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The feature film featuring Just Timberlake is back in action after he returned to the set of this sci-fi thriller feature film called “Now”, which was put on hold after the singer injured a calf muscle during shooting in early December. The film’s extras casting director is holding open casting calls for attractive young adults who have not yet worked on the project.The feature film takes place in a not-to-distant future where time dictates all aspects of life.

Population control is regulated by stopping the aging gene at 25years, roughly when an individuals brain becomes full mature – at which point a “body clock” begins a countdown to death.

The clock displays on a persons wrist under the skin, and time is transferred via a high tech hand-shake that utilizes the body’s natural electricity in the pulse. Wealthy people can live forever by purchasing additional “life time,” but the poor die when the clock hits zero.

Due to this storyline, the film is in need of additional good looking young adult extras who fit specific needs. They are casting what is called “19 to look younger” in the business. It simply means that production needs people who are above 18, but appear to be under 18 years of age.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested in
    auditioning for the ” MOVIE EXTRAS ” I absolutely will love
    to be apart of it. I am located in Long Beach California and willing to travel.
    You can contact me on my email or cell phone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

  2. Hey I’m Faith im10 and I have no experience but I can pretend to hurt my to hurt myself and cry on point I want this and need it for my family and myself please I just want to learn wht to do

  3. Hello, my name is Caitlin I am eighteen years of age and have been actin since the age of four I have been in many theatrical performances a few touring groups including the Equality project an I’ve been on telivision in Korea and have modeling experience, If needed I can provide a resume, I am 4,9 female with short brown hair weighing 99 pounds. With a go getter attitude.

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  5. Melanie Female
    17 but really soon having 18
    Go to college in PR
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 125
    Skin color: white
    Languages: Spanish, English

  6. Hey I’m Angelina Costanzo. I’m 13! I love to act <3 .. I look older! I have an outgoing personality and I love to laugh and act dramatic!!! I would love to have a role in a movie or show … Being an background person is fine too .. Xoxo ~angie

  7. I am the perfect girl for this extra! I am 24 years old, and i have been told that I look about 15. I have a son and he is two, and people are always thinking i am a teenage mom because of how young I look. I have always wanted to be an actress and even though i don’t have experience, i am willing to learn and very dedicated to this.

  8. POCHA
    My Contact: 8473729029 Mobile
    Facebook Profile Link:
    Contact Information: 1(847)372-9029

    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Contacts: Sometimes
    Eyeglasses: Sometimes
    Eye Color: Medium Brown
    Hair Color: Medium Brown
    Hair Texture: Medium Curly or Straight
    Length: Long
    Skin Color: LA Tan
    Freckles/ Blemishes: None
    Tattoos/ Piercings: None
    Dress Size: 2, 4 & 7
    Shoe Size: 9 ½, or 10
    Bust: 34B
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 137
    Waist: 25
    Hips: 39
    Shirt: S, M
    Ethnicity: Native-indian- Belizian-chinese- Afro-Caribbean
    Language: Fully Bilingual Spanish & English & creole
    Location: las vegas/ Chicago,IL
    Major Motion Picture Movie Extra – Video Production Casting Director Assistant – Actress – Back-Up Dancer – Back-Up Singer – Up in Coming Artist Admin – Club & VIP Event Promoter – Spokes Model – Celebrity Host Showcase & Front Audience Model – Print Model – Caribbean Model NYC Carnival – Promotional & Marketing Model – Wines & Spirits Model – Front Audience Judge Shows – Trunk Show Model & Fashion Shows – Brand Ambassador – VIP Bottle Service Model – Commercial – Relaxation & Stress Free Masseuse – Music Video Actress & Model…
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    Model, Dancer & Actress: POCHA
    Contact Information: 1(847)372-9029

  9. Hey im a very logical common sense down to earth kind of person. Im in sales so I know about the time and the place to exuberate my sense of eccentricity and time of seriousness when need be. Im a drivin professional individual who just so happens to be the black sheep and the youngest in the family. Im also asian an as far as finding a non stuck up studious out going out spoken Ive been told im one of a kind, trusting and loyal.

  10. I’m Maryssa Briggs, I am 18 years old. I’m very athletic and love to do outdoorsie things. I train horses, surf, snowboard, paddleboard, and love beach volleyball. I’m super friendly and outgoing. I am one of the MOST fun people to work with. You should definitely consider me.

  11. Hello,
    My name is Rochelle, and I have a passion for acting! I have had lead roles in plays throughout my life and would love to be an extra in this movie! I am almost twenty, but everyone I meet says that I look several years younger than that. I know I would be a perfect fit for this movie, and I would be honored to be a part of it!

