MTV Are You The One Constant Casting

Are You The one MTV Contestant Casting

MTV is at it again with their newest dating show Are You The One. The show will address the biggest dating question of them all “If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it?” Are you the one will have a mix of 10 men and 10 women who are matched for each other and give them the chance to win $1 million. The casting directors at MTV are now holding auditions for single guys and girls over the age of 21 who want to find the perfect match and have the chance to win $1 million. If you are single and between the ages of 21 and 27 you do not want to miss this once in a lifetime chance to maybe find true love, apply now!

Are You The One will send a group of 20 perfectly matched singles to Hawaii and other exotic locations to spend one month in which they will get to know each other more by doing challenges and spending time together. At the end of each week each person will get to chose who they think their perfect match is and at the end of the show if they picked their right match they will find love and cold hard cash.

The casting directors at MTV are now looking for male and female contestants between the ages of 21 and 27 who are single and looking to be on a hit television show. If you meet the criteria and are interested in auditioning for MTV’s  Are You The One  please submit your contact information along with several recent photos. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting locations, dates and times and as always leave us a comment and let us know what location you would like to be sent to with your perfect match and the chance to win $1 million.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Hey MTV!
    I’ve never been so serious about anything in my life the way I am about wanting to find the one. I continuously let myself fall for people who don’t deserve it, and I’m so ready to find someone who’s worth it all.
    Please help me get the one thing in life I want more than anything!
    I’m 22, 5’3, blonde hair, blue eyes and super outgoing. You’ll never see me without a smile on my face and I keep everything interesting!
    I would love this opportunity to meet someone I could spend my life with! And hey, winning 1 million dollars wouldn’t be so bad either, but I’m so much more concerned with finding the one!!

    Thanks for considering :)

  2. Hey MTV!! im a huge fan of this show! id absolutely love to be one of the lucky lady’s who would get a chance to find my perfect match. I havent been lucky in the ”find the right person” department, unfortunately im pretty bad at choosing the right dudes. Im a super fun canadian gal ready to find her one.

  3. Hey MTV and Lighthearted Entertainment Productions! Just touching base and checking in to be one of the next cast members on your show, “Are You the One”.

  4. Hi, my name is Thama, coming from a small island and moving to the United States I thought it was the perfect opportunity to find love but being here for over 10 years I kind of feel a little hopeless… I’ll make my comment short and sweet, just like me… I was up one night and I saw your show and I think it’s the perfect opportunity to find the one that I’m really meant to be with… I really am just looking for love and I hope your match makers are able to give me that… You guys can keep the money

  5. Hi there

    I’m really interested is auditioning for are you the one 2016. My name is Vanessa hawker I’m 25 years old and live in Vancouver British Columbia in Canada. I am really Interested because i really want to find the one, I’m 25 and I’ve dated a lot of men and I keep dating ass holes (everyone thinks I’m easy because I’m black and I only like white Guy’s).

    I’m out going fun love to sing, I’m originally from Calgary and moved to Vancouver to act, but now I wanna focus on music.

    I’m not a very jealous person because I’m focused on my career and want a man who understands that and who will push me to strive for my best, I’m very social and love being around people so I need someone who can accept that. I also want a man who makes time for me. I want to feel important which I’ve never felt that way in any of my relationships. My longest relationship was 5 years with my high school sweetheart Jeremy Kloepper, I still love him but we are so different that we will never be together. You can contact me on my email until Jan 15 2016, then you can call me at 604 652 8617 because I will be in Guyana.
    I have attached a few photos of my self

    Thank you
    Vanessa hawker

  6. Hey MTV, am I the one????
    My name is Sam, I’m 5’7, 24 years old. Blonde hair and blue eyes.
    I’m a woman with an awesome mix: Bubbly, Fun, Sexy, Independent, Opinionated, Goofy/Weird, Smart, Strong, Goodhearted.
    I am a brutally honest person, love it or hate it. lol I currently am a work comp investigator and trying to finish school to be a forensic psychologist.
    I’m currently in St. Louis, but I also lived half my life in FL.

    I have learned a lot about relationships, through trial and error throughout my life. I feel as though loyalty is the hardest thing to find (not talking about cheating or anything like that) but just the point that if you care for someone, you don’t give up over every little rough patch or argument. Love takes effort and time and hard work.

    Fun Facts:
    I’m obsessed with Milk& love spicy foods.
    I will date anyone, though I’m attracted to “chocolate” men more often ;)
    I happen to love doing new things, but oddly enough am lazy too. lol
    I’m terrified of being out in open bodies of water.
    I am low maintenance/ “simple girly.”
    I hate the cold.
    I love to sing/dance.
    Florida is “home” to me.
    Favorite thing to do is eat( though I can’t gain weight to save my life lol)
    Love scary movies.
    I love all types of music.
    Biggest turn on is a guy who can make me laugh.
    One of the things that makes me most happy is to do random acts of kindness.
    I LOVE Filet Mignon steak.
    Don’t like sweets.
    Not allergic to anything.
    Love snakes and sharks-love animals in general though.
    Social butterfly.
    Love big families.
    I LOVE DIVERSITY and getting to know others.
    Only child.
    Obsessed with “The Golden Girls”

    ***This is my 2nd favorite show!! lol

    If I got this opportunity, I wouldn’t care where they sent us. Being asked to come participate is awesome enough!!
    Though strategy is a big/interesting part of this show. I definitely feel the chance at meeting my perfect match would be worth way more than the money! I know it’s a long shot, but this would be awesome. Pick a blonde bombshell from St.Louis and lets do thissssss!

  7. Hi, my names Taysia and I’m 24 years old. I’ve recently graduated from university and I’m looking to just experience life as much as possible whilst I’m young. I’m an old school romantic and love the idea of finding someone to grow old and build with. I think love is really what everything comes down to and an experience like this hand in hand with all the activities and trials you get to take part in is such an opportunity that I can’t really not apply. I’m adventurous and love extreme sports and experiencing different cultures. I would love a chance to be considered on this show and hopefully I get to hear back.

    • My name is Marques I love to dance. A career on stage is where I would rather be. I am about to start school for fashion design.

  8. Hey y’all my name is Alana Nielander. I’m 21 years old . AYTO is a great show and I think I will be the perfect cast member on this show.Currently working at a plastic surgeons office and a bartender in one of the biggest college towns around. I like to have fun, go out, and meet new people. Everyone says I’m one of the nicest people they have ever met and sometimes I’m too nice. My bestfriend says I get bored with people I talk to and I get tired of them . I wanna find someone who will keep me entertained and that will always make me laugh. MTV pick me and I won’t let you down!

  9. Hey there MTV! I am a huge fan of the show and all that it involves. I have been watching since day 1. I have to say I am pretty shy at first, to be honest, but I open up in certain situations. But to tell you the basics about me, I am 21 and will be 22 in January. I am studying public health right now. I am very interested in photography and have a small business. I think being on Are You The One? would give me a chance to learn more about who I am and help me come out of my shell more. On top of that, I believe I am at a time in my life where I am ready to find the one but being who I am, I need that push in the right direction. I hope I was able to give you all a little insight into who I am and how much I would love to be on the show.

  10. Hello there my name is Bryuana (Bri-yah-nuh) Pitre.I am currently 21 years old, my birthday passed a few months ago June 12th to be exact. I want to be a published writer someday, but I also want to fall in love as well. I am from Oakland California, but I reside in Katy Texas. I have been single for almost a year as of next month, due to my past relationship which he was my first serious relationship, and also my first love. He cheated on me and I decided to stay away from relationships for a while. I went to college and got my associates degree in creative writing to get my mind off of relationships, and also family drama. I have never been outside of the country so this will be an awesome experience. I also want to find true love , because the guys in my town aren’t exactly dating material. I just want to find somebody I could possibly spend the rest of my life with, and want similar things I do, and not play games. I have watched all three seasons of Are You The One, and it gives me hope that this show could also help me find someone. Thank you for this opportunity if I do get chosen!

  11. Hey my name is Michelle from Detroit Mi. Im 21. Im very laid back outgoing fun. I stay bisy with my job. Havent been in a real relationship in three years. Havent had the best luck with relationships lol. Just looking for my match. I just love love.

  12. Hi!
    My name is Evan Scott. I’m a 22 year old African-american female student from The University of Toledo(will be graduating Fall semester 2016) with a Health Care Administration degree and minor in accounting. I haven’t been in a serious relationship since high school, and even then it was an on and off thing, and I have been officially single for the past 4 years to give myself time to figure out who I am, what I want in a relationship, and what can I bring to the table in the relationship. I want to find someone who will not be embarrassed by the fact that I’m not a small woman (but I do like being physically active to keep in shape so doing the challenges will be fun to do if given this chance), someone who will be fully committed to the relationship, and someone who can find true happiness with me like I would want to with them. I come from a family where relationships don’t last, unless your my grandparents who been married over 50+ years. I want to build something with someone that will last forever even after we are dead and gone.

  13. Hi my name is Chanel,

    To start off I’m from Portland, OR and I’ll be 21 in a month. I love being in relationships but for some reason ALL of them turn into a disaster. I know I’m young but I am determined to find my one and only! I love partying and going hard but I’m seriously a loyal partner. It’s true that I’m a little crazy at times, but what’s the fun in not being crazy?! Every time i go through a break up, I take it REALLY hard and get super emotional. I honestly love douche bag guys that think they’re the shit, but it clearly isn’t working out. I’m so ready to be done with all the bullshit and finally find someone who I can have a life with and party with at the same time! I’m super cute, small, and sassy. What guy doesn’t want that? I just haven’t found the right one yet. I need help!!!! Please consider helping me find my one. And again my name is Chanel, don’t forget it. (:

    Thanks <3

    • I’m Brittany,Hey i’m a Texas girl 25 very laid back . love movies and reading . love looking up at the stars . My perfect match is . Someone that has God in the canter of his life. a great personality and is very sweet and is romantic and passionate . No Players or lairs . a real guy with a great heart . and knows how to treat a woman . Find my match.

  14. Hey MTV I’m Matty,
    I’m 23 years old and have lived in New Jersey my whole life, but I’m not your stereotypical Jersey Boy. I don’t fist pump or spend all of my waking hours at the gym and the tanning salon, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to party. I also love to write and I dream of one day becoming a best selling author. Pick me to be on the show so I can be inspired to write about all the romantic moments I have with the beautiful women you choose to be on Are You The One!

  15. Am I the One? After reading this bio your answer to that question will undoubtedly be an emphatic yes. My name is Matty, I’m 23 years old, and I am a self-proclaimed “Garden State Kid” as I was born and raised in the small, one-note town of Old Bridge New Jersey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, if you are thinking that you may have another “Mike the Situation” on your hands I’ll have to stop you there because I am not that type of “Jersey.” I don’t fist pump, have a skin tone that closely resembles the color orange, overload my hair with gel or spend every waking minute of my life at the gym, but I do have one similarity to the cast of Jersey Shore which is that I love to party. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University already obtained and a Master’s Degree soon to be achieved this December I feel that I have the brains that every girl looks for in a man and by looking at the pictures that I have sent you will also see that I have the beauty to go along with that. So, with all of these intrinsic qualities that I possess how is that I haven’t found the one? Besides the fact that I am very meticulous in the girls I choose to pursue there are some other key reasons why I absolutely suck at relationships. The fact that I love to party is one of them as I find myself spending more time drinking and “living it up” at clubs than I do actually getting to know the girls that I meet there. I also have an extreme fear of commitment because I know in the back of my mind a relationship can go one of two ways. You either break up or you get married and the prospect of spending the rest of my life with someone is so terrifying to me that it has prevented me from ever being in an actual relationship with someone and is also the reason why I have never been in love. The reason I am taking this chance to apply for AYTO is because I want to make a change and I’m hoping that I can replace my fear of commitment with the courage to open my heart up to someone. Since I consider myself a brutally honest person who “tells it like it is” and has a habit of calling people out on their nonsense, hypocrisy or what you would call B.S I have to admit that true love is not the only reason why I’m applying for AYTO. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t applying for the show for money or my 30 seconds of fame, but I’m also not lying when I say that what I care about the most is finding my perfect match and experiencing true love for the first time in my life. I can honestly say that if I had to choose between $50,000 and experiencing true love I would pick true love each and every time. Now, before this bio becomes so absurdly long that it has the MTV recruiters saying that they wish they could have the five minutes of their life back that they spent reading this I will wrap this up with the immortal lyrics from Queen. MTV, Find Me Somebody to Love.

  16. Hi , my name is Calvina and I’m from Cleveland Ohio. I think this show would be perfect for me. I always seem to pick the wrong guys and fall for the complete opposite. I’m 21 years old and yes I’m still young but I’m ready to find love and find someone genuine. I definitely will play the game to the fullest and find my match. So we can win our 1million dollars. Contact me at least for an audition!

  17. Hey guys my Name is Orazio Iannacone and I’m from the bronx NY baby ! , Big fan of the show Are You the one and would love to be on it. Im a guy who’s all about fitness staying in shape , but loves spending time with his family and friends. Im also a college student looking to get my degree in Education and History . People say I look like Sylvester Stallone the actor and I think its freaking awesome that we look alike. I do like to party and have a good time , however being single does truly suck. I come from a very old school Italian family where my parents want me to find a beautiful girl. Well iI try all the time and some how it never goes my way. I get played all the time with girls and they just see me as noting but sex. Not gonna lie I was all about meeting girls as a single man should. But when I do wanna make a girl my girlfriend they just play me and move on. Im hoping if Im on the show are you the one and find my perfect match ,I can make my family proud and my parents pround. I been through a lot in my life girls making fun of me when i was younger . Now FORGET ABOUT IT !. In the end I just want to love a women and be happy . What better way to find her with the show are you the one. Hope to hear from you guys soon

  18. Hey I’m kelsey! I’ll be 21 on December 7th this year! I was born and raised a kentucky gal! I have had the absolute worst luck with dating and fall for the wrong guys all the time. From the guys who are the bad boys to the boys who just want me for my body to the boys who are just crazy obsessive. This would be such a great opportunity to find someone who I truly connect with and can have a long lasting relationship with! I’ve watched the show since the first season and this has been a dream since I’ve first seen the show to be on it! This would be the opportunity of a lifetime!

  19. Hey MTV I’m Josh I’m 22 from Ohio and I have had the worst luck trying to find the right girl for me I was going to give up on finding her but then I watched ur show and it gave me hope of finding her so I would love to be on the show cuz I believe my right one will be there for me to find please pick me to be on ur show or at least try out for the show

  20. Hi there! My name is Ymani, pronounced like Imani but with a Y because my parents were ridiculously confusing when having me. I am 21 years old from Brooklyn, NY. I have had THE WORST experience with guys and feel maybe its time to find someone I am compatible with. I obviously want to act and be on TV and/or in movies AND I love your show! I watched last season. I am still to this day obsessed with Ryan! So I think it would be a dream come true to be picked for the show or to even be picked to audition for the show at all!
    Cant wait to hear back from y’all! xox

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    • My name is Lindsay Bradley and I’m 21 years old from the small town of Manson, Iowa. I’m currently going to college to become a Nurse. I’ve always had the desire and passion to help others; especially if they aren’t able to help themselves. I’ve been in two serious relationships and cheated on both times. When I love, I love hard. I tend to think of myself as a very honest, loyal, and trust worthy person- just always seem to go for the wrong type of guy. I think this show would be perfect for me to find my perfect match and experience true love and happiness. I always seem to go for the “bad boys” but I’m ready to find that true connection and I think after watching your show; this would be a great opportunity!

  22. My name is Austin Bailey. 21 years old. I’m in downtown Los Angeles out on my own after being kicked out of my parents place in January of 2015. A lot of nights I didn’t know where I’d be staying and I’d couch surf. There were a few nights I had to sleep on the streets alone and hungry wondering what I did to deserve something like this. Fortunately I managed to get a great job at a Steakhouse near the Staples Center which lead to me getting another job at a mall and now I have my own place in Santa Monica. When it comes to relationships my luck is the worst. I put women on a pedestal and I always get crushed when they show me how they really are. My most recent girlfriend (ex) and I were together for 4 months. We had a pregnancy scare and after taking a test without me with her, she told me it was negative. About a week later she calls me and says “Remember that pregnancy test I said was negative? It was actually positive… and I’m confident you’re not the father”. That shit broke me. It was the worst betrayal I’d ever felt. I’ve been cheated on in other relationships and don’t know why. I’m SUPER affectionate and attentive. So in that regard being on the show would help me because maybe I’ve been going for the wrong ones and you guys can help me find the right one. I think I’d be good for the show because despite my bad luck in relationships, everyone percieves me to be a “ladies man”. For the few I do tell my struggles to they’re always surprised. I’m the life of the party when I go out, very social and high energy. At the same time I hate excluding anyone from the fun so for the awkward people I make that extra effort to include them in the good time. I’d love to be apart of this and I look forward to hearing from you guys. Cheers!

  23. MTV what’s up! My names Mallory, single and hating it! I’m perfect for Are You the One I’m up for a challenge and why no try and get my perfect match while I’m at of it! I’m obviously awful at choosing men so how about you do it for me!! Help! Hah PICK ME!

  24. Hi guys,
    I am a 21 y/o student from Louisiana, and I am a mother of 2. I feel like we go through our lives searching from 2 things- love and happiness. Most of the choices that I have made I feel have been because of love either losing or searching for it. I believe I would be an amazing contestant on this show because I really would love to find my ‘perfect match’. And I am a really big fan of the show. I hope to hear from you guys!

  25. Bachelor…. terrible with emotions…. drive a Cadillac because I have a tiny cock…. Live in small town USA

    • 21 years young w? 2 children to go on an MTV dating show? I mean I guess if you wanted to go on and try & win the money for your kids but your not gonna find rel legit love on this show!

  26. I’m a 21 year old Canadian girl looking for my perfect match! I’ve watched the past two seasons and I’m absolutely obsessed with it! The show has never had a Canadian before and I think that I should be the first one. I’ve never had a real relationship so I guess I fit the Are You The One description of sucking at relationships. I’m fun and outgoing and I’m always ready for a good time!

    Pick me and you won’t regret it MTV :)

  27. Back Again did you miss me? :D
    A few more details My mom raised me to be a good girl I’m 24 now time for me to leave the nest and experience life, love, men, and happiness. I am ready to spread my wings and find my mate! Looking for true love but I am not perfect. I do like to party and have fun. I was chosen over 1000 girls & Guys to be an extra in the movie Magic Mike xxl Only 200 people was pick i was one! in the pool scenes and party scenes. I have a bubbly personality and am very photogenic, fun loving, follow directions well and am very enthusiastic. I am so excited at the thought of being on your show, having fun, and possibly meeting my special someone at the same time!!! I am up for anything you throw at me and look forward to meeting you && my special someone soon

    A Angel is the name 24 Myrtle Beach
    R Really interesting person
    E Everybody loves me

    Y You want me (You Just don’t know it yet)
    O One Girl looking for true love
    U Unique && one of a kind!

