FX Auditions for “Sons of Anarchy”

Auditions for "Sons of Anarchy"
Casting for talent for FX TV Show "Sons of Anarchy"
Auditions for "Sons of Anarchy"
Casting for talent for FX TV Show “Sons of Anarchy”

There’s a new sheriff in town & he’s itching to crack down on SAMCRO! The Sons of Anarchy is praised as being on e of the best shows on TV & has been ever since it’s debut in 2008. This American television dram series is about the lives of a outlaw motorcycle club in Northern California. The series has just begun it’s 4th season and they are currently seeking some new faces for the show. this season has a lot to do with the new Sheriff Eli Roosevelt & a new set of rules placed in the area. Many new twists and turns will take place in this seasons plot that will have the viewers jumping in their seats and anxiously awaiting next weeks episode.

The casting director for the show has put in a request seeking new talent for the show. More importantly men and women who can pass as bikers, middle class workers and Policeman. All ethnicity’s are welcome to apply and past work experience as an actor isn’t necessary to qualify. There are a few open lead roles, supporting character roles, and a need for extras for the show. The casting department will process every application and head shot before calling talent in for auditions. You do not need to contact the casting department they will contact you if interested. Make sure all of your information is submitted for the show before anything. Talent over the age of 4 should apply. If you are a minor make sure you have parent or guardian permission before submitting your information out. Best of luck!

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  1. BIG Fan of the show!and it would be a dream come true the to join the show.I reside in nj now and grew up in the streets of brooklyn where things werent so easy back then.I took up some acting in high school but never proceeded that as a career Due to real life issues growing up but enough about that,heres my description.
    Im 42 years old
    Husky build
    250 pounds
    Long dark brown hair down to my lower back with sides shaven into my own unique mohawk.
    tattoos on right forearm and left upper arm
    Thick beard black and white.
    I am a harley owner and love motorcycles!Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you guys!peace!

  2. I got tatts face to feet and ride a chopper…if they seen my f/b picks I think I’d have a chance. ..and it definitely wouldn’t be hard to act the part.

  3. I have been a die hard fan since the pilot aired and I have always wanted a chance to be a part of the Sons cast family and also a part of the audiences love for how much we all love these individuals. I am from a small country town in NC call Cerro Gordo. I directly located in the middle of Lumberton nc, Florence sc, Wilmington nc, and myrtle Beach sc, but you have to travel at least 45 mins to get to any of these larger cities so I can relate to the small town love for home and what it means. And I have always seen myself playing Jax Teller not only because it was such a great role but because I relate in personality. Out going, leadership ready and heart on my sleeve kind of forward truth. But as I heard of this prequal I looked for an audition date immediately and here is where I have been directed. If there is any way you could give me a chance at a role in the Sons MC I will be forever thankful and ready to bring new fresh but familiar since and attitude to this show. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely Leslie Alan Almond Jr.

  4. One look at me and if I was ever to fit on a TV series you know this would be the one . No elaborate space needed

  5. Angel. 24 years old East L.A……….Wow.well first of all.. Dope ass show.. Props to the director and cast members…everyone is great on the show love the storyline for sure… Im not quite sure what to say other than im just looking for an oppurtunity to maybe join the MC! Haha..I am not an actor..never acted in my life.althought i did take drama in school and i have always wanted to act i just honestly never had the guts to audition for anything..Mainly because of my pride and just kinda always thought it would be a silly idea to people..mainly my friends.. Im not exactly what anyone would think would make something of himself..always hung put with the bad crowd but luckily my mind is in a better place now..I want more than anything to better myself and become someone important..I want my mom proud of her son ..i have always worked hard labor since the age of 17 i just want something better for myself..figured itsbworth a try to start here doing something I love ..I have been in many situations through out my life living in East Los Angeles that have made me a stronger,smarter and most of all respectful person.Respect,trust and loyalty is the code many of us here in L.A live by and thats why I love this show!!..”Were not a gang were a club”..

  6. Tom Austin is a six foot tall beast-man with eyes that could start a fire in a heavy downpour. Women want me and men want to BE me. I’m a professional BAD-ASS and can take the show to the next level…

  7. I have a well rounded knowledge about bikers and biker gangs. Please refer to pictures in profile.
    Mustache and tuft.
    Description: Doc Holliday look.
    Age: 56
    Height 5’11
    Weight 163
    Thank you.

  8. I understand the culture because I have lived it somewhat. I have a Foo Man Chu and a tuft and long brownish, blonde hair.
    Height 5’11
    Weight: 163
    Age: 56 ( young looking)
    Slender Build
    Please refer back to profile for pictures.

  9. I’m a 28 year old male with black hair brown eyes. I’m 6’3 220lbs former U.S Marine, I have no acting experience( unless you count that one time I was on cops or that porno I did). I’m more interested in finding out how to get my bike on the show. I’ll even ride it if you want. I’m sure it’s a better actor then me. Or at least it’s prettier. All I can do is stand around and look mean. Like I said I’m more interested in getting my bike used.

  10. With my sincere love of the series, and upon hearing that there is a plan to continue on with the Sons of Anarchy production, I began looking for potential chances at a casting call. My military experience is comprised of 21 years of active Army service in the Infantry (beginning in 1980). Riding is a special love of mine and have been on two wheels since I was 6 years old (52 now). I have some experience flying colors and love the comradery and lifestyle. I can definitely relate to the SOA lifestyle of course at a much lower level however still relatable and conducive to the love of the family given as well as the family chosen in the Army and club. My commitment to the mission and dedicated work ethic has been lauded by all to which I have been associated with while setting and performing all selected goals. I would be overwhelmed to be a part of the SOA family aside from already being a devoted member from the living room chair. HOOAH my friends!

  11. Hi I know I look sweet and all but deep down I can be bitch I can kick ass a guy or a girls ass easy no problem I can be a bad ass I can hang in there with the rest of them I’m not a frayed of anything I can drink and hang right in there them…So I know I can do this there is nothing I won’t do trust me if or when I get this part I can shoot gun or whatever working with the cast would be awesome I’ve watched the show before and I love it and I’d love nothing more than to be a part of this show…I’m what you’d call a bad ass bitch pretty much and I don’t take shit for anyone I will stand my ground when I have to and believe me I’m not scared to fight or anythin….So that’s why I think I sho be a part of sons of anarchy because I can fit in with all of them. I work hard at anything I do so if you pick me you’ve made the right decision. Thank you for reading this.

  12. I’m 28 years old 6′ 2″ 220 lbs. I’ve always had the look of Opie and relate well. Would love to be a part of the history of the redwood originals

  13. Id be Killer for the show because im 32years old… Heaight is 6’1 and 260lbs of Muscle! And Yes and i do ride bikes and build race cars. Id be an asset for the show…Promise.

    I have Facebook, Instagram, ModelMayhem.

  14. Hello, first off id have to say that I am 30 years old from Wichita Falls Texas! Raised Below the Mason Dixon Line. I love to Hunt, Fish, get muddy, and drink Cold beer! I am ASIAN!!! but best of all, i came fully loaded with country boy swagg, with A DEEP Southern ACCENT!!! its funny to hear, just watch me go! I was being Scouted for CMT 495 Productions for a reality tv show, i did not make the final cut to fly out to LA, to be on the Green Screen. Just getting in the top 10 was awesome the crew from 495 productions were fun to interview with and the skype was awesome but fun! I was told by interviewers my voice does not match my body! I am very athletic, and ready for a challenge. Please Allow me for an audition, and Ill do the Rest:) plus i own a Honda CBR 900 RR

  15. If there is going to be a sons of anarchy 8 I would like to be considered for a role as I ride Harley’s myself and Iv watch every season and I’m a biker aswell

  16. I think I can bring a great element to the show even if it is a prequel. 31 5’11” 205 and mixed light skin could be used in many ways.

