MTV – Are You Crazy In Love

MTV Are You Crazy In Love Auditions

MTV Are You Crazy In Love Auditions

Do you do crazy things for love? Do you think you cannot live without the person you are with? If you answered yes than you are the perfect candidate for the new MTV television show Are You Crazy In Love. MTV is now holding auditions for people who are crazy in love and want to share their ups and downs of their relationship. A new television show is about to hit the airwaves and the casting directors are now looking for people that want to share their story of how and why they love their significant other.  MTV is  looking for outgoing, expressive and passionate couples who appear between the ages of 16-24 to audition for Are You Crazy In Love. Do not miss out this chance submit your information now!

MTV is on track for another hit reality TV show to Join True Life and Catfish with their newest show Are You Crazy In Love and they are looking for young couples to tell their love story to the world. MTV is now looking follow and document the butterflies in the stomach, the sweaty palms of couples who are madly in love.

Falling in love doesn’t last forever so contact us up now and tell us the following:Your name, boyfriend/girlfriends’ name, location and contact information,how long you have been dating?What have been the ups and downs in your relationship, why your story needs to be told and why you want to remember this time in your life forever! Please submit your information to and keep checking back for more information on show premier dates. Do not miss out this chance to be a MTV television star apply now!

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  1. Hi I’m Lesly. I’m a 23 year old puertorican female originally from New York City. I’m fun and outgoing and I have a great personality. I am dedicated and I would work as hard as I can to exceed your expectations. I believe I would be a great asset to this show and would be so appreciative for an opportunity to explore my passion of acting.

    My fiancé and I became engaged about a month ago. He proposed to me in the Bahamas after we dated for 10 years. We have been together since the 8th grade and were inseparable. He is my best friend and we are a great team in all aspects. We even currently work together as servers at Longhorn Steakhouse.

    Though ten years can bring a lot of happy memories, we also do know the hardships of a long term relationship first hand. We have experienced a lot of trials and tribulations In our relationship. We are inclined to share these stories because luckily we have overcame these situations and have built upon our relationships instead of forgetting about the love we share. Within our society today, it is no longer common for long term relationships to last and many youth do not have any positive relationship models to look up to. Therefor, we are hoping that if given this opportunity we can inspire others to be able to love purely and find the happiness that we have found in one another.

  2. Hi my name is nicole I live in Michigan. I’ve been with the man of my dreams for 7 years there’s not one thing we don’t do together. We’re crazy and in love we have are drama and fights but always pull back together. His family tends to get in our way a lot . We are just trying to make our own life

  3. My name is Jordan. I’m 21 years old. My boyfriends name is Carl. We’ve been together almost 9 months and we are completely crazy head over heels in love. What makes our story different from others is we first started talking on social media. I have plenty of pictures on there but the major issue in my life seems to get over looked. When I was 17 I was in a car accident that left me paralyzed and no longer able to use my legs. When I told him the big news he seemed ok with it and we still met in person. He didn’t let it bother him. We fell madly in love with each other. There are things in our relationship that “normal” relationships don’t have. For example, I cannot use the bath room like able bodied women and he’s more than happy to help me. I was afraid my disability would scare him off as it has with many of my other relationships but it hasn’t with him. He sticks by my side and shows me every day that just because our relationship is a little different doesn’t mean it’s not worth fighting for.

  4. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. We didn’t meet in person we met through Instagram. He is in the U.S. navy and is stationed in Florida and I live in California. He traveled 4,000 miles to come and meet me in person and we have been traveling back and forth ever since and we are madly in love. Please please consider us.

  5. Guten Tag, that’s German for good afternoon! I’m not even for sure you all are still casting for this show seeing that its 2015 but I was online editing my videos for me and my boyfriends blog and I said “what the hell” and here I am commenting below! My name is Norrell pronounced (Nor-re-ll) people always mess that up my boyfriends name is Dejuan (De-juan) not sure how people mess his name up but believe me it happens! Moving along were anything but ordinary we went to high school together, I know so cute right? Not we couldn’t stand each other! It wasn’t until junior year when all these mean girl monsters tried to attack me that he offered me a nice smile and friendly conversation that I noticed him! I mean he totally saved me, who wouldn’t fall in love right? But, unfortunately still not yet! My parents decide were moving to the good ole Hotlanta meaning no chance to tell him how I felt inside. Oh well, maybe it’s not meant to be! Years go by and I haven’t heard from him in a while so I go searching on IG that’s slang for instagram lol. I found him, so I started to put emojis under his pictures you know to let him know I was feeling him! Ugh, to my surprise a girl responds saying that hes married, “ppppaaallllleeeeaasssssse” I thought, I responded like any girl would! I went for the sternum this war now. I mean we were only 19 at the time so I knew she was lying! He ended up calling me telling me to pay her know mind and to be nice. Humph, be nice to her why? But I did and I left him alone! Few months went by I forgot all about him, “yeah right” he posted a picture and I commented this time he responded and I knew I was back in there only issue I was going through a break up. So I was hurting and could use a friend he reached out and we hung out after not seeing each other for 3 or 4 years. The rest was history we fell in love, moved in together and we were happy! Sike, that was before he told me the marriage thing was true! I was like dude what the hell, he went on and on about how it wasn’t real and I had nothing to worry about because their filing for a divorce. I said “I’m leaving you”, the only problem with that was I had already fallen in love. So I stayed and and were doing just fine now, if just fine means I’m pregnant and were not sure at all what were doing! But hey none the less were madly in love with one another and if we can make through all of life’s battles thus far I think we should be just fine on your show!!! I can see it now Are You Crazy in Love presents Norrell and Dejuan! Our blog will be coming soon be on the look ill be sure to hashtag MTV!

  6. Hello, My name is Kourtnei Green. I have been in my relationship 1 year now and it feels like forever. His name is Ephraim Michel. He is 19 and I am 20. You want to talk about crazy? This is the perfect show for us. We met the first day of college and he’s been my headache every since. I live in Macon, Ga and he lives in Atlanta, Ga. We are exactly one hour away from each other so it’s no problem seeing each other when we want too. There are a few problems that keeps our relationship on a steep hill. First, his siblings. He has 16 brothers and sisters and they all mean except for 1. I can’t seem to get along with them. His mom on the other hand is very nice but very Haitian and I still do not understand what she be saying. His family opinion means a lot to him. Second, his bipolarness ( I do not think that is a word but I like it). One minute he can be so good, NEXT he acting a fool , won’t talk to nobody, crying, or walking off somewhere. We have the same Zodiac sign and we can barely get along. Last but not least, his addiction to shoes. This man will buy every shoes that comes out and will have $-1,000 in his account at the end. He just to much for his own good. Overall, our communication skills are horrible. We argue 45% of the day about the littlest things. I honestly think we are perfect for this show because we can show the world how crazy but loving out relationship is. If we are chosen , we can show you as well.

  7. My name is Breyona Freeman I’m 16 and my boyfriend is a 18 year old name Caleb‎ Jordan. We been together for a year and five months. We been threw it all for us to be so young. We have to deal with his old fashion grandparents who doesn’t believe in interracial couple. So for I’ll been called everything by his grandparents including racial slurs. But I’ll be with him untill the day I die because my love will never stop for some racist people who doesn’t believe in what I believe in. So what that being said I belive our story is great because there is a lot of people who are afraid to be with another race bacause for family traditions and backgrounds.:(

  8. Hi! I’m from a small town in the bible belt of North Carolina. I absolutely love my boyfriend or “friend” as he now says but that’s a whole other story. I love him so much I am completely open about his beliefs and he thinks he is a member of the illuminati and he sleeps with the Jenner sister’s on a regular basis. Personally I thit’she is a pathological liar and he isn’t really good at lying in general. But no matter what he does I still love him. Last night I actually cried myself to sleep (what little sleep I got). Since he kind of introduced me to the other girl he was seeing the wrong way. I was invited to a cookout so I could see him and I assumed there would be more people. But anyways that’s kind of how I met her. She knew about me but I knew nothing of her. And the only reason I didn’t freak out was because I love him and no matter how much I’m hurt in the process it will still be that. So I’ve let him be doing what he has been doing with her. All the while I’m dying inside. So yeah this past weekend I got drunk, he and I both went to her place….and yeah I kcried myself to sleep hearing the one I truly love have sex with someone else other than me…I felt so alone in that moment. I rode with him so I couldn’t go anywhere since basically I can’t drive stick, but I was embarrassed and didn’t want to interrupt them and I didn’t have anyone to call at 3AM because I was just so embarrassed. I cried myself to sleep in silent and I’m telling you it was sobs. I slept maybe an hour and a half? I cried that morning, I even tested one of his friends to come and get me because I was just so distraught and wanting to get up out of there. But since I love him I’m at a loss. I’m numb, alone, lost and utterly clueless. But I just love him so much even though Im an independent Baptist and he practically worships Satan…those are his own words. It’s very complicated, but it’s all for love!

