Single Moms Club Auditions –

Tyler Perry Auditions - Single Moms Club

Tyler Perry has announced his latest film “Single Moms Club”, and he’s in need of talent for the project.Tyler Perry Auditions - Single Moms Club

If you haven’t heard, Tyler Perry seems to have the Midas touch, literally everything he touches turns to gold and I bet the same will hold true for this upcoming film.

The plot is short and vague still, but what we do know is that a group of single mothers need to come together, put aside their difference even though they come from different lifestyles and neighborhoods, and support each other when an event occurs at their children’s school.

Tyle Perry will also be starring in this film, but no mention yet if our beloved Madea will make an appearance.

If you’re an actress between the ages of 28 and 45 this could be the perfect opportunity to land a role in a Tyler Perry film.

More information regarding this Tyler Perry casting call coming soon, stay tuned!

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. I am a single parent of 6 children. I am most interested in joining the Tyler Perry acting crew as well as have a few show ideas for him. Please contact at above email address for further details. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. I am a struggling single mother of four boys,one girl, between the ages of 3-14yrs. I want mostly not to appear as a failure to my family, these children are all I have and I am all they have. We live in the Virgin Islands away from my family. We were never close. I am trying all I can to give them a better life than the current one we have. It’s hard to hear them say we’re poor, because it has become difficult to provide them with all they need. There’s nothing I’m not willing to do to change our situation for a better one. Give me a chance at anything you have available. I’ll do what it takes to make myself shine.

  3. Hi Mr.Perry. I would love to say how god is good and how he has blessed you in every way and may he keep on blessing you I love all your shows and movies I pray that you will have me on one of your show for single moms cause I’m one I have three woundful kids 16/8/2 one girl and two boys I do my best as far as bring them up in this world we put god first in everything we do in our lives I pray that you give me the chance to show them how god works and if not I steel pray that your show about single moms be a blessing for you once again may god keep you Be Blessed

  4. I can’t compete with anyone here I just hope someone gets the part.everyone is struggling and hoping to be seen.and I wish Tyler Perry could help all of us, but the fact is he’ll never even see these comments. So to throw my putty story in with everyone else with dreams that Tyler Perry will even look at this……..I am a homeless mother of 3 beautiful children who loves to act and only hoping for the best.Good luck everyone

  5. Hello!!! My name Kara and I’m 29 and a single mother of two boys. I live in Cincinnati OH. I would love to have an opportunity to audition for single moms club. I have such a huge support system that relocation wouldn’t be a problem if the part was giving to me. Would love to hear from you.

    Thank you for your time,
    Kara Brown

  6. Im a struggling actress/singer thats 62 years old and retired as a county worker in 2012. I have been taking Improv and Acting classes here in Minnesota. I have filmed as extras so far, but my bucket list includes being active in one of your productions..Please dont hesitate to contact me if you can or would find it in your heart to make my dream a reality..Im also born and raised in Chicago, I plan to move to Atlanta, near your studio in the near future, In Jesus Name.

  7. Hi, Mr. Tyler Perry
    Let me start out by saying, thank you for giving us this opportunity to respond to the auditions, because it seemed impossible to have this opportunity, seem like a dream come true. I would like this opportunity because it will change my life in every way. finacially, emotionally, mentally. i am 27years old. i have always worked hard and and always tried to do the right thing, not losing faith when i have felt like a failure. i know that god open doors for us at the right time and we have to be able to be ready to receive the blessing and take that blessing and use it in the right way. i’ve been push a 100 feet back so many times when i felt like i was getting to a stable place in my life, sometimes i feel like the decisions i make seem to never be the right decision. i’ve set down and evaluated myself and tried to figure out whats the lesson that i’m missing because my blessings seem to be passing me by. i realize that its not how long you wait for your blessing its how you wait. I’m looking for the opportunity to rise above all obstacles and i feel this is my opportunity. i will be great for this audition because i’m living the life of a single mother that has tried so hard to do right by good and be successful. If only you knew my story and the journey i have traveled. you would see why i would be the one for this opportunity. Yes i am a 27 yr old female from the country. HAHA!.. i have a 2month old daughter, and shes the best thing thats ever happen to me. my first and only child. My journey will inspire others because it will show how strong you can be when you have no one but you.

  8. I believe I would be an excellent woman for this because I am a recently divorced single mother of 4. 1 Boy (11) and 3 girls (7,4,2). I was with my ex since high school. Yes we were high school sweethearts. 13 years and we are done for good. I love my children. My life revolves around family and prosperity. One’s life does not end because they are single or divorced. Live life people.

  9. Hello Mr Perry,
    My name is Annemarie Tui i’am 26yrs old and iam from the republic of the Fiji islands,u probably haven’t heard of my country since we are a very small nation only known for a tropical holiday destination but believe me when I say that madea is popular with us.I have the utmost passion for acting and it would be a privilege to score a role with any of your movies,I will confess that iam not a single mother nor do I have any experiences in that field but its the passion that I have for acting and the chance to put myself in a single mothers shoes and be bilingual about both situations being single and being happily married. I pray that I would be considered for a role.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Annemarie. Tui

  10. Hi, Mr. Tyler Perry, my name is Nickeita Brown and I’m a single mom of 5. I do tattoos, cut hair, style hair, and I an a Certified Nurse Assistant to provide for my kids. I’ve been a struggling mom for 8 years and now I’m not struggling and I’m in a happy place in my life. My mom just recently past and she use to always tell me I would be a great actress, and not to mention, she LOVED you, your shows and your movies. She was your biggest fan. So, me to you, I would love to audition for you and show you my talent. Thank you.

  11. It’s an honor and a blessing to respond to a post such as this one…because it only takes one opportunity, and I am thanking you in advance for granting me FAVOR! I pray your family and friends are well and I look forward to hearing from your soon because I am different from all the rest…. Psalms 139:14…Mr. Perry you said, you look for raw and rare talent…well, you don’t have to look no further than my post. Until we meet may the Lord continue to bless all that your hands touch, and may he keep you in his perfect peace. Blessings

    You have just been sprinkled with “A DASH OF SHIRLEY”

  12. Greetings Mr. Perry & Associates,
    I would like to convey my ideation on why considering me, as a candidate, would be good. I am an attractive 26-year-old African American female from South Carolina. I am 5’7”, medium build, brown skinned, and without any tattoos. I am an educated single mother of two youthful boys. I have limited professional development with acting, however, I am confident in my natural abilities to become a successful actress given this opportunity.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration,
    Taquetta Washington

  13. Hi Mr.Perry, I’m not going to sale you some dream. I’m a single mom of 3 girls. I work at an assisting living and have been for the past 10 years. I love what I do but I also love acting and writing. I do a lot of one act plays that I write for my church. Like I said I’m a single mom and I deal with the everyday struggle. Luckily for me I have wonderful parents that keep my kids when I go to work at night. I can only work nights because of my kids having to go to school and I want to be able to help with homework. I’m a simple 32 year old from Selma north Carolina who is looking for a break. Even if its a little part I would be greatf ul for that. It has always been my dream but I put my dreams on hold so that I could raise my kids. They are up in age now to understand. And I know they are proud of the mom I am.They know I make so many sacrifices for them. I feel I am a great fit because I live the life everyday and I know what it feels like to feed your kids and don’t have enough to eat yourself or having all sleep in one room to stay warm because there is no heat but the stove. Being a single parent is hard work and sometimes overwhelming but when I think of my babies and how they are counting on me. I have to man up and grind like no other. Thank you for your time.
    Stay blessed


  15. I’ve always wanted to be apart of such a great organization such as Tyler Perry Studios. I have multiple talents and would love to share it with a wide range of audience such as this. I look forward to working with you very soon. Thank you in advance, Vickie S. Thomas

  16. Hello, I would like to thank you in advance for reading my post. I am a 34 year old single mother of seven beautiful children ranging from 18 years old to two years old. I was married for 8 yrs. I know that I would be a great candidate if chosen to play a role in a movie. I have so much experience and wisdom to share and express to men, women and children who still struggle within the phases of life and the mental state of mind of the trying to figure out the unknown but yet feeling so lost within ones-self. I have personal experience as an actress mothering my children, sharing my life with their fathers through trying times and hardships. I also struggled with not wanting to be a single parent like my mom was to me and my three brothers. I feel I have so much to give back to the world through acting. This opportunity would be a pivotal moment for me and my children. I know that my children too have the skills and talents to be actors and actresses. I challenge you Tyler, to give me a script and I will I will glow with beautiful colors.

  17. I have independent talents that, I believe, will lend a very pronounced air of authenticity to any character I endeavor to portray. My acting pedigree, while limited, bespeaks the quality and skill with which I am well endowed. In each of three theatrical productions I have been cast as the undisputed lead. Most, in describing me would cite my intellect as a defining quality. This is an important trait in theater, adaptability and the ability to comprehend direction and flow of a production are of central value to any director. I have a comedic bent but I am very willing to undertake any dramatic role and Im certain I can do so with aplomb. Let me take you to the Oscars Mr. Perry. Take a chance, you will never regret it. God bless! I am also an excellent writer!

  18. I am a huge fan of all your work! I have often felt that I could play different roles in acting if given the opportunity. I recently auditioned for a short film locally. I had so much fun learning the back ground of the story line and the character. It enabled me to hone in on my character. It was my first time and I nailed it. I was offered the part right on the spot! I would love the opportunity to grow as an actress and gain experience.

  19. I am a 42 year old woman who raised four children on my own it wasn’t easy but I stayed praying and listen to my grandmother I think I did a good job my oldest is in the navy my daughter works and go to college she has her own apartment with no kids my to other son both work …

  20. Hey its me again well let me tell you this being a single mother means wearing a lot of hats. I have had to endure make away outta no way all with a smile. Lol …….but God yes He help me and being a part of this Single Ladies movement would be more than a honor to me to help some of my younger sisters that’s in this new age struggle. We live and learn through each other and that’s how we encourage and help the next single lady.

  21. Good evening….My name is Collette Duncan. I am a single parent of two, Zayda (12) and Zyair (6). I must first say that I love your work and look forward to working with you should I be granted the opportunity. I would love to be a part of this project as I am a single mother with day to day trials and issues. I know that we can all overcome if we unite rather than separating and judging one another. I love guiding and growing my children righteously and helping anyone who needs help, as long as I’m able. Thank you for your consideration. I wish you the best…..

  22. Hello. I would like to be considered as a candidate for the “Single Mom’s Club.” I have been a single mom before my son was even born. The father walked out when I was pregnant. My son now plays three sports in high school. I also take care of both of my aging parents. There are no other family members to help me in my situation. As a result, I am always on the go, trying to keep it together. It has been a long journey. However, I am able to thank God for the strength to keep me going through it all. I have been blessed to have a great teenage man. I wouldn’t change anything. Currently, my career has been teaching in urban education. I am interested in a career change and I think I could bring insight and inspiration into your project. Thank you for time and consideration.

  23. I am a 28 year old diverse woman with a 6 year old beautiful little GIRL that has the talent to woah anybody she comes in contact with I TOOK in my uncle’s youngest son an have been going thru things that have changed me in MANY aspects in LIFE I also have a past of HURT that I won’t let pull me down cause my faith is strong as a Mustard seed I don’t play victim cause that’s not what is in my plans that GOD has planed for me.. I am from Newark NJ I just relocated to Georgia just me an my baby GIRL an had in mind to help everyone that figured it was impossible YES I got slapped silly with reality but my intentions are still the same to help not belittle NOR down grade anyone. I have admired your STORY since Day 1 an if anybody can come from a situation with certain obstacles what makes me think I can’t I can become a doctor an still live LIFE the rite way so with that said I’M all about CHANGE an helping the next person. My personality is strong as well an my morals but that doesn’t mean a nasty attitude will defer me.
    Thanks for the time you or your staff TOOK out READ this I Thank you for the opportunity to even be considered.
    Chandrah Jackson

  24. Hello My name is Sharae single mother of 4 ages are 4,5,6 & 7. IM very multi talented mother. I believe I’m a good candidate for any acting base off my life. ..almost every play you written I’ve been through. You are not a fan of mine just an idol that I look up to! It helps me get through my days. If I was chosen you wouldn’t regret your choice. Thanks in advanced! Hope you can give me a chance to meet you. At least that would make my day

  25. My dream is to be an actor for a lead.I’ve been a extra for too long now I just need one shot to Audition……. Plus I have the lpok of a bad boyfriend lol

  26. Dear Tyler,
    My story is not extraordinary, however, it is my own. I am a young women wo used to be lively and passionate on the stage and one day gave it up for a “real job”. I loathe with all my heart the mundane repetition of my desk job life and yearn for the excitement, pleasure, and freedom I once felt when I would perform on stage. I am a huge fan of your work, but that is not the reason for my reply. I am writing because I appreciate the truth behind the comedic and sometimes poignant pieces you share with the world. I would truly be honored and overjoyed to be a part of such passion, creativity, and blatant fearlessness of expression. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  27. Hi Tyler, my name is Ashley and I am a 25 year old single parent of 5 boys aged from 7 to 2. I have been through a lot of hardships and struggle with my boys. I dropped out of highschool in my senior year to work because I was pregnant. I was to the point of giving up I almost thought about giving them up but it came to a point in my life when I stayed in the shelter with my boys and realized that I can’t give up. So at the age of 22 I went and got my GED and now I’m currently in beauty school. I am still a work in progress but I will never think about giving up again. I hope u take me into consideration .. Thank you

  28. I have recently moved to California from Georgia as my husband accepted a job out here. I am having a difficult time adjusting to the change and being away from my family for the first time in my life. I have always had intrest in acting so I have decided to look at this move as an opportunity for me to persue some of my dreams. I have never auditioned for anything due to stage fright but I am ready to step out on faith that I am ment for greater things. I’m not sure what this move means for me but I am ready to explore my options. Thank you, Rolanda Young

  29. Hi my name is Porscha Gilliam and I am very interested. Mr. Perry you are truly a inspiring person. You show that with a dream and a mindset you can accomplish anything. I am a young mother. I have 2 Beautiful little girls. We had our first daughter back in high school, I was only 16. A girl who was good at all sports, a girl who loved to dance and sing. Just talents beyond Measures. You inspire me to believe that in the mist of it all you can still achieve your Dreams.