  17. i just want an oppurtunity to show hollywood the acting style of a texas dude.growin up seein the biker gangs around here it aint to hard to get the characters

  18. I have heard recently you may be hiring for extra’s still for shooting in Kingman Az. I am a Native Las Vegan, Only been in Az for 1.7 years, first time away from home. I would love to use any of the training I did in Acting and Modeling classes. I was part of True Talent in Las Vegas, Nv. There is a portfolio on file but is little while since up dated. I have done promotions for products, auditions for shows on the stripe.I am 48 years of age. I am 5’7, Blonde hair, Blue eyes. I am about 118. I was also a dancer for 18 years, Tap, Jazz , Ballet and Toe. I am very good shape. I work out every day even though I work 2 jobs and 7 days a week to Take care f my family. I would love do do anything behind or in front of camera for this project. I also have some pictures on my Facebook. I am very dedicate to what I am doing no matter what it may be. For a living I have been a medical biller for almost 30 years and I truly enjoy helping others. My son loves this show and I have been a fan of the actors through their careers. Plus my son would get such a kick!!! Thank you for even reading this post. Sincerely, Tracy Veatch Morrett

  19. Hello! I have heard of a possible prequel to sons of anarchy, and would actually be a dream to be part of it. I have been part of an acting agency it Toronto Ontario, and have loved acting since I was a little kid. I Love motorcycles, and love to ride. My parents have been riding for 30+ yrs, and my grandfather recently stopped riding at the age of 78. I am frequently compared to “Juice”. I am 30 yrs old, have an athletic/slim build, 5’4″, 135lbs, some tattoos(can be covered with just a t-shirt) always shave my head, but will grow hair if I have to, and love doing mohawks and crazy designs and like Juice, I have a “patchy” facial beard..lol. I have watched all episodes, got my wife hooked on the show, and can definately see myself as a cast member of a MC show. Lets see where this goes.

  20. Hey! Not sure exactly what’s happening w/ the future of the show, was told there was going to be a prequel written. Just wanted to chime in saying that I would be a great asset to you’re production team, and I am good at everything I try at. I’m a 35 year old male 5’9″ 170lbs. Very outgoing and don’t belong in the field I’m in. Lemme know : )

  21. I have always love to ride and think I would be perfect as a cast member of the sons of anarchy(864)378-1662

  22. I’m Courtney Robbins
    I’m 20 years old.
    I’m 5’2
    Blonde and brown hair ( I will die it )
    I’m an aspiring actress and model
    I’m from Weirton, West Virginia
    I’ve seen all seasons of SOA !
    So I know it all about the show:)
    I’d love to be in the movie !

  23. My name is Carlos orellana I’m 32 years old very outgoing and I’m great on camera I have a look that you don’t see very often and by that I think I would be perfect for this ..

  24. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested in auditioning
    for ” SONS OF ANARCHY ” I absolutely love the story and will love
    to be apart of it. I am located in Long Beach California and willing to travel.
    You can contact me on my email or cell phone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

  25. my name is Jonathan cooper I am 6’4 and am in great physical condition, I am 35 years old and I’m looking for good work in the Hollywood, LA area. thank you for your time to consider me as an applicant for the casting call. if you need to reach me my info is on my application profile as well as many pictures of me. I really look forward to hearing from you and will be standing by incase you need me urgently. thank you again for considering me I appreciate it a lot.

  26. Hi, I would be honored to be on Son’s. I’ve watched every season.
    I’;m good looking fit and have been riding since I was 6yrs old.
    I ride 3 or 4 times every week. I’m 52 but look like I’m in my 40’s still get hit on by 30 year olds. I surf ride bikes kayak and run on the beach.

    I was a professional dancer in my 20’s and Model. 5’11 1/2″ 175 pounds.
    I’m available and ready. I do have the biker look and know how to ride.
    have done stage acting and commercials.

  27. I have wanted to be a part of this show for so long now and I would love the chance to show what I can bring to the final season. How do I get a shot at this dream?

  28. SOA! Truly is a show that keeps people guessing and hyped. If I were to be selected I’d be more happy than anything in this world. I feel I could have what the directors are looking for in a character. I am a Cree Indian from the north so if any Indians are being brought into samcro I’m your guy. I assure you

  29. I am a reliable person that will show up ready to do what is necessary. I have my own motorcycles (Harley-Davidsons). I have two currently. I am pleasent to be around and I can act.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  30. Puerto Rican female.
    Can play roles from early to late 20’s
    5′ 6″
    118 pounds
    Dark hair and eyes
    I have grown up singing, acting, and playing guitar.
    Grew up riding on motorcycles.

    Please feel free to contact me, it would be an honor to be a part of this show.

  31. I could sit here and tell you how perfectly I would compliment your show but I’m not. That’s just something you’ll have to find out for yourself!

  32. I’m 5’10 240 , Caucasian with a couple arm tattoos and some minor acting experience. I live in San Fernando .
    I’m willing to play any role needed.

  33. Age- 47
    Ht- 6ft
    Wt – 245
    26 years in law enforcement
    Word champion arm wrestler
    Armwrestling Hall of Fame
    Gold medal power lifter
    Toughman competitor
    Former Professional Wrestler
    Acting my entire life

  34. I think whether or not I get a call back will determine
    If it is meant to be, I have wanted to act since I can remember
    I have taken acting/improv classes, and modeling. I have
    This outgoing personality that I can act to be anyone
    I honestly believe I can pass as a biker chick!
    I’m tough on the outside and have a bit of a soft side.
    I really love the show, I think it has it’s tough and righteous scenes but
    It also has those touching and sensitive scenes. I really hope you guys consider me, I can deliver the performance. Hope to hear from you soon.

  35. I would be so totally honored to be part of SAMCRO! I have watched every single season and episode! I own every single season! My husband and I are big fans of the SONS, and my husband has just told me that he’s wants to be on the SONS as well! That’s how big of fans that we actually are this isn’t even a joke! What is so cool is my husband could actually even fit the part as a SONS!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the SONS!!!!!!

  36. I’m 36 years old have a amazing family and children . I watch the show and it is so well thought out and captivating that I could never get away from it and finished all episodes and am waiting for season 7 . I’ve lived on the streets growing up and understand the struggle and sacrifice you have to make to keep your head up . I want a shot and I will not disrespect in anyway! That said ,I’m blunt,straight forward with no filter kind of guy that does not take anything from anyone and will defend what I believe is rite. I’m 6ft , tattoos all over 170 pounds and my nationality is Italian. if I fit your profile I would be honored .

  37. I’m 36 years old have a amazing family and children . I watch the show and it so well thought out and captivating that I could never get away from it and finished all episodes and am waiting for season 7 . I’ve lived on the streets growing up and understand the struggle and sacrifice you have to make to keep your head up . I want a shot and I will not disrespect in anyway! That said ,I’m blunt,straight forward with a filter kind of guy that does not take anything from anyone and will defend what I believe is rite. I’m 6ft , tattoos all over 170 pounds and my nationality is Italian. if I fit your profile I would be honored .

  38. I love the show. I love acting!!! I had trouble up loading a pic. But you can check out my facebook page for pic. I bartended for over 10 years in the gentleman’s club industry, so I came across a lot of different people and have an open mind. I won’t disappoint! PROMISE!!!

