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Glee- FOX
Glee- FOX

Glee, the American musical comedy-drama is preparing for a few new seasons on FOX. The show was such a success that the series most certainly will be around for a few years to come. We know there are a ton of “GLEEK’S” out there who have been waiting patiently for a chance to join the amazing cast on the show. Well here is some great news, the hit show is now holding casting calls & auditions for new aspiring singers to be featured on the new season on FOX & possible recurring roles for the show.It’s pretty crazy to think that a TV show can have so much success in the music industry but the fact is that the show had over 21 million digital single sale and 9 million album sales. The series create by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan who first wanted to make the hit show into a film, write all of the show’s episodes. Glee features some amazing on-screen performance-based musical numbers who are hoping to find the right balance between show tunes and chart hits. Since their debut the show has received nineteen Emmy nominations and over 60 other award nominations including wins like Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Music or Comedy in 2010. Since then the show has gone to create films and theater productions continuing the shows theme and cast.

Currently the show is seeking men and women of all ethnicity’s who have professional training in singing.

They are also in need of basic extras and photo doubles.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Hey, my name is Suraya. I’m 15 years old turning 16 in August, I’m 5’5 and currently in grade 10.
    Throughout my whole life I’ve been around music, and still today music is the main thing I work on. I also play guitar.
    I’ve been involved in drama and that helped me get over my stage fright, also been in choir (soprano) we sing in front of our school or at care homes for the elderly.
    But otherwise I think I’d make a great part in your show! And if you think so to let me know as soo mad you can. Thanks.

  2. Im in 8th grade almost a Freshman in high school. Im 14 and in middle shcool i did choir for 3 years and a acting class for 3 years. i also have done gymnastics for 7 yrs and dance going on my 6th year, i was also a cheerleader in 7th grade. but anyways i love to dance, act, and sing (im a soprano)

  3. Hello my name is Jeremy I am a junior in highschool. I live in west Virginia. I am 17, I am gay, I love to sing and dance. I have an amazing voice. And ever since glee first aired I have watched all the episodes and I have always wanted to be on the show. My dream is to sing, dance, act, and perform. I had my school get a glee club. And I want to show people that I can make my dreams come true. People say I’m an idiot for what my dreams are and I don’t care what they think. I will make my dreams come true. I really want to be on this show. So I hope you will consider and let me on the show. I will not dissapoint you.

  4. I have been acting and singing for as long as I can remember! Singing is my life! I watch glee faithfully and would love to be apart of the show!

  5. Hi my name is Beth and I am 17 years of age.The reason I would love to be even considered as an extra in glee is because growing up I was always told I wasn’t good enough or that I couldn’t do what I wanted to because of certain things that would always get in the way. And even though I was told these things I would put my headphones in and sing my lungs out and with the help of music I kept a positive attitude and got through just about anything. So the reason I would want to be an extra of glee is to help others do the same whether directly or indirectly.

  6. I should be on Glee because I want to re-live the good parts of high school. I didn’t have a good high school experience. I almost didn’t make it all the way through. I had a lot more battles in a year than most people would guess. I know I’m not the best singer, actor, or dancer, which I know are things I’d need for the show, but I have passion. And I may not be the best there is, but I have so much love for musical theatre. I haven’t been able to be in shows since high school which I am really upset about. I would have loved to be in Glee earlier on, but I never got the time, or confidence to do so. But it’s now or never, so here’s my chance. I don’t necessarily want to re-live high school, but just emphasize on the love I had for my choral and musical theatre experiences. I haven’t seen someone like me on Glee and I think my story is very relatable for people in middle and high school. Even if it was some of the worst years of my life, it’s molded me into being who I am today, so I guess I have to be thankful for it.

  7. I love glee, I’ve watched like every single episode more than twice. I love to sing. And I would just kill to be on glee. Please give me an offer.

  8. Hello. My name is Amelia Munoz. Ive lived in lyons Illinois for all of my life. Ive been singing for 7 years. Ive been in choir for three years and in theater for two. Music is my life. Music has gotten me through life. My dream is to be on Broadway. I know im only 14 and sound like a dreamer but i guarantee I will work just as hard as anyone else. I really hope I will be considered.

  9. Hey My Name is Brittany Matthews. Im 17, I have blue eyes and ginger/ brown hair. I have a passion for singing and acting and have been waiting for auditions for this TV show as I would love to join the cast of Glee. I am very energetic, bubbly and happy and can show my emotions very easily while acting. If I unfortunately don’t get a part as one of the cast members of Glee please consider having me as an extra.

  10. My name is Island and I been dancing, modeling, acting, and singing for mostly my entire life. I am a leader not a follower, I speak for myself. Things that I already know about acting it that acting is very personal process. It has to do with expressing your own personality, and discovering the character you’re playing though and
    your own experience.

  11. I like the show my sisters watch it and i think the singers and actors and actresses are great I currently go to a music school I love to sing and write music I am in a boys a Capella group called sonic I love singing its my whole life I am in school trying to make the best f my self for my daughter because I want her to grow up and follow her dreams and become a great success and see that through never giving up good things come your way and right now I feel like I am stuck in the background and not really doing anything paying so much for school but still not getting anywhere it would be an honor to be on a show as popular as glee and being around musical people and funny, outgoing people would be great thank you for your time.

