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The Face
The Face- Oxygen Network
The Face
The Face- Oxygen Network

Are you ready to become The Face for a major designer. Well this is your chance, The Oxygen network is launching a new show hosted by a popular photographer Nigel Baker who was fired by Americas Top Model and Tyra Banks. World-renowned supermodel and businesswoman Naomi Campbell will be joining the show as one of the judges. The other two judges for The Face will be Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha. The three famous coaches will be working together to help the aspiring models with pointers and tips during the duration of the show. Filming for The Face will start this September and this is a chance for any aspiring model to get recognized. If you have been waiting for that big modeling break or have tried to be on Americas Next Top Model than this might be the show for you.

The trio team of supermodels will create their own teams and lead them through the  glamorous,world of castings, runway shows, and editorial and commercial photo shoots. The last model standing, will become the spokesmodel for a national brand. As the series goes on the supermodel coaches will help these models through the tricks of the trade while exposing them to the most popular photographers, stylists and designers in the industry. In the end, one girl will be chosen to become  The Face of a major national brand, earning a real contract as the brand ambassador. The filming will be taking place in New York.

This is a great opportunity for any aspiring models over the age of 18. If you would like to audition for The Face please submit your application along with a comp card and basic contact information. Please keep checking back for more information on casting dates and times. And as always please leave us a comment.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


  1. Hi. My name is Lavunte. I am a 21 gay male who enjoys life by the moment. I’m a slim petite build, 5’9, 137lbs, 28-30 waist. Brown eyes, milk chocolate red complexion. Black hair, African American with a hint of Native American. I love to take pictures and modeling has been a dream of mine since I started watching the first episode of America’s Next Top Model. I adore Naomi Campbell and her style has been a icon for my lifestyle. I would love to be honored with this opportunity.

  2. Young Cleveland, Ohio Girl growing up in a family of models and boutique owners deep down there was my passion, of Modeling, fashion and beauty I am in love with it all. As a young teen I was in Face Models and when I graduated high school in 2010 I went to WSU to get into the medical field. I know I had to have the income to match my needs and wants, to match this lifestyle that I had pictured for myself and i thought what better way than becoming an OBGYN. During that time at WSU, modeling came back into my life, I joined the FAME Models and became one of the top female models to have every joined the group. Going to casting calls, being on set, just the whole lifestyle of being a model gave me so much joy. I landed my major gig and had no support from my family so I didn’t return to WSU the following year. I am now 23 and living in Los Angeles, I feel like this is my Second change to truly follow my passion and my joy. Im not just looking for “The Face”, “The Face” is also looking for me and I AM here and I AM Ready!

    Weight: 123 lbs
    Age: 23
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnic: African American

  3. Young Cleveland, Ohio Girl growing up in a family of models and boutique owners deep down there was my passion, of Modeling, fashion and beauty I am in love with it all. As a young teen I was in Face Models and when I graduated high school in 2010 I went to WSU to get into the medical field. I know I had to have the income to match my needs and wants, to match this lifestyle that I had pictured for myself and i thought what better way than becoming an OBGYN. During that time at WSU, modeling came back into my life, I joined the FAME Models and became one of the top female models to have every joined the group. Going to casting calls, being on set, just the whole lifestyle of being a model gave me so much joy. I landed my major gig and had no support from my family so I didn’t return to WSU the following year. I am now 23 and living in Los Angeles, I feel like this is my Second change to truly follow my passion and my joy. Im not just looking for “The Face”, “The Face” is also looking for me and I AM here and I AM Ready!

    Weight: 123 lbs
    Age: 23
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown

  4. I would totally love to do this show I have done runway before so I think it would be good for me to farther my modeling and acting career!! So please consider me for a contestant on the Face please!! Contact me at please and thank you

  5. Hello,

    I have been wanting to become a model for years now! I strive for the best! I am a true redhead, sky blue eyes, soft pale skin tone, and a great body. I am a true Irish lady and a rare percentage of the world. I would love to be considered! I am 24 years of age so mature and I know who I am. Thank you for your time.

  6. Hi my name is Amanda and I have been pursuing a modeling career for awhile. I have auditioned for ANTM twice but didn’t make it but I have not let that discourage me.
    I am 5’9″ and I weight about 110 pounds. I’m tall and very slim I think I would be a great runway model!! My eyes are hazel and I have long curly hair, currently colored black. Please give me a chance to achieve my dream!

