“Man of Steel” Auditioning for Extras

Auditions for "Man of Steel"
New Superman “Man of Steel” Casting Call

We have known him to be Superman for a very long time, but now the Man of Steel is in town and not going anywhere. Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer are in the process of creating possibly the best American Superhero film ever made! Based on one of the greatest iconic figures out of the DC Comics, Superman! The film will be a reboot so much if not all of what you have seen in Superman movies of the past will be completely forgotten and disregarded to help give this Superman a fresh start.

Clark Kent is a journalist in his mid twenties and was adopted as a baby by the Kents, Martha and Jonathan, after being transported to Earth and away from the Apocalyptic planet of Krypton. Clark has been raised with values given to him by his adoptive parents but is struggling to fit in & find his place with his unique super abilities. That is until the world is attacked and becomes Superman, defender of Earth and it’s people.

Development of the film was handled by comic book writers like Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns and Brad Meltzer. There is an estimated budget of $175 million for the film. The cast includes Henry Cavill who will be playing Superman. He’ll also be the first non-American to be cast as Superman. Supporting actors will include Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner, and more.

Casting directors for the film are currently seeking talented men, women and children to be extras for the film. The film is need of actors of all ages & all ethnicity’s are encouraged to apply! Filming will be mostly in Chicago but a few other locations across the US will be shot as well.

There will be few positions available for photo doubles & stunt doubles for the lead roles in the film.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Hi, I’m a 18 year old College Student and I would like to ask if Man of Steel 2 consider to add a new superhero(female), I would like to be a part of it.

    I dream of being an actor in TV or Movies. I had Role Plays in school so I do have some experience in school.

    I’m from Singapore and I really love to be part of a film in America.

  2. Hi, I’m a actor in Michigan and I would like to know how to find auditions for rolls and extra parts for the man of steel 2. I would love to be part of this epic film so if there’s any information on where I can send my headshot resume and demo reel to that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.Eric

  3. I’m 12 years old, female and I would absolutely LOVE to be considered for man of steel 2, I love the first film so much, and it would be an absolutely AMAZING honour to be in the second. I am of American and Scottish descent, and I have shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Once again, it would be such a great honour to be in this film. Thankyou :)

  4. My name is James Englis i am of hispanic and greek descent. I am 5.3 in height and have black hair brown eyes and i am an inspiring actor/director. I would love a chance to audition in this movie. I have done some acting in plays as Scarface and in Grease. All i ask is for a chance to prove my worth and i would appreciate you giving me your time and consideration thank you

  5. My name is Luke and I’m 13 years old. I would LOVE to be in the Man Of Steel 2! I heard that they were casting Dick Grayson/Robin (or Nightwing) for this movie and I would want to play as Robin but to just be casted as an extra would be cool to. If you need any information email me.

  6. I would like to be involved in the production but to be truthful I would rather be invoked behind the scenes like shadowing mr. Snyder

  7. Hello, I’m Rojano Dehghan. 
    I have always watched Disney Channel since born. And I’ve always wanted to become an actor & singer. I will do anything and try anything to achieve my goal no matter what people tell me.  I have been singing, dancing, and acting since I was four years old. 
    Here are some things about me:
    Gender: Girl
    Hair: Brown with natural streaks
    Eyes: Hazel & Brown
    Height: 4’9
    Age: Turning 13 August 9th 2013
    Skin type: I am naturally tan
    I live in Scottsdale, Az and I grew up here.
    I have been doing gymnastics for 6 years and have a scholarship and as well as dance.
    During my free time I love spending time with friends and family. Or I sing, dance, and listen to music. 
    I love my mom and dad. I love my mom, she always supports me through this because this was her dream as well when she was my age. And I love my dad, he also supports me too! 
    I want to do this to help my parents for struggling to keep our life together and to make everything right just for me. Even though they have been going through so much. This will not only help my family feel relieved and happy and to help them it will make my dream come true!
    This is not just a hobby or job to me it’s my life and dream. 

  8. If you want more info on myself please email. I will send Resume when I have an email to send it to.

  9. To person(s)in charge: I’m expressing interest in the Man of Steel project. Not sure if the film is completed but i believe there’s a trailer out there . I have tv and film experience recently completed work in Netflix House of Cards. It would be a honor to have th
    e opportunity to audition for this project or sequel. Contact no# 267-745-9071

  10. my son is 5. when he was 2 he was ridding a byciclw with out training wheels. when he was 24 mo. he was snowboarding. when he was 3 he was rappeling from 75ft. hes amazing

  11. hey, my name is jessie and my best friends name is autumn we wwould love to make it on the movie becuase we would see thhe movies in the theatres and when we would leave we would be like someday thats gonna be me so i would dearly appreciate if you could give us an email at iluvspongebob2010@hotmail.com i love acting dancing and singing we both do we dont care if were not the main star at least weare in a movie please sincerly with love and care , jessie and autumn we love acting

  12. I’ll be the first to admit I’m no actress like Kristen Stewart or Dakota fanning but I think from what I’ve done in my 13 years of life count for something. Whether it had nothing pertaining to acting,like sports or dance, I gave my all and the success was the result of it. My dream is to follow my dreams. I want to become a successful actress and what I have to give to make that happen is determination that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So I think I should be following my dreams and becoming part of the superman phenomenon in ” man of steel”.

