Guide to Making a Great Reality TV Audition Tape

Audition tapeThe Guide to Making a Great Reality TV Audition Tape

You dream is to become a Reality TV Star. Maybe you want to star on America’s Next Top Model, compete on The Amazing race or maybe star in your own show like Kim Kardashian or Snooki. So what do you need to do? Start by creating an amazing audition tape.

Choose A Show

It is the dawn of reality TV. It seems like every time we turn on the television there is a new Reality Show premiering on networks. Reality Shows are no longer just competitions and game shows, they cover a wide variety of topics. We have seen shows like Baggage Battles on the Travel Chanel, Property Wars on the Discovery Channel and Marriage Boot camp on Wetv and many more shows are being created on a regular basis.

Figure out what show you want to be on. Do you dream of joining the Bad Girls club? Maybe you want to be on an old fashion competition show like Survivor? Perhaps you are about to get married and want to be on Say Yes to the Dress? You have many shows to choose so make sure that the show you choose is the right one for you.

Know The Show

Make sure that you are familiar with the show. Watch a couple of episodes of the show you are interested in and pay close attention to the types of personalities they have cast for the show, pay special attention to their life drama. This information will give you an edge when creating your audition tape.  You can create an audition tape that will stand out from the hundreds of applicants clamoring for the casting team’s attention.

Remember that casting directors are not looking for carbon copies of previous participants. They are always looking for unique and interesting individuals. So use the information only as a reference point.  You can control your narrative in your audition tape by this we mean figure out what type of personality you are and make it clear in your audition tape.  Are you the Ditz, the comedian, the party girl, the bad boy or the obsessive good girl? Make who you are clear in your audition tape.

Your audition video should be a true representation of who you are. It is important to be yourself. Think of your audition tape as your resume, if a interview finds out that you have lied on your resume you will not get the job it is the same concept with auditions if a director finds out that you have lied they will not give you a call back.

Follow Instructions

Go to the shows website find out when they are holding open calls or accepting audition tapes. Be sure to read the submission instructions clearly. Follow the instructions carefully; each show has different guidelines for its participants. The application will tell you how to submit your tape and what format it should be in, whether it is MP4, DVD or VHS.

Be Seen and heard

Before you begin taping your audition tape it is important that you choose a location with great lighting. Do not have the radio or TV on or have a million friends over.  You want the focus to be on you. Do a test shoot, Make sure that the director can see and hear you clearly.

You will start your tape by getting a clear shot of your face (the camera should be focused from mid-chest up), state your name and contact information very clearly.

Don’t create an alter-ego or crazy person for you audition tape. Tell your story. What is the most interesting thing about you? Why do you stand out? Why do your friends love you? Are you navigating through a life changing even such as marriage, divorce, sex change, adoption, etc? Focus on your story and tell it, be sure to lead with the most powerful moments. Don’t make the director wait, they may not get far enough into the tape to figure it out. Remember that the casting team may get thousands of tapes so grab their attention right at the beginning.

  • Show your weaknesses. Producers love to see a person’s faults and vulnerability. Being Perfect is boring. No one watches a perfect and likable person.
  • Be outgoing and have lots of energy. Remember a wall flower will never be a Star.
  • If you have special talents that you want the producers to know, show them instead of telling them about.
  • Stay away from fancy editing.  Editing will simply be a distraction from you. Send in your raw audition tape, you will get better results.
  • Finally Keep Your Big Mouth Shut. Yes, producers hate a blabber mouth. So be a very good and very patient participant, Do Not post your audition tape online. Do Not Blog about, but snippets on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. Basically do not discuss it on social media, you will be immediately ruled out.

You can become a Reality TV Star. Just remember to follow directions, be clear, be seen, and most importantly be yourself.

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