  7. Hi!! My name is Ashmeall folk I’m 5’11 on good days 6’0 that’s what my family say lol in 145lb I know I have what it takes Modeling and fashion has been my passion for long as I can remember I submit a video the other year when the face was looking for some fresh new faces and I won’t give up until I’m that girl who can change the world and these little girls life I have a story tell and I know the face Will guide me mold me and steer me to be the best person and model I can be.

  8. First, it is vital for you to know my work ethic. I understand that most odds are against me as I pursue this career. My knowledge on being on an actual set taking photos and runway modeling is not as broad as it shld be at this point in my life. My age is 18 (19 once July approach) and this is a delicate time of life for me and I am finding myself and taking steps forward toward my dream of achieving greatness. On and off the clock I plan to eat, sleep and breath success. I am a college student approaching my sophomore year. I am 5’5, which is one of the odds that are against me. Regardless of my height my legs are long and I am aware of the angles that can project otherwise. My body is fit due to the commitment playing sports in high school. I look forward to progression.

    Thank You,
    Imogen VeAnn Mosley

  9. Hello ! I’m Mariah Odréll , and I’m looking forward to winning Face Off! I’m 21 years old and from Atlanta but spend a lot of time in Seattle and Cali. I’m 5’9, 120 pounds , and slim and fit build. More than anything I’m motivated and dedicated to show off my talents and beautiful soul. Im also a dancer and lover of nature. I’m ready to face off ! (:

  10. Hi , my name is Darian and I am very passionate about modeling. I am very photogenic and easy to work with. I know I should be on the face because modeling is what I love to do and I will work my hardest and do my best at anything especially when it comes to modeling , I have always been into modeling since I was a little girl and know I want to make a career out of it and I know that the face will help me reach my goal.
    Brown hair , brown eyes

  11. I am a 19 year old college student. I am 5’9 135 pounds (athletic build) with brown curly hair and brown eyes. I have no modeling experience but have always been intrigued by the modeling industry. Friends and family members have told me multiple times I have the genes to be a model and I’d like to think that’s true. My heritage is mostly German, Egyptian. I believe I possess the qualities to be a model and have so much to prove to the world so this is the first step to get me closer to my dream.

  12. Hey casting members of The Face! My name is Kelsey, I am 18 years old and I am a current drama major at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. I am signed with Creative Faces modeling agency and I represent myself as a professional actor in New York City. I believe that I could contribute as an up and coming model of The Face because I am always looking to learn new things and improve myself to be the best I can be as well as influence others to love themselves and this world we live in. I use modeling to express myself and grow as an independent artist and free thinker through the craft of photography and visual arts. I understand how brutal the industry and society can be and I am always looking to empower myself and fellow likeminded individuals within the modeling industry to embrace ourselves as works of art. I would love the opportunity to appear on The Face and I know I can enhance my potential as a professional model if given the chance. I have blonde hair; blue eyes; 5;6″; 130 lbs. Thank you for you’re time and I hope you’ll give me a shot!

  13. I am 20 years of age. Meduim to Dark Skin Tone, Dark brown eyes, Neck Length Hair, Black Natural Hair, Weigh 120 lbs and is 5’5. I am an inspiring model but have had modeling and runway opportunities. I am a debutant winner of 2013. I am very ambition and have a huge personality. I deserve thid chance because this has been my dream since I was 10 and my talent won’t be wasted.

  14. Hi my name is aniayah
    20 years old fashion major/aspiring model
    I would love to meet you
    Face to face to see what you
    Think hopefully I hear from
    You soon.

  15. I Want This and that means I am fully participant, dedicated, curious, and passionate. Please Investigate me. I have a lot to offer you and you towards me, it would be disappointing to have this opportunity slip by. Hope to hear from you.


  16. HI! My name is Celeste! I’m 15 years old. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’7. I am a size 0 and my weight is 97 pounds. I would love modeling and I am really interested in this oppertunity. Thanks for having read my comment. ;)

  17. Hi,

    My name is Clannin Sery-Lou, 24 years old, 5’7, based in London, I have the face and charisma. I am ready for what it takes to be on billboards and brands!

    please contact me on my email

    I hope to hear from you soon :)

  18. I am Whitney from Kenya.I am so passionate about modeling. i would like to be the face because i believe i have what it takes to be THE FACE. I am 21 years old and 5’8″ tall. i got the drive the ambition and am very hard working. i have a very competitive nature and i learn from my mistake so that i can improve. i always know what i want and i work toward getting it and improving. i got the walk, the look, and the drive to be THE FACE. Plus i want to learn more from the three coaches. i want to represent AFRICA, i want to represent KENYA, I WANT TO BE THE FACE

  19. Model
    Hispanic(Puerto Rican & Cuzan)
    Size: 0, XS, S
    Brown eyes
    Professional, Full Of Life and Ready to work!

