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  1. I have hopes and dreams that I will be a great asset to your company. I want disappoint the kids of my generations and the past generations. I am energetic and a go getter . I want to be an actress and model . Please give me the opportunity thanking you in advance .. Maya Johns

  2. Hi my name is Kenyon I lovee watching Disney channel and I love to act dance and sing I would love to be told about and adition close to me.

  3. Hi my name is erika michelle im 12 years old im 5 ft3 im a good actor and im ready for adution for disney channel

  4. Hi my name is Andrew and i watch nick every time the TV is on and my favorite show is victorious and i am a very good actor i am 12 and want to at least get a audition thanks, andrew

  5. I wish I could be on good luck Charlie or shake it up or Austin and ally because two off them are two do with dancing and singing I really love dancing

  6. Hi, to start off my name is Grace. I’m 12 going 13 this year. I live in Australia so that means I have an Australian accent but I can also change it if I want to. I was born in Brisbane but I moved 3 times now so I’m placed in Bundaberg for the time being. Why do I want to do this. Easy. Because I LOVE acting!!! It’s a passion I have, something that I want to devote my time to. I would love to wake up at 4 am and know I’m about to go do what I love for the day. To tell you the truth it would be cool to have people know who I am and recognise me in movies, but its not all about the fame for me. When my dad got diagnosed as a diabetic and celiac I was pouty for a while but then I realised how lucky we are to have him and to have the life we have. I have one young sister and brother. My sister can be sooo funny at first probably without knowing it but then she catches on that we’re laughing and caries on like a clown. I have never actually had any ‘proper’ lesions but the truth is it is just an instinct I have. I can react with the right volume, expression, and I don’t really need a script to tell me when to pause or start. But like I said I haven’t done any real acting with a script and I won’t till later this year when do a production with the playhouse theatre. It would be a MAJOR opportunity if I got to audition. Also I can sing, dance and play the piano, trumpet and learning more as time goes by.

    Sorry for such a big paragraph but I want you guys to know that I love Disney and am very enthusiastic about this!!!
    Thank you for your time. :D

    • Aha oh yeah, and it would be really great if I could start of my hopefully forever lasting career as an actress by starting with finding nemo 2.

  7. Hi my name is Ariel but u can call me re-re.I am 13years old I was born in Shreveport Louisiana.but remain in Texas.Every since I was 10 iv’e always hade big dreams but the dream that I want to come true is becoming a actor and a singer.people told me Ariel u will never become a singer or actor sometimes my own friend tell me that but I want let people let me down like zendaya and bell a said go for it and have a good time cause everybody needs contagious love-

  8. Hey my namns is Aline and it’s my dream to be on Disney Channel.
    But first, I need to teel this to my mother, but I’m sceard.
    The biggerst problem is that I don’t living in U.S, I liv in Sweden.
    Please help me call: 0764100029.
    Thanks for reading.

  9. Hello, my name is Christina but I enjoy being called Chrissy.
    My age is 16 and i love music. My most favorite thing to do is sing. I can never seem to get enough of it. I love the show Glee and I would love to be a part of your cast. Can you please notify me if there are any castings near Canton, Ohio. Its not my home town but its not too far off. Any area close to there would work as well.
    Thank you so much!

  10. Hi My name is Arlette
    Age: 13 years
    I love Disney Channel, my biggest dream is to be a Disney star to follow in the footsteps of my idol Selena Gomez <3, I live in Chile in South America that speak Spanish and English, I'm funny, good friend, and would be a good actress and singer.
    Please I want to fulfill my dream (':

  11. Hello, My name is Natalie Sandoval and I would really love
    To be on a Disney channel show or mine if it were possible. Im only twelve years old with big dreams.Thanks for reading this I truly appteciate it.

  12. I will love to be on Good Luck Charlie or Shake It up because i can dance,act,and do many things that people tell me to do. Also im cool,collected,and fun to be around. I get good grades in school in every subject.

  13. My name is Cara Clements, I am twelve years old, and my birthday is 25 January 2000. I was born in Florida, but currently live in Georgia. I am submitting this regarding my passion
    for singing and music. Ever since I was very young, I have always dreamed about becoming a well known
    pop/ country singer and an actor. I am active in chorus and vocal training, and I also play some instruments such as the
    piano, drums, vocal, and I am teaching myself to play the guitar. Not only do I sing and play instruments,
    but I also play many sports such as track & field, cross country, swimming, soccer, and I used to play
    baseball; I have achieved high A’s throughout all of my school years (I am in the seventh grade a Rising
    Starr Middle School). My love for music and drama/ acting really developed a few years after my dad was diagnosed with
    cancer in mid-2000. He had a safe recovery in which God blessed him greatly and we were all very
    thankful! When we moved to Georgia in 2004, we all started getting involved in community events, but
    more so in the fundraiser called ,”Relay For Life”. This event is a way to raise money for doctors and scientists
    trying to find a cure for cancer. Showing up at Relay For Life every year really got me excited about music
    because a young teenager named Lindy Link would perform. Year after year, I watched her up on that
    stage and I thought,” She isn’t just up there for money or popularity, she is up there to express herself in
    a way that she couldn’t normally, to show others that she has a God-given talent, and to help others through
    the determination, hope, and joy that the music brings”. Her singing and dancing sparked something inside
    of me that told me to go out there and show everyone what I could do, but I’m also not doing this for popularity.
    I love the feeling I get when I make someone smile through my music or when people sing along because it
    gives me a feeling of hope. My music is not only used for helping the wounded, but also to glorify God in the
    best of ways. I love music and acting so very much and I couldn’t live without it. Being a part of this show is something
    I believe I can achieve through support of my family, friends, and God. This is a huge opportunity that I do not
    want to wash away, so considering me and my story for a spot in the show would be amazing! I watch Disney Channel all the time and really practice all the time!
    I realize that you may be a very busy person and I apologize for taking your time, but this is one of the most
    important things to me, and without my music acting and singing, my life would fall apart. Thanks again for your time and I hope you
    consider me for a part in the show.

    • take few classes and if, I am an actor I’m an actor, that as teachers in Mexico city toldme, is true, why spend years and years,if you are an actor you are an actor period.

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