    T This is my chance
    H Help A Girll Out
    E Excellent choice (If You Pick Me)

    O Open to anything && Everything!!
    N Never Disappointing
    E Extremely entertaining that’s why You want me!!!

    Also young beautiful
    lady with a BIG HEART!! that just wants to find real love!!
    i am always in && out of relationships i just want something real
    someone to love me for me i have bad habit’s choosing them bad boys and this good girl wants no more of that i am ready to settle down!! i am ready to find a real connection someone that is willing to know me inside && out i am tired of the heart breaks i am tired of feeling alone. i am tired of feeling unwanted i have everything going for me but love lets just say i STINK BIG TIME!! when it comes to finding the right guy for me!! i really could use your help!! I am full of fun and definitely out going and willing to take any challenge to find my match i will bend backwards and i will put not 100% but a 1000% percent into this just to find true love this is my second time trying for this is my second chance will be my best chance at finding love? i truly hope so!! because i truly feel like i am the one!! this girl is ready to know what real love feels like and how it should truly feel to have a genuine connection with a special someone so please Mtv make this girl see that i’m meant to have a real relationship that there is someone out there for me i truly just want to feel wanted to be loved and to find that deep connection that i have yet to have or feel Thank you so much for taking the time to read this && i truly hope my dream will finally come true i truly need this please make this girl see my prince charming man is out there! It truly mean the world if you would consider me

  28. Hey MTV! My name is Anjelica and I am a twenty one year old college student enrolled at LSU in Baton Rouge, LA. Since the show “Are You The One” first aired I’ve been obsessed! The game is brilliant and I think it’s a great way to find the love of your life. It allows the mind to be open to new possibilities. I am currently single and have been single for two years now. I think it’s time to find the person who appreciates me for me and someone who’s willing to be understanding to my spoiled ways. In the past it’s always been my body that seems to attract people but I’m ready for the person that can stimulate both my mind and body. I’m very outgoing and willing to try new things!

  29. Hi Are you the one,
    Myrtle Beach South Carolina Sand Baby
    Young && Wild But Bright && Beautiful With A Big Heart
    My name is Angel i am 24 years of age a young beautiful
    lady 5ft5 Brown eyes && Brown Hair with a BIG HEART!! that just wants to find real love!!
    i am always in && out of relationships i just want something real
    someone to love me for me i have bad habit’s choosing them bad boys and this good girl wants no more of that i am ready to settle down!! i am ready to find a real connection someone that is willing to know me inside && out i am tired of the heart breaks i am tired of feeling alone. i am tired of feeling unwanted i have everything going for me but love lets just say i STINK BIG TIME!! when it comes to finding the right guy for me!! i really could use your help!! I am full of fun and definitely out going and willing to take any challenge to find my match i will bend backwards and i will put not 100% but a 1000% percent into this just to find true love this is my second time trying for this is my second chance will be my best chance at finding love? i truly hope so!! because i truly feel like i am the one!! this girl is ready to know what real love feels like and how it should truly feel to have a genuine connection with a special someone so please Mtv make this girl see that i’m meant to have a real relationship that there is someone out there for me i truly just want to feel wanted to be loved and to find that deep connection that i have yet to have or feel Thank you so much for taking the time to read this && i truly hope my dream will finally come true i truly need this please make this girl see my prince charming man is out there!
    I been here from the start! this might be my second chance but won’t be the last!!
    please Mtv! Consider me i truly deeply from the bottom of my heart need this!

  30. Hi Are you the one,
    My name is Angel i am 24 years of age a young beautiful
    lady with a BIG HEART!! that just wants to find real love!!
    i am always in && out of relationships i just want something real
    someone to love me for me i have bad habit’s choosing them bad boys and this good girl wants no more of that i am ready to settle down!! i am ready to find a real connection someone that is willing to know me inside && out i am tired of the heart breaks i am tired of feeling alone. i am tired of feeling unwanted i have everything going for me but love lets just say i STINK BIG TIME!! when it comes to finding the right guy for me!! i really could use your help!! I am full of fun and definitely out going and willing to take any challenge to find my match i will bend backwards and i will put not 100% but a 1000% percent into this just to find true love this is my second time trying for this is my second chance will be my best chance at finding love? i truly hope so!! because i truly feel like i am the one!! this girl is ready to know what real love feels like and how it should truly feel to have a genuine connection with a special someone so please Mtv make this girl see that i’m meant to have a real relationship that there is someone out there for me i truly just want to feel wanted to be loved and to find that deep connection that i have yet to have or feel Thank you so much for taking the time to read this && i truly hope my dream will finally come true i truly need this please make this girl see my prince charming man is out there!

  31. I’m evan, I can be am asshole girls love me and I’m really attractive, o and life of the party what more do you want get at me.

  32. I’m 27 and I live I’m from Denver Co. I’m Black and I snowboard, swim, and love camping lol. I used to be a Jehovahs witness and no longer and I just celebrated my first birthday a year ago! Crazy I know! 1000% ready for a new Beginning!

  33. Hello MTV!
    Im a huge fan of the show! Im from Brazil, but Im currently doing my masters in Audiology at the University of Utah, and I’m not lucky at all when it comes about love and money! So I’m trying to get better on the money part studying a lot! But I need your help to find my love!

  34. Hi my name is angel I am 22 years old and 5’2 I have 2 beautiful children and unfortunately the dad cheated on me.i have had bad relationships and seem to think there is no one out there. I would be great for this show because I am fun and outgoing and I watched you guys from the beginning and truly think you guys can find my one. I would love to be in the show not to just meet my one but also meet potential friendships. Please pick me as you won’t be disappointed.?.

  35. A= Austen is my name, almost 22, miami
    R= ready to find my soul mate
    E= everyday is a new opportunity
    Y=you can always count on me
    O=only looking for someone honest and
    U=usually I pick the wrong girls
    T=thoughtful and honest
    H=healthy and athletic
    E=everyone deserves that someone special
    Including me
    N=never give up
    E=excited to have this chance to be on the
    Show and find my perfect match…pick me

  36. A= Austen is my name, almost 22, miami
    R= ready to find my soul mate
    E= everyday is a new opportunity
    Y=you can always count on me
    O=only looking for someone honest and
    U=usually I pick the wrong girls
    T=thoughtful and honest
    H=healthy and athletic
    E=everyone deserves that someone special
    Including me
    N=never give up
    E=excited to have this chance to be on the
    Show and find my perfect match…pick me

  37. I was born with a heart condition that has caused a few brushes with death in my lifetime, and yet I’ve never been in love. I see people everywhere always falling in love, but I just haven’t met the right person. I’m an up-and-coming stand-up comedian–very sassy and I know how to put people in their places–especially the guys. ;) I’ll always have the last word when (or if!) it comes to hurling insults back and forth.

    I don’t look like most of the girls on the show. I have a retro look that calls back to the 20’s and 50’s with my style and porcelain skin. I also have scars from my surgery and rock them all the time–I call them “manmade cleavage.”

    I’m highly intelligent, funny and well-spoken, and I absolutely love goofy guys. I just want to find someone I can joke around with, have amazing conversations with along with amazing…well, you know.

    My dream is to be on this show. I just want to find that perfect fit for me, and be someone else’s perfect fit.

  38. Hello my name is Kat and my MBTI type is ENTJ. I want real love and my perfect match. I’m turning 21 next year in June, if possible I would like to go on one of your seasons when I turn 21.

    Please email me for more info and picture. Thank you for your consideration! :)


  39. My names Alyssa I’m 22 years old and a student at the Ohio State University, majoring is psychology and I’m in the army reserves. I watch MTV all the time an I enjoyed the show. I have been single for a while now and would like the opportunity to meet the right person. I have nothing going on right now an would gladly take a semester off or dedicate my summer to be apart of the show an this experience.

  40. Hi!! I’m Colby Mays. I’m 23 years old and am a student at the University of North Alabama. I am a very social guy, love meeting new people, going out, etc. I want to be on the show because I want to have an experience of a lifetime and maybe find someone I can connect with. I dated a girl for 5 years and we have been separated for a year and a half and she is getting married. I fell in love with a girl who loves me, but has a nonserious boyfriend, but won’t cut him loose and commit to me. I’m ready to get away and have the time of my life. This show would give me a chance to get away from it all and find my happiness.

  41. My Name is Austin I’m 21 and 5’3. I recently was engaged 2 months ago and had been in a relationship with her for 6 years and she did me wrong and broke it off and are you the one would be the perfect opportunity for me to actually find that right woman that is for me and I could eventually be engaged to and be with unlike with my last relationship.

  42. Don’t let my polished nails and dyed hair fool you, I’m a former Marine, so you know I have a wild side ;) I can show you all the best of both worlds, just take a chance with me.

  43. I’m 23years old from Savannah, Georgia 5’5 & 110lbs blonde hair blue eyes. I’m outgoing and fun. I’m a great candidate because I’m awesome. I own a small dog training business and dont have time to play games. I have had my heart broken and I have broken hearts, but now i’m ready to find something special that can possibly last a lifetime.

  44. Im a 23 year old athletic, outgoing, hot, female. I play ultimate frisbee and love compeitions. Loosing isn’t something i do. I love to flirt and have a good time. I think thats why i dont have many girl friends bc their boys are more into me. Im really trying to get onto AYTO bc im sick of being that girl that guys see as a one night stand. I want to finally find the man that can keep up with me and love all my flaws as much as i do. Im ready to be that girl that supports my love as much as he supports me. I dont plan on making friends on this show. Im really hoping to find my one and only. So please concider me to be on the next season. I promise you will not regret it.

  45. what’s up MTV! I’m pretty optimistic about being chosen for season 3 of “Are you the One”. As soon as the first episode aired, I fell in love! I’m such a sucker for romance which I’ve been lacking for the past few years. More than eager to settle down, but NOT SETTLE. I’m sweet, down to earth, blunt, head strong, and just fun to be around. I would love the opportunity to find love on TV!

  46. Hello MTV! I’m Kayla and I’m from the DMV area, born and raised. I’ve been single for about 6 years and I’m more than ready to find that special guy. What better way to do that than be on national TV, right? I’m spontaneous, fun to be around, sweet, and pretty deep all wrapped in one. Full-time worker and student! I’m very eager to jump back out there and open up for the right guy. Hopefully you guys will give this sucker-for-romance-or-a fairy tale girl a chance.

    Thanks so much!

    — P.S.. how do I submit a photo?

  47. Well.. My name is Dominique of course I am 21yrs old.. I am pursuing a degree in civil engineering. I also went to school for Culinary Arts.. I love sports, I have played softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, I ran cross country and I was a majorette dancer.. I don’t have many friends and I suck at relationships I don’t know why I just can’t seem to keep a man.. I am a jealous kind of person but I’m not a trouble maker. I don’t make scenes about drama but I’m also not a person that backs down.. I’m an angel .. I watch the show every season and I love it. I’m in love with the thought of love and I do believe I have a perfect match somewhere in this crazy world I just need to find him. I can bring a lot of things to the show to make it even more interesting I have lots of personality and I’m a very funny person, I’m great to be around and very outgoing.. GoodLuck

  48. hello Ashley here. I have been in a lot of relationship and non of them has worked out. Going on this show will help me to explore if there is still good guys in the world. I seen season one are you the one and amber found her dream guy. All I want is to be happy and madly in love. I just want to find the right one to settle down with and have someone to hold me. Being single is a bomber and it stinks. I just want love in my life.

  49. Hi, well I’m a female, 22 year old 5’1”, Hispanic. I’m currently living in Riverside, Ca I am outgoing and very blunt out spoken, funny, loud, I like to have a good time I am funny ass shit, a crazy ass weirdo lol I’m a good way!. I am single and I am ready to meet new people make new friends and possibly meet someone to be serious with meet my perfect match.

  50. Wow alot people left comments lol well btw my name is Lanae Johnson Im from Lancaster ca Im goofy & I love having a good time & I would love to be on this show because love haven’t been my friend at all. & my friends always told me my soulmate isn’t where we live he’s some where around this world lol and I believe it that’s why I wanna go on this show to find love & hopefully win the money with my team. I hope you guyd notice me like me & pick me

  51. Hey!!! My name is Mariah but everyone calls me Sunny! I am 21 years old going on 22! Although I am very outgoing and fun to be around, I am STILL single. I love sports, music, and I am a social butterfly! I don’t think I am unattractive, but I just can’t seem to keep a man’s interest. Maybe it’s my smart mouth, maybe it’s my trust issues sometimes, maybe it’s because I put my all into someone too fast. It could be anyone of these things, but I do know that more than likely it has to do with the fact that I will not have sex if they are not my husband. Living in a world like this with such different sexual values, I just don’t know if there is a match out there for me anymore. I need your help!!

  52. Hey!!! My name is Mariah but everyone calls me Sunny! I am 21 years old going on 22! Although I am very outgoing and fun to be around, I am STILL single. I love sports, music, and I am a social butterfly! I don’t think I am unattractive, but

  53. Hey my name is Tiona and I’m 21 years old. I’m an out going girl from Muskegon Michigan and would love a chance to be on the show. I have the worst luck with guys and can’t seem to find anyone decent. I’m 5’0 and athletic. I played softball from the time I was 3 until I was 19. I love having a good time and meeting new people. I can have a bit of an attitude at times but nothing MTV hasn’t dealt with or seen before. I would really love to have a chance at this opportunity!

    skype: tiona.hartwick30

    Thank you!

  54. HEY PARTY PEOPLE I’m about to graduate college and I’m looking for love, no more of that hook up shhiiittt. i suck at relationships and i’m so sick of it!! i know my perfect match is out there, but i need MTVs help. send sos!


  55. Hello! :) I am 21 years old. I am super sounds and spontaneous. I love to play and watch sports. I love bein outdoors but a lazy Sunday watching a movie is always an option for me! Cali born and raised. I feel like this is a great opportunity for a chance at love as well as learning to build relationships. I’d love a chance to meet someone of my dreams because I can’t seem to do it on my own. I am super friendly and I love to have a good time! I’d be ecstatic to hear back! Thank you for the time and consideration!

  56. My name is Matt and I am a 23 year old college student currently enrolled in the Master’s program for labor and employment relations at Rutgers University. Instead of telling you how great I think I am like everyone else about I will simply describe who type of person I am and what I stand for while letting you decide what type of person you think I am for yourself. It is currently 2:30 in the morning on a school night but I was too excited to apply for Are YOU the One so I decided to apply now instead of waiting until the next morning.My passion in life is to be an author and I have finished one novel and am currently finishing up another one, but I plan on trying to self publish these novels along with any other stories I write in the near future. I consider myself a deep thinker and am not the type of person who will cause arguments over petty little circumstances, but I do speak my mind and I have been known to be honest to a fault. I am the type of person who “tells it how it is” and calls people out on their b.s which I am sure the executives at MTV would be licking their lips if they ever wind up reading this which I highly doubt. I am a huge fan of the show and think I would be a great candidate since I am actually looking for love and am also someone who considers them self to be a romantic, but I am trying to not be a hopeless one anymore. Give me a chance to be on Are You the One so that I can have a chance at finding real love and so that i can stop going to bars or clubs in search of something more than because when you leave those places unfulfilled you wind up in an empty bed with an empty heart. So, if you want someone who is truly searching to find the one and would like to make this romantic less hopeless than look no further than the man who has written these words with lust in his mind and love in his heart.

  57. Hey! I’ll be 22 in March and I’m a UX designer/Front-End developer at the University of Michigan. I’m known for having the most “epic” relationships and am blessed with a 2 month curse. I fall before I get a chance to know the person, but looking back, I wouldn’t regret a single relationship I’ve had. I have a handful of “crazy exs”. My biggest flaw is that “I love love”. Actually, though. I can’t wait to find my best friend/partner in crime!

  58. Hey, my names Izamar. I’m 24 and reside in Breckenridge, Texas. If chosen, I know I could possibly gain 2 of the best things; love and money.

  59. and I can strike out my words. I’m so computer sexy.
    I love books and women.
    Please pick me

  60. I am a country girl all the way! I love to laugh and I’m always seeking a good time. I’m a very witty, spontaneous, thrill seeking, funny, and beautiful woman. That genuinely does want to find my perfect match!

  61. I’m 27 years old but i look 21. I would absolutely love to be a candidate on this show! A chance to find true love with a monetary bonus? Cant beat that with a baseball bat. Im from brooklyn ny and i may seem like a ginger snap with my tough exterior but im more like a fig newton lol. Im mushy and love being in love but u have to get past my wall first. Im sexually attracted to both sexes but have never been with a woman as a girlfriend/girlfriend relationship. Im tired of picking the wrong guys so maybe u can help me out. Call me!

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  63. Hey MTV ! well my name is Latoya I am 22 years old I am single so I think the show will definitely fit me perfect. I am tired of dating guys that are not good enough for me I’m looking for my perfect match.I am ready to settle down so MTV can you please make that happen for me

  64. Hey there! I’m 18-years-old. I have a crazy and mildly sassy personality, or so I’m told. I want to find someone who’ll love me for who I am. I love to hang out with my friends, read, listen to music, study forensic science, travel, and eat. I have a sight obsession with all kinds of lip products, and I have learned how to use them well. I enjoy being different than most other people, to me uniqueness is a necessity. Here is a little information about me:
    Height: 5’5″
    Weight: 124lbs
    Build: Athletic
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Light Brown/Dirty Blonde
    Current Hair Style: Pixie
    Shoe Size: 5 1/2-6 1/2 Depending On The Shoe Brand

  65. I’m an attractive black guy born and Raised in Denver Co as a Jehovah’s Witness… But NOT ANYMORE!!. This Last year was literally my first Birthday celebration ever! And my First Christmas! Crazy right! I’m very very outgoing and i’m a flirt and a super social!! I’m Catching up on everything i’ve missed my whole life. Here are literally a list of things I do…. I absolutely love snowboarding, swimming! And yes i can swim! lol, Basketball, golfing, camping, Hiking 14ners, traveling, dancing.
    But with my lifestyle and energy I hope there is a girl out there for me that can keep up!?

    Ps. Not all black hate Mayo! I love it! as long as I have hot sauce to go along with it!!! Hahahaha!

  66. I should be chosen because I Am a Great Thing who comes with Favor, I Add Value to Assets, I Subtract Dead Weight, I Mutiply Companies, Stocks, and Investment , And I Divide Dividends. I Love Challenging New Adventures, I Enjoy Romantic Outings, And I Like Live Entertainment.

