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True Blood
True Blood- HBO
True Blood
True Blood- HBO

The most popular vampire show of all time is back and seeking some “new blood” for the show. The show is made by the Production Company, Your Face Goes Here Entertainment and created by Alan Ball who has already won several awards including a Golden Glove an an Emmy for the critically acclaimed series!

The show premiered on Sept 7th, 2008 and now into it’s fifth season the casting directors are seeking some new faces to play extras, photo doubles and featured extras. The show has always been well known for rotating groups of impermanent supporting characters and this could be the chance to make a break as one of these supporting roles.

True Blood is based on a fictional world where all things supernatural live together in secrecy from the human world, well until recently as they slowly come out of hiding. It seems each season reveals a new supernatural being thrown into the mix and it all revolves around the twisted love connection between the two main characters, Sookie who is revealed as being part faerie and Bill a vampire with a kind heart towards the helpless humans.

Right now the show is seeking actors of all backgrounds who would like to take part of the show as featured extras, regular background actors and photo doubles. Some roles will have the opportunity to be a recurring role in the show. If applying please include your basic information, acting experiences or any experience in the entertainment industry and a clear & recent photo. More specifically the casting directors are seeking for roles …

  • Werewolf – Male between the age of 19-24; Long hair, tattoos, experience in acting & great physical condition preferred but necessary to apply
  • Witch – African American Female in her 30’s : She is wise and bold in her actions and thought, mysterious and yet comforting in her presence, southern accent, physically small and petite preferred but not necessary to apply
  • People who are willing to play as zombies, vampires werewolf’s and all things supernatural

Good luck to all those who apply! We look forward to contacting you.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


  1. Hi!
    I am Madeleine Monacelli,
    I’m 18 years old, have brown curly hair, brown eyes, am 155cm and 48kg.
    I have a lot of experience in the entertainment industry as a musical theatre performer, singer and dancer, and have played as extras here and there. I am keen to become apart of this true blood family, and show you all what i can do.
    I’m willing to play anything supernatural or human. Whatevers asked of me, ill do my very best to perfect it.

    Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon.
    Madeleine Monacelli

  2. Hi i’m 20 years old , i can speak four languages ( french , german , english , and arabic) i wish that you consider to call me up for any role thank you?

  3. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested
    in auditioning for ” TRUE BLOOD ” I absolutely love the story
    and will love to be apart of it. I am located in Long Beach California
    and willing to travel. You can contact me on my email or cell phone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

  4. Hi my name is jennymay Wilson, I am from Australia, Melbourne, 21 years of age.
    I haven’t had any experience in the acting field, but I’m a quick learner and different from many young women, it would be a dream, to even play an extra, just to get my face noticed, it would be maybe a risk for you to take me on, but let me show you what I can bring to the show, I’m up for hard work, and I’m very eager to learn what you want to teach. I’m a once in a lifetime opportunity, let me be that for true blood. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  5. Hello there I am a true southern belle and a huge fan of the show, but I’m sure you hear that a lot. I consider myself extremely unique and I think I could play anything you throw at me. I don’t have any real acting experience but I am super dramatic and feel it’s always been a calling of mine. I never really knew where to start so I’m throwing myself out there. I’m 19, 5’9 with dark brown hair and blue gray eyes. But if you are interested I can elaborate in email. I would love an opportunity to be a part of the true blood family and feel I could be a real asset to the show. Thank you

  6. My name is Justin Gordon, as a hardworking and pro-initiative individual. I am certain in my ability to become a part of something as great as an opportunity like this, whatever it takes I’m up for the challenge. I always thought how great it would to be a part of what could be greatest event show on television. A little about myself, I’m a great person all around, always smiling, I love bringing positive energy and laughter to any surroundings. I’m age: 25, height: 5’10″, weight: 180-190, eye Color: Brown, hair Color: Black, race: Black and ethnicity: African American. I am confident that I am the a perfect candidate.

    Hopefully this is my opportunity to contribute in making this stay one fantastic series that I’ve ever seen. I have minimum acting experience from classes I have taken in the past. This is actually my first casting call attempt to step into the acting world. I would love an opportunity to see what I could do. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  7. Hi, my names Eddie. I’m 28 years old from Sydney Australia. I don’t have an acting background but I am physically built for any werewolf or shape shifting characters and have a attention to detail on the exact criteria analysis for the performing role. Anyways without further due I’m keen to any opportunities that may need “werewolf” roles.
    Thank you..

