Season 8 Casting Call for BET’s ‘The Game’

Casting Call for The Game

Casting Call for The Game

The newest season of BET’s hit series ‘The Game’ is set to return shortly and the production team will be holding a casting call for extras to be a part of the new season. The BET casting directors are opening the doors to casting to both actors, models, and parents of babies. There are a number of roles needed to be filled for extras and there are special acting auditions being held as they are in hot pursuit of power couples, attractive models, athletic trainers, and a set of twin babies to appear as this seasons featured extras.

It’s also important to know that the casting directors are looking for specific age groups and ethnicities to be cast in these roles. For example, Season 8 of ‘The Game’ will need an Asian male and female between 30-40 years old to be the power couple, as well as Female models of all ethnicities in their 20s who are comfortable dancing in a music video scene. Some of the models who attend the casting call for BET’s ‘The Game’ will be asked to play the roles of office assistants or athletic trainers, in which case it’s important that you have experience in stretching, physical training, and are in good shape.

All filming for these roles are set to take place in the next week or so; however, there has not yet been a scheduled air date for the newest season. Nevertheless, we do know that the level of drama and comedy are expected to reach new heights as there were plenty of unanswered questions left in season 7.  So if you’re interested in being an extra during the newest season of ‘The Game’, we suggest that you sign up with us today and get all the casting information you need. This could potentially be the opportunity you need to build a quality resume and be one step closer to becoming a big time actor in this business.

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  1. I am an inspiring actress and I’m also working on my very own talk show. I love the Game. I would definitely be an asset to this show as the show will be to me.

  2. I should’ve been a actor along time ago, just never had the funds, but I like the show, started watching it when I was in college, fell in love wit it. I think I’ll be a good actor to whatever comes at me

  3. Hi I’m Lesly. Originally from New York where I took acting classes as a child until my parents relocated to Florida. I’m 23 years old and currently a college student. I am outgoing, full of personality and ready to work. Since I have stopped acting my life has not felt complete and I have not been satisfied. Therefore, I am ready to pursue a dream and begin building upon an acting resume and feel like this opportunity would be a great one for me.

  4. I’m fun loving, dramatic, silly, and can be the biggest B*. I love to act model dance and just have fun. If your going to do something, do what you love.

  5. I just simply want it! More than anything! I would do whatever for it. I’m an actress, 25 years old with knee-high light brown hair, blue eyes. I was studied in the Phoenix studios. Since I was 10 I know I want to be actress and when fist time I saw the Game of Thrones I realized this is I was waiting for 15 years! I must be there! I will work harder than anyone, play with every emotion of the world, burn in fire, live and die. Whatever I have to do for it I will. That’s it.

  6. To whom it may concern:

    My name is Curtis Mattison, from Detroit, Michigan and I currently live in Lansing, Michigan, as I recently graduated from Michigan State University, Advertising Management major.

    After reviewing the description of ‘The Game: Season 8’, it seem as though the show will be an amazing show to be a part of and I am passionately looking forward to being a part of the team. I recently practiced modeling and also getting involved with acting and broadening my brand and network. Being a personal trainer and inspiring international model, I believe that this opportunity will exceedingly assist in my goals and aspirations.

    Height: 6’6
    Weight: 221
    Age: 22

  7. If im on the show the creators will be having a brand new show to replace the game with what i bring to the table

  8. Hello, I believe i would be the perfect fit for this film because these kind of film are all about drama. Not saying I’m full of drama, but I’m stating my edginess and innocence with slight sex appeal could bring something to the table. I’ve had acting experience and I am a quick learner. Please feel the need to email me if interested.

  9. I started watching The Game when Malik only referred to Derwin as “Rookie.” I got hooked and never stopped watching. I’d love to be a part of the show and bring my beauty, class and personality on board. I am a petite model (5″0, 115, 32-24-34) and hair stylist in Florida who is willing to travel. I realize that opportunities don’t always come your way, sometimes you have to reach out and grab them. Here I am!!!