  12. I’m 19 years old, I have no acting experience whatsoever. I have the drive though. And the story behind this movie is just absolutely astonishing. One of my many talents would be singing, although that may not have a part in this movie. Thanks :]

  13. I think this is a wonderful storyline and would like to represent the African American community in this awsome production!

  14. Hello my name is Wil “Welove” Bowie i’m a 29 years young African American male. People who know me say i’m a the life of the party, fun, outgoing and just down to earth. I think you should seriously consider me because 1. i don’t look my age 2.I can be Multi Dimensional and 3.I’m very flexible when it comes to being a character.:) I feel like i could be a great asset to this movie production I’m very hardworking and fun loving I’m destined for success and I know this will be the door opener for much more. Everyone that meets me or knows me always say i don’t look my age so i know that would work in my favor :) so please really consider me for this movie. Thank you for your time!

  15. My name is Stephanie Saint-Aubin and I’m a 24 year old black female of Haitian descent. People who know me generally describe me as crazy as shit (but in a good way, of course), loud, very opinionated, bourgeouis, intelligent, and an overall good time. I love to enjoy myself and don’t take life too seriously. You can usually find me partying with my friends, shopping, partying, exercising my road rage (lol), partying, showing off my ASSets, and did I mention partying? :-) I’m a college graduate with no damn idea of what I ultimately want to do with my life, so in the meantime, why not just do whatever the hell I want, how I want, when I want? :-)

    Soooo, it’d be n your best interests to CAST ME!! No, seriously. ;-)

  16. My name is Ricky Santa Maria and I am 18 almost 19 and I think i should be submitted for this audition because i have an out going personality and i am good looking. I love to act and sing and i have wanted to be an actor since i was three. I have been on a commerical and i have had a couple tv interviews. Also i have been in solo and ensemble competitions for singing and i have been in a few plays/musicals in high school. I am also very charming, have excellent communication skills and i am well spoken. And i am pretty sure i will be able to make you laugh. if you would please give me a chance that would be great. thanks

  17. My name is Marina live in Santee, CA. I’m 26, 4’11 petite. I look younger for my age cuz of my height but I have great personality, funny, nice, very sweet, kind, helper. I would do any extras, background extras anything needed I am the girl. Please let me know or contact me. Have good day. -Marina

  18. Hello!
    My name is Tiffany and I’m 20 years old. I can look a lot younger then my age depending on how I dress. Many people think sometimes I look form 17-19 years old. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. I have passion for film and I would love to work as an actress or background extra. I mainly a background character in my high school plays and I also had the privilege of being an extra in a upcoming film called “Parker”. I’m quite social, I enjoy meeting new people, I’m very good at fallowing directions. I’m athletic, open-minded, and very good with working with people. I would be honored with the opportunity to be in your film!

  19. Hello my name is Alicia Louis and I am more than ready to take my career to the next level!! I am 27years young and has always been told that i look younger. I am a driven and charasmatic individual who is HUNGRY for an opportunity to be in the entertainment industry. I pride myself on the amazing ability to sing, dance, and act which i have done since i was three. I would be Great as an extra in this movie, I am a fast learner and easy going social bufferfly!!! Chose me and you will forget about the rest.

  20. Hi my name is Landon Sudberry Im 18, male, 6′ 2″ tall, 170lbs. Look like im about 16 or 17. Interested in the postion. I think I fit the descriptions real well. Thanks, Landon Sudberry

  21. My name is Jessica Garcia and I am 18 years old, but ive always been told I look younger. I have acted in 15 plays and productions, as well as directed, written, and stage managed. I have also been in several show choirs. I have received awards for acting and singing, such as All star cast and Best supporting actress, as well as several 1st place awards in singing competitions. I was in the Guadalupe County 2010 Junior Miss pageant, and am scheduled to audition for HBO’s True blood. I am a charasmatic and energetic actress and perfomer, and I would love the opportunity to be an extra in a movie and pursue my dream to be in the entertainment industry.

