IFC Portlandia Holding Auditions- 2012 Auditions

IFC Auditions for Portlandia
IFC Producers Hold Auditions for "Portlandia"
IFC Auditions for Portlandia
IFC Producers Hold Auditions for “Portlandia”

The television series “Portlandia” that debuted on IFC (Independent Film Chanel) last year is due to film more episodes for the highly accepted television series. It is set and filmed in Portland, Oregon, and production for the first season has been underway for about a year now. The cast members feature Saturday Night Live front man Fred Armisen along with Carrie Brownstein. Guest stars on the previous episodes of the series included Selma Blair, Steve Buscemi, Aimee Mann, Sarah McLachlan, and even the Portland mayor Sam Adams.

The second season of “Portlandia” is scheduled to begin airing already while some episodes in filming are still underway. The third season was made official last month by IFC that they have renewed the series for a third season of 12 episodes. With the positive reviews and the LA Times naming the shows funny and charming this great story is due for some new faces and talent on set!

With that said any fan of dry humor and comedy definitely needs to come out to auditions for this show. The casting directors are in search of men and women to act with the lead characters in a couple small scenes in a few of the episodes. Auditions will be submitted online and set up by casting directors. Not all talent will be called in to audition, it all depends on the resume and photo submitted and where each talent would fit for the episodes planned. This opportunity is great for any new and upcoming talent who would love to play a small role, stand-in, extra, or featured extra on a national cable network show. IFC is a great beginning for any talent. Whether a model or actor this is definitely something you may want to consider applying to. Best of luck and hope you get the part!

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  1. I am a teen girl who has had 5 years of experience in NY working with Broadway actors like George Hearn. Our school won the ‘Heart of the Arts’ NY state award for our theatre. I am experienced in facial expressions and dialects. I have moved to Portland, Oregon which is perfect for Portlandia because I live right in the area! Contact me for more information.

  2. Ok So I know about the “Mob Wives” picture (and I’m SO NOT!!)…but I just moved to Portland after I did a cross country trip on the Amtrak from NYC and back this summer. I was trying to find a new place to live and of all places I loved Portland the best…Thought maybe my sense of humor and mannerisms would be ideal to the show relating to the fact of how “laid back” Portland is and how I’m the “neurotic New Yorker” who is coming into the grey and dealing???? lol…I think its pretty funny??? They think I’m Jersey Shore here and I’m totally ‘NOT’!! I just love this city and thought maybe I can help represent???

  3. Hello, I would appreciate the opportunity to audition for your show, please contact me at the above email for my resume and headshots. Thank you.

  4. Hello, My name is Roger Padiernos I am 16. I attend my local highschool where I play Soccer and Football. My experiences in Drama/Theater have made me come to the conclusion that I’d like to start a career in acting. I’m no where near afraid to be the center of attention. I’m not afraid to be stupid or say anything crude when it’s necessary. I would be extremely ecstatic if I were given a chance to participate. Thank you for your time.

  5. Hello. My name is Shelby Burke. I am a 20 year old, 5’6″, medium length, brown hair, female. I live in downtown Chicago. I took acting classes at Act One Studios and i’m trying to continue working. I would like the chance to be apart of your production.

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