Casting Call for “Louie”

Auditions for "Louie"
Casting for talent for TV Show "Louie"
Auditions for "Louie"
Casting for talent for TV Show “Louie”

The critically acclaimed dark comedy is back and better than ever. Louie, an American comedy TV series first aired in 2010. Written, directed, edited and produced by the hilarious stand-up comedian Louis C.K.. The comedian & newly divorced dad is living in NY City and raising two daughters. The show uses a loose format not common for TV comedy series and consists of largely unconnected story-lines that revolve around his life along with live stand-up performances. The great news is that Louie has in fact been picked up for a third season! The show started with a small budget but quickly became a huge success thanks Louis C.K.’s perceived “indie film” style and hilarious stand-up segments. Since then the show has gained steam and the popularity has built up with huge success.

Guest appearances by stand-up comedians and other actors have included Dane Cook, Jim Norton, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Root and Bob Sagot. The focus of episodes is normally about the interactions with the new characters on the show and the life of a comedian raising two daughters in the Big Apple.

Currently only extras and photo doubles are needed for the show. Possible small speaking roles & quick face time on camera for those who get cast. Looking for “New Yorkers” of all ages and ethnicity’s. Talent must submit all of their contact information, along with a head shot in order to be considered for auditions. All talent will be processed according to their availability. Any talent under the age of 18 will be asked to have parent or guardian permission. Best of luck!

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  1. I am a huge fan of Louie, his stand up, and his show. I am constantly acting out bits of his to my friends, or integrating his vibe and demeanor into every day situations. I’m a musician- I play the fiddle, songwrite, and sing. I have a pretty unique, low ish speaking voice and tend to talk on the slower side compared to most people, but I also have a funny falsetto range. Most people who know me say that my special hidden talent is the range of faces and expressions I can make. They say, “oh my god, how do you make that face?!” And “you should really stop playing music and go into acting with that face”. I also have created several characters with these different voice that are very funny when put in certain types of scenarios. I have made countless improvised videos with them for years and whenever I share them with anyone they crack up because it’s so ridiculous. I am also known in my scene as someone who is very easy to work with and easy going. I’ve shared the stage with David Grisman, Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck, Steve Martin, etc. I also have many ideas that I really think would be used in Louie or some sort of show if they got to the right ears. I have so many golden nuggets that I can visualize perfectly. I’m 5’8, dark ish skin, Caucasian, curly black hair, and easy to grow facial hair. I live in ditmas park in brooklyn and am around a lot of the time. Don’t hesitate to call on me for any sort of roll in Louie! Thanks, Mike

    • Check this out-
      Louie goes into a bustling New York restaurant to get food to go and is overwhelmed ordering- yelling over all kinds of different characters and is in a rush on top of that. So he gets his order in with the classic New York guy at the register, then realizes he needs to shit immediately. So as soon as he sits on the pot, his food is up, and they’re calling his name loudly and very frustrated that he’s not there to receive it, and Louie is hearing it all through the bathroom door. Then when he comes out to get his food, their like, “no, we through it away, you not here to get it.” And Louie leaves frustrated and late without food.
      By the way I’m 25.

  2. Dear Louie and Casting,
    I’m an actress with talent and so far never got the luck or balls to make it happen.
    However, I still get very inspired and moved by the soul wrenching, absurd, vulnerable, burly characters you portray in the show, and think – “Damn, I fit, I want to be part of something like this”.
    Well, I’m grateful to you, just for that feeling you give me when I watch your shows.
    I can tell you some other things about me if you need me.
    I have a mild accent and my look is different, not ugly, different.
    Thank you,

  3. Hey, I am a big fan of Louie, and Louis ck, im a comedian actor and its all because of him
    ofcourse if i got casted as a character i would respect his art. I am middle eastern, how ever i dont look it, i could pass for middle eastern, spanish, italian or white
    ive been told by many actors, casting people, and many others.
    i am 120 pounds, i can pull off many looks, i am 19. it’d be an honor to be on the show and i think youd love to have me around
    my talents are skating, basketball, drawing
    i make comic strips, do stand up, act, can parkour

    if chosen to be on the show i will give more then what i have because louis ck has always extended his talents and endurance , i appreciate it because i am who i am because he played a roll in my life.

  4. Louis CK is by far my favorite comedian. His dry, dark, and sometimes vulgar humor is, in my opinion, the best kind. I have watched the entire series of “Louie” thus far–and I love it! I don’t have acting experience, but I am looking to start small. I have always loved making people laugh. Nothing makes me happier than surprising people with my personality and humor, especially because I am often perceived as quiet and very polite. The best part of my day is humor–either laughing or making others laugh. I am a junior at Rutgers University, so I live in New Brunswick, which is just a quick train ride to NYC.

    20 years old, 5’7, 140 lbs, strawberry-blonde, blue eyes, fair-skinned

    If you think you may have a place for me, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

  5. All the stuff the guy above me said…probably? I’m a new stand up comedian looking for any exposure. I live in Cincinnati, not far from NYC.

  6. The only black guy in class… feel that if you throw a black joke out there he’ll explode……..but before you get the opportunity to break the ice he’s already invited you into the world where all jokes are legal.

  7. Male
    Age 33
    Height 5’11”
    Athletic build
    Eyes blue
    Fair skinned
    Reddish blonde hair

    I’d like to be a long lost cousin of Louie that shows up for a weekend to try to make him cool…because gingers stick together.

  8. HELLO,
    My name is Camryn Capizzi, form San Diego CA (but I would be willing and able to travel if needed),
    It would be such an honor to be on this show, I love it!
    I am very recently 19 years old (as of February 16th, 2013), I am fair/light skinned caucasian female, with very curly fair blonde hair (I would be willing to temporarily straighten or dye my hair, even permanently dye it depending on the color), I have medium-big sized blue eyes (medium hue), I am 5’6″, 160 lbs, and have an apple-type body shape.

    I have always love to perform and have an extensive performance resume, but most of all I perform musically. I have a youtube channel with only one song as of now. I have worked and performed with The (Paul Green) School of Rock in Chatham NJ and Vista CA for 5 years as of graduation last year, and work and perform with the Chops Woodshed Academy in Solana Beach CA for 1 year, and play many-multiple instruments proficiently, including vocals.
    — – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Although I am very much into music, I have always loved to act and would consider it a major part of my career and life plan, and I am very good at it too, but unfortunately do not have as much experience performing as I would like to in that department. In a way, I think that makes my performances more raw, and in certain roles that can be a very good thing. I can bring an animal real-ness and emotional honesty that must be shown through someone who desperately wants something they know they have to work extremely hard to even get close to, and I desperately want this. I have an upbeat personality and have also have been told that I have great comedic timing. I would put my whole heart and soul into making people love my character, and if you choose me, I promise I will come at it with everything I have got.
    -Camryn Capizzi.

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