Feature Film Auditions for “American Reunion”

Feature Film Auditions "American Reunion"
Casting for new Feature Film "American Reunion"
Feature Film Auditions "American Reunion"
Casting for new Feature Film “American Reunion”

Are you a true fan of American Pie? If so you should be ecstatic about the upcoming comedy film, American Reunion, the 4th addition to the American Pie original film series that will be directed by Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg. Eight films in total have been made for the American Pie series but not all included the original cast. The original American Pie cast from 1999 will return for their High School reunion in this sure to be Hilarious Comedy. Returning actors include, Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Mena Suvari, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer Coolidge.

The casting director is seeking a variety of men and women in all shapes and sizes that have little to no prior acting experience that would be interested being extras in the film. Main role for extras will be fellow class mates featured in the class reunion scenes of the film. Over 300 extras will be used in this film!

The film has one primary speaking role open for one attractive female actress who is comfortable having upper frontal nudity. This will be a great opportunity for any actress or model to have their career take off. You do not have to be a professional signed model or actress to take part in this film, you just have to have the courage to do a role like this. The film will be shot in HD and all of the talent who are booked will be contacted by the casting department. Every talent has to audition for the role they are going for. Make sure to submit your contact info and a photo to be considered. Good luck!

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  1. Hello, Im Jessica, 23 yrs old and I have some experience that I would love to explore, my talent is Acting and Modeling, Ive played in Detroit BADBOYS, and in Model Mayhem, Im ready to crack my shell open and use my acting to its advantage, this is my life.

  2. I’ve worked in cooperate American for the past 6 years and was just let go. I’d like to really take some time to get myself out there in the great city of ATL. I was thinking any extra work would be a great place to start. I’m 6’2, 185 pounds. I have dreadlocks that are neat and always fresh. Hope to hear from someone. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  3. i am a 19 year old girl who loves to make people laugh. i love to sing, dance and act. i love the feeling you get when you make someone smile and you know your the reason for making them smile. I love when people thank me for making them smile. i know you could help me live out a dream that i have been dream and try to make come true for like 15-16 years now. I am 5feet 3 inches tall i have short brown hair brown eyes and of course love to entertain people. it’s my dream and passion. i love to help others out. i am a loving care-able kind person.

  4. Hi my name is Shaniqua Campbell and I’m interested in being a part of many
    of your upcoming projects. If given the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality, dependability, loyalty, hard work & dedication
    to the team. You can contact me at ShawnaC.com@gmail.com also check out my website http://www.ShawnaC.com for photos, video reel & more. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

    Shawna C. has the potential to be an industry favorite. Her
    professionalism and work ethics is what has kept her progressing in
    her craft. With a portfolio most models will kill for, Shawna C. has
    yet to become content with her success. After appearing in numerous
    videos, fashion shows, tv series, print modeling and commercials, Shawna C. plans
    to tap into the big screen.
    Shawna C. says she is interested in being a part of many
    upcoming projects. “If given the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality, dependability, loyalty, hard work &
    dedication to the team.

    Shaniqua Campbell
    Measurements- 34″-27″-38
    Age- 25
    Height- 5″3
    Weight- 125
    Eyes- Brown
    Hair- Dark Brown/Short
    T- Shirt size- XS/ S
    Current Location- Memphis,Tn
    Links- ShawnaC.com

  5. 23 years old girl , with sweet bulgarian accent ….. it’s funny even when you are listening my voice , love work with people , different people , different situations :) Let’s have some fun ;)

  6. I should be considered for an American Reunion because I have some experience , I’m a very good looking girl and I’m also looking forward to build a very strong resume. Besides I’m fluent in English and Spanish and I would like to do the diference in the movie .

  7. I should be considered for an American Reunion because I have some experience , I’m a very good looking girl and I’m also looking forward to build a very strong resume. Besides I’m fluent in English and Spanish and I would like to do the diference in the movie .

  8. My charisma will definitely shine in this film or any other film, whether it’s comedy, action etc.

  9. I should be considered because I would be open to any wild and crazy request needed for the movie all of the other movies always need that 1 person that was crazy enough to do a scen and that’s me I also would do my job well as an extra and would be available for travel at anytime

  10. I am a dedicated, hard working young women. I am open to experience, as well as express my ideas and imagination. Thanks for your time as well as consideration.

  11. Hi my name is Donald Pomeroy
    I am a great actor as well as a huge fan of the American pie series. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to audition for any roll in this awsome movie.
    Description: 6’tall, light brn hair, grey eyes, athletic build, white w nice tan.

    Thank You for your time
    Donald Pomeroy

  12. Hey Im Ronnie. I think I should be an extra on this movie because there has never really been a funny outgoing black guy on this series and I can make a great impact even if I have no lines. I have no experience what so ever but Im ready to get some experience I love having a good time and I know me being on this cast will be nothing but fun an funny hahah!

  13. I am a background extra, I have had a featured part in the upcoming film shot in atlanta, called until we meet again, I have worked as an actor fir 10years, since age 16. And the reason why I want to be in this film is because I live american pie I love to act and interteain, I want to start my career off simply by staring in roles and having fun which I always do when filming. I can relate to american pie because of the girls and always wanting to have sex and I know when im on camra that typical guy comes out.

  14. i feel like i am a great funny wild guy with a the best personality i love to make people laugh and smile i am 22 and from michigan a small town call plymouth.
    i am a huge fan of the american pie movies i am so different from the next guy :)

  15. I love all the american pie movies. I am a huge sean william scott fan, he is hilaroius and a great actor. I have literally devoted my life to being as outgoing and as crazy as stiffler when I go out to parties and clubs. Stiffler is kind of my inspiration. I’m 5′ 11″, in great shape and I have a great sense of humor, so I would love to be the butt of some jokes, especially if they are made by stiffler.

  16. I love acting and I have a great sense of humor. Im african american female and I also feel that there should be a little more diversity and thats where i come from=).Im outgoing fun and very easy to work with I will be perfect for this position

  17. Like Sean Parker’s comment, I feel the same way. Not enough African American influence! But its not called African Pie! I am an African American male with bright smile and an easy attitude and if given the chance, you can see how my sense of humor catches everybody!

  18. I think that I would make a great addition to the American Reunion Movie. I have seen them a ton of times and I love watching them. I can act and I may not be as beautiful as somebody else but I am original and I can adapt to any situation that I am put in. I did some acting in school. I want to get into the acting business and I know that this would be a great start.

  19. I would love to have an opprotunity to be in the American Reunion. I could play a cousin to someone, and could definatley bring some laughs, Everyone says i have missed my calling with comedy/acting. Please consider me for an opportunity. Thank you.

  20. I should be chose because their was no REAL African American comedic presence in the series. I would add a new dynamic and demographic to your movie!!!!

  21. I’m Harry 20 years old with a great body. Played football all through high school. I attend the Art institute of Nashville,TN. Now I’m just trying to make some extra money.

  22. I should be in this movie number 1 is because i am probably the most going guy ever! I am 18 years old and i am 5ft 7in and i have seen all of the American pie movies. I think that they are freaking hilarious. I am charming and good looking and i make almost everyone around me laugh so i am sure i cn make you guys laugh! I have some experience in this industry but i want more then anything to be an actor! Please Please please give me a call i promise you wont be disappointed. I am ready to shine and start off my acting career!

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