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NBC the sing off CastingThe Sing Off is back for another season of NBC after a year long time off and this is your chance to audition as a contestant on the hit television show. Hosted by Nick Lachey the show will be back for the fourth season of the competition series for acapella groups.The Sing Off featured eight a cappella groups performing popular songs live. The winner’s prize was $100,000 and a Sony Music recording contract. We have not gotten any information that judges Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles, and Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman will return but we did learn that singing auditions are going to be held very soon in your area. The directors or the show are now looking for at least four members ages 15 and over to be contestants on The Sing Off, this is your chance to audition for NBC. The Sing Off, the unique competition series that sings a different tune and is hosted by multi-platinum recording artist from 98 Degrees Nick Lachey is returning for a one hour a week season 4.

The show goes around the country in search of the best a cappella groups, ranging in various sizes, genders and ages. This year, the competition has expanded to the 16 very best groups, who will perform popular songs in weekly competitions, which will culminate with a live finale revealing the grand-prize winner. The groups will be competing for America’s vote and a chance to walk away with the ultimate prize – a Sony Music recording contract and $200,000.

There’s no lip-synching, back-up bands or safety net in this live show. One group will be eliminated every week during this one-of-a-kind battle of voices that will lead up to a live finale – where viewers will decide the winner.

Celebrity judges who will critique the singing groups using their musical talent, Past season judges included Ben Folds (Ben Folds Five), Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men) and Sara Bareilles (“Love Song” and “King of Anything”).

The Sing Off is produced by Joel Gallen’s and Josh Greenberg who brought viewers the hit show Americas Best Dance Crew.

The Sing Off’s most recent winner Pentatonix has been relatively successful. The fivesome released its debut album, “PTX Volume 1,” which climbed to No. 14 on the Billboard 200 and is currently touring and this is your chance to audition for the show.

The casting directors at NBC are now traveling the country looking to male and female groups to compete in The Sing Off and this might be your ticket to show off your singing and dancing skills. If you are interested in singing auditions for NBC please submit your information along with contact information and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the return of the hit singing competition show on NBC. Do not miss out your chance at a recording contract with Sony and  $200,000 apply now.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. I’ve been singing in choir since I was 7 y/o and taking acting lessons for about two years. When I came to USA i saw so manu talented people but I was a affraid to persue my passion due to prejudice and criticism. Now im ready to join an acapella group around NYC!!!

    Email me at

  2. Singing is my passion and Is the thing that I love to do the most. In past times I’ve been wanting to audition to competitions but was too scared of what people might have thought of me. Now I think its the perfect moment to leave all that behind and show everyone what I’ve got. Its not about the money or winning for me. Its about doing what I love. I want to be an inspiration to many people out there. This would be a big opportunity for me. Please contact me
    Age: 15
    Name:Jennifer Rodriguez

  3. I am a singer/songwriter, it is my desire to share my gifts. I have been honored to write and perform an original song in memory of our Service men and women.

  4. I enjoy making people smile, laugh, and seeing them have a great time. Music is the universal language that brings people together. It makes me feel good knowing that perhaps I have given a few minutes of happiness to someone who is troubled. Singing in energizing and empowering.

    • Hello my name is alyssia,& Iv been looking for opportunities to get known for my voice. I am 13 years old & is going to high school this summer & I would love to show the world my talent.I live in San bernardino California & I’m just trying to find my way to the top or at least Half way there I have only Preformed In front of family & freind In school I would be just sitting down singing to some of my friends & all of the sodden a tracked a whole group of people that some I Bearley even new there names I have had one other addition I’m my life it was for disney & I couldn’t addition because I didn’t have a portfolio so they sent me home but I am confident that I can do this thank you for taking the time out of you really busy schedule to read this &

  5. Hi my name is Lorena Galeano and I would love to be a part of your outstanding show because it would be a great experience and I’d be doing what I love most on stage in front of a large audience.

  6. I think it’s great that the show is coming back I have a huge passion for singing can I look forward for meeting you at the audition thank you

  7. hey im nya i sing dance i play 8 instrument gymnast and etc i mostly work on my singing career and i can sing good lol but yeah please hmu if anything <3

  8. I am the faculty adviser for the male a cappella group here at Elmira College – A1 and the Sauce. The group auditioned last fall and were told they did well. Will there be a 2015 season?