  10. I strongly believe I would be great for a role this season because I have such a huge personality and letting the camera love me comes natural for me. I am 27 a Gemini high yella 5’6 weigh 185 wear 10 in dresses. … I’m a curvy creole and eagerly anxious to have such an amazing opportunity. I’m born and raised from Houston, TXI will contribute my all and really own every moment. I won’t let anyone down, I promise you that! Who knows? I may be the next big thing and your brand will have all the credit!

  11. I am currently a runway model and do some acting I would love to be apart of the show .

  12. Hello my name is Lawrence Isom.i am I very experienced drama actor through my life experience I have a very natural reaction to life’s experiences I read monologues very also very fit and very well kept for my looking for a chance to bring new light to a great series such as the life experiences should put me somewhere to be looked at in your 5.8 162 lbs green eyes chin length hair and very outgoing and quick to learn…..thank you for your time in taking the time to read this and look to forward to hearing back ..Lawrence Isom

  13. Good evening,
    My name is Kyle Stephens and I am 26 years old. I’m a black male who’s very vibrant and optimistic. I’ve been acting since middle school and singing since I were a toddler. I was recently in a play with Reggie Ballard aka Bruh Man from the TV Show Martin. I would be honored to have the opportunity to audition for you. Please and thank you for your consideration.
    black hair (dreads)
    brown eyes

  14. Hey! My name is Brianna and I’m 20 years old. I live in south Florida and I like to travel when given the opportunity. I’m African American ( light skin ), 5’8, I have long dark brown straight hair with brown eyes. I am very slim with wide hips, I weigh about 120. I love working with different people and I love meeting new people, being that it opens my eyes to the different kinds of personalities and cultures that are out there in the world. I do a lot of modeling and photo shoots and will be in a runway swimsuit fashion show within the next 2 weeks. I would be more than ecstatic if given this opportunity! I watch the game religiously so to be a part of the show would be a dream come true. My email address is

  15. I feel like I should be considered for a role in the hit show “The Game” because I am a true fan of the TV show. I’ve watched the game since it first came out in 2006. I am physically fit and a fast learner! I am a very fun, energetic, positive person and I like to have fun. that’s why I feel I should be apart of the 8th season of The Game

  16. I love the show and would love to be apart of the team. Great at picking out outfits and has always had a passion for acting.

  17. I am very very interested in being In this show!!!!!! I’m 26 years old and I look forward to great a new opportunities!!!!!

  18. I am a 25 year female. I live around the Charlotte nc area. I love to dance and act. I would love the opportunity to work you on theRV series. My personality is very outgoing, fun, I love working woth people and learning new things. I think I have the perfect personality for the place you are looking for. You can contact me by Email I look forward to working with you

  19. My name Destiny Thomas I’m 18. I’m from Chicago, IL and I would like to have the opportunity to be a cast member on you all show I’m talented in many difference ways. Also I think this would be a great opportunity not only for me but for my children.

  20. Austin Williams
    170 lbs
    5 10 1/2
    Brown Eyes
    I have a athletic look & build. I’m very comfortable on camera. I would love to be a part.

  21. Hi I’m 19 years old 5’1 and have been singing my whole life and recently started acting a couple of years ago. I’ve always wanted to show the world what I got!!

  22. My name is Taria Jackson. I’m 18, 5’7, and a funny person in general. I’m dedicated this would be a great oppurtnity I hope you guys choose me !

  23. English/Scottish/Korean/Hawaiian
    Height: 5’10
    Age: 24
    Weight: 125lbs
    Bust: 34C
    Waist: 25
    Hips: 35
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel

    Ethnically ambiguous. Can deliver as a saint or a sinner; “glam VS model” look or “girl next door” look.
    Good work ethic. Reliable. Dependable. Easy to direct and lead.

    Runway, swim, fashion, lingerie model.

    Former Miss Hawai’i USA
    Current Miss International Model 2015

    References, reel and resume available upon request.

  24. Hi I’m porchia and I’ve written a comment before but hey why not two ? I’d love to be apart of The Game. I love all the characters in the show. I love the show itself. Being apart of it would be a dream come true. I do not have any acting experience but with an opportunity, I can see my dreams coming true. I can’t promise I won’t make mistakes or get nervous but I can promise I won’t give up and keep trying to I get it right. I’m 20years old, married, mother of a 9mo boy, 5’5, 120lbs, brown eyes and hair, light skin, and I have a slim athletic body type. My hair is currently dyed honey blonde with my left corner shaved down into a temp fade. (Sorta like Cassidy). It would be more than words can explain if I was given the chance. Hope to hear something from you guys. Have a good day and God bless !