  30. Hi Tyler

    I am an African American single mother of 2 boys ages15 & 8. I have a story to tell. I have overcome some struggling but due to my faith in God I am glad to say we are getting by. Both of my boys can act. The older one has had leading roles in plays and the younger is following behind. I just do not know the right people to help push them with there acting. I also work many hours to make sure these boys have what I did not. I would love the opportunity for myself or my boys to have a role in your upcoming film. I am sure we could give you what you are looking for. Thank you.

  31. Hello Mr. Tyler Perry. My name is Tina Porter. Sorry because I have no experience I have no video for acting. But i have included a video from a Walmart contest. You can see my look….how I talk…how I do at presentations @ plz search SCHOOL LOGO BELT. It should come right up. I am single mom of three…ages 25..23..16. I am a well diverse individual, I can take constrictive criticism, I work very hard,I’m dependable, I’m funny,and I’m a serious straight to business kinda girl. I am extremely creative… include network engineering, graphic designing (taught myself) 15+ years. I have experience tragic things in my life. My kids are my back bone. Some tragic things are…being abused 20+ years for trying to protect me,and my kids…getting diagnosed with a few illnesses….. Thank GOD they are not visible illnesses, having paralysis 6 months, near Death twice….digging up my dead grandma and having to look at her after three years of being dead. I use to live a middle class life…after being laid off from Sprint I
    as a supervisor for Network Engineers…I then started my own graphic design business…my only problem is financing. So I need this job to try and take my kids back to what they are use to middle class living. And to open my Dream graphic designing factory. I know all aspects of being not just a mom …but an amazing mom!! With 150%devotion!!! I know I may be dreaming , but I have nothing to lose but alot to gain!!!! Thanks Inadvance

  32. Hi my name is Javauneeka jacobs o am african american & I am currently a senior at Harvard high school Illinois, I will graduating three months from now and I still am undecided in what I will do afterwards my parents always tell me do what you have passion in & I want to be an actris but it’s kind of a risky business out there and I will need something to fall back on… At the end of the day I just want to be successful in anything that I choose to do I have crazy work ethic “whats the point of being successful if you don’t have to work hard?” well I don’t know where life is going to take me but hopefully giving me an opportunity at this audtion will give me an idea. Thank you!

  33. Single mom of one Handsome lil man! I’m 24. Fun. Energetic. Versatile. Athletic. & Love to smile. I’m 5’2/5’7 with heels. 120.

  34. I’m a single mother of one but plan on having more. I love people and making people happy, I love making people laugh and smile. Always the first to try to make someone feel better when they are down. I’ve had a hard experience in life but I look forward to the future and make the best of what I have. I’ve watched every movie and I get more inspired every time I watch them, there are great meanings to every one. I would love to be part of the inspiration, I love inspiring people. I’m an emotionally deep person with a lot of outlook and experience on life. Even if I don’t get the opportunity, I wish anyone who does the best luck and best luck with every movie. Thank you, have a blessed day.

  35. Hi Mr. Perry,

    I am a 24 year old single mother to a 3 year old blessing named Quormelo. My story is quite long but try and make it short, my son waws born premature because I had preemclampsia. During my stay in the hospital I’ve had hard times with his father. Before I was admitted into the hospital, I was contacted by his other baby mother saying that she was pregnant as well. So I dealt with a lot while on bed rest. After my son was born, he comes to the hsopital and signs the birth certificate but then weeks later I am being told that he is doubting that my son is his. A month after my son comes home, I hear nothing from him. Three months go by and I still haven’t seen nor heard from him. So I put him on child support. A month after that he pops up with animosity demanding that I take him off. Well of course I didn’t so another month has passed and the other baby mother has had her child. I began seeing pictures of them together taking care of her son, when mine is left unnoticed and fatherless. Yes I was hurt and upset and my mother and father seen it. So my mother began talking to me and praying for me, she told me to do so as well and I did just that. Right before my son turned 2, his dad was incarcerated for murdering his other son. Never recieved help from his dad nor his dad’s family. Never recieved child support and tbh I never looked for it because God was our provider. This situation made me a stronger woman and mother. I’ve never looked for any handouts from anyone. But I was always told that you can never mess with God’s people. Since day one all i asked was that his dad just spent time with him because time is more valuable than materialistic things. Materialistic things can always be replaced but time can never be. I just have my mom and dad as my support system and has been breaking my back to have a good, successful future for my son and I. Im not there yet and will not stop until I get there. If I never make it on this show I still hope that some single mothers sees my story and understand that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, NEVER GIVE UP, TRUST GOD BECAUSE HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU. HE’S EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND WANT HIM TO BE. HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!! SO HOLD YOUR HEAD UP AND KEEP GOING BECAUSE THIS IS NEVER THE END, GOD BLESSED YOU WITH YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN FOR A REASON. ALWAYS THANK HIM AND PRAISE HIM IN ADVANCE BECAUSE THINGS COULD HAVE BEEN A LOT WORSE.

    Mr. Perry you are an awsome man. You have inspired me in so many ways. I just would like to thank you.

    JaQuila B.

  36. I can start just by saying, I have a dream and I’m going to persue it. I believe success starts with making a decision, this is mine. This is a passion and that’s why I should be considered. Tyler Perry and his team’s dedication to fill the seats for his plays when he first began is the same dedication I have to leave this comment and continue until I’m considered. Thank you for the opportunity.

  37. My name is Debbie Stephenson and I feel GOD is using you for my medicine to heal me from all mistakes of a Single mother.
    1. Stopped putting GOD first
    2. Oldest Son murdered
    3. Youngest Son in prison doing 10 years.
    4. Disrespecting Mother
    5. Became obsessed with alcohol
    All this throughout my life as a Single Mom struggling
    to raise two son’s alone. I feel that this is what I need to get all this out so I can move forward with life. I am that soon to be 60 yr. old young woman who posted but forgot to give name. I also live in California. Please consider and help me thru this nightmare that I carry.

  38. I am a single mother of two boys ages 20 and 17 I was married to their father for about five years earlier in our oldest sons childhood but things didn’t work so we divorced before I gave birth to our youngest. So I was blessed with the awesome task of raising these young men by myself along with my family and church family. My kids and I have seen our fair share of ups and downs from being homeless having to live with someone who wasn’t family to only after being there a few months put us out, but not before God stepped in and blessed us with a house. There is so much to my story & that was only a mere fraction a small one at that where I could never tell it all it would take a lifetime, but through every failed attempt every test every obstacle we are still standing and my youngest is about to graduate from high school and go off to college, my oldest son has finally gotten it together and now he is about to go to college as well. When I watch any of your shows Mr.Perry I see my life reflected through them and it hurts sometimes and it makes me laugh all the time, it’s almost as if you were sitting across the street watching my life unfold. I thank God for a man like you with your gifts and talents keep pushing forward and keeping God first. I’ve always told my boys everything I do is to make sure they have all that they need no matter if it’s working 7 days a week averaging 50+ hours a week being the overseer I had to make sure they didn’t go without, since after my three car accidents last year I haven’t been able to work but being able to just do something that would make my family proud would truly be a blessing.

    God bless you and thanks for your time
    Travandra Blocker
    42 years olds

  39. Hi,
    I’m a single mother of 3 amazing boys (9 & 11). I currently got discharged from the U.S.Army after serving 2 years in Iraq. I now reside in Atlanta, GA and looking to start something new. No more military for me unless it’s in a acting role. I have a very outgoing personality and I know I will do well at acting.

  40. If your looking for a young 18 year old African American girl passionate and up for anything thrown at her. Willing to get out of my confront zone to make any situation perfect. I promise I will not let you down if you pick me.

  41. Good Day,

    l am a single mom of 2 lovely boys that form the centre of my existence. Whilst my story has been for the greater part a tragedy, l have been able to harness my strength and triumph in the face of adversity. l would appreciate the opportunity to share my story with the world because l believe my story is so compelling as to leave a lasting impression and hopefully make a difference in society. It has always been my dream to share my story with the world and to lend voice to many a women who have been victims of circumstance and on the other hand encourage women to shake off the victim mentality and become victorious despite all odds.

  42. Hi Tyler I am looking for to meeting you and auditioning for you! Thank you for opening up the door for African American actors in Hollywood! You are a blessing!!!

  43. Hello Mr. Perry

    I am a single mother of 2 girls, one 17 and the other 10. I was once marriage but divorced. I went through the whole struggle of divorcing and now single raising my kids on my own. I was devastated at one point but then I forgave after awhile because I didn’t want to hold un-forgiveness any longer and plus the Bible says to forgive those despitefully use you. I had a lot of ups and downs being married and being single, lot of heart ache but I always remembered that God was on my side and that He cares for me.

    I love who you are and what you have accomplished no matter the obstacles. God Bless you and your family

    Thank you

  44. Hello Tyler Perry my name is Maya and I am a single mother of one child her name is Maya as well.I actually jus happpend to see this and seen you was doing a movie on single moms an their lives.I loved the fact that evry movie that you have that comes out you nailed each movie because u have real life in it and I know through God all things are possible and you know that and to have tht gift to show gods work thru movies is a blessing honestly I jus want this opportunity to make my daughter proud of me and show her whats right from wroung im still in a working progress praying for better

  45. I am a 30 year old single mother of 2. I have a 3 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. I think i would be perfect for one of your movies. I do not have a college degree nor do i have any type of training. But i AM a driven, hard working, flamboyant, outspoken, funny and confident woman. Give me a task and it will get done. No questions asked. Am a perfectionist and when i want it, i go get it. And i want this. More than anything, i NEED my dream to come true. I know i could be a part of this production and nail it. Just give me one chance to prove it.

  46. Hello my name is fernando martin and am a very good acted an a singer and am from jamaica and I really like your shows and am 15 years old looking for a part in an show to change me a and my mom and my two brothers life for ever please I have big dreams since I was a kid growing up please my number 18764055563

  47. I am a single mom of 4!!! If there is anything to know about naturally playing a single mom, I know it!! I have a dream of acting in a Tyler Perry project. I think I would be an ideal candidate! Thanks!

  48. Hi Mr.Perry,
    Please take time out to review over a diamond in the rough.I do not have professional acting skills but I am a natural character.I am a writer. I do spoken words,even if you feel this isn’t the audition for me I would still be a great use.I stay in Dallas,Tx.I was adopted and from there my life is its own testimony. Its not about money,its not about fame,you are inspiration truely.Every day I wake up and go with my daily routine but my God-size dream has a burning that no one understands. My biological family I do not talk to and its a good chance they no not care.My adopted family is only doing their part which is verbally supporting me.Besides my greatest fears I send my prayers up and in tune with my inner spirit. It’s becoming more than a feeling or an emotion.I lost sleep every night,sitting and writing and praying for chance.Lord knows this is my passion.If I never receive anything in this life I’m confident my writings will tell many stories for years.The reason I respect and honor a man such as your self because you knew the struggle(I’m in the struggle) Please don’t let a talent be over looked.All I think about is plays,short films,writing, being behind the scene knowing that my voice matter and I’m wanted. Even if its not real,having a casted family and being needed is more than I have right now.
    Thank you from reading.
    Even if I do not get the part please email me



  50. Hi Tyler, my name is Christina and I am a single mother of two boys ages 17 and 21. I am one of your biggest fans and love all your movies and plays. It would be a blessing to part of anything thats involves working with you. I work full time and I am also going back to college part time to obtain my B.S. at Wilmington University in Dover, Delaware. I’m a singer in my church choir for more than six years. I want to show my boys that anything is possible with hard work and a lot of prayer. I have been in my high school play and a college play, so I have done little acting. My older son is also an inspiring actor that would love to be part of any of your up coming auditons. He has already co-stared in our small town movie called “Gods Amazing Grace” where he played a character called Sonny. I was also part of the choir sence in the movie and an extra in the ouside court sence. Clifton Davis also stared in our movie. It was wonderful meeting and working with him. Please Mr. Perry, I invited you to go online and check out “Gods Amazing Grace the Movie”. This movie has received national awards. It would be a blessing to be considered for any part in the Single Moms Club Audition. I am looking forward hearing from you. Thank you and God Bless!

  51. Hello,I am 36 years old and have 5 daughters,ages,21,19,twins thats14 an 11 year old,the three youngest live with me,and its crazy around my house with 3 young girls, and the way i always have to fuss do to certain situations with each one of them,the personalities, the comedians,the fussers,the ggossipers,the dancers,the beauty queens,we have it all in my house,never acted before but beibg a single mom,it seems like acting but its for real,im mommy and daddy around my house,i would be a great candidate for this one.

  52. 26yr old single mother of a handsome boy, in result of a rape, born and raised in Arkansas, started singing in church and singing in acting in school and college, dropped out of high school and college due to hard times, i work for the state but living out of my car, i would be a great collection to your team because i am a rare and natural talent who needs to provide and always up for taking in and learning something new, i give all praises to God no matter the situation for i am his daughter and he is ahead of my household

  53. Don’t forget to include the real life white single mom who had her interracial baby at 36 yrs. old , who because of health issues cannot work and lives in public housing. if you’re gonna make a movie about single moms you should include all of them and their struggles. There’s plenty of us out here noone cares about.Our stories should be told. Thank You

  54. Hello Mr. Perry,
    I would like to be considered because I can totally relate. I am a single mother of three. I have 2 boys an 8th grader and an 11th grader at home. Also, my daughter is a Dean list honor student in her Sophmore year in college. With the grace of God I’ve been able to raise my children for 14 years as a single mother though it has been a struggle, I never complained but, I asked God to strengthen me in the struggle to come out stronger. I do have dreams of becoming a gospel singer however, I put my dreams on hold to allow my children to have some level of normal life. I believe God for everything and every opportunity given to me. I would love to audition for you so that I can finally live a dream I’ve had since I was young.
    God Bless.