  39. this is my second posting I’m very eager to get a spot on S.O.A. like i said in my first posting I’m a former professional wrestler of thirty-one years I’m 5’11 270 pounds there is a lot of wrestling videos of me in my younger years on the internet stage name (Terry adonis) i believe i would make a good hand for the most awesome t.v series in history! I’m much older now than when the wrestling videos were made my looks have really changed. thanks for giving me the opportunity to post for a second time. and thank you again for a great cast and t.v. series. waiting to get a E-mail from you i’m ready to pack my bags and go!

  40. Bald, white goatee, 210lbs 5% body fat,,biker and a prison guard,,know the world of Sons and am willing to show you what I can bring to the table…holding my breath,,

  41. 27 year old Harley rider 6′ 230lbs look the part. currently a call Firefighter and Power Company Lineman but acting is something i want and what a better start then SOA!

  42. Ok hear goes nothing, i am 50 years old lost my job of 11 years got stabbed in the back and now looking for a carreer change.
    I have tried to get into the movie and T.V industry back in the 90s but had no luck. I am trying to get work on your show, i look the part and i am a chicano,or mexican american male who is a really cool guy or who can be your worst nightmare. That really sucks that the industry has openings for 90 percent of white people and not latinos. Your show is different because you have the hispanic bikers, the mayans and thats great.
    Give me a call i am what you are looking for…

    • I don’t know if I’m what your looking for but I ride and I look like a biker! Lol great show would love to be a part of it.

  43. Love the show. I ride a Harley and have a Martial Arts back ground. I am a Vietnam Veteran and can be nasty when I want to. I am 6’3″ tall 250 pounds and gotee and bald. Mean looking and have a kick-ass attitude when pushed into a corner

    Ernie Way

  44. I am from Turlock,Ca since 1988 to 2012 now I am in Pasadena,Ca I know all surrounding areas Modesto, Stockton, and Jamestown. I believe if given the chance that I can contribute towards season 7 anyways for pictures and more info please contact at 2096146709. Much respect to Kurt Sutter for bringing true life on screen.

  45. I am a loyal fan of the show and have lived a similar lifestyle and would fit right in I’m not an actress per say but I am a hell of a sales woman and guarantee that I could jump right in I look the part I would fit perfectly I have seen every episode and I also watch every interview and YouTube video I love the show I would b honored to b part of this show give me a shot you won’t be disappointed promise!!!

  46. I’m 6’2 white male, I’m 23 215Ibs I can grow a thick beard, also have military training could easily pass for a trained police officer, or a biker, I have a tattoo on my left shoulder and back of a tribal and in old English on my right forearm i have Irish call 8124596050 or dheck90@yahoo.com

  47. I have been watching the show for the last four years. I ride a Harley and have been in a 1%er club but not like U think. It was a Marine Corps Club run like a 1%er club. I have a martial arts background and I am 6’3″ tall and a gotee. My weight is 250 lbs and I can handle anything u throw at me. I play softball and play many different positions on my team. I have a ruff attitude but I am like the mongoose and cobra. Hope to hear from U soon.
    Ernie Way

  48. Hi ! I’m a 63 year old hispanic actor with experience in radio and tv in South America. I speak English with an accent, if you need me, call me! I think the show needs something different, a Ricardo Montalvan for the modern era

  49. Look real simple I ride I’m willing to do what ever and love the show. I’ve watched alot of drama filled shows and this one is the shit hands down. Not many shows keep my attention like sons the director is amazing and the cast is insanely talented. All of my family watchs the show young and old and everyone loves it my wife just got mad yesterday because I spent 200 on shirts, jacket, a ring and a hat I love the name the design and most of all the life style so if I was considered for anything on sons of anarchy it would be a dream come true like never before even if I’m not keep the show rocking and thanks for great tv .

  50. I had a dream that my daughter Gracelynn and I were in the next season, she as THomas’s play friend who he would run and hug, I was her mom Maureen, ironically Jax’s father was in love with a Maureen. Well Jax doesn’t see me on the play dates because all the other guys take turns bringing Thomas and they all keep talking about her being a MILF…in their little circle about how hot Maureen is and Jax says..who the heck is Maureen and why do you all keep making comments, then they said…why don’t you take Thomas on his playdate and you will see.
    Jax and Maureen become really really close really fast as she is an honest sweet loving kind mother who just loves Thomas and Gracelynn is the prettiest Blue eyed blonde, which Jax falls in love with, then Jemma finds out about Maureen, flips her f’n lid!! Tells Jax you will NEVER date or see or talk to a MAUREEn!! rings back memories of JT and his Maureen. Just thought it was a little ironic…Maureen

  51. I am 30 years old, 5’1″ 110lbs, petite frame, long blonde hair, brown eyes. I was in many beauty pagaents as a child and have worked a couple extra jobs(Foo Fighters video and CSI episode. I grew up around the biker lifestyle, my dad rode, had a grandpa who was a VP for a socal biker club and an uncle who still owns and operates a chooper shop in socal. I would love to be apart of such a great television show that hits close to home. Thank you!

  52. Description- 6’4”, British (still have my accent), Dark brown hair, athletic build. Very good looking ive been chased my modeling recruiters for a long time. I would be so honored if i could be part of this show. it would make my wife and family proud. Im a very hard worker and quick learner and also a really fun guy. People love to be around me and i have so many different aspects i could bring to this show and many different roles i could master. I really hope i will be considered for this brilliant show. Thank-you for reading my comment and i hope i can be on set either with or against SAMCRO. Thank-you

  53. I absolutely love this show and love to act in this type of show. I have lots of experience in security so I know how to act as law enforcement and I’ve also been raised very rough so I can also be a good biker or prospect. I’d love to be on set with samcro I’m a for hard fan and my baby boy wears the Samcro onesie and beanie. Is love to participate in this amazing show. Thankyou for your time

  54. I am 20 years old, 5’3, 110 lbs, brown/blue eyes, natural blonde but dark headed at the moment. In the past, I have modeled for a few boutiques, online sites, calendars, ASI, and the Australian Swim Illustration. I love the show and everything about it. I am a current college student in my second year, and the Administrative assistant for an upcoming country/lake resort. People say that I’m 20 going on 40 because it’s always work work work. I love to travel. I am not looking to get rich, I learned a long time ago that wealth is just not in the cards for me. I did not go to any fancy private schools and my parents never spent loads of money for any acting classes. I am always wanting to try something new and I never pass up an opportunity to do something that I would never really have the chance to do again. I am sure there are tons of young girls throwing themselves at every person they see to try to get in the spot light and that’s just not me. If I get passed by, at least I tried. I can tell you that I am a hard worker, fast learner, way too dedicated, and I do not like to fail, therefore, I am not likely to allow myself to do so. If I fit the profile, that’s wonderful, if I do not, thanks for the opportunity =)

  55. 43 years of age
    No acting in over 20 years
    5’3″ 130lbs even proportioned
    Have been a personal manager to a musician previously, currently I am the. DPOA for a male model who also is going to apply. I. Feel each experience is another journey in life and I give it my full dedication .

  56. Twenty six, male, 6ft 1 from Glasgow Scotland. Grew up in the same area as Tommy Flanagan ( Chibs ). This would be the reason why I could make a great extra to the show. Nothing to serious to be perfect, but just right for a sideline story which would make me the perfect role as Chibs nephew. The accent alone is a great fit. I have no acting experience but as a fan of the show, I would assume that Chibs history needs to come out more.

  57. I have been riding since I was 12. I worked in a lot of bars and been around bikers most of my life. I love riding. Although I am Canadian, and still live and work in Canada, I could be available periodically.