    • No human being deserves to be hurt like that! Love yourself enough to leave him. There is someone out there who will love you and cherish you like you deserve. Your story seem almost unbelievable and makes me want to cry. Please leave this guy.

  9. Hello My Name Is Dakota Gray Im 21 Years Of Age, And Me And My Boyfriend Been Together Since I Was 15 Years Old!!! I Love MY BOYFRIEND “DARBY WILLIAMS” SO MUCH! He Is 24 Years Old And Were Both From ARKANSAS!! Me and my boyfriend started out as being friends when i was 15 years of age! nothing to much serious until the first time we had sex when i was 19! And We Been Together Every Since!!!! Im So Crazy Over My Boyfriend I Have Tried To Fight Pretty Much Everybody In His Family About Our Realationship! I Will Fight Him In Front Of His Friends I DONT CARE PERIOD POINT BLANK!! I tend to catch him cheating alot and will straight SMASH HIM! But we have a love&war relationship and its unbreakable, He Doesn’t like fighting and he says im crazy, bipolar, but i never pay him no mind! We BREAK UP EVERY 5 MINS!! I BLOW HIS PHONE UP ALL DAY AND WILL TRACK HIM DOWN IF I DONT GET A ANSWER!! WE BOTH HAVE DIFFERENT HOMES! I Stay 30MILES Away from him and its Always Been That Way Because If Were Around Each Other To Long It Will BE HELL ON WHEELS! But One Time I Called Him And He Wasnt Answering My Calls And So I Pulled Up And Caught A Girl In The House And Ran Him And Her Both Out! So I Took All His Colthes And STABBED HIS BED WITH A KNIFE!! And I Was Pregnant at the time!! I Love My Boyfriend So Much That When I Was Almost 3 MONTHS PREGNANT I Had Abortion For Him Because At The Time He Wasnt Ready SO I Had TO Make A DECISION THAT WAS BEST FOR HIM AND I BOTH!! The Sex WE HAVE IS AMAZING NOT ONE DULL MOMENT!!! WE USE TO HAVE SEX 5 TIMES A DAY !!!!! LOLZ SORRY FOR (TMI) But I Promise IF You WERE TO PICK ME AND MY BOYFRIEND FOR A CASTING CALL WE WILL SO BRING THE FANS!!!!! IMA SINGER SO I HAVE FANS ALREADY AND EVERYTHING I POST GOES VIRAL!!! TAKE A LOOK AT ME AND MY BOYFRIENDS LIFE!!!!!

  10. Hi’ I m 21years old and i’M a crazy lover,we only live once so why don’t do anything. we want cause before will regret because the things Will never do.i’m the perfect candidate to this program trust me, no body is more crazy for love than me .i really do anything for the girl of my dreams,anythingv.i love her and don’t want miss her. but nobody loves me thats the thing that really hurt me.

  11. My girlfriend and I are best friends. We are each others inner selves reflected on the outside. I love wearing dresses, heels and make-up and she loves wearing hats, jeans and tees. However I am the one you do not want to mess with. I am the dominant one and she is more so the sweet one. It works so well for us. We’ve been dating for 8 months now and plan to move to Atlanta in one year. We are both crazy ambitious, talented, out going, and laid back. I love her more than anything and do just about everything she asks, aside from putting the thermostat below 75 degrees! We would be an awesome and healthy representation of a same sex couple!

  12. My names Machaela Smith. I live in Fort Myers, Florida. Im 19 and my boyfriends names is Tyler and hes 24. We have been together for 4 years and we’ve been through hell and back with eachother. We got pregnant very early in the relationship and that really put a strain on us. We’ve lied and cheated on eachother and even broken up for periods at a time but just cant seem to leave eachother alone. I think our story would be very interesting and helpful to anyone going through the same thing.

  13. Hello,
    My name is Jessica Croxton. I am an 18 year old college freshman at Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, SC. My boyfriend, Andrew Webb (22) and I, are very deeply and madly in love. We have been together since October 23, 2014. While this may appear like a short time, it feels like we have been together for much longer. My dad was deployed two days after Drew and I started dating. Consequently, he has had a lot of negative things to say. Drew had just gotten laid off when we got together. It didn’t bother me, but it bothered my parents. As an adult, living on me own, it is extremely aggrivating to have parents consistently trying to bring you and your man down. My mom is crazy. She has had yelling matches with Drew’s parents in the middle of church. I can’t even hang out with my siblings without getting reprimanded for my “poor choices.” Additionally, Drew and I have been dealing with the financial stress due to school and difficculties with work hours. While most people would allow the stress of parents and money to make them give up on a relationship, Drew and I have only grown closer. Once we have the money, we will be getting married. We barely have enough money to cover bills, much less the expense of rings and so forth. I think we would be a great fit for this show. I would love to show other couples who may be going through similar things that they are not alone. It is possible to remain optimistic and strong as a couple even through the things life and in-laws throw your way.

  14. Im arun from banglore. im 20 yrs old . i was in long distance relationship bt it dint work it was a faliur bt i tried a lot to get back her. she loved me truly even i do the same bt some missunderstanding ruin our lifes n we are not togther n im depressed now i can do any thing for her to get her back her friends are making her very strong she is giving them importants she not giving importants to me and to upset n she blocked me evrywhere n im not talking her bt i can do crazy thing for love n i want her back in my life make her happy make her smile.

  15. Hi my name it’s Pol i’m from Catalonia a city called Girona i have 15 years old i have brown-black hair with brown black eyes. 1,75m of tall and 59kg. I love do sport i’m very strong i have abs I’m hansome. Please get me becose that’s the oportunity of my life, every second or every minute i fall in love without type of people i can fall in love of models, clas girls singers etc.
    send me a message in my email,

  16. I’m 21 years old and my partner is 23. We have two beautiful boys together. I’ve been off and on with him since I was in 7th grade and he was a freshman. As you can assume being together that long, life is no bed of roses. A year ago we found out that he had another child (a product of a one night stand) with another women. While we struggle living on our own, and myself going to school (I’ll graduate May 2016), and providing for our boys we still manage to pull through and keep our family together. I love this man beyond words and would love to marry him if we had the funds. We’ve both come a long way and I know this man loves me and works his ass off for our little family. For being in our early twenties, I’d say we have our act together, and I know is because of the love and loyalty we have for each other.

  17. im in a triangle relationship and we all live together. this is one of the most insane dramatic relationship ever and its perfect for tv. i wish i had a camera crew following us for the past 8 months because you wouldn’t believe it. im 18, my man is 27, and our girlfriend is 23. we all live together and now were both so crazy for him we are starting to want him for ourselves and the tension is getting thicker. we go to the bars, restaurants and all of his friends know he has two women. me and the other woman has grown distant and he tries to ease the situation. but our story might fit perfect for this show..
    contact and/or

  18. Many say there is an age that you’re too young to fall in love but I have disproved that saying. At only 15 I fell in love with my best friend Connor. I went to the same daycare as him and then different schools until we met back up in high school. We instantaneously clicked but I made sure to keep him in the friend zone. After several failing relationships that led up to the worst one of my life, Connor was tired of me being hurt and so was I. We began talking on more than just a friend level and realized we felt so much for each other. He would always tell me, “We are the same person, Sasha” and I never realized exactly what he meant at that time.
    The day we started dating was the best day of my life. I went over to his house that day with the intent to tell him how I felt about him. I was overwhelmed with passion and felt immensely in love. I tried to tell him that I not only loved him but that I was in love with him and he finished my sentence. I cried I was so happy and he embraced me and it felt like the best hug of my life. We spent the whole day enjoying each others company in more ways than one. We always prepared to hangout with just each other and expressed love for each other anyway possible.
    Soon after I fell in love with Connor he told me a secret he had, a devastating one at that. Connor has Cystic Fibrosis and it has no cure, effects his daily life, and shortens his life span. I was deeply wounded and felt I couldn’t leave him for anything and will experience life as it comes, good or bad, as long as it is with him. Even after numerous visits to the hospital we have stuck it through.
    Currently Connor and I still remain in love even after experiencing a few breathers, family issues, friend issues, and personal conflicts. We have been together a bit off and on for just 3 -about to be 4- years and we are just 17 -about to be 18- years old. Although we may sound like a goofy teen relationship we are undoubtedly just as in love as any married couple if not more and would love to show it off to prove that teenagers can experience true mature emotions like being in love.

