is so beautiful! Our two sons will be in the wedding & I will be planning this wedding on a budget! $8-$10k tops! I feel like our story would be very relatable to most of your viewers which should be exactly why you pick us! I am extremely detail oriented & plan to have the most beautiful day!

  15. Would love to compete on the show with our fairy tale outdoor coastal wedding that others will dream of having.

    My name is Karen and I’m a schoolteacher who appeared on Season 201 “Potato Chips & Onion Dip”. So much has happened in 5 years including two babies… Contact me. I also teach in the same school district as another past contestant on Season 3: Karin Navas.

  17. Hi

    I would love to be on Four Weddings!! I have loved love since I was a little girl. Always the romantic, I wasn’t sure if I would find that for myself but loved watching others plan their weddings. I met my fiancé online. He was a very blonde firefighter whose friends called him “golden bear.” I figured I would contact him. You can’t go wrong with that type of description, right? It was the best decision I have ever made!

    We are getting married May 20, 2016 in Annapolis, MD. The venue is on the water with acres of gardens. We live in Baltimore and love the city, but we couldn’t find a venue with those features in the city. Our them will be Baltimore based. Please consider coming to Maryland in 2016!

  18. Hey TLC! Me and my fiancé are lovers of the show and would absolutely have a heart attack if we got to be on it. Our wedding is December 5th, 2015 in Cataula, Georgia at a GORGEOUS lake side venue. We are high school sweethearts and we actually have a beautiful daughter together and she will be featured in the wedding. I’m a glam girl and so it will be a wedding you don’t ever want to miss. Please please consider us strongly, we will make it worth your while!

  19. My fiancé and I would love to be able to be a part of this show! We are getting married September 2015 in Virginia Beach and would love to be able to show the TLC viewers our wedding! We are high school sweethearts so we have been waiting for this wedding for ages (it feels like). I would be honored to be a part of this production! There will be approximately 180 guests attending and the ceremony will be at a GORGEOUS country club. Since we are high school sweethearts, we will have a wide variety of decorations, including pictures of us together from when we were kids! Part of our engagement pictures were even taken at our high school. :) I would love for this opportunity to work out for us! Please email me at Thank you! #happiLEEeverafter #pyeatt2lee2015

  20. I would be honored to cast
    Wedding date: March 05, 2016
    Location: Waldo’s Secret Garden in Vero Beach, FL
    Guest: 200
    in/outside wedding rustic feel

  21. I would like to be considered for the show Four Weddings. My Fiancé and I are planning an outdoor wedding March of 2016 in California. So, rain or shine, I will be walking down that aisle! Crossing my fingers already. Im stressing out already but you can’t predict the weather and we couldn’t ask for a better venue. My Fiancé and I are outdoor folk and LOVE nature. So hopefully our families and guests will forget about their fancy shoes and enjoy a little rain if it comes! AHH!! Might be good for T.V.!

  22. Thomas and I are getting married in 2016, actually. We are planning early because we currently live in South Korea, and will be returning home to the States for our wedding. The planned date is September 10th, 2016 near Minneapolis, MN. The location for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception will be at a historic mansion called “Plummer House.”

    Our wedding will be very unique. I affectionately refer to the theme as “Covert Geek,” in that there will be many geeky elements that will (hopefully) blend into the colorful decor seamlessly. The idea is to make this wedding enjoyable for people who are not huge fans of “Doctor Who,” video games, or anime, but to also provide a lot of easter eggs for people who are. (We actually have a huge surprise for our wedding programs, too. Contact me for more information, but I don’t want to post it on the internet until afterwards as it is, well… a surprise!)

    The wedding will take place both outside on the grounds and inside the mansion. There are some strict rules about entertainment at this venue, so we will be finding alternatives to the usual DJ or band. I plan on hiring a fortune teller, make a “paint in balloon dart-board game,” and having some fun lawn games. There will also be a fun photo booth because OF COURSE THERE SHOULD BE!

    Also, most of the decor and cocktail hour food will be created by me and my friends. There will be a lot of nerdy cookies and milk, giant paper “Alice in Wonderland” flowers, and a custom wedding dress made by my mother (who is a FANTASTIC seamstress!).