    Eddie. F

  8. Hello, my name is April Morris. I am 21 years old, Im from Mississippi. I have long black hair, green eyes, 114 pounds, 5`4 and I also have 6 tattoos. Big fan of True Blood, I would love an opportunity to appear on the show because I know I can do it. Im a positive person, outgoing, loves to smile, I dont let people down. So I hope you consider of thinking about giving me a chance to prove you I can do it. thank you, hope to hear from you

  9. Hello, my name is Antranik (Anto) Markarian, age range 25-35.
    I’m born and raised in Los Angeles CA, Armenian, Look a bit Russian. Currently Living in Glendora CA
    Short light brown-blond hair & Changing (Solar) currently forest green eyes.
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 215 pounds, Rough, Rugged, bulky athletic build, Hairy- easily can grow hair. Hair grows very fast.
    Experience in front of the camera, speaking and non-speaking roles, Worked on True stories of the ER
    Graduated from John Casablancas School for acting and modeling in Beverly Hills CA
    Languages: English, Armenian, Some Arabic, Spanish & Turkish
    Special skills: Fitness, Boxing, Close Quarter Combat,
    Weapons: Knives-Sticks-Sword-Kerambit. Fencing.
    I am reliable, professional and very disciplined and I’d love to do a supporting role for True Blood.
    I’m really looking forward to audition for you in Los Angeles CA.
    Please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you.
    Antranik (Anto) Markarian
    Resume available upon request

  10. No acting excperience but id love to start with trueblood im 24. And would love to be apart of this show. :) im also short white and cute :)))

  11. Hi my name is shay i never had experience in acting but i feel if you gave me a chance i will bring something very special to the table ive been wanting an opportunity to play in a role like this especially a vampire character i am 25 and hopefully i will have that chance.

  12. Hi, My name is Eleonor Dominguez, Im 20 years old, I am from Dominican Republic, and a live in Santo Domingo. I am Caucasian with (blue, green, grey… I really dont know… they change colors -.- lol’). I’m model, actress and singer. I partcipate in the Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2011, and I have acted in plays, with the Dir. Franklin Dominguez, Dir. Enrique Chao…
    I Know I can do any Super role awesome, Because when I love something I put my best on it.

    Luck to everyone,
    Eleonor Dominguez

  13. I’m great with accents aswell and can pick up that western accent easy if nessissary! or any other one you need me to be! I’m a caucasian female 17, almost 18 years old.

  14. My name is Allana,
    I am 17, almost 18 and can offer a great deal to the show. I have long brown hair, naturally blonde. I can play witty or moody or calm or an angel, anything you throw at me. I could be a new made young vampire, or a child of someone . I don’t need a great role, anything would be an honor to be apart of this show! How Jessica came on the show from being young and now is a great part in it. I am hard working and dedicated and would love a chance to show you my acting ability. — thank you.

  15. I am a huge fan on True Blood. I just love your work. I can’t say I would be great as an extra on True Blood. You are the only one who can say that. I would however love to be given the chance. I have a account with My URL is . Please atleast consider me.

  16. I’m 5’10 wit a blowed out hair cut and a nice body very athletic, could fit your vampire expectations.

  17. I’m ready for the role of a zombie a vampire are super natural I have the perfect look to make it a perfect fit for the show

  18. I love to act–ever since high school when I was involved in the Thespian group. I was the historian, treasurer, and president of the club. I also love this show and the book series it is based on. I would love the opportunity to give my dreams a chance to bloom. Right now I am stuck in Indianapolis and I am fighting a battle of what to do next. I want to act but am not sure if I have the right look people want. I think I could be great and I hope I could have a chance to be apart of this show and let my acting dreams come true.

  19. Hello,

    I’m Sanne Antonus I’m almost 15 i have blond hair and blue eyes and a white skin
    i’m slim/slender and I’m 5’1″ inch
    I speak English , Netherlands , French and a little Swedish
    I really hope you will give me a chance.


