FX Network Auditioning for “Terriers”

FX Auditions for "Terriers"
Casting talent for FX Network TV Series.
FX Auditions for "Terriers"
Casting talent for FX Network TV Series.

FX Network is looking for talent and actors to fill some roles in the series “Terriers”. Are you becoming a fan of one of the most offbeat crime comedy-drama shows to hit television in a long time? Well tons of people are tuning in to check out ex-cop and recovering alcoholic Hank Doloworth, played by Donal Logue, team up with his best friend Britt Pollack, played by Michael Raymond-James, as they take on some unlicensed private investigations work. The show got off to kind of a slow start, but has received much critical praise from Time’s Magazine, The Daily Beast, HitFix.com and The A.V. Club. Filming for the show normally takes place in San Diego, California & Ocean Beach, a small beach town located on the Point Loma Peninsula next to the San Diego River outlet.

Do you think you could bring some talent to the show? The casting directors are currently seeking some extras for the show and a few featured extras for some small roles, but they will receive time on camera and possibly a few lines as well. They are also seeking some professional models, photo doubles and day players for the show as well. Anyone interested in being a part of this project should send in an application along with a photo to the casting department. All talent under the age of 18 should have parent or guardian permission when submitting their information out to the casting director. The casting department will look through all of the submissions before selecting who they will audition with for the roles available for extras. Not all talent will have a chance to audition for the show. Best of luck to all the submissions!

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  1. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested in auditioning
    for ” TERRIERS ” I absolutely will love to be apart of this amazing story.
    I am located in Long Beach California and willing to travel.
    You can contact me on my email or cell phone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

  2. Hi, I’m Dian. I’m originally from South-east Asia; Indonesia. I’m 30 years old but many people her said that I look like mid 20s haha. 5’2 tall and 123 lbs. Anyway, I’m looking for casting opportunity for me and my almost-3-year-old son (Indonesian-American). I can play drums and I know basic Spanish and Italian. I love music, so does my son.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

  3. My name is Hasko Agicic i am from bosnia came to united states 10 years ago and i got into acting and modeling i took acting classes with images agency and will be atending the 2014 (ipop) auditions) I am very intrested in the originals is their any way i can audition for a part for the originals

    A liitle about me
    23yrs 170lbs athletic

    speak bosnian,croation,serbian,english read and write perfect.

    live in saintlouis right now

    thank you for your time reading this if intreasted call
    Hasko Agicic

  4. I have always wanted to be on a Crime Show!!
    My name is Camryn Capizzi, form San Diego CA (but I would be willing and able to travel if needed),
    I am very recently 19 years old (as of February 16th, 2013- I still look 17-18), I am fair/light skinned caucasian female, with very curly fair blonde hair (I would be willing to temporarily straighten or dye my hair, even permanently dye it depending on the color), I have medium-big sized blue eyes (medium hue), I am 5’6″, 160 lbs, and have an apple-type body shape.

    I have always love to perform and have an extensive performance resume, but most of all I perform musically. I have a youtube channel with only one song as of now. I have worked and performed with The (Paul Green) School of Rock in Chatham NJ and Vista CA for 5 years as of graduation last year, and work and perform with the Chops Woodshed Academy in Solana Beach CA for 1 year, and play many-multiple instruments proficiently, including vocals.
    — – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Although I am very much into music, I have always loved to act and would consider it a major part of my career and life plan, and I am very good at it too, but unfortunately do not have as much experience performing as I would like to in that department. In a way, I think that makes my performances more raw, and in certain roles that can be a very good thing. I can bring an animal real-ness and emotional honesty that must be shown through someone who desperately wants something they know they have to work extremely hard to even get close to, and I desperately want this. I have an upbeat personality and have also been told that I have great comedic timing. I would put my whole heart and soul into making people love my character, and if you choose me, I promise I will come at it with everything I have got.
    -Camryn Capizzi.

  5. I am a 19 year old struggling mother of the most beautiful 16 month old girl that just needs a chance to make a name for herself and get out of Cowlitz County. I am approximately 5’4″ tall and 102 pounds (at a size zero), blonde with blue eyes. Very energetic and enthusiastic with a passion to “make it big.” I have more ambition than anyone else out there if you are willing to put me to the test!

  6. I’m a 17 year old girl living in Portland, but I can pass for older or younger. I’m looking for my big break! I’ve been involved in numerous plays in school and at local theaters. I think I have enough experience to become a serious actress, I’m very grounded and have studied many acting techniques over the years. I can make people laugh! Height:5.8′ weight:130 Hair: Blonde Eyes:hazel Skin:fair

  7. No acting experience at all so I beilve I can bring orginality to the show, a person that viewers can see as a real person maybe somebody they would ” Like to hang out with” 6’3″ 265 pounds 28 years old

  8. I believe I have the talent and can bring the energy and confidence to this show. I’m african american 5’9″ height, athletic to average body, with an age range from 30 to 45. Call me please…~

  9. First comment. I can give this acting a try. I live in Santee, CA so please email me audition info Thank U have good day.

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