  22. Hi! My name is Laura Gray. I am 22 but look much younger than my age. I’m constantly being questioned whether I’m as old as I say I am. I would love to be considered to be a movie extra. I am very out-going, spunky, spontaneous, funny, dramatic, and even a little crazy (the good crazy)! This is the only way I know to express my personality. It’s been my dream to be in the spot light for quite sometime. So I’m ready to make my dreams come true! I’m a fast learner, good listener, open to constructive critisim,and work well with others. I use to do drama plays in highschool and I absolutely loved it. I look forward to hearing from you so you can see the potential I have! :)

  23. I should be considered for a movie extra because I match the age requirements, and I easily look younger than 18 yrs. of age (when I enter an establishment where you must be 18+ or 21+ I’m carded instantly and I’m 22 yrs old.) Im told by many I’m a natural beauty (I don’t wear make up), I draw attention most places I go (unintentionally) because of my intrancing smile, my luminous energy, physical attraction and exotic style, mostly because of my confidence to be me without caring what others think my personality is colorful, fun loving, care free, laid back, exciting, and interesting. Business wise I’m self motivated, self starter, a great listener, fast learner, I’m easy to get along with and I work well with others and independently…. Besides we are talking bout being a movie extra not playing the starring roll, in otherwords, cake walk;-)…

  24. My name is Nicole. I am a very social, fun, and hardworking person. I remember things easily and I am a very fast learner. Many women and men compliment me on my looks, they always say I should act or model and that I have a natural beauty. I would love to have the opportunity for this.

  25. I took a drama class in High School and while I feel I’m not Shakespearean quality right now, I feel that if given the opportunity my personality and overall care of the well being of those around me I could make a great difference. I have been told I look much younger than I am (which used to frustrate me) and I’ve been refused the purchase of cough medicine even after multiple shows of valid IDs. I love to learn and I’m very open to new experiences. Thank you for the opportunity to present my talents to you and those looking for somene like me.

  26. I look a lot younger than I am! Whenever I have to present my ID, the person checking always does a double take!! I have had it held to the light to ensure it’s not a fake too, more than once!! Plus I’m not so bad on the eyes!!

  27. I think I should be an movie extra because I been wanting to be an actress my entire life I used to role play when I was a little girl I have no experience but im a very hard worker, fast learner , and take jobs very seriously I have what it take to be an actor I just hope you see the potential in me.

  28. Hair-Blk
    Body Type-Athletic

    My name is Cost Lee Hester and I am 19 years old
    People think I’m 17. I don’t complain. I’ve done theater in high school
    before. All my motivation comes from my little boy and my wife. I love them so much.
    and that’s why I want this so bad. Thank you.

  29. I should be considered for this audition because I want to be a movie star and I will prove that Im perfect for the job.

  30. Hello my name is Alayshia Barriner. Im 25 yrs old but people always say i look much much younger. I graduated from Cheyney University and basicly i thought once I graduated i would feel finally completed but I dont. Im going to be perfectly honest I have absolutly no training in acting at all. I think if you consider me as a person of intrest in your film i can bring raw never before seen talent. By any means am I high maintance im just a regular girl from North Philly looking for a chance to prove I have talent and im willing to work hard to achieve anything i want in life

  31. Hi, my name is Michelle, I am 19 years old, 5’8″ 120 pounds, blonde hair blue eyes, Email me for pictures, you won’t be disappointed. I have a cute quirky attitude, and soft features.

  32. i love to act! and im not just saying that because thats something anyone would say, but for me its true not much experience but easy to work with, hard working, responsible, energetic and will bust my ass to be someone, and work hard for anything.

  33. Hello my is Deanna and i am 22 years old but everyone tells me i look like im still in high school. sometimes when a guy im not attrached to tries to talk to me i pretend like i am still in high school. And they believe me which is hilarious to me. ive always wanted to be an actress. i attend John Casablancas to learn more about the business. please email me if interested. thank you have a nice day.

  34. I am a 17 year old Latino, with a height of 6’2″, average body and pretty good looking. Learning is amazing and I am an outgoing person. Having this opportunity will mean a great deal to me and I will make sure you will not regret choosing me.

  35. I should be considered for this audition because since I was little I have always wanted to be on camera. I have done theater for years but local stuff isnt cutting it anymore. I have auditioned for many roles on TV and Film but I guess my unique look is hard to cast a family around. I am half black, half white. I can play any role from goody-two-shoes to mean girl to loner to freak(:

  36. Hello, my name is Tony Baumgartner, and I understand how this business is and that your time, along with my own is just as important as the money we make to pay our bills, so I will keep this short. I’m an actor/model who has grown up in Florida, I’m 20 (and am capable of looking younger), I have experience in film, theatre, television, and a little commercial. I also have a great technical background too! If you think I might have the possibilities to be apart of your team(Which I believe is true), you can email me for a resume, photos, website, and references.

    “Let’s Work Together!”