  20. oh yea and I forgot to mention country is in my blood my family is from barnwell south carolina if that helps

  21. the reason why I should be considered for this show is not just cause ive been a fan of the show since seaon one but because I think true blood is a dark and edgy show with great plots and story lines that u can never tell what could happen next plus the fact that it perfect for me since I have always found something cool bout vanpires my ex was a goth and I feel I could be the new blood for show

  22. I am an experienced actress. with my B.A. in acting I would love to be in True Blood or at least have the opportunity to audition for a role. I am very energetic and acting is my passion! I’m 25 yrs old. I am very willing to travel. please consider me and I hope to hear from you!!

  23. Whether playing a leading role or an extra, acting is all about displaying ‘Real Life’ that the audience must be able to see and feel. I can do it all. Please consider!!!

  24. I also have lots of tattoos and am a black male I will be extremely perfect fit for the characterwerewolf.

  25. I have already graduated from highschool. I look 19-23. I have pictures upon request and I have talent and can play my role well. I look forward to hearing from you in the audition process

  26. Hi, Im katie Smith. I live in oklahoma. I am in love with the vampire warewolve movies. I am 15 almost 16. I am petite 5″2 and a pretty thick southern accent. I could pass for probly 20 something but with makeup artists i could pass. I would love to audition for the witch, but i am white.

  27. True Blood is a wonder show i am always amazed at what happens next on the show. The first time i say it i knew it was going to be a big thing. What would make me a good fit for True Blood is my ability to go beyound acting and make it look like its real life. I have always loved acting, i took some classes in college in texas and feel even deeper in love. I would bring great style and more originality to your show. Thank you for reading have a great season i hope to work with you.

  28. Hey, Im Krystal Smith. I live in a small Kansan town dying to get out. Im 27 but usually still get carded when buying alcohol. Currently i work as a respiratory therapist but would love the opportunity to be the Witch on true blood. i have always had some facination with vampires, warewolves, & etc. So im just thinking how awesome would it be to have the chance to live it… lol. I have never missed an episode of this show, so definitly one of my favorites. I would be willing to try for any part, but i sure think i’d be the perfect black witch…

  29. I’m very familiar with the storyline and characters because I am an avid fan. I think my style and look would fit really well with the show, and I’d make an excellent vampire or supernatural extra.

  30. Hi, absolutely love everything about True Blood. I would love to audition for any extra openings to help build my resume and to also possibly advance myself to a higher role on the show. I am 21. Fun, serious, intelligent, and talented I am able to transition into multiple characters. African American 5,4 and 1/5, carmel complected, dark brown hair and well fit. This is a great opportunity and I would love to be considered. Thank you!

  31. My name is Stephanie Saint-Aubin and I’m a 24 year old black female of Haitian descent. People who know me generally describe me as crazy as shit (but in a good way, of course), loud, very opinionated, bourgeouis, intelligent, and an overall good time. I love to enjoy myself and don’t take life too seriously. You can usually find me partying with my friends, shopping, partying, exercising my road rage (lol), partying, showing off my ASSets, and did I mention partying? :-) I’m a college graduate with no damn idea of what I ultimately want to do with my life, so in the meantime, why not just do whatever the hell I want, how I want, when I want? :-)

    Soooo, it’d be in your best interests to CAST ME!! No, seriously. ;-)

  32. Im 21 years of age….smart always wanted to let go of the acting dragon but never had the opportunity living in a small town called sumter south carolina….two word “no regrets” come on give me a chance….!!!

  33. I have that unique look…I can play an african american vampire or werewolf and zombie…I have that age range from 30 to 45. I am 5’9″ and athletic to average body; I know I can work that camera if you choose me…I hope you email or call me soon…~

  34. I am a very good looking young man. I have an excellent body physique. I am well educated, and hard working. I have actually been told that I look like I belong in the Twilight Movie because of my looks and ability to charm women. I would love an opportunity to show you that I’m the man you need.

  35. Where to begin…

    I’ve been a fan of the show for quite some time! Heard you guys were coming to Phoenix and would really like to audition for a spot. I don’t really have much acting experience, but I am told by a lot of random people, friends, and family that I should look into acting or modeling so here I am!