  25. I know I could do this, it is just a matter of receiving the opportunity of accomplishing this. I’m a handsome down to earth guy, I played football so it would more than natural for me to really connect with my character and truly become whatever character I would be chosen to play on the show.

  26. I’m interested in the modeling role and i also have previous dance experience of 14 years. I’m 20 years old.

  27. My name is Carolyn Randle I reside in Houston, Texas. I am 26 yrs old and I am very athletic. I’ve played basketball, softball and ran track all of my life. I love to workout and I know with those great qualities alone I would be a great asset to this show. I am very fun and outgoing. With the enthusiasm I bring to the set I would make all of the stars around me better. I have acted in plays and modeled in numerous fashion shows. I really want to be selected to play in the hit tv series “The Game”. Not only have I watched every episode and every season, I know that with me knowing so much about the show it would be a piece of cake to pickup were you guys left off. You can reach me at by email any time of day

  28. hi my name is Greg and i will really like the opportunity to be in the show called the Game.I must say that if i got the opportunity to do so it will be worth the while and i will do anything to make sure that what i do is a success cause i believe that whatever a person do in life they should do it well and with that an impact should be felt by who ever they are doing it for.If i get the chance to be a cast member i will dedicate myself to listening,adhering and doing whatever is required of me.Please email me thank you kindly.I do appreciate it

  29. this would be an amazing opportunity for me I’m everything that you would want for this show thick curvy exotic very attractive great personality very bubbly very diva I could totally see myself on this show

  30. I would love to be apart of this opportunity! why would I turn this down?? lol…Im 21, Sexy brown suga skin,Average and a drop of beauty:) I have the looks and I have the acting in me and once it comes out, you’ll be thrilled!:) #TeamScorpio

  31. Hi. My name is Tatyana. I love to act and model and been actually been doing it since I was 2. I love to be in front of the camera and feel this is a way to let me live the dream I’ve always dreamed of. I won’t stop until I make it!

  32. Oh my gosh i would love to work with Tasha Mac and Mr Pitts even if I don’t get the chance to work with you all I want you all to at least see that i love love love The Game it has got to be the best show ever all of the people on the game are great even Derwin and as Tasha Mac would say “Med School” I cannot wait to get off work today and go home and watch it my DVR is full of the recordings I watch them over and over.

  33. I am the person you are looking for look no more. I am mix race loves to get the hob done. From the islands lives in the U.S

  34. Hello,My name is India I’m 27 yrs of Age ,5’11,Spontaneous, Active, Smart, Open mind and happy overall.There’s numerous reasons why i would make a perfect component on your Television Series but here’s a few.I absolutely love and tune into the show each episode.My favorite Male and Female characters would be Tasha Mac’& Her conceited son Malik, lol. I’ve never been apart of a live television show but I’m far from shy and have acted and modeled in plenty of Auditorium and Theater plays and shows from Hair shows to Plays, church plays School plays,etc…Very talented! I would very appreciate the opportunity to be apart of The Hit TV Series “The Game “. Hopefully waiting for a response and welcome from you soon. Thank you

  35. My name is Porchia and I’ll start off by first saying I absolutely love your T.V show “The Game” !
    My mother and I watches it every Wednesday. Even if I work, it’s already set to record on my DVR.
    Being an actress alone is always one of the things I want to pursue in my life. Being an actress on “The Game” would be more than words can explain. I’m 20 yrs old, married, mother of one, 120 lbs, slim,athletic body type, 5’5, and light skin. Being apart of “The Game” would be a life changing experience for me.

  36. Hey would love to be on this show. 18 year old ready to set my career off and be the next female thing. Got the ambition and know I would be a great member.

