OWN – Broadway Comedy Satire


The Oprah Winfrey Network is being remade into a Broadway comedy satire, showcasing 25 years of her on-screen antics. The search is on for actors who can impersonate Oprah, amongst other roles as part of the TV show adaptation.

The shows will take place at the Annoyance Theater, 4830 North Broadway, Chicago, where the first of the satire ‘Oprah episodes’ will run from February 2011 in the city.
Oprah casting call information

Character breakdowns:

OPRAH WINFREY: African-American female, age 22-55. Extensive comedy theater experience a must, improv experience a plus.

ENSEMBLE MEMBER (Female, age 22-55): Two comedic performers will play a wide variety of roles including original characters, as well as local and national celebrities. Extensive comedy theater experience a must, improv experience a plus.

ENSEMBLE MEMBER (Male, age 22-55): Two comedic performers will play a wide variety of roles including original characters, as well as local and national celebrities. Extensive comedy theater experience a must, improv experience a plus.

If auditioning for Oprah, please prepare an Oprah impression, not to exceed one minute in length, as well as a second short impression of any celebrity you choose.

Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates and times and pleases leave us a comment.

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  1. I SHOULD be considered because I have the looks the voice and I can model and act I am a hard worker I stay on track really great attitude but I’ll let you tell it

  2. Oprah,

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  3. Hello my name is Lucretius Moore and I’m very grateful for any opportunity you made have for me. I was told to be the best you some have to work for the best and from the best so I’m here. I also have alot of ideas I would love to share with you Ms. Winfrey. Cell #661-492-0196

  4. Everyone tells me if there was a show about Oprah’s life I should play her. I would love to be Oprah on a broadway stage!

  5. I realized my gift of impersonation while in high school. I was far from being a “class clown”, but most of my friends will tell you I had a lot of fun and skill in impersonating others, including them. When it comes to comedy, I have an ability to become a person/character without much effort, from voice, facial expression and body language. My wit allows me to be in the moment and use improv to stretch a scene or character to great heights! I love live performing before live audiences. I completely lose myself in the genre of comedy! I would ABSOLUTELY love the opportunity to be considered for an audition! Thank you for your time and consideration. Have an O-So Fabulous day!!

  6. I should be considered because I am a very strong and hard working person. Acting is something so important in my life. And it makes me feel like i just belong. I was recently casted in Hairspray and it made me just that much more excited to see what else can come my way. Thank you for your time and i hope that you will choose me.

  7. I had a dream about 7 years ago. In the dream it was rather scary but there were children involved that I was protecting and there was Oprahs crew. All of it took place in Frostwood behind the house I spent my teenage years and I was protecting children while fighting beasts up in a tree… it was really weird-strange! I know that I am dramatic and this would be a part of my destiny.

  8. I would like to invite not just my co-workers and people who know me but the world to see how comical I really am. I am a great impersonater as I am talented with imitating the diposition of others as I add my own comic and enhancements. I enjoy making others laugh and I enjoy when people come to me asking “Queen, make me laugh”. I love to see a happy face as I myself like to get to that uncontrollable laughing point. Oprah is my just about everything. I, with my heart and soul love this human being for many reasons including my own personal reasons…I call her “My earthly everthing”. There were, and still are many times Iwant to be her so I pretend to put myself in her body and be her…and although that was not the funny part, but for this reason, I should be considered for the OWN Broadway Comedy Satire Audition. Thank you for inviting me. I love you Oprah.

  9. The reason I should be considered for this role is because Oprah is my idol. She has transformed talk show television, and is continuing to do so! I would love to have the honor of impersonating Oprah in comedy. If anyone can impersonate Oprah, that person would be me!!

  10. I should be considered for the OWN Broadway Comedy Satire because I LOVE Oprah. I have been watching The Oprah Show since I was 10 years old. Although, I did not understand some topics then…I knew she looked like me and that was all that mattered. She has been my role model and mentor as I got older. I would love to be considered for this role.

  11. Comedy has been my joy since I was a teen and I’ve developed my skill by examining strangers, friends and family. A good comedian should be a great listener, very observant and have a good understanding of what alarms people and what makes them laugh; what’s appealing to your audience. People want to know that you can relate to them, talk about things that they are normally afraid to talk about. I am not just funny, but I am a lot of fun. I can do a entire comedy skit or show, just talking about birds in a cage, or a co worker, even an examine; and these are just a few examples of craziest topics I can make people laugh about. I can take you there. I am the only female on earth that can impersonate the late Bernie Mac, I’M NOT KIDDING! I’ve never done any professional work, but now I’m ready. My family and friends keep encouraging me to make it happen. When people look at me, I won’t strike them as a funny person, unitl I open my mouth. I love Oprah Winfrey and I’ve never tried to impersonate her, but you better believe it, by the time I get a phone call from OWN (hopefully), I’ll have her perfected! Acting has always been my passion since I was 20 years old and there’s nothing else I want to do with my life, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE; and there’s no better place to start than with OWN. It will be grately appreciated if i’ll be considered for this opportunity, it WILL change my life.

  12. I think I would be great for this show. I have a very strong, leader personality and I’m an aspiring actress and am really looking for a “big break”. I have a lot of determination and am very passionate. I am 5’5″ and I have brown hair and light brown eyes. I’m 14 years old. I’d love to be considered

  13. I should be considered because I am a great actress and utilize my surroundings to enhance my performance. I also believe I remind people of a modern day Oprah. I am a hard worker and pay attention to detail. Nothing is to hard for me when I put my mind to it. As apart of OWN I will better utilize all of my many talents.

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