  20. This will be a great opportunities. I want to show the girls I mentor that dreams can be reality. Its all about going after what you want out of life. I’ve had so many No’s to the point it has inspire me to continue to move forward work even harder. I enjoy motivating others and live for the runway. Its always nice to learn from the best. Hoping this opportunity will open the doors to many great things that I can pass to others like me. Also give me opportunity to take this experience for the young ladies I mentor to live though my experience and encourage or inspire them to reach for the sky. Anything is possible and hopefully I’m chosen for 2015 show. … Thanks…

  21. I am 21 years old and have attended modeling/acting school. I am ready to be titled, “The Face.” I know this show is suited for me because modeling is what I love; Plain and simple as that. I am very photogenic, been told many times by reputable people. Give me the chance to be on the show, and you love what I have to offer!

    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: blue
    Weight: 125
    Height: 5.5

  22. I am 21 years old and have attended modeling/acting school. I am ready to be titled, “The Face.” I know this show is suited for me because modeling is what I love; Plain and simple as that. I am very photogenic, been told many times by reputable people. Give me the chance to be on the show, and you love what I have to offer!

  23. from Minnesota so that’s somethen new of tops.\im 5’1 115pounds , African American dark brown eyes and hair color. I know nothing about modeling except im a pretty face but to short to model.

  24. Hello my name is shakera lovett. I’m 5″2 115 pounds natural brown hair and hazel eyes and I would love to be on this show I feel like I have the face for
    This and I think alot of people will agree I really love taking picture and I can see myself beIng THE FACE

  25. age 29
    weight 126
    height 5’2
    brown skin
    aspring model /actress

    ready to be the next greatest model every

  26. hey my name is Jamie Lipscomb im aspiring model/ actress im 29 years of age I have short hair 5’2 weight 128 lbs currently living in Tucsaloosa Al I believe deep down in my soul I can be the next Naomi Campbell with your help i know I can go to the very top so please look at my pic and you can also so go to Explore Talent you can find some of my pictures im not going to say they 100% proof photo shoot pictures but they are the best ones I had to upload at the time more will be downloaded soon……..

    Thanks in advance for this great opportunity hope to hear back from you soon

  27. 21
    120 lbs
    Brown eyes
    Black hair
    African american
    Queens, New York
    My name is Rhianna, I think i would be fit for this show because I’ve always been told that my height is perfect for modeling being that i am 5’9/ 5’10 and also I’ve always dreamed of becoming and model since i was a little girl. if needed to be contacted my email address is , thank you!

  28. Hi my name is Imalah I am 19 years old and I am 5’7. I think I would be a great candidate for the face because I am very beautiful tall skinny white, black, and Mexican mixed girl with a lot of compassion to modeling and acting. It has always been a dream of mine since I was 10 years old I promise if you pick me you wont regret it. I am the face!

  29. I’m Kaitlyn. Im 18, 5’8. Mixed -African Amercian & Caucasian. I’m in a modeling & acting class have been for five months! Goals to model and act. I’m easy to work with! & will definitely work hard to achieve my goals!

  30. Girl 20 from sweden/norway. Never been modeling but just moved to santa barbara to study for a half year.
    brown eyes.
    blond thick hair.
    good skin.

  31. Hi, my name is Aurora i am 20 and i am from Paris.
    Im 5’9 and 152 lb, i am black girl with brown eyes and dark hair. Since my childhood im interested by the world of fashion, espacelly modeling. Last year i participate in a pageant competition called “Miss guinee bissau france”, and since i won it, i learned how to walk, how to make a connection with the camera, how to show my personnality by expressions in my face and my body language and the most important to be more confident about myself. The face will be the best opportunity for me to make my dream to be a model come tru, so please consider me.

  32. Hello my name is Emily Iannucci. I am 20 years of age, about 5’0 and 115 pounds. Im a 34c and my pants size is a 3. I am an aspiring model I have done a few photoshoots so far. I have also taken modeling classes at john Robert powers in tampa fl.

