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The food network
The food network
The food network
The food network

ORLANDO, USA – The Food Network’s ’24 Hour Restaurant Battle’ is holding a casting call this Sunday 14th Nov for people to appear on a show viewed by millions

You can get your chance to feature in the second seasons of the cooking show which focuses on two person teams, one in charge of the kitchen, the other running the front of the house, who must open and run a restaurant in the shortest time possible. This is a great show for anyone that has a talent for cooking.

Tips for what this show is more specifically looking for :

Two person teams with pre-existing relationships. Husband and wife, ex-husband/wife, father/daughter, mother/son, newlyweds, brothers, sisters, twins, cousins, best friends etc. People with the know-how to run a restaurant. Applicants may have lots restaurant experience, no restaurant experience, or some combination of them both. One member of the team will run the “back of the house” and one member will run the “front of the house”. As a team you must have the skills to open and run a restaurant.
Those with lots of personality. Teams must be charismatic and outgoing! Must have loads of enthusiasm adn lots of energy.Please keep checking back for more information and leave us a comment

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  1. Me and my brother have been cooking for years and we have run multiple locations and we have great personalities and we are full of energy, I would love to be on this show, you will not be disappointed. The mad chef

  2. My husband and I would love love love to be on this show as we met in a restaurant 30 years ago as he ran the boh and I rab Foh. We ended up getting married and it was our day off from the restaurant. We are actually planning to get our own little restaurant as we have alot of experience in it. I currently work as a waitress in a restaurant , he is a chef for private parties right now. We look forward to hearing from you.

  3. What an awesome opportunity. My wife and I would love to be given a chance to compete. We’ve both worked in the restaurant /hospitality world since high school. While I’ve done all aspects of BOH, she in turn has done all aspects of FOH. She tells me constantly if we ever get our restaurant opened, I’m to stay in my part of the house and she will stay in hers. We bring a great combination of personality to the table as well. We are like minded yet our personalities are somewhat quirky and different. We’ve been told more times than we can count that we need our own reality show /sitcom. Cooking is my passion and making sure people are happy with their food and service is my wife’s.
    We will be waiting to hear from y’all.

    Be Blessed,

    Khalid and Wendi.

  4. both me and my other half been in the culinary world for 15 years front of the house and back of the house we worked from small kitchens to large to hotels to theme parks catering and personal cooking if you want funny hard work creative people you will pick us.

  5. Me and my wife would be ideal candidates; I have 15 plus years experience in the business and my wife has worked with me for a couple of those years. I just finished culinary school and would like to use this platform to jump start my career. Not to mention me and my wife are dynamic duo, I’m the sexy geek and she’s the silly goof. Her competitive nature is only rivaled by my culinary passion; I think that will be key to a strong showing in the competition.

  6. This show would be perfect for my bud and I. I’am 35yrs old and I’m a chef w a new age eclectic flare and a great personality. My bud lee is a bar manager and we happen to work together now and are crushing our competition!! We have great chemistry and can run any restaurant and conquer all competition at any given time! Lee can handle it all foh big or small and I haven’t been in a kitchen I can’t run yet. We hope to make our dream a reality.

  7. A 3 0 year plus veteran of both the restaurant business AND television, my partner and I are hands down the best candidates for this show. He is a gay man who is the most creative chef I know. I’m a “straight” and hard nosed, no nonsense dining room professional. I published a book about server sales training on Amazon and will be appearing in two reality shows on major networks in the very near future. My partner and I have a dynamic relationship based on humor, mutual trust, and an overwhelming passion for the hospitality industry. We co-hosted the FIRST radio food show in SW Missouri for two years. I really don’t give a damn who my competition is; there is NO BETTER team than my best friend, Peter and I.


  9. My wife and I high school sweethearts together for almost 20 yrs., and married for almost 11. Have been in the restaurant and hospitality business for a combined of twenty five years. Both love for food and kicking the ass of our competition. My wife is highly prepared to turn the tables on the front of the house, and there is not a kitchen that can slow me down. We are fast paced workers, disciplined, persistent and eliminate. We were fortunate to have our own establishment for four years and than ravished by hurricanes Lee and Irene, we didn’t let that stop us just picking up the pieces and taking all the next steps. So that is why we believe we are the best candidates for the job. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you..

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  11. My beautiful wife and I are not chefs, we are young and ambitious. you see we got married dec 28th 2010, then we opened up our first business together in just 40 days. A fun little restaurant in a college town. The thing is that it is just as popular to families, business people, and everyone as it is for college students. We know we have a hit, the next great american restaurant! We are currently looking for investors to take it national, but It would be amazing to be apart of a show. We are outgoing, and my wife can sing, dance, and entertain! She was meant to be a star. I don’t know if you are planning on any more shows, but if there is any opportunity in the near future you should definitely contact us to hear what the possibilities are! Thanks

    comment below if anyone is interested in business, we can get in touch!