  12. I moved to LA 2 years ago with hopes to be on a show like glee, and now that it’s rapidly coming to a close this is my last chance to even submit my name! I know may people who sing/work for the show and would love to be a part of that work family! THERES ONLY A FEW EPISODES LEFT! Help a sista out!

  13. Hello. My name is Crystal. Im 15 years old and im a freshman in high school. Ive been watching glee for a long time and i can relate to this show in more ways than one. I love singing with a passion and would love to be apart of this show because i love what it stands for. I also write poetry And dance a little. Im pansexual, have messed up teeth and short hair but i swear i will give you my all in this show and work as hard as possible to be apart of it.
    Thank you for your time.

  14. Hello!
    My name is Olivia Richert. I am 19 years old and I have been singing professionally since I was four years old. I grew up in Manhattan, NY. My family is musically inclined and although adopted, I seem to have inherited the trait. I grew up with two mothers and one brother, who supported me throughout my whole life. I am adopted from Russia and my nationality is Mongolian.
    I went to the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts for high school, owned by Tony Bennett! I’ve taken masterclasses with him and continued to get huge solos throughout my high school career.
    I have sung in Carnegie Hall many times, and participated in various musical acts all around the city.
    I am very unique and love singing.
    Classically trained with a strong emphasis in Musical Theatre as well. I know many classical pieces- including arias and chorus parts as well.
    I have been training my whole life in dance, acting, and singing. I would love an opportunity to add my talents to Glee!
    Laudate Dominum, Mozart – Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Spring Show 2012
    In Trutina- Carmina Burana, Orff – Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Honors Program 2012
    Narrator- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat – Wingspan
    Dicapo Opera Theatre- 2003-2011
    Turandot- Dicapo Opera Theatre – Fall 2008
    St. Bartholomew’s Chorus- 2004-2009
    New York State Summer School of the Arts- Choral Studies – 2010-2012

    Thank You for your time, having the opportunity to even write to you is an honor.

    Best Regards,
    Olivia Richert
    New York City
    Age 19

  15. Hi my name is Justin Santos and I’m 13 years old and want to be apart of the final season because it would be a huge honor to be on and because I can sing really well I have had experienced solo performances due to me being in All-City Honors Choir for three years in a row I now cantor at my church because of the pasture musician I can also act very well so I know that will be very useful if you were to pick me and I know for sure that’s not very likely what-so-ever But I am also really easy to get along with and pick things up really easily so that’s why I hope for you to pick to be on the show and thank you for reading why.

  16. I think I would be perfect for GLEE. I have received Distinction in both Grade 6 and 8 in my musical theatre exams, as well as a Distinction * in my GCSE Drama Exam. I am currently working for my AS Level Drama Exam, which I am predicted to get another distinction *.

    I am 17 years old, I turn 18 in December this year, living in England. I have brown hair, but willing to dye it if need be. I have white skin, blue eyes, and my height is 5’6″. I love singing, dancing and acting, and would love to be considered for the show.

    Previous Roles:
    Shelly – Hairspray
    Narrator – Joseph and his Technicoloured Dream Coat
    Gaga Kid/Gaga Girl – We Will Rock You
    Cassie – 13 The Musical

    Hope you read this and thank you for your time.


  17. I am 17 I’m a girl. My biggest dream is acting. I act, sing and dance alll the time. There is not even one day that I didn’t sing, I love it so so so much. I want to be an actress and I know I’m good at it and I don’t think I will be happy doing anything but acting. When I watch Glee or any movie I truly feel it in my heart in my skin and every time I realize this is what I have to do. My height is 170cm, weight 50, I have dark brown hair and eyes, white skin. I live in Turkey/Istanbul and it just makes me so sad that there isn’t such chance for young actors in here like other countries have. Please see this and consider this would love to hear from you :D bye
    I don’t know where you can reach me if you ever see this and want to talk to me :D I have facebook :D

  18. I’m 15, freshmen in high school. I love Glee so much and I just want the chance to be able to see it in person. I can be an extra, or a non-speaking role. I also would just love the chance to meet my favorite actors. Especially Naya Rivera. I may be too young compared to the actors but I wish that you give me a chance. If it’ll matter, I’m a short person. It sucks, I always get teased but I just ignore them. Here’s where you can contact me : or call 619-292-2147. Thank You

  19. I’m Jocelyn Jimenez, I’m a girl…but i like to express myself on how i look…and i look like a boy. But im 100% girl. Singing has been my dream and i wouldn’t mine being a actress cause i’ve been told that i should be a actress. Ever since i saw glee it made me believe on myself and i want my dreams to be big too. Justin Bieber is always and forever my favorite role model, he taught me to believe aswell. Glee showed me that it’s okay to be an outcast and have dreams. I hope I’ll see mine soon. Thanks for reading

    • I’m Jocelyn Jimenez, I’m a girl…but i like to express myself on how i look…and i look like a boy. But im 100% girl. Singing has been my dream and i wouldn’t mine being a actress cause i’ve been told that i should be a actress. Ever since i saw glee it made me believe on myself and i want my dreams to be big too. Justin Bieber is always and forever my favorite role model, he taught me to believe aswell. Glee showed me that it’s okay to be an outcast and have dreams. I hope I’ll see mine soon. Thanks for reading
      my email is email me :)