  37. My name is Timothy Yi. I am a 28 year old Korean who is fluent in English, Korean, and Spanish. I am a bipolar introvert.. I am 5’9″ and 150lbs. I can express intense feelings, all over the board. I am very cultured and grown up around people of all walks of life. I can cry in command and I ised to do hip hop theater in high school as an actor and dancer. I live in Atlanta, GA. I used to be a chef for ludacris and operate a food truck in the city. I want to pursue more creative projects and with the rise of asian in tv and music, I would like to be one of the pioneers. I am a great role model and have a lot to offer to the youth of America if I could get some recognition.

  38. Hi my name is Elijah Journigan. Im 23 years old 5’8 Athletic built and I’m A very cool well rounded outgoing person and I would love to have the opportunity to act as one of the cast members in this hit Series show. So please contact me thanks :)

  39. Congratulations Larry Duty. He was on The Game Season 8 “The Switch” episode. Larry is one of the best looking humble on point extra football player actors the producers could have chosen. Praise God for answered prayer. My family is throwing a watch party on March 11th when it comes on On Demand here in Dallas, TX on BET. You are a SUPER STAR!!!

  40. I would like to be an extra or have a role n the Game Im from Wilson NC and i am willing to travel

  41. I Have Been Watching The Game Since It Came On I Would Love To Actually be on it i have a lot of experience in acting please give me a chance

  42. I am a humble 2001 Showtime at the Apollo Amateur Night winner, and I am ready to step into my destiny as a more than capable singer, actress, dancer, and writer.

  43. Hi
    I’m a African American Female, 26 years old, and I’m from a small town in North Carolina. I am a curvy woman(the entertainment industry would say I’m plus size) and I stand at 5’4 1/2. I would love to work with this show. I can be reached anytime after 3pm.

  44. Hello, my name is Mya Smith.
    I am 20 years old.
    I am a modern and praise dancer.
    I love acting.
    I’ve been modeling and acting for years.
    I am a bit reserved, which makes my acting more entertaining for others; I would actually love to do a “video scene”, it would be cool.

    I hope that you all really consider me, also I really enjoy working out.

    Thank you for reading.

  45. Put me on the Game so I can play the Game. Of course this will be no easy checkmate! Lets spice it up with me, Im down!

  46. You wont regret it im a ball of fire and i feel like ican deliver whatever is asked im very emotionaland passionate about anything thats going to represent me

  47. I am very interested in being being part of the hit show The Game. I have been watching the show since it first aired on BET. I am 27 years old and would love the opportunity. Thank you

  48. Very interested in auditioning as an extra or small speaking part. I am a 40 year old woman 5’2 143 lbs. Very energetic, outgoing and a spirit to WIN.

  49. Wassup you guys. My name is Avery im 18, born and raised in Jackson Mississippi. I would love to join the cast and I am very versatile person that could play ANY part given. From a pimp to a president, from a cop to a con artist. You need it, I got it. All I need is a opportunity, thanks in advance!

  50. hi im taznejia but you can call me taz im 11 years old going on 12 on march 15 i can play as a daughter or as a sister thank you for looking at my comment but i understand if you dont want me but if you do email at

  51. Hello,
    My Name is Nada i am 22 years old, i live in Berlin and i would love to play a role in game of thrones, i don’t have experience in acting, i only acted sometimes in school in theater but still i can learn fast.
    I speak french, german, englisch and arabich.
    I can send you pictures of me if needed.
    If you are interested please let me know!

    I am Female
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Skin: White-Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 1,65 cm
    Weight: 53 Kilo

  52. My name is jessica. I watch and react the game. I watch the game everytime it come on. I’m only 19 and I am trying to bring my acting out to show the world. I just wait yo bring back to my community and be a role model to the young kids. Please give me a chance. That’s all I ask got.

  53. I should be considered for the role because I have something to bring to the show. Attitude, drama, fun, a pretty face and smile. I am 20 going on 21 in April so I have a young face and mind as well. Not only that I have a passion for acting and has followed the game since season one. My nickname is even Tasha Mac. I have so many ideas that could start a new show and I think the Directors, writers, producers, and casting would love to have me part of the action even as an extra!