  67. I would be a great candidate for the show because I am very outgoing and would bring a lot of spunk to the show. I always have a positive attitude and would just love to be able to find the one. I would love to be able to find the one. It is not about the money for me, it’s about being able to make someone happy and make someone smile every single day for the rest of their lives. I was a bubbly cheerleader back in my day and even though I am not a cheerleader anymore, I still have the bubbly attitude and would love to be able to bring it upon other people! Pick meeeeee! :)

  68. Never been a relationship don’t know what to look for and don’t know what love feel like.choose me

  69. My name is Anthony I’m 24 years old from New Jersey, I’m a bad boy gone good and know how to treat a lady, I’m very outgoing and always down for an adventure. I play all types of sports and I kill it on the grill. I think I’m certified.

  70. I need to be on Are You the One because I have the worst “picker” and wouldn’t know my perfect match even if God said, “Here he is”. I’m confident, gorgeous, intelligent, and a great time, but my love life is a joke. I love myself and I’m ready to love someone else.

  71. I am 23 years old and I have been single for 5 years, I think that it is time I jump out of the box. I currently have a bachelors of Science in Public Health and is currently working on my Master’s in Health Care Administration. I have no children, the only thing that I am missing to complete my life is a significant other. I am starting to think that Mr. Right doesn’t exist so please help me.

  72. My name is Liz and I’m a 22 year old spit fire from the City of Champions (Pittsburgh). I’m a college drop out but that didn’t stop me from pursuing a career as an insurance representative. I maybe be a brown eyed girl but I’m anything but typical. I’m 5 feet of pure trouble and I would be a perfect candidate for this show. I’m crazy and outgoing and know how to get a party started. So come on MTV help me find my perfect match!

  73. certainly like your web site however you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts.
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  74. HEY HEYYYYY! 23 years young. Living life way up here in MinneSNOWta. It’s pretty damn cold here, but I keep my heart warm. I am currently finishing my Business Management and Communication Degree and have been looking for love in all the wrong places. I have crazy curly hair to match my crazy passion and drive for life! Past relationships has left me bitter and at a loss for someone who wants the same goals as I do. I want someone who doesn’t hold me back, but lifts me up. I’m ready to find love and someone to share my ambitions with! I’m a big thinker and believe this insane process to find your perfect match would be something incredible to experience! I have a huge heart, huge hair, and huge personality that every man’s mom would love. (:

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  76. Hi all. I’m 24 years old and looking for my true love. I recently broke up with my girlfriend who i thought was “the one” and now I almsot have given up hope.
    There are 2 sides of me, when I’m single and when I am in a relationship. When I’m single I can be a bit of a player. But when I’m really in love with a girl, I would do everything for her and be the most cheesy, romantic kind of guy. I would say I’m sensitive, a nice guy but with an edge.

  77. MTV Hows it going!? My name is Brent I am 22 years old I graduated from college in May 2014. I played sports my whole life and I played quarterback in college so I am very out spoken and always the first to come up with an idea. I have been single for over a year and half so I would definitely say that I am beyond ready to get back out there and meet some women! I would love to have a chance to meet somebody who is looking for the same thing I am! I feel I have a lot to offer to a deserving girl while also having fun and a chance to make some money! I have only been in 2 relationships which were both 3+ years. I just want one chance to show you guys I deserve to be on this show!

  78. I am currently a bartender in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Former Hooters girl for two years. I have been told I am a fiery Puerto Rican. I like to say what is on my mind and stand up for what I believe. But I am also very selfless and loyal. I am a long term relationship girl. But for some reason attract controlling psychos. I need your help to FIND MY PERFECT MATCH!


  79. My name is Gabrielle, I am 23 and I am based in London, I think your show could do with a little Londoner, I am 5ft 2inches, obviously I am willing to travel but its whether you will have me? I have long brunette hair and piercing bright blue eyes. I am single have a big bubbly personality and looking for a genuine connection and someone who can handle my spontaneous, cheeky and riskiness side ;P (not many can…boo!), my usual type are arseholes. So maybe my perfect match is someone completely different, or maybe my perfect match is an arsehole (who knows ), I am excited to find out. I would love to be considered, keep me in mind ;P

  80. I know I would be a great candidate for the show! I would bring my charming whitty and extremely sexy attitude. I dnt have any problems finding guys or girls

  81. I don’t feel I should be chosen , I consider it I would love to be chosen for this MTV show . Being single , Not having much going on at all right now , Being trapped in the house and watching MTV I figure why not get myself on this ! I’m not a pro baller and don’t drive a rolls royce , But I guarantee Ill give this show another reason to be watched ! *Nothing bad . Just turned 21 last month and would love to see MTV casting on my caller ID ! If not , No bad feelings thank you for your time !

  82. Hi, MTV! My names is Sydney and I am 24 years old. I am a college graduate who’s working with at-risk youth and I love making a difference in other peoples’ lives. Maybe that’s my problem, I care too much. I tend to stay in relationships longer than I should because when things get bad, I’m always hoping they’ll get better. I never just give up right away. My last relationship ended horribly and I really don’t want to believe that all guys are the same! I’m 5’7, 120 lbs, and have extremely large real boobs, which is kind of gross that I am writing about them on this page, but hey, if it gets me onto the show…why not?! I think I would be a good candidate for the show because I am always down to have a good time and I love, love. Plus, money isn’t a bad thing either :)

    • Hello MTV! :) I’ve been following your show since the beginning and I was wondering if something like this would come to Norway or if only Americans can apply? I’ve looked for love in all the wrong places and some help would be appreciated ? I just turned 27 and it seems like every time I think I find “my perfect match” they turn out not to be ?? so please help a girl out?
      Thank you!

  83. I’ve only been in one serious relationship. It started in my sophomore year of college and ended briefly after I graduated. When things were good, we were convinced we would end up together, until distance and the career world forced us apart. We were together for almost 3 years and have been broken up for almost 4 now and I have not been in a relationship since then. I have had casual “dating” experiences since then but never with anyone I saw a potential future with. Now at 26, most of my friends have been married for over a year and I’m still sitting here wanting all of those things they have and until recently I was okay with sitting around and waiting for my future to find me but now I want to take action to find the person that I want a future with again.

  84. Yea, so this show would be perfect for me. Every time I watch it my roommates say, “You would be perfect for this show.”
    And why?…Because I have been through everything and anything you could possibly be through. In high school to college I was in a relationship for about 6 years. We broke up because of multiple reasons, but mainly because my best friend and him were sneaking around with each other the last year of our relationship. After that I was single for three years in an effort to find myself again. Just about 3 years ago I began another relationship that lasted almost three years, we broke up in August. In the beginning I thought we were soulmates, but it ended up he was completely nuts! He still obsesses over me and so do the other men I’ve dated. And why must you ask? Because I’m a real girl, and they all eventually realize that’s really friggin hard to find. At this point I’ve mostly given up…but I for some crazy reason I DO believe love exists…and I just want to find it. I really do.

  85. Hey guys my name is Tanya! Im 24 years old and I would love to be part of this show! It seems so cool and interesting. Also, it would be nice to go to a nice exotic place since I love traveling. A little about me is I currently work at a thrift store in a little town in PA and it is so fun! But I would love to be a city girl living in NYC or LA! I used to be a cheerleader and now I would love to be an actor. I am originally from NY but my family moved out when I was 10 years old but we still go boating there every summer its so fun! The reason why I would want to be on this show is to meet new really cool people from all over!

  86. Hey guys! I’m Hayley, 22 years old, and I currently live in Minneapolis, MN. I am actually from a very small town in northern Minnesota, and i’m just trying to get by living the big city life! I just graduated from college and I have a double major in Psychology and Sociology. I have a passion for hockey and anything related to the criminal field. I am hoping to attend law school for Criminal Law or get my MA in Forensic Psychology. I haven’t been involved in many relationships, like at all. I had been seeing someone off and on for the last three years, thinking that they were the one. I did absolutely everything for them, and got nothing in return. I let myself get walked all over. Other than this past relationship, I had not been in a relationship since I was 15, which lasted about a week. As you can see, i’m not the best at getting into serious relationships. I need to find someone who can appreciate what I have to offer, and can help me live this crazy life.

  87. Hey guys my name is Juan and i’m from NYC! im 21 and all my friends call me the Latin Lover. I’m graduating college in May and want to work in immigration law. I don’t have much trouble with girls, pretty much the opposite. I’ve even hooked up with cougars/milfs on various occasions. I just need that one girl I can be with that will make me wanna stop messing around with so many chicks. I am all about having fun and living life to the fullest!

  88. Hey, I go by the name Rae! I’ve probably seen how many dating shows out there. If I get an opportunity to find my other half somewhere in the world that I am meant to be with for the rest of my life, it would be truly amazing. I’m very easy to get along with just because with my personality where ever I am I love to have a fun memorable time. I am an early childhood educator I love my job just because I am able to bring my inner child in me out at work. I’m also in school doing my BA in psychology.

  89. Ello loves! I’m Jenny P! I’m 23 years young, petite and blonde, but I live in Des Moines, Iowa. I was recently in a very bad car accident, but things have seem to turn out for the better. But this has definitely changed my life. I am now back at work, back at the bars, back in the gym, and finally back to my regular every day life. But the one thing that seems to still be absent is my love life, I need a man mtv!! I always seem to attract losers, so i’m in some desperate need of a real man, and the cash would definitely help out too!!

  90. Hey what’s up my name is Alex. I am from Oglethorpe co. Ga. I’m 22 years old I’m not your average guy I’m 5 foot 2 inched but I can hold my own. I think it would be something different you never see short people on these shows. Trust me I can get some girls and be a tough competition. And funny to watch

  91. I am a former division 1 wrestler who was in a motorcycle accident that left me in a coma for 8 days but now im recovering and i started a promotion company in nyc for all the high end nightclubs. Im almost 23 years old i love me a good girl. I had my first girlfriend for 4 years thought we would be together forever but things didn’t work out then my next girlfriend her family didn’t accept my job so we were forced to break up!

  92. Hi! My name is Nikki, I am 25 years old and I am tired of dating guys that end up not being a good match for me. I am at the age where I am looking to meet someone that could potentially be my partner in crime for LIFE. I am a personal trainer, fitness competitor, highly determined and motivated in my career. I love to have fun, go to concerts, try new things, and of course anything that involves being active and fit! Please help me find my “swolemate” :) The money would just be a bonus. I really am looking for love, and maybe being on this show would get me there!

  93. MTV!

    I am a current 6’0″ college basketball player. I am majoring in Business Management and graduating in May. In the free time that I do have, it is spent bartending. I am at that point in my life where I am ready to settle and haven’t had much time to focus on it. This show would be a great opportunity!

  94. I am 21 years old; almost 22. I’m about 5’5″ and always looking to have a great time. Tired of the losers and the asshole guys, over them for good. I am single because no man can handle me, they always have a reason to leave. I am outgoing, fun, loud, athletic, passionate about softball, motivated, and overall a hell of a time! People love me on the dance floor. I feel dancing is like being free and making a connection with someone on the dance floor is just so amazing. I’m just ready to settle down with someone, I know my perfect match is out there. I just always fall for the wrong person or I fall too quickly into someone. I know MTV can find my perfect match and find someone for me, not for my ass! Literally my ass. I attach people with it, but ready for someone to love me for me. So, MTV I want to mingle in a new location with new people, new atmosphere, and find that person! I am the girl for this show and I know you can make that happen! :)

  95. my name is jeremiah and i should be considered because i have been looking for love since i lost the love of my life because of the color of my skin .. i was madly in love with my ex i thought things would never end we were happy and i thought that was what love meant to be truly happy with one another. but i soon found out no matter how happy you are there will always be thunderstorms in a room full of sunshine. because i was black and my ex was white her mom did think i was the right fit for her so she ended the best thing we had for us. i would not care if we eventually grew apart but i never got that luxury i was forced to end something that i wanted so badly to last so i just never got closure from our break up so i guess it hurt me so now im looking to find the right one again and get back on the horse i was thrown off of ..

  96. Hey mtv! My name is alexa, I’m 22 years old. I’m from queens New York I had a crazy life growing up making me be able to handle anything. I now know what I want 2015 is my year my number I’m looking for change there is nothing keeping me in New York standing still anymore I’m ready to get out of this state and start being able to believe in something please help me believe show me I’m wrong nothing ever goes my way even when I fight with all I got for it this show gave me faith in believing that you can wake up one day and actually know where your life is going I have no girlfriends no boyfriend I’ve been on my own for a while now I would be ready to be one of the lucky 10 who are the one
    Love you mtv XO’

  97. Heyy. My name is tiphani, for ppl who are confused it’s pronounced Tiffany lol. Im from Bronx, NY. I’m turning 21 in a couple of months and I would love to be able to have the chance to find my perfect match. I’ve been in a couple relationships and they have not worked at all lol. Yes I am young but I know ecxactly what I want and I am ready to find that perfect guy. I’m such a cool down to earth girl and would love to seize this opportunity. Traveling to Hawaii has always been a dream of mine and for you guys to make that possible for me would be a dream come true, and an amazing birthday gift lol. I hope you pick me. You definitely will not be disappointed. My instagram is x_lightskiin_x.

  98. hello mtv…My name is lavonna I’m 22 years old from Redlands ca born n raised, I would say I’m very mature for my age but also reserved until I feel comfortable around you to open up. I would love to have an opportunity to find my perfect match. relationships don’t really go so well for me I would say because if we’re dating or talking I’m looking for long term not just because or for the moment and guys I meet are not ready for that commitment I love the idea of getting to know someone and growing old with them.aside from that love love love music, mtv I’m ready to find my perfect match

  99. Hello y’all ! I am Tiara, or course, super outgoing, I have a temper problem but I am working on that! This show is very interesting to me, seeing all these young people get together and find their right match whenever they truly don’t even know what they are doing! It’d be an amazing experience if I were to make this show because id make it more fun to watch, having more viewers for the show, and try to get along with the other women in the house. Looking forward for something related to me getting in the show! Hopefully

  100. Hi my name is Ginelle im 22 years old and I’m here to find true love . I do have a daughter she’s a year old I have always wanted to be in this show . I’m very outgoing , great personality . I feel like if you pick me I will be happy and it could be my start in to something new in my life and see if I find true love . You can contact me over email and instragram __ginelle25 looking foward from hearing from you

  101. Hello . My name is Courtney . I’m 21 and I never had a real relationship. I would love to be on this show to find my perfect match . I have a vibrant personality and would definitely be interesting on the show if picked. My email address is :

  102. My name is Bobby Greuter. I am turning 21 years old in May and I am currently living in Amherst, Ohio. I’m extremely outgoing and I love to do spotaneous things and being on the next Are You The One would be an unbelievable opportunity for me. I love to travel and I’m very athletic. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and it would an experience of a lifetime.

  103. My name is Angel I am 21 years old. All my life I have had guys throw themselves at me and cling onto me. For some reason those guys are the ones who cheat, lie, and break my heart. I am ready to meet a guy who is real. Someone who sees me for me instead of just a great body and a pretty face. I also am tired of guys not thinking they are good enough for me. If I’m talking to you and I am interested…YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! I have been single for about a year now and I am over it. I want to meet the real deal. Working at Hooters for almost 3 years I have pretty much experienced it all when it comes to guys and girls. I think I can handle almost anything at this point. I am very territorial when it comes to my man so that’s one important thing about me. I also like to have my man show me off to everyone around me, I want him to be proud to have me. There is so much more to me than just my looks and I am more than ready to show that to everyone!

  104. Greetings I am so thrilled I found your site, I really found you
    by accident, while I was browsing on Askjeeve for something
    else, Nonetheless I am here now and would just like to say cheers for a
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    have time to look over it all at the moment but I have saved
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    up the awesome job.

  105. Hey mtv my name is keaunnti pronounced key-on-tee and I would love a chance to be on Are You The One! Im as unique and out going as my name im 20 years old and from the good old state of texas! Id love a chance to find true love and prove myself that im the one mtv is looking for! Im currently in school studying to be a physical therapist so I love to help people. If your looking for a sporty, cute, outgoing and focused girl your search is over:) I hope to hear from you !:)

  106. Hello MTV, I’m 22 years old and live in Houston,Texas. I’ve been single just waiting for the right one and have yet to meet a man that is ready for love. I will admit I’ve bumped my head a few times so im not perfect. I’m an independent woman with a down to earth personality with a jill scott sexy classy style. My friends would say I have an old soul because I tend to not blend in with what’s trending in this generation. I’m open to meeting different people who don’t have to be like me. I’m very open minded so I would love to be on this show. Anything is good when it comes to love.

  107. My name is Francesca; Im a 24 year old Italian girl born, raised, & living in NY. Every guy I meet or talk to turns out to be a total douchbag & since Im not getting any younger, I want to find my perfect match now more than ever ! I may come off quiet at first but everyone who knows me says I’m straight up crazy! Not only because of my history with plastic surgery, but also my history with being “psychotic” when it comes to guys. I like having a guy in my life, but there are too many players out there & I need help finding the perfect guy! I would do anything to be on this show & I promise you would not regret picking me! <3

  108. Hi my name is Lemeka and I’m 23 years old. I am from Detroit mi.
    Well a little bit about myself I’m in school full time my major is nursing i’m currently in my second semester. the reason I wont to be on the show is first off i’ve loved the show sense it’s been airing I den watch both season and I think the show can really help me find true love if I really give people a chance and be patient. I’m very out going and out spoken i love going on walks and dates i am a very sophisticated person l just don’t like when people play with my feeling. I will love to get the opportunity to be on this show.

  109. hello my name is Caleb Neu, I am 18 years old I live in Wichita ks. I was home schooled and graduated this year, I am a CNA, and I have been acting singing and dancing for quite a while I am currently with a theater group called (CYT) Christian Youth Theater. I have been Marcellus in The Music Man with Christian Youth Theatre and I have been the minstrel in the princess and the pea with Newton community theatre, and I am currently rehearsing for our next show with Christian youth theater honk and I am the cat, I am a very high tenor I usually sing lead tenor in most of everything I sing I have sang at baseball games and a Christmas tree lighting and just at spacial events I am currently doing tap dancing.

  110. so, my name is Taylor, I’m 21 & a huge workout fanatic. I’m a student, as well carrying 2 jobs. I’m 5’3″, with naturally black hair & green eyes. I’m very outgoing and do not know a stranger. I live in a super small town so it’s hard to even know what is all out there. So give small town girls a chance. Thanks!