  20. My name is daisy Mendez and I’m a huge of glee. I would love to audition to glee because i love singing and love acting. I always dreamed. I was auditing once for singing but i didn’t get the role. So i want to audition.
    birthday: Nov,14,2001
    hair: brown and curly
    eyes: brown
    talents: singing acting dancing
    goals: being a singer and actress and beign a veterinarian because i love dogs.
    fav character: Rachael,Santana,Finn,quinn
    personality: nice,sweet,a bit mean but not that mean, i love singing, i love dogs they’re the best.
    fav song from glee: i feel pretty/unpretty

  21. Hi , Im Angelica, im 16 years old although i look older than i am. People always say 18. Im a senior in high school. Im latina with a 5’4 height. Dark eyes and hair. I can sing and dance ( all kinds of genres) and I would love to be part of the cast

  22. Hi I’m gustavo I would like to apply for Season 6 and I would be great I’m 14 but look older than I am. Im 5 foot 8.I love to sing
    I love glee ima gleek I would love if you cast me as someone in the glee club I’m a fan pop, hip pop and I really hope you chose me

  23. Well, first off I’m a big fan off “Glee” and all its amazing works. I’m Nadia Nichole Hawkins. I’m 11 years old. I know what your thinking “she’s way to young and there is no way that she is ready”, but I promise that even if I’m a extra walking down the highway or down the road that I’ll be the best extra ever. I hope to hear from you soon :)!!! (even a extra will work :))

  24. I love Glee and everything it stands for. It has so many different people on it that everyone around the world can relate to. I love how this show has many amazing young actors who are different religion, size, weight, race and nationality and all become friends who do not judge each other. this is what we need more of in this world. especially for teens and young adults now a days who are judged by their appear and are afraid to sine and have their dream come true.
    I live in NY and want my dreams to come true as an actress and would love start out as to be on Glee as an extra, double or a cast member. I have a good voice and I believe can be good singing with a crowd or being an amazing extra. I would love an opportunity you have to be on Glee. Plus i have a face that I have not seen on TV before and like the actresses/actors on the show I am really nice and friendly and real so people would relate to me.
    I just submitted my information and i look forward to hear form you soon.

  25. I have always wanted to be an actor, I am wiling to play any role that I am given as a chance to be on my all time favorite show, this show has had such a huge impact in my personal life. it also inspired me to chase my dreams, I hope that you will consider me. Thank You

  26. Hi im 18 years old and i come from england i have always wanted to become an actress i love to dance and sing i would like to take this opportunity to gain experience and inspire other people i am 4ft 11ich tall and i love makeup and animals i have a lively personality and very sociable i have really good communication skills too i have studied many courses but i just didn’t feel apart and knew that i would feel apart with acting so thats why i have decided to apply for glee as i feel that i will give the show a lively atmosphere as im also an energetic person if interested Call me or text me on 07881236581
    kind regards Emily Pearce.

  27. Hi I am skyler berry I am 12 I will be 13 in July i know I am young but I love glee I have never missed an episode of glee and only is this show funny it has a life lesson in it and that lesson is not to be ashamed of who you are and I am not ashamed of who I am I am going to admit I need to lose a few I would really love if you called back at 702-807-8797 I love to sing and act I was in a play once I remembered all my lines and everyone else’s to I am also a cheerleader at MVCS I would love for guys to call and consider me as a character on the show thank you for your time God bless

  28. I’m Desirae, I’m African American and 19 years old. I’ve taken acting classes at John Casablanca and I’ve only been in one musical when I was in 4th grade. It was “The Castaways.” I played a castaway named Molly and I was asked to sing a duet. I’m also a cheerleader and I was a level 9 gymnast before I graduated High School. I still coach gymnastics. I think I would be great for glee only because I work hard and I think I have what it takes. I can sing, dance and I can tumble. I’m told all the time from peers that I would make a great actress and it has been a dream of mine for the last 6 years. But I could honestly see myself being on the show, ever since the first day I ever watched it! Thank you, please consider me! You won’t regret it<3

  29. Hi im Steven, I’m about 6’1, 240 lbs, latino and 17 years old. I have some acting experience and singing experience. I think being on Glee would be an amazing learning experience. Thank you for your consideration.

  30. To whom it may concern:

    Hello, my name is Kaela and I would like to audition to be on GLEE for the 5th and/or 6th season. I am 20 years old, 5’7”, left-handed, athletic, artistic, and I am a sophomore in college. When the show first came out in 2009, I was in 9th grade and I was so pumped for it to start. Once it finally did, I fell in love with the characters, the storylines, and the songs. Starting high school was tough, and GLEE helped me realize that I can be whoever I wish to be. It is for that reason, why I don’t care what people say or think when I wear shorts and long socks to school: it is what I feel most comfortable in. Growing up, I have always been interested in the arts and being creative. However, the problem was that I never felt confident enough to become involved in dance classes or theater (although I sing when no one is around & I improvise dance routines when no one is looking). GLEE has changed that for me. When I watch the show, I am transported to a whole other world where I am doing what I love: acting. I also secretly love to sing. I have wanted to become an actress since I was 13, but never had a great opportunity to “put myself out there” if you will. So, if you guys would consider me, I feel like this is the perfect chance for me to show the world who I was meant to be! Around my friends, family, and school teachers, I am known as the creative, hard-working, quirky, funny, yet shy, girl who is not afraid to be different. In high school, teachers always kept my projects because they were so unique and imaginative. I would also be the person to make people laugh during tough times. Being on GLEE would mean the world to me; showing people that it is okay to be different is a message I feel should continue to be stressed in this day and age. Watching GLEE helps me forget about the difficulty of college or life and feeling left out in the world. GLEE makes me so happy and I would love to be a part of something that creates that same feeling for others. As Rachel Berry once said, “Being a part of something special, makes you special,” is exactly how this show makes me feel.

