New TV Show “Major Crimes” Casting Call!

TV Show "Major Crimes" Casting Call
"Major Crimes" Looking for Talent
TV Show "Major Crimes" Casting Call
“Major Crimes” Looking for Talent

The Battlestar Galactica star Mary McDonnell and The Closer “Doctor” Jonathan Del Arco are teaming up with another Closer star Phillip P. Keene for a brand new crime-drama-mystery TV Series “Major Crimes”. It is rumored to be a spin-off from the LAPD Television series “The Closer”. Warner Bros. Television and TNT have put together another hit show and are hoping for another television hit! The American cable television channel is known for their famous dramatic series, including Law&Order, Charmed, and NYPD Blue.  “Major Crimes” should definitely meet fans expectations!

After 7 seasons of “The Closer” the network decided to retire the show that was made popular by Kyra Sedgwick. The cast will all be similar to the previous cast. The characters include Captain Sharon Raydor, played by Mary McDonell, Deterctive Lt. Louie Porvenza, played by G.W. Bailey, and Buzz Watson, which will be played by Phillip P. Keene.

Casting directors are looking for extras, featured extras, stand-ins, and about 6 more roles to fill for this first season. The show is set to premiere in August. If you are a talent over the age of 18 and no older than 70 years old and are interested in being a part of this big television project, then definitely set your information in to the casting department. A headshot and resume will be necessary. Some extras between the ages of 5 and 12 years old may be needed for a few scenes in a few of the episodes. If the pilot becomes successful, some roles may be prolonged as featured actors/talent. Whether you have television and on-camera experience it is always good to send your information in and maybe land yourself the perfect spot on a new series like this. Good luck on landing yourself a role on a new Television Hit!

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Roshaun Moore. I am 19 years old, I am a very hard working indiviual. I am willing to do anything, I love to experi new thing. I believe that I am different because of the maximum effort I exurt and for the raw passion I posses. I always strive to be great and work well with others.

  2. I do not have any professional on air experience but all who know me will tell you that I should be on T.V. I am a good actress and I have a very large personality and the ability to take command of every situation if need be. My colleges tell me that I am captivating and they wish they could be like me. I have the ability to bee many different people with great ease.

  3. love the show to death is my number one since the closer ended i watch major crimes every Capt. Rayder know she came back with a smash love everyone that has a role in the show period all of them has grown on me and i mean every last one of them i would love to be apart of this show it will give me a chance to finllay put my face out there on the big screen and my dreams wold be complete im a hard worker fast learner very out going and love a chanllage and if you give me that chance you want regret it

  4. Hey! I’m Andrea Garcia. I’m not a US Citizen, I’m a Filipina (I live in the Philippines) I’m fifteen and about five feet ‘tall’. I speak English fluently. I have a fair complexion and people say I look American. I have dark brown hair and eyes. I think I look baby-face and given my height compared to you guys, I think I’ll pass 12. I can sing too! Totally. I loved The Closer and loving Major Crimes right now. Sorry if I found this late. Anyway, since I don’t have my address there, I cannot send my info. Please contact me any way you can, for some pictures or videos maybe. Thank you so very much for this! Please, please, please consider me. I’m open for any kind of role. P.S. I really wanna see Capt. Raydor and Lt. Flynn in person! And of course, the rest of the gang. Hope you’re reading this.

  5. I am a white female
    Blonde/brown hair
    I have always dreamed of acting/modeling, and i am a huge fan of this show. If you should choose me to be apart of your team i would be greatly honored.

  6. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested in auditioning
    for ” MAJOR CRIMES ” I absolutely will love to be apart of this amazing project.
    I am located in Long Beach California and willing to travel.
    You can contact me on my email or cell phone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

  7. My name is Casey Burton, I am 12 years old, and I am in middle school. I have long blonde hair and green eyes. I am a cheerleader for our school and I take currently take dance, chorus, tumbling, and took drama last year. I have been a singer and dancer since I was three years old and enjoy every part of acting.

