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As an up and coming actor or actress, there is bound to be some questions about acting that you have floating around in your head. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions for actors.

If you have an acting question that is not answered below, please contact us. We will get your question answered and we will add the answer to the actor questions below.

Enjoy the acting FAQ!

Q: What acting skills should I have before I start acting?

A: One main skill you must be able to do is improvise. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically acting on the spot, making up lines when given something to act on and a place to act in. If you can pull that off, you may be able to land a job. Also, comedy work with improv can mix, although it isn’t the main kind of improv. Comedy alone during an audition is sort of awkward, so do avoid being totally committed to comedy being your only skill for acting.

Q: Is there a proper attire for when I Audition?

A: When you Audition, keep in mind of what you are auditioning for. Your attire should be able to portray the role you will be playing, whether it be fancy or a completely different costume. However, do not focus too much on having a showy wardrobe, the people there are looking at your amount of talent. Plus, if you really want to impress them, the best color for a screen is a medium-shaded blue. Try to incorporate that if your character can match up with the need for that color, usually if you’re playing a part as a business man or woman.

Q: What are the casting agents looking for?

A: If you appear as desperate, pushy, or shy, they may not put you in. Their job is to find a person who has the talent and won’t cause the person’s idea of the movie or show to slow down because of the actor/actress. Take it seriously, and do not mention times when you can get contacted or for a callback (NEVER DO THAT. ASKING FOR A CALLBACK ISN’T EXACTLY LIKE PASSING OUT CANDY). If they like you, they will happily call you in!

Q: How can I be sure if a Audition will be right for my criteria?

A: Gain intelligence. It sounds military, I know, but being able to know as much as you can about what you do right before is impressive and helpful. This allows you to understand more about the piece, and by reading the full script instead of your own piece, you can have conversations about the director’s work during the audition. Also, try to find out as much as you can about the director and his/her previous and future work. To be sure it’s right for you, you just have to know what’s being thrown at you.

Q: How can I appear to audition professionally?

A: When directors work with you during auditions, you must be courteous and have patience. If you happen to receive a call back, make sure there is nothing that can conflict that date, and any other dates after. It’s crucial that you don’t have them working with you on anything besides your work as an actor. Having them make phone calls for you or making dates besides the date given is out of the question.

Q: I have a daughter that want’s to pursue acting, what should her first steps towards that goal?

A: This is an excellent question! Having a child actor can be a very big step for the parent. Let’s begin with the set-up. Before you actually get work for your child, you should take a look at the child acting laws. There are very specific and important laws to working with child actors, and meeting those guidelines are quite a big deal. After that, you can be able to get to work on getting your child actor jobs, while keeping in mind the rights a child actor has in working with directors.

Q: Is there certain experience needed?

A: Basically, everything you have done that gives experience will help you get the roles you want. The main thing to remember is that the experience that you choose to reflect you when you put it on your resume will show victory. You can put on anything you believe to be a big accomplishment and they will use that for consideration. It really helps to do workshops before, because the experience you get from there is amazing, and it can be put on your resume if the program is very successful.

Q: Are acting classes needed for me to succeed?

A: It isn’t required, per se. It is something you should think about if you have a big role or want some help with technique or acting in general. However, if you have the knowledge of technique and what you are required to perform, you should be fine.

Q: What exactly is a “Cold Read”?

A: Being one of the toughest struggles to endure, a “Cold Read” is when the directors hand you a script and tell you to perform. This is a nightmare for some people, because they don’t give anyone who does them time to prepare. You’re basically improving with a script. Luckily, there are actual ways to prepare for these kinds of surprise scriptings. Learn about the piece you are auditioning for, and try to catch information about your character before you perform. It’s very often there is some information given to you about who you play before you are given the script. However, do not overdo it; being over-prepared or burned out can effect your “Cold Read”s. Just be positive, and use your basic instinct when you get on the spot.

Q: How can I be able to recover from rejection??

A: If you ever have a bad audition or performance, don’t take it personally! It’s doesn’t mean that they think you are a bad person, so don’t end up thinking that when it’s over and the results are in negative. Just move to the next audition, don’t let a bad audition stop you from pursuing your career! Every successful person knows it takes a few failures until you reach success.

Q: How do I advance my career?

A: Take as much work as you can possibly take. Even if they are huge roles in the area, or some of them aren’t exactly for you, you may find that you fit the picture that a director is looking for. If you can only get yourself into student films, do as many as you can. Good acting experiences will come, and when you have a encounter with one, you will find yourself as a very successful and experienced actor.

Q: Where should I network online?