  55. Dear Mr. Tyler Perry,

    My name is Tawanna Wesley and I’m a 36 years old. I was a single mother for a long time of 3 boys. I have now been married for almost 8 years now so I know you can still find love out there. I was 15 years old when I had my first child. I was 18 when my mother and father passed away and a month later after my mother passing I had my second child. In those 2 relationships i was abused. I had it hard and was basically homeless. I had my third child at 23 and i was not with his father neither. I can go on and on about the life I had but you really would need time to understand. I can end this with by the time my youngest child was 5 I was marring the man I have now been with for 8 years come 03/24/2015.

  56. Hello, Mr. Perry. I would love to be in your film “Single Moms Club”. I hope to represent a positive role model for other single mothers. I am a single mom who raised three grown children. I returned to school and acquired a masters degree in clinical psychology and a bachelors degree in liberal studies. In addition, I have acting experience in TV, movies, and music videos.


  58. Tyler, this is me Heather, you don’t me but hopefully on day you will.I never have done acting before or any kind of talent show ect.. But I think I have a gift from god in which I like to share to the world. If only I can get a chance to do so with no other than you. Hopefully I can meet you soon and we can do business and give the people what they are looking for!!

  59. I just want to make people laugh that’s my ministry and I’m down to earth that’s one of my character I think I could be what Mr Perry is looking for in my opinion thank you

    I may not be most qualified seeing that i’m only 20 years of age, also i reside in the Bahamas. I am far from the best singer and I have 2 left feet so m dancing is more of a bop and shuffle (lol). But I am the only child of a single mother, Who ,at age 17, gave birth to me. I’ve watched my mom struggle day in and out. sleeping in vans, stripping, dating jerks just to make sure i didn’t have to live the life she lived. all of your work have been inspirational and influential in my life but this title speak in volumes. I would love a chance to play a role in your scripts. If I have to move I will do just that. its been my dream to be an actor.. wwmd?

  61. Mr. Tyler Perry,
    I am a 28 year old single mother of 2 and widow . My oldest daughter’s father passed away and my youngest daughter’s father is a complete dead beat and I know many of the struggles and test of a single mother I feel as though I would very interested a role in ur upcoming success.

  62. Hello Mr.Perry!!!, I would LOVE TO audition for Single Mom’s Club!, although I am 56 yrs.old!, I do not look it!,I’ve been told between 40-45!, sometime younger!, ai have had the pleasure of auditioning for you before!, Tom Joyner Cruise 2014!, There is where I found out that I LOVE ACTING!, it was where I should have been all along!, But went into HAIR&MAKEUP!, as my mother requested!, I have been in the Entertainment Business for 18 yrs., have been a COSMETOLOGIST for 34! behind the camera, NOW,, I’d love to be in front!, I believe if you give me a chance, you WON’T regret it!, hope to see you soon!

  63. Hello my name is Kirstie Wiggins. I am 27 years old and a single mother of two boys and two girls. I sing and dance; even though, I have not danced since my younger days but it is still in me. I have so much potential that I can bring. Being a single mother is not easy and I would enjoy telling my story so that I may help someone in need. I believe that God has placed this on my heart so that the world may see. I hope I get the opportunity of working with you.

  64. I come alive when I’m onstage. Talented, tenacious, Vivacious 29 yr. Old single African American mother of 1. My beautiful son’s name is Johnathan Green. Tyler I’ve been waiting for you. I feel as tho working with you could not only make our financial situation better but, I would come into flourish in and take back my dream,that I almost let the devil still from me. I hadn’t been the best mother to my son out of fear of raising my son alone. Yet I’m getting better everyday. I went to Prarie View University just to study acting. I wasn’t the professor’s favorite actress I guess you could say at the time. Oh but, one day I acted out a monologue that knocked him out. In front of the entire class. He Screamed out ” That’s what I’m talkin about raw emotion”. Professor Turner made me understand that I have the glow. Lol! Mr. Tyler Perry I want to start by thanking you right now for giving me this opportunity. Trust I’m worth it. Also I was refered to you by a previous actor who started in one of your plays. His name is Jacobbi Harris. Thank you for your time God bless.

  65. Mr. Perry,
    It would be a dream come true to work for you and with you on any upcoming movie/show. I am a woman who knows all about being a single mother. After mom son’s dad and I ended a horrible, abusive relationship of three years, I found out that I was blessed with a baby boy. His father, or should I say speed donor, denied him. Without the support of my family, I would not have made it thus far. I am the role that you are creating in your movies and would like a chance to release my feelings and emotions on screen so that all women who are going through the same thing can know that they are not alone. Taking a chance on me, you won’t regret it…. I promise. I look forward to being a part of your cast and crew! Love is God!

  66. Hello, Mr.Perry
    I first want to say you are truly a great man! Thank you for even putting a chance for us (non celebrities) to have a chance to follow our dreams or to mark off something on our bucket list. I would love the opportunity to be apart of this project. I am 32 with 3 children. I have been living here in Ga for about 2 1/2 years now. I have always wanted to become an successful actress, and although I have been blessed with the opportunity to take part in a few films I really couldn’t do as much as I wanted having little help with my babies. I would love to be apart of this project and utilize my life experiences and turn all my negatives to great giving myself a piece of mind knowing I learned, overcame and made any bad times that I had into a great experience/opportunity.
    Thanking you in advance! Hope to hear from you soon!

  67. I have never been on stage before nor do I have any acting skills. I was told I missed my calling. I am just an ordinary woman who works, socializes, andpcome home. I can’t give you any spectacular reasons why I should be picked but I can say if given a chance you will not be disappointed in my capabilities and you or your staff may see potential. If not, then I can say I gave it a try. So no I can’t say I have all this experience because I dont, but I can say I know I will be great. Thank you

  68. Hi Tyler Perry , My name is Shavis Wright i love your shows and movies I’m a mother of four and a grandmother.I’m 35 years old I been through a lot in my lifetime I have four children and the struggle has been real for me and my family I’m not here to give you a sad story of my life and I have no experience acting but I’m a very fast learner I would love to have a shot in any play or movie

  69. Im a down home girl with a story to tell 28 years old With 4 children single mother. Striving everyday to make sure We stay afloat. From Working 16 hr days with a disabled child. Fighting for custody of my son who was took from me when I was 19. I had my first child At 17. Lost a track scholarship and my mother passed all in the same Year. Since then ive been on my own trying to make the best of what education and skills I do have to take care of my babies. I feel like I have a calling also a testimony because ive been through so much at my age and im still pushing. I really hope I am considered for a audition with You mr Tyler Perry.

  70. Hi everyone, I’m Halayna, a 32 year old black female, I am a single parent of one lovely young boy. I love to act however, I’ve never done it before, other in the mirror. I sing and write, I have recorded a few songs written by me. I’m spiritual, honest, outspoken, outgoing, and fun to be around.
    I believe that everyone should have a chance at doing what their heart desires, and if your number one desire is to be one with the lord, then all else will be fulfilled.

  71. I’m a single mom and
    I have friends who also single parents wow however I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have an issue playing a role if anything I’d be able to nail it…glory to God let his will be done..

  72. Hey Tyler Perry, I see the million and 1 responses of how many single mom that are out there, sadly enough there are so many more with the same story, with different players and situations. The truth is everybody thinks they are only one going through. I can’t wait to see the movie, I would love to be a part of the movie, but either way I hope this movie, inspires, encourages, motivates, teach, shed light, help and every other positive word you can think of that will helpful to someone else. I am mother of two Biological children and one that I feed and calls me mom (brothers child) Each one of these kids have taught me something, I thank God every day for seeing something in ME, that I didn’t see in myself, and entrusted these (3) lives into my care. This has been hard for me (BUT GOD) I hope one day I can put my life’s story into a film with hopes of helping someone overcome the struggle of a single mom. There is a Brighter day. I have learned so much and I thank God for such an awesome task, of being a MOM.
    God Bless, keep doing what you do to inspire others.
    Love & Prayers

  73. Grace and Peace Be unto you you Mr. Tyler. First of all: I Believe In Miracles! I am single, 35 year retired teacher, from Detroit. I am presently back working with teens again, inwhich I love so dearly at a Charter School setting. I am a vocal coach, acting coach, Inspirational Psalmist, at New Beginning Church /Cranbrook Theater. . I am a phonominal actor. I had an Anurism of the brain 25 years ago, inwhich God healed me with noooo surgery. The vessels went back together. 2007, I was strickened with an unknowned illness. I went from a size 10 to a size 1. I did not have cancer. My bones, joints, and muscles were very painful, fingers swelled could not use them, not even in a position to pray, nor could I hardly walk. God healed me. I was kidnapped in 2010 by Cortells shot gun to my head and a bag. God worked a miracle again for me, got out no harm. I trust and love God so very much Mr, Perry. I am doing great now. I worry about my age. I am a Prophetic worship leader. I am 65 yrs of age, look like Pam Grier younger days. Some say I look 40’s some say younger. Very energetic, loves God. I need a second chance in the Arts. I mininter to people and is a motivational speaker. I know that this is God because I was not looking for this page. I am at work. God is motivating me to write an autobiography of my self. God bless you man of God. I am trust God that you will consider me. Take care. Member the Joy of the Lord is your Strength…..Maple Stephens

  74. Hello Mr. Tyler Perry! My name is Charonda Boone and I am 35 years old, residing in the DMV area. I was a single mom for years and married about 8 years ago. I have been through some struggles in life from domestic violence, losing both parents, to dealing with a child with cancer. These were all life changing events for me and have shaped me into the strong woman that I am today. I would LOVE an opportunity to audition for a role in your upcoming movie even though I don’t have any television experience; however, I know that I can master anything that I focus on. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  75. Hello Mr Perry I can give you a thousands reasons why I should be consider for this role & opportunity but all I can think of is this will be a great opportunity for me to prove to myself that I have what it takes it been times where I wasn’t sure about being a actress but at this very moment I know I have what it takes im strong, hard working, competitor and very down to earth I have little nieces that look up to me and tell me all the time Te-Te you should be a actress I laugh it off like yeah right but now im thinking I can really do this its crazy when you don’t believe in yourself but have others that see so much potential in you I will be honor to be apart of this role not only for myself but to show everyone who believe in me that they was right I hope that you see thank u for your time. Nola Jordan

  76. Dear Mr Perry. I am a single mother. Although my child is now deceased. I have experienced many traffic events in my family
    My experiences are not typical of many families. They included murder of my sister. Whom was a very dedicated as well as intelligent. I would be very honerd if you have an interest in knowing more. I have nothing to hide. I am very blessed to still be in God’s grace. I don’t require payment. The opportunity to bless someone is more than enough. I pray that it is Gods plan to touch someone’s life through my own.

  77. Dear Mr. Perry,
    my name is Laurie, I am haitian, I’m 25 years old, I’m not an actress but I still have the ability to be considered in the experience because I can feel the script. I live in it and creativity is in my blood because I’m a drawing artist. I am a single mom for six years now. And I know for a fact that God send me to this publication. I’m currently living in a subsidized housing for single student mothers in Montreal, Canada. So I’m Canadian! My building is located in a rough neighborhood. This community project helped me but not completly because in this individualist continent that we live in, we’re all single moms but the girls don’t come togehter. Some of us did though. But with all the professional employes there, they could add a little touch of community reunion type of thing so that we can trust each other and help each other more. Unfortunately, we had a lot of ups and downs , not only between mothers but also with the employers in the ground floor. We specially had the pressure to succeed at school, so the lack of moral support was hard, some of us didn’t had their family around them. But it’s getting from bad to better now, see the building was brand new and I’m one of the first girl to arrive there , back in 2011. I’m moving from there soon now, my time is done there and I’m kind of glad, specially with the curfew. I’m studying to be a penitentiary agent to eventually work in psychosocial intervention.I had and still am working on myself and everyday is a new experience, a new learning. And I do everything for my six years old son, I love him. Consider me please for ”Single Moms Club”!..I’m already excited.

  78. I have always wanted to be a Mom since I was a little girl…what I didn’t plan on was being single, with three; count em…three children all of which on any given day of the week, I attempt to loose at the Y (joking)….The truth is I love being a Mom, I love the blank stares as I ask what happened, the same questions a thousand times, the running to the school because I forgot about the “honors” assembly ( I barely passed math!!), the budgeting for Christmas that starts in February, the disciplining that will hopefully keep them from skipping school as freshmen in high school, the cooking meals a day in advance because they’d starve otherwise (where you at crock pot crowd?!), and most of all the baby weight that I still have (my youngest is 9!!!)….In short I would not know what to do without them. I believe we must get back to being funny, strong, genuine, and real as Moms…but most of all have fun with our crazy lives….and thank the GOOD LORD above for the blessings of the crazies as they come to push us off our rockers daily…this is life…and I want to share it…let’s do this…

  79. Dear Mr. Perry,
    In the last year, my family and I have lost everything. We were evicted from the only home my children and I have ever known and my husband has been incarcerated for trying to do the right thing in October. We have been together for 12 years, working together as a team. Now, I am a single mother struggling to alone in a family homeless shelter. This could just be the big break we need to survive. Thanks for possible opportunity sir!raise our 3 kids

  80. Hi Mr. Perry. First and foremost congratulations to you and your family on your new baby. I am a single mom who has encouraged and motivated alot of children as well as adults that I have come in contact with in my community in louisiana. I have 3 kids of my own but most kids around town refer to me as tee tee lisa or a similar version of Madea when they know I mean business when talking to them from my characteristics relating to some of the ones they can relate to in your plays. I have always tried to show leadership in my community to steer the young kids and adults in the right direction by always being a good role model to them and keeping an open door when they need someone to talk to. Most of my single friends ( some older, some younger, some male) come to me for advice so it makes me feel more like the big sister. I have not done any acting but use to sing and usher at church and work with the youth. I would love the opportunity to be apart of the single moms club if being on there will help change soneone’s life for the better. May God continue to bless you. I look forward to hearibg from you.
    Thank you in advance.