  9. Hi my name is Charles. I’ve been singing for eighteen years and I just love music. I believe I’d be a very good performer for your show

  10. I really want to be given an opportunity to prove that i can sing. i love singing, i cannot go a day without singing. its what im destined to do

  11. I would love to showcase my voice on this show I am a black female country singer and would love to be on this

  12. God gave me this talent to share it. And that’s what I’m going to do. Singing is a part of me.

  13. Hey I’m lexi and I love singing I hope to be chosen because I love singing and being on stage could be my chance to shine and let a voice be heard around the world singing is like my life I hope I’m choosen

  14. Hi I’m jadyn im 16 singing is my passion I’ve always loved singing ever since I was little and if love to show off my talent to the world, it’s my dream so please consider me thank you email me at

  15. Im tell you now im not going to write a sob story.Im just going to say that if you choose me,you wont regret it.I promise

  16. If I had the chance to be on the show I would give you all I got. I have been singing since I was 3 and now i’m 17 with better vocals a lot of people tell me I can sing like all kind of singers like miley and taylor, also Brittany and lady gaga. <<that lady gaga one is when I joke around though. I love singing and if you could just give me a chance you won't regret it.


    I am 10 yo with a very old soul and strong voice to match it. Everyone who hears me sing is amazed. I feel as though I need to share my blessing with everyone because God gave me this raw talent at such a young age. Ive been singing so long I don’t even remember when I first started but I am saved on a old motorola phone at age 3. I really want to sing please give me the chance and if I am too late for this one please consider me for others. thanks Sha’Nia

  18. Hello my name is Jonathan and I would love a shot at this. I am 23 and sing in a Christian band and at churches. I believe iv got what it takes if given the chance

  19. hi my name is nancy delarosa i beeb singing ever sense i was 4 but when i tunred the age of 8 years old a person i really loved has passed away and sense then i been dreprssed anxious angry mad at the world and everything im hurt so much i try to hurt myself every 4 to 5 months because i think life is gonna get worse or somebody is after me but just wanted to say thank you so much if you do let me try out or not ill be waiting thanks if u have any questions contact me at 469-285-1169 love you guys thank for the susport byeeee <3 and ps i have a awesome voice soooooo


  21. I’m beyond excited for the show to come back on TV I enjoy this show very gives me hope that some day I’ll be standing on that stage singing and making my dreams come true.

  22. Hi my name is loren lott 38 yrs old , been singing since i was 10 in church , and still love singing , but i want to take it further , being on this show are any of them , would mean the world to me , call me are email me , 1 229 326 8949 thank you in advance , i could take to world by suprise , believe it are not , can i be part of the show ??

  23. Hi, I’m Anna. I’m 10years old and I love to sing. I know its kind of wired to have a 10year old in a singing Competition but if you give me a chance, you will not forget it. PLEASE tell me what you think. I have lots of potential and I am very funny.

  24. I love to sing, I have an amazing voice. I have been singing on the choir since I was 5, I was in the county chorus and the highschool chorus. I do believe that I have what it takes.

  25. My name is Lauryn Goyet I am a 24 year old singer. I have just recently moved to California to pursue my dream. I can sing most anything. I have been performing in local venues for the last 3 years but Old Orchard Beach Maine is not the place to get noticed, Although it will always be home I really need to give this a shot. I do believe I have what it takes to be on this show and hope you will give me the chance to wow you..

  26. Technically, my DNA has got ”SINGING” thickly in it. I love singing more than any other activity. My passion, my life, my world. I don’t just write songs, I tell a tale or much preferably a (beautiful) story.

  27. So most people say ; when I sing… Im a mix of Amy Lee and Carrie Underwood? I guess that’s pretty good LOL… I auditioned to American Idol in 2007. I wasn’t my time then…. I am 25 now and trying to see if my dream can still come true.

  28. I have just arrived in New York.Back in China,I’m a singer and song writer,usually accompanying the songs with my digital piano.Now I’m a MS student major in marketing in CUNY.I can write both Chinese and English songs and win the “10 best singers” during my college time.Hope I can get a chance and give it a try.

  29. Hi i am Gabbii i have been performing since i was 5 i have been lucky enough to audition for the voice and get call backs ,and ive just been lucky to be able to do what i love and thats to entertain people by using my gift and talent.The voice/music within me to inspire those who listen . i am brown skinned with beautiful jet black curly hair i am rather short though ,5”0 128 lbs but my height wont get in the way of my strong powerful voice , because i am the next big thing

  30. Name: Randi Harrison
    Age: 21
    Weight: 130
    Height: 5″4
    Ethnicity: African American
    Located: Dallas, Texas

    Please check out my Youtube videos, on decemeber 31st, 2013 I decided to make a youtube video of me singing Drunk in Love by Beyoncé. On my first public Youtube video I now have 2,616 views. I am Very determined to inspire people to reach for whatever goals they have because it is possible if you put in the work.

    Thank You,
    Randi Harrison

  31. Hi, I’m Claire, I’m:

    Age: 16
    Height: 5’8 and 1/2
    Weight: 105 lbs.
    Eyes: Honey Yellow with a bluish grey green ring around my eyes (my eyes change color with my mood a lot so they are kinda hard to describe)
    Hair: Dark Brown, long, curly, with some natural golden and red highlights
    Skin: Fair – moderately tan
    Body Type/ Build: Thin, long, lean
    Job Qualifications: Singing, Musician (piano, drums, guitar), Dancing, Acting, Modeling, Contortionist

    I am a singer primarily above everything else in my life. Singing is my identity and it is who I am. I am an alto that can sing Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1, Alto 2, Tenor, and some Baritone notes. I have been classically trained as well as pop, rock, broadway, rap, and more. My music theory is extensive and I have taken private voice lessons from my voice coach and my voice teacher for several years now, and I have been in choirs ever since I could walk. I love to sing, and I am an amazing musician!!! I may be exactly what you need and I would love to be on your show! Please consider me, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!=)
    Thank you!!!