  12. We are awesome and cool, we guarentee the fact we will be entertaining, with a good laugh! Man in front, women in kitchen, women with tatoo’s and great culinary skills, with a southern accent and a modern twist. Man with great taste and can get anything done mentallity. We will rock the world of reality show stars.

  13. As my 16 year old quoted to her friends, “if you want to eat authentic Indian food then you need to come to our house”. My husband and I are passionate towards cooking and complement each other with my experience in cooking and planning and his critique to my food, composed and well balanced demeanor and execution skills. I grew up in India with exposure to my Dads Indian pickle manufacturing unit and with the flavors of Indian spices. My husband and I are a perfect pair to appear on the show, we don’t always agree on one thing but have a common goal to open a restaurant :) Looking forward to this great opportunity.

  14. I should be considered because I am very outgoing and I feel like when I’m cookingnothing else matters. I also enjoy listening to my customers and making them feel comfortable and also encouraging them.

  15. I truly believe with all my hart and soul that my wife and I are the best duo ever to sign up for 24 Hour Restaurant Battle. I have over four years of cooking experience, and I also graduated from Kendall College with my degree in Professional Cookery. My wife is great at organizing parties, and events for Indiana State University. Our dream is to open FIVE STAR restaurant with me running the back of the house and my wife running the front of the house, and we believe with your help that dream can come true.

  16. I should be considered for the 24 hour Restaurant Battle because of my talents in the kitchen and my funny personality. I’ve been working in Restaurants my whole life. I grew up in my Dad’s Italian place in Vegas and have worked as a chef on the strip for almost 15 yrs. I’ve leased out my own kitchen for a while and long for opening my own place. I’m the total package because no one is a better cook than i and I have the gift of gab. I’m also told I should have my own show because of my personality and my gift to talk and to teach others. I need the exposure and the money so I can open my own, Franchisable, Restaurants across the country and to eventually get my own show on the Foodnetwork. Thanks for your time.

  17. I am in search for good food, laughter, youth and the long lasting relation ships- three out of four is not bad….. I know that we all have our own ways to find these things, but I have a little different view on this subject. I believe that we fall into situations that lead us there and then you can go for it or chicken out. So, I am not going to be the “Chicken” any more, I would rather cook it!

  18. My daughter and I are a dynamic duo. We grew up in a catering industry. We opened our own Cupcakery in 2010 and sold it in 2011, called Sugar Mamma’s. People would come in just to see what we looked like. I’m a young seperated/soon to be divorced 40 yr old mom and my daughter (Jordan) is attending Baking and Pastry school in Scottsdale AZ. We work so well together and have what it takes. She can run the back and I’m all about front of the house.
    Entertaining… have no idea!!! Look no further, we can bring it!!!

  19. we are a married couple who are passionate about food, we love to cook everything, it is our only form of entertainment, i was brought up in the restaurant business but have been out of it for 20 years and would love to oneday open an italian bistro with my wife who is one helluva cook, we are both italian grew up in new york and are amateur food critcs ( ha ha) ! let us show you what we got!!

  20. I believe that my husband and I would be the perfect contestants for this show because we would be able to show that people with any experience can do anything they aspire to. My husband has worked in architecture for eleven years and is very detail oriented. He would be great for the front of house. I worked in Special Education for seven years before I decided to follow my dream and be a chef. I am currently going to Anne Arundel Community College in MD and am enrolled in their HCTA culinary program. I have never worked in a restraunt, besides bartending. I am sure that we would be able to open a restraunt of our own one day, which is our dream together. This would help show everyone and prove to myself that I can do this!
    Thank you
    Leslie Scott

  21. It is a dream of my mother and I to eventually own our own restuarant business. We both have been cooking just about our entire lives. We used to talk about opening a breakfast/lunch place, great food, great atmosphere, great people, with my grandparents all the time we have family recipies past on to us from generations. When my grandparents past away that dream went out the window, mom fell into a depresion and I lost the motivation. But the passion was always still there. My mom is amazing cook she truly has a gift which was passed on from her mother then to me and so on. With my manager skills and my granparents watching over us we truly are unstoppable. Becoming  a contestant on the 24hour resturant battle would be an amazing oppurtunity. Also a great beggining to the next chapter in our lives to be able to kick start our dream and passion to be restuarant owners.  

  22. I grew up in New Orleans and have moved to Ca. 20 years ago. I cook NOLA food every day and have it Mastered. My wife is a Interior Design genuis who can turn any place in my dreams. We are a great team that has been known to have an arguement ot two but we also succeed in making memerable parties.

  23. I belive we should be considered for the opportunity to be on The Food Network-24 Hour Restaurant Battle Audition, because we are a very fun loving, inventive couple that met under what some people might say very unusual circumstances. I have cooked for my family for more than 20 years and would love the opportunity to show my creative skills and abilities to properly run and maintain a succesful gourmet restaurant.

  24. My father John McNinch (45) and I (15) would be perfect for your show would be perfect for your show we are both outgoing people and have experience with running restaurants. He owns a tavern and works in the kitchen and I work their a lot. We live in a small town and we love the business. Please consider this offer.

