Movie Auditions for “The Host”

Feature Film "The Host"
Casting Call for the Feature Film "The Host"
Feature Film "The Host"
Casting Call for the Feature Film “The Host”

Productions has a new feature film auditions for the project called “The Host”, and it’s already getting huge amounts of attention! The auditions will be held very soon for all of the roles. That’s because Author Stephenie Meyer, writer of the best selling novel and hit movie series, Twilight, has another book that will be adapted to a film, The Host, a sci-fi thriller about a wandering soul that is fused with a captured human named Melanie Stryder in hopes of finding the last pocket of humans that survive on Earth. The feature film is now ready to start shooting and casting directors will be holding auditions in the LA and Louisiana areas for major roles in the film. Auditions for extras and other minor roles will also be taking place in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

The film will feature Bradley Steven Perry as Jamie Stryder, the younger brother of lead character Melanie Stryder. You can see Perry on the Disney Channel in one of it’s hit series “Good Luck Charlie”. Academy award nominated director Andrew Niccol will be directing the film and Nick Wechsler will be producing the film.

Auditions are taking place now, if you’re interested be sure to apply and include basic contact information along with a recent photo. All talent have to have a comp card and/or portoflio in order to attend auditions. Film auditions will be seperate from any extras/featured extras casting calls and roles. Talent should be advised to be on time on set, as well as to auditions and act professional. You do not have to be a SAG actor in order to be booked for a role. All of the talent will have a chance to audition if considered for a big role.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. My name is Jordan, I began acting at a young age and gave it up to get into a more “confident” career, and I did. I became a civil engineer. I love what I do but I never gave up my love for the art of acting. I always get ask, “how come you didn’t pursue it”, I never knew the answer. My favorite quote is by one of my idols in the world of entertainment, Jim Carrey, “never let fear disguise itself as practicality”, I did, and a chance to prove myself wrong would mean the world. Even as a successful civil engineer I feel if I was given the chance, I could Jim’s philosophy right. I know you get a lot of aspiring and great talent but I don’t want to let fear disguise itself as practicality, I hope to get the chance.

    I hope to hear from one of you,


  2. I am 12, but will turn 13 July 4th. I love being in front of camera and im a girl of many faces. I have played roles in plays before and have been to acting camps. in fact I’m going to one this summer. I’m funny, cheerful, and work well in a group. I’m also very athletic and play basketball, tennis, and softball for my school. I would say im “lean” or fairly skinny. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. And i am close to 5 feet 4 inches tall. I live in Baton Rouge, L.A. and am more than happy to give this a shot!

  3. Hi, I am Joe Mendoza. Evidently, I have helped the writing and directing of numerous movies released today, including Killing Them Softly. I can act. I can’t really play guitar, but I can totally play, sing, and act Kurt Cobain on Nirvana with all of their songs. I also know their lyrics. So I know how to play and sing their stuff, but otherwise, I don’t really try. I’ve always considered myself being an actor.

    Honestly, I also wrote the James Holmes hoax. Take it from me, it’s a hoax. I was just trying to instigate the instigators at my website, since they don’t tell the truth directly or honestly. I really want to feel less paranoid about how people treat me and to try auditioning, if I can just do an audition.

    Height: 6ft
    Body Type: Lean
    Wieght: 145
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: dirty blonde
    Age: 25

  4. Hi my name is Jessica Hayes and I’m 33 years old. I have been involved in acting since elementary school. It has always been a dream of mine and I hope to one day have a chance at some real acting.

  5. Hey,I’m Kayla Andrews and im 14 years old. I been taking acting classes for a little while now.So I ha e a little experience in what I’m doing. I am 5`3 and I play sports but currently I been running track.I honestly can say I always wanted to be an actor.Now I’m here to do that and beat my goal. THANK You.hope to be talking to you guys soon
    HAIR: Dark Brown/black
    SKIN TONE:brown

  6. Hello my name is Catherine Kennon and I am 14 years old. I am an amateur actress as I began acting only 2 years ago and I am with the Michael Turney Agency out of Shreveport, Louisiana. I am a writer and plan to publish my first novel by the time I am 18 years old. I play the saxophone and I am an amateur dancer as well, however I have done soccer for 10 years and martial arts for 4 years. I have played the violin for 6 years, although I have since stopped, and I am an amateur pianist(self taught, playing by ear). I am a mix of Native American, African American, Thai, and German.