    I have a great sense of humor and a great smile. Was raised by a loving family and am surrounded by people that love me and I love as well. I don’t really know where to start or where to go from here but I’m figuring this is a good attempt. A lot of people are just ready for change and I believe I could make a great addition to the cast and a loyal friend to the network.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all,
    Matthew Chong

  36. I was with Geddes Audition Division when I was 8. I am an extra in The Merchant being filmed in November. I am also in another film and I play lead role in that one and it is being shot in texas!!! I love to act it has always been my lifelong dream and now Im living it!!! I took theatre in high school and we did Romeo and Juliet. I watch True Blood every season and enjoy every minute of it. I would love to be a part of the team.Vampires and the super natural are my favorite.

  37. I would love to be involved in True Blood. I’ve done some amateur acting in the past, and I think I would be perfect as an extra vampire, werewolf, or zombie. If filming in the Seattle area, please contact me. I’d love to be a part of the show.

  38. My name is Marina. I’m 26, 4’11 petite looking to become an actor. I live in Santee, CA. Would love to know how it feels to be a vampire. Would like to do extras, background, or anything needed. Please contact me if needed would love to be part of the show. I’m a twilight fan so wves & vampires are my thing. Have good day. -Marina

  39. I would make any part pop. Whether that’s an extra or a real role. Look at my photos. Give me a shot. Guarantee I’ll be the leader if the new school of young actors

  40. I think i should be on true blood because im a true fan i seen all the episodes…im very down too earth and have one of the most creative laughs in this world once you hear it you will be like dam we have to cast him to be like a zombie or something lol trust me once you hear it you will know what im talking about. so im asking you to give me a shot and i wont let you down

  41. I’m not interesting at all, but if i were either way it wouldn’t make a difference cause no one important in the hollywood business reads this. The end

  42. I recently moved to the Pacific Northwest from MS where I have done voice overs and television commercials. I have the SOUTHERN hospitality, experienced voice and look you need and not afraid to get a little bloody!

  43. I’m a down to earth new york city girl, trying to be on a great show (true blood). I know I have the potential to play any role. I’m not shy at all, about anything. I can really make things happen for myself and my life if I get the shot to be on True blood. I enjoy all supernatrual things and it would be a blast to be in the show even if its to show one finger!

  44. Well, I’m as aggressive as a vampire, quick and swift like a werewolf, cunning and witty as a faire, and compassionate and non forgiving as any human. I am from chicago but now in LA because I became more and more serious about acting and have finally gotten to the point where I can let me go and become the character without worrying about not being myself…Acting is being and truly letting go of your inhibitions, and True Blood, one my favorite shows, would be very motivating for me to give a possible stellar performance. Entertainment is my life.

  45. I think my look will add some good diversity into characters like a werewolf or a vampire. I also know Michael McMillian who has been on True Blood and he has seen my work at Interlochen Arts Academy, the school I went to.

  46. I can be a complimentary addition to the werewolf pack on the show. I am in great physical condition and would bring a different look to the pack.

  47. I am talented, beautiful, and smart. With my exotic good looks and wonderful sense of humor I am perfect for any pact. Also I love the show it like ANN Rice with a dash of sherilyn kenyon

  48. I stand out, and definatly have the look. I’m mysterious and have been told numerous times that I have an “evil” look to me. I have 13 years experience in acting local in my town. I could play this role and would greatly appreciate a shot at it. If anyone were to contac me, it would be a extremely smart move for the show, thank you.

  49. I am 18 years old, and I have been into acting since I was 3. I have never been in film, but I have been in 15 plays and productions. I have written, directed, acted, and have been a technician. I have won several acting awards, such as all star cast and best supporting actress. I have also been an actress for emergency fire fighter triages, in which I played an injured victim and peramedics had to practice providing aide. I love the show and I would love to be an extra, it would be an amazing experience and I think I have the practice and talent to be in the show.

  50. Hey True Blood casting directors. I think I would be great as an extra. Maybe a werewolf or a zombie, because i have received training from the Celebrity Actors Camp, i live in Georgia, and I love all things about the supernatural. So if you’re interested contact me. Thanks!

  51. I have always wanted to have a role as a vampire or a witch. I have a vey mysterious look to me and have been told so many times and I feel that my eyes play a large part in this. I feel that i would be a great asset to the show and would love the opportunity to blow America away.

  52. I should be a character because I would bring a fresh character to the show. To have an asian vampire??..I mean come on.

  53. I should be a character in true blood because I’m a fan of the show its very interesting and i like that. I’m 15 but i look older. If i have the opportunity to show you that im very serious about acting just one chance to show that I can be a part of the true blood family.

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