  25. The reason we should be picked is because we have the looks i have a associates degree in culinary. me and my future wife just got engaged and boy does she know how to control a front of house we both have skills when it comes to Food and Front of house. we know how to have fun and we know how to make our dishes burst with down south flavors and up north flavors nobody i mean no one will be able to run a restaurant like we can so choose us and we will make worth your wild.

  26. I’ve been in the business as a owner for 8 yrs – manager / employee another 17. my business partner is highly passive with stuff and im highly aggressive. sometimes we change roles. we have fun and work hard. we have butted heads over many things – but in the end we make it happen.

  27. I know that my husband and i should be on this show because we are vey passionate about cooking and serving meals to people who enjoy good food. We are constantly watching the Food Network programs and believe we can do better than most people that are competing. My husband comes from a family of 10 kids ( 3 sets of twins, 7 boys & 3 girls), so we are very used to cooking for a large number of people when we have family parties. Whenever we entertain we are always told we should own our own place, we create delicious meals and also a good atmosphere. Our family parties always have an attendance of 30 or more people and i love to cook for everyone! We would love to be on this show to show you that we are ready for our own place and are ready for people to try amazing food that is cooked to perfection!

  28. My cousin and I could blow the competition out of the water as we are both double threats. Not only do we both cook exceptionally but together we offer so many years of experience and education in the business and hospitality field as well as an extreme passion for cooking that I feel we’d be unstoppable.

    I personally have grown up watching both my mother and grandmother prepare some of the most amazing food I have ever tasted and luckily their culinary skills came naturally to me. I can remeber as a child cooking along side of both of them and how much I enjoyed myself. Today I am still obsessed with cooking as I love to hear the sounds of people enjoying all of the wonderful flavors my dishes have to offer. Cooking is a form of self expression to me as I put all of my heart and soul into the dishes I prepare. I’m a true foodie.

    Together my cousn and I are a dynamic duo that is guaranteed to provide plenty of entertainment. I mean just think of what trouble 2 strong minded latinas with a dream
    could stir up while sharing their love for cooking and entertaining. Why would anyone change the channel???

  29. I’ve been cooking since the age of ten and i love to try new foods. I met my boyfriend of nineteen years while working in a restaurant, he was the cook. Between the both of us we have it all covered. Pluse, each side family members always ask us when or what’s on the menu because they love our food along with us loving to cook what else is better.

  30. I have cooked since I was 12 years old. I am 32 yrs old right now and I still enjoy cooking, and I might add that YES I can throw down! My cousin also has that same cooking flare. She is modern soul, and I’m old school soul.. together.. we make good food for any soul…We both have style and great taste.. We would love to have the chance to show the world what our mama’s gave us!!

  31. I should be considered for the 24 Hour Restaurant Battle because I love to cook and I love to watch others enjoy my meals. I am constantly hosting folks at my home and would love to transfer those interest into a restaurant business. My dad has the know how as he has worked in several restaurants and he is an excellent cook as well.

    Would love to have the opportunity and I’m sure our energy will give plenty of entertainment!!!

  32. Mother and Father of a child who has autism. We both are aspiring to make a name for ourselves in the food industry both love cooking and are always trying out new recipes on our friends and family. We don’t think of this as a job because we both love to be in the kitchen and love the feedback from people that taste our meals.Would love the opportunity to show you what we are made of.

  33. Hello, this show would be perfect for my and my best bud…..All we do is talking about how were going to open our own places, with what money we have not a clue. What’s great about the two of us is our differences have somehow made us really compatible, or maybe he just thinks he’s better then me, and I’m to foolish to realize it. He’s a healthy vegan Chef and I’m a chubby, and adorable bar manager with years of experience running the front of the house. We were built for this business and understand restaurant stress, deadlines, and getting the job done. i think our concept and vision will be a great addition for the show and beyond….

  34. Hello, this show would be perfect for my and my best bud…..All we do is talking about how were going to open our own places, with what money we have not a clue. Whats great about the two of us is our differences have somehow made us really compatible, or maybe he just thinks he’s better then me, and i’m to foolish to realize it. He’s a healthy vegan Chef and i’m a chubby, and adorable bar manager with years of experience running the front of the house. We were built for this business and understand restaurant stress, deadlines, and getting the job done. i think our concept and vision will be a great addition for the show and beyond….

  35. Hi there, My husband and I are the perfect team!
    Why, you may ask??? here’s why:
    I am an East Indian, he is a caucasian from Maine
    I like Indian dance, he likes hip hop and does dance pretty good
    Two different people with interesting personalities and trust me, you will have fun meeting us.

    About cooking, I am so passionate about food and making people happy by serving them. My husband is a project manager and loves to get tasks done under pressure. We definitely cannot do each other’s job, even for a million dollars, that’s why we are a unique team! Hopefully, you will have us on your show!

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