Headshots vs. Comp Card

Composite cards, short for comp cards, is a modeling resume. You have one headshot on the front which you want to be amazing because if the client doesn’t like the first photo they might not want to turn it over. That headshot is also followed by 3 other photos of you in different looks and themes. Clients love to see talent pull of various wardrobe changes and looks before going on with auditioning with the model or actor. All of your contact information is also on the comp card, along with any other contact informaiton of your talent representative or agent in case you canno tbe reached by phone or e-mail. The most important factor of the comp card is the photos, sure, but making sure your measurements are precise and correct is key in not only auditioning for a role but having the opportunity to actually book it! If you have lost weight or gained weight and did not update your composite card with the information it is kind of pointless to have it.  If the client is interested then you will most likely get a call to schedule an audition. So make sure that your comp card is up to par for what they are looking for.

Headshots is an actor’s resume. It is not just your professional headshot, it includes your professional acting or modeling resume with it. When a client contacts you or your talent rep. they break down the description of the project, the character, and most of the time show what the character looks like, or kind of gives everyone an idea. You obviously have to fit that description and measurements and idea in order to be requested for the project. In order to best market that, make sure your head shot is up to date along with all of your resume. For instance, I’m sure if you think of a few movies or television shows you have once said to yourself, “I can so act better than that!” You might be right but that character is what the client needed to fit the role simply because of how the character looks. So make sure that head shot shows off your best side!

A resume is what would be on the back of the headshot which will show all the acting and modeling experience that you have had within the past 5 years in the industry. This way the client can see how much experience you have and how much you do know about the role you are auditioning for. Every talent with education and experience is obviously looked at first. Make sure to avoid the year your do have that Music Video experience or Feature Film, and this will help keep your information up to date and clients love that type of professionalism

Either way, whether you have a headshot or comp card, you have to keep them professional! Either way you can book yourself and audition with both resources, it just depends on how well written they are and how great you look. Best of luck!

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  1. Hello! I am interested in local casting call. I live in Portland, OR 97239. Where can I post my comp card, please.

    Thank you, Jane Weimer
    (707) 337-7612 cell

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