  58. I would love to be on sons of anarchy . there is never a dull moment and that’s what i like. i hate how boring the regular world is. this show would definitely not be boring it would be fun I gues since everyone is telling u about them selves I’m a beautiful blue eyed blonde looking for an adventure to unfold

  59. I would love the opportunity to be involved in the show in any way! I am a hair and makeup artist and do a lot of work for local photographers. My husband is a custom bike builder and both of us love tattoos and bikes. I Love the show of course, and think if given the opportunity to be a part of it I would fit in even though I have no experience in acting. I would be honored if given the chance.

  60. To start I’m a former professional wrestler of thirty-one years,always potrayed the villan in wrestling. i have a rough looking appearance in public that people notice. if giving the opportunity to get a spot on ,s.o.a i believe i would make a great addition to such a amazing cast. o by the way I’m fifty-eight years young today!!

  61. Acting has always been a dream of mine. Although I have no acting experience Id love the opportunity, especially on Sons of Anarchy. I’ve watched every season twice and I really like the show. I feel that I have the attributes to be a part of the show in some way. After watching the season 6 finale, I’m sure Kurt Sutter has his work cut out for him with season 7. It would be an honor to be a part of his work.

  62. I think I would make a good fit for the soa family. I would bring a certain level of authenticity to the show. I’m an avid rider and i also have had some experience with the outlaw world. I do not have much acting experience but i believe that if given a chance i could make a great outlaw biker on the show. I have been told many times that I look alot like Jax. I would make a great long lost brother of Jax or even a prospect would be great. I believe this is my calling to be on this tv show it would be a perfect fit for me and the film industry.

  63. I think I would make a good selection for SOA because I could bring a certain level of authenticity to the show. I am an avid rider. I also have a lot of real experience in the outlaw world. No professional acting experence. Unless you count the time I’ve spent in front of cops, judges, and prison guards. Which is more acting experience than most give credit. I believe an opportunity to be involved with the show will help me find my calling in the industry.

  64. I live, eat, and breath motorcycles. I’m working on my way to being in a club would love to act and have everything to do with bikes

  65. I am not an actor, but I did live the life style before getting clean in 1999. I feel that Tig’s need to start having a woman in his life, and I believe I am the perfect woman. I know I can play a feisty, little shit, that Tig’s could take great pleasure in calming down. Or it could be the other way around, does not matter to me…I think that I could also be a good fit for someone that Gemma could have as her co-conspire. I am a biker at heart, when I got clean they said….you can take the girl out of the bike club, but you can’t take the biker out of the girl…:-) I am older and wiser, just like Gemma….which could make the show really interesting. I would love to have an opportunity to try and see if I make a good fit for the show. I am a Pisces, and we make great actresses…..

  66. I would love to be on the show, i’m told i look alike like jax. I should have some new pictures to send to you guys to check out, i ride harleys, I have an 1983 fxr shovel, 1978 shovel and a 1996 street glide like Jax rides in some of the shows. hope tou like the pictures when you recieve them soon.I need to take new pictures of myself riding and not riding so you guys can get an idea of what i accually look like. Hope to heir from you guys soon before next season starts. I’f tou guys don’t get the pictures before next season starts which would be season 6 please call or e-mail me to come see you in person anytime.

  67. Well first off. I love the show like everyone else does. Id like to be a part of it because I could have the chance of living that crazy life without truly living it. I love to ride and cruse. its just amazing. I always say if my parents didn’t raise me right that this would be the life I would have chosen. In short this would be absolutely an amazing experience to be a part of. To live a dream without living the consequence’s in reality. Im tattooed and love the look of the style of bad ass bikers. I believe I can fit the part.
    Thank you for your consideration

  68. This show right here is one of the best shows on tv today I don’t miss a beat and if I do I go on demand and watch again I love jacks he’s my favorite and jenna oh my goodness lets just same one bad chick and I love it I wish I was on this show because I love it.

  69. I have been crazy about the show since episode one. I grew up in East Tennessee in an area filled with everything from bikers, gangs, politicians, moonshiners, dealers, and police. I’ve been a pro wrestler on the independent scene for years and would love to bring my life experiences as well as my toughness and acting skills to the set. Keep up the amazing work!

  70. love the show drama I love sutter is a good writer and I grow up in Jackson area near lodi ca I ride a bike and love to be on just one episode and put a cut on would be cool

  71. I have been riding for 30 years, 66 years old, 6’4″ 375 pounds. I have been watching SOA since it started, Sutter does a great job writing!! I am not an actor but did do a little reality TV on abcfamily 8 years ago on “My life is a sitcom”

    If you have any interest in me as an extra or anything else in the show, I do not need to act like a biker, I am one!!

    Keep ridin & smiling!!!


  72. I grew up with the Nomads 81 world, my fathers a member and I love the life. Im very blunt and you could say a real adrenaline junky. If you want a true biker that knows the truth about Mc’s and is a real 1% er please let me know. Im 28 very athletic and all tatted up. No felonys lol, I watch the show religiously and you could relate me to “Juice” Only better looking and way more bad ass. This is a great chance to represent all bikers. Write me when you want to talk, or meet thanks. “GRIM GREEK”

  73. Grew up with the Nomads 81 world, im very blunt and very real when it comes to mc’s. 1% only, love the show watched every episode and would be a great addition, when the show came out evetyone told me to try out for it. Did some modeling when I was younger. If your looking for a 28year old in great shape with alot of tats that could be a definate win look no further Im your guy. I could be the next “Juice” just alot better looking and as bad ass as J.T. a.k.a. Charlie Hunnam. Hope to get a shot! Literally. Lol “Grim Greek”

  74. I watch this show faithfully, and i couldnt think of anything id rather do then fall into it. I am covered in tradional biker type ink, i also am a motorcycle enthusiast and have been riding for decades, I am 43 years young and am a self employed stone mason, my work keeps me in tip top shape. I love the whole CLUB vibe and would love to maybe play a prospect ( That dosent get stabbed or get his hands chopped off) and then down the road maybe in the following season finaly get patched in! My 91 heritage(MINT) also would love to be in the show His name is ELVIS PRESLEY!

  75. I’m a perfect match for Jax’s dead brother. Or an extra. Either way, I’m asked everyday if I’m on the show weather it’s at the grocery store or at an audition for another show. If your still taping maybe it’s worth a shot.

  76. Need someone that looks like a biker well can look more like one then me have the tattoos the piercings. The straigth only thing i dont have is a bike. Every guy in my family but me has a bike and i would love to change that. All i need is one chance maybe i can help you and you can help me. Thank you for reading didn’t mean this to sound cocky.

  77. I would love to act in the show. I’m 23 never acted on a big stage only at school. I was always the star role in the plays at school. Maybe i could be what you are looking for. Thank you.

  78. My name is Ryan Cavanaugh, I’m 18 years old and I love the show “Sons of Anarchy”. I have watched every show that has ever aired on television. I love the story line and I also love acting. I have been in 6 plays, two of which were for performing arts centers. I also won a spotlight award for one of those plays, “The Music Man”. The plays I have been in were: “Tom Sawyer”, “The Wizard of Oz” in which I played a member of the lollipop guild, “The Sound of Music” in which I played the character Kurt, “The Music Man” in which I played the character Winthrop, “Grease” as one of the greasers, and “Guys and Dolls”. I have a complete resume ready, if needed. Thank you for your times and I would love to be a member of the “Sons of Anarchy” cast.

  79. …… Simply cause Sutter knows the look when he sees it…..

