Joe Dirt 2 Casting Call for Male and Female Extras

Joe Dirt 2 casting call for male and female extras to work on December 2nd in Covington, Louisiana.

David Spade who starred as Joe Dirt in the film by the same name will be returning to the big screen in the sequel Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. Joe is a “white trash” young guy who it seems has been a complete failure. Joe’s amazing qualities are revealed when he touches the lives of those he comes to know during his search for his real parents. He gains an entire new family of close friends as a result.

Joe Dirt 2 will be produced by Amy S. Kim and Adam Sandler. The film was written by David Spade and Fred Wolf. David will star as Joe Dirt and Fred will direct the project. The film will be distributed by and will more than likely premiere on the website in 2015.

Joe Dirt 2 is currently filming in New Orleans, Louisiana. The casting team of Central Casting has released a casting call seeking clean cut male and female extras to work on Dec. 2nd in Covington, LA. Extras must be over the age of 18 and older but must look younger. Extras interested in taking part in this film shoot. Read the casting call below.

Joe Dirt 2 Casting Call

Central Casting Louisiana


*** Joe Dirt 2 – Working on Tuesday 12/2 ***

We are now taking submissions for clean cut and young looking males and females to work on Tuesday 12/2 in Covington, LA. You must be 18 years old or older, but look very young and very clean cut / wholesome.

Please submit a picture of yourself and your contact info to Please put Tuesday in the subject line of your email.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


  1. Hello my name is mando ceballos, I’m 6’2 240 pounds and would love to work and be apart of this film, even if it’s a small part, it will give me expierence and get my foot in the door to becoming an actor, since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to become one and have even made my own films and skits. Thank you for you for your time.

  2. My kids would be perfect for the part. They are triplets, ages 16. They have natural talent and would be great for them. My son speaks mandarin, very athletic (plays baseball and basketball),is a hip hop dancer and is very funny. My daughter does sign language. They would love to be part of this exciting adventure.

  3. This would be an honor to be apart of the crew! Even if its only for a few mins. I am 19 and took drama classes in high school. Being an extra would put me in the right direction for my career. I have always wanted to be an actress. This would be a great first part to start out with. Thank you for your time.

  4. Hi, I live in France but am originally a Southern Belle from South Louisiana. I would really like to have this opportunity to put my energetic, fun, and self-motivating character to good use. I encourage you to call or email me at your earliest convenience to discuss this project and/or any future work and helping your company in promoting it.
    Kindest Regards,
    Donna GUIDRY

  5. hello my name is jesse blinson im very intrested i auditioning in joe Dirt 2 and thank you for the opportunity of the submitting my info

  6. My name is Denaeja Brown, I am 17 years old and have always dreamt of becoming a famous actress and singer. I loved the first Joe Dirt, it is one of my favorite movies and I would be more than honored to play a role in Joe Dirt 2. I am a very hard worker, a good listener, and willing to do whatever it takes. Prepare to be amazed.

  7. Hey my name is Joshua I’m 25 and I’m willing to travel any place there is.I’ve always wanted to be a actor.its my dream I make it my life.I am all ways joking around.I’m a comedy or email me day or night.thanks

  8. Hello my name is Tim Howell I’m very intrested in auditioning in Joe dirt 2 and thank you for the opportunity of submitting my info..

  9. My name is Emily Davis and i live in Canada. I’m in grade 11, im 16 years old and i have been in drama since grade 7. I am 5’9, 200 pounds, my hair is naturally dark brown but i have dyed it black. Ive got a tooth gap. Ive wanted to act for as long as i can remember. Im extremely good at memorizing lines and I am very good at playing different roles. Im willing to do whatever it takes to get into the movie business. I hope to hear from you.

  10. My name is Aimee and I would love to be an extra in Joe Dirt 2! I am about 5′ 3″ in height and weigh 98 pounds. I am also 19 years old and have dark hair and dark eyes. I live in Illinois but love to travel so that will be no problem for me. I would absolutely love to help out with this movie!

  11. They call me Timothy McCoy i’m 6’6, 20 years young, white blonde headed male born and raised in Texas and i love acting. Anything involving acting i love, was in drama class for 2 years and I was involved in an improve group. I love the joe dirt movie and would be incredibly grateful to be apart of the sequel.