  19. I believe my love story will attract interest and a lot of eyebrow raising. My boyfriend and I come from two different walks of life, and somehow we’ve managed to still be together, going into our second year now. Anthony, was 22 years old when we first met while I was only 18. We went out a couple times with friends, but hungout by ourselves and talked a lot. I found out disturbing news about this man and heartbreaking situations. Even though he was able to open up and have explanations to my iinterragating questions, I felt something was still being untold. Of course I’m going to do my own snooping, and the results were heartfelt to me. He had had no girlfriend for almost nine years! I mean he’s good looking and he seems to like the female gender, but why the hell did he not have a girlfriend for so long? So, I asked him. I later found out he was a major manwhore. Never committed because he could get more girls that way, and when I mean get I’m talking about SEX! A lot of it with more than one or two girls at a time. He even told me he did a mom AND her daughter at the same time, very unpleasant sight is what it left me with. The list goes on, but when I was finally able to grow a pair and ask why exactly are you going out with me? He didnt have a reason, it would be an answer along the lines of, “Because I chose you,” or, “I thought you were different.” Reasons that I thought were just incomplete. I didn’t know how this relationship was going to work out, but now I’m almost 20 now and I’m pregnant, due anytime between now and four weeks with a baby girl. We’re both excited and he’s been right by our side working 6 days a week, and 12+ hours a day I can’t be mad at his past there are a lot of other things that have gone wrong, but we have managed to continue forward for this long, and we cant stop now, so this is why I think our crazy in love story should be heard.

  20. Hi my name is Jaquan Jones I am 19 years old and I have been with my Girlfriend Ebonee Gilchrist for 2 years and 4 months as of today. I met her through Facebook when I was a Sophomore and I fell in love almost instantly she made me laugh conversations were never boring and our personalities just clicked, we never tried for a relationship because we attended different schools, that is until my junior year. We decided we would try for a relationship because we had established a solid friendship and our feelings were getting stronger. It wasn’t always a walk in the park, after a few months speculations of cheating had already surfaced, she had friends at my school who kept an eye on me constantly they’d take pictures, text all my friends trying to prove I was a cheater so nearly every week we’d go through a break up and she didn’t trust me although I was being 100% loyal she felt I wasn’t so everything she thought I was doing she did and that put a strain on our relationship as far as trust not saying I was perfect because I had my flaws as well but we managed to get passed it though we have so many on going issues I cannot fathom the thought of being with anybody else we have our issues but she completes me she my anchor, my rock, my everything. I love her to the moon and back I would LOVE to tell our story to other couples out there like us because you never know who might connect with it this would be GREAT opportunity for her and I to talk to the world about our issues good and bad and see what they think as well as you guys I really hope you consider us as a candidate I can promise you guys laughs, seriousness and a lot of insight as to what we’ve been through in 2 years because this was very brief but I will conclude, thank you for your time.

  21. My name is Autumn. I am 21 an my fiance is named josh and he is 25. i LOVE him and have for a long time. we are a crazy couple that loves being in each others present all day. yes it can be over wheeling and full with drama but we mostly stay happy and outgoing. we are planning a crazy wedding in Oct. we both have outgoing families. we live in Alabama where there is always a party in our back yard. but we DONT party a lot but when wa do its intersting. we have a 8 week old and a 2 almost 3 year old.

  22. Hi! My names Caitlyn and I’m crazy in love with my boyfriend of two years, Aaron. We first met when I was 2 months pregnant with my son Jace, and have been together ever since. We have been through drama ontop of drama, but no matter how bad it gets I just can’t bring myself to wanna walk away. I love this boy so much and would do anything for him. I’ve even went so far as to landing myself on house arrest for 30 days for beating a girl over him. I would love to be on your show so that we can prove how crazy in love I really am!!!

  23. Hi there my name is Te’a and i am crazy in love like most young teens are. It was love at first sight what can I say. I usually don’t believe in love at first sight but I rest my case. I met my first love on September 6th, 2013 in front of my old house with his cousin. We started talking from there and I just fell in love. I knew I really had a thing for my Prince Charming since September 8th, 2013. It was his birthday and he invited my to his family birthday party. As you can see things were moving really fast first I meet his family then later on we have are first kiss in my garage. After that night we was stroke with cupids arrows. We hung out everyday from 3p.m – 1 or 2ish in the morning I even started skipping school to be with him. He became my best friend I tell him everything. We got so close over time he even took my v-card. We weren’t dating at that time but I was fine with it to be honest I loved what we had. Finally on October 13,2013 he popped the question “Will you be my girl?” Of course I said yes! I had butterfly’s like no other that night. Things were going so great for about a week until rumors started to go around and we ended on October 19th, 2013. I was totally devastated. I just lost the love of my life my everything and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. It kills me even more because I love him so much and I would do anything for Jaemar and he knows that. Today this day I still love him and would do anything to get him back I’ve waited for him for so long. Jaemar and I’ve been through so much in the past like when I ran away I ran to him and he gave me a shoulder to cry on. I’ve done so much stupid stuff to be with and to see him but hey what can you say? Love makes you do crazy things. I’ve tried to get over him I’ve tried so hard but no matter what he stays coming back in my life either I’m dreaming about him, running into him, or someone bringing him up it sucks even more because I am so close to his family and his cousin destiny is one of my best friend. It’s so hard not to love him even though we’ve been through a lot and those things would make some couples just lose it but I can’t it seems like when I have no one he’s there. When I was in the hospital in October last year the boy I was talking to ditched me to go to some party and jaemar showed up. It’s been almost two years my friend and I hate to say it but I am crazy in love with my 10*13*13.

  24. My Name is Marsha’ Munoz and my Fiances’ name is Donovan Gross. We live in Austin, TX and are both from San Angelo,TX . We have been together for 9 years and have 2 amazing little boys together (2 years old and 5 months). We have had so many ups in downs in our relationship over the past nine years. From cheating,family feuds,lying, breakups then makeups, money problems, drinking problems, strip club problems,fighting,(none physical) having two children in two years, arguing over parenting styles, you name it we have been through it. We met when we were both fairly young and still had ALOT of growing up to do. Well should I say HE had alot of growing up to do I was always the mature one and knew he was what I wanted. But you know even through we endured some of the most difficult challenges in our relationship 9 years later we are still together and doing better than we have ever been. We both help out in our community have great jobs and just love being here for one another at the end of the day. I feel like our story would make an impact on others that may be going through similar things. To show them that a relationship is not always as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Its not always skipping along holding each others hands while gazing into each other eyes. Love takes hard work and commitment even after the feeling is gone. It takes two putting everything wonderful into to getting something wonderful out of it. The funny thing is me and my fiance were just talking last night about creating a youtube channel to help others through relationship issues and give advice just off of what we have learned these past few years. So I believe this would be an amazing opportunity for us to share with others!

  25. My wife’s name is Samantha and we have now been married for almost one year, but the twist was we got engaged two weeks after knowing each other. Sam and I met through a mutual friend, then we started talking after texting for a few days. She told me she feel in love with me at site, and I do feel the same way. We both could never picture ourselves without the significant other. She is the other half that my life was lacking. We just had a beautiful child together. We would like to show people all across the United states that love can be shared at first sight. We are 100% faithful, committed, and we both make sure at the end of the night we are both on the same page. It does not matter how long you know the person. If there is a spark, a connection, than go for it! I would like to express my love and show America how a woman should be loved. There is no way I could ever say I would be okay if we did not wanna stay married. So we think we should get a shot!

  26. My name is Aubrea I’m 24 and the mother of a 5 year old girl and the girlfriend of a 35 yr ol guy. We’ve been together for 6 years and consider marriage but… Yeah. We are so in love we are inseparable. We met when I was 4 months pregnant and have never been apart since. We love to have fun and we have been through so much. And managed to stay together. Our lives are juicy and Rocky and sad and fun . There’s anger love and hate!!! Just to much to put it words!!! Thanks

  27. I’m 18…. And I’m crazy for my love… My love Neha shandle…

    Bas ab Kitna pagal Hu.. Wo aap mil k jaan jaenge

  28. Hello my name is Bella
    Im 18
    Me & my bf been togthier for 2year
    We have done crazy unforgettable things
    That are unbelievable
    We would be perfect for this TV show

  29. hi , i am 15 years old and i always write for love and for impossible love i can do anything that is for love

  30. Hi! My name is Karissa and my boyfriends name is Zack ! We have been dating for 3 years ! We are both 18! We have been through the craziest times , and the crazy bad times are over looked because the good times are so much better . We would love to be apart of your show because we want to show the true ups and downs of relationships and that no relationship is perfect ! We have been through hell and back together , and that is why we would make great candidates for this show!