    But I’ll be happy to discuss the story line I have in mind for my part:
    It includes Gemma’s long lost brother. That’s all I’m giving away without a phone call from Kurt himself

  80. What about blood from the old continent? A french 35 years old woman Harley biker could make the deal! Would be glad to be part of the excellent SOA!

  81. 44 year old female from Texas. I have ran with bikers most my life. Have experience acting in community theater. Love acting. Would be great to get audition thanks

  82. I love the show, im watching it over from the beginning so my girl can be caught up on the new episodes(and research for myself . Was lucky and blessed enough to be Tony (9inch) Naylor in the new Sonny Barger , and Jeff Santo film DEAD IN FIVE HEARTBEATS and would be an honor to become a part of this amazing project. all the best . Jacob

  83. Hey, I’m addicted to the show & would love to be part of SAMCRO. I got the looks, shoot guns, ride motorcycles, and speak three languages. It would be amazingly awesome to be part of your team. Let me be part of your joy-rides!! :D

  84. Keeping it simple, NO B.S. I registered with Central Casting and the agent there said I would be perfect for Sons. So all I need is a shot. Its a great show and Im looking for a positive career change. I just need the opportunity.AK

  85. Hello my name is Devon and I would love the oppertunity to be on the show . I’m 23 years old female with blonde hair and blue green eyes I weigh 125 and I’m 5 foot 7 I’m a fast learner and I will give my 100 percent I’m eigther early or on time but never late . If you would like any more information about me please don’t hesitate to get should of me I would love to tell you more in person thank u

  86. Not much to say that will make me better than the rest other than I am changing my life and wanting to do what I was so cowardly about now which is to become an actor. Being an extra would be a step in the right direction. Email me for any additional information.

    Las Vegas NV

  87. I own a dance studio in NJ and known as being pretty blunt , honest, and down to earth. I have your typical jersey attitude with a hint of bad ass bitch! I live a double life, fun outgoing dance teacher by day and sons lover by night. While my students are watching Dance Moms I’m home with SAMCRO. Call me , what’s the wort that can happen , you get a new star for the show or not….. 908-659-8079 Diamond Dance ask for Miss Tiffany

  88. well I’m a older outlaw nothing fancy about me But alot of people always say you look like a biker type .I have rode alot of bikes in my yrs on earth.An work at harley shops in the past. I have enclosed a picture of me with my son an grandson witch I’m proud of,My son was a pasted model in minnesota. I do think that once you have giving me a chance I can show you that I could fit into a biker guy kind of role for you. you cant believe until you see me inperson.

  89. Hi..first off im addicted to your show..great job..ive been riding since I’m 19.I have a collection
    of custom motorcycles.I have been in the bike world my whole life.in and out of the club world.and best of all im pleasing on the eyes and very charismatic.with a nice body .Tbe ladys will love me and the guys will envy me.much like real life lol.I would love just to be an extra on the show.I dont even care about money.just looking for a great experience and be a part of the coolest show on tv.keep me posted of any opportunity.thanks.keep the rubber side down.!

  90. Im so happy I found a site to actually apply for an audition! Love sons of anarchy! I’d love to be a part of this show, Besides being good at acting and it being a passion of mine my actual character fits perfectly with the whole aspect and feel of the show. Thanks.

  91. I am a Retired US Army Ranger that values the respect given by the cast members who sport the Airborne wings on their cut. I would make a great biker for this show and look forward to seeing SAMCRO on for many years to come. It’s a shame it’s only on once a year. But ride on all year long whether you wear white sneaks or black boots. Live free or die hard.

  92. I am a retired US Army Ranger with alot of experience riding my 01 Dyna Superglide sport. I have many years of experience riding with an MC and look forward to seeing SAMCRO on television for many years to come. I would have to say that I would make a great biker on the show. If given the oppurtunity I would even Ride my 01 Dyna superglide to the set if selected.

  93. I am a Retired US Army Ranger who has over 30 years of riding Harley Davidson Motorcycles. I have seen and experienced the MC life style first hand from being a hang around to being a prospect. I wait every year to watch SAMCRO and I have always wanted to be a part of the show. So if at all possible I will ride my bike to california just to get a chance to be a part of something that to me is the best Drama on television.

  94. I would really like to come out on the show and help out as much as I can .I ride a 04 HD fatboy and have rode with some bike clubs . I have met some of the cast randomly. I attended the boot run and some love rides. Big fan of the show looking forward to working on the show. THANKS!!

  95. I would really like to come out on the show and help out as much as I can .I ride a 04 HD fatboy and have rode with some bike clubs . I have met some of the cast randomly. I attended the boot run and some love rides. Big fan of the show looking forward to working on the show.

  96. Hi my name is Tonya I am a big fan of the show I have been watching it since day one I would love the opportunity to have a addition in the show I am a hard worker and I have experience

  97. My name is mike I am 29 I live in ft Collins colorado I would be a great addition to the samcro family as long as I can remember I have been around the biker life style I’ve hung out with the Hellas angles, suns of silence, the Mongols, the banditos, the organs and the warlocks all befor I was 15 I believe that a biker life style is the way that I live I love to ride and the feeling of that freedom I’m currently a roughneck for precision drilling so I am in pretty good shape and I believe that I fit the look to join the samcro family I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to hear from you soon

  98. Love the show ive been around bikes since i was alittle guy . Ive rode with clubs i have a great understanding on how clubs live and roll. I am 53 yrs old 6’0 tall 216. I have real tattoo,s not air brushed . I sport a mowhawk hair style.i know for sure i could add something to the show i can play any part thrown at me .thanks

  99. I grew up on Harleys,, ,my daddy is an old hells angel.. my first bike is one that I built and used a 45 flathead motor that my daddy gimme.. I believe I would be a great fir for your show, if givin the chance…I can play a wide rang of parts though,, im not limited… hit me up, maybe we can negotiate something

  100. Hello. I would love to be part of the Sons Of Anarchy series. I think the show is great, the cast are great actors and actresses. The show is amazing in it self and makes people want more!!
    I am 20 years old. I don’t have any acting experience but acting is something I’ve always wanted to do and be part of.
    My height is 4’11. 95 lbs. Brown eyes. Blonde hair. I have 1 tattoo on my back shoulder, easily hidden.
    Thank you for your time!(:

  101. Yes I’m going to admit, “Sons” is a brilliant Sutter creation. I’m more of a Kurt fan though, his screen writing is, in my opinion, very underrated, he deserves more credit then he’s getting. I myself have been looking for this type of genre role for a long time. I don’t know who, or how to contact, but I fit the profile, and can act just as well. Any feedback on how to approach this endeavor would be much appreciated.

  102. Aspiring Actor
    27 Years Old
    170 lbs
    Blue Eyes
    Brown Hair (Medium Length)
    Fully tattooed (no face tattoos)

  103. I just want to say. I love the show been a fan for quite some time. Just keep up the great work. The only thing that could make the show better. Would be to put me in it. Thank you for you time

  104. my name is mary im 52 yrs old and i can play one bas ass biker chick,i have been a fan of this show for many tr,seen every episods and ready to kick some ass and have gemma and jax as my kick as family.maybe jax long lost sister or gemma long lost sister.come back to protect my family from ron perlman and or jax sister he didnt know about from yrs ago.look a lot younger than 52.and im ready for biker wear too.hook me up.have done many casting calls and have a resume from modeling to a abuse comerecial thru a company in tuls oklahome yrs ago.help me get my self off the shelve and let me rock my favorite show .cant wait to hear from some one to give me a kick ass chance.