    Please conciser me for the program. I am a huge fan of Four Weddings (and very opinionated as I tend to yell my thoughts while I watch), and it would be a huge honor to be on TLC! Oh, and did I mention my hair will be pink? There’s that. I haven’t seen that yet on your show, so…. yeah.


  23. I am getting married July 2015. I have been with same man 15 years. Gave him kids, have house but no ring! Did it backwards but long over due!! Money going to wedding so no honey moon :-(. Please help! 34 year old vanessa!!! :-)

  24. Ronnie and I have been friends for at least ten years and we have fallen in love. He is eleven years older than me, he is a white boy and I am Hispanic, our style is western for the wedding with a twist of elegance! I am having my dress made just for me. I’m having my wedding in September 2017 and our Engagement Party is August 15, 2015, this year!!!!!! Yay!!!!! My wedding will be downtown of Midland, TX where we were both born and raised. The venue is the Midland Center downtown and the ceremony will be outdoor next to the center being that there’s a beautiful setup with water falls/fountains. We would love to be a part of the show! I have always loved to watch the show and still do!!!! I hope you consider us for the show :)

  25. Dating since we were 15 (principal’s son), together 10, years. Wedding in June 2015, Washington DC area. Our wedding will be filled with lot’s of educator’s as guests, who show just how important and how influential, our schooling years can be. We are often referred to as a couple who could be the “sample” portrait in new photo frames. We would be so delighted to be included in your series.

  26. Hello, my name is Natalie Pena. I’m 23 years old and 3 months pregnant and getting married to the man of my dreams June 13th, 2015. We are a very loving couple and I have been waiting for this moment for so long. I would love to be on the show and make this a long lasting memory forever.

  27. Brandel and I will be getting married October 24, 2015! Our theme is a country shabby chic wedding so of course we booked a beautiful barn for our venue! The venue is mallards croft in byhalia, ms, where we will have the ceremony outside of the barn looking out to a beautiful pasture of horses. The reception will be held inside the barn where there will be a huge dance floor and dj! A photo booth and even a “wheel of fortune” wheel that every time someone spins it the bride and groom have to do whatever the wheel says! It is truly going to be a magical day and the wedding I have dreamed of my whole life! I would be honored to even be considered as a contestant for four weddings!!

  28. I am getting married April 30,2016 my theme is real and lots of bling. It is a family oriented wedding with traditional Puerto Rican/Mexican food and traditions. My dream is to be on the show.

  29. I would love to be a part of the show. My wedding is in homestead florida. I watch the show all the time. I am 21 my fiance is 20. We are paying for the wedding ourselves and we are very excited to tie the knot. Thank you! I hope you consider us for the show.

  30. My fiancé and I will be wed in Louisiana on the evening of 8-1-15. We live in Las Vegas but decided to have our wedding back home in the south. I have named our wedding the diamonds and pearls wedding, as there is a whole lot of bling involved. We will have an outdoor wedding and an indoor reception. I have made all bouquets and much more myself adding a special personal touch. We will have 100 guests and would love to have yall there for our special day.

  31. Steven and I are getting married on July 3rd in Bath. We will be having a ceremony at the guild hall, followed by champagne and canapés at the elder rooms and an indoor/outdoor BBQ reception at Bath Cricket Club. We would love to take part in four weddings 2015. X

  32. We are getting married on Jan. 2,2016. The venue is Troon Country club resort in Scottsdale, AZ. The ceremony is outside and the reception is inside. We plan to have about 100 guest attending and it’s going to be a nice winter wedding. For Arizona wedding industry this is going to be a hit because we really do not have a lot of couples getting married in the winter. I have everything planned out for look and reception tables are different than the traditional setting. I have found these table settings online and only ONE person has done this look before. I am so happy and excited about my wedding!!!

