MTV Series Faking It Casting Call For Male Extras

MTV Series Faking It
MTV Series Faking It
MTV Series Faking It

MTV Series Faking It Casting Call For Male Extras

MTV series Faking It is currently filming in the So Cal area and is seeking extras to work on Feb. 17th. Faking It is a romantic comedy drama that uses a liberal Texas community and a high-school-age platform to explore topics based on sexual orientation, tolerance, and acceptance among the young teens today.

Karma and Amy are extremely close and inseparable best friends who rely on each other for everything, especially for advice, comfort and support. In fact the two are so close that they are ousted as lesbians by the popular crowd. At first both Karma and Amy want to rectify the mistake and let their peers know that they are not lesbians. But it may have its advantages. For Amy and Karma, being thought of as lovers by their peers and friends means instant popularity, there is no way they can give it up now.

The casting team with Sande Alessi Casting has released a casting call for male extras between the ages of 18 to 23 to play high school jocks.

To be considered for a role in ‘Faking it,’ please read the casting description provided by Sande Alessi Casting:

NON UNION CASTING NOTICE-Shoots on Faking It. Work dates are Friday 2-13 in Glendora. ( $10 gas bump) Tuesday 2-17 shoots in Burbank. (no gas bump) You must live in the So Cal area to work this show.

NEED 18 TLY men jock types.

Please email a current color photo, your union status, height/weight and phone number to: Subject line should read: JOCK

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


  1. Yo… Age: 14 ( appears 17-18) Height: 6 ft Hair Color: Dark Brown with Natural Light Brown Highlights Weight: 150 lbs Nationality: Mexican/Filipino/White Eyes:Brown —–To know what look like, go to @DanielMPlumb on Instagram/Twitter.

  2. Hi I’m Trevor Wiseman and I love pie. Pie is very delicious and has many delicious things on the inside and sometimes you don’t know whats in the pie until you start eating it. I’m like that pie where you only see the delicious outside that draws you in. Then you get a taste and you coming back for more and more and more until you run out of pie and buy another one. I’m 5’7 brown hair gray eyes and I’m 17 years old. Thank you for your consideration and good night.

  3. I’m 18 6’0″ 145 pounds slim muscular dancer
    brown hair color
    brown green eyes
    straight (not that it matters at all just fyi)

  4. Hello, I am a 5′ 7″ Korean. I am 20 years old and weigh 135lbs. I have short black hair and look very white washed in comparison to other Asians.

  5. Hello there,
    My name is Noeh. I am 5’10”, 19 years old and weigh 185 lbs.
    I feel that I am a good fit for this ‘extras’ role because I currently play baseball in college and have also played other sports, such as Basketball, Football, and Volleyball in the past. It’s safe to say I definitely fit the “jock” type. I consider myself as someone who is good at following directions, collaborate well with others and am open to other’s opinions and criticisms. I hope to hear from you soon!

  6. AGE: 19
    weight: 130 LB
    height: 175 centimeter
    I’M FROM RUSSIA AND I LOVE SHOW LIKE THIS. And I like serial about college students.
    I love have fun and I like to joke

  7. HI!!!! I am 12 years old… I am a Singer/acter/ dancer. I sing/ perform every other month on stage and I have been doing it dice I was 7! I am a great singer and dancer and I have been taking music lessons since I was 7! I would LOVE it be in a movie/tv show, I would be fine with being an extra or a main character! I just need somewhere to start! PLEASE EXCEPT MY OFFER AND CALL/TEXT ME! Thank u soooo much!

  8. hi my name is valerie santos. If im going to be honest I’ve never acted before but I practice all the time. Id really just want a new experience and a start. Let me know if theirs other opportunities for me.

  9. Hi i am a great improv as well as on script actor i take orders and direction well and i believe i am hiliarious to be around, i bring great energy. I would love a shot please. Thank you.

  10. Hey! Im 16 years old and Im from Puerto Rico, love acting and love television, it would be awesome to be on faking, you guys wont regret if you pick me. Ill do what you guys say!

  11. Hi my name is doney am a 19 yr male living in San Diego California I been in the acting business before when I lived in L.A area and an also a triplet this role sounds like it will fit me quite nicely!!

  12. Hello! My name is Ana Vergara I am 16 years old. I speak Spanish and English, am responsible, and condition in groups of action I love the action, it does not make me sad, I am A very happy person, am High, thin, brown hair, clear brown eyed. Thank you attention I wait and considered my application. San Jose C.A cell number: (404 453-1031).

  13. Hey guys. My name is Aliyev Adilet, Im from Kazakhstan but now Im in LA. I think you’re looking for someone like me. So, if you interested, contact me/

  14. Age: 18
    Height; 5’0
    Weight; 105 lbs
    Eyes; brown

    I’m an 18 year with a dream. Ive always wanted to be an actress but
    My parents would never take me serious. Now that I’m an adult
    I want to take it to the next step. I’m the most out going, funny, person you
    Will never catch me without a smile on my face. I think my ethnicity
    Of being Greek Italian and puerto ricin give me a sassy and original look then most
    I’m determined to do whatever it takes to get me where I want to be

  15. My name is Xoren Alisa and I’m from St. George UT. I’m 19 yrs young and I’ve always had a dream to be on a big movie production. I’m 6’2 & weigh about 225lbs, I was a double sport athlete in highschool and I love to be involved. My family is originally from the islands of Hawaii so my ethnicity comes from Polynesian decent. I’m willing to do absolutely anything, I can dance, sing, play instruments or even stand there and just look good. Despite my humor, I really am serious about this more than ever. It would be a dream come true if I ever played a main role on a big tv show. Thank you for your time!

  16. Ive been working on enterig the entertainment business professionally all my life. I have acting experience.. Im 6’0 185pounds 19 years of age! Im also an athlete, so I guess you say I fit the jock criteria! I feel im good for this position/role, because im young and willing to work. And im also very coachable! Im not an union member!!!

  17. I’m a beginner at acting but I think I have a shot. I also don’t mind the traveling if the casting is in another city away from me. I am willing to try my hardest until I make something of this.

  18. Hello,
    My name is Najeem Popal
    I’m 5’11, I weigh 160, 21 years old, tan, jock type. I was a division 1 scholar athlete as well!

  19. Hay wassup guys im yashua im 16 years old i sing, dance, write my own songs and produce them i’ve been dancing in tv since i was 4 and singing since i was 8 i you can look me up on youtube as LUMNAY my old thing are up their but you can see my new things and what im doing in FB @Lumnay Lumnay….. i singed up because i would loooove to be on the show i watch it all the time i think this is the realist show ever cuz i’ve seen this at my school im a junior and please make my dreams come true help me i promise ill be the best at what you put me to do even if it is to just say hi or the water boy haha idk i just love acting i love this show and yeah hahaha

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