  81. Mr. Tyler, Last Saturday I went to Baltimore , Md. for an AMTC (Actors and Models in Training for Christ) interview. I had a callback to be part of the organization because my skit and modeling that I presented were well liked by the other participants and the founder. I can continue with them when and if I pay thousands of dollars. When I was in grade school I was in several plays which encouraged me to want to become an aspiring actress. My mother told me that since I also wanted to be an elementary and math teacher I must get an education first, then I could pursue all my other dreams. This year I turned 70 years old and started my 49th teaching middle school. This past November I met one of your stars when she came to Oxon Hill Md. to pay tribute to the veterans. I asked her if I could possibly become an actress because I was seventy. She encouraged me to go for it. I even danced with her on the boat ride down the Potomac River and had a lot of fun. I tried to reach you about a month ago through Internet but another company intervened some kind of way and had me traveling to them for an interview. I was told that they work with you and I had to pay them an amount of money until they found me a job, then give them a large amount for finders fee. When I realized it was not your company logo decided to wait until I heard from you. Is it possible for me to come to Atlanta to meet you and show you my ability to act? I JUST WANT TO BE IN ONE OF YOUR MOVIES OR PLAY SCENES and just wave my hand or be a passerby on the street. Then I will say well done, I am satisfied. (Smile) May God continue to bless you and give you more ideas to encourage us to be better people of the WORLD. PLEASE RESPOND WHEN YOU HAVE TIME. SOMEONE UP THERE LOVES YOU AND DOWN HERE WE LOVE YOU TOO. Joyce Burns Clinton, Md.

  82. My name is Ryan Duke. I am 35 years old and a born again believer, I am a wife and mother to 3 pretty awesome girls. I don’t have a ton of acting experience. I do know that because of setbacks early in in life and experiencing alot of emotions from setbacks, doors shut on dreams numerous times, it all prepared me with wisdom and the best part, the life and story that God prepared for me. Like many young ladies hard knocks growing up, working very hard and having struggling working parents, then eventually seeing how blessed I was to have a mom that shared the gospel with me before passing at a young age. Myself not making the best decisions, hanging out or working at places that wouldn’t honor Jesus, I quickly became a single even harder working and bitter mother. No matter if I am singing, dancing, performing, I give it all I’ve got. Working hard and respecting others is very important to me. I’d love a opportunity to be a part of something that can reach others and helping to be an example that glorifies Christ and makes HIM proud. I know that type of job is with you Mr. Tyler Perry and I’d appreciate it very much if I could have a chance to prove that. Sincerely, Ms. Ryan Duke

  83. This is something totally out of my comfort zone and I would love the opportunity to conquer my biggest fear and also have the opportunity to not struggle and get my teeth fixed.

  84. Well Tyler I am a single mom with one story that should be told I know this is my chance to be heard was in jail for 5 months falsely accused of someone’s else crime I got 1 child back in 3 days of getting out Cuz I was innocent only I was guilty of was leaving a very violent marriage please consider me we have a true story to tell

  85. Hello! Mr. Perry, my name is Sheree Warren and I am a single mother of 5. I went to Barbizon for modeling and acting, I’ve done little modeling. I’m looking forward to futhering my career in acting. It would be more than an honer to work with you. Someone who knows the struggles of life, started out with nothing and turned his life into something thatcis above success. Thank you and God bless you always.

  86. Dear Mr. Perry, I am a soon to be 60 year old African American Black Women, I have 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren and two wonderful son-in-laws a buitiful daughter-in law whom I’m very proud of God has given me the best family and they know the Lord, My son-in-law Edward is a very gifted Man of God, misnister’s the word and boy can he sign. I would love for you to hear him sometime. I must say I do not look 60, act 60 or dress in the 60’s, I have always had people laughing because I have said I want chance to just talk to you Mr. Perry there are so many things God has Blessed me to do I’ve have always said just let him give me a part in the corner. I’m blessed to be very active in my Church, One of the Ministries God has blessed us with is signing praise song, we been in the ministry for 3 years and the Lord has really blessed us. I would love to be able to play a part in your Single Moms Club movie and do a praise worship for what God has brought all the signal mom’s through, we know that God is still Abel to take you form Victim to Victory. May the Lord continue to Bless you in all that you do.

    Thank You.

    Stephanie Lacy from Muncie, Indiana

  87. Hello there,
    hope all is well.
    Mr. Perry, I would love to work with you. I like to grow in many aspects; especially in my career. I went to the Academy of Art University and hold a BFA in Motion Picture and Television with an emphasis in Acting. After, i decided to explore the Meisner Technique Studio for 2 1/2 year program. I couldn’t be any happier with the decisions I have made. It is a blessing to be a great actor. As one of my classmate use to say, “play like a child” :)

  88. Dear Mr. Perry, my name is Sheena an Omaha Ne native. I have never acted or been on screen but it has always been dream since I was a young girl. I’m 32 but my life experiences that I’ve endured has mentally & emotionally aged me give or take bout 12-15yrs. I’m a single mother of four 2 boys/2 girls and I know given the opportunity to work with you & your cast I know I would be great in playing a character or role in your new film Single Moms Club. It wouldn’t be necessarily acting for me it’ll be a taste of what my Real life is like on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your undivided attention & time. Have a blessed day & pray to see & meet u soon.

  89. Mr. Perry, I have been wanting to work with you for years for you have touched me in a way that I could relate through your testimony of “from rags to riches”. We have similar background stories and same common interests in love, spiritual, determination, creativity and testimony. I too was homeless in the city of Atlanta. Right down the street from where you were homeless at and gained your success. I said that if I ever met you in person that I would show you the exact same passion that you had when you began the journey that God placed in your heart. I hope you are willing and able to give me (or anyone with the same desire for that matter) opportunity to tell their story as well. I have been a single mom for 22 yrs with 4 boys and 1 girl. I definitely have a story to tell. I’m hoping to inspire someone just as you have inspired me. God bless and thank you in advance.

  90. Hello Tyler,
    If this actually reaches you well…”How Be Darned”! Will be all i can say.
    No doubt you have the midas or rather the “Madeas Touch”, lol …i have enjoyed seeing both your serious exposé and comedic expertice on screen.
    As for me…well i am funny, charming and easy to get along with.
    As a prior elite athlete…i take instruction well.
    Ive examined life from many angles and once i get a general idea of something….i am able to grasp it in depth.
    I attended the ‘school of hard knocks’, as a child so im made of pretty sturdy character.
    I can be extremely focused & or intense if need be.
    I am extremely creative and can sing a line from just about any song…or make one up:)
    I love to write & collaborate with people.
    I was once a very proud mom to a baby Dacshund…she birthed maternal feelings inside me that i never believed existed.
    Rescuing & caring for her was the extent of my motherhood experience, but believe me i learned a great deal from it.
    I have over 10 years of theatrical experience and im very good at the art of imitation and or unique character invention/voices.
    My hidden talent is that i look and speech like a lady :) but i can impersonate Elvis Presley in song and gestures… most impressively and in “authentic fashion”.
    That being said, I realize that It may appear improbable that i would seem suitable for your project, but if you saw me in action you just might see something rare and useful.
    I have heart & a keen ability to create possibility out of seemingly nothing.
    I was just clicking around the internet and found this page….i don’t even know if its real…but I AM! :)…and if i could ever be apart of your dream project…that would be a dream come true for me.
    Love me Tender & thank you very much!
    Ps: I Guarantee, My Elvis sound & rendition is unique, rare, powerful, moving, fun and you will be surprised!
    Elvis was the line of communication between my mother and i.

  91. Tyler I have been acting locally and writing my own plays since I was twelve years old on my parents front porch. I cast my first real play June 2014 “Secrets in the Islands”! I live, breathe dream and have the passion for film and acting; I am a natural. I really think I can be a great access to any of your projects. I’m totally a fan of all of your accomplishments. I have been told all of my life I was Whitney Houston look alike. I am willing to take a lose and give up a job that has been good to me for many year to gain my passion. I have prayed to God to allow to meet and work with three people on this before I did and the people are Whitney Houston, Tyler Perry & Oprah Winfrey; said to say I never met Whitney. Please consider me as one of your next actress!

  92. I believe I would be the perfect fit for this role, I am sexy, smart, single Black Mother but I am fit, toned and fine ass hell.

  93. Dear Mr Perry, my name is Sky Fortes, am 11yrs old, I currently sing, dance, act and play the piano, at present am in a play, the name of the play is the Harlem Renaissance Revisited with a Gospel Flavor, I am playing the roll of Lena Horne, I previously played the young Ethel Waters. I attend middle school, am also a student at the Boston Arts Academy on scholarship through Berkeley College of Music. I also sing in my church choir. I will like to be a part of your show because I can play any roll. Please consider me. Thank you. God Bless.

  94. Mr. Terry,I dont have nothing fancy to say!! Never been to acting school or none of the good stuff. O but i am a real single mom thats been thru alot. Looking to work hard to change my whole life. If this is real email me back…..

  95. Hey, I would just like a slim or little opportunity to do what I love. I’m currently a sophomore college student studying Multimedia for film. Television has always been my passion. I realize I might not get picked and that’s ok I figured why not try anyway. I just want to show the whole who I am and give back. Thanks for even allowing the opportunity..

  96. Greetings and salutations Mr. Perry! Direct rom Tulsa Oklahoma ! (…and yes, I do occasionally see a tumbleweed or two rolling by at high noon) :-) I trust this note finds you and yours in good health and continuing prosperity. I will cut to the chase, I too am seeking a spot in “Single Mom’s Club” (provided there are male roles) I am a single African American man, no children and somewhat of a workaholic. I follow directions well. I have had a brief role in a church play. beyond that, the only acting I’ve done is when I “act” like love all my co-workers. If that counts, the sign me up! It would be a great experience and wonderful opportunity.

    I thank you for your time
    N. Thompson

  97. Hey I’m Alisha Mcduffie I’m from a very small town called Prescott Arkansas I’m a single mother of three kids two girls and a boy I have been carrying on the part of both parents. I love my kids so much I have been through so many struggles in my life I just don’t want to let my kids see me fail anymore and I never want them to go through what I went through.every since I was a child I have always wanted to become a actor but by this town being so small and Arkansas being a state everybody over looki figured it would be hard if so I would have to travel way out of state to get recognized. I love to sing and act inspire of it all god has brought me and my family along way I just can’t give up not right now. If I do I will be letting my kids down and myself. This audition will be a great a start for me and my kids but also the state of Arkansas I live in god bless you and I hope I will get this chance to audition.

  98. I recently relocated to the Atlanta Area, looking to advance my skills in theater/acting. Very interested in working with you on future projects. Thanks!

  99. I am a part of a sorority which stresses sisterhood. I am a mother of three and a teacher. I work well with different types of people. I am strong and open minded and love a challenge.

  100. Hi Mr.Perry , I am a single mother of three and I raised my children with the help of Gods grace and mercy . I am a hard worker while raising my children I encountered a lot of ups and down but through faith I pressed on .Sometimes as a single mother we are not ready for the challenges we have to face but they made me a stronger woman. Mr. Perry I would love a opportunity to bring my life experiences and skills to your set I look forward to hearing from you Sincerely Tina.

  101. Hello Mr. Perry,

    I have no experience as an actress but I have always wanted the opportunity to become one. I became a mother at the age of 16 and had 3 beautiful children. I was in a relationship of domestic violence. So, I may not be an Experienced actress but I have experienced the life of being a single mother at a young age as well as being in a violent relationship. I am currently married to a loving and god fearing man whom I love with everything in me. I believe that he was sent to me by god as my guardian angel and a blessing to me and my 3 children.

  102. Hello!
    I am 28, single mom of one, I know what what it is like to take on the role of both a mother and a father. With this opportunity, I would not only give my all but the natural ability to take on such a role that may require having experience, that I can use to channel my energy and thought into this role. I would love to get that chance, that opportunity, to work with someone so dedicating, meaningful and successful. I am full of energy and very upbeat and I am very determined. Im not perfect, but I guarantee, that I WILL give you my best.

  103. All my childhood life I wanted to be an actress, but life changes.Coming from a divorced family my mother and father just didn’t work together. At the age of 10 my mother became a single women and I watched her fall completely apart from there. At the age of 15 living in the projects with my mother, guidance is something I didn’t have much of, I became a single mother myself at 15years old. Life was hard for me trying to work any job I can find to support myself and my whole family at a young age. At 18 I became engaged and that didn’t last long, my fiancee was killed by his brother over a mix tape (yeah a mix tape). I thought what’s next, I then gain my strength and pressed on. Years later I find myself in another relationship, just looking for love. In that relationship I had 3 more children thinking this was my happy ending, but wrong again. Again single mother I became once more. Not really doing for myself, but always for others. I have such a long story I could go on an on. Now that I am 32 I feel that now is my time. I would love to give 100% because not only do I owe this to myself but to my 4 children. Opportunity comes when a chance can be given.

  104. Hi Mr.perry,I am a 20 year old JAMAICAN actress,i have been acting since I was 8 years old,been in numerous productions here,i then got a chance to perform in Manchester England in july last year..i aws trying to make it in the acting industry to help my mom because she got ill and lost her sight and I was her only child but she passed away in November and it ripped me to pieces that I never got the chance to help her to get better and regain her sight and even though shes gone,i still awnt to make her proud,many people don’t believe that as I Jamaican I can make it big as an actress but I want to prove them wrong,i have the talent and I would like to showcase it to the world,i love you work,i watch your shows everyday and my dream is to be apart of your team,i told my mom that before she died,i love the lord and I love the way you include him a lot in your work.Please help turn my dream into a reality to make my mom proud wherever she is than you.

