New TV Show Casting Grooms for a Legendary Bachelor Party

bachelorEpic Bachelor Party
Have you and your group of guys gone from all-night parties to working a 9 to 5? Miss your posse now that you’ve traded shirtless college boat rides for button-downs? Nostalgic for the days of sharing inside jokes in person now that you’re all keeping in touch by sharing Daily Show clips?


The casting team at Zero Point Zero Production, who are the masterminds behind Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and Parts Unknown, and Brew Masters, is casting grooms and want to help you have a bachelor party that will have your friends reminiscing for years to come!


Instead of tossing dollar bills at tiny stages decked out with glittering poles and stunningly flexible girls in the VIP rooms in Vegas or dropping a couple of Benjamin’s at the blackjack table the casino or partying in a party bus till the sun comes up why not have one last extraordinary adventure that will immortalize your brotherhood.  The kind of upscale and unique bachelor party that will go down in the history books.


Have you guys talked about going to China? Doing your own version of the Amazing Race? Do you guys want to get trained to drive a race car? Do you have an epic idea for the bachelor’s final fling before the ring?


If you are ready to throw the groom an unforgettable Bachelor Party without the clichés the casting team wants to hear from you. We want to know all about what makes your group of guys unique – show off your personality in your answers! Get started on that pimped out bachelor party by email your name and contact info to

Be sure to answer the following questions when submitting your email:

  1. Who are the guys who’ll be on this adventure? 


  1. Describe each member of the group. 


  1. How did everyone meet? 


  1. What’s the craziest experience you’ve ever had together?


  1.  What would you love to do for this party? 



Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Hello my name is Joevy. I’m actually the bride. I’m sending this email because I want my fiancé Matt to have an awesome bachelor party with his friends.

    A little about us… I’m from Biloxi, MS about an hour from New Orleans, LA and 2-3 hours from Panama City, FL. Matt grew up in New Orleans. So you can imagine what partying was like for us. We are both very adventurous, outdoorsy, and love to travel. Matt loves sports and working out also. We knew we were meant to be together when our goofy side came out naturally.

    So I offered to plan Matt’s bachelor party because I’m pretty good at it. I was going to book the guys a suite at one of the casinos, set up the VIP room at the Rhino, call up some old contacts to put on a show in their suite, bottle service at the night clubs, and have a credit line set up for him to do some gambling. Oh did I mention I was a casino host in Las Vegas.  But of course I should not be witness to the happenings in Vegas and that’s the last thing anyone wanted the bride to do for her future husband’s last hurrah.

    Well if I can’t plan his bachelor party and none of his friends can plan it nearly as good as I can, I figured have a professional do it. That’s where yall come in.

    1. Who are the guys who’ll be on this adventure?
    Matt – groom – lives in Denver, CO
    Michael – best man – college buddy
    Brandon – grooms men – college buddy
    Shawn – grooms men – college buddy
    Wayne – grooms men – older brother

    Dave – college buddy
    Bode – rugby mate
    Screech – rugby mate
    Wes – rugby mate
    Rob – rugby mate
    Falcon – rugby mate

    2. Describe each member of the group.

    These groups of guys are not afraid to be goofy and stupid.

    Matt – groom – smallest guy, cant hold his liquor. Last bachelor party he woke up in a shady hotel room in Miami with now wallet and no phone. The open minded fiancé that I am, I wasn’t even mad. City like that similar to Vegas pries on guys in Matts situation… need I say more.

    Michael – best man – made his way up the corporate ladder at Shell, most successful, married with 2 little girls with a controlling wife who doesn’t like for him to have friends, outgoing, funny, same goofiness as Matt.

    Brandon – grooms men – college buddy – lives in Barstow, CA

    Shawn – grooms men – smart, was overweight, not good with the ladies, lost some weight, looks like Pitbull, has a new confidence with the ladies and is getting laid.

    Wayne – grooms men – banker – married with 3 kids, older so probably will take on a responsible adult role during this trip.

    Dave – college buddy – VIP of sales for an Oil company – gets girls with is nice guy persona but arrogant/over confinement with women
    Bode – rugby mate – banker – love this guy – crazy, funny – the one that could be dared to do anything.

    Screech – rugby mate – sales – looks like screech from save by the bell and not afraid to be goofy.

    Wes – rugby mate – nice guy – married his college hook up because she got knocked up

    Rob – rugby mate – sales – called Douche Rob – has a superiority complex. Toned down now that hes married.

    Falcon – rugby mate – lawyer – comes from a family of lawyers, to me he’s like a politician, shaking hands, kissing babies, feels he has to uphold a certain public image. Married with a kid. The guys look up to him. By far the best looking out of the bunch. Him and his wife are like Ken and Barbie.

    3. What’s the craziest experience you’ve ever had together?
    Too many to mention.

    4. What would you love to do for this party?

    These are a couple of my suggestions since Vegas is out (per groom) after the Miami incident in May.
    -Australia – scuba dive in the barrier reefs, swim with whale sharks, surf, dirt bike through the wilderness, and watch a rugby game.
    -Thailand – jump off waterfall, zip line, scuba dive, rafting, caving, jungle trekking, eat weird foods, and encounter the most beautiful he/shes (I hope Matt doesn’t have sex with one)
    -Costa Rica – jump off a water fall, zip line, scuba dive, rafting, caving, jungle trekking

    Ok maybe these are all the things I want to do. 

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