“Granite Mountain” Starring Jeff Bridges Casting Now

A new feature film is casting in New York City starring world famous actors, Jeff Bridges and Miles Teller.  Casting directors are looking for many actors to play tour guides, hikers, bikers, and yoga instructors.


Granite Mountain is an upcoming drama film directed by Joseph Kosinski and written by Ken Nolan.  Lionsgate will produce and release the film on September 22nd, 2018.  It is about an elite crew of men that battled the Yarnell Hill Fire in Prescott, Arizona in June of 2013, claiming the lives of 19 firefighters.  It is an emotional true story about the will of humans and their compassion for nature and other people’s livelihood.  It will surely be an aspiring film with an extraordinary cast.

Jeff Bridges is an award winning actor that has been in the industry since 1950.  He is known for several roles in critically acclaimed films like The Big Lebowski and True Grit.  He will play the oldest crew member and the leader of the pack.

Miles Teller recently joined the cast.  Teller was never too well-known in the industry until his breakout role in 2013 when he played Sutter Keely in The Spectacular Now.  He then went on to star in Oscar-winning film, Whiplash where he played a talented drummer in a prestigious jazz band.


Audition: March 2nd, 2018

Filming: Starts in mid-March 2018

Pay: Yes

Credits: Yes

This is a great opportunity to appear in a feature film with world class actors and actresses. Jeff Bridges and Miles Teller are well respected in the industry, and working with them will surely open up new doors for you.  This movie will not only help you meet people, but you will gain valuable exposure on the big screen.

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