Auditions for HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Auditions for HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Auditions for HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

There are a lot of great sitcoms, but there has been no better producer and creator than Larry David, the master mind behind the sit-com classic, Seinfeld and HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. In his newest show Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David has once again struck gold with his style of comedy that features uncomfortable situations and cruel honesty. Plots and subplot are written up by Larry and then once the camera starts rolling most dialogue is improvised by the actors. The concept of the show is pretty simple, Larry David has created a extreme fictionalized version of himself, very similar to his own life being recognized as the highly successful co-writer of Seinfeld. Most scenes are set in various Westside communities in LA and more recently the show has shifted over into Mr. David’s hometown of New York City.

Larry David has explained the meaning of the show’s title as reflecting his personal perception that many people seem to lives with false enthusiasm, used to imply that they are “better than you”. the show has received critical acclaim and is ranked as one of the best and intelligent shows on TV today, as well as receiving many Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy & Producers Guild of America Awards & nominations.

As usual the shows popularity gives great cause to continue production and extras, photo doubles and day players are in constant demand. All talent that are interested in being a part of the project should submit their photo or headshot with their application and contact info to the castings department. Best of luck to all of the talent!

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  1. I have some what of a life. Brain cancer survivor.
    Married 4times 1st husband white pass away all his girlfriend were there I got the money brought a date 1 son
    2nd husband Hispanic
    was gay 2 daughters
    3rd husband black not just black but blurple Wesley new jack city sounder black I son
    4th husband white again this is the one
    I am black but not Jesse Jackson spike lee or Larry elder more just me.

  2. Keturah
    20 years old
    Chicago Illinois
    Exotic Look & Great Personality
    QuickLearner GreatListener Hardworker
    This is for me

  3. I love Larry’s brand of comedy, Larry this would be a time to represent the African American community in a light that was not present in your past projects. The African American community on a whole generally liked your past work and would continue to suppport your efforts if we were represented in your future endevours.

  4. I should be considered for Curb Your Enthusiasm simply because I am just like Larry. Period. Except the hot female version lol.

  5. Any consideration given I will greatly appreciate. I am african american woman, 5’9″ height, with athletic to average body. I believe I have the talent and can bring the energy and confidence to the set. Give me a chance…please call me…~

  6. Where should I really begin, everyone say I’m a female version of the Great Larry David, but in a much prettier form,(lol) loved to watch the show, believe that I can and will bring in great laughs;If you give me an audition you will not regret on anything, tried to load a picture but was unable to, send me your e-mail address
    and I will love to send my picture!

  7. Well, its been a dream of mine for years… I have coached youth soccer for years as well as High School Soccer and I really enjoy it… I have had the pleasure of helping some of my players in many ways most importantly seeing them get into
    College. Movies have always been a time for me to relax and enjoy, I really enjoy the fiction that is put into making a movie as well as the reallity of the hard work that makes a movie what it is. If any thing, even a day on a set I would enjoy… If you can assist I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks Carlos Garcia

  8. I watch curb your enthusiasm almost everyday. I enjoy watching sit-coms like Seinfeld and Friends, and curb your enthusiasm falls under that category as well. Please consider me as an extra for the TV series.

  9. Acting is my passion in life! I am constantly seeking roles that allow me to step out of myself. I love using my creativity to develop and get to know all types of characters (especially the challenge of the complex ones) the and of course do that character justice by expressing their part of the story on camera.I have been cast in many commercials, appear regularly on the Home Shopping Network as a Model and Spokesperson speaking live on air; and was the lead in my first independent film. I am a career actor committed to this art. I devote 100% to each and every role I am given, and travel is no problem. I would love the chance to be a part of this amazing show!

  10. i am a lot like Larry David in my mannerisms. A year ago i met Larry David in person on 2nd st. Santa Monica in an encounter when he was parking his car on the street. Larry almost hit me and when i realized it was him i gave him the Larry look and he rolled down his window and we laughed about it.

  11. I should be considered to audition for “Curb your Enthusism” because I have a unique, sexy physical look. I’m also confident, comfortable with taking direction and use to working with camera crews. I was UNABLE TO STTACH A PICTURE but if someone would send me an EMAIL ADDRESS to send my picture to I can show you my unique l

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