  33. Hi. My name is Amanda Lynn Costa.
    I am 5’5, and 120 lbs.
    I have hazel eyes and a dirty blonde pixie cut.
    I am a contemporary dancer, but would love to break into the modeling business. I am willing to do whatever it takes.

  34. Hello my name is Jessica Rubio I am 19 years old from long Island NY and I weigh 117 height 5’8 eyes blue. This has always been a dream of mine to model, I would love to be on the show to learn from others and hopefully become the Face!

  35. Hello. My name is Verisha Coleman. I am 5foot 8 inches tall and I have a passion for modeling. I love being in front of the camera and I dream of walking down the runway. It would be a dream come true to make the cast for the upcoming season of the face. I am so passionate about modeling and I am just waiting on someone to give me a chance. Please consider me.

  36. Hello, my name is Simone Vaughn and i am 17 years old, 5’7, thick black hair and dark brown skin. All my life I wanted to be a model and I believe that this will be my opportunity. Please consider me.

  37.  This is my dream and I believe anything is possible with God. Submitted my application with a picture. Pray to hear from you guys. Be blessed ♡♡♡
    Age 21
    Height 5’7
    Weight 180

  38. AGE: 24
    HEIGHT: 5’6
    WEIGHT: 125 lbs
    HIPS: 35′
    BUST: 34′
    I go by Angelique my middle name. I am very sporty
    and outgoing. Could say a little bit of a tomboy. When I
    set my mind on a goal, I never give up until it’s complete.
    I’m new in modeling, which has been a hole new world of

  39. Hello my name is Emily Carmela Iannucci. I’m 20 years young. Im an aspiring actress/model I live in Florida. I have taken modeling and acting classes at john Robert powers in Tampa Florida. My goal is to become a professional model and/or actress one day. Im about 5’0 tall, hazel-green eyes & all natural brown hair. I am gorgeous inside and out. Thank you so much for considering me.

  40. I’m 23, 5’6, 110lbs, blonde hair & blue eyes. I am very interested and would love this opportunity. Please email me if you need further information

  41. Greetings!
    I would be honored to be a part of this upcoming show. I have done many small modeling gigs but would love the opportunity for a big break! Here are my measurements and a link so some of my photos. Thank you so much for your consideration.
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 125
    Dress Size:2
    Pant Size:2
    Shirt Size: Small
    Shoe: 9
    Cup: 32C
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Black

  42. I am an aspiring model, also an incredible individual with a unique personality. I am beyond interested and full of potential, commitment and determination. I am 5’4, slim , light skinned , dark brown eyes, model facial structure.

  43. Hope u do start a season 3 and I’m invited to be apart of the show they say I’m suppose to be modeling right now

  44. Hello, I’m Myoshi Young. I’m a 25 year old female and have the desire and confident in the face. So I would appreciate your consider, in showing my face. I have Hazel eyes, Golden Light skin, Brown hair, Pink small bubble lips, incredible smile people always say.

    My Measurements are:

    Height. 5 ft.
    Weight. 88 lbs.
    Hips. 30
    Waist. 32
    Bust. 32
    Chest. 32 A
    Shoe. 6.5
    Dress. 0

  45. Hello! My name is Cynthia. I am 18, 5’4 with curly natural brown hair, dark brown eyes & im lightskinned (mixed with black & spanish). Ive been told that i have a beautiful smile & that i should consider being a model. For more information you may email me at:

  46. I am extremely interested in modeling. I think this show would be a great opportunity for me to get my career off the ground. Working under the supervisions of the mentors that have walked the runway for years would be a great way to learn the ropes. I am a 6’0 132lbs. African American woman. Bust is 32, waist 24, hips 35. I have browns with long brown hair. If I was given the opportunity to be on the show I would take the fashion world by storm! I would love to be considered!

  47. I am VERY interested in modeling. I always have been. I would love to be able to be a part of this opportunity. Please contact me if you have any questions. I am 5’1″, 20 years old, brown hair, long eyelashes and big brown eyes. I have been told I have a nice smile and great teeth. Please consider me for this wonderful opportunity.