A: We constantly post acting jobs and have helped a lot of successful actors land jobs. So definitely bookmark and check back daily for new casting calls and auditions for movies and tv shows in your area.

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  1. Hi! My name is Paula, i’m 15. I live in Poland. I want to be an actress, because I love it and I can’t imagine that in the future I will have another profession than acting. I can’t find any advertisements in my country. I want to start acting in this age, to be a young actress. It’s my dream:)))

  2. hi my name is oceanne I love to act and sing I love to bring a show and song on the table Im 10 currently in 5 grade there is a little spark in acting and singing that inspires me bye:)

  3. Hi im angie olguin i live in california i love dancing , modeling , singing ,and acting if i get in it will be the time of my life c:

  4. Hello! I am Miah Whitmore. I love acting and singing and to be on this show would literally be a dream come true. I realize that auditions for the bigger roles are probably closed but I just really love to express myself through acting and singing. When I act, I take my character’s feelings and emotions and send them out to the audience or share it with my cast mates. Even to be a part of this lovely show would just make my life complete. I would love to audition for this show. I have strong passion and persistence and I am trustworthy. This is a chance of a life time for me. Please consider adding me to your cast(: thanks again!

  5. I’m Quintelle as it says at the top but i love making people laugh as well as myself and i am very good at acting i would like to hear back from one of the directors even if it is sometihng i don’t want to hear, cause i have been working hard to be an actor like i have been getting up at 7am and going to sleep at 5am im not going to let my dream slip away because i didnt hear back from a producer, because i can do anything if i put my mind to it bad news cant hurt you it can only make me stronger and wiser

  6. Hi! My name is Event and I am 11 years old.
    I live in Albania.When I was young I saw “Barney and Friends” and I thought I gotta go there and that is when I started to like acting.In Albania there aren’t any auditions of movies or TV shows so I think I have no chance,but I gotta believe in my self.I have an Idol.She is Selena Gomez,but I like Sasha Pieterse,too.If I make the audition and win the part it would me magical,incredible etc…I am tall.I think that I will believe in myself and I will win the part,but it will be very difficult because I don’t know all the English Language so…But I started learning English when I was in pre-school and now I am in the 6th grade so I think I can do it because I study very hard and I am an A+ student. I hope I will start my career and I wish everybody : Good Luck! …Ans the 2 two seasons of Jessie where just perfect!

  7. Hi my name Kayla Carradine im 12 years old,
    Im very short but I can put up to this challenge because I love making myself think harder I just hope I could make this audition because it everything I could of ask for which is to make this audition to be an modler or and acter

  8. hola me llamo daniela,tengo 15años dentro d un año estare saliendo de la secundaria,soy venezolana estudiare actuacion en caracas,aunque de pequeña he querido entrar en un programa d tv juvenil como disnep o nickelodeon ya que son uno d mis apoyos para actuar,tengo sentimientos profundos cuando veo la propaganga!cuando estas en el maravilloso mundo d disnep no quieres irte ya que hay historias maravilllosas para contar!;bueno algo asi no recuerdo por los momentos,pro esto me inspira a luchar y conseguir mi destino (actuacion) .Me encanta EEUU desd pequeña he querido viajar y ejercer mi carrera cm actora en USA!Es por elllo que necesitaria una pequeña ayuda:¿ademas d actuar q se necesita para entrar en este canal? recordando que tengo pasaporte pero no la visa :( pronto la sacare pro ayuda si !!

  9. Hi I’m Andrew rovan I am 26 years old looking to audition for the season two of the hero I’m athletic , persistent ,and never give up I want to prove to myself and to america that I can be a HERO! .im from a rural area in Alaska weather is no challenge to me. I want to see what else life has in store for me I hope to test myself mentally,physically,and emotionally to be able to grow strong as a man and to be able to truly be proud for me ,My family and america I work as a mechanic doing what I love and was brought up doing by my father who’s never been anything less than my role model and most of all my HERO! …

    thank you and have a good day

    Sincerely -Andrew Rovan

  10. Hi, mi name is Barbara Fernandez as I said before… I love acting, I have experience in several commercials and different theater events. I would love having a respond from you. I’ll be waiting.
    I love singing, I’ve been in the World Choir Games, which was an enriching expirience-

  11. I want to register to this site but I’m based in the UK and your sign up requirements are not suited to me. Do you have a UK base?

  12. I live in Canada , so I am unable to fill out the form with info to get updates, is there a way on this website or a similar site where I can get updates about auditions and casting calls.

    • Hi my name Kayla Carradine im 12 years old,
      Im very short but I can put up to this challenge because I love making myself thin hatder I just hope I could make this audition because it everything I couldof ask fo which is to make this audition to be an modler or and acter

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