  111. Hi, I’m Tayler. I am 21 years young and I love to have fun. I am dancer and ex cheerleader. I love to read and go out and party. When it comes to sports I enjoy watching them on tv but I am terrible at playing them. When it comes to relationships I am a mess. If I am being honest I have no idea what I want. At the end of the day money is nice but I really watch to find my perfect match because if he was standing in front of me I would really have no idea.

  112. Insta: xolovecarla
    Twitter: xocarlamayela

    I would love to try this out only because I’ve had the absolute worse luck with guys and I know I’m young but I don’t think it hurts to try so what the heck right?

  113. I am a polite kind dude respectful love to chill relax n socialize with I’m a full time employee work seven day a weeks just to make aw living I love to exercise n play sports I also love to watch movie n travel

  114. Hi I’m rickey 21 years old im cocky confident and swaggy i kno im the shit ain’t anything I do nobody can’t tell me nothing im not afraid to go get what I want im a go getter nd if I want it imma get it im about money because without money u ain’t really nothing I can make any one laugh don’t matter who you are i have always been a stand out guy since a youngin. If u ain’t talking money I ain’t talking business with you

  115. Hi I’m jasmine I’m 22 years old I’m just looking for someone I can connect with like a best friend and more then a friend but it seems like I can’t find that special someone at the moment so I’m still looking for that one that is funny and that chill and love to party and loyal and has a soft sweet side to him. Have brown eyes and I’m brown skin love smiling and I Speke my mind I don’t hold nothing in for no one at all, taking pictures and watching movies and shopping too , spending time with the family. All the relationships I’ve been in was just a wast of time , they only wanted one thing that’s it and I want more then that. I love to meet new people as well you never know your special someone can be right in front of you, and by the way I love your show I would to be on your show to see if I can find that one. I really suck at finding love at this point I just want Prince Charming to come my way.

  116. Hi am Vanessa am 21 years old and am from Kingston Jamaica, I’ve been watching your show for 2 season now and great show. Am 5″5, medium hair length mixed with Indian and Jamaican parents and most of all suck with guys. I only had one real boyfriends and unfortunately things had to come to a end. I love martial arts, tennis, adventures,games and socializing. I am fun, vivacious, hot headed, crazy, open minded, opinionated and random. What makes me great or the show firstly mtv has never had a Jamican on the show and since our customers are kinda similar and different I do think I can make a difference and invite a new type of audience to the show. Also I was sheltered growing up so I am new to a lot of experiences but I’d think mature to situations. It would be awesome to have this oppertunity so I’ll keep my fingers cross that I get the chance to potentially be apart of season 3.
    thank you

  117. My name is Tabatha most friends call me Tab, Tabby, or Baby T! I am 24 (which is almost halfway to 50, yikes). I’m from the lovely state of Kentucky! (Yes I do wear shoes and have all of my teeth). I am a very unique person. I’m goofy, tomboyish, loud, possibly obnoxious. I am a criminal justice major…and I’m super independent all like I don’t need a man (but I want one lol). On the flip side to my tomboy situation I am also a freelance makeup artist. I express my artistic side that way. Behind my outgoing, silly side there is a deep thinker. I have always been in a relationship and I’m finally single ready to mingle. (So generic Ik..don’t judge). I’m fun sized 5’1…and I’m a superb cuddler. I would love to go to Hawaii or pretty much anywhere with a beach and no winter weather to find my perfect match!!!!

  118. Whaatsss up!
    My name is Serenity. I’m 21 years old and live in the Bakersfield area of California! I currently work as an after school teacher, and have a second and third grade combo class. In the last 5 years I have had 3 serious relationships. Every time I feel like I’m doing better than the time before, but there’s always something wrong. I believe that both partners should put 200 percent into the relationship! Apparently, I need to find someone who wants to meet the person their meant to spend the rest of their life with as well, because these other douchebags I’ve been with are waaaay too immature to even have the slightest clue of what they want. Once you cross me, it’s done. I’m big on loyalty. I may seem young, but I know what I want. I want adventure, love, and someone who makes me fall in love every single day. They say to let love come to you and not to look for it. Well for now, i’m done looking. But if I happen to get selected for the show, I will take that as a sign that it’s time to find the one for me, with the help of MTV….Oooo future rapper? Ehh, we’ll see. ^_^

  119. Hey I’m 24 and I fell in love with the show I wanna be on it I wanna find my true love I’m shy at first and hoping you can help me out please I beg of you I’m a natural sandy blond as people say I’m short I love netting new people pleas help me out I wanna be on this awesome show

  120. Im 22 had crohns at the age of 5 had 3 surgerys, got diagnosed with cancer non hodgkins lymphoma in 2011 age 18 I haven’t had a chance to have much of a relationship and told myself someday I will find the one and I think this is my calling getting on this show, my dada a cancer survivor he had colon cancer and my mom just got diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer I need somebody to love and hold me together so please give me a chance cuz im really trying to find that someone special thanks for taking this time to read this. Cody 4 years cancer free

  121. HI im very outgoing, smart and determined. Im finishing up my Bachlors and heading to grad school. I have struggled to find true love and im ready to be with someone for the rest of my life and find my perfect match.

  122. I’m Sarah, I’m 23 and from the UK. I think the show should spice it up a bit with this next season and put a Brit in the mix! It would add a whole new diversity and entertainment value :)
    I’m a fun girl, I love cheerleading (both competing and coaching my youth team), and I enjoy getting to know new people. I’m a pretty chilled individual, I’m currently studying to become a Dentist so I’ve got a few brain cells to knock together. Oh, and a heck of a lot of sarcasm… ;)

  123. I’m 21. I’m a single female. My first love died in March, my ex-fiance had her baby in June and I am tired of falling for my two best friends. I want to find true love. I have so much to give and I just want to have someone to give it to. I very much hope that I am chosen for that opportunity. I need the help.

  124. Heyyyyyyy!!!!
    I’m pretty crazy and live by the motto go big of go home!
    I’ve repped abroad for 3 summers and absolutely loved it! However doing that doesn’t really give you the chance of a “relationship”
    I’m 22 years old and I’m working back in leisure as a swimming teacher/lifeguard, not exactly the party life style I’m used too! I’m a dance on the table, pass me the wine kinda girl! X
    Hopefully hear back from you! If not then check yourself! Hehe
    Lots of love sammie xox

  125. I wanna meet my one. I’m 24. I own my own digital ad agency. Love camping, gaming and having a good time. Brown hair, green eyes, average height and I live in South Africa where my one probably isn’t :/

  126. Hii every1 I’m Armani Ruiz anthony u can find me on face book or oovoo…. im 18 will be 19 may 20… i was born in chicago I’m extra my attractive just check my fb out.. i would love to find my otha half add me and let’s see bae

  127. Hello!!

    My name is Amie. I’m 27 yrs old& one of the most fun loving people around. Unfortunately not so lucky in love. I have been on my own since I was 16. I have always worked 2 jobs & put everything I have into what is put in front of me. At one point a few years ago I was 2 weeks away from getting married when I found out that I had been deceived in every way possible. It’s been pretty raw & down hill ever since. This would give me so many opportunities. The chance at money but even more love & a chance to be a part of something beautiful in a beautiful place.

  128. Hey Guys! my name is Jessica I am 24 and i am a very outgoing and fun loving person. I enjoy being outside just as much as i enjoy snuggling on the couch and watching a good scary movie. I went to college and I am a preschool teacher and a Nurses Assistant. I love being around people and I enjoy having fun and living life to the fullest.

  129. Hi my name is Orazio

    So many reasons why I wanna be on the show , 1 is to find a girl I can be with long term and know in my heart she is a pefect match with me. 2 is to try to win the game , to win the money will help my family alot and 3 finally to find love again , been hurt so many times I need help and you guys can help find my pefect match

    Thank you

  130. My name is natasha im 24 years old and im currently working and keeping myself busy. Times get lonley I am truly looking for someone I can travel with and have a good time with. I want to have that unconditional love

  131. Heyy mtv.. I have the worst luck ever so I know I won’t get picked for this, but hey! Worth a try. Uh so basically I’m just freakin lonely and incredibly single and I want to know if there really is someone perfect out there for me.

  132. Hey im Michael 27 yr old itlaian man. I am very outgoing when it comes to a party. Very laid back but cool at the same time (atleast I think so) when a female I ak attracted to is in my company. Altbough sometimes or a lot of times I find myself confident and wanting to approach someone I may be into I might chicken out. I guess depends on situation. However of I meet someone that I feel is a possible connection I go full force with a 110% and leave it all out there. I havent been in relationship in 8 yts and so ready to settle down. I am independent. Usiness manager from staten island and loves sports traveling di ing occasional partying and all that good stuff. I def love to have fun but so desperate ajd in need to fi d the love of my life I feel like time is ticking and would be so greatful and appreciative but also in meed of somethi g like this n would change my life….

  133. Hola ! (: lol
    My names Victoria , my friends and family call me Vicky . I’m 21 years old , I turn 22 on Dec. 1st. I’m 5’3 & I’m mixed with Venezuelan and Portuguese . Certified as a medical assistant & i live in the small state called Delaware (: lived here my WHOLE LIFE lol . I’m extremely friendly & easy to get along with but don’t get me wrong I may be nice but I’m a bitch with an attitude at times . I tell things like it is regardless if they wanna hear it or not . I’ve been through the worst relationships , I’m searching for someone whose ready to take a relationship , someone whose gonna push me to do better and for me to do the same for him ♡ I’m ready to have fun & finally be happy ! Let’s do this !!!

  134. I’m a New York city girl with a lot of power. I’m 5″4′ long brunette hair. I like to party N get the party started. I love to have fun since we only live once so my as well go all out
    . Just pick me you’ll won’t regret it … Il email more pics of need cause this is. One you don’t
    To let go

  135. Hi my name is Alex. I have been watching Are You The One from when it first started. I am 22 years old and I am ready to find the one.I am 5’7 which is extremely tall I think for a girl. I am in college about to graduate. I am very athletic, outgoing, funny, and adventures. I live in a small town called Gilroy it is in California, where everybody knows everybody. I will not find the one here! I like to have fun and make people laugh. I am a comedian I think… I like it because I like to make people laugh. With guys it is easy for me to become there best friend but never there girlfriend. I had bad relationships and one great relationship. But he was not the one. I want to be on this show because I need to and I want to find the man for me.

  136. How are you? My name is Chuck and I am very much into this show and would love to try my hand at it! I am 26 year young and live in the south suburbs of chicago. I’m a very outgoing person who loves to meet new people n some would say that I’m a very funny loving person, I have trouble finding a girl that has the whole package because needless to say I’m don’t think of myself as the whole package. I’m a very sporty guy that loves to play n watch whatever sport that is in season. I love to travel and love the night life. I’m 6 ft tall athletic built with a great smile which gets alot of girls attention. I’m looking for a fun, outgoing girl, that is sweet and at times a bad girl, I’ve always wanted to go on a dating show to see if I could find that right person for me cause obviously what I’m doing isn’t working and maybe if I put it in somebody else’s hands I might have better luck cause I always go for the ones that are not no where near good for me!!! If I can get a response on my comment it would be much appreciated because I’m ready to settle n find love even if it means being hurt or going through a competition with other guys for it!!! Please MTV help me out!!!

  137. I’m an out spoken person. I like to play football and basketball. I also like to run alot. I think before speaking and I’m also an active listener.

  138. My name is Payton I’m from Clinton South Carolina I’m a white guy. I’m a very nice down to earth guy. I have a problem with opening my heart up but I want to learn to opening it up again with the help from the perfect girl for me. I’m looking for a relationship because I am no good at them I have only had three relationships they all end up not working because I do not know what type of girl is my perfect match is.I can get along with just about anybody most of the time. I can have fun but I know how to be serious when I need to be. I was raised to stand for what I believe in and I love to make people smile and feel better when they are down. I’m 20 but I’ll be turning 21 soon.

  139. Hi my name is Jess, I’m 26 and I am from Ontario Canada. I love this show because it shows the ups and downs of relationships and also what love can do to people! I would love to take a shot at this show as I feel I also suck at relationships!

  140. Hey there!! My name is Ashley. I am 21 years old from Mississippi. I love music,reading,partying, and being around people. I am currently an agent with New York Life. I am always looking for the next fun and exciting adventure I can take in life and tend to be a go with the flow type of person. I’m definitely crazy and strange but I embrace and love that I’m like that, makes me unique and more interesting than a lot of people! I love to sing and I have never heard anyone complain when I do. I seen to have a problem with always picking the bad boy and having horrible relationships. I would love to not have anymore horrible relationships with people that I really don’t need to be with. Also these bad relationships usually start with me getting bored so I guess the bad boys aren’t all I think they are if they bore me! I would really appreciate the chance to be on this show!!

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  143. Hello im tara I would love to be a part of this show. I have the worst luck with love. I do like girls and guys and every single one for some reason has cheated on me. Dont no if I just pick bad or Im getting to the point where I think im supposed to be alone. About myself I absolutely live being by the water and the sun. I am a huge animal person I have been a hairstylist for four years now currently enrolled in school. Id say thats the sum of it :)

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  145. Heyyyyy MTV!!!

    My name is Lauren. Knoxville Tennessee is where I’m from! Go VOLS!!! I’m a miller lite girl, and Bacardi girl. I also do several other promotions. Just graduated from a community college and I’m 23 with a Christmas Day birthday! It seems like I always attract the assholes here in this town…I even tried a long distance in another state…turned out to be another jerk of course! I’d love to be on this show to meet someone who is just as tired of getting it wrong as me!! I suck at relationships and I feel I would be perfect for the show!! I love to have a good time and I’m definitely competitive! I would LOVE to be on this show!! And it would be super cool to have a small town girl on the show as well ;) hopefully I hear back!!

  146. Very interesting show. Would love to play this game and see where it leads me. I’m a beach boy from North Carolina going to school and working part time. This would be an amazing experience, and I would love to be on the show.

  147. I’m 25 years old bi-racial (African american & italian) I’ve been single for 4 years. And I’m starting to lose hope. I’ve got diagnosed with vitiligo about 4 years ago and I have to say it has effected my confidence tremendously especially in a society where how you look is so important.. I’m currently working as a nurse tech and am in nursing school. I love basketball baseball & football and a little hockey :) I like to travel when I can and enjoy nature and just be around good hearted people I am shy until i can trust to open up

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  151. I would love to be on here just because I have no idea what I need. Always been lost in my relationships and need someone there for more than a “buddy”. Little town of Waco Texas (: also I am a girl! Ha I love to party drink etc. will be 21 by the time y’all cast this so there ya go (:

  152. Hi , my name is Brian I’m a black guy who live in new jersey and Looking for somebody I can be compatible with even though I am just about to turn 19 and still young i’ve been through a lot in my life and trying to find somebody is really hard I have previous relationship with others and I’ve tried to fix it but I just think it’s time for me to get help trying to find a person. Even know what happened in my past I still have fun traveling a lot and just listening to music and making my own music and sportsotherwise I just enjoy life.

    I think my perfect match would be somebody who I am not who they want me to be someone who really into football. And some one who not afraid jut to have a great time. Being on this show would be awesome because I could be the youngets kid on the show also being on this show would. Prove that there really is someone for me even if Im still young

  153. My name is Matt Sun. I am 27 years old and I love meeting new people. I am very out going and I enjoy going to other places inckluding social events. I am half Native American and half Chinese. I am very athletic and hard working employee.

    I really really really would love to be on the reality series Are You The One. So that way I would be able to find the wonderful girl of my dreams.

    I am very honest, trustworthy, very respectful, down to earth, and highly able to make new friends on the show as well as meet the very special someone I always dreamed of!!!

  154. Hey there! Im DeAnna! Im 21, and Im looking for Mr. Right not Mr. Right Now haha! Ive had a lot of bad luck with relationships and just got out of a 4 year relationship. Im a lot of fun and love to try new things! I love outdoors type activities but love getting dressed up for my man! I consider myself hippie like but still sassy!

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  160. Whats up! My name is Maurice Ringo. Im 24 years old. From Tampa, FL. I recently got out of the Army. I like prett much all sports like bodybuilding, basketball, football, and of course the best sport, partying lmao I am currently in school for physical therapy. I work for Ground control for festivals like EDC and others. Im pretty outgoing and definitely a free spirit. If your looking for someone who doesnt care too much about the stresses of life and to make your show a hit, im your guy! Hope to hear from you guys soon!!!

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  173. Hey MTV!!! My name is Kelle. I’m 23 years old from Hamilton, New Jersey. I recently just got out of a 4 year relationship after finding out the person who I thought was my soulmate, ended up being nothing but a cheater and a liar. I am so tired of having my heartbroken by these boys. I want to find the perfect man who meshes well with my personality. I am fun, loving, and pretty much down for anything. I am pretty athletic. With that said, I was a Junior Philadelphia Soulmate back in 2008 and have danced for 20 years. I’m 5’2 and weigh 123 pounds.

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  194. Hi, my name is Brandon, Im 22 years old young African American male and I’m origanlly from New Orleans, Louisiana. Type of woman I’m looking for is somebody who is honest, real loyal, and independent. Also I’m a single man, with no kids, just living young, free, and independent.

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  196. Hi mtv my name I a ginelle I’m 22 years old I look younger than what I look like as everyone says :) i do have a daughter but that would not be a concern at all . I have always wanted to be in reality tv shows and I’m so interested in finding true love . I really want you you pick me I want to find a connection with someone and I know I’ll defenetly will . I’m outgoing , spontAnious , good personality , I’m always smiling . Overall very happy person . I’m family oriented . I just want to find my man already im have been in relationships in the past where the guys that I have been with are immature and don’t know what they want . I’m tired of the same old thing , I’m ready to start something new . And meet new people . Please mtv you won’t regret it . Keep me updated . This is the moment that I have been waiting for to me finding the one Xoxo

  197. HEy Hey MTV, my name is Lael, im 23 and im sooo sick of being heartbroken, viv been single for awhile and would love the chance to find love and make money while i go. i stay in the DMV, i love music and sports im in school to be a vet cuz i loveall animals and would love nothing more then to get it right with someone whos just as tired of gettn it wrong as i am.

    height: 5’7
    hair:dark brown
    please consider me u wont be disapointed

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  203. Ha if anyone could find a match for me it would be a 1 in a million. Seems as if I have a curse to be a single old cat woman… Yikes

  204. Hello! My name is Amanda Jean I am 21 years old and currently reside in Henderson, Nevada. The most important thing to me in life is family. I am very close to my family and it is very difficult to find a guy that can handle all of the craziness that goes along with a large, loud, Hawaiian family. Another challenging quality to find for me would be a man that is educated and has a career. I find that I am old for my age and dating men close to my age are intimidated. I was able to get my associates degree at 18 and am currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in education. I am a long term substitute for a behavioral high school. My friends and family have always described me as goofy and a blast to be around. I am very outgoing and love to do anything outdoors. Recently, I completed a study abroad program in Ireland and fell in love. I want someone who would also like to travel and explore the world around us. I am not too sure what else to say about myself. I also tried to upload some photos but I am unsure where to do so. I hope I will get the opportunity to go on this show and take the next step towards love.