  48. Hello my name is Neghesty Daley my measurements are bust 32 waist 24 hips 35 my height is 5’9 my dress size is 4 my weight is 130 hair color black eye color brown I am of jamaican descent I would love to blessed with this opportunity I have just started getting into modeling and I am in love with it there is so much to learn an to adore at the same time its a lot of time and dedication for this kind of career and I am ready for that life I no longer desire to be in the crowd I want to stand out and be unique like my name I know that Iam bold daring and not afriad of difficult challenges so that means Im ready to take on the world just give me that opportunity and watch me!

  49. Hello my name is Heather Li !! I am very talented and beautiful artist (actress, singer, model). I just need an opportunity to break in! I am very interested in this opportunity please reach me at. (201)-673-3047
    I am very beautiful please check out my profile!
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Caucasian
    Height: 5’1 inches
    Weight: 100 pounds
    Hair: Brown, medium length
    Eyes: Brown
    Age: 19
    Body: Skinny, athletic
    Skin Color: Light olive
    Location: NJ

  50. Hi, my name is Jamerlyn (Jamie) Renee’ Bowden. I’m most definitely a go getter and a hard worker. I learn a lot of things very quickly and listen to the advice that I am given so I can become better from my mistakes. Modeling has been one of my top three favorite things since I was a much younger girl and I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity because I know not only would the be a dream come true, it will also be a huge blessing for me. I’m 5’3, slim, with big brown eyes, and brown hair.

  51. Hello,
    I’ve been doing some modeling. I’m always being told are you a model, do you model, you have what it takes to be a model. So with that saying I am looking to take my career farther. My name is Marshawn Randolph I’m 6’0 150 waist 29 I’m biracial with beautiful skin and eyes I have the structure and attitude that a model needs. I’m also an identical twin.

  52. 56 100lb talking italian This is a long shot but its been the craziest past couple years so why not. Three people have been murdered or died close to me in the past three years. I had a gorgeous son in the midst of madness. He brings me my true joy.

  53. Hi! I worked recently in a local news radio station. I’m Filipino and 23 yrs.old now, tanned skin, 5’2″ filipino height with a black hair and eyes. I can sing, dance and act too.

  54. My Name is Tiana, I am 22 years old. Modeling has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. No matter what else I try to do, this is the one always in my dreams, so why shouldn’t I go for it? I am interested in this and many other great opportunities.

    I am a inspiring 26yr old model I am confident fierce tall
    And beautiful. I am often told I look just like Rihanna
    I know I have the look the height the body type I will make
    Any changes to have this opportunity please pick me
    Raquel Sims
    Brown Hair and eyes!!

    Please help me to make my dreams come true,because
    Anything is possible

  56. Hello!. My name’s Alexis, I’m a very outgoing energetic 19 year old, love to laugh and enjoy life. Today I went out looking for a second job and as I was eating lunch my fortune cookie read, “Don’t get an unchallenging occupation, go for something that shows your talents”. So it would amazing to have this opportunity. I’m 5’6″ and pretty petite, so if I sound like what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to let me know(: Have an awesome day.

  57. Hello name is Danisha Straw, Im 20 years old and always want to become a model every since I was 5. Modeling is a passion of mine I take it serious and want to become a role model for other young ladies out there that are looking to do the same thing im interested in. I just need the opportunity to present myself, im a easy learner and willing to learn what ever it is to take my modeling career to the next level.

    Im 5;7
    Age: 20
    Weight: 115
    size: 4/5
    brown eyes

  58. 5’8
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Bust 32
    Waist 26
    Hip 34

    I am 20 years old and my dream is to become a model my look is unique and I can look like anything I am easy to work with others

  59. Hello I am a 40 year old aspiring model. No I am not a supermodel, but I am a fresh face from Detroit and would love the chance to show you what I am capable of. I am very diverse… I can be 20 something or 40 something. Just need a Chance to show and prove that o would be a true asset.
    Thank You
    Nikia Johnson

  60. I always wanted to become the face for someone interested on it as a model. Never had the chance. I saw this post and I think is never late to try it. I’m a Latin black. From Venezuela

  61. Hi my name is Tammie. I’m an aspiring model who’s trying to turn my dream of becoming a successful model into a reality. I know I don’
    t have any experience as a model yet but I would love to be considered for this opportunity so I can show the world what I’m capable of doing.
    I’m 5’6″ Tall
    123 lbs
    34/B Bust
    26 Waist
    36 Hips
    Brown eyes
    Black hair
    I hope you will seriously consider me!!! Either way thank you!!!