  54. Good afternoon. If you are looking for an African American male, 43, hard worker and dedicated and new to acting, please contact me. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

  55. My Name is Rose Keyes, I’m 20 years old soon to be 21 in September , I’ve always had a passion for acting & I would love to start here with this amazing Cast & Professional wonderful actors. I love this show & I’ve dreamed of being on it since I first started watching it. I can deliver an amazing performance with my role & more. My email is

  56. Hi I’m Christina I want to be on the game because for one we all love Tasha Mac she is ghetto
    But I’m just as pretty and ghetto as she is two ghetto people fighting hard to get alone cause they are to much a like perfect!..

  57. I have always wanted to act, I have been to a few auditions in the past but the time never presented itself to be the right time. I would love to be on this show, starting off as an extra is a great way to build my resume and begin a career in Acting/Entertaining people on a daily basis. Please consider.

  58. Well, my name is Saniya. I am seventeen years old, soon to be eighteen in March. I’ve watched The Game for almost nine years, and i love it so much! I wish to do an open audition for any role, which i hope leads me into more scenes and movies in the future to help me reach my goal. Please respond to me on my email; it would be just a dream to at least be on one episode as an extra. Please, thank you.

  59. I’m 19, but I look a bit older. I’m multitalented and I’m up to lay any role. I love dancing and acting so this should be great.

  60. I am a strong black but funny male who will love to date Tasha Mac and give her a run for her money and attitude. Have a reply for every smart word or joke coming from her mouth. We will be the new power couple of the show!!

  61. I have been a fan of the show since day one… I so love this show it would be such a blessing… I have extra experience .. may 2014 I was in a short film in south philly called “good beer”September 2014 I was in a feature film called “voiceless” filmed in Kensington /center city philly area… you can reach me at 2156068043 or email me at

  62. I would appreciate an opportunity to audition for a role on ‘The Game’ big or small.

  63. My name is Tiffany griffin and I am a young aspiring actress. I am 21 years old and I would love to audition for season 8.

  64. I’m a beautiful sexy girl with style and fashion very strong and will be impressed with the capabilities that I have to offer.

  65. I would love to play the role of an extra of a younger lady. My age is (47), but i look younger for my age like (35).

  66. Ecstatic to leave a comment. I’m Raw talent with great potential. My training and experience developed from being on-site and onset. From being an extra for a Tyler Perry TV show to major stage play acting. Versatile acting is my strength.

  67. 28 love to meet new people I’ve been acting for years now and would love to get my talent to the big screen I’m a beautiful woman with a loving, learning, laughing spirit please pick me so I can help take care of my mom thanks in advance

  68. Hello,

    My name is Jerri, I would like to play an extra, I an 55 but feel I can play rolls from 30 years and up.

  69. My name is malika and im fouteen years old. Iv been watching the game ever since the first season and love to be part of the exsperience and show the world what im made of.

  70. What can we all say about the show “The Game”. It’s amazing from the cast to the production. My name is Darrell Robinson. I’m 32 years of age , look 32 and we all know 32 is the new 22. I’m 6’2 in height, weigh 190 with an athletic body. I have a great personality with a smile that lights up the room. I would like the opportunity to audition and become apart of the family. Thank you.


    Darrell Robinson

  71. It would be an honor to play any role in The Game
    I am a very strong person and go for what I want I am very well driven to succeed in any obstacle that is brought my way. I always loved to act and dance. you can do anything you put your mind to espeacially with the good lord along your side

  72. Hello My name is Devonte Washington and I am 20 years old but will be 21 in the summer and I am a student at Tarleton State University and Randomly thought of this opportunity during one of my classes and Thought about how the TV Series “The Game” never really shows much about a big position in football and that is Running Back and I feel like I could easily play that role because of my humor but also athleticism and I can see it being a great future story line, I am also a recording artist on the come up I have a producer who makes me beats and I just do the singing so I left my website there and e-mail but again this seems like a great Idea and I would love to have this wonderful opportunity, Thanks for your time.

  73. Hello Im a 25 year old African American female from Dallas Texas and I possess natural talent and multiple skill and abilities to assist in the entertainment world. I feel that this opportunity will be a great start yet a privilege to be a part of your show. I hope to hear back from you guys. I’m sure to win you all over. Thank you!

  74. Hello im Courtney and i would love to play the role of an extra or a younger lady. I am 15 but i look older then my age, im sure i can pass.