    -Tony Baumgartner

  37. Hey, so I am 18 but I do get mistaken sometimes as a sophmore in high school. X) all bad lol. I have no idea how long this post has been here and if it is still going on, But i would love the chance :)

  38. Age – 21
    Height – 5’7″
    Weight – 130, Athletic Build
    Hair – Long, golden brown
    Eyes – Hazel
    Ethnicity – Caucasian

    I am lively, yet focused and motivated. I find biology and science extremely appealing and I have always daydreamed about life in different circumstances.

  39. hey, my name is somphone saengkhed but call me sam for short. I should be considered for the movie extra because im just an amazing person. I got it all, the looks, personality & the charisma. I may be very different from other people but thats what the world needs, someone different so others can know being different is fine.

  40. Hi my name is jennifer bodyova i live in Toronto Canada ,im 12 years old .I think that i should be considered for the movie NOW beacuse its always been a dream of mine and beacuse i love working with people and meeting new people.Ever since i was a little girl i dreamed of beening in a movie this would be a huge thing for me and my family .

    Hair : Brown
    Eyes : light brown
    Age : 12
    Grade : grade 7
    Talent : love to act , play sports , dance ,and meeting people
    Dream: Being in this movie, and working with famous people

    Lots of people think i look older ,,, and have fun when they are around me . i love having fun . If you reading this you might be saying to your self that im just like the other girl , but im not . What made me do this was my dream, but mostly following Selena Gomezs steps. If someone asked me who is your favourite character in this show i wouldnt even this about it I would say everyone.I just want to have fun and live my dream and life . You wouldnt now how much this meens to me. PLEASE, I WOULD EVEN TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD FOR THIS DREAM TO COME TRUE .. EVERYONE HAS DREAMS AND THIS IS MINE .. PLEASE… ;( … Everytime i hear of things like this … of auditions i always want to cry . beacuse so many times i never get the part …I would understand if i wouldnt be in this movie … My life is horrible …. Oh if only you would understand …. I now im only 12 years old but i have a mind of an older person .. i understand how to lose a person .. i understand how people feel everyday …. i understand how people feel when they do and dont get this part …. i understand how to be loved .. . You dont understand if i get this part of being in your movie then i would have more opportunities like this …….. PLEASE …. thank you

    Contact me at 416 242 8504

  41. Hi my name is Brandon Acid, Im 18 years old. I can act, play guitar, dance,play drums, write, and model. “VERY OUT GOING, BUT HUMBLE, LOLOL”… I come from a very talented family, so you could say it’s “IN MY BLOOD.” CHECK ME OUT ON FACE BOOK!!!!!! AND YES ACID IS MY REALLLLL NAME…..LOLOLOL….

  42. hey its victor am 16 years old and i just wanna say i think you guys should pick me cause am a energetic teen, il do what ever you guys like me to do and my goal since i was little was to come out on TV so if you guys give me a chance il do the best i can to make you guys happy, well thank you for your time and have a awesome day.

  43. i have attended ITS in New Orleans La. i love to act , i am good with direction,i work well with others i’m funny and i can be sweet . i am very dramatic, very easy crier, and if taught moves can be a wonderful dancer. Also i was a cheerleader for about 6 or 7 years so i,m good for acrobatic roles or cheer movies. Great personality and fun to work with. Also i’m 27 but look about 18.
    Thanks and hope to be working with you soon.

  44. My name is Sean Reese. I am a self-motivated individual that takes direction and criticism very well. I communicate well and always enjoy interacting with new and various types of people. I am always ready and willing for any and all challenges that are thrown my way weather it is early auditions and castings or just doing various types of performances. I am very out going and I like to have fun with everything I do but in an organized and professional manner.

    I was born in a small town called Sharon Pennsylaviana. I am 21 years old and I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My mother and my aunt along with my siblings are a wonderful support system as I reach my goals in life. As a child I loved participating in school functions such as show choir and theater. I enjoy giving back to my community by volunteering to educate and keep our kids safe. My decision to become a Model / Actor was an easy one because I am doing something I love and very passionate about and the oppertunities in the industry are endless.

  45. HEY THERE!!
    Most people say that they are outgoing,fun and energetic. Well I’ll tell you what, with me, you never know what your going to get. Kinda like a box of chocolates. haha. Im not the person to brag or beg, BUT, I will say that I can bring a whole lot to the table!
    On that note, I would love to be considered! Thanks! :)

  46. Name:Alexandra Sandoval
    Weight: 90lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic

    I think i would be a great canidate due to the fact that i am very outgoing and energetic. I love networking and expanding my resources. I have a great personality and always have a smile on my face. I am fun to be around but when it comes down to business i am very professional.