  105. My name is Kayla, I just moved to the San Diego area and would love to be apart of the show. I have been watching it since it first started and haven’t stopped! It’s always been a dream of mine to act just never found the chance to get out there and do it. This would be perfect plus on my all time favorite show. I would make a great middle class worker or a policeman! Please contact me if y’all would consider me.

    Thank you, Kayla.

  106. Casting call, my name is Rob Perrin and I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I am 22 years old and would be a great fit for this show. I have been watching the series since it started and have always wanted to be part of it. I definitely have the look to and am considered the biker type.

    Please contact me if there is an opportunity for me to audition for this show.


  107. My Name is Kurt Gardner. I am a SAG/AFTRA Actor who just recently got released from Federal Prison for Marijuana cultivation after serving a 30 month bit. Advanced student at Playhouse west, a Meisner school. I have plenty of real life experience with biker lifestyle and have considerable acting chops with formidable dedication to the craft.

  108. Hello casting call, I’m Joseph Whitfield from the Memphis, TN area. It would be an honor to be a part of the project. Feel free to contact me if interested.

  109. I am born to act its in my familys genes my great grandpa Steven Cochran who was a wonderful actor and my uncle Alex Johns who was an incredible producer he produced; Futurama, Ren and Stimpy and a few others he has passed away now but told and taught me to chase my dreams and that you won’t get what you don’t work for. I’m a damn good actress.

  110. Wats up guys

    My name is Brandon I’m 20 yrs old white light brown hair
    I fucking love sons of anarchy n the thought of the show coming t an end soon kills me

    I definitely wish to be apart of the cast part of something so big part of a project that I absolutely love

    I think it’ll be fun

  111. Hello! My name is Betia. I am 15 years old. I have brown eyes, and very long brown hair. My height is around 5’3. I live in Kuwait. It’s close to Saudi Arabia. Living in Kuwait has allowed me to experience and understand many different cultures. I am very interested to be on Sons of Anarchy. I love it very much! It would be a dream come true! Also, I love bikes. I think they are awesome! Being on Sons of Anarchy would be a dream come true. Thank you very much! Have a wonderful day!

    *Please note that the acting audition wouldn’t send because it kept saying my number was invalid. I would be happy to email you my photo if needed.*

  112. I always wanted to be a actress. I never wanted to do anything else. I am a big girl but I am funny and have a great laugh, I think I could be a great biker chick on the show!!!!!

  113. I am a 1%. Look no further.. I am all you need. Reality show subject, movie extra. 6’3″, 260. Gimme a call.

  114. I would love to be part of the FX body of work. I have been a fan of Deadwood, SOA, Justified, American Horror Story, The Americans and Louie. What a great line up of exceptional work. I can operate everything from a fork life, a Harley to an 18 wheeler. I believe I can hold my own in portraying the types of characters I’ve seen on the FX network. I’ve studied martial arts most of my life and can handle just about any weapon or tool placed in my hands and if not placed there I can take them if close enough and have been known to improvise if need be.

  115. I’m a member to a MC here in NYC and I’ve been watching The Sons of Anarchy since it began back in 08 so I’m all up to speed as to what’s going on.SOA is the best show ever produced and it would be an honor and a privilege to be a part of SOA.I’m curantly involved in movie being filmed here in NYC about Bikers & Vampires.It’s low budget but hey,Ya gotta start somewhere right ;-)

  116. Been a fan of this show since it first aired would love to be part of the SOA show family, Hispanic living in los angeles work in post in hollywood

  117. I would love to addition for SOA I love this show also Iam 25 years old born in California and Hispanic female had my own experiences as being part of gang life I would love to share my experiences hope to get contacted thank you

  118. I ride have been sence I was 15 I have my own harley 6’1 270 lots of tats I would love to be on SOA I live in Oregon but would be willing to come to calf would not need any pay would like to do it for the fun of it I ride with a club so I would be a team player.

  119. besides the fact that i was born & raised in & around this lifestyle, i appreciate the craft and hard work that goes into making S.O.A realistic. The bond that is built on and off the set is another reason for my wanting to be on the show. I think i would be an asset rather than an expense for the show & it would help me to learn a lot & better myself in acting. Thank you for your time & consideration.

  120. hello my name is josh and i am 6’3 210 pounds, i love SOA i am a huge fan , it would be a great honer for me to have the opportunity to be on the show i hope you choose me, i will be looking forward to hearing from you thanks

  121. I am an actor. I have experience, I have been in a good handful of short films including a feature film. The feature is called Scavenger Hunt (2010), it is currently on IMDB.com, earning me a credit on the site. I am also an alumni of The Second City in Chicago. I have completed all 4 of their Acting programs. I am a US Army veteran. Also have a martial arts background. I can also ride motorcycles, tho its been years since I rode one. Have plenty of firearms experience. I have been known to have a tough guy image. I am highly interested in working on any show or film, its time for me to thow myself out there. Thank you.

  122. I think ill b a good addition to the show I have lived the outlaw life before th e role would come second nature to me. I have been a fan of Sons since it first hit the air, i could b the first mixed member of the Sons and work my character in the story line through ties from Belfast. Thats my take on it ive done auditions before and i know ill make a good impression that’s my ntake on it, holla back

  123. I know this is a show about bikers, that’s about it. Nothing more perfect than an actor you can mold to the part, either way I don’t give a shit my life will continue on fine I’m just doing this so the nutty women in my life gf’s, friends, sister-in-laws, and such will get off my ass about how “you should be on that show because you look and act the part naturally”. You can tell that’s a crazxy frickin’ statement because I don’t even have a bike! Just cause you look and act like one doesn’t make you a biker is what I tell them, now if you make a show about hot rodders we’ll we can talk then.

  124. I have about 5 years experience acting in community theater, I’m 32 years old 5 foot 11 208 pounds. I have piercings and tattoos. I worked 12 years for Harley Davidson, everything from wrenching on bikes to selling parts. I started riding motorcycles when I was about 8 years old. I currently am a CNC machinist and definitely a blue collar person.

  125. I do not have any acting experience other than talking to women at the bar!! Lol im a descent looking man that loves to have a good time and been riding all my life. Just thought it would be cool to hangout and be on a couple shows to see where it goes!! Thanks!!!

  126. Not only am I a biker, but I’m a patch holder as well. I ride for the Blue Knights, LE MC. I’m also a director for our chapter.

  127. I absolutely LOVE sons of anarchy! It hits home for me because my parents are actual bikers and belong to clubs so I have been around it my whole life. I would love to be apart of the cast. Go Sam Crow!!!

  128. Hey some things just come naturally I’m black and beautiful love tha soa I’m quick witted and I blend in.Love 2 be apart of it. Its all about Sam Crow.

  129. I honestly know i could be an actor for this show, not because i have watched the seasons because i can match that reality, that raw vibe you strive so hard to achieve. it would be an absolute honor to play on Sons of Anarchy. if you ever felt like giving someone a chance, please give me one i WILL NOT waste your time

  130. I love this show and I’ve always had a nature acting ability my whole life .
    Sons of Anarchy is the show for me. It’s so real and raw ,you just don’t see many shows like it now-a-days.

  131. I am an actor experienced inplaying outlaws and I think SOA is one of the best outlaw shows around, so I would love to be part of it.

  132. To start things iam actually from STOCKTON CA. I think i will be good for this show just because i think i can bring a different flavor to the show if you need extras me and my boys are ready to ride we all have sport bikes and not harleys, i think it can boost the show ratings just because now you have different bikes and different ethnicity to the show…just like the real stockton ca we have a lot of asian americans here..

