Showtime TV Series “Homeland” Auditions

Auditions for "Homeland"
Talent needed for Showtime TV Series "Homeland"
Auditions for "Homeland"
Talent needed for Showtime TV Series “Homeland”

What if there was a soldier captured by the enemy and then was rescued only to be suspected of being turned into a double agent of the enemy? Well the new show Homeland premiering on Showtime tonight has created a new action/adventure drama series that fits that exact plot! The show has already received some critical acclaim from the available pilot episode online and has one of the highest scores on, 93 out of 100. The show stars “Band of Brothers’ star Damain Lewis and Claire Danes as the CIA operations officer, Carrie Mathison.  Carrie Mathison has come to believe that the U.S. Marine sergeant who had been missing since 2003, had been turned by Al-Qaeda but her superiors find it outrageous and nearly impossible to convince them that their so called “War Hero” is not in fact a double agent.

The show is based on Gideon Raff’s Israeli series Hatufim and was created by Howard Gordan, Alex Gansa and Gideon Raff. We told you about the show at the beginning of the year and once again the show is seeking some more talented extras and photo doubles for the additional shows.

Seeking extras for the following roles:

  • Military Men and Women
  • Police and Secret Service types
  • Government and Political types
  • Men of Middle Eastern, Greek, Lebanese, Persian, Hispanic, Colombian, Indian and Turkish decent.
  • Computer Tech types

All talent interested in this project will be asked to come out to auditions and audition for the casting department. Once each talent is booked they will be contacted for the series. Best of luck!

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


  1. Hello!

    I would love the show and would love to be a part of Homeland. I am a British/Pakistani. I live in the UK, however I am able travel to different countries (in this case, I believe it’s Berlin) and also provide accomodation for myself. I have recently got back from performing at the Sony Atrium in New York. I am a punctual and hard working individual. I look forward to hearing back from you.


  2. I am Hemant Tejwani. Decent looking Indian male. Seriously interested in being part of Homeland. Have learned a lot from Suraj Sharma and i expect and look forward to be a part of this series.

  3. I would love to be part of Homeland. I am from Germany but ethnically I am Albanian which explains my Middle Eastern looks! I have lived in the states for one year. Currently I live in Dubai since 6 years, where I learned a lot about the Middle Eastern culture and way of life. I think I would make the best fit because I have some acting experience and I can build the perfect bridge between Germany, the Middle East and he USA. People who don’t know always think that I am Lebanese, I find it amusing at times.

  4. I would be good for a couple of the roles but Computer Tech types and Government and Political types may be the best for me.

    I have worked on as an actor and extra both paid and unpaid in the past as well as radio work.

    I know Berlin well and i am only 2 hours away and would love to work on a great show such as Homeland Berlin is an outstanding city.

    Even if i was only used as an extra i would work hard and be on time every time .
    You can find me on star also for pictures


    Brent Farrell
    MOBILE UK- 07971001667 (text if switched off)

  5. hi,i`m a berlin based german-english actor with tons of experience wit basically all the last years babelsberg productions from polanski to tarantino.i also have a strong theatrical background from montreal players theatre to burgtheater vienna. where i also worked as a classical trained dancer ready to play any part.size 167 cm slim you will find photos at database greetings klaus

  6. I would like an opportunity to audition for the simple reasons. I have 10 years trained and prior acting experience. I served in the U.S. Cavalry and am a Veteran of the Iraq War 04-05. I have good control and balance of my body for both gain or loss to fit a role. On that note.. I am 5-10 70″ 178cm. About 102kg or 200lbs. Shaved head, but when grown out strawberry blonde. I have a nice 5’oclock shadow that can fully grow. Sky blue eyes, strong jaw with a confident smile and straight white teeth. I have a solid built frame of a body but not toned, Broad Shoulders. I look good in suits with or without glasses and a military uniform. I am also conveniently located in Berlin where Season 5 will take place.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon for an audition.

  7. I’m Colombian/German (mom Colombian, dad German) I’m an actress based in Los Angeles, did my conservatory acting studies (Lee Strasberg) in New York City, arrived in Berlin in April and will stay for a few months.
    German (European) Passport
    Police/Government Type, Look: Colombian/Persian/Indian/Middle Eastern.

  8. I would love the challenge to be part of this unique drama series. Since Brody has left the show, some red hair power is missing;-) i have long red-brown hair, brown-green eyes, I am slim, charming, having real presence, I am speaking German (mother tongue), English, Portuguese, Spanish and French and i am Iiving near Berlin where the 5th season of Homeland will be filmed:-) I hope to hear from you

  9. I have watched entire four seasons of Homeland and loved it.The intense pace of the series made me keep watching it without halt.I always imagined myself in the series with all the other awesome characters.The amazing thing is the new season to be filmed in Germany and right now I am in Germany in Kaiserslautern,which is near to the Ramstein air base shown in the series.I would definitely like to taek auditions and b part of the saga.