  31. I’m turning 14 and I just love glee… It just changed my life.. I really don’t think there’d be any casting for me cuz I’m really young but I just wanted to try … I love this tv show and if I had to do it in the future I would love to.. It changed my life… Told me what to do and what not to do infact it actually brought my talent outa me… I was just like those glee kids.. I was ashamed of singing I thought id get bullied and I thought people wouldn’t like me well turned out I was really gud at it… I’m like awesome at singing and dancing, anyways I’d there is a role please tell me I’m ready

  32. Hi, I’m Shelby and I have a passion for music, drumming and singing, I can sing but not that well but it will do. Glee is my favorite show. My dad is a famous drummer, well he was. Me I just love to act and I just love music, sometimes I just sit in my room and turn it up and play along with it or just sit on my bed and listen to it. I hope I can be on the show, but I know a lot of people have the same dream. Thank you for your time.

  33. I have been watching Glee for a while now and it has really inspired me to take a chance in the acting and musical world. I just graduated high school and I am 18. My singing is born off of raw talent, I’ve only ever really tried out for one musical and I landed the lead role as the baker in Into the Woods. I’m outgoing and I am good at making hings up on the spot if needed.

  34. I’ve been waiting for a moment like this. All of us want this. I wish the best to all of us.
    I would love for you guys to check me out on Youtube Christina Flyaway or keep updated with me on Christina Flyaway at Facebook. I’ll support back!
    Christina. <3

  35. Im 22. Im from Ecuador. I speak English and Spanish fluently. I love the show and I would love to be a part of it.

  36. I am a very outgoing person, and I love to sing, dance, and act. I did chorus four years in high school so I am trained. I would really love to play in Glee, it is one of my favorite shows.

  37. since day one i’ve loved glee. i was there fore it all. #1gleek as they say!! well anyway glee pretty much gave me confidence to do anything before glee my plans were to stay in this little town i live in but now after seeing glee i wanna go to la and do something with my life. if i had the chance to be on the show or even just the set i would absolutely die. well not literally, all day i search for auditions and after seeing this one i’m so happy. im a pretty good singer and im not half bad at dancing. everyones always telling me i cant do it but i think i can . so if you can please get back to me that would be so great. thankyou for taking the time to read all of this . :) <3

  38. I’m 13, but I have sang and danced mostly my whole life. I was thinking maybe I could be a character’s little sister. My name’s Rebecca. Please think about it! I would love it! When I grew older I actually wanted to be a choragrapher for Glee since the first episode I saw. Then I heard the won’t be enough season’s. Please think about it! I’ve gone through many hardships in my life, from my parents divorce, bad friendships, failed relationships. Please just consider me!!!!

  39. I’m 13, but I have sang and danced mostly my whole life. I was thinking maybe I could be a character’s little sister. My name’s Rebecca. Please think about it! I would love it! When I grew older I actually wanted to be a choragrapher for Glee since the first episode I saw. Then I heard the won’t be enough season’s. Please think about it!

  40. hi
    i am valentina guarin, i am 13 years old.
    i know to sing, act and dance.
    i want too much to be in GLEE beacause i love the tv show and i know how to act , sing and act.
    if you had oppotunities for me, you would write me a mail

  41. I’d love to have at least a chance to be cast as a character on Glee! I’m a 15 year old girl,I’ve been singing since I was 2 and it’s my passion in life. Ive been in choir every year in school,and im planning on continueing This path. Glee is my favorite shows and Rachel Berry (lea Michelle) is a role model to me. She’s a true inspiration and I want to become as professional as she is. I know you have many other girls waiting in line for this amazing chance,but please put me into consideration. This is my dream!! I know I’m young and all but just let me show you what I’ve got,

  42. i wont say a sad story or how much i believe to deserve being a part of glee.
    i am me, kary, 24, ive been singing in th choir snce i was 12, i have opened local acoustic concerts several times, been on radio shows and television. ive had acting classes and i am a publicist.

    who wouldnt want a chance on glee? everyone and its hard to pick a star in the sky, but hey, im here at least trying. hope to hear anything form you guys! even if its a no :)

  43. My name is Danny, I am just turning 18.
    I have brown hair, bluish eyes, height 5’8.
    I have been singing with a voice coach for three years, and have sang professionally at festivals such as CarlyFest – along with members of the british tv show – The Voice. (I have a Grade 6 Distinction in Voice – London College of Music – Musical Theatre Examination and I am working towards Grade 8)
    I have also performed with Ralph Mctell and John Williams.
    After missing the first chance to audition (When Damian McGinty applied), I was then told that Glee were no longer taking applications from the United Kingdom.
    I do not know whether this still applies for seasons 5 and 6?

    I have some experience in Acting, Singing and Filming (student productions and amateur work) and my dancing is improving (I am currently at the stage of how Finn Hudson was portrayed in season 1) :)

    This year I perform at the ‘Rose theatre’ in London in a musical adaptation of ‘Great Expectations’ within the company of Youth Music Theatre UK.