  31. Am I crazy in love ? Yes I am . We are both crazy as hell . We have done crazy stupid things! I am 18 years old and so is my boyfriend Zack. When we are good , we are amazing but when we are bad it is world war three. We are so a like but so different and our stubbornness just comes out and each of us always has to have the last word . We have a lot to show for our crazy love , we have been together for 3 years and we have defeated the odds of high school sweat hearts and we have made it through some crazy obstacles in life. We would be great candidates for this show because we can show the world what a real relationship is like because no relationship is perfect !

  32. Hello! My name is Shannon and Daniel and I have known each other for close to a year, and steady dated for about 5 months now. Daniel asked me to marry him about a month ago.

    What makes our story unique is the fact we met on tinder. I think tinder is often viewed as a “hook-up” app and people are afraid to try it because of its connotations. Both my fiancee and I went on the app looking for a relationship, so I think telling our story would be interesting to the audience. Also, Daniel and I are crazy in love but we still go to couples counseling. I think there is way too much of a perception that going to counseling means your relationship is broken. I think a relationship is like a car, even the best cars need oil changes and tune ups. Daniel and I go in and talk about our communication styles and our baggage from past relationships, to try and minimize its negative effect on our relationship. I think telling out story would help other couples see counseling is a normal and can be a really positive experience no matter how your relationship is doing.

    Our relationship ups and downs: Daniel is a very logic based person and I am more emotion based. With that, I think Daniel has a tendency to say things in a harsh way and him and I have big miscommunications. I dont think he is very good at respecting and responding to my emotions. Getting engaged was a big up, and we have more ups than downs. The results of getting engaged have been a down. I get so stressed about planning I blow up at Daniel and I feel so sick to my stomach sometimes I eat minimally for weeks at a time. This is something that affects both Daniel and I a lot.

    I want to remember this time in my life forever because I will only be engaged once, and a newlywed once. I would love to have a video memory of it!

  33. Hi my name is Jessica, I’m 21 years old, and I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years! Me and him went through a lot of things together in our life; a lot of good, but we did face some struggles as we are now. The beginning of our relationship was a little rocky for us, not because of us, but because of others. The simple struggle of interracial relationships! I’m white and he’ black. We come from 2 different backgrounds, and it was hard for some people to grab a grip of the concept. We are finally all past that, have been for some time now. But now we’re facing a situation where we don’t live close to each other for very reasonable reasons. I currently reside in New York, and he resides in pennsylvania. But it sure is hard not being able to see him ALL the time like we are use to. But we’re soulmates and every little thing makes us stronger. I cherish every moment we spend together. We have so many unforgettable moments.

  34. My name is Jewells Johnson and i’m from Seattle Washington. I have been with my Now Fiancé Since I was 15 years old. I have never slept with anyone else or Been with anyone else. I am now 23 and we are going on 8 years being together never broken up, And I believe We are crazy in love. Its not everyday you meet your Soul mate at 15. Not only do we complete each other but we both have special needs siblings. It has not been easy But we are now planning for a wedding Being crazy in love To us means to work at the relationship not give up and find someone else. Although it was very hard and tempting as I only being with him, And him having other Girlfriends before me. Our story is a crazy ride but we have made it.

  35. I’m 25 and I am crazy in love. And so is he. But unfortunately we cannot be together because of trust issues. We usually go a week of not talking, and then we end up talking again. The only way me and him can explain it is that “the heart wants what it wants”. He was born in brazil, and I am a Greek girl born here in the US. He came here when he was 14. We met three years ago, hung out once, and immediately started seeing each other everyday. Within 3 months we booked a trip to Miami and were doing everything together. He became a liar towards the end of us, but my heart still wants him, and his heart still wants me. He loves a lot, and I love maybe too much, but our kind of love is very different, but nonetheless still very into each other. We both know we don’t want to be with anyone else, but we still won’t be together officially again. I know I love him…and I know he loves me more than he will ever love anyone else…it’s crazy, but you can’t help who you want.

  36. Hi MTV! I’m Hayley, 22 years old, and have been with my current girlfriend for three years. We started talking when I was a Freshman in college, and I just graduated this past December. I spent my entire college career with this girl. I have allowed myself to get walked all over during this relationship, because I can’t find myself to let go, and really do think she is the one for me. When we first started talking, we were 5 hours apart. We weren’t able to see each other for 6 months, but we made it through all of that. After being together for a couple years, we were finally able to move into together. It was great at first, but seems to have caused more problems and trust issues than ever before. We have both cheated on each other and lied to each other. Despite all of this, we cannot find ourselves to let go. I even lived with this girl, while she was talking to someone else and telling them that she loves them. If that doesn’t show effort, then I don’t know what does. We both cannot stay away from each other, and always come back to each other. I think we are both crazy in love.

  37. Hi my name is Jolene and I am 27 years old. I have been told for years that me and my other half should have started our own show about our relationship because it doesn’t get much more entertaining as us. We have went through everything you can think of and there is never a dull moment whether love, anger, or sadness. If there is a couple who would make people want more to see then we are it! Call us crazy, but we call it crazy in love!

  38. Hi my name is Jolene and I am 27 years old. I have been told for years that me and my other half should have started out own show about our relationship because it doesn’t get much more entertaining as us. We have went through everything you can think of and there is never a dull moment whether love, anger, or sadness. If there is a couple who would make people want more to see then we are it! Call us crazy, but we call it crazy in love!

  39. Hey! My name is Tammie and I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend a little over two years now. His name is Kevin and he is my best friend. We met through his cousin and my cousin, and from day one it was love at first site. We have been through some crazy things together, but somehow we seem to pull through. We live in a very small town with few people so trust was an issue. Till this day I know we still have a lot to work on but we are so madly in love with each other that there is nothing in this world that can break us apart. I’m not fake and I feel so open and comfortable with him to where our comfortability with each other is just out there. I’m not afraid to be myself or hide from any flaws because he is the one. I am madly in love with him and I know this because it does cross my mind where on earth would I be without him. Were both so silly and tough and cold hearted, that we pulled each other in instantly. I believe the main reason we fell in love is because he said his eyes were prettier than mine and everyone except him has told me my eyes were the prettiest they have ever seen. I guess our personalities drawed so many feelings from the beginning because it was like we both understood each other and we clicked instantly. If we were giving this chance it would be amazing to share our love with others and let them know there is love at first sight and it can be found instantly if your patient.

  40. I just turned 20 in January and my boyfriend turned 21 in November, we have been together for almost 3 years and we are so in love. We do everything together, when we aren’t working we are usually together. I have been in love with him since I was 13 years old and nothing will ever change that

  41. Hello my. Name is albert noel rosario 21 I live in Los Angeles California i am in the U.S Army reserves I have been with my girlfriend Sabrina solares 21 for about a year now but I have known her for about 6 years i first met her in 9th gradeat John F. Kennedy High School it was love at first sight she was a high school cheerleader I was in the marching band for two years she never noticed me as much as I would try and talk to her she always would ignore me but for some reason it would draw me closer and closer to her sophomore year she end up being with one of my good friends and ended up getting pregnant she moved to Tennessee and began a new life but that wasn’t the end for me I still was in love with this girls and knew that it wasn’t the end of it she ended up being on the show 16 and pregnant after watching her episode made me fall more and more in love with her because of the way she was treated and I knew she deserved better I decided to get in contact with her and finally express the way I feel about her and for how long I have loved her ..she then after expressed her feelings to me as well we end up finally giving each other a chance to be together but it was long distance I live in California and she lived in Tennessee it brought a lot of problems for us because she was a recent mom and she was so far away there was a lot of trust issues of us not knowing what the other was doing we ended up braking up 4 months later she went back to her daughters father. But I didn’t stop loving her something told me that this wasn’t the end of our story because we didn’t start the way we should have she ended up moving back to California with her daughter and her boyfriend. Once I heard she was back I thought to my self that maybe one day we will regain the love we had for each other and start the way a relationship should .months after she moved back her and her boyfriend went there separate ways . once I heard that I told her I was her for her.I finally got to see her again and we both felt the love and connection and explain to each other that the last time we didn’t start the way we should have so we finally got back together and have been together ever since it is 2015 and I am planning to propose to her and start a family I love her soo much and this will be a chance to charish my love and show people that there is true love out there and something for us to watch as a family and when we grow old and show our grandkids that there is true love and to always follow your heart  this is why I think our story should be told and charish this moment for a very long time thank you for your consideration hope to hear from you god bless . have a wonderful day 