    Gender: Female
    Age Range: 15-23
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Body Type: Average, slightly thin with a little bit of curves
    Bust: 35 inches
    Waist: 26 inches
    Hips: 37 inches
    Shoe: 9
    Dress Size: 3/4 and 5/6
    Hair color: Dark Auburn (a little longer than shoulder length)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Tone: Olive
    Personality: Outgoing, Loud, Hyper, Interactive, Sometimes known as “proper”, Creative
    Extra skills: Writing, Rudimentary artistic ability, Saxophone, Violin(has since quit playing), Self Taught Piano(can not read music as I’ve played by listening to my notes)
    Contact Information:
    Email: ~or~

    ~~Please E-Mail me for my comp card and my Actor’s head shot as well as contact information for my agency~~

  7. 36 year old female looking to break into acting. Has been a dream of mine my whole life. Minimal experience, but it is in my heart and soul. Love Sci Fi, horror, drama, etc.

  8. Hi, I am a 20 year old female looking for my big break. I have experience in singing, acting, and participated in some beauty pageants. I have gone through alot and just wait my time to shine. I got what it takes to go big now in just waiting.

  9. New in the business ill be 18 in a few weeks my passion is stunt work, i need work and i am teady to start my career.. My whole life ive been told i look like staci peralta in lords of dog town.. And im a natural infront of the camera, i am interested in any work you have all my info is on looking forward to working with you on THE HOST.

  10. Sex: Female
    DOB: 8/23/1993
    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: green
    Height: 5’4
    Body type: Average/Athletic

    Successful family member in music business-It has given me the opportunity to grow up around cameras (music videos, award shows, live interviews, photo shoots, etc)
    Grew up in Nashville-Music City-Have been surrounded by performance my entire life
    Have had opportunities to travel the world-especially LA-to be on movie sets
    Directed and filmed independent movies
    Taken drama classes throughout school
    Danced for ten years (many performances on stage)

    Extremely outgoing/dramatic
    Take direction very well
    Incredibly driven
    Performing-in any way-is my absolute passion
    Have always been told to be an actress
    I have been through almost everything an eighteen year old could go through. I can easily relate any character to my own life and my own personality, which will give off true emotion and better my performance.
    Acting is my God given talent-If I do not act, I will be wasting my life.


  11. Sex: Female
    DOB: 8/23/1993
    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: green
    Height: 5’4
    Body type: Average/Athletic

    Successful family member in music business-It has given me the opportunity to grow up around cameras (music videos, award shows, live interviews, photo shoots, etc)
    Grew up in Nashville-Music City-Have been surrounded by performance my entire life
    Have had opportunities to travel the world-especially LA-to be on movie sets
    Directed and filmed independent movies
    Taken drama classes throughout school
    Danced for ten years (many performances on stage)

    Extremely outgoing/dramatic
    Take direction very well
    Incredibly driven
    Performing-in any way-is my absolute passion
    Have always been told to be an actress
    I have been through almost everything an eighteen year old could go through. I can easily relate any character to my own life and my own personality, which will give off true emotion and better my performance.
    Acting is my God given talent-If I do not act, I will be wasting my life.

  12. I’m unsure if the casting calls are over, however I would like to be considered as asn extra because I have actually read the book, and loved it. I love to perfom, and I’m beginning to take my acting career to another level. I’m 18, about 5’0, curl hair, brown hair and eyes, I’m tan and I weigh about 110. So just email me if you’d like to anything else. Thank you very much for your time! :)

  13. Hello my name is Sitare Lee Schlipphak and i’m 15, soon 16, years old.
    I come from germany but after my school complecion i’m going to move to Los Angeles. Since I’m 9 years old I want to become a famous actress. I do often some project in school where I already had a main role. My family and friends say that I have a big talent and I’ll make it.
    I’m looking for a movie role. I love to work in a team and everytime if I’m acting I have a lot of fun. I’m ready to rock the big screen and I always give my best.I’ll never give up to become a successful actress.