    I don’t know anything about my character – but he might be relatively quiet (one character refers to him as ‘broken’), with a past he never divulges into. He appears unsure of himself (in EVERY aspect) it is Glee that allows him to gain some confidence.

    I am already on Youtube (DanielAnnear) and I have written a Music Btec Blog (via Weebly domain – DanielAnnear music btec – google).

    I would like to be considered for a part, or an extra on the show.
    Thank you for taking the time and consideration to read this.

  44. Hey, my name is Rachel and I’m 20 years old. I love to sing and have been doing so as long as I can remember, I took lessons for a period of time in highschool. It is my dream to have a career in the music industry. I took dance when I was younger and will hopefully be picking that up again this year. I also play the piano, bass guitar, clarinet, and am self trained in acoustic guitar. I went to choir and band nationals in high school where we won silver medals. I also played the lead in the grade 12 high school adaptation of RENT as Mimi. I love the show because well, frankly, I love pretty much anything that presents great music and does it well. I would absolutely love to even be considered for a part and really, really hope to hear back! ^.^

  45. Hey, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some
    overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads
    up! Other then that, very good blog!

  46. Hello my name is Cabryna (Sabrina) I am 13 turning 14 this September. I love to sing and act and most of all I lovee to watch glee! Thtas my favorite show! Its always been my dream to be on ever since I’ve started watching it! I do hope I am at least considered a part in this awesome show. I am a very devoted worker I will give it 110 percent and then some. I just really do hope I’m considered
    Age: 13
    Weight: 115 (pettit)
    Height: 5’0

  47. Hi,

    I was watching the show made on mtv and recognized your company. My daughter Rachel has a true passion for singing and its always been her dream. Rachel has been singing,modeling,acting and has did radio ads since she was 5 and was in the Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker music video “Good to be me” which she had a blast doing. Recently she tried out for “The Voice” and out of around 50,000 she got a “maybe” and was held for 3 hours to see the producers. Rachel was very grateful too just get a maybe at of all those people. It pushed her to work harder and try and reach her dreams and hopefully get a “yes”. Thank you for your time and i hope you can give her the chance she deserves. ( Her link to youtube is below!)

    Thank you, Judy Curtis

  48. I am 16 and have had choir and theater trainings most of my life. I live in Texas and being a part of Glee would be a dream come true, I play the piano and the flute and am a true choir geek, I have been a part of cheerleading and theatrical dancing. I am always a hard worker and give 100% at all times, I am somewhat of an over achiever which means you will never be disappointed. Following my dreams seem so hard for me but I know being even a small part of Glee would make my dreams come true. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for considering me.

  49. Hello, I wish with all my might become a great acting and modeling. Please call me. Bye

  50. I am 21 and am 6’1″ with brown hair and brown eyes. I have a passion for singing and dancing and thought I would give Glee auditions a shot because I have been in show choirs throughout High School. I love singing and dancing but have never done the acting thing but would love a shot at it!

  51. Hello! I would LOVE the opportunity to be on Glee in any shape or form! I am 21 years old finishing out my third of college here in Indiana. I have been acting, singing, and dancing my whole life (just like everyone else says on here) but I am devoted to making the best out of every situation, even if you want to put me in the back and watch me sway, I will sway like a champ! I am 5’5, 165 in weight with strawberry-blond hair and a big smile. I would love to one day just show you what I have! I am currently a dance instructor and have been on the stage numerous times in numerous musicals. I have not yet been on screen but I would adore the chance to do that and with a rocking show like Glee! Thank you!

  52. Hi my name is Erica, i’m a 14 year old girl (15 in november) and I live in Sweden. I’ve been singing for as long as I an remember. When I was 6 and 7 years old I sung infront of my class and my teachers and I loved it but I was very shy, I still am. Honestly I don’t really know if I am a good singer but my friends and family think so. I might not be the best actress and my english sounds kind of weird but I love singing and I try to copy some of the script in movies i’ve seen and tried to act it and i’m not the worst actress if I say so. I have seen Glee since it started and I love it, when I saw the first episode I was stuck in it. I listen to the glee songs on my spotify every day and I know almost every song. I’m in the choir in my school I started in January and I am shy so I haven’t sung yet but someday I will and not just to stay in the back. Everything I have written is true and I just want to be honest about me being shy but i’m being better to not be shy:p I hope you just consider me because I really think I can do this and I know i’m a little bit late but just give me a chance:) Love from Swedish Erica:-)

  53. Hello! My name is Pam and I’m 13 years old My absolute dream role is to be on glee! I can sing, dance and act and glee has helped me realized that this is my passion. I would love to be on such an amazing show with amazing people!
    Please consider me and thank you so much for reading this!

  54. I’m 14. I’ve been singing since I could talk and love it. I’m in chorus and have done karaoke nights. I’ve auditioned for Disney channel. I also love to act and I’m good at it. Getting a part or being an extra would be great, as long as I’m part of the show (:

  55. Hello,

    I am a freestyle dancer and performing artist who can sing as well. My performances are heart stopping, and filled with self expression, and I wish to share this with AMERICA!

  56. Hi, I am Kaylyn! only thirteen so not in high school, but I have one heck of a voice!!! and I can act to! I love Glee watched it millions of times!!! I have dirty blonde hair … and if you want to find more out contact me!!!