  42. i am 20 i have been dating my boyfriend since our freshman year in high school ( so about 5 years this year) and eeryday is something new, i love him to death but im so jealous all the time of his freinds and girls so i do a lot for him to keep his mind off of those things like taking adventures to the bech (we smoke weed 24/7) sp we like to go on adventures, we go to parties and most of the time girls there like to get a little too close to my botfriend at that time i go ape shit crazy and attack because this man is worth it my mom loves him my dad likes him i love him we curently live at my aunt n uncles house in my four year old cousins room, not ideal, but we make it work! he works for a food delivery service i go to school so i like to spend every waking moment with him so when i dont have class im joining him on his deliveries, what attracted me to him was his ethnic and wild features his face is so different and beautiful from anyone ive seen before, he skateboards and is really good at it and our days consist of hanging out with his friends driving to san francisco back to san jose and everywhere in between, we dont have any dull moments besides puppies and rainbows theres hell to pay, id like to call myself a crazy ass bitch girlfriend but thats why he loves me and sometimes i scream and yell at him maybe slap him a couple times but he loves me more than the stars so he puts up with me i honestly dont think im worth it but he does and it just makes me love him so much more, we have a fucked up twisted fun 420 friendly relationship and i wouldnt trade it for anything

  43. Going through some bad shit and my lady for three years is on this don’t want to be committed shit and all i do is for my kids and her I think about her before I do myself somtimes all I want to do is be with her and make things right but I can not make her stay so I guess this would be a great show for me going through this shit right now

  44. My name is Breyana, I’m 17 years old and I’m a lesbian. My girlfriend is 18 years old. We’ve been together one year and met online. After 3 days of meeting online she came out to meet me. She lives one hour away from me and came every single day for two months just to see me. She’d drive up to 1 hour and a half when traffic occurred. We’d do anything for one another and were completely in love. In the first month that we met, I spent $300 on a concert for the both of us and were constantly going out on dates to fun places. Were super goofy together and perfect for one another. When we met I dropped something in a store and we both simultaneously went down to get it and bumped heads together, it was cute and dorky . we have the same taste in music and being a part of this would be a marvelous experience. Thanks MTV!

  45. My name is chandler cooper im your average backwoods country boy who loves to have a good time. I have this girl at school that i an really into and every time i see her i just freeze up and just walk away. I tried to ask a girl(s) out before and i get turned down or laughed at and i want to change that. I’d be super blessed to have this girl as my girlfriend.

  46. My name is Katelyn Kilbury from Ocilla, Georgia. I’m 18 years old and I have been with my 26 year old boyfriend for four years. As if our age isn’t enough, our race also plays a roll. I am white, and he is Hispanic. My family absolutely hates his guts but I have been in love since the day I met him! I broke up with my ex that I had dated for 7 months to be with him. He makes me so happy! I have some skeletons in my closet, and so does he. We have both done our share of cheating but he took it to far by cheating on me with someone in my Family who was very close to me. My heart has been broken by the guy several times. We hid our relationship for so long, and now I’m just thinking of my future and thinking I made a bad decision! Please!!! Help me figure out why I am so crazy in love?!

  47. Hi my name is heazel and im married to Chris who is the love of my life. We are absolutely goofy and crazy together. Our families might not agree with us being together but we are not caring and just lobing eachother more and more everyday.

  48. Wassup!
    Name: Nick
    Age: 19
    Hair: Black
    Eye: Hazel
    Body: 6’1″ 180 lbs

    Looking to start my career and get experience
    Im a college athlete with a big personality
    This is such a big dream of mine (along with half of the world) but I’m sticking with it
    this would be such a great opportunity and experience for me. Thank you !

  49. My name is Ashley and me and my husband have been together for two years. I have a two year old daughter she calls him daddy he has been there sense sense day one. He has two children of his own he barely gets to see because He’s with me his kids and their mom live with his his parents so the will never give me chance I’m scared I can loose him

  50. Me and my fiance have been dating for about 7 months and have been engaged since September. Yes that seems a bit quick and a bit young of us, but when you know your with the love of your life, you just know. You feel it deep in your stomach, and your heart that this is the person youre supposed to be with for the rest of your life. My whole entire family on both sides has fallen in love with her almost as much as I have and i absolutely love her family and get along with them great. I currently live with yhem right now because of work and they have opened up their home with open arms to me. Her dad is a deputy and im trying to get into law enforcement and that is how me and her met was through a cadet program for people who want to be in law enforcement. Law enforcement is a huge part in our log and we both are in love with it. We have had some problems with our relationship and have had a couple fights but we always are there for each other and have each others backs and we both know this is what we want to fight for, for the rest of our lives. I couldn’t be happier with the woman I have by my side.

  51. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year now. We met during our first month of our freshmen year in college and are still together now as sophomores at MSU. I love my boyfriend with all my heart, I’d do anything and everything for him. If anybody has a Romeo and juliette love story it is define us. I’m Mexican and he is Chaldean, so as you see we have very different back grounds and only God knows why he brought us together. This is the man I want to marry and is love to share our love story more into depth with the word.

  52. Hey Guys! My names Rachael and my boyfriends name is Enrique. I Love my boyfriend like crazy! I will be turning 18 in may and he just turned 19 about two months ago, I met him when I moved to new jersey from new York. I met him on the website called meet me. I went on looking to meet new friends and somehow I found Enrique, we started talking on meet me and then later that day we were hanging out and it was love at first sight, I know that may sound crazy but only after a week of knowing each other he asked me out. our relationship was just so spontaneous, but only after a few months of us dating I had moved to Orlando Florida where I currently reside. so at the moment we are doing a long distance relationship but only until the summer hits. by then I will be done with high school and we will be able tp start our own chapters in our life together. He’s my best friend and I wouldent trade him for thw world! I love him more than anything and that’s why we are still togeather even though were hundreds of miles away, I feel that what we have is real.

  53. Hello, I’m Nathaniel President, and I’m madly in love with my son’s mother. From the first time I saw her getting on the elementary school bus, I then knew I had my first crush. Little did I know that little crush would follow me up until now. Over the years we dated on again and off again. Long story short, we ended up bringing our now two year beautiful son into this world. Yes, we both were freshly out of our teenage years, which made things a little more stressful. Within the last year, we split for what I though was going to be for good. We started dating other people, not because we wanted to, but because we needed to fill that empty void. I WANT HER BACK MTV! She still texts me every now and then, which I know she still cares.

  54. hi my name is Damaris im 23 years old an im coming to you because my man thinks im not in love with him like he’s in love with me he gets into his mood swing one min I feel he’s all for me next he’s going in on me cussing me out an fighting me an kicking me out the house he’s so drama his name is Fred Williams he goes by levi he models … but what im saying is I love him so much I would really love for him to get it in his head but he just don’t get it it don’t click to him so it have us going at it than I think he the one doing the cheating on me so it have us both with up an down feelings please mtv help us thanks

  55. Hi, my name is Dawn and my boyfriend is James. We’re high school sweethearts with military brat life styles. We’ve been dating for almost 2 years and couldn’t be more happier. Of course our happiness can’t be said till you’ve been through most of it all. If you were to put us on a random show like “Are You the One” we would definitely be a perfect match.
    Our story is rather unique and different, like most couples would say I guess, but our ups and downs, and how we handled things could and should be heard. I believe our story should be told, passionate star-crossed lovers fighting against distance. Distance kills man. But it’s definitely what brought James and I closer than ever. There’s so much to be told and shared about our beautiful story.

  56. Hi MTV! My girlfriend and I have been dating for about a year now, She is 19 and I am 20. Im madly in love with her and wouldn’t want anyone else by my side. We met the first day of our freshmen year of college and the rest was history. We are both D1 athletes as I am a wrestler and she is a volleyball player. I feel this would be interesting to film a D1 student athlete couple and make our love connection stronger and most importantly to show the world we are unbreakable. This would mean the world to me if I could be apart of this amazing opportunity. THANK YOUUUU
    P.S. we are very entertaining

  57. Hi my name is Nathalia and I’m 20 years old and live in San Diego, California. My boyfriend’s name is Kraig and he’s 19 turning 20 in December. We have been dating for one year and eight months and we have been through so much together honestly. We’ve seen each other at our very worst and our best. We’ve fought a lot and there have been so many times when we’ve almost broken up. We’ve also experienced so many firsts with each other like he was the very first guy that asked me out to prom last year and we’ve had so many fun and unforgettable memories made together. I believe that my story needs to be told because it is quite unique and cool how we met and how him and I didn’t immediately clicked but how we really fell hard for each other. I want to remember this time of my life forever because I can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been being with my boyfriend and I love my crazy yet amazing life.