  33. I would dearly love to apply for four weddings uk. It is both mine and my hubby to be’s second weddings, and he is 14 years older than me. He is an entertainer (singer) and my ex boss and we are having a church wedding followed by a nightclub style wedding. We are getting married on the 19th September 2015 and would love to hear from you. Thanks so much Cheryl and Phil

  34. Hi there! I wanted to share my excitement of my wedding I’m planning myself for may 3, 2014! There will be PLENTY of diy projects making up the fine details, from my brooch bouquet to rustic signs all over the venue. Our wedding will be in Dalton, PA and we are expecting about 100 guests. I am planning a rustic/vintage theme wedding, with the ceremony being held outside of the catering hall under a gazebo, followed by a super fun reception inside the catering hall. There will be a man made photo booth, and a flash mob bridal party, buffet, and our nephews will be incorporated into the ceremony as well. Please consider me to be on the show next year, I’d love to show you all everything I’m working towards!! :-)

  35. My fiancé and I are getting married next Spring . June 6th 2015 is our wedding date. We are having a western wedding with horses and in the country. My fiancé and I would like to be on four weddings I’m getting married in Montana and my guest list is about 150 guests.


    My Fiance and I are getting married on May 16, 2015 in Downtown Delray Beach Florida steps from the stretches of beaches and blue water. Our ceremony and reception will both take place at the vintage historical Old School Square. Peter and I both grew up in Delray Beach and wanted to bring in the old feel of Delray with the beautiful watercolor painted houses. We are going to incorporate those crisp pastel colors into the wedding with our flowers, we want the feel of a full lush garden under the stars. My sister and I are both very active in the wedding planning and DIY projects, We are putting together the decorations and flowers that will one of a kind!

  37. Hi!! I absolutely love this show! My fiancé and I are getting married May 30th 2015. We are getting married at the Omaha Zoo in the aquarium underneath the shark tunnel. So during our ceremony the guests will see 3 giant sea turtles and multiple sharks swim above their heads and all around them. I am very excited and really wish you will consider us for your show! :-)

  38. My Fiance and I are both active duty military. I am in the Navy and he is in the Marine Corps. We met at military training in San Diego 3 years ago. Our wedding will be held in Las Vegas on November 29, 2014!! The ceremony will be held outside at Lake Las Vegas, with an indoor reception. Please consider us for this amazing opportunity!

  39. My fiancee Karl and I are getting married July 4th 2015 in Westminster Colorado. After 4 years of datng and buying a house together on July 4th 2013 we decided it was time. It will be held at the Westin hotel and the Westminster fireworks only being feet away will add to the day. Since we bought a house and with my medical expenses we wont have enough money to go on a honeymoon on our own. Hopefully you will be in this area and have 3 more brides, as we would love a chance to win. Thank you.

  40. Me and my fiancé would love to be on the show!!! Our wedding is June 20th 2015 in Bristol Virginia @ the Foundation Event Facility. PLEASE pick us I am super excited and LOVE The Four Weddings show!!!!

  41. We are getting married on April 6, 2014! The Venue is Lindsay Lakes located in Cypress Texas. The Ceremony will be outside, while the reception will be inside. It will be a small intimate wedding with no more than 120 guest. Super excited!!!

  42. OPPS…
    I got a little excited and forgot to mention.. our wedding is in Sarasota, Fl. on June 21st at a beautiful country club.. Ill be treating my family and loved ones to a beautiful party with a buffet style dinner followed by a night of dancing and drinks with an enchancted garden theme!! Yay!!

  43. Let Love Lead the Way!!
    Hello!! My name is Tasha Gruerio..or the soon to be Mrs. Dekoyer!!
    My fiancé and I would be a perfect couple to compete for this amazing honeymoon through sharing our endless love for one another and fun creative style through our special day!! Im not only interested in the awesome grand prize but I would love to share this experience with anyone who is a romantic at heart and loves a good time!! I also would feel so honored to share in others peoples special day!! I truly believe the institution of marriage and meaning behind vows are something to be celebrated and I would so love to show the world how proud I am to take my new name!! Also I would deffinately give others a run for the money!! Thank you for your consideration :)

    Yours Truly, The Blushing Bride,
    Tasha Gruerio

  44. My finance and I will be getting married on sept 12th 2015 we are very excited about having our dream rustic country wedding here in Washington state… I’ve always wanted a wedding like this!! I have been married before but didn’t have the wedding I’ve always wanted this is my fiancé’s 1st wedding and I want it to be perfect for him and our family and friends!! I’ve never had a honeymoon and would love the chance to win one!! We are going not have about 150 quests… I’ve had a rough 2 years with health issues and it’s my DREAM to have a fabulous honeymoon to go with our dream wedding!! I look forward to hearing back from you!!