  105. Hi Mr. Perry!!! I am a Registeted Nurse with many skills, but I am striving to become a successful actress!!! I am a very hard worker and very easy to get along with. I love to laugh and smile. Choose me and you will not regret it!!!

  106. Hello Mr.Perry.I’m A Mother Of two beautiful ,bright girl’s..It would be an absolute HONOR to have a chance at this, Im twenty nine. I’ve been.. .praying every night for a new opportunitie to provide for my children and show them the importance of being A independent woman and.stand for what you believe in and to never give up.
    (L Shears )


  108. I am a single mom, that works and go to school. I am looking to get into acting and I love the work that he do

  109. Greetings my name is Ria Borman and I am from the beautiful island of Barbados and I live in Boston , MA. I am a professional singer and actor with many experience live on stage and set. I am honest, loyal, puntual and a great team player who is willing to travel and make each journey count. Music and acting are both passions I take very seriously and if choosen to be apart of this wonderful opportunity; I pledge to bring my A game always!

    Looking forward to working with you very soon!


  110. Hi my name is chad russell. I am 30 yes old and it is one of my dreams to be an actor in a movie or even an extra. I would not let you down if I were chosen.

    Chad russell

  111. One dream of mine is to be in a Tyler Perry movie, show or stage play. I have followed him since seeing his movie and stage play of a Dairy of a mad woman. Now I want lie to you. I secretly have always wanted to act in a movie and to be on stage. Still at age 27 soon to 28, April 30,2015 I pretend to be an famous performer. I must say I am really good at acting when I really want something and when I want sympathy for others. The reason why you should concern me is because I want to be able to put the feeling and wishes of one day being successful to rest. I have never completed nor stuck to something for a long period of time. The reason behind that was always knowing that I had other plans for myself. Please take a chance on me. I can’t guaranteed you will like what I am about but I can guaranteed that you will Love Me in the long run. Thank you for taking the time to read this and trust me I have a lot to offer. I am a huge box of secrets

  112. Dear Tyler Perry,

    I am a Writer, Poet and Actress born and raised in Oakland,Ca! I have been a participant in the Oratorical fest since the age of 8 till the age of 18 winning in 1st -3rd place giving thanks to my Mother Darlene who pushed and critiqued me to give feeling into the character I was portraying. MY very 1st poem I recited was by Mya Angelou “Still I Rise” my very last was by Frederick Douglas “A Parody”

    When I’m on stage reciting my poems, I have a way of touching hearts and souls. When I’m on stage I want my audience to feel as if it were them in my place. I believe I have a gift.
    My dream in college were to become an actress and a Journalist and still is but then LIFE came into play asI started going downhill, during my struggle came TWO BEAUTIFUL BABIES at the age of 20 as they encourage me to want to continue my dreams and have a better future for them.
    Here I am now 28 and blessed.

    I believe I am right for this role, no matter who my character is I have the ability to make that character come to life!

    Thank you,
    Brhianna price

  113. This is for my daughter Tierra Plowden who needs help finding her way out of Iowa into something bigger…She has being performing here in plays for the past 5 yrs. She also landed a small role in the new movie coming out soon called The Summerland Project. She is the single mother of 2 boys 7 and 4 years of age….I know this will be a dream come true for her, she’s performing her on made up skits since she was 10 yrs old….Please give me a chance to show you what i can do in person…Again I am the mother of this beautiful talented young lady who as we speak is practicing for play coming out soon here in Iowa….

  114. I am a single mother and a decent of Jamaica West Indies. I have 3 children of which two is now adults and the youngest at home. It has never been easy as a single parent but I fall and I rise over and over again with hopes and dreams of one day seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In spite of all the dilemmas, hassles and struggles I am faced with as a single parent I never ceased to stop learning and I taught my children how important it is for them to never give up on their dreams. I am that parent who loves my children dearly and allows them to see and understands that even though I may have made mistakes earlier in my life that puts me in some kind of bondage, but that I am hoping they will do so much better than what I did. That I am not a bitter person and that I forgave each person that contributed to my dilemmas. I want to show them that no matter what life throws at me that I can bounce back and start all over again. I would love to be an inspiration not just to my children but to other single parents through out the world. I want them to see that just because they may end up being single parents does not mean they are not good parents and that they can take on the world and master anything they set their mind to accomplish in life. If given a chance of being chosen to work in this up coming movie I will be doing a job I have been praying and hoping I can be that one woman that will share my life and dreams with others who have that same vision as I do.

  115. Greetings, Mr. Perry. My name is Mrs. Theresa P. Long. I am not going to beg for an audition because I have faith in the creator. I just wanted to inform you (Mr. Perry) that I have applied for an opportunity to take part in one of your plays. I have no acting experience, however, I do have my past knowledge of what I have been through as an individual. If, you (Mr. Perry) would decide to choose me I would be honor and if, you (Mr. Perry) would decide not to choose me I still would be honor because you (Mr. Perry) took the time out of your busy schedule to view my application and read my reply. Therefore, I would like to take this time to thank you (Mr. Perry) for giving me a chance to apply for an acting position with your team.

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Theresa Long

  116. Hi Tyler Perry my name is sandra sugar well mayhorn…… sugar well is my stage name I am 35 years old I am a new single mother of three coming out of a 17year abusive marriage only two years out. I am a singer songwriter and poet… but I work full time as a medical office assistant… to pay the bills and provide for my babies its hard im starting over from scratch never been on my own before… its scary… music and performing has aways been my dream since I first could speak ive been singing in church since I git saved in but really developed in 05 after I regave my life to christ when my mom passed of hiv in 04 … I have been resently these last two years performing locally on open mics ive had features and one showcase I have auditioned for the voice and also acm2 in which I sanged and locally with for about a year before Icame out of my marriage. I guess im saying all this to say I just want a chance to see if I can make it to show my babies that through whatever if you work hard and keep pressing you can make it… I have been taken by alot of people who promised this and that alot of money in trying to get my voice heard trying to get myself out here still pushing for my dreams im not getting any younger and im hoping it will happen for me soon. I am currently working on my album and single ..hoping that im good enough to make it with those. Just to be heard for a chance .I have a story. Years ago Igot a pprophecy that god would use my voice to heal set free and give hope but I have recently fell away from god ive been through so much including trying to take my own life .but im still here by the grace of god and I would just like a chance to get my voice heard to tell my story ,to maybe help some woman who went through abuse from her mother or husband who lost there father who has been molested who was bullied just so many areas so many stories I have if only I could get my one chance. Well thats all this probably won’t ever make it to you but if it does I would be greatful for even just a consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Peace

  117. Hello Tyler Perry, i am 16 years old and i would like to starr in your reality show. I always dreamed to model or act and i would love and appreciate if i started with the best first.

  118. I will not lie, I am no actor but I can sing and do what I am told…. I have always acted as a child but was never serious about it. I love what Mr. Perry has done for us as a black people… You gave me something to dream about… a woman with dreams will one day have vision… I just hope that I get this opportunity!!! Just to show my kids I can do anything regardless of where I’m from or how old I am!! I am a single mother with a struggle and I have overcame many obstacles with the help of my JESUS, who gives me an abundance of strength!!! Hope that you get this Mr. Tyler Perry!!!

  119. Hello Mr. Tyler Perry,
    I would love to be in one of your productions, whether it is stage or TV. I have been doing some stage acting and have truly enjoyed it. When you don’t think you can get the lines, all of sudden everything comes together. I just love the pressure. I portrayed a character in the stage play, “Gee’s Bend”. The character I portrayed was Nella Pettway. That was an experience of a lifetime. I am an African American single parent. I am also an avid, avid did I say avid golfer for about eight years. I would love to have an opportunity to audition for one of your productions. Also, if you are a golfer, can we tee it up on the links someday? I ain’t scared.

    Continued Blessing to you!

  120. I am a 33 year old woman with two teenage girls whom ive raised alone all there life ,with all that this world throws at me i still stand tall with Jesus by my side. All my life ive waited for a special moment to show my girls that this world is much bigger than the small things they see im just waiting for my moment and God tells me everyday that it is near .. im soo strong, so eager, and ready for my next chapter in life so i can make the moment last a life time please consider me in been a new face to your studio thanks and God bless

  121. I am a single mother. I will display the conscience of the character on film.
    Thank you Tyler for this oppurtunity. My light greets your light.

  122. All i can say is it would be a gift god gave me and i dont want it to go to wast plus ive been through a lot n my life and god telling me go for it because this is where my heart is

  123. I am a single Parent. I am a struggling Musician and Artist. Pianist, Violinist and music producer., Let alone, I AM A SINGLE PARENT, THATS STRUGGLING WITH A 14 YR DAUGHTER, name Kaliah. I would love to be a part of a Tyler Perry show, on Single moms. I am 37…Very easy to get a long with. I like to have a lot of FUN!!! I have a bubble personality, but Sharp!!! I live in Altadena, ca.I Grew up in New york city, Washington Heights..My Father was a Jazz musician who passed away, and my mother is a Textile Artist and Teacher. I would like to be a part of your show. Thank you for your time!:)


  124. Hi’ Mr.Tyler Perry
    I’m not an actor or anything I’m a real single mother 29 of 3 children and I think I will be a good fit for one of the roles cause I been throw a lot as a single mother with no help and making it with the lord on my side cause I done been throw it all from being homeless which I’m now but I’m still making it because of God and my children everything do and go throw is making me strong for them it’s time’s i want to give up and not be here but I go in to prayer and think about my babies

  125. My name is Marcus I am a 25 year old from Virginia Beach, who loves to make people laugh and who enjoys life. I love your story on how you made it out the struggle you are blessed. My family and I love all of your plays and movies. I think I would fit in a role because my energy level is high. I’m an sales rep and I am also a warehouse manager, so me speaking in front of people, i think is an A plus.

  126. I’m very interested in playing a role in your new movie Single Moms. I was once a single mom and I know the struggles that they go through. It’s hard trying to make it paycheck to paycheck not knowing where the next meal will come through. My heart goes out to all the single mothers out there doing it on their own. I can sing and act, I think that you would be proud to have me on your team.

  127. I’m a visual artist (now). Used 2 b a project manager for a major corporation. How that happened … well, only God knows. Was it a good thing? No jury call ’cause it was certainly ‘a thing’ and this, God definitely knows.

    I don’t think I did the mom bit went very well (as my daughter will surely attest) but I did it the only way I could, using all that I could from what was used to raise me. So, here I am. My relationship with my kid is off and on at its best and worst. Her dad has never really been in the picture even though we both tried here and there through the years. When all is said and done, I have her back and she knows it … even when we aren’t co-relating.

    So … I guess that’s it.

  128. Hi my name is Carena Lamar I’m 24 years old some people say I look like young enough to be a high school student. I would love to have the opportunity in one of Taylor Perry films. My number is 267 642 4252 thanks

  129. I’m not going to ramble about who i am you give me a shot an I’ll show you who i am have a blessed day

  130. I’m interesting in the single mothers project because I’m in that position now and I exercise my single role everyday with my five year old blessed son who has hydrocephalus and a VP shunt under his cranial but a honor student and not on meds.

  131. I’m leaving a comment because I’m interested in auditioning for Tyler’s Perry movie concerning single mothers and any other movies that depict positive roles for single mothers of any color..

  132. I am Not a mother. But i know what it means to be a mother! Mr perry i could give you what your looking for because i know what it means to become one with another..

  133. Dear Mr. Tyler perry I am Tobias Oliver and I am not an actor but I would love to do an audition with you . your my inspiration and I love your medea movies sincerly Tobias Oliver

  134. I have tried everything possible to be the best mother and grandmother to my children. I can’t seem to get ahead in life. Not looking for someone to feel sorry for me but just a chance to make my family proud and see what it feels like not to see their mother struggle so hard to have nothing. I would love the opportunity to work with some talented people and a better chance at life.

  135. I would love to audition for anything that has to do with Tyler Perry. He’s a great actor/ director/ producer and im very interested in becoming part of his team. I’d also love to audition for the single moms club

  136. How I’m lisa im 42yrs. Old i can audition for a mother or a child in acting roles because people gets me mixed up because of my age…I would love to be apart of Mr. Perry’s movies…….

  137. “A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry,

    The quote above describes my aunt, a strong single women who I nominate to have an audition for the role in the play Single Women. I know that you have a message for single women and can’t wait for it to get out! I am moved by my aunts daily testimonies( ex: a single woman that manages to pick up after her husband walks out on her the month that her son is diagnosed with cancer—), which is one reason that I nominate her for an audition. Not only does she have the experiences that will allow her to bring any single woman character to life, she is a natural actor. She has her own story, but more importantly she has the traits and experiences that would allow her to bring your story to life .

  138. Hello Mr. Perry,

    I’m very interested in acting in the single moms clubs. I’m not an actress and I’m not in acting school at the time. I would love the opportunity to play in the single moms clubs to tell my story as a single mother of 8 year old twin girls. Each and every day is different and no days are the same in my house hold. I enjoy being a single parent and my girls love and look up to me because I’m there everything. I’m their biggest role model and I live everyday because of them. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


    Sonia Foggie

  139. I would love to be part of Tyler Perry’s team! I have seen so many of the inspiring movies and plays that he has produced. I have always wanted to see myself on tv!