  10. Name is Balkaran, I believe i fit the above requirements and can be more than just an extra. I am Indian but can be casted as other nationalties. Willing to travel for the part.

    Thank you

  11. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested
    in auditioning the part ” HOMELAND ” I absolutely love the story
    and love to be apart of it. I am located in Long Beach California
    and willing to travel. You can contact me on my email or cellphone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

  12. Semper Fi
    I grew up in the military-the Marine Corps to be exact. My mother is a retired Colonel. My father was in the Marine Corps band. He played for Ronald Reagan at the White House many times. I have experience in associating with military personnel.

    As for my professional experience, I have a minor’s degree in Theater Performance from Northwest Missouri State University.
    I can send you my acting resume upon request.
    My facebook page:

  13. hey im Dae Spence & im from Atlanta,Ga i just got a email from John Casablancas Talent Atlanta, seeking 4 Male CSI Tech Types for Homeland & I think I’m a the right person for the job my recent work was with season 3 of Necessary Roughness here in Atlanta
    you can contact me at the email I have you & my cell is 678.476.2481

  14. I have recently started acting and just finished performing in a play. I am a computer professional with over 30 years experience. I believe I can do an excellent job as an acting professional and am looking for the opportunity to prove it.

    I can provide a bio and professional photo upon request.

  15. Well, what can I say? I’ve been hiding from this passion for 5 years now. Back in 2006 when I was the president of my acting group, we were happy and successful. A lot of people have suggested me to become a professional actor but I still want to please my mom whose almighty wish for me was to become a medical doctor and I respect that. As time goes by, getting into medical school become harder and my only way to find a way is to join the military. I joined the Navy medical field, and I’m still in, I have my national certificate in pharmacy now (mom is already satisfied), I’m working my way to get a PhD in Biochemistry one day but I still have “this call for acting”. For the love of passion, I just want to see myself do this again to remember who really I am and I think SHOWTIME is a great place to reborn.

  16. I am a 24 year old male that has 8 years experience working on computers. I am a diligent worker and i never complain. Working with my hands is strong point of mine. I am currently attempting to make my own computer business and so far i have had minor success. This would be a great oppurtunity for me in many ways but i think best that it would help me develop my real life character further.

  17. My name is Sean (named after Sean Connery) I am an African American with personal and family ties with government, police officers (father retired sergeant/military) brother, uncles….all military I love computers had the first Apple Tandy 2C in my neighborhood and love spy and espionage movies also being African American I can pass off for someone dark of arab decent.

  18. hello , my name is justin sykes im currently taking business classes at a near by college where i live i believe life is to short to make a promise to one think im like a open book i have lots going on but when im consider for an extra position or a role from u guys it would be a honor to drop what im doing and catch me a flight to where im needed to be the right time and the right place i love acting every since i was little people say i will some day make it since im such a people person and an fast learner in the past four years ive been an nurse, cashier, retail manager, fast food manager and ran my own cleaning and daycare business do you really think its gonna be a problem for me to act out another role, come on i was born and ready to do this if im blessed with this job trust and believe youre gonna be ttaking over a new star thank you so much. jns

  19. I have a deep passion for acting and cannot see myself doing anything else. I attended NYFA in LA and am working towards a Bachelors in Acting for Film. I have been in several low budget movies. I am a fast learner always seeking to improve, hard worker and a team player. I can easily adopt to different situations. I can perform as a strong determined women or a humble defensless girl. Have taken combat training for film at school. I am 5.6 and bilingual Spanish/English. Thank you in advance for an opportunity to a audition.

  20. I can do this! If you choose me, I would be new to the industry, but not new to the material. I served in the usarmy. I know I can bring the talent to the able with energy and confidence. I am an african american woman, 5’9″ with athletic to curvy average body. This would be an excellent opportunity for me and would be forever appreciative. Please call me.~

  21. People who meet me say that I have such an intense energy. I tend to draw people to me wherever I go. I am strong, athletic and ready to tackle any role, most likely a military female. That would be the best fit to my strong personality!

  22. Im young, ready and willing to fullfil my dreams of becoming an actor. Im in the usaf reserves as well. Fast learner and I catch peoples attention very easily

  23. I am good at anything I do and I take direction well. I love to act. I have wanted to do acting since I was little. and now I am living my dream. I am an extra in a movie being filmed here in Texas and a lead role in another.

  24. I have been in the USAF for 16 yrs now so I have an extensive military background. I am energetic very outgoing and can take instructions very well also I adaptive to various situations at a fast pace. I also have knowledge of computer skills.

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