  205. I’m Jarvis..25 work in health field ..but I’m a pot head..ex college athlete and frat guy..grew up in hood environment in Louisiana but when my mom died i got my shit some what together..very ambitious about my future and to change for the better..I won’t love but I hope that I can get over my past life to find it.

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  209. whats up!!! whats everyone up 2! well my name is jonathan I’m 21, and I’m single like the rest of you’s hahaha. just graduated college yeee buddy! i like to party and chill with friends, I’m easy to get along with, so I’m sure well make good friends or even fuc* buddies hahah(; I’m brazilian and mexican so yea got that mix. well yea pretty much it, I’m ready to win that 1 million dollars hahaha:p

  210. Female
    Brown hair
    Blue eyes
    22 years old

    Big about love and nother so lucky about finding it. Very very interested in casting call.

  211. Honestly, I think black men are intimidated by my strength & independence so I think I need to venture out. I am amazingly gorgeous, I’m educated, I can cook, clean, and keep a home. Of course I know being a single mother I don’t have much option, but screw that I only have 1 child and I refuse to settle.

  212. Hello! My name is Megan. I am a 26 year old blonde haired, brown eyed, NICU nurse living in Tallahassee, FL. I just moved here from Southern CA and dating in both places has been…rough. I have my life together and I have had a hard time finding a man who can say the same. After watching last season I couldn’t imagine a better way to meet my perfect match and make some friends along the way. :)

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  214. Hi! I’m Amber, im 22 and i am British. Although i live in britain my home is the USA. I have loved it since a child (i don’t even know where it came from!) then finally at the age of 21 got to visit the USA for the first time and visited PA, i fell in love. As soon as i landed i felt at home.

    I honestly think my perfect match has to be an american, im sure of it! i have always been crazily attracted to an american accent! I have been single for 2 years as I just havent found the ‘one’ think i am looking in the wrong country! I would love to be the first british person on the show.

    I love animals, they play a huge part in my life, i work with horses and own two. I am a huge family person, they mean the world to me and i am fiercly loyal to those i love, i do not forgive and forget easily which is my downfall.

    I love trying new things, just started learning aerial silks for a new hobby with a difference, its damn hard too! serious workout! I am also the kind of person who would rather have 5 real friends than 50 friends who would leave as soon as the going gets tough.

    I do love having friends all around the world and just wish i could meet the one, I think this is exactly what i need to create the new chapter of my life.

  215. My name is Heather. I am 26 years old. I’m 5’10” and have been single for going on 4 years. I am athletic and have a deep love for music. I have an outgoing personality and I am ready to find my perfect match.

  216. Hey the name is Alex and im 21 years old. I am 5’11 and have blue eyes. I live in minnesota and love the outdoors. Grew up loving hockey, swimming, motorcross, mudding, snowmobiling, and snowboarding. I am in the labors union and love my job! I do have a little 4 year old girl. I was with the mother for 6 years years but have been split for 3 years.

  217. Name is Nick and i make films. All i do is film take pics and surf. very out going and love to put myself out in new positions that might find me the perfect match. Love the beach, cant go a day without getting my beach therapy. If i dont have a camera in my hand i feel naked.

  218. Hey MTV, I’m Nikki. I’m 22 years old and I have been in a friends with benefits relationship with someone for 4 years. I recently decided to end things when I realized I needed to be treated better. The first 5 minutes of watching the show ‘Are you the one?’ got me hooked right away and I would love an opportunity to see what type of person really is a match for me. I am a free-spirited outgoing girl and I love to try new things. I’m also a bank teller and attend a community college to study marketing.
    Thank you for taking time to read this, I hope to hear back soon! :)

  219. Hey my name is Taylorann from Atlanta georgia I’m 19 I do cheerleading and lacrosse played sports all my life. I’ve had ups a down in relationships I think I find the one hoping it last but never does. I’m just ready to find someone who loves me for me not for anything else I’m done with people playing games cheating on me then lieing so hoping I find my mr. Right

  220. You think its hard finding love when you are short? try being a 22 years old 6’7 and slightly a red head. You would think it would be easy to find the right girl while being in college four years, but its not. When you have major trust issues because girlfriends in the past, it truly messes with you for the rest of your dating life. I can fall madly in love with a girl but I cant show her because I often don’t show my feelings well when it comes to beautiful woman. Being in a fraternity i was able to became very social with the beautiful sorority women, but they are often the ones to cause the most problems. I am graduating school in a year and I am ready to settle down and start something new with my life. I am ready to find the one.

  221. Hey MTV, my name is Joe’l. I’ve been watching the show and that’s exactly what I need. I’ve had some horrible relationships. My ex girlfriend actually bit me so hard I now have a scar on my bicep. I go to college at University of Louisiana Lafayette and study Petroleum Engineering. I am also in the Kappa Sigma fraternity and very outgoing. Getting a chance to meet my perfect match at 23 would be unbelievable.

  222. My name is Cara, I’m 21 years old. I’ve been in a couple serious relationships. but plenty of flings. The reason being is because I get screwed over too much, and I won’t put up with any bullcrap. I’m a very geniune young lady that only wants to find the “one”. I have two boys, one is 3 years old and also 4 month old. I’m very shy at first, but once you get to know me im very blunt and honest. If its the truth no matter what it is I will tell you, but only if you want to hear it. I would do anything for anyone that truely cared about me and that I also cared about. All I ever wanted was a family, but in order for that I have to find a REAL MAN! One that wants a family, that is willing to except that fact that I have kids, and one that wants the same things I do in life. My expectations aren’t that high, so why is it so hard to find the perfect guy? That’s why I need your guy’s help to find my perfect match! :)

  223. Hi, my name is Jon. I’m 25 year old and 5’7. I was born and raised in a small town called Langley, Oklahoma. I have bad luck with relationships. I had an high school friend who always tell me that I’m better off being single. At the time, I would had to agree with her because I wasn’t fully ready to settle down with a lady. I would rather have one night stands. Now, I honestly believe that I’m ready to find my soul mate. The same friend who told that I was better off being single. She also told me that I need to stop fishing in a dirty fish bowl. Well, better way to stop fishing in a little dirty fish bowl and start fishing in the ocean. By fishing in the ocean, I believe that I will have a better chance of finding my soul mate with your help.

  224. hey my name is Lauren, and I am 24. I love working with kids and animals. But mainly I love theatre, all aspects of it. I also LOVE sports. I am not so good at playing them, but still love playing sports, however; i love watching them that much more. Also I am a die hard Packer fan. :)
    Thought this would be a cool opportunity because potentially finding the person that is my ideal match couldn’t be better.

  225. Hey my name is nick and i am from little canada minnesota. I stand 5’6 tall yeah a little on the shorter side but, oh well i still live my life like everyone else looking for my perfect match. Hopefully if i was picked an experience like this would be the perfect story to tell my future kids on how i met your mother! Dont really know what i need to post on this but, a little about myself. I am 24 and i am a union sheet metal worker and i love what i do. I grew up playing sports such as hockey and kickboxing. So i definitely am an athletic guy and i like to live the heathy life. I lije to say i am a pretty sarcastic funny person which i think helps me meet girls but, not the perfect one lol not the greatest on talking about myself over typing. I am more of face to face kind of guy. So hopefully this helps hope to hear that i made it on yeah buddy!

  226. I’m Alysha Marie. I’m 27 years old and I am looking for my one true best friend, my soulmate, my ride or die. That one person who can complete me in every way possible but we can also balance eachother out. I’m genuine and outgoing and definitely a girl that any guy would be lucky to have and get to know. Id be the ideal candidate for this show and I hope to find my perfect match someday too. <3

  227. My name is Susie, 24 years old, 100% Korean, from Los Angeles, and I, too, suck at relationships. I am a bit more out spoken than other girls and brutally honest when it comes to me. I am 5’6″, a bit more towards the heavy side after the last relationship (ended 2 months ago), and slowly getting back into shape.

    I may seem to be shy and innocent looking at first, but looks can be and ARE deceiving. Me, being the true me, always gets me in trouble and I guess that is why a lot of the guys that I meet are creepers and are looking just to hook up.

    I have always been drawn to Caucasian guys and all I can say is that they were the only type of guys that actually talked to me to get to know me before making a judgment about me.

    I am looking for that one person. The one person that I can look at and think, “Yes. He is ‘the One’. The one person I can spend the rest of my life with and be happy.” Great love is hard to find. However, if a reality TV show can help me find my perfect match, I would love to try it out to see if I can find “the One”.

  228. Hey MTV! My name is Cassandra but I go by Cassie. I am 22 years old between 5’6 and 5’7 and have bad luck with guys. Hoping you can help me find my mr. right / perfect match! I have had about 5 real relationships. Had more of the talking as though dating but no title for a few months then it drops. For some reason I pick the guys that don’t put in the effort and caring as much as I do. In which they all turn out to be assholes. I have been used many times and cheated on. I just want someone that I can trust and be my 100% truly happy, goofy, bubbly self around.
    I have tried a dating website POF for a little while but didn’t have any luck people on their were way too creepy and crazy!! And from where I’m at it’s hard to meet people I don’t like the ideas of meeting someone at bars because I don’t want to find someone that drinks all the time.
    I’m a country girl
    If I every had a chance to live on a farm with animals I would love it!
    If not that’s ok too I just love being around the openness of nature and life.
    Cows our adorable but I’m kind of scared of horses since I got chased by one a few years ago.
    I have a motorcycle of my own and grew up riding dirt bikes.
    I have a yorkie that means the world to me.
    I love to play sports just haven’t in awhile but I am very competitive.
    I never give up and trying my best.
    Currently I work as a Customer Service Representative at a grocery store and have been learning how to bar tend.
    other things i enjoy our; Fishing, kayaking, mudding, nature walks, bonfires, staying in and relaxing, holidays with the family I never see, going out or just staying in with friends, not a huge fan of bars but tend to have a good time when I do go ( I go in spurts with it ). MMA Fights.
    I love to try new things, used to be in 4-H when I was a kid and would do woodworking projects. I enjoy building things and learning how to build stuff. I’m the Type of girl that no matter what it is I should still be able to do it. I was raised to be independent and not have to depend or rely on a man. I just want to find someone I can spend the rest of my life with. I have a big heart and people tell me I care too much and I’m too nice of a person. Shy in the beginning but once I warm up I’m good!
    I’m a small town girl with about 4 blocks and no stop lights.
    I love to grill, cook and bake!
    And enjoys adventures of any sort. I can be a worrier depending on the situations.
    Please help me find my perfect match!! :)

  229. Hey:) my name is jeneva, I’m almost 22 years old! I am a hairdresser that has a big heart and a bigger personality. The passion i have in my life is finding something i love and going after it. I have been so interested in reality television since i was a girl… then BOOM “are you the one” hell yes:) i am a hopeless romantic looking for my perfect match… i cant begin to imagine the show without me. I know i cant not only make my man happy but i can offer the show a great season and 10 perfect matches;) i cant get this off my mind… anywhere with my love is enough for me! I can guarantee a great time and a great party. Please MTV find my perfevt match.

  230. Hey I’m tai, I’m 21, 5’3 with black and multicolored hair (it’s classy though I swear) and probably one if the whitest Puerto Ricans you’ll meet. Considering I’m about convinced there is no ‘one’ for me, I thought this show would be a great way to find out. I’ve been told I have chronic bitch face but that doesn’t match up with my personality at all. I have two sides to me, shy and then crazy and adventurous. I haven’t done many dates so everything about the idea of being on this show makes me completely excited. If nothing else I’m definitely the only person that seriously considered using my Halloween picture with my bloody zipper face as an entry pic..

  231. Considering I’m pretty convinced there’s not actually a ‘one’ for me with all the strike outs I’ve had, I figured this show would be a great way to find out. I’m 21, 5’3 with black and multi colored hair and probably one of the whitest Puerto Ricans you’ll meet. I have two totally opposite sides to me, the shy part and then the crazy fun side. I need someone who going to be able to work with both sides of me and I think I would have a great time on this show . If nothing else I’m definitely the only one who heavily considered using my Halloween picture with a bloody zipper face as my entry pic

  232. Hi I think a great place to send the cast members would be some where that is in the country like a mountain restore far far in the woods. Like Colorado or Montana something that is different from all the tropical places

  233. Hello,
    I’m Darrell Lyle from Detroit Michigan. I’m mixed White/Black/Mexican. I’m a very much ladies guy and have a personality out of this world! I’m an amateur boxer and a student in college. I won class flirt and class cutie in highschool and definitely looking to get rid of my player ways! Haven’t been in a relationship since 6th grade. I’m in need of my perfect match. I definitely can’t see me finding her with my player like attitude so to the MTV producers PLEASEEEEE! Let’s make Season 2 10x better than the first.

  234. Hey it’s me John. I’m 20 soon to be 21 & I’m the dictionary definition of individual. I like martial arts and good exercise. I’m always looking to improve myself more everyday. I can be very unpredictable and do things out of the blue for fun. I like to think of myself as a guy who’s worthwhile, but life hasn’t exactly felt the same. After turning 19, my love life has sucked and has not gotten any better. I’m used to getting friend zoned for others, so it’s safe to say I suck at this now lol! Anyways, as much as I try not to worry or focus on it, I really do try to find somebody who shares the same feelings with me. So wherever my perfect match may be, hurry up and help us find each other lol.

  235. My name is Elizabeth. I am 19 nearly 20, I absolutely love this show and would love to be in it.I am hopeless in love and your show would be perfect for me. Please consider me even though I am a year young :)

  236. Im a 22yr old single mom of two amazing kids born and raised in las Vegas. Ive lived in Las Vegas all my life and am beginning to think I will never find my soul mate or perfect match out here. I seem to always get involved with the wrong guys and because of that i think if my perfect match was infront of me I wouldnt even know it. Thats pretty sad, all I want is to experience what it would be like to be with that one person who is perfect for me and to have something real, feel loved, and have that connection with someone. Im smart, fun, outgoing, and caring. Ican be very blunt, loud, and a handful at times but thats just me. I have my associates degree in criminal justice, but unsure what I want to do with it. With two kids theres never a dull moment in my life. I enjoy cooking, singing in my boi shorts, long kisses and being a mom. I feel that I need this chance in life to get the hell out of Vegas and to possibly meet my perfect match regain some confidence, meet new people, and do something ive never done before. This could be my chance and my time to finally not be alone and find my perfect match if hes out there. My vaction with my perfect match I think would be an amazing and beautiful place to go is Dominican Republic. I have never been more ready to do something spontaneous wheres my perfect match?

  237. Hello,
    I’m Anthony Briones from Hemet a small town in California. I’m 20 years old I will be turning 21 soon. I’m currently surving in the California National Guard, I’m also an ex pro boxer and a college student looking for the one. I’m not that tall I stand at 5’8 and am a mixed white/Mexican, I’m fit and love to take care of my self and I also like to cook. Haven’t been In a relationship on 2 1/2 years so maybe this may help!

  238. I am 25 and have had horrible luck with guys, I have even been engaged and it turned out to be a nightmare! I love fashion, sports, and have a great passion for cars. I am a make up artist and love family. I’m very outgoing and outspoken. I just want to find the right guy to share a life with.

  239. Howdy ,my name is Courtney, I’m 23 years old . I have an associates degree in early childhood education. I’m currently going back to school for child physcology via online thru Robert Morris University of Pittsburgh. I moved to PA about four years ago for college and during that four years I am pretty sure I’ve met every kind of Mr wrong. I have been put thru hell and back in my life and I’m one of the most loving , caring and kind hearted people . However I constantly find horrible guys. I’m one of those girls who will bend over backwards for a man. I have very high morals and I’d really like to find someone whom is the same as me. Something’s I enjoy are football , hockey , baseball , hiking, swimming, jogging , pretty much anything outdoors. And I don’t need to be wined and dined , I’m just as happy to stay home and make a meal togthere and cuddle up to watch a good movie.
    I have been single for 7 months , I know that’s not along time . I had fallen for this guy who I made my everything and I thought we had the perfect relationship, we never fought, we talked about our issues. Then after being with him for a year , one day he woke up and said I’m moving back home to North Dakota. There was no reason, there was nothing I could do to make him stay. Since then I’ve tried letting my friends set Mr up … That didn’t work out , online dating sites haven’t worked either it seems like all the guys on there just wanted to get in my pants. I’m not looking for a hook up or a friends with benefits, I’m looking for a serious relationship with the right man. And I don’t even care about the money all that much, my main concern is finding a man who will love me and treat me how I should be treated.


  240. What’s up world! My name is Joshua Locklear
    I’m 24 and a 100% Native American from Lumberton NC!
    I party hard and love having a good time and enjoying
    Life but I’ve always had bad luck with love and finding what
    I want in a girl! But if I get this chance hopefully my luck will
    Change! I seriously hope I get this chance cause I’ve never had
    Anything like this to ever happen for me!

  241. Jimmayyyyy in the house! I’m here to find that special someone and uhm, of course win a little pocket change. Some things you should know about me is, I am serious about staying fit. Meaning that yes I do workout a lot, but I also break dance as well. Dancing is one of my ways of stress relieving, but also a form of art. I am also into singing and smoothing that out with some guitar skills. I Love Love Love playing a tune and harmonizing it with my singing. There might just be that someone out there that’s made for me. This is something I would love to experience! It definitely brings the worse and the best out of people and I know for a fact that you’ll see some interesting stuff coming from me! Oh and I almost forgot, I’m an Asian guy. You put me in the mix and I assure you its going to be an interesting season!

  242. Hey guys my name is Steven, I also go by dirty sanchez. I am 24 and I recently graduated college. I’ve had my fair share of hook ups in the past but can’t seem to seal the deal when it comes to relationships. I’ve also had some bad luck with some of the girls that I have been with. I think the best words that describe me are: Energetic, compassionate, and positive. At this point in my life I am definitely looking for Mrs. Right! Thanks for your time.

  243. Hey Beautiful people! I could be like most of the other people and brag about my accomplishments or my future plans, but it’s just not me. I’m very humble but I do have a big personality. I don’t have much of a dating life and never had a serious relationship, which is a big deal since I’m in my mid-twenties.