  133. Hello my name is greg and I would like very much the chance to cast a role in the soa. I have friends in a mc and have been around them for years. I have never done any acting, but I know how to play the role of someone else. The reason I know how is I have done under cover work for my local cops in the past. So if givin the chance I can make you a great addition to the show and make a wonderful life for my family by doing so as well. Thank you for your time.

  134. I am perfect for the show I live the MC life already I am the pres of the Black Irish MC I have full sleeves (tattoos) you will see in my photo and I have already been in other acting roles

  135. I believe I am perfect for this show, because not only do I have experience and training both in front of and behind the camera, my lifestyle is all about choppers and motorcycle clubs. I can bring the real deal to the set, I don’t need to “Act” on this show, you want gritty real bikers ? than that is me. Born and raised in L.A. I know california roads and hwys and ride them on my bike all the time so I pretty much live this show. Thanks for considering me. -Raif.

  136. Some people want things more than others, and I WANT THIS. Yes I love the show to death, i have watched it as long as it has been on. Its the way the story is told, the way things shape, the raw energy that is portrayed through the rage, sadness, the happiness, and troubles of each character that keeps me on the edge of my seat each episode. From the first moment I have seen the show it is something that i wanted to be apart of, in any way shape or form, It would be a dream to contribute anything, be it one line said, or me dropping to the ground in a hail of gunfire. I don’t want this for money, fame, or fortune, I just want to contribute to a series i love.

  137. I think I fit the look of a biker cause I am a biker! I wanna be in my favorite show who do I contact?

  138. SOA should consider having Big Chief Baggers as part of cast, due to the street knowledge thug look and experience and most of all real 100% hard core bikers and very well known and respected as competitive Harley Davidson Motorcyle custom builders that have some of most awesome bikes out there and have attended many shows such as easy riders and etc… they can easily be found on google or yahoo n etc. by looking up Big Chief Baggers, check them out would love to see them on the show!

  139. Hello to all at Sutter Ink and SAMCROW. Just wanted to say I would love the chance to be a part of this amazing monster of a machine that is SOA. I am an editing teacher for Advanced Post Production at the Los Angeles Film School and a former Directing major so I am very aware of set protocol and the way things work. Please check out my info here and give me a shot!

  140. I will not beg. I have been construction worker for over twenty years. I like the show and I like bikes. People tell me I should be an actor(apparently I am entertaining). If you are interested let me know what’s up.I also do some writing in my spare time(between us). Take it easy brother.

  141. I am a middle eastern man in my mid twenties. I am a huge fan and feel a great connection with the characters in the show. The storyline is very interesting, attention grabbing, action packed, and pulls it’s audience in close which allows them to feel empathy and grief for the characters. This is a show that I could only dream of being apart of. Would love for an opportunity to add my love for the show. Thank you for your time and consideration. Long live S.O.A!

  142. I watch the movie because it takes me to where I am in life !!! I’ve been in the mc world for over 20 years and I do acting because I own a promotion company and we make videos !!! we are about to relocate are to los angeles
    please feel free to check out some of our video,s on youtube all you type In is “borgata mob” … I am the notorious stoney stone !!!
    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you with any comments or suggestions !!! or a part on sons of anarchy my favorite television show !!! P.s. I’m not new to this I’m true to this !!!

  143. I can become ANYONE or ANYTHING this show demands of me. I am confident I will fulfill any role at hand and will provide nothing less than the best! I am an actress at home, in the car as I sing, and on stage at local plays. I am also a professional dancer with excellent athletic abilities.

  144. I feel I would be a great asset to the show. I have the skills to blend in with any surrounding, for the corperate world to street life. I do have several tattoos, however they can be hidden. I’m 5 ft 7in..145 lbs, blond hair and blue eyes. I’ve been through alot in my life and feel that my experiences will help me to manage any role I may be consider for. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  145. Have biked for 20 plus years and i am not a wantabe have the the look and can ride a hd pleaze concider me i have more photos and a resume.

  146. young biker from india … with a real passion for biking and anything related to motorcycling and want to make my dream a reality by being able to be apart of this PeAcE

  147. the reason why i should be on the show is because i am a real biker a don’t act it i am about it real not fake thank you

  148. 6’3″ in height, 275 lbs large build, fair skin, full head of hair, gold T, no tattoos but will consider, educated and with strong Hispanic features. Been riding for over 25 years with various groups in the biker community. Flexible personality, can look intimidating or soft character

  149. I feel I should be considered because, I have a love for S.O.A!!!! I also have been encouraged several times to get into acting and what better than with a show I love and can relate too! Im 22 and athletic body. 6’2 175 I have a tridal tattoo on my right shoulder and a tattoo on my wrist that symbolizes a military job I did! I use to ride motorcycles and have a rebellious side to me when needs be! I would just like the chance to do something great and amazing.

  150. I am the perfect candidate for SOA. I watch the show religiously, and have been Jax the past 2 years for Halloween. People in the bars loved it. I made the SOA vest myself. I also shoot every weekend, and have taken plenty of gun/pistol classes and field training, so I know that it is called a “magazine” and not a “clip”, and it is a “round” of ammo, not a “bullet”. I am available for auditions and have pictures upon request.

  151. I hope I don’t ruin my chances by telling you this. I was not, but my father was involved in a motorcycle gang. I know the trials and tribulations and the effect this can have on a family. Not to mention, I’ve been into acting, singing, and modeling for more than 15 years. I love the show, I love being surprised each week by new and exciting things happening on the show. I’m 23, blonde, and a true badass at heart (: I think id be a great addition to the show, whether it be a small role, background, or a role with a few lines, I will always go over and above expectations. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you!

  152. I would be a good addition to your set with my natural appearance, that states i have been around the block a few times and a voice that commands attention.

  153. I am a very hard working actress, who has been in this industry for five years. I love this form of art called acting, I have a dream and its to be on this show. I believe that i have the heart and soul for it, therefore id love to audition for it.

  154. I should be considered because I am a talented actor, a biker in real life and I am perfect for this. All I need is one chance to show that I am right for this show.

  155. My name is Brianna Giordano, I am 19 years old and am a HUGE fan of Sons of Anarchy. I am energetic, hard-working and have always wanted to model and act. I would love to be a part of this show and feel that I would be a good fit. This would be an amazing experience and I truly hope I can be a part of it!

  156. IN most of my jobs i have played a bad guy or a villain , most recently i have played JIMMY PAPPAS in THE DEPARTED. I am open to play any background or small speaking roles.

  157. My name is April , I am 5″4 115 pounds, blue eyes and brown hair, I love this show and would love to be a part of it, I worked at a biker bar and that is the extent of my biker knowledge, they look sweet and I love to ride, but don’t own one. I am a character and would love a shot!!

  158. I would love to be a part of this series. I am 5’11” and in pretty good shape. I have awesome tattoos, such as a chest piece, back peice and a half sleeve. I also have a very ruggid look and a guage in one ear, so I could easily pass as a biker.

  159. I am 5’11” and I am in pretty good shape. I have a really rough look, along with a chest piece and a back piece and a half sleeve of tattoos. I also have a gauge so I’m pretty sure i could pass as a biker. I would love to have a chance to be a part of this series.

  160. I have been a biker all my life, I have also created and acted in local TV commercials as a biker, a cop, a caveman and consumer. I have been told by production crews that I was very easy to work with especially with getting single takes. I look like Bobby except with white hair and have real tattoos and a very tough look. I am 53 and am approached to join clubs because I am more of a biker than most of their club members and carry an outlaw look. I have been in the professional world all my life and have been a biker as soon as I leave work. I could assist with the creativity as well bring a more realistic look to an already superb drama…which my only wish is that more people realize its ONLY A SHOW and not try to be those guys…they will get hurt. I have also dealt with people for many years and been a leader in sales and sales training as sales requires a great deal of “acting” or adjusting to your customers. I believe that within a couple of episodes, I would become a show favorite…either as a bad guy or a “good guy”.
    I would be more than happy to submit a fresh demo video, or forward a few commercials I have written and performed in.