    Thank you.

  14. i am a 19 year old girl who loves to make people laugh. i love to sing, dance and act. i love the feeling you get when you make someone smile and you know your the reason for making them smile. I love when people thank me for making them smile. i know you could help me live out a dream that i have been dream and try to make come true for like 15-16 years now. I am 5feet 3 inches tall i have short brown hair brown eyes and of course love to entertain people. it’s my dream and passion. i love to help others out. i am a loving care-able kind person.

  15. Name: Noelle Cameron
    Age: 13
    DOB: August 3rd, 1998
    Hair Colour: Blonde(wavy, down to my waist)
    Eye Colour: Green
    Height: 5 feet
    Weight: 100 lbs(muscular)
    I have been doing Tae Kwon Do for 8 years and am a 3rd degree black belt. I have taken the Drama class at my school for three years now. I have was selected to be in the 7th grade drama club last year. I took voice lessons in the beginning of the summer. And sung Think Of Me From Phantom Of The Opera in the 2012 Talent Show at my school. I can do any type of accent. And the big news!!!!!! I have the lead in my school Play, I will be playing, the Little Mermaid. I have a great attitude.

  16. Hello, my name is Melissa Bryant
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Height: 5’5″
    Weight: (skinny)
    DOB: July 11th, 1989
    Hair: Blonde
    Special Talents:
    Beginer actress, good with animals.

  17. Hello, my name is Tyler Wilson. It would be a great experience to take my ability’s further. I have acting classes through gage talent on my background. I have acted in front of MMG from New York City and got accepted in their program. I am a highly intelligent person, who doesn’t give up. Once I set a goal I fulfill it; I am ready to go a step further and start auditioning for extras in movies. Whether I get the role or not I wont quit if I get a no. I am what your looking for.
    Thank you,

  18. Hi my name is Shaniqua Campbell and I’m interested in being a part of many
    of your upcoming projects. If given the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality, dependability, loyalty, hard work & dedication
    to the team. You can contact me at also check out my website for photos, video reel & more. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

    Shawna C. has the potential to be an industry favorite. Her
    professionalism and work ethics is what has kept her progressing in
    her craft. With a portfolio most models will kill for, Shawna C. has
    yet to become content with her success. After appearing in numerous
    videos, fashion shows, tv series, print modeling and commercials, Shawna C. plans
    to tap into the big screen.
    Shawna C. says she is interested in being a part of many
    upcoming projects. “If given the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality, dependability, loyalty, hard work &
    dedication to the team.

    Shaniqua Campbell
    Measurements- 34″-27″-38
    Age- 25
    Height- 5″3
    Weight- 125
    Eyes- Brown
    Hair- Dark Brown/Short
    T- Shirt size- XS/ S
    Current Location- Memphis,Tn

  19. Hi. I am 18 years old with brown hair with red highlights and hazel eyes. I am 5’2″ at 125 lbs. I have wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember. I think acting in this movie would be alot of fun, and I love Stephanie Meyer and have read her twilight series books and seen the movies. Thanks for your time.

  20. Hello, my name is Nile McCusker
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 52kg
    DOB: October 21, 1988
    Hair: Blonde
    Talents: 10 years R.A.D ballet, beginners tap,hiphop, burlesque
    Have been parttime modelling and acting since the age of 3 here in New Zealand and am trying to persue a fulltime career in acting. Please visit to view my recent headshot. (blonde one)

  21. Hello, my name is Cody Nichols.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’11″
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    DOB: February 4, 1993
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Race: Native American
    I’m a hard worker, a quick learner, and I work well with others.. I’m outgoing and easy to get along with, I follow instructions well, extremely dependable, and I do everything at the best of my ability, always putting forth the most effort in everything I do.

