Now Casting Lead Roles For AMC’s ‘TURN’


Casting Directors are Looking for New Lead Roles for Season 3 of ‘TURN’ on AMC

About the Show – ‘TURN’ Season 3

‘Turn’ is adapted from the non-fiction novel, Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose. The story features a farmer named Abe Woodhull.  He joins a secret group of childhood friends that oppose the British during the Revolutionary War and they form a secret spy ring called ‘The Culper Ring’. They set out to gather valuable information and sabotage the enemy to turn the tide in America’s favor in the fight for independence.

Casting Directors Looking for Leads

Casting directors are looking for actors for speaking roles that can look authentic to the Revolutionary War era. This shoot will be done in the Central Virginia area.  The filming will specifically be for ‘Turn’ Season 3, episode 7.

Actors must fulfill all the requirements for the speaking roles. Please review all the necessary details for the roles if you are interested in this opportunity.

Casting Call Details/Notice for Co-star Speaking Roles – AMC’s ‘TURN’ Season 3, Episode 307

If you are interested in the speaking roles then you must make sure that you come at least half an hour prior to the auditions to avoid any delays. The following are the people who will watch your performance and make decisions:

Executive Producer: Craig Silverstein and Barry Josephson

Casting Director: Erica Arvold

Casting Associate: Christian Trew

Casting for these roles:

General Henry Knox

Our casting team is looking for a Caucasian male to play General Henry Knox.  Knox is a hardened military man with a stern and tough demeanor.  He is smart and knows how to lead a group of men. Those who are interested in applying must have a British accent or be able to pull off a good accent.

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Secretary Timothy Matlack

The team is in search of male actors who work in an office or know how to act like a secretary.  You must know how to act loyal and do what you are told as a secretary.  Actors should keep in mind that they must have an accent with a British flair. Those who are willing to apply for the speaking role must fulfill the following:

Age: 20 – 40

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Queen’s Ranger

This role features a cutthroat and daring personality.  You play the role of a soldier who operates under extremely rough conditions.  Be prepared to be adventurous and cutthroat.  Applicants must have a British accent.  It is not required, but it is a perk if you have horse riding experience.

When: January 13, 2016 – January 22, 2016

Where: Richmond, VA

Episode: Washington Spies Episode No. 307

TV Channel: AMC

Rate: SAG AFTRA Scale

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