  161. I am Very familiar with Kurt Sutters work on The Shield. Also with Sons. I would be a perfect agro cat. I can ride, while looking good doing it. I used to live in tacoma washington, would love to be a Tacoma Son. Please make my lifetime with the oppritunity to ahow you this is the perfect choice.

  162. All I’ve ever wanted to do with my life was be an actress, ever since I was a little girl. You’ll never meet a more dedicated, passionate, or pleasant person than myself. Unless you’re looking for a cool, cold-hearted bitch. Or a silly little twit. I can be whoever you want me to be. I was born for this. :)

  163. I love bikes. My father watches this show and I enjoy watching it with him. I am 19 years old and 5’10. I would love an opportunity to act on a show like this. It is a perfect show to begin my career and I would enjoy every minute of it. This is my kind of action and show. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you too.

  164. Hello, my name is Waleska im 34 yrs old im from the Big Apple. I would love a chance to show what i can bring to Sons of Anarchy. Hope to hear from you soon. thank you

  165. I look like a cop…6’4. built… blond hair blue eyes, crew cut…Im also a security guard currently…Just check the pic i submited

  166. I would love a chance to work on SOA. Have been a Central California resident for the past 20 years and spent much time up in the foothills and being exposed to the mindset of the residents there (biker and otherwise) I feel that I could really nail that look and attitude. I have NO experience whatsoever, but now at almost age 40 I have decided to give this dream a shot. Would love extra work if there is any available!! Thank you!

  167. Easy answer, I am a biker, and I already belong to a club on the east coast US.
    My age is also a considered option as it would show the years I have in Bike Clubs and knowledge of HD. I am a true biker. From my Springer to my Fatboy, I know how to ride, how to act in a club and what the attitude / operation consist of.
    If there ever was a chance to ride with the cast of SOA, even as freindly/riviel club member in a eposode or 2.

  168. I’m not a biker but I have had a long fascination with bikers and the different biker clubs, what they are about, and the organizations that they help. I have always wanted to become an actor so what better way to start out, I have the heart and determination to become a character on the show that is absolutely essential. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.

  169. I am an up and coming model/actor who is more than motivated and ready to take on whatever role is thrown at me. I am considered to be a leader, a role model, and a team player. Most importantly I am extremely dedicated to anything I set my mind to. I am highly driven, energetic and not to mention athletic. I can be as serious as I have to be, but my sense of humor is one of a kind. My hard work has gotten me to where I am today. I will be a great edition to this film. Thank you for time and consideration.

  170. I know alot of people are saying they should be a part of the show because they are true fans and they might have the bike look, but aside from me being in love with the show, I feel like it is time to have more color on the show. Although, they have had the Latino club (Mayans) the black club(Grimm Bastards) and the black street gang (the niners) had a few small parts in episodes, its time to see more of them. I would love being a niner, a grimm bastard, or even a cop, but wouldnt it even be cooler if a black/hispanic guy like myself joined Samcro?!

  171. Hi. My name is christina and im 25 yrs old from new york. I would be perfect for SOA for the fact that my peronality is bad ass. I’m tiny but lethal. I’ve been acting since I was a child and I’m not shy in the least bit. I’m 5’2″ w long black hair and a pretty face. I can easily play the part of a BA biker girl. Think a mini version of Gemma. Transportation and obstacles are no problem. I take what you throw at me. Email me for further info. I promise you won’t be disappointed!! :)

  172. My brother loved this show and althogh he passed away in 2009 I wish i could have accomplished a task I set out a long time ago. As I get older and older it gets harder and harder in this business, and color sometimes plays a large card in this field. I want my brother to see me wherever he’s at in the universe. He can say along with my grandmother, several aunts and several uncles that I made it. I wish I could have acted in a major show or film before he passed away but I was not able to. Maybe now I can before it is my time to leave this planet. I am talented actor and singer just needing an opportunity.

  173. I Have a lot of Experience both Acting and Modeling,I have Multiple talents Im a Boxer as well as a Musician I am a Passionate Man who Understand what it takes to get the Job Done and I know I can bring something relevant to the Table,Im Not Only about looks I know theres Talent residing in My Soul. Thanks for considering Me.

  174. I’ve wanted to be on this show for as long as it has been on. but really what good is begging to tryimg to explain why you shouldget get a part? i could sit here n beg for hours but that doesn’t mean i will get any where. The reason I would absolutely love being apart of this show is because for one its as if i were back home. Riding is in my blood, I will be just like my mother n ride when im 7 months pregnant hahaha, its the best thing in the world. I know i probably wont get a call or be considered, but then again i dont know what you are looking for, but i can say i tried. Iris

  175. Ok so im not gonna try n say hey this is why you should consider me to be on SOA because of blah blah blah n I’ve wanted to be on this show for as long as it has been on. but really what good is begging to tryimg to explain why you shouldget get a part? i could sit here n beg for hours but that doesn’t mean i will get any where. The reason I would absolutely love being apart of this show is because for one its as if i were back home. Riding is in my blood, I will be just like my mother n ride when im 7 months pregnant hahaha, its the best thing in the world. I know i probably wont get a call or be considered, but then again i dont know what you are looking for, but i can say i tried. Iris

  176. Other than being in some movies, such as “The Dilemma,” I have been raised in some of the toughest areas of Chicago, where I have seen all these street gangs in action. As well, my major in college was acting and I have taken acting classes at some of the best acting schools. As well, currently, I am a securty officer, trained in weapons, CPR, AED, First AId, BBP, Handcuffing, Baton, O.C. Spray, handguns, etc. I’ve been trained by some of the best.

  177. I should be considered because I am confident that I can bring the same type of realism that makes the show successful.

  178. Grew up in the south surrounded by Harley’s and true bikers. Would be a dream come true to be a part if such an amazing show. From the writing to the actors heartfelt portrayals of their characters, thus show hits home every week for me. Keep up the great work and I am always hoping for an opportunity to work with ya’ll.

  179. Hey I just want to act! I know I have the talent to bring to the table with energy and confidence. Give me a chance and you will love me. I’m ready to perform any role at best. I’m an african american woman, 5’9″ height, with athletic to curvy body. I sitting here wondering if this could be it…”the opportunity” Call me please.

  180. There’s nothing like being part of a show that not only you love but would suit you perfectly. Whether I’m a person walking in the background or a person with just one line, I would be honored to be a part of SAMCRO and hope I will be given that opportunity.

  181. Hi! I SHOULD be considered for the Sons of Anarchy because I’ve watched EVERY EPISODE of season 1 and 2, and it is my FAVORITE show now! Other than that, because I know that plenty of people have said the same thing, I love their crazy lifestyles. The way they dress, the partying, the excitement they go through. I can be a complete bad ass/ bitch, and I can be a real fighter, so which part do you need me for? (Smile) This would be the best opportunity of my life. SOA is an amazing show, and I’d love to be a part of it more than being a vampire in Twilight! -and I LOVE twilight. (Laugh) My mother would be extremely happy also, because she LOVES motor cycles. I’d love to be in a show that my mother would enjoy watching me in. If I am given a chance, I will perform to the best of my ability and I will try like hell not to let you down! Thank you for reading.
    Arielys M.

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