  57. hi, I am 17 years old, 18 in a month.I sing, I dance and I can act. I’m from Quebec, Canada. I speak french and english and it is one of my biggest dream to be on a tv-musical show. I am talented and I am not afraid to go out of my little town. I have an accent, of course, but that’s what all my charm. Email me- thank you

  58. hello i am a fifteen year old caucasion male i have benn actingfor three years now sence i first got cast in hamlet i have been in one musical and four plays. i have no professional training in singing but have been told i have an amazing singing voice and would loveto be a part in glee. im fivefoot four tan have darkbrown short hair and brown eyes i hope you consider me for a part thamks

  59. wow all these girls are passionate about singing…its truly amazing how we all share that same thought about how nothing fills that lil void and how truly nothing else compares to singing. you guys have it tough ; )

  60. singing is my passion eversince i used it to cope with everything around me. it soothes me and its my therapy. i feel life without music is not much. i think singing is my only way of truly expressing myself. i love it! singing in the shower is fun but singing for others can possibly be life changing. i want to send a message in every song and touch people with my voice. please let me, give me a chance at a dream come true. sincerely, salima

  61. I am 18 years old. I have always wanted to get into acting, and I love to sing and everyone tells me I am really good. It would be a dream of mine to be on a show like Glee. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  62. I am 25. I have always dreamed of being on a stage. Glee has inspired me to reach out and follow my dreams. I can sing, dance and act. When I watch Glee, I know what I want. I want an audience. PLEASE give me a chance. I will do whatever it takes. Thank you!

  63. Hello, I’m Trishaun..
    I should be considered for a Glee audition because acting is about being original and putting your best foot forward, that’s what I’m all about! Personality and being humble are the most important things when someone is trying to act or just doing anything that involves working with other people as a team. I’m 17 years old. I live In CHICAGO!
    I love to sing..
    It’s been apart of my life for along time, like my ENTIRE life..
    Singing is my common ground place with anything or anyone who I don’t agree with. if singing is involved, IM THERE!!
    I have a SOULFUL voice, like Mercedes, I LOVE her.
    That’s why I’m so inspired to audition for Glee..
    I love the show. I LOVE the people on the show. I LOVE the singing on the show and the acting.. I lOVE the people who CREATED the show because it ROCKS!!
    Please just consider me.
    Thank you.

  64. Singing is something that makes me feel like nothing else in the world. It’s all I want to do, and I know that I was born to sing. I’ve been putting on dramatic performances since I was old enough to memorize the lyrics to “Tomorrow” from Annie. My family has called me the “rock star” of the family since I was two.
    I’ve tried to come up with many ways to fill the void of singing, always allowing the fear of never being different to make me settle for something normal. I decided I liked photography, and grew passionate for creating beautiful images. The problem is, it doesn’t fill my soul with pure and absolute joy like singing does. I’m a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and study journalism, yet all I want to do is sing again, like I did in high school.
    High School is over now, but all I want is to be able to make music. If my life was constantly an episode of Glee, I would be in Heaven. My family loves my voice, yet my parents don’t believe in pursing unrealistic dreams. But I’ve always been a dreamer. I know deep in my soul that I’m destined for something bigger than what I’m doing now.

  65. Hello my name is Mechelle i’m 17 i’ll be 18 next month i am a great singer i love everything there is about glee i take great direction i would love to join the cast and show the world what i have in store for me. I’ve been singing since i was 2 i just love to entertain please allow me the chance to show you what i’ve got and i promise you won’t be disappointed

  66. I have been singing since I was 8 and I am in a rock band in the chicagoland area. I love to sing and think I would be a good addition to the glee cast.

  67. Hello, my name is Kelly and I am 18 years old korean. I have experience in singing, dance, and acting. The roles I have played have mainly been “bitchy” but I am a very bubbly and energetic person. I have played a numerous amount of sports, cheer leading, track, martial arts, swimming, and tennis. I have also learned the guitar.
    Glee is one of my favorite tv shows and would be an honor to be on it.

  68. Hello there … Karaoke machine lives and throbs in my blood line! Since I was little , in the Philippines . I used an empty coca cola bottle to use as my suggestive “mic”… I told myself although I am shy I would love to role play. I mean life is a bunch of drama filled role play, acting and singing is the tool God gave me to live and thrive, because no matter how much my family and I fought growing up, it’s all smiles when it comes to Karaoke room . Haha or a fantabulous song in the car.

    Shaking my shiness to shine like a star! You found one right here baby!

    • I am a Gleek! Glee is one of my all time favorite shows! I love acting but better yet I love singing. I am a choir geek in school, and am taking drama next year. I’m about to be a freshman in high school, so ill be around a while. Long brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, 5″0, and 14 years old. (Girl). I would die to be on this show! I have experience in performing because I am a Polynesian dancer, and I’m a Pacific Islander. And I competed in acting competitions in elem, and middle school. Please consider and reply to me! Thanks!

  69. I’m a spunky 17 year old with a passion for performing! I love to sing showtunes, opera, and everything else! I have a distinct look and quirky personality along with the fact that I’ve been singing and acting for more than half of my life.
    I love Glee! I watch it every week and I went to the concert. It would be a dream come true to be a part of such an influential show!