    It would be nice to choose a place like Brazil or Jamaica where it has a vacation or tropical feel…

  244. My name is Britny I am from Illinois and about to be 21 in less than a month. I am single and looking for that perfect match for me. Everyone calls me “Lil bit” because I am a little bit of everything. I am feisty, courageous, outgoing, crazy, independent, fearless, dynamic, and I am the alpha female of the pack. I don’t care what other people think, and am not a stickler for tradition. I don’t behave like those girly submissive women, I am a challenge. I often make the first move and let you know right off the bat if I am attracted to you. I am not good at keeping secrets no matter how hard I try therefore, it is likely that if I’m into you, you’ll know. I am looking for someone who can keep up with me and meet my strengths, if not surpasses them. My partner needs to be strong and match my personality otherwise I lose interest. If you show any bit of weakness then it is in your best interest to let me run the show. I want someone I can go head-to-head with, whether over dinner or between the sheets. I need someone who can be loyal and deal with my occasional temper flare ups. I do not like a man who is clingy. I will need someone who is patient, powerful, kind, and someone who compliments my present environment. I will be loyal until the end of time and will demand the same for my parter. Over all I say Come prepared.

  245. Hello ! My name is Kaylani and I am 21 years old. I’m from Puerto Rico but I currently live in Florida. I’m a young girl with tons of aspirations and one of them is to find love. If I were to find the love of my life, I would love to go spend time with them anywhere in Europe. I just feel like it would be so romantic!

  246. Hey everyone! Absolutely love the show, I personally would love to find my “perfect match” but i’m only 23. What will be, will be. I’m super outgoing, small town, rural Indiana girl :) big heart, wild side, and crazy fun attitude!

  247. Sometimes i feel like i look in the worst places for love. I’m just ready to be happy with someone. I want someone who can show how to be truly happy. Would be crazy if i was pick, but not really counting on it. I enjoy the show though. ;-)

  248. hey mtv! i love the ‘Are You The One’ show, i would love to be cast on to the show. i am looking for the right man, i am outgoing,outspoken, a people person, i love mingling and meeting new people. i am from michigan, the oakland county area, 24, 5’6, 140, brown hair, hazel eyes, nice personality

  249. Hi! My name is Hannah. Like everyone else on here I’m looking for true love and of course love is hard and hard to find.I want a challenge to find that special one. I’m 24, very outgoing personality, determined and strong.I’m going to school in Michigan and come on you gotta have someone from Michigan to spice things up ;) and MTV I hope you can help me weed out all those jerks while competing and finding love. Please give me a chance :) I’ve got a lot to offer!! Thank you!

  250. Hi people!! I’m Lynsey I’m a 27 year old massage therapist who can’t sing or dance although at times I forget that! I’m up for anything and want more life experience! I have know idea how to make myself stand out in a long line of people that want the same thing…at least not in person I don’t. Give me a chance to meet people in person!! I would love an opportunity to try to find my perfect match in a group setting and see how well I know myself, and have a once in a life time opportunity!!

  251. Hey! I’m Heather and I’m 22. Born and raised in Central Illinois. Totally boring, I know. I just enrolled in Beauty school, hoping to use what I learn to do hair and makeup for Theatre/TV/Film. I’ve been doing community theatre for 7 years, so that takes up most of my time. My favorite part of doing it is dancing. Currently I run an after school program for kids k-5. I absolutely adore children of all ages, so it’s a lot of fun. My relationships have all been terrible so far. I have this great habit of dating guys who are total jerks. I’d love a chance to be on this show because I’m ready for love, but apparently I need some help finding it!

  252. I am a 22 year old motivated stoner from (seattle) Washington! Currently finishing Cosmetology school. Looking for love…in all the wrong places haha. Classic girl wants bad boy problems you know how it is. Would love an opportunity to meet people I never would have met before and see if we can find a match! I believe if life gives you lemons you make lemonade… then find someone who’s life gave them Vodka, and have a party! Please help me find my partner in crime!

    Height: 5’2”
    Weight: 132
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: green (…maybe a little red at 420)
    Work: Sales
    Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    Personality: Free-Thinker
    Status: Single and ready to mingle!

  253. Jonathan Pires here, who those of you who don’t know me…I’m sorry. I could sit here and write a witty bio that will talk my accomplishments of being a world class dancer,having an intense collection of KISS memorabilia, or or being able to recite every line from the critically acclaimed movie “Gigli” which will in turn make me seem somewhat of an interesting person. But instead I’m going to post the lyrics from the Lou Bega’s smash hit “Mambo No.5″ and let destiny takes its course.

    A little bit of Monica in my life
    A little bit of Erica by my side
    A little bit of Rita is all I need
    A little bit of Tina is what I see
    A little bit of Sandra in the sun
    A little bit of Mary all night long
    A little bit of Jessica here I am
    A little bit of you makes me your man

    Mambo No. 5!”

  254. Hi beautiful people- My name is Amanda and I am currently finishing up my senior year at the University of Alabama. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA but I am seriously ready to go anywhere in the world for my next chapter in life when I am done with school. My dream place that I would want to be sent with my perfect match would have to be Rio De Janeiro. My dad has gone a couple times to visit and always talks about how amazing it is.I have heard its one of the most naturally beautiful cities in world along with so much history in the architectural. It would literally be the perfect place to spend with my match.

  255. Hey! My name is Justin Bevilacqua, 21 and i’m from Bergenfield, NJ. I’m a junior at Ramapo College and i’m huge into sports and academics. I play tennis, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. Mathematics major. Love to live life like it’s our last day ever. Too damn picky with girls so maybe this would be a great opportunity to fix that. I like to…blah blah blah, just give me an opportunity to meet someone to convince y’all I’d be perfect for this.

  256. Hello My name is joshua ,22 years old,love track and field,wrestling,I’mmalso a singer,i live for songwriting and poetry and romances like sleepless in seattle, I’m single,straight with a couple other secrets I’ll be happy to disclose if considered. I love the idea of love but just haven’t been able to find a young woman who’s ready to be serious and invest in not only myself but for themselves to be happy. Goal oriented,a crazy side of course, artistic,zaney, a little abstract, doesn’t even have to be an all american girl but an all around good person that won’t abuse my heart. THANK YOU

  257. Hey MTV!
    I’m Kimberly, I’m a 25 yr old female from Washington, DC I’m originally from New York City. I’m a very outgoing person some may call me a social butterfly. I’m currently in school to be a PA and i work as a bartender and I’m known as the bubbly, hilarious spitfire. I am strong minded and go head first for the things I want in life. As far as relationships go I’m terrible at them, I always fall for the bad guys and end up hurt but I can move on fairly easily and still hold on to the happily ever after fairy tale. I want to find my perfect match and know how if feels for someone to care just as much as I do!

  258. Hi my names Rob DeLuca, im 22 years young. Im from Boston Ma, I have just graduated from a junior college, and had a full scholarship to a division 2 school for baseball. I turned it down because of my job and my girlfriend. Both of those did not work out. I played sports my whole life im 6 feet 210 pounds great shape. I have a had a lot of shitty relationships, I know im young but im looking for love. Hopefully I get picked and get the chance of a lifetime.

    • Hey guys!My name is Vanessa,I’m currently 20 years of age,will turn 21 in 4 months, was born,raised,and from Southern California.Im recently living on my own, I just graduated from Cosmetology School,and now attending Make-Up School in Hollywood.I have a part-time job to pay the bills day by day.I have been told I am very highly matured for my age,and a very independent individual, I totally agree with that.I have only been in one relationship when I just turned 18,and it only lasted for 7months and obviously there was a reason for that to happen.Now 3years later,I strongly believe that in my mind and my heart I’m ready to find my perfect match,to share my happiness and life with,and still be my own person that I have grown up to be today(:

  259. HI!
    I’m Briana a 21 year old University of Illinois undergrad student! I am studying psychology with a concentration in pre-medical studies. I’m working toward getting into medical school and becoming a pediatrician. I love the kids! I also plan to build charity foundation to help children who are diagnosed with cancer. I am fun, bold, feisty, independent, hardworking, gregarious, and open-minded! I love to having a great time and I hate to lose. Even though, I am young I want love! It would be great to find my perfect match and be on this show! I think the show should be held in Jamaica or somewhere in the Caribbean!

  260. Hi my name is Braeden Matthew Poore I’m currently 20 but turn 21 In a couple weeks. I’ve played guitar since I was 6, and am an active athletic guy from okc OK. Nothing ever happens here! Love and I definitely have a love hate relationship. I’m very outgoing and very protective and can be the life of the party or your worst enemy! Get me I get you back 7x. I really wanna have the chance to get out of the 405 and find my perfect match, that is if you can find her! Haha hope I get a chance at something great! Give this OKC guy a chance at love and money! His heart and mind and family would definetly appreciate it haha.

  261. Hey I’m Cristian! I’m 23 and currently residing in Temecula, CA. I am single and most definitely looking for love. I have an extremely genuine personality and always have a huge smile on my face. I like to think that I light up a room, and would love to meet a girl that is not only beautiful but also fun loving and out-going.

  262. Hi my name is Andrea I’m from nj and am 22 and currently a single mother of a 3 yr old I been single for a year and some months I know not long but I’m sick of it and I don’t know what I am doing wrong so if I get a chance at this show am using it wisely and not so much for the money but so i can find my perfect match cause obviously I suck at it lol… I like to play sports as well as watching them and be a girl at the same time I also like to cook and to have fun. I hope I get a chance at this and if I do it will be amazing. Thank you mtv

  263. Hello, My name is Michael I’m 21 years old and stay in columbus, Ohio, I am 6”1”, ive been watching the first season and lets just say i haven’t missed a show yet!!! I’ve always dreamed of finding my perfect match and i would take any chance at finding her this show is perfect and it would be a dream come true to be able to be included in this one chance of a life time. I enjoy having fun, beautiful women, meeting new people, trying new things, drinking peach ciroc, and living life to the fullest:). I am also single, and I am terrible at relationships.

  264. Im 25yrs old Iam a Colorado gal. you can say im the social butterfly, I have traveled a few places in Co I was raised in Grand Junction Eagle and Durango Co and find myself back in Grand Junction where I feel as though its not a bad thing at all but im single and always ready to mingle, but I have not settled down yet and don’t have any kids but I would like to think there could be a possibility… maybe there is a match out there for me, and this would be awesome I love traveling, even though I have not been to many places outside of Colorado . I think all in all this could be a wn win for everyone and I could meet people around the world and possibly have a match and in the meantime get to know other ppl ouside of Colorado but that’s not a bad thing Colorado represent !!! if you could give me a chance to be on the show I would be very blessed, im almost close with the deadline w the age limit 25 going on 26 please consider me pick me me me !!!! much love

  265. Hey! My name is Torrie and I’m 21 years old. I would love to be on this show because I’ve been single for 4 years and I have terrible luck with finding love. It’s so hard for me to find someone that I’m physically and emotionally attracted to. I think I’m a fun girl to be around; I like to paint, play guitar, go to the beach, go hiking and so much more. I’m also a huge animal lover. I just want the opportunity to find love because obviously I’m having some trouble finding it on my own. So pick me cause I won’t let anyone down!

  266. Names Danielle, 22 an a New York City girl. Love having fun living up to no regrets an drama free. I’m 5’5 the perfect height an a personality everyone loves. I tend to fall for the “asshole” type of guys who start off charming but become socio paths. Meat heads an bad attitudes are what I’m drawn too an it needs to change’! I always give my heart out for these guys an end up getting hurt in the end! I’m tired of getting screwed in the end! Even though I’m only 22 I know wha I want in life an my
    Goals are set high! I need to find a real guy with a good head on his shoulders not still living at home an think he runs the damn universe !’ :)

  267. Hello, My name is Tamora Starr I’m 24 years old and stay in Indiana, im 5″5, ive been watching the first season and lets just say i haven’t missed a show yet!!! I’ve always dreamed of finding my perfect match and i would take any chance at finding him this show is perfect and it would be a dream come true to be able to be included in this one chance of a life time. I’m out going, smart, devoted, have a huge heart, and when I love I love hard,I can be your best friend and I’m always hear when someone needs me the most, Im always adventures and willing to try anything new :). i love to travel, cook and just live life. I’m a psychology student and love it. I hope I get this one chance thanks!!!!!

  268. Hey I’m Amber! I just turned 21 in January. I’m 5’2 and super outgoing. I was supposed to get married this July and he bounced and went back to MN on New Years Eve. So obviously I suck at relationships. I think this would be an awesome opportunity. I live in Victorville, CA right now and would be willing to go anywhere they send us. Look forward to seeing more!

  269. I graduated from UConn last year, and I go to grad school in DC now. I LOVE to have fun, but am very ambitious. I’m not as desperate as the majority of the people commenting here, but I’m definitely up for finding my perfect match (I’ve been on and off with my cheating ex-bf for 6 years..but we finally ended things for good). I’m down to earth and very sweet, but can be super sassy when I’ve had too much vodka (I prefer tequila). Life is short so I like to live it up. I need someone who can keep up with me, while also keeping me in my place. My favorite things are sports, tequila, my cat, and peanut butter. Find me my perfect match, MTV!!

  270. My names Danielle and I live in north New Jersey. I’m 5’9 and have black hair. I’ve never been in a relationship and most people would say I’m the party girl out of the group :) I would love to find my match who’s just as fun and out there as myself!

  271. after years and years of failed relationships going on this show seems ideal. im 23 from orange ca currently reside in long beach ca. in school for dental. i just want to be with someone who is faithful, appreciative, has a future, has time to spend with me, love me as much as i love them, cute dates and pictures, respects me and accepts me. i just want to meet my perfect match

  272. At the age of 21, saying I’ve been through a roller coaster with relationships and trying to find “the one” is an understatement. At such a young age of only being in sixth grade I jumped into a relationship that lasted till my freshman year of college. It was a hell of a relationship but I convinced myself I didn’t need to look further. Well sadly, I missed out on my high school years that I’ll never get back. When realizing he wasn’t the one, dating hasn’t been my thing. I’ve tried younger guys, older guys, and always seem to get hurt and left in the dark. I refuse to give up because my intentions are great and I have a heart of gold. I’m outgoing, adventurous, honest, and very unexpected. It would be such a great experience to finally be paired with my perfect match and this show may be the openings to the love I’ve been searching for.

  273. heyyyyyy my name is queshia im a person full of love that loves the idea of love. I wanna be on the show to have fun and not only explore my match but to explore myself. My mom would prob be down for it but however my dad on the otfher hand wouldnt be lol why you ask hes a pastor and we all no how that go but if i had the opp to go i would i love having fun im a social drinker id odnt know what else to say but mtv choose me…..

  274. I actually stumbled up on this website…so maybe I am fortunate..Female 24 single no kids (maybe in 2020) ;-)..A surgical tech who loves to have fun, live on the edge, grab life by the horns, and live everyday like its my last…Being that I’m from Mississippi, people tend to underestimate or misjudge, but they dont know anything about the coast. Pick me to be a candidate for this show and ill add a little twist of Southern meets City.

  275. Saw the show and I said “This show was made just for me!!” Lol! I seem to be a hopeless romantic and I have a love for the big bucks! I haven’t been in a relationship since 2009…ugh horrible. And I just haven’t seem to come across the right guy for me yet. I am a senior studying psychology and will be graduating in may of this year. It would be perfect to find someone to start this journey of life with me as well as having some extra cash to do it :)

  276. Hey! :) my name is Alyssa. I’m 21, 5’7, and I’m mixed black and white. I have a dating pattern of finding the “right guy” being madly in love, getting serious to soon, then thinking wtf am I doing? Lol. I get bored with these people I have interacted with within a few months. I just want to find my perfect match. Someone who isn’t afraid to be them self and get a little crazy! Someone who has an honest heart and isn’t always serious. Someone who knows where they are going in life and who will support me in all my ambitions.

  277. When is the next shooting for the show? (hopefully its after I turn 21 this year). I do have a lovely personality. A great person to get along with, a good sense of humor, confident, and bold. I love to have fun and I love romance. I would like a chance ;-)

  278. Hello
    I am 21 years old,a very kind,respectful,confident and passionate person. I work as a bartender at a night club called Lotus. I love too go out n have drinks n dance.I love hip hop music dance and art. This show is one of my favourites! Too find someone you are perfectly compatible with. Too find someone too be by your side,too support you,compliment you and motivate you and also be that person for someone else is so amazing. I have had a 4 year relationship that took everything out of me. It was exhausting and when it ended I was very hurt. I dream about having a relationship with trust,communication and special moments. I laugh a lot and love too cuddle.

  279. I am actually into this show, which is odd because before if you asked me about Mtv reality series I would have said they were all a load of crap. But honestly, I feel so compelled to continually sit by and watch.
    And the main reason I’m drawn into the show is I feel like I’m meant to be on it.
    I’m Mattie, 21 originally from Orlando, Fl, but have been in NYC now for 2 and a half years. Jesus first, I’m a struggling performer who is athletic, but loves all things art! :):)
    I fell in love here in the city, head over heels, moved in together and got engaged. Coming from a strict Christian household held me back from a lot of things where I felt obligated to rebel once in college. I trapped myself in a relationship where my duty was to “play wife” always put me down and made me quit my dream to be a dancer. He was my first love and I thought it was only normal…I grew up so protected that my first taste of the world left me heartbroken. Mtv, I’m ready to start all over: I’m grown and have loved and learned and am ready to actually find someone who loves me the way I deserve.
    Basically, help me help you.

  280. Hey my name is Katelyn,and like everyone else I’m looking for my perfect match. Im 22 years old and I come from a small town in Ohio and I’m pretty sure the love of my life isn’t here. I’ve spent my whole life trying to make my relationships work by making the other person happy. It’s long over due but I’m ready to make myself happy for once. I need someone who likes to have fun but be serious when needed. Also someone who is going to love me for who I am on the inside and not change me because they like what they see on the outside. I love to exercise, run, being active, having a social life, meeting new people , seeing different parts of the world, giving back, donating blood for people less fortunate than myself.
    My ideal guy isn’t his looks but someone who genuinely loves me unconditionally.Being on the show would help me find that one that I pray one day I’ll find. I don’t think I’m asking much – LOVE is a natural thing. I’m not trying to be famous I’m just asking to be someone’s other half and to spend the test of my life with. I’ve been so desperate to find love that I’ve converted to other religions, dyed my hair,got piercings to make a guy like me.
    MTV be my Cupid and help me find my perfect MATCH!!