  62. Hi my name is Tammie. I’m an aspiring model who’s trying to turn my dream into a reality. I would love to be considered for this opportunity. 5’6″ Tall
    123 lbs
    Brown eyes
    Black hair
    34 B/Bust
    26 Waist
    36 Hips

  63. I am definitely interested.
    36yrs old
    Very experienced in modeling (runway, some print work, promotional modeling)
    Hair is natural (curly/wavy)…currently blonde (Style: Bob)

  64. Age:15
    Nationality: American
    Height: 5’3″
    Eye color: brown
    Hair Color: dark brown
    Skin color: medium brown
    Word to describe me: candid

    Thanks in advance for you consideration.

  65. What an amazing opportunity! Originally from Lincoln, NE, I have blonde hair and green eyes, 5’7″ and 105 lbs. at 19 years old. I run cross country and track and field for a college in Oklahoma and have always been interested in modeling! I know I have what it takes. Tenacity is crucial in whatever you do.

  66. Hello, my name is Lisa and im 17 going on 18 years old. I just graduated high school and for the past four years i have done a fair amount of amateur modeling. Modeling has been a passion of my since i was little and i hope to sign with a modeling agency within the next year.

  67. 5’5
    Brown skin
    Beautiful smile with face to match
    Killer attitude
    Very photogenic
    Clear smooth skin
    Modeling has been my passion for 15 years. I know I have what it takes to be the absolute best. I’m in it to win it.

  68. Hi, my name is Evelyn. I won’t say much because actions speak louder than words. I can say though, that I live and breathe fashion/modeling and I have been praying for an opportunity.
    Height : 5’11.25″
    Weight : 119
    Hair color : Brown
    Eye color : Brown
    Waist : 24″
    Shoe size : 10
    Race : Black/African American

  69. 5’8
    19 y.o
    Hair:styled/ Color:Brown
    Chest: 32
    Pants: 3
    African American

  70. Hello, my name is Breon Hunter. I am a 21 year old male that has been inspired to pursue a career in the fashion world. I believe with my sophisticated ethnic look and seductive smile that I can show the world that if you continue to dream big, stay positive, surround yourself with positive people, stay focus and make your dreams into reality that you can become anything you want in life. My goals are to continue to learn and educate myself within the fashion and modeling industry. I also want to inspire any and all upcoming modeling to follow their dreams. Modeling is my passion and it’s a great way for me to express myself. I have worked with several local photographers and looking to gain experience with my work. I also hold a pre-nursing degree and not only do I plan to inspire the fashion world but save lives as well. If you see future potential in me, feel free to contact me via email or phone. I will be looking forward to speaking with you and discussing possible opportunities with your industry.
    Physical Attributes
    • DOB: 06/12/1992
    • Gender: Male
    • Sate: SC
    • Country: USA
    • Waist: 34
    • Chest: 38
    • Sleeve: 32
    • Neck: 15″ 1/2
    • Shoe Size: 9
    • Height: 5’10
    • Weight: 170
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Ethnicity: African American and Caucasian
    • Skin Color: Light Brown Skin
    • Experience: Aspiring Model/ Seeking to gain more experience
    • Piercings: Only Ears
    • Tattoo: Several Tattoos/ Not visible with clothing on.
    • Travel: I don’t mind

    Contact Information
    • Email:

  71. Ashley
    Thin; 107 pounds
    Brown Eyes
    Brown Hair
    Waist: 26″
    Bust: 32B
    Hips: 35″
    Dress Size: 0/2
    21 years old
    I am from Michigan. I am extremely motivated, hard working, fast learner and I believe that I do have what it takes for this.

  72. I think I would be a great candidate for this show because I’m open minded, willing to learn, and can take criticism. I’m 5’7″, 140lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. I have a different and unique look to me. I’m ambitious, out going, out spoken, unique, sweets heart, and willing to take that extra push to succeed. I don’t cry, I don’t argue, I look at the goal and run with it. I don’t let people discourage me in doing what I want to do in life, and nobody will stand in my way. I’m from California, lives in japan for 9 years, due to my father being in the military. I’m beautiful with and without makeup, I don’t make it my #1 priority to out on makeup everyday because I’m confident with myself, and know IM ME!

  73. 5’11
    curvy ( i will admit i am not a size 0-5, but i got the looks
    spunky, into the older fashions
    i get many “compliments” how i should model for plus size women. I just make the mark to be considered as plus size. (there arent many plus size models out there…
    i will do and be what it takes.