  140. Hope n praying to be a role model one day through tv if not on it behind the scenes I wish u Mr.Perry would remake the wiz much love n God bless you

  141. Hello, Tyler I love your work and a little afraid to be an actress but u have been an inspiration in my life because of your struggles and your success. I said that because I am an inspiring writer also in my early 40s and fear of the spotlight was unthinkable, but God has removd that fear, because if God b4 u who can be against U. Seeg you push no matter what never giving up, has inspired me. Knowg that with God I can do anything if I got him, as I often tell God even if I slip I will hold on to the tip of his garment to always find my way back to him. Tyler I would love to try to audition at lease I know I tried. Just know I have no prior experience, just coming as I am. Even if you dont choose me it would of been an honor to have just met you. I hope that God will open the doors to me to share with the world my stories as he has done for you. Tyler your talent is so amazing and has touched and helped so many of our people who was overlooked and forgotten for their amazing acting skills and you opened the doors for the world to see them shine again. Keep doing what you do because know matter what anyone may say God put you here, and what God has for us man can block us for a second but God always gets the last say. Stay Bless and much continued success.
    Armetta Bullard/

  142. Hello Mr. Perry my name is Angela and it is an honor to be considered for any of your projects. I am a single mother of 1 adopted disabled son whose name is Kayden. My ex husband and I adopted Kayden at birth together and when Kayden was 3 yrs. old my husband walked off and left us. He is now 7 and has not heard nor seen him since. I am very talented I can sing dance act etc. I am also a Medical Assistant, I have owned my own daycare. due to Kayden’s disabilities it has been very hard for me to keep steady work for that reason we have experienced homelessness, no lights or running water. I love my son with all my heart in 2001 I had to bury my first born and I just feel like God gave me another chance for a reason and I just wanna tell the world. My story is way too long to tell here but when I meet you I will tell all about it… I promise

  143. Hi Tyler i am associates with Frank Taylor and he told me he will talk to you but Im Nita. Im 30 years old and a great actress. I believe that im wat u looking for. Im funny very sexy and no God has called me to be an actres.

  144. I’m a older feisty mature sexy Baby-Boomer. I hosted a Cable Channel 10 Access Live TV Talk Show with Live Call-In Callers from 2001-2006, that was unscripted, unsensored, unrehearsed, and a whole lot of fun and Freedom. My Producer got canceled after helping to found the TV Station 30 years ago. I have been doing extra work in movies since. I’m looking for the big break opportunity in a supporting speaking role as a Wise Matriarch, because everyone say that I look like someone with lots of Wisdom, it’s somewhat true, however I managed to mess up like everyone else sometimes, but if Morgan Freeman can do it, I think I can too. Thanks, for your consideration, I’m praying.

  145. My mother is a 40 year old single mother of 3 . She loves Tyler Perry so much ! I would love for her to have her have a part in this . She would be crying happy tears .

    her email is , but she doesnt check it . she has 30,000 emails . So my email is the best to be reached at . Thank you & i hope my mother gets it .

  146. Thanks for doing auditions for Single Mothers. I would love to conduct an audition for your show. I’m a single parent with 3 boys. I graduated #2 in my class, completed 8 years with the United States Army Reserves and also completed college. I’ve never been married and I’m single by choice. I’m currently in the field of logistics but would love to try my hand at acting. Especially being apart of the Single Moms Club.

    Thanks for your time.

  147. this will be a good thing for me to do i am a fan of your movies and tv shows i am good at acting that is my life so i pray to god that it is for me to be in anything with you mr parry and that sagain

  148. Im a 42 year old mother of one and i have the looks and body of a 20-30 year old. i dont look my age and have been ask if me and my daughter are sister who is 17 years old.
    im looking to play a body double, im 5’5 and 145 very fit.

  149. I love good wholesome comedy & this guy has it in spades !
    my wife’s aunt would shit kittens if she saw me , even a B/G glimpse in a Tyler Perry production. she’s a huge fan Sheryl Shaw .maybe you could use her name as a character ? that would be awesome .
    seriously though I’d love to be in one of “T”s productions .

  150. I would love the opportunity to be part of your production. I’ve been told by friends and strangers that I look like Constance Marie. I’m a single mother of two handsome boys and working on a PhD. I think it would be fun to delve into my creative side and play a part in this movie.

  151. Hi, how are you? I hope you are having a lovely and productive day. My name is Kontessa Walker, you can call me Tessa. I am going to tell you a little about myself.I am 27 years old. I am 6 feet tall and I am slim. I wear size 11 shoe and I am in the process of growing dreadlocks. I am goofy in a funny way I can not help that. I love laughing, I love been in front of the camera. I have no acting experiences, but I am a fashion model so I do know what’s its like being in front of the camera. I keep a positive look on everything that happens in my life, for it is an experience. I have a burning desire to work with you. To experience meeting you is going to change my life for forever. I can not explain into words how that will make me feel. To even just meet you and to work with you, o my God I will be honored. I look forward to hearing from you really soon. 832-321-3359 or Thank you in advance.

  152. Mr. Tyler Perry
    I could go on and on about my acting resume’, but I honestly have done only a couple of local plays. I have raw and pure talent. I am from Detroit and need a chance to show you and the world who I am and what I am able to bring. I will be a true natural asset to you and your productions if given a chance to shine.
    Thank you
    Nikia Johnson

  153. Greetings, my name is Shenea im 41 and a single mom of 3 awesome children ages 21,14 and 4. I have been single most of my life. Not by choice but come understand for now this is my lot and know there is a greater purpose. I understand the struggle that we as single mothers have the tears, fears and the dears. however chance happens to us all :). It has always been my desire to share my life story in a bigger way, always thought it was meant for an audience. I don’t believe that I have arrived at this site my accident. I would love the opportunity to work with other single mothers and share in there story. And not to mention the great tyler Perry :) Thank you for the oppurtunity I look forward to the show…

  154. Hi, I am a single 36 year old Mom with four children a 8 month old grand daughter and the mother is six months pregnant with my second grand child. I have no acting experience but I am a very fast learner and take direction well and would love to be on your show/movie. Please consider me. Thank you

  155. I would love to work with you on any of your movies, Tv shows or plays. You are a gifted man and I would be honored to work with you as well as learn from. You inspire me to continue with my dreams as an African American dark skinned woman. Further more, because all of the hardship you went through and I as well to see you make it , I know that I can to. Please give me a winning chance to prove myself. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for the opportunity.

  156. Hello!! I ran across this site due to my 11 year old daughter who has been TOTALLY inspired by seeing THE MCCLAIN SISTERS in concert at Six Flags on last night. I am a 37 year old single mother of 2 girls (11 and 10 months). Boy do I have an interesting story and sharing it with the world can help me endure a long overdue healing process. I don’t have a professional website or anything but I do have a Facebook page that gives a censored timeline of my life for the last few years:) Thanks in advance for your time and I absolutely love ALL Tyler Perry productions! God bless you!!

  157. I don’t know how funny you want me to be but I am funny. I love to smile. I am always making people laugh. I have a great personality and I a strong woman. I am raising (3) children on my own and it is a hard job being single doing it! But somebody told me that Tyler Perry was looking for me so I thought that I would go ahead and step forward to see what it is he wanted. LOL! I would love to act in one of his plays, movies, newspaper, any where for real. I mean I’m just saying. Any who, Tyler call me!!!!

  158. I’m 23 years old.. I’m the proud mother of two. I will make an excellent choice for this because I have a true story to tell. Im from Moorhead Mississippi, a small town that is overlooked by everyone but holss so much talent. I’ve managed to comply my bachelor’s degree as well as start on my masters with my children as my motivation. I’m excellent at acting. All I need is a chance to prove it. If given the opportunity I will not let you or anyone else down.

  159. I’m 41 Eastern European blonde with blue eyes. I love acting, I sing well and ready for any chalenge. I’m 5 7′ and love to act in your movies!!!

  160. I’m a single mother of 5 girls. ages 29,25,24,22,22 this struggle was real for me and I wouldn’t change a thing…I have a testimony…I would love to meet you and share my story with you. and just maybe you can make a movie about my life…I pray Tyler gets a chance to read this post. thank you.

  161. I am 28 years old from the Cayman Islands. Ive been a christian for the past 10 years and it has been a tough road but Im holding on…. I have a passion for acting and i would like to have the opportunity to audition for you soon. I am west indian and I was born in the Cayman Islands and I attended University in Alabama and Washington. I am a single woman, no kids but I understand what it means to be a single mother because my Mom was one but she did the best with Me and my siblings….. I will pray to hear from you…I believe i have so much to offer the world… Hear from you soon.. God bless you Tyler..Love Sade’

  162. Hi, I am currently in school for now but I will be graduating in two years. I love acting I’ve been in little amateur skits and plays at school. I honestly feel I could be a great start on your films, I have times when I’d sit at the house by myself & act as if I was in one of your movies, imaging myself playing one of the younger ones in them. I love love love all of your movies & plays I could name as many as you want, like I enjoy every last one of them. I’ve always dreamed of being a big star & I just hope this could be my big break :)

  163. Hi Tyler Perry it’s me again, Bonnie I’m a single mom of two. I would love to be apart of your growing in anyway possible. I’ve also wrote a book my self and I don’t know how or where to start getting it published but for me just to get a phone call from you to get some type of advice from you will be a dream come true. I just wanna be able to support my children they are all I have and I’m all they have its so hard being a single mom but being able to take care of my children and make sure they do the right thing in life is all I’m asking to do and I believe mu God is going make it happen for me again thanks for listening and thanks in advance for the email

  164. Hello my name is Darketta. I am a proud mother of 3 kids. I will love to have a chance to exspresz the life of a single parent. I have alot of emotions and stories to share. Please contact me. Thanks

  165. I LOVE this movie and once apon a time i myself was a single mother for a while. My ex was nothing but my babysitter he basically used me for my money and home n laid around and smoked pot all day so i can relate to these woman i know the struggle. Even if i get cast as an silent extra i’ll be fine, it’ll be just 1 step closer to my family and i being set finan4cially.

  166. Hi im Brandon Agnew im 19 years young and im enrolled in college. I take a theater class as well as play basketball at school. i gave up on acting once due to basketball im from Georgia. I’m 5’10 mixed with white and black and have dread locks . i work hard as well as have fun and take constructive criticism. I look forward to hearing back from you all thank you.

  167. Hello Mr. Tyler Perry,

    I would love to be a part of your cast of “The Single Moms Club” and as a divorced mother of three, I can relate to it as well. I pursued acting prior to my marriage and stopped before I could get anything substantial, because of my ex-husband’s lack of support & negative remarks. Now I’m trying to get back in the business and this sounds like a great film that I’d love to be a part of. I’m free, single, and I have my family’s support. So I’m ready!

    Thank you,
    Chandra Christian

  168. Hello Tyler,
    I have been trying to reach out to you for many years in regards to making a film for single moms like myself. I’ve even started writing scripts. I am 28 ,six children with a lot of testimony and truth to share for inspiration to other young women or women period. I choose not to go into detail about my personal life as a single mother on the network but I can ensure you that this story or future film will be inspiring and I’m sure there are many who can relate to similar situations. It would be an honor to meet you or even be a guest at the Tyler Perry studio.

    Contact info:

  169. Hello, Tyler Perry my name is Shanell Fearon and it would be a blessing to be apart of your cast.

  170. Hi Mr.Perry Your talent is very exceptional and I would love to work you on any project you have you are an true inspiration to me we both come from similar walks of life your work gives me encouragement, to keep following my dreams and never give up your my hero and maybe one day if it’s GODS will I’ll be able to tell my story to the world to even if I never get the chance to work with you or even just meet you just know you’ve great impact on my life in a very positive way and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and Iam going to continue to be one of your biggest fans,,

  171. I would like to be apart of this project,I can relate to the name.I am a single mother of 5 with no help or support all I have is God and my kids. Iwant to tell my story to the world about my life.I believe acting is a good way to express my feelings and reach out to those who may relate to my life story.

  172. Hi, Mr.Perry, I know auditions seems to be only for single women, but just in case if you need extras, regardless of gender. I have been performing on stage since 12 years old. I have produce many plays in Little Rock, Arkansas, and love acting. Please give me a chance to act, thanks

  173. Hello,

    I am a single parent of four widowed for five years I would love to audition for the production, I have a unique fresh look. Your time and consideration will be appreciated.

    Thank you

  174. I am a newly single Mother through becoming a recent widow. Trying to reinvent me and not feeling guilty and knowing what’s appropriate, would love to be part of this production I belong here. Please call.

  175. Hi Tyler, I would love ot be part of your Single Moms Club Auditions. Being a single mom at a early age raising five kids. I’t was a struggle, somethimes I didn’t see light, but my God always made a way. The Lord bless me so I was able to be a blessing to them, and watch them grow and become special adults. My life change again a few years ago when my olders son had a major stroke. I can say that put me back into the single mom club again. Times do get hard but; I know God is good and he always made a way for me. I know God has something special for me some where, maybe this is my opportunity.

  176. P.s Sheena cobbins Hello Tyler perry .let me start by saying thanks to the man above for even letting me have this opportunity to even be able an reply.I’m 27 yrs of age I.I am an single mother of 2Trayonna whom 9 Donna is 8 I reside in Chicago .I’m from the north side I know I would b fit for your film due to the fact I’ve had so many struggles an life no one taught me how to b a mother no one taught me how to grow but me I had to find my own way I take my children to school daily on public transportation .I’m currently unemployed trying to find do threw it all I still managep

  177. I have some acting experience. I’ve been in school plays and have played a couple of lead roles, I have played a few lead roles in some comedy plays for dinner Theaters that my Church put on, I have been involved in Talent shows called Fine Arts Festival through the Assemblies of God and have done monologues, and small drama group. Back in 2004 my sister and I did a drama for the Fine Arts Festival at State Level and placed first in NY State and went to Nationals which were held in Texas. I also sing and am taking voice lessons at Dakota Weslyan University here in South Dakota. I am 27 years. I may not be able to travel for the auditions, but can submit a video if needed. thank you

  178. I a signal mother of 3 two boys one girl. I would love to be a part of this show. I have nothing to lose. I am the best me I can be, see for your self by giving me a try. I am love and that’s what I have to offer my loving self. To see me is to see talent. Thank you for your time.