  22. Im 15 and an aspiring actor/singer and im looking for somewhere to test my abilities. I am aware that in life and the industry that you will come upon many rejections before you’re accepted. I have prepared myself for this and at all times im gonna give my all

  23. Name: Ashton DiPietro
    Gender: Female
    Age: Turned 14 January 13th
    Height: 5″3, 5″4
    Figure: Somewhat cruvy (: (Not heavy, not boney)
    Hair Length: About 4 inches from my waist.
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eyes: Big, Mostly green but somewhat blue.
    Attitude: ALWAYS Smiling(:
    Acting Experience: I took classes at The Acting Scene, sung in my school’s chorus production “School House Rock”.
    Random facts about me: I have no enemies, I’m a Christian, I never cuss, I always have a positive attitude, I never leave the house in a bad mood, I’ve been dieting and exercising alot lately, I absoluetely adore making new friends, I’m very photogenic, I play soccer, I have all A’s and high B’s in school, I’m in 8th grade, acting is my dream, I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and I’d be glad to take on any roles in any production you have to offer!(: Thankyou for your time!(:

  24. I am a very ambitious young man looking for a movie extra role in this film. I am motivated, energetic, and an excellent addition to this project. I am talented and would love to get into the acting business and this would be a great way for me to get started. I’m 24 5’9 Latino and very reliable and a hard worker. Hope to hear back soon! I

  25. Hi, my name is Stephanie. I have a huge passion for acting and I’m looking for my “big break”. My look is very versatile, I am very fun and pleasant to work with. I’m very positive and professional.
    Dark brown eyes
    22 yrs old
    Petite fit slim

  26. Hello, my name is Marsha Jean
    I am 5’3 and weight 118 pounds
    Live in New Jersey
    I’m 20 years old and soon to be 21
    I have never had the chance to really act, but I know that if I were to get a part in The Host I would be perfect for a part in this movie because I love romance and fantasy movies and watching Twilight and reading the books I can definitely tell that this movie will be an even greater hit by Stephenie Meyer. If I had a chance to be in The Host it would be a dream come true for me. I have seen Stephenie Meyer’s work and I would truly be honored to be in her movie. I have very good skills that would make me a great part in this movie I am very energetic, great listener, easy to work with, fast learner, great memory, I can take criticism well, and I am a very hard worker. My hair is a dark brownish, I’m very thin, and my nationality is Haitian so I speak two different languages English and Creole. This would be a great opportunity for me and would be a great kick in my new career; also I would be of great benefit to the movie no matter what role I have to play.
    Hope to hear from you soon, thank you for your time.

  27. Hi my name is Mali. I am originally from sunny Southern California, but currently reside in Denver, CO. I am energetic, a team player, a hard worker and most of all, a fan of The Host. If chosen, I promise you will not be disappointed. Thank you in advance.

    Name: Mali Isaiah

    Age: 19

    Height: 5’2 1/2

    Weight: 110

  28. Hi there my name’s Amanda,
    i’ve always had a passion and an interest in the world of acting and i’m looking to start off anywhere.
    dark brown hair
    light brown eyes
    spunky and spontaneous
    endless facial expressions
    great attitude
    have always been told I would make a great actress by many
    love working with people and a lot of fun!
    thank you!

  29. Hello!!!! My name is Shayla Salzar, I am 16 years old one away of being 17 years old. I am a Junior in High school, I play a few sport such as swimming, tennnis, soccer, and rugby. I dont many talents but I do have a talent in acting, I dont much experienced but I do have the skills because i’m a determined hard working person you’ll never want to regret meeting, I’ve been fiiling applications and auditions and i’m happy to say I’ll never give up bevause I want to know the potential and capacity of this carrer. I’m also a big huge fan Of Stephinie Meyer shes one of my favorites ever, I enjyed reading twilight. Thanks!!!!

  30. My name is Deedria Ramey, but I go by Deedee. I’m a wonderful actress, and I want to show the world my true colors. I live in Kentucky. Thanks.

  31. Hi there! I’m Martha, I’m 17, 5’4″ and I am starting my acting career. I’ve participated in some school productions both on and off-stage. I’ve read Stephanie Mayer’s book The Host and I feel I would be a good addition to the cast. I’m full of energy and motivated to work hard, creative, I am a fast learner and easy to work with. More information about me at:
    It would be great if hear a response,thank you! :)

  32. Hello my name is billy I’m 18 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes 6″0 and I would be honored to receive a chance to perform in the film ” The Host”. I have been acting for quite some time now but I have never been called back and my dream is to be an actor. I have tried so hard to be involved with the acting world but it’s so hard! I am honestly one of the sweetest people I’m easy to work with and I work well with others and easily able to complete the tasks that are required of me. I know that everyone on here says the same thing but I promise you if you respond to my interest in your production you will be quite happy you did. Thank you do much for your time an consideration! Billy Berl

  33. Acting is truely my number one passion. It is the one thing that makes me be myself in a much larger image. Acting to me is not putting on a mask it is exposing yourself in the best and greates ways.