  45. 1800’s style wedding at Ole’ Fort Jackson in Savannah Georgia!! BBQ and a Honky Tonk band!! March 29 2014. Come on now!! We are game!!

  46. My fiancé & I are NYC teachers that give so much of ourselves. I commute 6hrs. to work, but am blessed to have a job. I thought I was an urban-chic kind of bride, but if I could hire cirque du soleil I would. LOL…Our wedding is planned for April 19, 2014 & I would love to be paired with four unique brides, because there’s a great big world out there with wacky people (including my family). We can’t afford a honeymoon, because he has worked summer school to pay for our wedding. I like to compete, but I wouldn’t be shy to hide my feelings if I lost…I mean…I would say congrats; if I didn’t win, but I’m not great at lying. LOL

  47. My fiance and I have been together for 5 years, this past christmas he purposed to me. we are getting married in Wildwood NJ on June 28th 2014. Im wearing an alfred angelo dress which has been discontinued for a few years, I doubt anyone will have the same dress as me. We are on a budget for the wedding but it will be everything that I want. I would love to be on the show.

  48. I would love to be submitted for my upcoming rockabilly wedding. I’m getting an insanely beautiful 50’s style gown from I wear my hair in victory rolls everyday, so that will be a must on the big day. The wedding will be in a small 19th century church and the reception will be in a barn with a live honky tonk band. Eeeeeeeep! I’m so excited!

  49. I love the show. My fiance’ Randall and I are getting married on 05-31-2014 in Monroe, LA. We have been together for 2 years and have known each other for 3 years. We feel like we’ve known each other all our lives. He’s my best friend and I love him so much. We have 3 kids together, he has 2 and I have 1, and we are going to include the kids in our ceremony representing togetherness and one love. I never thought that this day would come but it is and I love it. We would love to be on your show as I have not seen a wedding from Monroe, LA on the show yet. Thank you!

  50. My sister encouraged I would personally perhaps this way internet site. He was once 100 % appropriate. This kind of distribute really manufactured the morning. You simply can’t think about precisely how lots time frame I had created spent just for this facts! Many thanks!

  51. Hi My name is Janelle and my fiance name is Russell. We are so in Love and have been since the day we met at a party supply store. We are getting married on a cliff in Dana Point Harbor, California Saturday June 29th, 2013. Living in Orange County there are alot of posh weddings, ours however is a budget of $8,000 that has grown to $10,000. We are not over the top, we are into sweets and live music.
    We both love your show and feel that our wedding would win because it is a mix of not excess but great little touches. We are hoping for a Honeymoon anywhere we cant swing the honeymoon on our own.

    Please check out our Wedding Registry. Thank You for your consideration for our wedding!

  52. Hi!!!!! My name is Nicole and my fiance is Mike. We really want to be on the show, we watch it all the time! I am getting married in Aberdeen, NJ on March 1st 2014. We can’t wait!!! Were both over the top and the bigger the better here in Jersey! I love bling on EVERYTHING, the more bling the BETTER :) The wedding is at Addison park and I want a winter wonderland theme with touches of red roses. Were both so excited and so in love and are really looking forward to going on our first vacation together…our honeymoon. I really want to be on the show and it will be something I’ll never forget. Please check out all of our photos together, Mike is my soon to be Husband and my Best Friend <33

  53. We would love to be on four weddings! I watch the show all the time, I’m obsessed! I think our wedding old be perfect for the show because it’s something different. It’s going to be on September 28, 2013 at a ranch in lakeside, California which is in San Diego. The ranch is called hazy meadows ranch. It’s going to be very country. All the girls including me, the bride will wer cowboy boots itch our dresses. The wedding party will be drinking from mason jar chalasis, the tables will have burlap on them, the table names will be rifle names, we will have old fashioned lanterns hanging from the trees, BBQ food cooked onsite, an old western town for photos and ombiance, we will ride into the ceremony in a horse and carriage, and the guests will get to make smores. We will alo have a mashed potato bar in martini glasses. I’m making my own invitations as well as my own cake which will be four tiers with fondant. The tiers will have a rustic feel to them and made to look like wood! Our wedding will be the party of the century and like nothing else so please pick us! The website is something that we made that will be printed in the invitations for our guests. It tells about us, how we met, nd our proposal and a blurb about each peron in the wedding party.
    The link is to a picture of my fiancé and I.