  32. Hello NBC!! My name is Kayla labethanie and I have recently sent in a video submission to Americas Got Talent 2014 but have not heard back from them maybe because im number 900 but i hope that you guys can help me out . Im 5″2,im mixed with black/hispanic, i have brown hair and brown hair im a freshman in highschool and i have been singing since i was 2 yrs. old and haven’t stopped since. I have always dreamed of seeing myself on T.V. and i believe that you can help me accomplish it. I just want to inspire people and help them hear real music except all that blibberish they sing now and days. HA!! HA!! I have a talent and it would be a sin not to use it. Thankyou!!!

  33. Jasmine Woodberry
    South Carolina – Georgia
    22 years old

    Never been the one to jump ship for things like this, but I’m to a point in my life where I believe anything’s possible if effort is put forth for it. I have a different style of voice, more on the soul and raspy side, and it’s time to let it be heard. This would be an awesome opportunity, pick me! How else would you know what things are possible, unless you’re given the chance to do it and prove yourself, of course!

  34. Hi very good day I am a national Guatemalan artist, I have presented in different places of my country, and to see this casting you organize I think I want to be part if you allow me I like the song and I perform very well on stage I hope I live to take account in Guatemala Capital Guatemala and my cell phone number is (502) 41779289 hopefully give me a chance to put up my country thanks

  35. I’m a current B.F.A Musical Theatre Major in college and I have a strong passion for singing. I’m looking to start a career and being a part of this show would be able to not only teach me the television aspect of entertainment but it would let me experience it as well. It would be an amazing opportunity and nothing less of a fantastic experience. Not only would I be a good competitor, I can use the other aspects of performing I’ve learned from Musical Theatre, to enhance my performance. My credentials include:

    The Triad Theatre in NYC
    Carner and Gregor Soloist…T.M.I (song title)

    Helen Hayes Metropolitan Theatre Arts Awards:
    Outstanding Vocal Performance 2011, 2012, 2013

    NJ Thespian Competitions:
    Outstanding Vocal Performance Awards 2011

    including auditions and callbacks for
    The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Busch Gardens Entertainment, and Disney Hong Kong

    Although my focus is Musical Theatre, I have been trained in Vocal Performance for 4 years with a private coach ranging from Country to Classical to Rock and Pop. Being a Musical Theatre Major has only enhanced my skills and has made me a diverse competitor. I hope to hear back. Thank you.

  36. Hello my name us Kamron Mathews and I have never sen thus show nor watched it ever but if it involves music or singing i am in I don’t know if my information is still on here but
    I am a male

    13 years of age

    I am in the seventh grade
    Black African American
    Zip: 44306
    Address:1234 reed ave
    Phone number -3302173636

    And I live in Akron Ohio

    Thank you for this opportunity and have a blessed day

  37. i would love to sing im better than most of this people i meet justin bieber before. and i wanna sing just like him and that will happen i promise thank you. :)

  38. I have been singing since i was three and saw my dad preforming and loved it i dont know what i would do without it is my entire life except for my friends please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Consider me i really really want this:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  39. I sing for fun
    I sing cause I like it
    I sing cause Im good at it.
    My voice is different, it has something specific.

  40. stage name : Trea$ure

    I sing for fun
    I sing cause I like it
    I sing cause Im good at it.
    My voice is different, it has something specific.

  41. i love to sing and whenever i sing people they love it they give me complements

    • My name is Charlotte b Sinkler Joe Blew is a customer of mine I am a hair styelist he sings like no other I would says cross between Sam Cooke and John Legend and he was trying to rap until he sang from me AWESOME. I AM WILLING TO GET HIM TO THE AUDITION JUST LET ME KNOW WHEN PLEASE 8036098810

  42. Really love to sing and many people in my surroundings enjoy it when I do, so I’d like a chance to see how many others feel the same.

  43. Been singing most of my life music from Johnny Meistro Brooklyn bridge the duprees dion alot of accapella

  44. Name: Lea Mibrathu
    Age: 15
    Location: Seattle

    I’m a singer and actress with a lot of performing experience, and I would love to be part of this show.
    I also write my own songs.
    Please consider me.

    Contact me at

  45. wooow!! singing is literally what i live for. without it i dont know what or who i would be. this would be an amazing opportunity. please consider me cause this is an amzing once in a lifetime chance.. thankkyou!!

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