  281. Hey my name is Katelyn,and like everyone else I’m looking for my perfect match. Im 22 years old and I come from a small town in Ohio and I’m pretty sure the love of my life isn’t here. I’ve spent my whole life trying to make my relationships work by making the other person happy. It’s long over due but I’m ready to make myself happy for once. I need someone who likes to have fun but be serious when needed. Also someone who us going to love me for who I am on the inside and not change me because they like what they are on the outside. My ideal guy isn’t his looks but someone who genuinely loves me unconditionally. Being on the show would help me find that one that I pray one day I’ll find. I don’t think I’m asking much – LOVE is a natural thing. I’m not asking for a free boob job or a fake butt like Kim – K . I’m just asking to be someone’s other and to spend the test of my life with. I’ve been so desperate to find love that I’ve converted to other religions, dyed my hair,got piercings to make a guy like me.
    MTV be my Cupid and help me find
    V- value
    E- Embrace

  282. I’m 21 turning 22 going to school and working part time. I have strugglesd in the past finding the right relationship. I have always settled before and because of that I feel like now I need to fix that and no one is right for me. I love to go out and have a good time but also enjoy the nights in. I have goals for my future and wanting to find someone with the similar mind set. I live in Florida I’m always at the beach I love fishing and staying active. It’s important to me to find someone with similar interests. This would be an amazing experience and would be awesome to meet my perfect match.

  283. It would be freaking AMAZING to get an opportunity like this! I love the show and I would LOVE to be on season 2! I’m 22 with a great sense of humor a positive attitude!I’m sweet but I have a back bone and won’t let anyone walk all over me. So it would be awesome to meet my perfect match! I’ve only had one serious relationship that was very unhealthy and I’ve only bounced back stronger and ready to love again! I know millions are applying so it’s a long shot but you can’t win if you don’t play the game ;)

  284. Hey my name is jessica and I am going to be turning 22 soon. I have struggled a lot relationship wise and want to find someone who will be able to spend my life with as well as welcome my so. Into their lives. I am graduating in June this year with a bachelors in criminal justice and also work at a nursing home but am hoping to become a private investigator.

  285. I am 21 years old and a manager at Victoria’s secret. I was a cheerleader for a very long time and I have the personality to match. I’m a little crazy ball of fun being Puerto Rican and black I have the best of both worlds lol I have not had a real boyfriend EVER!!!! I am looking for the one go figure lol

  286. I would love to meet my perfect match at a romantic destination. (My vote would be Australia personally <3) I will graduate from college this year, and this is the time I want to find who I am meant to spend my life with. I am a very bubbly blonde who is always looking for the next step in life. Who knows?…..This could be it.

  287. Hey my name is Ryan and I am also a hopeless romantic. I am 21 years old. I am 5 ‘8. I love partying and know how to have fun. I have been in many bands doing vocals, so any of you ladies want to meet me? I live in Illinois so make sure your close.

  288. I’m just looking for someone that will wants to be with me I am a 30 year old black female from Evansville Indiana I have a great personalityI live in Tennessee as of the moment I am very intimate I am a Virgo so I believe in relationships and I believe in having someone that really wants you for who you are and not what you got people use me I have been use you for a long time and I’m sick of it now I’m looking for someone that’s not on the edge of trying to use me for what I can do for them I’m so kind hearted I’m so open minded to do anything for who I love and never been able to receive that kind of love that so if this is the right TV show for me to find my perfect match then that’s what it is

  289. Me again the 27 yr old club owner/promoter and clothing line accessor. Ladies man also all I need is the opportunity to present myself to the world. Ratings will also go up as well because I already have a fan base. Some say I’m a player I say I just have options, south Carolina born and raised with a city mentality. IG @tabizzle5

  290. HI!! My name is Neyra I also go by my middle name Yasmin, I’m 23 years young soon to be 24. I am currently on a break from work and school so I thought this would be a great opportunity to join “Are you the one”. I’ve been watching the show and its an intense game for love and money, I love it! I’m a very outgoing person, sometimes too friendly, and always down to have a good time. Tattoos, being different and weird is what i love. I live in Gresham which is like 10 mins away from Portland, the weirdest city I’ve lived in. But I fit perfectly here. I think this show is perfect for me, I have pretty much been single and never had an “Official” boyfriend EVER!! I was dating a guy in high school for like a year, when I asked him why he had never asked me to be his girlfriend, he replied with I’m leaving to the army and I don’t want to leave you alone. We kept dating but we were never and official couple. After 1 1/2 after that I found out he had another girlfriend in a city a couple of miles from Portland. So then I knew why he never wanted to make it official, because I was the other girl. He was my first love, my first everything, after that I’ve had the same bad luck with guys. I can never find a guy that wants to be more than just friends or just date. The guys that do love me and care for me I just don’t seem to be interested in, which sucks because they are the sweetest guys but just not my type. I’ve dated many guys but now at 23 I want to find my match, I don’t want to be 30 and single.

  291. I am English but currently live in Spain and have had no hope in finding someone right for me around here!
    Love to go somewhere near the beach as i like to surf or in the snow! (love snowboarding) Love to find someone that enjoys extreme sports like me ! Even though i am super active im still quite girly ! Will skateboard, snowboard,surf,climb… everything !

  292. Hey MTV I’m 26 year old Street dancer from Atlanta who loves having fun and being the life of the party! I don’t act so everything is real from me no scripts.. My friends say I’m funny and I’m pretty good with the ladies! I love me some women!!!! I have crazy blonde locs always laughing and cracking jokes that’s just who I am! I think you guys need an outgoing person like me to spice up your tv show! You know how Atlanta folks get down lol

  293. Still a nerd even at the age 20 I have no game but im descent looking n funny to be around…my bday is march22 2014 so itd be cool to xsay one day to my kids “I WAS ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  294. I’m 22 I’m from England I’m still single. I would say I’m outgoing and fun to be around, I like meeting new people, I can really soppy when it comes to romance. I really would like to meet my perfect match so please choose me

  295. Hey I’m 22, athletic build, 5ft6in tall, and am ready for a new adventure! I am very athletic and love riding my horse’s. I think that “Are You The One” would be a great opportunity for me because I can never get relationships right. I’m not the typical girl. I have a huge personality and am sometimes viewed as too wild while at other times too reserved. Long story short I’m ready to meet my perfect match and experience the relationship that I deserve. I hope to have the opportunity to be apart of this life changing experience. It would mean everything to me and help me further the knowledge I have for myself.

  296. They don’t have no one in this world for me..I loose everything I love…I just ask my ex to marry me and she left me…I am a tattoo artist and I play semi pro football..but anyway ….I think its over for me….there’s not a person on this earth for me ….lets see if you can find a match for me…

  297. Im 22, Ill be 23 soon and I’m still single. Im a hair stylist, and a personal trainer, Im also in school working on getting my master’s. Im ambitious and independent. Im outgoing, and fun, and I love meeting new people. Also the location I would love to go to with my perfect match would be Punta Cana or just anywhere tropical and romantic. Im beginning to think theres no one for me around me. I really wanna meet my perfect match so I know he exists Ive almost given up hope so please pick meeeee =)

  298. Hey! My name is Sherelle, people call me bella. I am 21 yrs old and one fun filled scorpio. lol .. I just turned 21 not too long ago so im still trying to find out what I want out of life. I have a bit of an isse with guys because I came from an enviroment where no one in my family is really married, and they are way past due, haha! I wanted to take a chance and see what the world has to offer me. I love to meet people, and for some reason when I do come across someone new they always seem to cling to me. Im not sure what it is about me but i really wish I can get a chance to do something right and have some type of order to it. I hope to hear from someone soon. -xoxo

  299. I’m very ambitious as well and I love to hang out. Just turned 27 no kids self employed with no distractions I’m straight out of the south. I love jet skis,playing ball running my parties at the club and traveling. Instagram me @tabizzle5 you’ll see..

  300. So when I started watching this show I knew it was for me! I just turned 25, I have no kids, I have been single for about 2 years now and I graduated from college in 2012. I’m very ambitious with a competitive personality, but also very sweet and loving. Out of all my friends I am the one without a bf, I can get a date but after that it always goes down hill. I would be so perfect for this show its ridiculous hahaha.

    • 25 and no kids you don’t hear that very often most girls have there first kid at like 18 it’s nice to hear that gotta wait for that perfect match Indianapolis Indiana and I need to find that someone I pick girls up easy but I always seem to pick these crazy ass girls that either are like staters lol or just have some sort of problem I really think the show would be good for me and I know I could find my perfect match as soon as I see all the girls if pick my match I that good but hopefully we both get on the show

  301. Hello! I’m 20 will be 21 soon and I think you’re never too young to find love. I live in a small town in NM I’m an amazing cook! I love to hang with family. My family is everything. I need love and a new adventure in my life living in a small town you need something different. I’m petite. Love to dance especially Mexican music. Yes I’m Hispanic speak Spanish grew up in this town was born and raised here. I also like out door activities I’m not very athletic being honest but I love trying new things that’s for sure I’m funny, love to laugh, and most of all I’m finding someone who will except me for me and not judge me for my past I’m looking for a new turn in life and I’m hoping it’s here!

  302. Hey my name is Eva, Ive never been in a serious relationship. Im in 2 weddings this summer and invited to 4. All being close friends of mine. Its my turn and im ready. Im crazy, always looking for fun and I would love to be on the show. I need something different to happen and this would be perfect.

  303. Hi MTV, I am 22 years old I am a college student. I am also a single mother of two boys. my sons father was killed june 2011 and every since then I have been in out of horrible relationships and I think im just settling for a man so my kids can have man figure n their life but to be honest I need help….. help me please…..

  304. hey i love having fun very competitive love partying i am a very likable person get along with people easily love to just be free

  305. Hey there im a 5’9″ 25 yo and fell out of a 5 yr relationship a bit ago…. my friends call me a warmhearted black widow cuz I have soooo much love for who im with and always leave them wanted more but….. I always leave and thats the problem…. I need to find someone that makes leaving not an option. Wud love the help… thanx muahzzzz

  306. I hope this was legit. I would be pissed if I gave my information out. I’m not picky at all and I’m super fickle when it comes to men. I always think the next guy I date will be “the one” too bad I’m constantly in and out of relationships so I kind of suck at this whole commitment thing. Then again I just turned 21 so I don’t have everything figured out quite yet.

  307. How’s it going MTV, my name is Nidell Wilson I’m 23, I’m from Detroit Michigan and I’m looking for a beautiful lady who could be my perfect match. I’m a very silly guy, I love to make people laugh, I like having a good/fun time where ever I go. I’m a down to earth guy looking for a lady that I can relate to in characteristics and even more, I love meeting new people and I just would like a shot to find a lady that’s right for me.

  308. Hey MTV, I’m a single 25 year old mom of 3, 2nd generation Mexican American mix (5’2″) and I have had the worst luck with men although never really dated anyone other than my high school sweet heart that I had 3 kiddos with. I’m still hopeful that I’ll find “the one” and maybe through you I can, please MTV help me find the one!?? My last relationship of 10 years went kaput and just did not feel like love but pressure because of the kiddos. I will be soon a BBA graduate and seeking to build my own business. I love the outdoors very athletic love to work out, adventurous and I am outgoing, spontaneous and speak out to what my heart desires. I am open minded, and love meeting people. I do however love my heels that my mouth will defend to the end lol!
    I will be truly honored if I was selected to be on the show being that I do have 3 kiddos.

  309. To the 21 year old gripping about being five years single. Get over! I’m 25 and haven’t found true love yet!!!! My sister and brother are married and I can’t find one that’s worth having! MTV I really need your help.

  310. hey MTV!

    Im 21 years old from New York. I’m transferring to back to university for archaeology. I’ve never had a boyfriend before never been in a relationship and i can count on my hands how many times I’ve been called beautiful. i have been on very few dates and most of the time i usually get stood up. i’ve been called down to earth and quiet but i love going out and meeting new people and going to new places. i would like to finally meet someone that actually likes me for me. Hope this helps!

  311. Hello my name is Sally but I go by the name Blac Diamond. I am a female rapper from the DMV. Finding love is very hard. Especially when I have a nice shape cause I never will know who’s there for me or who’s just playing me cause of my big booty when I first watch this show I feel that wow this is the kind of opportunity for me to find My prince Charming. I’m tired of dating sites.

  312. Hey MTV,
    My name is Van Brockmann. I’m 25 years from Boston,MA. I’ve dated about six girls and five of them cheated on me and or used me. One we had a mutual agreement break up. I am going on three years of having been single. I am very outgoing, adventurous, friendly, calm,and caring person. I have a sibling in whom she is the same age as me who has zero problems in finding guys to date. As for myself I guess you can say I suck at finding a decent relationships. I rarely go to bars, just because people say that’s the place to pick up a girl, I totally disagree with that statement. I know my perfect match is out there but the question is who can that person be.

    I’ve tried all the techniques in the book, be friends with a girl, get to know them, and then ask them out. Majority of the time I end up getting the same answer “Van, I like you as a friend, and that’s what matters. But, I just can’t see us going out”. Being able explore different possibilities will be great experience for me. I am a very sociable person, so communicating with with 10 different girls will not be a problem with me. If there is a problem in a relationship or just anything in general, I’ll calmly talk to that person so that we can come to a solution to solve the problem.

    Having been dating nothing but users and cheaters , my match has to be absolute and nothing less. My must haves in a perfect match is up there. I am what people call me as the jack of all trades. I am busy with acting/producing films, working part time with the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, working part time for a supermarket, and of course driving and submitting for film auditions. My match will have to keep up with and supportive of me.

    I work very hard to get to where I am at today, the one thing that I have yet to achieve and have been constantly working hard, is finding the right one. I will be truly honored if I was selected to be on the the show.

    Facebook Fanpage:
    Twitter: @vbrockmann10

  313. I would like to be apart of next season cast because I know I’m only 21 but I’ve been single for 5 years and I had no luck and I need the help. Please give me that chance to come two steps closer to finally being in love and experience my first real relationship with someone special. I recently got out of foster care, i’ve been there since birth. I really need a show like this to find my significate other because females just disaapear from my life faster than seasons. You should give people that really can have a life change experience or really need one to get this opportunity. I the type of guy that spend most of his time indoors because i mostly alone. I never got to leave new york ever because I was pretty much the states property and now I can leave so I want to see another place besides New York City since i been here from 21 years.

  314. I’m an art teacher in Phoenix, AZ with a true passion for what I do. I also love sports and being active outdoors. I am almost 25 years old and have yet to find that perfect match for me. It has been almost 5 years since my last serious relationship, in the meantime I suppose I have been dating the wrong guys. It has been hard to meet people (men) at my job due to all of my coworkers being either married or women! Haha. I would love to find someone that shares the same passions as me and that is ready to love unconditionally. It has been a long time coming, but I am open and hopeful that there is someone out there for me. @jlopez21 for Instagram :) please help me MTV!

  315. 22 years young
    Southern belle
    Mississippi born and raised
    Party goer
    Life lover
    Random laugher
    Prank thrower
    Loud and outspoken
    Always smiling
    Hard worker
    Shih tzu owner with a Mohawk and bow tie
    Big hearted
    Risk taker
    Life liver
    Want to know anything else or a picture feel free to email me.

  316. Hi my name is Tabitha I am currently 23 looking for my future husband I am outgoing adventurous and spontaneous very athletic love to work out and I’m looking for somebody that is compatible with that I don’t have any kids but do want them

  317. Hey MTV,

    I’m 21 and from Kentucky! I know you thought that was as worse as this story was going to get, but no living in KY is just a part of my unfortunate life. Every guy I have dated has either cheated on me or surprised me that they had a family and that I was the side chick! I’m outgoing, I’m cute, I have a fraternal twin sister who has dating problems too and we really need MTVs help. HELP the Twins cause Lord knows we need it.

    ~southern belle Lo

  318. My name is Justin Yawn. I am from a small town in south Mississippi. I am 23, about to be turning 24 in February next month. I love to stay Fit and workout 6 days a week. I believe you have to be happy with yourself, before you can be happy with someone else. I am your average southern gentleman who knows how to treat a woman. I am ready to settle down with someone, and have a honest genuine relationship with a beautiful woman. I love this new show already, and it would be a honor, and dream come to true to be on it.
    Instagram; justinyawn809

    Thanks MTV!

  319. My name is Samantha. I was born and raised in sunny California and I am currently living in rainy Oregon (Go Ducks). I was in a 6 year long relationship with my high school sweetheart and he left me for a friend. I haven’t had much luck since and I am unsure that I will ever love as deeply as I loved him but I am ready to do whatever it takes to find the person that is right for me. <3

  320. I’m larissa I’m 26 I’m 4’8 blonde hair green eyes looking for a Christian. Man but haven’t found one for me yet. I think it would be a great way for me to find love if you pick me.

  321. Hi my name is Nicholas,im a iddentical 24.women always use me nd im starting to thing women are all the same.They cant keep it it straight.There always after the green.Bet. you cant find true love for me .Tho God made her specially for me .wher she at ? im 5″11 creole purtorican,light skinned crooked smile. and i have a big heart .

  322. I am just freakin’ AWESOME but for some reason I fall for jerks. I don’t think I ever been with a man that was faithful. I know crazy being 24 in all. I tend to always date needy guys, boys with issues, I guess that’s my psychology background I am compelled to help . I enjoy feeling needed. I also enjoy dancing, writing poetry, singing, and what girl doesn’t LOVE to party. I was born in Germany, military brat. Moved around a lot and needed up in Massachusetts for many years, and now finally here in ATL, and ready to shine.

    • Hey you and me both seems like every girl I’ve dated have been crazy or had some type of issues and I’m awesome the craziest one I dated I damn near couldn’t get rid of she was seriously stage 5 clinger stalker when I say that I mean like 100 text in 20 mins if I didn’t text back hopefully we both get picked for the show

  323. Hey! My name is Marilyn, but a lot of people call me Lyn. I’m 23 yrs old and I’m from Miami, FL…born and raised! I’m Haitian/Dominican, very outgoing, full of life, optimistic, love meeting new people, (can’t tell, but full of tattoos haha), etc. I graduated school, but now work at an elementary school as a counselor at the moment. My life is pretty good, except for the love department now. I know what I want and need, and would love to meet my perfect match. I’m open on race (recently have a thing for white guys haha). Honestly, I just want to meet someone that I can have a genuine connection with. MTV please help me, I really want this!

  324. My name is Taylor, I’m 22 years old, and I suck at love. I have no problem meeting men, but they get boring after a week and I’m on to the next one. I have high standards and nobody seems good enough. Did I mention I’m from Iowa? I go to the university of South Dakota which was just named the 2nd worst place to meet men. It has a 3;1 ratio which the odds are not in my favor. I’m just that small town farm girl looking for love in all the wrong places. I just want to meet a nice guy who knows how to treat a lady, but isn’t after just sex. I’m not exactly ugly, but I’m also not captain of the cheerleading. There is so many things I want to explore, but want to have my best friend next to me. So please mtv, help me find my best friend!