  47. Hi my name is Karlie and I am 13. I should be considered for the movie Now because I am kind and a hard worker. I practice monolouges all the time and can remember them fast. I can act out the emotion the monolouge requires. I always have a smile on my face. If it is a bad day I make the best out of it. Thank you for reading my comment. Hope to hear from you soon.

  48. My name is Ferlene and I am a mid-20s Asian female from Australia who can also speak in an American accent. I have been told and mistaken by strangers for a teenager and have always wanted to act. I would like to get into acting to tell a story and to be able to become someone else and to experience that life would be amazing. I just need an opportunity to prove my talent, even as a background cast will be awesome. Really hoping to get an opportunity, your time will not be wasted.

  49. Hello, my name is Ashley. I’m not sure if it’s too late to post on this but I am intersted in being in this film. I am 19 years old. I’ve been told i look “exotic”, I am puerto rican and black, i have dark hair and grey eyes. I’m about 5’4″, athletic build. I am able to travel where ever and when ever. If I get the chance to be in this film, i guarantee you will be pleased!

  50. My name is Samantha and acting is something i’ve always dreamed of doing. I’m 19 and look like im 17 or 18 yrs old. I’m 5’8 and weigh 115lbs. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and over all a good looking young adult. If your interested in pictures or more information feel free to e-mail me. Thanks for your time.

  51. my name is gionna and i love singing,dancing and acting. i dance with alvin ailey and american ballet company.i traveled to africa and india to dance. i have such a strong passion for dancing ,acting, singing.i am the captin of the cheerleading,volleyball and soccer team. i can do whatever is asked of me and love to learn new things

  52. I have a very talented dog if you guys ever need one he knows a lot on tricks and is a male miniature schnauzer please consider if need a dog on the show!!

  53. I am 19yrs. old and I was recently casted as an extra in some other new films being shot which is LOL and Detroit187. I have a lot to bring to the table which is high energy, very motivated and very well spoken, a five star personality and attitude, very flexible, outgoing, with leadership skills, as well as being confident in the spotlight.

  54. I am seriously interested in your suggestion. The job is that, I always wanted to reveal my talent of acting and starring at different shows, films. I’m outgoing and communication-able person, who can easily take any friendly orders from film-director, script-writer or other people engaged in this business. I’m able to work with groups as with pairs. Thank you in advance! AGE:13 (REGARDLESS MY AGE,I’M QUITE TALL, SO I CAN BE USEFUL FOR 14 AND 15 YEARS OLD HEROES)

  55. hi. i am 22 but people mistakenly says im 18. i would want to be a part of your movie. everybody says i have an exotic beauty. i noticed that every time i go out with no make up on, guys tend to notice me and some would even stop me to say that im beautiful.

  56. I am 18 years old with a lot of life in front of me, Ive got the height (5’11) and the looks (athletic build, blond hair and blue eyes) I have been striving for many years to accomplish my dream of becoming an actress/model and i am determined and committed to work hard everyday until i reach that point. pick me and i guarantee you will be more than satisfied

  57. I should be considered for an audition because I am easy to work with and would be great for a role on the show. I am a highly motivated individual who prides himself in determination and commitment. I am 19 years old, 6’2”, blue eyes, blonde hair, and a lean muscle build. I love to act and would describe myself as a total goofball. I love to have fun but when it’s time to get serious I can be all business. Give me a shot, I won’t disappoint.

  58. My name is Jesse Ray Roranes & I am a mtf transgender. Although I am physically a male, I consider myself a woman. I act, dress, & look like a woman. I also tell myself that I am special, unique, strong. & I like to think that I am beautiful inside & out. I have experienced a variety of turbulences in my life. But I never give up. I am smart & I am hungry for success. This will be my oppurtunity to branch out & finally share my stories of surviving.

  59. I attend Starstruck Performing Arts Center in Stuart, Florida. Have experience in acting, dancing and singing. I love to perform!

  60. Hello my name is Kha’len. I live in Atlanta,Georgia. I’m 14 years old about to be 15 january 26. I’m very active and I love to have fun. I have experience in the acting field and I was told I am a natural and a professional . I have various different talents.I have a unique personality , I’m funny, I have manors, I follow directions, I’m a quick grasper, and an intelligent young man. I have good strategy at figuring out things if I put my mind to it. I’m an A and B honor roll student. I think my personality would bring a great deal of comedyand ratings to the show. I would like to be the one to make a difference in young peoples lives. Especially, since I’m a young Black African male. I would like to make a difference in everyones lives. I would like to show them if i did it then they could too. Also, I think it’s a great way to have fun and do something new. Please notify me if you guys are interested in me, thank you for your time and patience.

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