  54. Hi! My name is Erica, and my fiancé name is Leeann. ash3/c0.34.403.403/p403x403/69681_10152426697670037_1077540744_n.jpg
    That link is to a picture of my fiancé and I. I love her with all my heart!! I’m having my wedding on February 15 2014, the same day as my parents at Best Western hotel in Brantford, Ontario, the reception is at the same place! I love this show and wished that it would show different couples! Contact me through my email! The reception is at the same place!

  55. Woah this blog is wonderful i love reading your articles. Stay up the good work! You already know, many persons are looking around for this information, you could help them greatly.

  56. Hi, we are holding our wedding in Santa Rosa, California in September 2012 and would love to be on your show…My fiance and I met on over a year ago and amazingly enough we found each other. I love your show and watch it all the time and think it would great to be on it. I think our wedding is an awesome event. We have selected a romantic theme at a countryclub setting. We both live in Houston TX and are having a destination wedding in CA.

  57. Lari and I are from the Virgin Islands but now live in Jonesboro, Ga. I think that we would be a great fit for the shoe because even though our weeding will be held in GA, the VI flavor will be intertwined throughout the wedding. I am not rich but I feel that our uniqueness and culture will put my wedding over any other and I would love a chance to show you what the Virgin Islands is all about. Now you’ll have to listen good because we talk fast while using our native accent but I promise there will never be a dull moment.

  58. Our wedding date is May 19, 2012 and will be held at the lavish Las Velas in Houston Tx. We should be considerded for your show because we bring CLASS to a different life style. We believe that love has no gender. Our wedding will be a step above the rest and nothing short of Sophisticated, Fun, and Sure enoungh over the top Entertainment. Our wedding theme is A Royal Grand Wedding where our guest will be treated with Roalty. We would love for you to share in our special day with us in Houston Tx.

  59. Joseph and I should be considered because we have know each other for 40yr first grade together. We have one child each and one child together. His birthday is July and I’m April which make a great Red & White wedding on my low budget i will make the mark … from the red and white dress, flowers and yes i’m make some of the centerpieces. With all of this mind we will make this day a special day and show everyone we are soulmates

  60. Greg and I should be considered because this is our 3rd and final time back together. We are each other’s soulmate and to marry each other on that special day will be unbelievable. We want to share to the world that true love really still do exist. We plan on having the wedding of our dream.

  61. My wedding is July 14, 2012! My fiance Dan and I have been together for 4+ years and we were made for each other. Our awesome wedding is taken place at St. Luke’s church in Glenside, PA and our even more awesome reception is at The Waterford Ballroom in the Radisson at Valley Forge in King of Prussia, PA. Our very very subtle Disney and Philadelphia touches will definitely put our wedding over the top if our wedding was chosen for the show and it BLOW the other brides away.

    I am 24 and a sales assistant in Philadelphia and my fiance Dan is 27 and works as a social studies teacher in Philadelphia. We met at college 5 years ago. Everyone who meets us can just tell how in love we are and that it was meant to be. Dan is quiet, calm, and rolls with the punches. I am loud, awkward, and love to exagerrate and be the center of attention. Our wedding is going to be a fairytale!

  62. I may be late. But I would be a perfect asset for this show. Me and fiancé have been a couple off and on for the past 5yrs. He had no interest in me at first because he thought I was young, dumb, and full of C**…!!! but then I went off to the military and realized hey this chick actually has a head on her shoulder. Afterwhile, we tried for kids several years to find out I have endometriosis. Sucks horribly! Had numerous surgeries a few issues were corrected. I now the most adventurous adorable little one year old boy! We are to be married in May 2012. Wedding has been put off several times for numerous reasons. That’s why I think I should be considered for thus show because my life and I’ll story is beyond catchy!!! Give me the opportunity. I promise there is satisfaction guaranteed..!!!