  325. Hey MTV. My name is mike and I’m 23. Almost done with with school and that much closer to being a teacher. I’m single so clearly finding the right one hasn’t been a strong subject of mine. I know she’s out there and possibly filling out the same application at this very moment. That’s about it

  326. What’s up my name is TyroneB. Im very cool calm and collective, I landed an audition with guy code court edition but was unable to go. I know by giving me an opportunity on the screen MTV ratings will go up a Tadd bit. I’m all in instagram @tabizzle5 Mr. Model eye catcher.

  327. What’s up guys my name is Jonathan, Jon, JC, Baby Jesus and some other random stuff. Soon to be 24 I am a renaissance man, I model, compete in mma, have a little bit of musical capabilities, I worked as a maintenance man in college, so I know how to fix some leaks… My passion is fitness, I am a personal trainer out of Atlanta with 3 goals, inspire and change lives, continue to build my success, and to find my perfect match. My friends often tease me about not hooking up with many girls, but they don’t understand. To me it’s not about the quantity it’s about the quality. Is she friendly, does she have a sense of humor, could I trust her to take care of my dog for the weekend. Quality women!!! I’m not trying to dust off any morales hood rats with daddy issues, I’m on the hunt for that person that’s going to have me asking… Are you the one?

  328. My name is Lakeisha, but most people just call me Keisha. I Am about to be 23 really soon and finding someone to be with has been the hardest challenge. I run Into a lot of guys who don’t necessarily have my best interest and I hate that. Being in a relationship means more to me that just sex or calling someone yours, it’s About compassion, loyalty, and communication with me. I can’t lie and say I don’t have my ways to but my heart is genuine. I would really love the opportunity to be on the show, so I can see if there truly is someone for me.

  329. Hello, my name is jasmaine. Its short for jas. I’m 23, single, and ready to mingle obviously lol. I’m the perfect person to be on this show because, I take finding my perfect match seriously. Im getting older and finding that perfect person for me means more than words can explain. So…pick me, I’m not afraid to be on camera, and I love a challenge.

  330. Tall and full of party. Never really experienced love and I believe its time fir me to start. Give it a try. no children.

  331. Hello Mtv land. I am Kourtney I’m a 27 year old college drop out going back for public relations in the fall. I currently reside in Chicago but I am from Charleston, West Virginia. I am a loud funny strong minded and adventerous woman on my way to the top looking for someone who would love to come along for the ride. I am livng life with few reservations and cant wait to wake up to see what tomorrow holds. Lets Go Mountaineers!!!

  332. My names thomas im 23 from greeley colorado im a single father looking for my match cant seem to find her anywhere I have dreams ambitions goals but I wanna do it with my perfect match help me find her

  333. The hardest thing for me to do is keep a good girl around. All of my antecedent girlfriends were just Quasi-girlfriends. I feel like this show can help me find that true dream girl that Slicktor is looking for. Help me find her MTV, I’m ready!

  334. Hi. My name is Justin Kirkland. I am 22 years old. Im from New York. Im an ex athlete. Now a model/actor. I am really out going and funny. Like to have fun. I am smart, charming and just looking for the right girl for me. All my life i’ve had girls throwing themselves at me. Never had a problem in tvat category. However, i’m looking for somebody that is real. Someone who gets me and we can hit it off. I may get a lot of girls but I am a sucker for love. MTV PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  335. Hi! I’m Aylah! like Kayla without the K!
    I’m a tattooed southern belle who does nude modeling gigs! I like the outdoors and water sports, trying new things and meeting new people! It’d be great to finally meet someone who actually takes me as I am and doesn’t try to change me.
    Consider me, MTV! I’m a great gal! :)

  336. I’m a Staten Island girl looking for love. Every relationship if you want to call it that has ended badly. Been single for two years and just looking to find that one I can be myself and be happy with. Mtv that’s why I need your help. Because I can’t do it by myself lol

  337. Hey guys! I’m 23 years old and from a small farm town about 30 miles south of Chicago. I’m currently working at a nursing home and going to school to become an RN. I have always had relationship trouble. Honestly, I’ve been single pretty much my whole life. I’ve been searching for the perfect man, but with my luck, there’s either no chemistry or he’s not ready to commit. I need help!! I want to finally find love. Here’s a little bit about me: I’m fun and outgoing, I love sports, coffee, the beach, music, and I’m ready to find my man!
    Please help me MTV!!

  338. The hardest thing for me to do is keep a good girl around. All of my antecedent girlfriends were just Quasi-girlfriends. I feel like this show can help me find that true dream girl that Slicktor is looking for. Help me find her MTV, I’m ready!

  339. It’s almost impossible for me to stay in a relationship, and most of the time it’s not his fault. I’ll go into something feeling like I’m ready to take a chance but in the end he’s left broken and I’m simply smiling. Am I just a free spirit? Picky? Or has my pasted left me incapable of love? It’s possible I haven’t given enough time to the matter, but how much time do I have left. Life’s a ticking time bomb. Could you help me find “The One”? -Jewels Franks

  340. Hey guys, I’m 21 and I’m from Sweet Home Alabama. I’m just a sweet cute southern girl looking for love, because so far I haven’t had any luck in the relationship area. Obviously I need your help MTV. I hope to find a soul that matches mine. I am 100 & 10% hippy at heart. I’m probably one of the most layed back & chillest people you will ever meet. I love to party. I plan to travel the world one day. Other than that I’m just looking for my other half. Please help MTV!

  341. So here the deal Mtv im from New York, I’m 22 yrs old, Dominican,and a college student studying psychology. I worked two totally opposite jobs I’ll explain…. I was actually a Gogo dancer by night and worked in a toystore by day, but my Gogo days are over. I’m your definition of being independent. you can say I go for what I want, but sometimes what I want isn’t what’s good for me. Why is it that everything that’s bad for you, feel so good lol. I also swear I’m a comedian but always end up laughing by myself. My point is I have a lot to offer but I tend to be too picky and like the average girl go for the bad boys. For the first time in my life I want a mental connection wit someone that’s everything too me. I’m tired of being in Lust instead of in love. Ps I am so Carrie from sex n the city

  342. Hey everyone, I’m 20 years old and I’ve been single for a very long time now and I’ve been searching for the right person who in his eyes I will not only be his first choice but everything he’s looking for in a partner in crime. And I definitely hate the fact that I have NEVER been in love so MTV if you guys are going to have a season 2, I NEED to be a part of that cast so I can FINALLY get a chance to fall in love.

  343. Hi mtv ! My name is Jessica, I am 21 years old I’m currently a college student. I’m from Delaware and I would like to find my perfect match, I have been in relationships but it seems that I always go for the wrong guy. Being on this show I could probably find the perfect guy for me.

  344. Hey, my name is Kelsey and Im a 23 year old from Upstate New York. I work in the medical field and love what I do. The only thing missing in my life is finding someone to share it with. I have not been in many relationships, because I find myself to be very picky and refuse to settle. I have never been one of those girls to sleep around with just anyone, I’ve always considered myself a relationship person, but finding a guy who wants the same thing is almost impossible these days. The saying I constantly find myself saying is “they only want one thing.” I would love to find that person for me, and hope you could help me out MTV :)

    • Kelsey you are just like me! I’m 23 as well and very very very picky which is why I can never keep anyone. I’m a recent college Grad from Johnson & Wales University and I am currently a Director of Sales &Marketing for Jon Don Corporation.I’m a Christmas Eve baby and a “Fun Time”. I hope we both get picked; you can tell a lot about someone based of their words and I feel like we have a situation that needs a resolution.

  345. I’m from South Jersey and am nothing like the “Jersey Shore” gang. I play soccer and run track. I am very outgoing and live life day by day being adventurous and spontaneous. I am a pre med student working my way up to study Neurology and Cancers of the brain. I haven’t had much luck when it’s comes to guys and relationships. This show has helped me realize that there is a match out there for everyone and I hope that this is a way to find my one true match.

  346. Hi my name is john stuck I’m 21 years old I do data entry work and I’m from Indianapolis Indiana and I haven’t found that one girl yet I seem to always pick the crazy girls that never end up working out I want to find that one special girl and I feel that the show will help me find her mtv are you the one help me find that one girl

  347. Hi,
    I am Van Brockmann, 25 years old. I am single. I am a caring and friendly person. I am an actor living in Boston, Massachusetts. I enjoy going on adventures, dining, and going on walks. When it comes to finding the right one, I find it to be difficult. For me I like the challenge its like play the cat and mouse game. I believe there is plenty of girls that are right for me it. Being on the show, will give me a new challenge and play the deducting game who is real compatible for me, who has a chance, and who really has no chance.

    • I’ve been single for a long time. For a long time!! Music is my everything. I’d love to go to LA to find “the one”. That way if it doesn’t happen I’d be closer to music!

  348. Hey mtv I’m a single mom of 3 and I have had the worst luck with men.I’m still hopeful that I’ll find “the one” and maybe through you I can. Please MTV help me find the one

  349. my name is kerri and I’m a 27 year old girl from northern nj (15 min from gwb) I’ve been in and out of relationships for the past 4 years. they constantly fail because I tend to attract toward jerk guys. I’d love to be part of this experiment to be hand matched with a guy. getting closer and closer to 30 is making me nervous I’m never going to find the one. please help!

  350. My name is Stacey and I am from Avon, CT. I’d love to be chosen-26 here and newly single. My friends tell me that I am a great catch and that I am gorgeous. I consider myself to be a little bit of sugar and spice ;) I am spontaneous, hilarious, a sweetheart, a go-getter and extremely motivated. I love to have a great time! I think I would be a great addition to a reality show because I am unique and like to keep things interesting. It sure would boost my confidence as well since I am newly single. I grew up watching MTV and always dreamed of being on one of MTV’s reality shows. I am looking for love and for a chance to work with MTV. Please contact me with any further needed info :) thank you MTV!!

  351. Come to Virginia, we have little oppertunity here. MTV alays going to abig state like florida, or NY or LA think.of the smaller states. Virginia is where its at!!! Check me out on instagram @FamouslyAmazin im 21 & ready to mingle lol

  352. Im 21 years of age I am a mma fighter living in las vegas nv I have been looking for that one girl thats my type for a very long time and can never find the right one I feel as if im on the show I can possibly find the right girl thats for me.

  353. I’m originally from Detroit, MI and I currently live to New York City. I’m 25 and have yet to be in a real relationship. Every time, I see potential in someone, it always seems to backfire. Needless to say, I need help! I see myself as an ambitious, positive and caring person and I’d love to find someone who sees those qualities in me.

  354. Hey ya’all, Jessica. I’m 25 and a RN. I have been searching for my perfect guy, but all I seem to get are crazies, players, class five clingers, and of course your everyday duche. I guess my mom was right when she said, “you can’t find a man in a bar.” I may not be all that, but I am cute, you’d think id be married by now, but guess not. MTV I seriously need some help.

  355. Whats up Brent here originally from miami fl currently living in las vegas nv im a very attractive single guy im 25 years old love to party and have a good time i work retail and model on the side id love to be on the show meet new people looking for positive change in my life lets turn up!

  356. Hey, I’m not good with summarizing because I feel that there’s always much more to the story. But I’m am 23 yr old from the Southside of Chicago. Hard working man. I play all kinds of sports and I have a passion for music. I would love to have the opportunity to go to Hawaii and find my soulmate. I think that would be an experience of a lifetime. So why not?

  357. Sign me up. I’m in. Failed relationship after failed relationship – I’ve given up on the conventional way to find the right one.

  358. Hey! My name is Chris from Boston mass. I recently turned 21! I’m not your typical party hard white boy. Don’t get me wrong I do know how to party. Let’s be real I’m a 21 year old college student with a brand new car and tuition payments. I can’t afford to party all the time like people my age in this society. I’m different than your normal egotistical,cocky dude. Growing up I had girlfriends here and there but nothing lasting more than 6 months. Every relationship I have been in I just wasn’t
    “feeling it”. I feel like “the one” for me could be right in front of my eyes. I’m ready to find out how that L word (love) really feels. People throw that word around too much now a day. I am ready for the challenge and would love to be on “Are you the one?” I know I am the one so pick me! I hope to hear from you soon. :)

  359. Im 27, live in California, and a single mom of 1. I would really like if you helped me find my perfect match. I havent been very lucky with my past relationships. Would love to be on the show.

  360. I am 23 and a recent college graduate, I manage my own business and absolutely love sports. I played college football at Arizona State. I am somewhat recently out of a 4 1/2 year relationship, and looking for the next step

  361. Hi ! My name is Chelsey. I am 21 years and I am tired of dating creepers. I would really love to find my perfect match. If this show can help me, I would love the opportunity to be chosen for this show !

    • I’m a 21 year old hairdresser. Independent. I don’t need a man to take care of me, I just want a man to love me. I’m big on a woman’s roll and love to take care of my significant other. I was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, all of my doctors and medicine trials are intimidating to most guys. I need man that can handle me. Preferably a man with tattoos (; Instagram is @jess09ann

  362. My name is Haley, I’m from a small town in Iowa. I’m recently divorced, so a tad bit reserved with relationships right now, but possibly, this could change all of that. Despite everything that has happened I’m still bubbly, motivated, & ready to experience life.

  363. Hey MTV! im a single 23 yr old mother of two who has dedicated 6 years of her life raising her amazing children. I now have the time to pursue a relationship with someone. This is the only time in 7 years i have tried to do anything just for me. i would like to move forward with your help. it would be the greatest thing on this planet. I am the one! Please help me find my one and only.

    • Hey mtv my names Amanda I’m 21 years old.i live in Long Island been single for awhile now and I wanna find someone so sick of the games and the creepers just wanna find someone real and that’s nice and has an awsome personality and who is out going. That I can make a connection with. I’m a down to earth girl I have a good personality .thanks MTV hope to here from you soon I would love to have this opportunity

  364. I am 25 single mother of one and I am looking for my future husband so if I was given this opportunity I would take advantage .

  365. I honestly want to be on the show not for the money but to find someone that can match my personality, my charm, and my craziness. This would be a great way to start the new year. I am open minded, and love meeting people. This would be a perfect opportunity to network, build relationships and get to know others. Living in a household with 19 other people would be truly a memorable and amazing experience.

    • I couldn’t agree more ! I’ve been single for about two years now and lets just say it wasn’t the easiest break up. ( I was cheated on – no one deserves that ) even tho I’m only 22, I still wanna find that special someone . All natural redhead and standing proud at 5 10 :) Pharmacy student from Boston mass & I’m just ready to find the person that potentially I’m meant to be with .

      • I’ve never had a real relationship before. I’ve been so focused on school with my bio major, philosophy minor, and am currently in med school. I’m 22 straight edge, write for a music mag, and I’m multifaceted. I’m hoping to find love.

  366. To be given the opportunity to find love with the perfect match would be a dream come true. I wouldn’t even care about the money if I found love.

  367. I’m 25 single mom. Im outgoing strong and ready to find love. I have been looking for love for what seems like forever so here I am can you help.

  368. I am a recent graduate of Edinboro University and am currently teaching head start and love it! Everyone says that I am beautiful on the inside and out and I love an adventure! What better birthday present than being called to audition could there be??? I am ready to meet my husband and start the next chapter in my life.

  369. Hi, My name is Nicole Tankersley, I just recently graduated from Bradley University(Dec2013) and am officially done with school. I feel the time is right to start looking for a special someone :) I am 28 years old, very outgoing, motivated, and willing to give this all i got!! I have done previous modeling(Barbizon) in my highschool years and love to act!! I live in Peoria, IL with the capabilities to travel elsewhere. Thanks for your time.


  370. Am 23 years old and still looking for that something special. If i get a shot at this, i will go in with all my heart and hopefully something will give.

    • If I got a chance at the show I will use it wisely because even tho I’m only 21 it’s never to early to look for love. Its been 5 years single and I’m sick of it. I need to find out what I’m doing wrong

    • Hey its deshawn. I am looking for the one. I am special. Different in many ways. I STRONGLY Believed growing up no one was meant for me. I needed multiple relationships to build one big one. I then got married in 2009 fell in love. But not with her no she was a horrible match. But I fell in love with loving one person. Now that I know what it feels like to love. I want to find the one.

  371. I’m very out going and really into sports mainly basketball, football, cheerleading, and dance yes I consider cheer and dance a sport. I’m currently studying psychology and working as a phlebotomist.

    • Hi I’m 20 years old I’m very outgoing a ball of fun I love sports I play basketball and volleyball I enjoy watching football I’m still looking for that special someone that I can call my own someone I can put my all in when I love I love hard

      • Hi :) my name is Heather. I am 21 years old and love to have A great time. I am 5’0 a little short but I always say small things come in big packages fun size. I have trouble with finding the right the guys that are gunna treat me right. Still searching and waiting for my Prince Charming. I’m from Boston MA, and never been out of this state. So this would be an amazing opportunity for me. Not just the experience but meeting new people and maybe finding my soul mate.

    • Everyone knows how hard it is in this dog-eat-dog world out here, yeah? Now, imagine being shorter than most of the girls.. Hell, half the people look right over me. PUN intended. I’m 5’5″, and I’ll be the first to say, it’s not easy for us shorties. And what’s truly sad is, I’m a pretty awesome person. I just need the chance to show it. I’m 21, blue eyed and quite a unique individual! I’d love a shot to be noticed. Hell, it would probably be the biggest moment of my life.

      • Your 5″5 your taller then me lol I’m 5″0 even lmao I’m a shorty with a short temper but I’m always up for anything and I’m a very happy person and out going and a flirty person I had a bad relationship with my ex and former father of my 2 yr old daughter well before we had our daughter he abused me physically and verbally and he also cheated on me so I’m like soooooo ready to find my true love I wanna see who is going to be the one you never know the one for you can be half away around the world :)

        • I really feel for you about this, I’m also a survive of domestic violence. . It’s a very hard thing to deal with but with time it gets alot better I’ve definetely realized that and you need to surround yourself with people who love and care about you and that’s all that matters. I really hope you make it good luck :)

    • What up MTV? I would truely love to get on the show called are you the one?. First of off I go by Tyrell my friends call me tell. I’m truly a person who thinks way to much about life in general I’m 25 yrs old and single if only I had that one special lady in my life my thoughts would turn in to thoughts of her. I love to dance I had a shot on America’s got talent. Hopefully MTV you kik what you hear and contact me back..

    • Hey MTV, I’m leah,
      i’m 22 years old smh my birthday just passed last month. It still feels weird to not be able to say {whats 9+10} {21} Lol…im so corny I use to think that was the funniest video and way to say my age…I’m just your local lifeguard..I love what I do for work i teach people how to swim. and coach a swim team and go to school =)…and volunteer at the fire department to become a emt. I have so much going on its hard to find someone worth my time. I just want to find someone I can grow with.

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