  75. My name is LT Luther Hall of the United States Army (reserve). I’m writing in prayer that I can some how submit, audition or whatever your process is in becoming a feature for the exquisite Urban Ink Magazine. A little about me, I’m a single parent, I work for the DoD Government is supporting the Air Force and I’m also a LT in the United States Army. I have graduated with both my B.S. in communications and even earning Summe Cume Laude while obtaining my M.B.A. with a concentration in human resources. I recently moved out to Los Angeles, CA after a deployment. I really want to model and hopefully one day break into acting. Any consideration or information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you. Also, I was a feature in Tattoo Magazine’s issue #303.

    Luther Hall (Mr. Tattoo Model)

    “live in FAITH not FEAR”


    IG @mrtattoomodel

  76. I could play as my favorite singer lil sister or cousin or something I would love that. And it would be a great experience for me. Please pick me and give me the chance also you can check out my youtube its Keacia Shamrockbabe and follow me on twitter @DaLuckCharm.

  77. Hi my name is Akeema Burno I’m 24years old and I want to become an actress. If I am chosen to be an extra in The Game that will mean a lot to me,it will be a great experience that I can learn from!

  78. oooooooh!!!! please let me be on for an audition for the game I wanted to act every sense I was a little kid please!!!!! contact me call me asap!!!! :)

  79. Hi my name is krystal Marie im 24years old in i would love to be apart of the game i always wantnt to be on tv

  80. Hi my name is shukeita I would love to be o the game I love this show I’m 23 in I can play Lauren London best friend!!

  81. I would love to be a part of this show. I am 19 years old but i am told that i look 25. I love to act and am enthusiastic with all of my work.

  82. Hello my name is Shimoda Austin and would love to join the game brand. I’m a 35 year old African American female that looks 27. I have a lot of drive and character naturally! You all would love me!

  83. i am a fast learner work well with others just recently played a extra in the series empire directed by john singleton it inspired me to want to do more i hope to hear from you to become a part of such a amazing team

  84. I would love to be on the game I could play a child one pf the characters have to babysit or o could play the daughter of someone

  85. Hi I am Cornelia D. And I am interested in a role as an extra on “The Game” Show as a background filler in a restaurant or background filler in other scenes thanks! You can check out my profile with One Talent Source #99226. Thanks!

  86. My name is Brandon Petteway im 33 and6’7 I could play the part of a teammate or a friend of any character

  87. Hi my name is Eric Smith I would love to be a part of the game With it being a steppingstone to my acting career I think I will give it a different look as in the past seasons i’m funny outgoing down-to-earth with a great sense of humor I can switch and bro quick I’m 27 years ago from St. Louis Missouri I could possibly play Laurens new I candy thank you for you time

  88. Hi I am 13 years old. I am pretty good at acting and I could be Lauren Londons sister or her boyfriend Blues and I just love that show the game

  89. I will be 40 years old in a month and am looking for a role. I am plus size, confident and beautiful. If you are looking for someone who is versatile….I AM SHE!

  90. Acting is my life, I’ve only dreamed to be the next Sandra Bullock since I was about 6. I’m 16 years old. I take acting very seriously, I’m not shy, very outgoing.. this won’t be just an experience for me, it would be the start of my career.

  91. I am really excited to contact this season and ready to be apart of one the best leading t.v. series on the B.E.T network. Thanks for the time hope to see the cameras rolling soon.

  92. I am an actress from a small town looking to build my resume & for my big break.I Have experience in acting… Ive taken acting classes for 6 months and im now looking to start my career. I just need that one audition to get me there & closer to my dreams. I have experience in dance & cheerleading.
    – Im 18 years old.
    – 5’3 .
    -133 Lb.
    – Size 8 1/2 shoe
    PS: This is all ive ever wanted to do.

  93. Having a part on The Game would mean everything to me. I am a recent college graduate with equity theatre experience. I am 22 years old and willing to take any part.

  94. I Love The Game and I would be honored if they choose me to be a part of their phenomenal show!! I’m a 27 years old that can look 16 if I did it right. I love acting and modeling, it’s my passion! I can’t do anything else!