    I am a very positive and energetic person and I would enjoy working on the Major Crimes television show.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Casey Burton

  8. Gary Briggs II* 4545 College Rd, South Euclid, OH 44121*216-682-6338
    Charismatic and charming young man with a plethora of talent in the fields of acting, modeling, and sales. Was a part of the first ever football team at Notre Dame College and started middle linebacker throughout his career. Was the only senior linebacker in the 2009 class and was considered a leader amongst peers.
    Notre Dame College
    Bachelor of Arts; Communication major; expected to graduate May 2014
    Related Course Work
    Public Speaking Mass Communication
    General Psychology Improv
    Interpersonal Communication Critical and Creative Thinking
    Counseling Techniques Oral Interpretation

    Work Experience
    Notre Dame College* Student Ambassador
    Selected as an ambassador because of leadership displayed on campus. Held the job of a student ambassador from the summer of 2009 and is still one currently. Student ambassadors are the elite on campus and are deeply trusted by faculty.
     Gave tours for incoming freshman, faculty, and important figures
     Trusted with confidential information
     Must have no school Infractions
     Have the ability to collaborate with others

  9. I am fifteen and interested in pursing a career in acting. This would be an amazing experience and help me get started in the acting world. Acting is my passion and I will always try my hardest! I take criticism well and am always looking to improve. Also criminal justice is next to acting as far as a career goes. this would be a lot of fun and I would get to combine to two things I love the most.

  10. Hello my name is Hollie. I am 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. Crime shows interest me and I am very artistic. Sometimes i am antisocial and like to keep to myself but once i get comfortable i am very outgoing. I would be very excited if I got the opportunity audition for a part in this show.
    Thank you for your consideration. :)

  11. Hi, my name is Talief Ticker and I’m from St.Paul, Mn. I am seventeen year old actor/dancer trying to succeed on the Television/Film industry as an actor. I’m a dedicated worker and I’m always in a happy mood. I take my craft seriously and I’m always willing to work harder if needed be. I’m 5’5 and Im African and Native American.

  12. I’m 25 years old and I live in South Carolina,i’m talented,motivated,hard worker,a go getter,and very confident in whatever I do,if you give me a chance I promise I won’t waste your time and you definetly won’t be disappointed. I do have a facebook page,so you can check out my photo. My number is [843] 694-8087

  13. To Casting managers and Producers

    Hi my name is Alfred Goode

    I’ve been in Los Angeles for 3years I have done two small independent films.

    They will come out some time this year 2012. There going through editing to

    get ready for the film festival. I’ve done some TV work with CBS Studio’s

    with the Bold and the Beautiful Thanksgiving And Christmas Special.

    I did a talking interview with CBS star of the Bold and Beautiful in October 2010

    I did a live interview with BBC its a British Station in November 2010

    I did talk radio with Chris Rock live from downtown after new years.

    I’ve done some modeling for an independent company.

    I can also read from a tela prompter.

    I have a Facebook account

    If you have any questions please call me anytime at (213)-909-1966

    All my contact information is listed below.

    Alfred Goode


    Alfred Goode

  14. I would love to send my headshot, please let me know where to send it. I’m 18 and even though I have no actual acting experience, I learn quick and I love acting. I’ve done a few skits for school in front of an audience so I know if I try I’m likely to get better at it. All I need is a chance. please let me know soon.

  15. Dusty is the oldest of five. She will be a freshman this year. She is in the gifted and talented fast track program, as she has always been a straight A student. She is very active in sports, plays softball and runs track. She’s part of student counsel, a member of stand for the silent.

  16. Colt Rowland is the youngest of five. He is also the only boy. He loves super heroes and army men. He wants to be Captain America one day. He plays TBall, rides horses, and loves to swim at the creek. He starts Pre K this fall and is loved very much by five older sisters.

  17. Bradlee is 8 yrs old. Very active in sports. She plays softball, basketball, and loves ro run. She is very artistic and draws constantly. She is going into the first grade. She rides horses and plays with her little brother all they time. She said to tell you she is kind to others and memorized well.

  18. This is Jessi Rowland. She is one of five siblings. 9yrs old. Going into the fourth grade. Involved in competitive softball, basketball, in the gifted and talented program in school as she has always been an A grade student. Jessi has many hobbys and loves to dance.

  19. This is Kodie Rowland. She is one of five siblings. 12yrs old, going into the seventh grade. Active in softball, basketball, track, art, knitting and many other hobbies.

  20. Hi I am dedicated person a hard worker and also willing to go extra mile your feed back will be highly appreciated

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