  70. Heyy! How you doinn? well uhm my names Lupeautino Loia Enosa but everybody calls me LUPE or LOOPS !I am 16 yrs. old &I am 5’5!I’m Thick& loving it! I am Samoan! ( polynesian islander)
    I love music with a passion! I play piano,ukulele,guitar,&drums! And I LOVE to sing! I love Glee! I think the character I could relate to the most personality wise is Mercedes! I would greatly appreciate a chance to audition for a GREAT show! THANK YOU

  71. Hi. my name is Sarah and I am 12 years old. I know you think that’s young but I can totally pull of a high school student. I am 5’6″. That’s tall for my age. I am also in my school musical “Fame”. For 3 years I took ballroom and 1 year of hip-hop. I have also been singing all my life and have had some training. I been in my schools choir for many years. I also play many instruments but I play classical music but I’m always up for a challenge. I have been in 2 plays in school. I’ve been in “Annie” and a class written play “A Mixed Up Night”. I sing very well. I am African American so maybe I could play Mercedes little sister. I am a triple threat. I have sing, dance, and act with help from many acting organizations here in New York. My current play in school is being directed from a teacher in Laguardia Performing High school in Nyc. I also am a social butterfly and have great energy. Even if I don’t get a role, being an extra is totally fine. I just want to start my musical career and doing this would help me 100%. I think this is the perfect way to start. I will really like to hear from you guys and if I do,I will surely appreciate it. If not thanks for taking the time and the liberty to read this. Thank you!

  72. Hello. My name is Mekhi and I am 12 years old, but by the time you read this ill probably be thirteen:^) I love to sing and everyon in my family calls me justin bieber. I’ve made up my own songs and so in that case i will Just state that i am african american, i have black eyes and hair, born 1999 of May 29. I live in Indianapolis, IN. There you have it.

  73. Hello, my name is Alexa. I’m 13 years old and I absolutely love Glee! I’m an outgoing person who is not afarid to sing or act in front of a large audience. I acted in plays and sang in talent shows at my school. I’m a hardworking girl who always does the best I can and I never ever quit, give up or complain! I really hope to get the call for the part.

  74. I’m 19 years old, I absolutely love singing, and I’m not half bad. I’ve been singing for as long as I remember. I was in choir in Highschool for two consecutive years. Singings been in my family for a long time now. What a pleasure it would be to be on a show where I can do my absolute most favorite thing.

  75. Hello, My name is Isla Neilson and i am 13 years old (14 in January). I live in England and think it would be great to have a British person in Glee. I can sing, dance, tap dance, act and i can play the ukulele. I am a big glee fan and i want to be on glee more than Artie wants to walk!! I am confident and alot of people describe me as a cheerful person. I have been dancing since the age of 4 and since then have been in shows with my dance school but is my dream to be on a show like Glee. Thankyou for the oppotunity and please keep me informed on information about auditions, love Isla xxx

  76. It would be a great opportunity to be an extra on Glee. It would incorporate a few of my greater strengths (singing, dancing, acting). I would be able to look and act the part of a wide range of ages and characters. Thanks for the opportunity of possibly being considered. :)


  77. Everytime I watch an episode I get so into the singing and dancing that during those moments I absolutely block out everything around me and start singing along. I want so bad to be apart of the cast. I’ve seen every single episode and looking at the material and what every character brings to the table I just know I can do the same. I’m currently 17 years old, turning 18 in march, but I hope that that doesn’t give me less of a chance as anyone else. I know what I want and I know what I live for and singing and acting fits both of those segments in my life. I really hope to hear from you guys, thank you so much for reading this.

  78. I would absolutley LOVE to be on Glee. I am sure that you read that in every email that you read. I am an older fan of the show, 36, I look like I am late 20’s. Glee, spreads great messages, is entertaining, the music selection are phenomenal, I love how it interwines acting/singing. I would love to be a part of glee, I could play a cousin, teacher, mentor, Older gay boyfriend for Blaine, anything, It would be an honor to work for Ryan Murphay, and all I have wanted to do my whole life was be an actor/entertainer. I would so much appreciate an opportunity to audition for a role on Glee. I have a outstanding personality, can carry a tune, Funny Guy. Please consider me for a callback…..LOVE YOU GUYS!

  79. I think i should be considered because i love this show and it would be amazing to be apart. Also this would combine my two passions which are singing and acting! Above everything i love singing. Music moves me in ways cant describe, it fills me with joy and puts me in a peaceful state. I have been singing since i was 3 and i have been in show choirs and musicals through out high school! I have also been to competitions for singing such as solos and ensembles and all region choir! I have also taken singing lessons. Singing is my life and i would love to share my talent with you. I am 18 5ft 7in and i hispanic. I have a super outgoing personality and i can make just about anybody laugh. So please contact me and give me this chance of a lifetime to share my talent with you. Also i m willing to do anything. If you need me for extras, or doubles or back up singers or anything i will do anything. so please call 972-527-2920 or email me thanks


  81. I should be considered because I love what Glee stands for. Glee teaches people that everyone is special in their own way and to not let anyone bring us down. Each of us has a talent for a reason and we must use it so people how bright we shine. I would love to be a part of this. I have been singing since I was little and I have many artistic experience in not only singing but musical theatre. This would be a dream come true and I would like to say thank you for taking time to read this. God bless and I hope to hear from you!