  95. I am 13 Years Old And I could Play As Chardonae’s Little Sister. I Love The Game I’ve Seen Exactly Every Single Episode Of The Game I’m A Major Fan I Take Drama Class At School Because One Of My Dream’s Is To Become An Actress Or A Singer. Please Choose Me <3 :)

  96. I’m 21 years old from New Jersey Im a big fan of The Game , I would love to be apart of this new season , I want to try out to be one of the models or be asked to play the roles of office assistants or athletic trainers.

  97. My name is Stephen Ford I believe I will be a great asset on any tv set that I work on and I believe my castmates will enjoy my company on the set. One reason I feel that I could fit a role on The Game is the fact that I have a football background in my history.

  98. I would love the opportunity to work with BET. It would be a need life change and a blessing to be able to display my GOD given talents whether it be in music or acting. Please take a chance…


  99. I would love to be apart of this production. I’ve been trying to get into acting since I moved to Atlanta but also been modeling on the side. I could play a friend of either Lauren London or a friend of anyone in that matter. Or I could be a love interest. I’m 25 and im mixed with black and Puerto rican. I think I already submitted my info for auditions..

  100. I really Really would love literally Love A part For The Game Im 15 years old And My Name Is Kayla Hardnett Ill Be Satisfied With A small Part I love The Show I Literally Watch old Shows i be knowing word from word But I Hope You Give Me a chance!

  101. f
    Hello Mr. Perry I am 9 years very smart
    a fast learner I like all of your played I
    would like to be a part in anything you do.

  102. I would love to have a part on The Game. I am 51 years old and look 30ish. I could play Lauren Londons mother or her boyfriend Blue’s mother.

  103. This would be a dream come true. I am 18 a fresh face and have followed the show since day one. I am addicted and to get a chance to be apart of it would be amazing! Please give me more information. This could be a girls dream come true. I have dance experience because of 10 years of cheerleading. I took drama in school. I work well with many people. I would really just love this opportunity. I Am not a tiny model but I am a short girl who can rock heels and had great curves and a sizzling personality.

  104. One of the biggest And greatest opportunities for someone like me. I would be so grateful to be apart of the show I have followed since day one.

  105. Hello, I am very interested in bringing my all to this audition. I’m 19, about to be 20 in November. I am 5’7 and am a really fast learner and listener. I just want an opportunity is all. Please consider me, I have a lot to bring. I am a people person and am willing to work.

  106. I’m just an up and coming learning born for the camera actor moving on from a music career and always had the love for the camera and film. Just want to be seen to let me know if I’m able to do this thing call acting but to me its just changing my emotion to get the picture painted for the camera….

  107. Hi I just got done reading your casting for potential models/actors and I would really like to be considered for the job . I live in Pennsylvania but I am willing to travel and if given the opportunity I’ll make you proud for picking me !!

  108. My name is Cielance Bailey, I am 18 years old and I have some acting experience. I have been on sets of shows and films so I have a general idea of how everything works. I am 5’9 165 pounds and extremely athletic. I live in the Houston,Tx area and I’m defiantly looking forward to see how the show will play out this season.




  109. Hello my name is La’Kesha Simington I love watching The Game it is my favorite TV show. The picture I submitted is of me and my two little sisters(I’m in the middle between my 2sisters) I will be 34 yrs old on September 27,2014. I am from Indianapolis,IN but, I now reside in Louisville, KY. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  110. I think the industry is only putting what they wantt and not being real i would like to bring change were people can see something new and fresh whom is ready to make people happy again with by turning on the tv and say that was nice to thats my show Rob. thank you

  111. Hello,

    My name is Tamela. I was born in Chicago and raised in Denver. I currently live in Texas. I believe I have the right characteristics and personality traits to become a actress. I like to joke around and always act out scenes from movies! Friends and family always told me to try! I just may give this a try. Who knows!

    Thanks Tamela

  112. Hi my name is Stephanie and I’m with the “one source company” and they think being an extra in a tv show would be a great start. I think so to and i would love to work with you and the cast.(:

  113. I really would enjoy the opportunity to become apart of the show…I am a very outgoing person an this seems like so much fun…I’m sure there’s a lot of hard work i will have to prepare for, but I’m willing to stand out on the ledge an try something new…

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