  34. Hello, My name is Diamanisha Garner I have did some modeling before and I enjoyed it I found out that is something i would enjoying doing it made me feel good about myself made me feel lke i can be and do anything i want. I would love to make this a career and succeed in life. Thanks

  35. Hey there, my name is Cory. Ever since i was 7 (I’m 16 now) I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Act. It scares me to think about that not happening, because I know that I would be great at it if I could only be given the chance to, on film. I’m very outgoing, and easy to get along with, and I’m good at following directions. I go to a school for the performing arts, I’ve been in a few school productions that have helped me learn the art of acting. But the stage isnt enough for me. This is why I would be honored to be considered for a role in The Host. I’m just an email away. Thank you.

  36. Hello i’m Kirstie! I live in the LA area and I am an actress looking for serious work. I adore Stephenie Meyer and I would jump at the chance to be in a film based off “The Host”. Resume and headshots available upon request.

  37. Hello! My name is Elizabeth, people call me Liz I’m 13 and about to turn 14. I have almost 8 years of dance classes and I am enrolling in plays at my school! I am ready to take my acting career serious and walk through the first door! My hobbies Are volleyball, acting and dance!

  38. I should be considered to play a role in this movie because while reading the book I pictured myself as Melanie and felt what she was feeling almost like it was happening to me in real life. Everytime i put the book down the feeling stayed around for a while but then faded until i began reading again. I’m 16 & ready to take on my new year with new things such as acting & to be able to act in this film would be the resolution partly achieved.

  39. Hi, my name is Paolina Montes and I am fourteen years old.
    body size:petite
    D.O.B: November 20, 1997
    I have dark auburn hair with brown eyes. I believe this is a great oppurtunity to begin my acting career. I am very good at emotional scenes and can cry on demand. I have a very expressive face and I believe i have lots of talent. Please, consider me.
    thank you

  40. I believe that I should be considerd for this film because I can contribute my looks and talent to fill in the atmosphere.

  41. Hello, my name is Kaley Williams.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: (skinny)
    DOB: March 16, 1999
    Hair: Blonde
    Special Talents:
    Beginer actress, Experienced horseback rider, beginner’s hip hop dance, good with animals, Cross Country, soccer, & beginner’s drawing



  42. Hello I’m 13 years and I want to start an acting and modeling career. I love to act. It’s one of my many hobbies. I am athletic. I love to play sports. My favorite sport is basketball. I also play soccer and baseball. I have dark hair. I can speak English and I live in Ogden, Utah. So if you want to email me I would be more than happy to reply. THANK YOU.

  43. I’m a free spirit with a quirky personality and distinct look. The only time I’m not smiling is when I’m acting. I have light auburn hair and green eyes. I love acting. I think passion and talent go a long way and I like to think I have both, but at the very least I have passion!

  44. I’m a 19 year old former college football player looking for an opportunity. My photographer always tells me I have the face to be on camera and quite frankly I love being on camera. I’m an energetic kid who has been in major plays at my college, playing some big featured roles. I’m 5’9″ 165 pounds with dark brown hair and glacier blue eyes. Give me a shot

  45. I am ready to rock the big screen!!
    I’m 22 y/o with blonde hair
    6’0 tall
    I am wity, adventurous, and inventive.
    Hang on to your trousers!!
    The next hollywood heart-throb right here!

  46. Hello guys,
    I am a professional actor who speaks English with foreign accent, similar to Russian. My demo reel is here
    If you have any part for non English speakers please contact me.

    Best wishes, Tomislav.

  47. Hello, I am a 20 year old looking to put a foot in the door for modeling/acting. I am 5’9 with a good build.I can work easy with others and have patience. I speak very well and have a great smile. I am full italian but don’t speak any. Please feel free to shoot me an email of phone cal, thank you.

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