Invest in Professional Photos!

A lot of up and coming models are confused as to where to even start when it comes to modeling and pursuing possible modeling opportunities. You want to know where you should start? How about investing in a professional modeling portfolio! We are almost positive that the talent who do not have professional photos have a smaller chance of getting their resumes and photos picked up by a casting director. Having a selection of pictures to show to the casting directors, agents, and client that showcases you in different outfits and poses is key is getting remembered! Investing in professional photos is sometimes expensive, but one of those expenses that is finally an investment for your future. Photographers can size the photos for you on what they are expected to be, and you can finally have a main head shot photo to use for regular submissions to agencies and talent representatives.

Make sure you portfolio has a variety of pictures that are both head shots and full body shots. Having a variety of different looks such as swimwear, catalogue and lingerie, and possibly black and white shots is key in having the right pictures. It have be a huge advantage to have the right photographer take your pictures. Finding your own photographer is tough these days, let alone having to sift through “wanna-be” photographers that may end up creepy or leave you to believe they are after you, not your professional photos. If you do some research, a lot of talent companies these days offer their own photographer for a smaller photoshoot fee then independent workers. Make sure you are getting photos that are done professionally in a studio and will be produced for your physical hard copies for your portfolio, as well as digital copies.

FYI! 99% of clients, agencies, and casting directors work directly with digitally submitted photos! Barely will you be mailing in your pictures to any casting. Everything is done over e-mail and websites these days. So make sure the professional photos you do get, the photographer provides digital copies. Some photographer will also provide composite cards for you. Composite cards is a model/actor business card. Most of the time it has a variety of smaller images of you, with your resume printed clearly on the back.

Before you head out to that audition, or even submit your photos out, make sure they are professional shots! Mirror photos, or pictures in your bathroom, or pictures you have with your friends on any social media network are NOT PROFESSIONAL! If you want to be taken seriously, and viewed as a professional model or actor, then invest in some photos! Good luck!

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  1. I’m s beautiful black woman from the east side of Detroit… I’m a single mom of three… I’m so extremely talented in every field… Went to see madea on the run and knew it was my time. I’m a winner.. But GOD!!!!…I’m so ready to show the world what I’m made whole state/family routes me on… I truly believe its my time to shine and live out my childhood dreams finally. I promise there’s No audition I won’t pass… Bank on me, cause I’m the truth.. My life story tells it all. And thru all them storms ” still I stand. And my faith and dreams are truly strong… Call me “_ we all win with me…I’m like Medea’s LIL sister with a twist of tika sumpter… But I’m truly Timia… Let’s win casters”_ IM READY!!!!! Thank you!

  2. I’m a early 40’s young lady… No need for long comments… I’m the one your looking for… I’m funny I’m serious and I’m Extremely talented… Most importantly I’m ready… That’s me on thee right corner

  3. I really love the opportunity to try acting. Been wanting this career since I was seven years old. I even sometime role play with friends and family without them knowing. The response that I get from them is ” WOW U COULD REALLY BE A GOOD ACTRESS ” please give me an opportunity. Even if I don’t get a role at least I can say I tried for it..I have alot of potential.. I’m 27, single mother of two..right now I work at a home health place down here in North Carolina.I help take care of my sick mom..i am looking for a call back hohopefully I candy get a ring back from u. Thank You.

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