  13. I am 20 yrs old looking to get into the movie industry and I’m a huge superman fan..this would be a great oppurtunity even as an extra

  14. I am able to be at a moments notice anywhere, United Airlines flies into domestic and international. For any job opportunity that can be offered to me, for this film or any other upcoming film(s) in the future. Thank You, Much. Stella

  15. Name: Ashton DiPietro
    Gender: Female
    Age: Turned 14 January 13th
    Height: 5″3, 5″4
    Figure: Somewhat cruvy (: (Not heavy, not boney)
    Hair Length: About 4 inches from my waist.
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eyes: Big, Mostly green but somewhat blue.
    Attitude: ALWAYS Smiling(:
    Acting Experience: I took classes at The Acting Scene, sung in my school’s chorus production “School House Rock”.
    Random facts about me: I have no enemies, I’m a Christian, I never cuss, I always have a positive attitude, I never leave the house in a bad mood, I’ve been dieting and exercising alot lately, I absoluetely adore making new friends, I’m very photogenic, I play soccer, I have all A’s and high B’s in school, I’m in 8th grade, acting is my dream, I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and I’d be glad to take on any roles in any production you have to offer!(: Thankyou for your time!(:

  16. Everyone is a fan of the man of steel unless you spent the last century frozen in an ice glacier. I understand nothing comes free in this world without hard work and determination. That is what you receive if im chosen for this project.

  17. I am interested in becoming an extra for this film so that I can give my charisma an opportunity to shine.

  18. I recently moved to Chicago, IL (former Californian) and am so excited to see what the big city is all about! I have exotic features, 5’3, 135 lbs and always committed to the task at hand! I will be a perfect fit for an extra in the upcoming film!

  19. I am a 16yrs old i hav loved superman since i was 7 i have even watchd smallville and completed it with out skipn evn a singo episode i would love to be apart of this

  20. Hi, my name is Paolina Montes and i think i am great for a role in this film. I am fourteen years old, but I can look 13-15 maybe 16. I am 5’2″ and my build is petite. I am very athletic and can cry on demand if it is needed. I believe I am great at acting and love if you consider me. I sent in my email adress; so, please email me if you have any questions.
    thank you

  21. I have always been a fan of the big S. I’ll be happy to play any character. I am an actor with a college degree in acting. As well, I am trained and certified in many skills that may assist this production. I have a professional photo that I’ll be happy to send to you.

  22. I would love to be involved in this production, I have loved the superman comics and movies ever since I was 3 years old. I am 13 years but can pass for 15 to 16 easily. I am 5’8 130 pounds hardworking, mature and punctuial. Please consider me.

  23. My son who is 6 loves all super heroes and loves being in the spotlight. If you have any openings for a child in this film he would definitely be a great addition. Because of his unique look he is able to pass as any ethnicity, and he loves to do accents and improv!

  24. Hello, I attend Columbia College Chicago and I really believe/know that I have what it takes to be in the movie “A MAN OF STEEL”. I would love to gain more experience in this industry and learn about it at the same time other then what I’m learning in school about actingl. I am a great candidate and I have what it takes…Thanks in advance!!

  25. Hello, my name is alex penwitt I currently reside in the south suburbs of Chicago so i live close. I am currently looking for a spot as an extra to honestly see what this industry is all about. I am very hard working and would be willing to do anything on the set.

  26. I am 18 years old and looking deeply into this industry. I understand it is rare to just land a major role so for that reason I would be very grateful for even a job as an extra. I live in Belleville, MI. My family told me that I remind them of a young superman and thats why when i saw this audition, i figured i would fill it out. I am a very hard working and i never give up on anything i care about. i will push myself to be the best for others but more importantly myself. My commiment is my best quality and that is why i think i am the perfect person for thing type of movie in anyway.

  27. I have loved Superman and all things comic since childhood. It would be a godsend to be in a film across from Kevin Costner and Russel Crowe. I want to start a career in acting and i would do anything for this to be my chances to breakout and get my face out there. Im young driven and passionate. I am your man for this.

  28. I should be considered for the Man of Steel because ever since I was little I felt that I had this special gift about me. I didnt know what it was and I still dont but I have this weird feeling sometimes that I can make a difference in many ways. It is hard to explain but I feel that I can relate to Clark Kent and would be able to play a role that works with him or is an accomplice of his. Also I would love the opportunity to get myself out there. I have little experience but since I am only 20 I am persuing this profession as much as I can. I have workshops lined up and classes scheduled for next semester, I really want to be successful. Thank you for reading.

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