  58. Hi! My Name is Charles I Love To Act. IM 16 years old 5’9 Native American, African American and Irish. I did school plays I loved them. I believe that’s was my motivation. If I get this role It will make me a better actor and help me to my journey of my long career.

  59. My name is Breanna Loera. Even though im only 14 I believe love is love no matter what age. I have faith in this show and it would be an honor for me to be part of it.

  60. I’m Saydie Bradley I am 19 years old and have been with my boyfriend Blake Hammonds, 20, for a little over three years! We grew up in a small Texas town together. I moved away then came back, we started dating and I moved away again, we continued to date. He works out of state a lot for most of our relationship we have been in a long distance relationship. we are in the process of looking for a place to live in Fort Worth I will be there a lot by myself because he’s out-of-state working most of the times. This would be an awesome opportunity for is, a normal young couple to be shown in our daily lives and daily struggles we have to go through. Our relationship has its flaws but we wouldn’t want it any other way! #SaydieandBlakeMTV

  61. What’s up is in the air that’s what’s and my fiance are bipolar and go through ups and downs 24/7…a lot of drama but we still love each other..even when our parents don’t want us together..and oh yea..our baby girl is due Jan.12th 2015!! Yay malaiya!!

  62. Hey MTV :) My name is Bianca Brown im 22 years old 110 pound 5 feet tall. Anyway, So yes on deeply in love with my boyfriend, Austin of 3 years. We have a one year old boy together and a step-son. We’ve been through all the battles a relationship could go through. From affairs to other women getting pregnant to catching him sending makes pictures. At the time, I’ve always used to ask my self “Why Bianca? Why suffer in pain and relive all those horrible memories? Just to be with this man?” who didn’t respect me or treat me the way I was treating him, I wanted to feel the love I gave him and our family. I wanted HIM! Years passed, now 2014 and our relationship is stronger than Barack Obama and Michelle. We are close it’s crazy. We got through all our battles with help of God. He saved our relationship. The bond me and my bf have is one of a kind. We’ve made multiple videos on Facebook showing our relationship in a 1-2 minute video. Shared world wide :) I describe my relationship like a cute, punk, hippie relationship! I’m totally in love with this man! He’s my world! My soul mate

  63. My name is Reyna and I am 22 years old. I have a girlfriend of 7 years. We are from Westmorland, CA born and raised. We were practically the only lesbian couple in our valley. She is from a very Catholic family which did not accept our love. We had to hide our relationship from her family during high school which really challenged our love. We now live together and are deeply in love but our love comes with lots of jealousy, trust issues, and obsession. Get to know us!

  64. Hey MTV! Me and my boyfriend Manuel have been together for almost 4 years now. We have known each-other since elementary school and started dating when I was 14 and he was 16. I had never dated a guy before him or had my first kiss, but he wouldn’t leave me alone so I agreed to date him. Against my moms liking btw! My boyfriend and I are now 18 and 20 years old. We had broken up for 6 months because he cheated on me, but during those months he was doing everything in his power to make things right. Because of this my mom has not liked him that much and we have had many, many ups and downs in order to keep our relationship. We still love each other and are in love but it has definitely been a struggle to get to where we are now. Manuel would do ANYTHING for me.

    • Hello my name is alex I’m 21 years old. My boyfriend Demoine is 22 we have been together for 2 1/2 years we have a 5 month old daughter. We have a story to tell because were have been threw so much within that little time. Were are looking forward to continuing our relationship. We are total opposite but that’s why we love each other. I would do anything for him and that’s why we should be picked.

  65. My name is Rachel and I am 19 and so is my boyfriend! We have a healthy relationship and have been together for over 3 years. Like any relationship we have had our ups and downs but we compromise to make things work! We have gotten in big fights but we still love each other so much to let it get in the way. We can work our way through anything and are both mature enough to handle a relationship. We both hope to be together forever <3 :)

  66. Hello,

    I am 20 years old and in love for the past 4 years. My boyfriend and I have been together since sophomore year in high school. LOTSSSSSSS of ups and downs. Many people doubted about our love so i would love to show everyone what an amazing boyfriend he has been.
    HE is my best friend, we love to party, have fun…we are a CRAZY IN LOVE COUPLE.

  67. I am crazy in love with my husband. We’ve been together for 8 years and been married for 1 1/2 years. We started out at high school sweet hearts. We have done the long distance relationship and we still managed to be together. I am so in love with him that I moved all the way to Washington to be with him while he is in the navy. Being a navy wife could be difficult. I’m so in love with him that I would do anything to be with him which include only get to be with him only for 6 months out of a year. Our love is unconditional. We are both 24 years old.

  68. Mel and I have been dating for 2 years and some months. Every since We’ve been together our lives has changed. Like every relationship we have our ups and downs! But thru it all jail and other girls Mel and I are still together.. And Crazy on Love!

  69. Hello, I’m Kacy and I’m absolutely in love with my boyfriend Craig, I’m only 19 and weve been together for 5 years, the best of my life. It was truely love at first sight!

  70. Hello respected sir , My name is Shubham Bobade ,age 18.Sir i want to apply for your contestant selection.I m having dashing personality looking out for a great future in my life just with little boost with your show.Please sir its humble request just give me one chance.

    Hoping for a postive result .

  71. Hi my name is Shayla I’m 24 so is my boyfriend were so happy in love and have a 3 month old we are so in love its un real ! We will give you the best show that’s so popular and intense that you have to come see and meet us both we’re meant to be and have been since we were 14 yrs. Old don’t over look us without at least a preview!! Thanks so much

  72. With my three year relationship, the first 6-9 months I was forbidden to see him, talk to him, or even mention his name. Some can say that made us just another pair of stupid teenagers, but I like to think of us as Romeo and Juliet, but with a happy ending instead! We went through so much, that once we were able to be together, we’ve had the best relationship!! What we did to be together could have backfired, but our love won in the end!

  73. Hello there! My names Kara! I’m from Ann Arbor MI. I am madly crazy in love with my girlfriend. We were friends then lovers. Our story is pretty crazy but she’s my soul mate. And we would do absolutely anything for each other. :)

  74. hi. yes i would say i’m in love with an amazing guy, that i haven’t even met yet. He lives 3 hours away and i’m 15 so can’t drive to see him :( but we skype alot stay up for hours on the phone together. Is it possible to love someone you never met? i think it is.

  75. My names makayla I’m 17 and my boyfriend is 21 and we have a daughter together. We have been together for a year and 2 months. We fell in love as soon as we met. We’ve had fights, drama, hard times, to wonderful times. But our relationship is a rocky roller coaster of what a real relationship is all about. Were madly in love and would be the perfect candidates for this show, Because we are crazy in love

  76. Hey what’s up my name is Marshall I’m 21 I’ve been with my fiancé who is soon to be 23. we have been on and off for 8 months now and, We struggle but we do the at times but we figure it out. the reason why I love her so much is that I couldn’t vision being without her. the last time we where apart I went into a alcoholic binge and got really ill to the fact that I didn’t know day anymore. When we met up again after 2 months is was shocked when she hugged and kissed me again. I said a lot of hurtful things that I’ve regret saying. she dumped her ex boyfriend for me. After all said and done we buried the hatchet and moved onward. mostly we argue over financial problems since we barely make it through the month with all the bills. What I love about her most is that she gets that priorities come first. which shows that we are ready to move out and live on our own. Our motto is one day at a time with life.

  77. Hi,
    I slept with my boss. He works at the University that I attend and we are forbidden to be together because of the staff/student policy. We got drunk one night and hooked up at a lingerie party. Ever since then we’ve been sneaking around dating, and no one knows. We are absolutely crazy about each other and nothing will stop us. We’ve been together for almost 2 years and have a 8 month old puppy. Our little family is just too perfect. We are a crazy adventurous couple who have been through A LOT together (even a couple really bad break ups) and we would be PERFECT for your show.

  78. Hi . My name is Amanda. I’m 23 years of age. My fiance’ and I have been together for a little of three years. We have had multiple ups and downs that have ended our relationship and brought it back together. I can truely say we have been through it all but just can’t get enough of each other. I was young and dumb and not 100% sure if i was ready for a relationship. Because of that, I created several disasterous nights but my fiance’ always stuck by me. It was untill i got pregnant with my second child that i came to my senses. We both grew up and realized we can’t live without each other and living life inseperable.

  79. Hi, My name is Tori Johnson and my boyfriends name is Jacob Laymon. I am 22 years old and he is 19. Even though he is younger than me we are crazy in love with each other. We have been dating since April of this year and are already talking about getting engaged. Though our love story has been up and down between getting a divorce from my x husband and having my daughter involved in our new relationship. And getting pregnant as soon as we started dating. I love him more than words can describe. I am more in love this time around and hope it last through the worst of times. He is my world!