  63. Wedding date: June 30, 2012. Held on the family farm in Tipton, MI. 260 people are invited to this unconventional event. We are very creative, and don’t believe in spending $20,000 on a wedding. We are hosting the wedding and feeding 260 people on a $6,000 budget. I’m wearing my mother’s wedding dress, and the guys are wearing suits instead of tuxes. It’s going to be a great event, and we like to show people that breaking the mold and doing something unique is not only ok, but better.

    • my name is Nicole I am 38 years old I have been with my fiance or 15 years.we are both from Southern California and we absolutely love the TV show Four Weddings.I am a hopeless romantic I am a girl E girl and I love everything that is beautiful that’s why I believe my wedding would be a perfect fit for the show.I will bring romance glamour in bling. my wedding will be held at the Doubletree Maya hotel in Long Beach California on the water which is beautiful and romantic.with my wedding being in the month of July the weather will be gorgeous just right for the water and I will bring the right ambience to wow everone.

  64. I live in houston, my fiance in dallas. Our wedding will be in houston at the petroleum club on january 21, 2012. I’m so excited about it! I have always loved going to weddings and now I get to have one of my own. A great wedding should be a celebration!

  65. It would be an honor to be considered for your show. We are planning a small family wedding in NW Houston on June 5th. We will have 5 children coming together for the marriage and for this event – 4 with Audra (Bride) and 1 with me. Our Mom’s will be there as well. With 5 kids we had to be clever on how to make a wedding work while also keeping all our lives somewhat normalized. Audra works 2 jobs (1) as a Physical Therapist during the day and (2) as a personal trainer in the evening and some weekends while I work for an IT company and own a small business

    We live on opposite sides of the city – Baytown and Tomball yet we somehow manage to make it all work .. from the daily work grind to after school activities, to keeping up two households, kids schools, on and on we go.. yet we also manage to spend quality time together through working out and training for athletic events like triathlons. We are a special family indeed

  66. My fiance’ Rory and I are getting married on 11-11-11 in Newport Beach, California on the Newport Princess Boat. Our wedding is going to be so much fun as we sail across the harbor with all of our friends and family. We are expecting about 75 people at the wedding and our colors are black and hot pink. We live in Scottsdale, Arizona and our friends and family are from all across the country, so this should be interesting to see who all makes it out to Newport. As long as Rory is there, I don’t care. Haha! Rory is a disabled veteran and I am a photographer who is having a HARD time finding a wedding photographer that meets my par :) I am 25 and Rory is 29.. we have been together for 3 years and look forward to our BIG DAY and the rest of our lives together :)

  67. I believe I would be a great pick for the show. I am getting married May 28, 2011 so there will be a touch of spring in every aspect. The ceremony will be at my childhood church which has a great spiritual and intimate setting. The reception will be held in a ballroom that is absolutely beautiful and adds a great touch to the theme of our wedding. I am from southern Louisiana and my fiance is from northern Louisiana, and as the natives of Louisiana know, these places are like two different worlds which will make the reception fun-filled. I have this and so much more planned for this wedding and I am so excited and ready for the BIG day!!!! I just hope I have the opportunity to show off my wedding day because I KNOW it will be great.

  68. I believe Terry and I will be perfect for the show. We have been together for almost eight years. We are having our wedding June 18th, 2011 in California with 110 close family and friends with a lot of unforgettable moments on a very limited budget and a host of DIY projects. I am a young bride and have planned a very fun wedding. The theme is peacock and the feather will be in every element of the wedding. We come from very large families and this is the first wedding for our generation on both sides of our families, and the first wedding in my family in over 25 years. So as you can imagine this day will be very special to a lot of people. Terry and I have four boys together and had to move away from our families five years ago because his job relocated. We try to visit during christmas and summer but have not seen anyone in a year, the wedding we are planning will be a sort of ‘family reunion’. I am planning a fun filled reception with a photo booth, the Michael Jackson experience, desert buffet, and a non traditional FUN first dance. I want to prove you don’t need $150,000 to have a wonderful wedding and a lot of planning and budgeting you can get exactly what you want and more. This is going to be the wedding of the year! I hope you join us! Cast us for the show….