  179. Hi Mr. Perry,
    I would love to audition for your movie about single mothers. I understand you are looking for someone between the ages of 28 and 45. I am 52 years old and have a 25 year old daughter. I have been told everywhere I go that I look to be every bit somewhere between 35 and 40. I’ve even been asked were me and my daughter sisters! I’ll let you be the judge! I am very conservative but can have my funny moments also. I loved all of your movies and plays and would love to be a candidate during the auditioning phase.

  180. Mr. Perry it would be a great honor to work with you whether it be an extra, stand in, or a speaking part. Im a single mother of four, two boys and two girls. I’ve always dreamed of being an actress and model but I layed aside my dreams to raise my kids and make sure they succeeded in life. Along the way as I got older, I got discouraged because I thought I had gotten to old to pursue my dreams until I realized that in this career all ages are needed. My kids told me that its time for me to do what I wanna do in life. I have raised each of them to be honor roll children in high school and college. As a single paren it was hard but that was my role and I plyed it well and as a result have four great successful children who are now my motivation.I dont have experience in acting/modeling but I have a dream and faith in The Lord that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Im teachable and willing to learn. Thank you Mr. Perry and staff.

  181. Hi Mr.Tyler Perry
    My name is Victoria, i will be 23 tomorrow, I don’t have any children. I would love to be in your movie. Your a HUGE inspire to me I Lost my mom @ age 15 due to cancer. So when you made your play “Madea’s Big Happy Family” I Really Could Relate To It. I Relate &’ Learn Something From All Of Ur Plays &’ Movies. Thank You For That ! I stand about 5’9 190 dark skinned , genuine , humble, reliable,funny person . Please choose me.

  182. Hi Tyler,
    I am an unexpected single mother of two for 9 years. Not complaining. It has made me stronger woman and mother with a new determination to succeed. It was kind of a blessing in disguise. lol. I don’t know what the chances are of you reading my message in the haystack, but LOOK NO FARTHER…. it’s me you are looking for. =) My personality is humorous, yet serious when (if) needed. All single moms have a story, but I tend to NOT ride a horse sitting backwards. Look forward to hearing from you. Website link provided.

    Alescia Williams (BNA, Tn)

  183. Mr Perry, I am a huge fan of your plays, movies and television shows. They are funny, and very inspiring at the same time. I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of Single Moms Club. I have been a single mom for 19 years to my oldest. I have been through many trials and tribulations in doing so. I am an aspiring actress and at 37(I often get told 25-30) am finally following my dreams. In acting, we are no longer ourselves but become someone else. With that said, I feel the role of a single mom, I can totally related with. I would love the opportunity to audition. If you can provide an email, i can provide photos and so forth. Thank you.

  184. Hello Tyler: No sure if you have rolls for 60 year old males, however, I would love to audition for any of your upcoming plays or movies. I’ve written and produced plays here in the Memphis area, in addition to having appeared in a number of movies also.

    Benjamin Greene

  185. Hi! Tyler Perry thank you for opening doors for so many people that have not had the opportunity to share their stories. Single mom’s project will definitely be a captivating project that I am sure will deeply touch everyone especially, single mom’ s like myself. I have a 7 yr old daughter who is my motivation to be the best I can be. As a mom it is my personal goal to be her positive role model, mentor and friend that will be able guide her in her best interest. Look forward to hearing more of the Single Mom’s project. Again, Thank you!

  186. Hello,I am from South Africa,I need to work with TYler Perry,I have been praying for a chance to work with Him,anyway I am talented and my only dream is to be an Actor.

  187. Mr. Tyler Perry, you surely have come to the right city to find REAL TALENT! I have been searching for an opportunity to work with you for years now and I’m so excited that you’re making your way through the City of Brotherly Love. Do you have any idea of how much Sisterly Love exists in this city? WE LOVE YOU! I cannot wait to audition for your and your casting team!

    -Aniysa M. B.

  188. Hi my name is kim I was looking up auditions coming up and I seen the single moms club and I know I would be perfect for it because I am a single mom myself so please consider and read thank you(:::::


  190. Gd evening mr. perry,
    i feel that art is in me, like the heart that beats in my chest. i have such a passion to create and get all these ideas and visions out of my head & into my reality..i am in the process of rebuilding my amd my children’s realitymr. perry. i have a vision for life. it includes entertaining & helping others. its on God’s plan for me and my talented children to be successful. especially my 11 year old artsy daughter crystal & my astute 9 year old Jay. we can do nothing without eachothers support…ive loved writing & pretending since i was 11 and can no longer ignore my calling to tje arts…please give me a chance to make my dream come true & show the world my abilities, while providing a great life for my family. thank you mr. perry & God bless.

  191. Hello Mr. Perry, My name is Dominique , i am a single parent of 3 kids and i tell you there is no way to act for a role like this, so i think i would be a good candidate for this role. Thank You.

  192. Hello Mr. Perry im a mother of 7 children 18 to 8, 1 is a freshman in college and 2 in high school and 2 in middle school and 2 in elementary school, were a christian family and very blessed to have one another my husband and i have been seperated for some years now that took a hard hit on the family it was attitudes all over im still working them out, the grace of god is good because through all that we still are standing, a year ago i found out i had cervical cancer and the doctors took out my whole cervics and i went through lots of treatments and yes were still standing but all is good im no actor im just me my family and i have a good times together and everyone enjoys being around me, my friends call me angela from why did i get married they say were actually alike i just laugh I do talk all my stuff, i think i just say the things that everyone is thinking lol… but anyway this movie i hope will show the struggle with laughter and grace if u need me call me i bet u have never seen a family like this one. Everyone I know thinks I should be in something of yours and this single mothers thing can be good cause if nobody else knows the struggle I do and them 4 girls and 3 boys I have never felt a day of unlove or felt the struggle thank you GOD!!!

  193. Hello Mr.Perry

    I have a friend that would be great for this show. She is a mother of five, who raised her children as a single mom. The father of here children played for the NBA. For the last sixteen years of her life, she was placed on a retaining gag order. As of this year she is no longer on the gag, and is ready to speak on how her life and the life of her children has been having to raise them by herself.

  194. Hi! My name is Tamara Christion. I am a 32 year old, single mother of four beautiful children. I am a student and an Army veteran. Though I have little experience acting, only a play in college, I am confident that if given the opportunity I could be what you are looking for. I am VERY eager to learn and very open minded. Thank you in advance

  195. Hey Mr.Perry I’m a single parent of 4 children and its always been my dream to act since I was a little kids I love to act I have been in struggle all my life so I know how it is being a single parent from owning my own home to living in the project. I just really want to live my dream and from what I read I think I’m what you are looking for so hope to hear from you….. I LOVE YOU TYLER PERRY contact # (313)551-9208 Debra Andrews (fb)

  196. I am a college student, nineteen years old who loves to act. I’m majoring in Music and Acting / education. My dream is to become an actress and help my family and the community. I experience having my mom alone taking care of my siblings and I. I would also love to be a part of this movie because ‘I’m an african youth, and I enjoy watching the tyler Perry’s movies. Looking forward for an answer. Stay Bless!!

  197. I am a mother and advocate for minority & disabled children in education. I believe in doing what’s right. We are all created by God equally and should love all of man-kind regardless of color, gender, disability and etc. Not one person is better than another. I know I am the one for this part. I am not only the mother to my children, but he mother to many others I love and advocate for. Can’t wait to get started. Looking forward to this great opportunity and hopefully some of the children will be included as well.

  198. 28 to 45 !?!?!?! I beg your pardon! LOL! I’m a 53 year old single-parent grandmother (of 2) who has been singing, acting and writing plays since the ’80’s. I feel discriminated against! Oh, woe is me, Mr. Perry, . . . . woe is me!

  199. Hello, Im 28 years of age a single mother of 5 oldest 9 and my youngest 3 months, I dont regreat my children but I can ask and Pray for better days. My story isnt much to tell but being a Black Strong women living an everyday life with my children, cant find a job due to my background, but again trying to stay strong keeping the faith. Im a survivor and Im only still here by the grace God and my favorite 5. Now I cant say I ever act but living in todays world thats all I can do is act with a smile on my face knowing I’m crying inside. Im open for new ideals and it will be a honor If you have me in your Single Mothers Club. Thanks again Alberta King

  200. Hi, I’m 14 but will be 15 on 2/5/99. I can sing and act, along with my two sisters who are 13 & 16. Please Look Us Up On Youtube Under The Ishmel Sisters. We Would Really Appreciate It. We Are All Good Separate But Better Together. I Can Make Movies Too. My Little Sister Plays The Piano. My Oldest Sister Draw Like A Pro. Please Don’t Take This Lightly We Are Really Talented.

  201. Hello, I’m a single mother of twin girls. I know what it feels like to be a single mother with the only one to help you is God. I’m 31 years and I have always wanted to be in a Tyler Perry movie because i think those are the most touching movies that anyone can relate to. Be Blessed

  202. Hello, Mr. Perry!

    I pray that this emailed is received during a blessed moment. I am a 42 year old single mother of three beautiful children (ages: 20, 22, and 23), and have been since my son was 8 months old. I am also a grandmother of an adorable three year old, going on 21. I would love the opportunity to meet and work with you on a project. I have done acting in a couple of plays, musicals, and a movie written by my brother, Kibwe Dorsey titled, “My Song For You.”My love, passion, and craft is singing!

    Looking forward to the opportunity.


  203. Hello, I am a actress/singer. I have been raising other people’s children for many years! I have helped family and strangers raise their kids and I don’t even have any of my own. I have wanted to act since I was about 8 years old but helping others pursue their dreams has kept me from fully pursuing my own. I’m now ready! I’ve been taking acting classes over time as well as currently taking more classes as well as writing. I just auditioned for a few roles and the casting directors said that I’m perfect for television but I wanna hear them say I got the part! Lol! Ching , Ching!! I make up characters every day all day! I’m always writing also.,God put this desire in me to use it! It would be a blessing to work with you and learn from you Mr. Perry. God bless you loads! Patti

  204. I am 41 in the Norfolk area. I am single mom of two and the struggles of the way of life here in my area should be told. I did some acting in high school and middle school. Would love an opportunity to do it again through a story of single moms. stories are real. Contact me
    757 706-1750 .

  205. Dear Mr. Perry,
    I want to first start by saying Thank you Lord the time has finally come. I made a promise to myself that this was my year ! 2014 came in and I started moving! I am a single mother of Four (4) blessings. my oldest attends Davis & Elkins in W. VA and is a PS major and plays baseball, my next three are 14,7, & 6 and they keep me very busy yet they are my biggest fans and supporters. I am doing this not only for me but for them. I am showing them that I will continue to reach for my dreams even though I put them on hold for a minute to raise them and survive yet the wheels are still rolling on my life so… I shall continue until I reach my DREAM!!
    I feel that I will be a great fit for this production not only because I want to act but because I am A SINGLE MOTHER, who has gone thru many struggles and I come out fighting. I put GOD first in all I do and though I may not a HOLY HOLY Christian I know I love GOD and he is the ONLY reason I’ve made it this far. Thank you for just reading this over! and I will continue being the star the LORD made me, and the Best mother I can be, along with being the one to brighten someone’s Thanks Again,
    Shannon Wiggins
    a.k.a UPTOWNSTARR from DMV

  206. I would love to be a part of this project. I have done some local acting and I am currently interested in television, movies, commercials and Life Time. I have a resume and photos upon request, I am available to travel and will work extremely hard to help make the project a great success.

    Please contact me at the information below.

    Valansiar Key
    (813) 770-7368

  207. I think that this an interesting challenge. I’ve never married and have no kids but the challenge of playing the role is very intriguing. I believe that my acting abilities will surpass many; If provided the opportunity to audition.
    I am overwhelmed with the thought of being able to audition for ANY Tyler Perry play or movie. I just want one opportunity to show my talent. I have been an aspiring actress since a child, but have been consumed with being independent and want stay still for my mom who passed in 2005. Now, I’m ready….. Still make time for 80 yr. old Dad in NC.
    Just give me a shot for giggles, you won’t regret it.—- If you’re looking for a true actress.
    I would be excited to audition for ANY role you envision.
    May God Continue to Richly Bless You!

  208. hello, I am the proud/blessed 31-yr-old single mother of 2 boys (ages: 13 & 6), from the south
    I would love the be a part of this Tyler Perry production, people often tell me, girl you and your youngest son should be in hollywood because you guys are just naturally funny…
    Singing is truly my passion, but acting is something that i also wanted to experience…
    I’ve had so many obstacles, hardships, and PAIN in my life, and has spent most of my life doing what makes others happy, now it time for ME.
    This is just 1 dream that i would just love to fullfil for “ME”. I’m learning to solely rely on Christ, so Im posting this msg, with FAITH that i will be chosen to be apart of this production.
    Luke 18:27 – But He said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

  209. Mr. Perry,
    I am 34 years of age, I will be turning 35 on Feb 6th , and I am a single mom of three. As you can see, I have plenty experience as a mom. I have always wanted to act, this is one audition!! I wouldn’t want to miss!! So when you are ready, Just Give Me A Call!!

  210. My name is Harquita Wallace and I have been a single mother from day one. My son’s father is unfortunately not with us as he passed when my son was just 8 months old. I then remarried to my daughter’s dad who traveled extensively and became a single mother to her as well. I would love the chance to play the role of a single mother. Thanks in advance and I hope we can have a mutually beneficial professional relationship!

  211. My name is Camille. I’m 19 years old and a single mother. I’m not in recommended age range but I can be made up to appear older. I would love to act this role considering the fact I am a single mother and this furs me. I want a chance to act desperately act I am very motivated and driven. Please contact me at 310-703-2724

  212. I would love to be apart of a Tyler Perry production. I have been watching Tyler Perry for years and also participated in several similar plays. I have the ability to bring any character to life. I’m in sales so I perform all day lol.

  213. I would love to make of your characters come to life on screen. Give me direction and I will follow. I am a single mother in both roles of mother and father like so many of my fellow mothers. Not only would I represent you well Mr. Perry but myself and single mother, single fathers and all single parents! Good searching Mr. Perry.