  80. Hey my names Lauren (: i’m 19 and me and my girlfriend alex have been together for almost 2 years now. She’s 20 and we met in high school and we were friends our freshman year but we didn’t realize we were meant for each other until our senior year and we’ve been happy ever since. we have our ups and down but every couple does. i love her more than anything.

  81. Hey ,my name is breanna favors and I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years now we broke up for a month in between that cause of problems we had with each other . I became this crazy in love fene for him he was my first everything I tried everything to make him love me more than anyone else but nothing worked as time went by. I got lonely and I felt unappreciated so I left for a while but my heart didn’t leave so yeah I went back I needed him I love him more than anything in the world but I still feel like we are missing something and that’s a baby we’ve been trying but its been very hard for a success I’m stressing out day after day about it I honestly want his child I want to give him something no one else can before its to late I need this show to prove that I am in love crazy in love and I want him to know that.

  82. Hi my name jabriel, Im from cali sandiego. I moved to North Dakota for school and football in 2011. I my girl here my first semester of school. I right away fell crazy in love with her and so did she. We moved in together my first semester while she was already in her last year of school. My brother decided to move in as well. it wasn’t long that he realized that we have a crazy ass relationship. We have fought like crazy, chased each around town. called the cops on one another. We have broken up so many times i cant even count. Any time we are away from each we fight. For ex. if I’m in Cali for vacation she blows my up and i usually ignore her. Through all the hell and craziness we still love each other.


  84. I’m a 21 year old lesbian , I fell in love with my first women when I was only 15 years old we dated for a couple of months until she turned 18 . She promised to come back for me once I turned 18 . Six years pass by now I’m 21 never saw her face in six years until one night our eyes crossed paths again . We dropped everything to be together once again . She’ll forever be my one and only

  85. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and 5 months. He has a son who’s 1 year and 6 months. Its definitely been a crazy ride dealing with his ex over the baby but I would do anything to keep him only mine. I have out up with his cheating and flirting with other women including my friends but without him I go on a destructive path so he is my positive side eve with all his flaws. He’s a hard working man and has pushed me to get so much farther in life then I ever would have thought. We would do anything for each other that’s why I think we would be a good part for your new show!

  86. Hi I’m Victoria. I’m 18 and my boyfriend Jon is also 18. We have a long distance relationship but were so in love. We’ve been together for 8 months but it feels like it’s been 5 years. We plan on going to college together in two years to ASU. If we can overcome long distance we can overcome anything. There’s a whole lot more to our story that you’ll learn if you pick us.

  87. Talk about a crazy ass, never seems to surprise me love story. I am 20yrs old and my 7month old pregnant wife is 19yrs old. We have been married for 1yr now and boy did we want out. But love kept drawing us back together. I have a M-O-N-S-T-E-R IN L-AW and she still finds a way to annoy the hell out of me. My wife is stuck in the middle as she says and we are trying to work everything out slowly. With this new baby arriving, NOW they want to kiss ass and im not having it. We live in Shalimar FL near Pensecola Fl and our parents live in Orlando. Our story needs to be told so that, everyone who is going thru what we are can learn and see that they aren’t the only one’s. This will be a moment that will never be forgotten. Oh I forgot to mention!!!! My wife is a spicy Puerto rican one. I guess she gets it from her momma.

  88. My fiancé and I have been together for 3 years now and could not be happier. Our friends say that our love story of how we met is like something from a movie. We went to high school in a really small town and knew of each other from mutual friends. We were both trying to make past relationships work and finally giving up. Then one night at a party I was at an all time low and just looked over and saw him sitting there. We started talking and giving each other advice. Then a lot of people started arguing and fighting. All of a sudden, I started to have an asthma attack and couldn’t breathe. I fell back and hit my head on the ground and was knocked unconscious. When I woke up, my fiancé was holding my hand. From there, we started hanging out as friends and it was so nice to be around someone that wasn’t trying to just have sex. Unfortunately, I was in the process of moving at that time. The week before I moved, he texted me about his feelings he had for me and asked me to move in with him. We didn’t want to mess things up so for the first couple of months I was back and forth between our houses. Then we were in a car accident and I was on bed rest for a month. So after staying with him for that month, I ended up moving in. Since then we have been through a lot of other life trials and moved in with my parents in 2012. Shortly after, I got pregnant. Our son turned one year old yesterday. We really have the perfect family. We have our problems, like I wish he gave me more attentions and he wishes I wouldn’t be in his face all the time. Our personalities are complete opposite. But all in all, we balance each other out!

  89. My fiancé and I have been together since 2011 and could not be happier. Our friends say that our love story of how we met is like something from a movie. We went to high school in a really small town and knew of each other from mutual friends. We were both trying to make past relationships work and finally giving up. Then one night at a party I was at an all time low and just looked over and saw him sitting there. We started talking and giving each other advice. Then a lot of people started arguing and fighting. All of a sudden, I started to have an asthma attack and couldn’t breathe. I fell back and hit my head on the ground and was knocked unconscious. When I woke up, my fiancé was holding my hand. From there, we started hanging out as friends and it was so nice to be around someone that wasn’t trying to just have sex. Unfortunately, I was in the process of moving at that time. The week before I moved, he texted me about his feelings he had for me and asked me to move in with him. We didn’t want to mess things up so for the first couple of months I was back and forth between our houses. Then we were in a car accident and I was on bed rest for a month. So after staying with him for that month, I ended up moving in. Since then we have been through a lot of other life trials and moved in with my parents in 2012. Shortly after, I got pregnant. Our son turned one year old yesterday. We really have the perfect family. We have our problems, like I wish he gave me more attentions and he wishes I wouldn’t be in his face all the time. Our personalities are complete opposite. But all in all, we balance each other out! I really want to share our story with the world.

  90. I have been with my boyfriend for 11 years. The first few years was on and off. We started dating when we were 16 years old now we are 27 years old. Both of our birthdays are in June but I am older then him by 16 days. Its crazy cause both of our moms birthday are in May and both of our younger siblings by our moms birthday is in August. We have 2 kids together and we are still going strong. We have been through ups ,downs, and the in between but I love him to death and wouldn’t change a thing. We are not married and we don’t live together but our love is steady growing strong.

  91. Hello,.. I’m Jasmine and am sharing my story not only to mtv but also does who are trying to get casted , I been in love since February 14 2013. With a man named Joshua we are unbreakable we can not move from each other birthdays one day apart with the hate of others not wanting us to be together I believe we turned out great to be 20 and 19 if you ask me nothing and I mean nothing can break us up or can it ? ….

  92. Hello, My name is Naudica . And I AM a crazy lover. I do crazy things for love. Right now i am in a relationship . I’ve been in this relationship for almost two months now and im crazy over him already. Im telling you I AM THE CRAZY girl YOUR looking for. Plus im 17. Thank you.

  93. Hi me an my boy friend been together for 11 years an have been through so much that I didn’t think we would make it at one point I have fought GI is left an right try to run over him an his parents an their gate! Went looming for him 2 an 3 in the morning knocking on doors! Love is a bixxx! But I can’t see myself without him ever! We have a 8 year old son together! An it is DEATH do us part!

  94. I am 19years old I love my classmate mai USSR bahut pyar karts tha par usse kahne se darta tha jab mai 11 class mai tha par WO mujhe chupke se dekti thi dhire dhire 12class ho gai or tuition khatm ho gai phir WO mujhe nahi mili phir mai indore a gaya or WO Bhopal chali gai Maine socha mari kahani katam Lenin uske 2month bad ghar aai tab main bhi ghar par aya tha ek din uski gali main khada tha tab wo balcony par aai mujhe issara kiyA phir usne number diya or mari baat 2month tak hui phir band ho gai usne doka diya phir Maine phone nahi kiya yahi mari kahani hai

  95. Your probably asking why I’m perfect for the show, me and my boyfriend Daniel have been going out for almost two years now. I feel in love with my best friends brother (I have the video of when he asked me out) and now we have a son. And even though we became parents at a young age our love for each other and our family is infinite. And we are crazy for each other.