  74. 5’8
    Own style
    Brown eyes
    Long hair
    Brown hair
    Chest 32
    Waist 26
    Hips 34
    22 years old girl from Maryland. Motivated, ambition is priceless. I have what it takes.

  75. Hi my name is rickeshia im 21years old im 5’3 i love taking pic of myself this is my passion my dream to become model

  76. Hi! :)
    I’m 50% Greek, and 50% Ukrainian. (I’m strong like bull… haha)
    I was born & raised in Canada but now live in Tampa Bay, Florida. I came from the snow, and now love the beach! :)
    I would love to show you my unique look :)
    I am very energetic, ambitious, and always ready.
    With life’s crazy way of throwing everything at you at once, I’ve learned how to balance, prioritize, and simply breathe.
    Unique look:)
    Hair: brown (reddish ombré) right now lol
    Eyes: brown eyed girl ;)

    I would embrace this opportunity of a lifetime, and have fun while remembering that it will be a “job” and to maintain professionalism, accept constructive criticism, and punctuality.
    Thanks so much
    Catherine (Calee) Vavoulas

  77. *****************************
    Hi my Name is Andrea Johnson im only 21 i was burned in a fire on my arms and chest in 2012. I would love to have the opportunity to show the world that you can still model and act and follow your dreams no matter what happens in life. I think the face should be an opportunity to show the world you dont have to be scarless to be considered *BEAUTIFUL* i have scars on both my arms that have healed and i think the show would get a huge response if it was different, and inspiring!
    If chosen for the position you wont be dissapointed!

  78. Hello,

    I am Carissa Nia I am 20 years old and I currently live in Orange County CA! I am 5’10” and 110 pounds.
    My measurements are:
    Race: Hispanic
    I would love to be considered for the casting of The Face! I have no experience modeling, but I would love to be trained and taught the right way by The Face!
    Thank you for your time and for this awesome opportunity!
    -Carissa Nia

  79. I’m 5’2″ and I know that is incredibly short for the modeling world but if I am taught by the best I truly believe I can succeed and be some fierce competition!

  80. 23 years old
    Blue/green eyes, they do what they feel
    Light brown hair, but can pull off dark and blonde
    From PA, pretty outgoing and out there personality
    Fun, optimistic, athletic and funny
    I’m not the super skinny girl, I never have been. I’ve recently started going to the gym again to get my athletic body back.

  81. 23 years old
    Blue/green eyes, they do what they feel
    Light brown hair, but can pull off dark and blonde
    From PA, pretty outgoing and out there personality
    Fun, optimistic, athletic and funny
    I’m not the super skinny girl, I’ve started going to the gym a

  82. I am An aspiring model and I would be perfect for this show. I’m full of energy and have a strong runway walk. I photograph very well and I have a positive attitude.
    134 lbs
    Brown hair and eyes

  83. I’m 5’11 and have recently became a size 0, 1, or 2 depending on the brand. I’ve lost the weight and and worked hard to get to be the woman I am now. My only dream has been to become a model. I really think and know that I could be the Next face for someone amazing.

  84. If given the opportunity, I know in my soul that I can be the next great model to hit the runway for years to come. You definitely won’t be disappointed. I also want it to be known that when you see my photos, all my hair is all MY hair.

  85. Inspire to be inspired. Life artisté. The creative type. Soul searcher. Photography/fashion obsessed. The curious and passionate lifestyle. World traveler. Life lover.

    Very interested :)
    105 lbs
    blue eyes
    dirty blonde ombre hair

  86. hey, i’m kyenta and I’m 14 years old (yes young but I’m look older!) my dream since childhood to be a model and will work hard. I’m not a quitter :)I’m tall
           hair color: blond-brown
           eyes: blue
           Length: 1m70
           long hair
    I love challenges! but my only gripe is that I live in Belgium and not in America, and I really hate that but then later I live there anyway, I hope you read this!!

  87. Hi! I’m Stephanie and I a would absolutely love an opportunity like this! I have been intrigued with modeling and photography and the entire fashion industry as a whole ever since I can remember. It would be a dream to be a part of it and I believe I could leave a mark on this world. Please consider me.

    113 lbs
    Eyes color: Hazel
    Hair color: Brown (very curly/ biracial)

    Thank you.