  214. My name is Sherita I am a 33 year old single mom of. There to me is something very imperative to know and talk about things that we call in our neighborhood generational curses. I have a very interesting testimony that is heart felt transparent and real. Im not an actor but no one can hide whats real. I’d be a great candidate.

  215. I absolutely love being a single mom…I became pregnant at 35 after a 30 day fling. While being a mom takes up most of my time, I work a FT job and I’m a stand up comedian. My 2yo little boy has really pushed me to be better, so Mr. Perry, WE ARE READY!

  216. Hi I’m a single mother of three…I would love to be in this movie..I have a lot to offer because I have raised my sons well as been thru a lot of issues with with relationships that could help other mothers and possibly help others in life issues

  217. HI MR. PERRY

  218. Greetings…I am feeling like this is my year to start acting as I have always dreamed. I am excited about about what 2014 has to offer concerning God’s will for me. I am more of your pretty face with a motherly vibe, I ‘m a mature and laid back type person. I have been told I am a serious person, but I agree half-heartedly because I have a bit of comedianne in me with the deliverance of a sterness. Looking forward and accepting

  219. Thank you for this opportunity! I love all of your work, and it is my dream to work with you, Mr. Perry! I am a mother and a substitute school teacher. (Perfect for understanding this film ) :) I have a degree in Dramatic Arts. Acting is my passion! I am a Christian, and I truly admire your faith in God!

  220. Hi Tyler, um in case your wondering I’m not a women. I’ am a 17 year old young man who been performing all my life alongside my twin brother. We would love to audition for one of your hit series or upcoming movies. We will be a very great asset to your vision and we will love to learn so much. we started off reciting poetry at the age of four at wedding and funerals. then we went off into doing plays and hosting shows/events at churches, schools, fashion shows, etc. we’ve been through so much in our lives already, many good times and many scary times and spite through it all we know that this is our calling. I hope you get a chance to read this, thank you.

  221. OK I can really go on about my life but I just say GOD has been so good to me while raising me 6 children

  222. I am a single mother who does everything on her own. I have very interesting story. It is a story of how self esteem is so important and how because I didnt have it lead to a period of bad behavior while all along being a single mom. I was hiding from everyone.

  223. I would not mine shairing to the world what God brought me though. I know it would help the next single mom.

  224. I would love to play a mom. I don’t have any children, but I am always performing motherly duties with my nieces, nephews and God children. It takes a village and I guess I am your neighborhood Madea with the children at church too! They all call me Aunt Tammy and say I don’t look or sound my age, but they listen to me anyway, out of love! Please consider me as a struggling mother trying to make ends meet, just wanting a better life for my kids! I know a lot about that, from helping the young ladies in my family raise their kids.

  225. I am a single mother that never gives up. I had my only daughter that God blessed me with out of wedlock by a Pastor. People said I wouldn’t be anything. I stuggled to finish college which took me 16 yrs to graduate while raising my daughter alone with no help from her father. I bought a starter home. Then took a leap of faith moved to Dallas. To start a business failed. In all this a I still strive to be the best role model for my daughter. I would be honored to play a role in your play.

  226. I’ll get sick if I won’t be a part of this film…I would love to be in it. You should just consider me please.

  227. I have a serious life time story that will make anyone cry!!!!! The best thing about going through all the sweat and tears was the outcome!!!! I am a single parent who encourages and motivates young women to not make the same mistake I made, that dating the wrong men and living the fast life will not get you far!!! I was mentally damaged, believing that I was the ugliest girl that walked the earth!!! More to come……………… :-)
    What I can say is that the devil is a liar!!!!! I am back on top and probably have more than what I had before!!!

  228. I would love to audition for your film. I am not a single mother, but a happily married black women who is 49 years old but definately do not look her age, with a 9 year old and a 16 year old daughter. My husband travels a lot with his job so I do have to play the single mom role a lot. From going to parent teacher conferences, and basketball games because they both play sports. This was really challenging when I was taking college classes back in 2008-2010 and he would have to travel and I would have to take care of them, running them to their games, helping with their homework, meals, and running errands for my diabled father, and once everyone was taken care of and in bed, I would do my homework. A traveling husband ends up doing what? Yep, I had to deal with that too.

  229. I would be perfect for this role because I was once a single mom for a very long time, and I personally know the struggles of being a single mom and more. I know I just would bring alot to the table playing a role or another role in this venture, I would love the opportunity to get involved in this.

  230. I am a single mom and would love to be a part of this. I think single parent hood should be focused on more. This is something I would very much be looking forward to participating in.

    I have the drive, skill and the personality to play any part. This would be a dream come true for me.

  231. As a single mom of a 19yr old currently in the military, of a 10yr old 5th grader and a new grandma I have and still live single motherhood. I am a full time worker and a full time student holding down the fort ensuring that my children and my granddaughter has more than what I had. I would be great in this role because I don’t have to portray a single mom only re-tell my story on screen.

    • Hi my name is carmelia and I been acting for a very long time. I started at 6 years old I just wanted a opportunity to meet and work with Tyler Perry I know and have faith in God that I will so that being said single mom club will be a big big blessings for me because I believe this is the door God wants me to walk in and onces I get there I have a story to tell.

  232. Hi playing a role of a single mom is something close to me because I was raised by one. She does the best she can for us and I know this might be looking at the role from a different prospective. I understand and want to work along side with great actors and actresses. I am 22, 5’7 and East African(Somalian and Ethiopian)

  233. Hello I just wanted to say I am a single mom and even though I’m 41 I am told all the time I don’t look my age but I am sure I will play the hell out of that part I can play it any way that I am suppose to.

  234. Play a role of a single mom I live it everyday. The ups and down making sure my 2 older children now importance of college and having two little one in public school where the boy act like a grown man. my life is a story trust me. Something funny is always happening. Role this is my life

  235. Ever since I was 15 I have wanted to be a cast member of a Tyler Perry play. The first play I saw was Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and I have been a fan ever since. I would really like the opportunity to live out this dream.

  236. hello mr. tyler perry my name is marqueline dejean i am from new orleans,la. im 28 years old im a single mother of 3 beautiful girls .since katrina ive been in franklin, la where im active in ministry. ive been fighting battles that doesnt matter and i dare not let anyone take me from my purpose. my purpose is to be the mother and supporter for my daughters. its really been a struggle but Gods grace and mercy keeps me going for my girls. with that being said my experience has been a great one and i would love to be apart of your great works. by the way love u mr.tyler

  237. I would love to audition for this great project. I am a single mom 42 years old and my son is 5 and he is a actor signed with a agency. I myself have have always wonted to tell the ups and downs of being a single mom it is very hard and some days you feel like you can’t go on but I would not change a thing about my son.

  238. If someone “Really” read these replies I will get positive response.
    I feel it in my soul to be apart of this project.

  239. My mom is 33 years old and she has 5 kids, we are 15, 14, 11,10 and 2 and the special thing about us is that all of our names begin with “Quin-T” and we have a birthday every 2 months she would love act/work for you me and her have talked about it and she agrees we really need this especially at a time like this i hope and pray to god you email me or my mom
    Mom’s E-mail:
    Phone number: (480)340-0224

  240. I’ve worked in the teaching profession for 20 years at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels. I can be a valuable asset to your cast not only as an educator, but also as the mother of three sons. I would love the opportunity to audition for this production.

  241. I would love to be considerate for a role in your film. I am a single mother, that plays the role of the father as well. I feel as if other single mothers out here to be shown, that we do have the capability to perform such task alone, despite they say, “it takes a man to raise a boy”!!!

  242. Just reading the title itself I know that this is something that I should be apart of. I’m 29 year old African American single parent, that know I can act this role to the fullest. Acting has always been a passion of mine and I would love to be apart of this opportunity. I just want to tell my STORY and be a help to others through it!

    *We all have a story*


  243. hello there! im leah claiborne a 24yr old african american simgle woman i have two little boys.that have different fathers(so there’s alittle drama for ya!!)i have goals and a commitment to see them through. ive always enjoyed the theater. iam.not afraid to be myself. as a young.girl ive always wanted to see myself on t.v magazines bill boards. etc… i really this oppurtunity to persue my dreams. work with mr perry and.his team

  244. I’m 43 and every single day of my life someone tells me I should be an actress. I know I have what if takes to be successful. I hope and dream that if I keep trying to pursue this dream, that hopefully one day my dreams will become a reality. I’m a divorce female living in Baltimore md with a heart made out of gold. I’m funny and can play any role out there. I’m talented, but don’t know where to go or start

  245. hello.
    my name is Angelina Ramos ,I like to act. I also have experince in acting. I had the leafding role in my school play. The play was The Wizard Of Oz. I did good in trhe play.I will like to be in this film.I will also if u guys can give me the opportunity to by in this film

    thank you!
    Angelina Ramos

  246. im really interested in acting and being on stage. ive been dancing and performing on stage since i was 3 years old and i think i would be a great candidate.

    • Hello, Tyler! My name is Angela and I’m a widow, with a story of my own. I would love to be a part of the Single Mom’s project , to give your audience the opportunity to see real life as a Widow with Children who have turned their backs on their Mom,while dealing with the lost of their Father!!!

      • Hello Mr Perryim 31with 5children I’m a single mother with straight A’s students born and raised in Philly I want a shot at auditioning for one of your plays or movies I have a gift to make folks laugh and I have beautiful personality I also write and sing I have faith in GOD that I will be in a movie of yours. GOD bless you.Mr Tyler Perry.

      • I just want to reply to the person who says she’s a widow and the rest of her life story…How are you gonna be #two to respond talking about a reality show of YOU…seriously?? I’m dead…


      • Why u gotta be 45 are younger? I’m just a little older and fabulous, we all have dreams that haven’t been for filled. Some of us are still trusted God as well.

    • Hello I believe I would be a great fit for this show because I am truly a single mother of four. I have dealt with all the realness of life while being a single. I believe o can bring truth and light to this show. I didn’t have it easy or have help from neither of my children’s fathers so the struggle is real. I am able and ready to put some real stories out there about actually parenting and the struggles of it. Not only that but also tell some of the ways and things I had to do to make it and survive,some of the wrong I did and how o overcame the biggest heartbreak of losing my children and getting them back and all I had to do to get them back, not only that but the way your treated as a single mother. I have a lot to bring to a club such as this.

    • Hi Mr.Tyler Perry I have always been interested in Acting I was told iI would never be Good or get the chance to Act I’m a mother of one son his dad rejects him I’m going to do all I can to stay on the right track to raise him the right way I come from A Good home got caught up making Fast illegal money since my time of release from Federal Prison I worked Behind the scence of BET For Sos and Bet Awards as a Talent

      Escort did some church plays I know I have A Great
      Personality I love making people laugh and Helping
      people from Scars to Stars lord knows I’m waiting on a Break through I hope my chance to do come. I appreciate if I do get a Opportunity to work on a project Ihave a job as a Florist Deliver iI pray for the Acting Career plus I write screen plays Hey thanks .Good luck to Everyone chance of a Lifetime.

    • Hello Mr. Perry

      I have been acting all my life, this is what others tell me often. I’m told I have the personality, the look and the skills. I’m serious when I have to be, sexy when I need to be and drama when its provoked out of me!

      I love all your work and I know what it takes to be on ‘q’ in any acting situation.

      Thank you

    • Hello Mr Perry i am a mother of 4 sons and one whom which has Autism. I am a praise dance instructor and also work at the hospital of 14years. I have been in some Church plays and i love makeing people laugh. I am in the process of releaseing my first book called Worn Out Shoes. We all have a story to tell some may be more indepth than others but we all have one. I would love to sit and tell you mine. And to have an opportunity to be in one our your many shows.

    • Hell Mr. Tyler Perry! I would like to be considered for a spot on your New show…Single Moms Club
      I am 42. No acting experience, but I am eager to learn. You should choose me for one of those positions …because I am a single,and battered mom of over 20 yrs. I hve 3 kids ages 25,23,16. I am diagnosed with a few illnesses…been near death twice! And Im still here….God WAS NOT READY FOR ME YET! Im a Network Engineer that taught myself Graphic Designing! Im a go getter…Im well diverse….I can accept constructive criticism with no problems….Im dedicated….and overall…..I REALLY NEED THIS opportunity!! As a mother I hve experienced many things, from me being raped…to my daughters being getting abused to protect them. I am multi talented woman…and Iwas always told I wud never be anything!! That just empowers me!! Im gonna try un
      until I Die!! I would like a shot thx. By the way my illness is not visiable to the eye….I look perfectly normal…..and it does not limit me in no way. Thx I have my fingers crossed!! Luv u Mr. Tyler Perry for the opportunity….and making it easy to apply.

    • Hello my name is latonya pettway
      Seeking to further my career in acting
      I am a single mom raising a 17 year old in college
      I had to put off my career to raise her.
      I would love to work with company
      Thank you, lpgirl

    • Hello Tyler,
      I just want to start out by saying I am a single mother of two boys ages three and four. I made the mistake of putting a man before God which left me broken in dismay. I am now on the right track and would love to share my story through song and acting. Please consider me, I believe this is what I should be doing. Thank you.

    • Hello Mr. Perry

      It would be a lifelong dream come true to have the honor to star in anything you do because everything you touch turns to gold.

      I have little professional acting experience Mr. Perry, but I know first hand what it takes when it comes to acting out my real life experience. I know for a fact what’s its like to be a single mom Mr. Perry. I know what its like to struggle raising 2 sons on a one household income. Oh yeah Mr. Perry, I know what its like to leave my babies in someone else’s care because their father wasn’t there. I know what its like to put me last because no matter what it took, they came first Mr. Perry, I know what it was like to be a single mom and I know I wouldn’t change a thing because only ‘God’ knows the kind of love a real mother heart sings!

      Thank you so much for this opportunity to even make a reply to you!

      Tracy Ingerson

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