  12. Hi. My name is Heather bolin. I’m 22 years old and I live in Chester sc. I believe I deserve a chance to be an extra because I’m trying to build my resume/portfolio. I was in love with the first Joe dirt so it would be an honor if I was able to participate in part 2. I know you won’t regret it. I pay attention, do my job correctly but I have fun doin it! Can’t wait to here back from you!

  13. My name is Austin and I would love to be an extra in Joe Dirt 2!
    I have loved acting my whole life I have done multiple plays, but I have never acted in a big film.
    I’m 17 years old I stand about 6’3 I’m a little chunky but not huge! I’m also what certain peoplw call a redneck but I just think of myself as a chocolate fed country boy! People love me for my sense of humor and facial expressions, especially when I act! I want to get a start in movie acting and I believe this would be a great start for me! Please choose me for working on this film or keep me in min for more to come in the future, thanks so much! -Austin

  14. Hi I’m 13 years old black hair long brown curly hair 5,3 and I’m smart good at acting you can kik me or email me or call my kid is ivery_gatluv

  15. My name isjohnny im 18
    Im 6’3 light skin Mexican itallin im funny and open minded too newthings like acting i have dark brown hair and hazel eyes contact me

  16. My name is Nathaniel Williams from North Little Rock, AR. I am a professional comedian looking for a break. If its a 5 second shot to a 1min I’ll be more than humble to travel to be apart of this film. Thanks in advance for the opportunity

  17. Hi my name is Stephanie Hinkle from Tulsa Oklahoma I would love to be a part of joe dirt 2 I do not have any acting skills but need to start somewhere I would love a walk in role if available and if you are interested please email or call

  18. Hello Disney . My dream is become an actress as Dove Cameron i sought many auditions but is very difisil and cent that this is a great opportunity open . Please demen 1 opportunity

  19. Hello, my name is Taylor and I’m 18. I just graduated from high school and now a college student! I’m majoring in Architecture but I was also in drama in high school. I love acting and always have.

  20. Hello I’m Savanna, I have very little acting experience as I go off of youtube videos everyday, but acting is what I love to do. I’d love to be a extra, and character ect. Get back to me and let me know ! I’m located in Denver Colorado 80247

  21. Well you all really should add me to this cast. I have a very attractive – unique look and personality. Exciting, animated, receptive, scared, tired, pissed off, and in love. Willing to take any work you throw at me.

    31 years old (look 20 or 21)
    5’8, 160 lbs, blue/green eyes, short dark blond hair.

  22. Hi I would love to be in joe dirt 2 because I’m trying to build up my resume and this would be great for me

  23. My name is Tevin Brinkley and I am an aspiring actor. I have very little experience. I am a very good actor. I am considered more of a goofy actor and at the same time serious. Nonetheless, I love the first “Joe Dirt” film. When I heard that Happy Madison was about to release a sequel, I had jumped and cheered. I wondered how the story is going to go.

    I am located in Saginaw, MI and I am willing to travel. If you’re considering adding me to your casting line, feel free to contact me no matter if the part is big or small. You can even cast me as an extra, I just want to be a part of the movie.

    Thank You,
    Have A Nice Day!

    Tevin Brinkley

  24. Hey how are you? My name is Haley Fisher. I am 20 years old. I live in Hammond, La. I’ve been trying to get my big break for about 3-4 years now. And I’m more dedicated now than I ever have been before. I’m no Adam Sandler or Tim McGraw, but there’s no reason why I couldn’t be. It’s the little opportunities given to people to hopefully get their feet in the door.

  25. I live in Mobile, Alabama and am available to work anytime. Have experience in local television and have worked with Coast Casting Director Cher Foley. Resume and head shot available upon request. Thank you for your consideration!

  26. My name is Charles Henson, I read your casting and I am very interested in audititioning for “Joe Dirt 2”. I feel that I have a great fit for the movie, I am pretty good at acting, I am 21 years old, 5’4, weigh 137, and have a funny personality. Please contact me as soon as possible 214-734-6968 or

  27. I’m 16 and very funny and a very hardworker I’ve done comedy theater and do stand up and have a great rep I would love to have this exposer so let me know what u need and I’ll do it!!!!!!

  28. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested in
    auditioning for ” JOE DIRT 2 ” I absolutely love the story and will love
    to be apart of it. I am located in Long Beach California and willing to travel.
    You can contact me on my email or cell. Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

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