  82. Hey I am Al-Laijah Dussard and I am 11yrs. old. I love to sing and dance. I Glee is one of my favorite shows. I play it everyday on my WII. It will be a honor and dream come true to be a part of this cast.If their is not a part I do not mind being an extra. I hope to hear from you and I will be waiting with my fingers cross. Thank You

  83. I been a big fan of glee from day one…I love the show and I’ve always had a Passion for the musical and theater life.

  84. Hi i’m Kendyl I am 10 years old and I have been watching glee since the 1st season. I am tall for my age, I love to sing, I take singing and acting very seriously, and when I am performing I have so much fun so if I got a part for glee it would be one of the best things that have happened to me in my life.

  85. Hello, My name is Charley , Im 13, Ive been singing since I was 6 stopped when I was 10 and then started again when I turned 13. I live in Indianapolis,IN. I can sing, dance and act, but I dont mind being put as an extra. I am a huge fan of glee so it would be pretty easy. I also can play non-speaking parts. I’ve been a few musical theater productions when I was 6 and currently taking vocal training since I stopped singing when I was 10 and needed to get back my voice.

  86. This would be a dream come true! This is one of my favorite shows and being able to be just even an extra would help build my confidence and belief in myself. I love to sing and act and I even dance a little. Ive done many theater and musical theater work as well.

  87. I’d love to be an extra on the show. If new members of the band are needed, I’m trained in piano, guitar, and ukulele.

  88. I have a deep passion for music and musicical theatre. I have been singing since I was really young, I can find harmony or alto to any song I hear and it just comes naturally! I watch Glee religiously! I love how they take songs from the past and today and make them their own. I would love this chance to be a part of this show in any way shape or form. I’m the youngest of 9 children and have only dreamed of a chance like this. Thank you for your consideration

  89. I think I should be considered because I am 23 but I have been told that I look 16. I would like to do background extra work but if I could do a speaking part I would be more than happy. Its my passion to be on tv and I think this would be a great opportunity for me.

    • Hey GLEE producers and family,

      Let me start off by saying that I know most people reply back and say all sort of things along the lines of “Singing and Acting has been my passion since forever blah blah blah..” Which is true for me, but I want to be noticed and not bore you and be over looked!
      I’ve come out of my shell these last couple of years and have looked within myself to now be able to respect, love, care and embrace who I DESTINY ROBERTS am. An artist! I feel that being part of the GLEE family would be just the right place for me to fully embrace and experience my passion of music, singing and acting! I would love to be considered for a part of this show and join the glee family! I don’t have much experience in acting but a few classes here and there but my singing is definitely “on point!” ! So I hope that by reading this you would consider adding this new face and talent to your already wonderful cast!
      Thank you :)

  90. Hello, I am a young 18 year old girl who loves to sing, act, dance, play the guitar and make people laugh. I have always sung and I have played the guitar since I was 13. I have also participated in the musical Grease, several music festivals, and I have taken a jazz, ballet and contemporary dance lessons. I am tall, brunette with fair skin, and have brown eyes. I really like the show Glee and I think it would be lots fun to participate in it as an actriz. I work well with others and always give my full potential in the things I have a passion for.

  91. I can do whatever is needed in the show extras, background stuff anything just to be in the show. Love love this show. Please consider me. I love music so much. I play oboe, flute, trumpet, teaching myself guitar & learning to sing on my own at home.

  92. OMG I love Glee. First time I watched Glee Project I was hooked on watching Glee. I live in Santee, CA. I’m 26, 4’11 petite musician play couple instruments. Taught High School band for 3 years loved it so I conducted classes, taught different instruments so music is big part of my life forever. I would be perfect in this show. Please please consider me because I know music & I would fit right in. Email me info.

  93. Hi im teresa and im 13. Im a very out going person that doesnt take no for a anwser. Ive been singing since I was 6 years old. And I promise you if you pick me ill be sure to bring it onstage.

  94. Hi my name’s Caroline and I’m 16 years old, 17 in November. I love music and have been playing piano for 10 years now and singing since I was 9 with 3 years of vocal training along with choir and other vocal groups. I’ve also had 5 years of dance trainging. I’ve been in commercials, plays and all in all love acting. I know cheer is a part of the show and I’ve been cheering for the past 4 years. I’m 5’1″, blonde, and blue eyes. Music and acting are my passions and I would love to be apart of this amazing show. Thank you for reading this, I appreciate it, and I hope to hear from you soon.

  95. Hello I am Alicia Louis and I just love the show Glee!! I am a tripple threat singer, dancer, actress and i would love, love, love the opportunity to join the cast on set as what ever you would need me to be. I am a charasmatic go getter and will not stop pursuing my dreams until reality is met!!! This opportunity would be a chance of a lifetime. Please consider me for this audition so that I can blow you away. Thank you for your time.

  96. I am the oldest and also the youngest of my siblings, if that makes since. I totally live life to the fullest which is why I flew 2222 miles from Chicago to come here. This is my passion and pleasure. All im going to do is grow and grow and I do mean mentally as an actor. Let me come show you……..

    • I love glee and I think this would be an amazing opportunity . I sing and dance . music is what I love most , which is why I also dare myself to new things. I’m 16 and I am in choir in my school and I also do dance . so hopefully you can give me an opportunity to be apart of glee .thank you very much

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