  88. Hi, my name is Kayla and I would love to be considered for this.

    Age: 22
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown

  89. My name is Talia and I am 20 years old. Have been trying to break into the modeling industry for a little now. I do not have a ton of experience, I have only done photo shoots for local photographers. I do know that I am a hard worker and would love to be considered for this opportunity. I am not a size 0, and I have been turned down for having “too much junk in the trunk.” I do not want to be judged by that. I would love the opportunity to show you that I have what it takes.

  90. Hello, my name is Bonnie Chan and I am 24 years old. I would be honored to be considered for this part.

    33, 23, 34
    110 pounds
    big brown eyes, long black hair and bright smile.

  91. I am 20 years old, 5’3, 110 lbs, brown/blue eyes, natural blonde but dark headed at the moment. In the past, I have modeled for a few boutiques, online sites, calendars, ASI, and the Australian Swim Illustration. I am a current college student in my second year, and the Administrative assistant for an upcoming country/lake resort. People say that I’m 20 going on 40 because it’s always work work work. I love to travel. I love the camera. I am not looking to get rich, I learned a long time ago that wealth is just not in the cards for me. I did not go to any fancy private schools and my parents never spent loads of money for any acting/modeling classes. I am always wanting to try something new and I never pass up an opportunity to do something that I would never really have the chance to do again. I am sure there are tons of young girls throwing themselves at every person they see to try to get in the spot light and that’s just not me. If I get passed by, at least I tried. I can tell you that I am a hard worker, fast learner, way too dedicated, and I do not like to fail, therefore, I am not likely to allow myself to do so. If I fit the profile, that’s wonderful, if I do not, thanks for the opportunity =)

  92. 20 years young
    Brown eyes
    blonde hair
    I am one who loves art and seeing beautiful people and things. MODELING just inspires me to express myself through fashion and photography.

  93. Rianna
    25 years old
    34B,25,39 – measurements
    Brown eyes
    Dark brown hair
    I would like more information on this please.
    This is my dream in the making. I would be honored to be considered!

  94. Im 19 years of age 5’8 1/2 , with a weight of 130 and have passion to model. Giving the oppertunity to be a member of the Face is more than words could explain. I would love to recieve more information about your casting. thank you for considering my response! Awaiting yor response*

  95. This has been a dream of mine ever since I was a child. I would do anything to have an opportunity like this.

    Height- 5’2

  96. Hello! My name is candice Johnson and one thing about me that is different from all girls or models is that I will never ever stop. My passion is to become a model is just a feeling I can never get rid of and I love to do it because modeling was meant for me to keep going. I love working with other people to help get. Job done so I hope and pray this this the gig I’ve been looking for ! God bless candice Johnson

  97. I am very interested in this opportunity and would love to hear more.
    I have some experience with both acting/modeling and have moved to New York to dive into the Industry.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • I fit this criteria, except I have brown eyes and brown hair all natural. Please review my app. thank you

    • Hi my name is ashley im very interested in this oppertunity ive always wanted to be a model its been my passion for as long as i can remember. I have brown hair blue eyes im fit 5’4 and weigh 123.

    • i am 5’10 118 pounds very high cheek bones…african american very beautiful brow eyes black hair please take time and review my app…

    • Hello,

      My name is Breanna. Just call me Bree! I know reading these are always soooo fun! No sarcasm; maybe some! But to get to what I was saying this story is worth the reading! I’m an aspiring freelance model. Currently living in Pittsburgh pa. I am 5’3, 137 pounds, brown hair, and brown eyes. If you look at my link there isn’t much to say. All through high school I was a bigger girl so I had to make a decision if I wanted to lose weigh or just live with it. Of course I lost it. I originally lost the weigh because I wanted to join the army be a military broadcast journalist. Then a time last year I was in the hospital a shadow was found and I was told I had a inoperable brain tumor. That meaning no army for me! My heart was broke of course but then I said I needed to get out and let women, and men both know not to let a set back actually be a set back. You have to want it. And I’m still working on losing weigh. But I know with the right coaches and team behind me I will continue. I have the face! And the story! Let’s show the world! Please email me I can send my portfolio by email!

    • I dont fit that description to be honest. I am 18 years old, 5’7 and i weigh 130 ibs. I am from the Dominican Republic, i have brown hair , brown eyes i am very fit and i know that i can bring it. Ive had a passion for modeling all my life and i am completley determined to showcase my talent and wow anyone who doesnt believe in me.

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