  69. I should be considered for the show because I am a show stopper. I can provide the good, the bad, and the ugly of planning a wedding. i ry to not be a bridezilla, but it gets hard when people want to change your ideas. We plan on having a grand celebration but our budget is low. Our families have pitched in to do ALOT. My fiancee is 6’4″ and I am 5’3″. We are both silly but he never meets a stranger and though I work in customer service and am a small business owner, I am often reserved. So, consider us for drama, love, laughter, and celebration.

  70. I should be considered for the wedding due to me and my futher husband are fun and funny and we definitely are not going to have a traditional wedding. I am 24 and he is 25. If we get put on the show we will win, for sure. Our wedding is for 10/08/2011. So let us now.

  71. My fiance and I would be perfect for this show. We have attended a total of 21 weddings since we started dating, so when we finally got engaged we both knew exactly what we wanted….AND…exactly what we didn’t want for our wedding,

    We got engaged at our annual Halloween party where I was dressed as Snooki from The Jersey Shore and my fiance, Cecil, was dressed as the character Allen from the movie The Hangover. He proposed in full costume in front of the entire party.

    We are having our wedding at The Delaware Museum of Natural History in Wilmington, Delaware on August 6, 2011 at 6 pm. Both the ceremony and reception will be held in the museum with the backdrop of a seashell gallery and full dinosaur skeletons. We have everything already booked from the caterer to the florists. We would love to be a part of the show!

  72. I should definitely be considered for the show because people keep telling me I need my own reality show. I still have no idea why people keep telling me that (wink-wink). Okay, I know why… I have a really big personality. I am very bubbly and outgoing. I just love to have a good time. When you put my Fiance and I together magic happens. Together we are a power couple. People stop us everywhere we go, and ask us who we are. For some reason people already think we are famous. Although we get all this attention, somehow people do not believe me that I am actually shy. But, my fiance always tells me that shy people never have to tell people they are shy lol. My Fiance and I have been together for 2 years. He just proposed to me on Valentine’s day of this year. So I have officially been engaged for one awesome week. We are going to have the wedding of the year. Both of us love having events and entertaining, so our wedding will sure show that. I want an Indian/Aladdin-Princess Jasmine wedding. I am 27 years old and I want a Disney inspired wedding. Do you still not believe me that I am perfect for your show. If you want to see us pull off this wedding of the year, then you have to cast us for your show.

  73. Wedding date July 10, 2011 on board of the Cornocopia Majesty boarding from Hoboken New Jersey. Our wedding is very unique, i’m european from Portugal and my fiance is African American, he’s a body builder at over 6′ and I am a shorty at 5′.3′. Not a traditional wedding, groomsmen will be wearing regular black tux and all-star sneakers and bridesmaids wearing gorgeous dress with heeled-allstar sneakers to match the men’s, including bride and groom. The vessel has 3 floors plus the deck where ceremony will take place and there will be live performance from traditional dance groups, live band and dj to entertain the multi-cultural guests. I fell in love with a dress that me and my fiance picked and will surprise everyone, including the bridal party.

  74. I would love to be considered for your show as I believe our wedding, though small and intimate will be unique in every way! For starters, we are a very unconventional couple, with my fiance being Nigerian and from Nigeria while I am from California and Swedish. We also have been together for ten years and have lived in LA for the past five of those. Our venue will be held in Los Gatos, California at an intimate Cafe in the beautiful downtown historical area. I was going to wear a simple dress, but fell in love with a glamorous dress so lets hope I can fit thru the tiny isle way!! We are thrilled to have this ceremony and reception here and would love to share this special moment with everyone including our 50 guests!!

  75. Location of wedding: the Petroleum Club of Houston (ceremony at the First Methodist Church Downtown).

    Jay and I will be having a formal evening wedding. My wedding gown is a beautiful Marchesa that I have not seen anywhere and our reception is on the 43rd floor of a downtown building with floor to ceiling windows lining three walls.
    Jonathan and I met in London, England and we are hoping to incorporate a touch of England in our wedding. I love elegance, glamour, and unique yet simple style.

  76. Hello,
    Im not applying for the show but wanted to see if you needed to use a wedding chapel in Las Vegas for any of the brides to marry. If so please feel free to email me @ planner

    Thank YOu

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