  96. My girlfriend and I are an internet famous long distance couple and we are madly in love we have been dating two years and I feel like it would be a twist to have a long distance couple on this new show

  97. Hi my name is amber. I guess you can say Im crazy in love but with more than one person. Im currently a college student that has been in multiple relationships the last few years, but with a few strings still attached to more than one person. I recently just broke up with my girlfriend who I still love that actually still lives with me and its still a messy situation but I also have an ex boyfriend who I still love that Ive been broken up with for awhile, he has a new girlfriend and baby but we still see each other. Neither one of them know about each other. As you can image this is a crazy situation to be caught in but theres still love on both ends. I am very jealous when it comes to both of them seeing other people and it can be obsessive but Im the one with the secret. I have many eventful ups and downs that take place on a regular basis. Not to mention the many other love interests that come in and out of my life. Trust me its very entertaining..thanks for your time

  98. Hi I’m 18 and my boyfriend is 20, and i have been with my boyfriend since iiwas almost 13. We met online (myspace). He was my first everything. We have been threw alot an alot of breakup’s and makeups with him. I love him so much I cant imagine my life without him. When me an him breakup I would cut my self back when I was 16. When have been threw hell and back together. But on a daily bases we fight and he is very controlling. But on the other hand he has done so much for me sooo much. I recently went to me and my friends graduatiion pary got drunk an made out with a guy my boyfriend found out and its been hell ever since, he has made out with a girl a couple years ago to when we were together but claims we wern’t together. He recently just told me a secret. We gone threw so much more than i can type an we still struggle but we always stay together he will never let me go even when i tried an i can never let him go. We are crazy in love.

  99. I emailed, so please take a look at Kyle & Emily: This will be the most interesting email you’ll see of all and Kyle & Emily: Continued…

  100. My husband and I ate both 23, our birthdays are 5 days apart. We have been togather goin on 6 years and throught the 6 years we havr had happiness saddiness, ups and downs, two beautiful children that we had 10 months apart, break ups marriage, and threw thick n thin we are still pushing threw. We are madly in love and will fight anythin and anyone to be togather. We had a hard time with our families to accept it and our friends. Before we were married i did call the cops where he got locked up in one of our fights andwe made it threw that difficult time. I have pently of stories to sharr with who wants to hear! Thank You!

  101. Hello my name is Brenda and I live in Thornton CO. Well me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 4 years in June. I am madly in LOVE with him! I have done so many crazy things sexual and emotionally for him! Anything he says I do. We do live together now but go through hell everyday! We can not be in the same room for too long because we will kill each other….. But we can not be far either because I will literally die. I have quit about 3 jobs just to spend time with him. I will call him 10x a day lol. I am very in love with my boyfriend and will do anything for him or to keep him. He has cheated on me once but I let it go because I can not live without him!

  102. My name is Amber, I am 19 years old and I will be turning 20 on June 18. My boyfriend’s name is Dillion and he is 20 years old and will be 21 this Novemeber. We have our 5 year anniversary coming up on April 17. We have been dating since we were freshmen in high school. Most of our relationship has been long distance. We try to visit each other as much as we can but with work, school, and money issues, its been hard to see each other. It’s really tough not being able to see the person I love whenever I want to. In our relationship I am very tromantic. I take everything to the next level. He is my first real boyfriend and my first love. Words cant decribe how much i love him. We are trying to get our own place soon so we can stop being apart for so long. I dont see myslef with anyone else. He’s my everything. If I could give him everything he ever wanted, I would. We are in love….CRAZY in love.

  103. My name is Darrius and I love my girlfriend more than anything. November 4th will be our 3 year anniversary. Me and my girl have been through hell and back together but we are definitely “crazy in love” we may fuss and fight sometime but we stay laughing and we just love having fun. I love to take her to dinner, movies, anywhere I can spend time with her. You know we done our dirt through out our relationship, but we still together and we still strong! When I did break up with her, it was the worst mistake and feeling in my life. I felt like my whole world just shattered. That’s how much I love her. I made the mistake and let my mom come in my relationship and that’s how I lost the love of my life the first. But I loved her and missed her soooooooo much that I wanted her back in my life. She is my world, my last heartbeat, my life, my backbone, my soulmate, my wife, and last but not least my one and only love of my life. I honestly thank God all day and everyday for sending this angel into my life. She changed my life in so many ways, she has been there for me through thick and thin. When I had somewhere I needed to go and I didn’t have my car, she would take. We would go bowling every Friday, then go sit down and eat and just have fun. I love being around her cause she keeps a smile on my face. I mean what can I say I’m happy with her and I can’t wait to marry her in the next couple years, then start a family.

  104. My name is Katie and I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. We have gone through hell and back, we have tested each others faith in our relationship we’ve tested trust. We’ve both not been the best partner for each other but for what ever reason we still cannot stop loving one another. I have never been in a relationship where I’ve not condoned, but I suppose “looked the other way” rather when I’ve caught him red handed cheating with another woman. In the past 6 years that we have been together he has had at least one affair per year, 2014 has been different so far but keep in mind it only March.. and we only just celebrated our 6th anniversary in January so.. the year has only just begun. Yet through his lies, deception, and I’m not perfect either I have had my fair share of retaliation, we have never spent more than 2 days apart. It’s almost as though in my eyes I’ve seen him do so much wrong but he still cannot do me wrong. It’s not being in love the way you see it in the fucking movies, it’s being exactly as your title states, “Crazy in love”.
    I caught him red handed and I didn’t attack him, I attacked the broad in the bed with him. She ended up in the hospital, begging for my boyfriend to press charges on me for attacking her since he was her only witness, and my boyfriend refused to press charges on me. Not because of her or because he got caught he wouldn’t because he is crazy in love with me.
    I worked at a gentleman’s lounge as a server, often being hit on by guys and causing tremendous turmoil in our relationship but also was just trying to pay the bills as cliche as that sounds and he stuck by me- even quit drinking because it would make him flip out on me by the time he would be there to pick me up at 2:45 a.m. (both wasted and jealous not a great combination) The point is any normal couple would have broke up a long time ago. We define “Crazy in love” we are matching tats, fighting, laughing, crying, snuggling “crazy in love”.

  105. Hello there i have been with my partner for almost 8 years on and off she is the love of my life even though it’s far from perfect it’s our perfect we have done our dirt to each other but always come back we have raised my son together he was 8 months when we met and he just turned 8 she in turn has a 18 year old daughter from a previous girlfriend we are ridicously complicated but are head over heels in love with each other but also can’t stand one other at the same time if that makes any sense..oh did i mention we are highly entertaining I’ve heard my whole life from everyone..really think you shouldgive us a shot and even though I’m 31 i was just told by a casting agency i look like in 24 25 my ethnicity ages really well..take a look at the pic i sent
    Really hope i hear from you soon thanks for your time

  106. Hello, I am 18 years old living in San Diego, California. My boyfriend and I have been dating for one year and two months today :). We met years ago through a mutual friend and became best friends instantly. How we didn’t meet sooner, considering that he lived up the street from me, is astonishing. If we had he probably would have been my first and only. Him and I click. It’s like we are the same person in two separate bodies. He and I are spontaneous adventure seekers and always satisfy the other’s craving for love and fun. Soon he will be going into the military and I am going to miss him without a doubt more than anything. He is my heart and soul; I put almost all of my time and energy into him and our relationship. What am I going to do without him here?? At the very least I am going to wait. I am crazy in love with this man and would give and do anything for him. He is my besterestestfriend :)) he is my family, and my everything.

  107. I’m in love with a guy and we met off a website I love him a lot and I want to see him hold him and love him unconditionally and I want the world to know it because I’m in love please help me tell the world

  108. I love my man more then words can say I’m 20 n he’s 24. We have a 9 month old daughter named Dakota:) we have been through hell and back and no one can break out amazing connection. Boy we have a life to tell if u let us we have been together for 2 years :)

  109. I’m 20 and I’m in love with my 24 year old boyfriend, I will be 21 on April 19th. My boyfriend n I have been together for two years n have an 8 month old daughter I would do anything for him.. We have been through hell n back our love is so strong, no one can break us so put us on your show n we will prove it <3

  110. Im so crazy in love with my husband i allowed a $25K wedding in a small backwards village in india. I would do anything for him and would die without him

  111. Hi, I’m 16 years old and I’m a crazy lover, I think we only live once so why don’t do anything we want cause before will regret because the things we never do. I’m the perfect candidate to this program,trust me. Nobody is more crazy for love than me. I really do anything for the girl of my dreams,anything. I love her and don’t want to miss her. But nobody love me that’s the thing that really hurt me. I can show her how much she cares me and how much I doing for make her smile, but she don’t realize

    • Hey I am definitely crazy in love. I love hard and make love even harder . My on again off again gf have been going through this for about 5 years now. We love and hate each other almost at the same time, but in reality were deeply in love. We go through mostly ups but also quite a few downs. We could take this reality show by storm with what goes on between us. It would be in youre interest to contact us and see what goes on in our crazy world and most definitely our crazy relationship

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