Disney’s “Raven-Symone” Casting Lead Child Actors


Casting directors need child actors for recurring roles in the sequel to, That’s So Raven. Filming will take place in Los Angeles in February 2018. Auditions will be held in Atlanta. Talents must have strong comedic skills and the ability to perform at star levels.  Both of these roles are for the two lead characters, so you must be top tier!


The show is a reboot of the popular Disney show, That’s So Raven that aired on Disney from 2003 to 2007.  The show starred Raven-Symoné and was set in San Fransisco.  Raven had physic powers and she used them to get in and out of amusing adolescent situations.  The show was not only funny, but original.  The new show follows the two teen children of Raven.  One of her kids has inherited Raven’s ability to see glimpses of the future, and together they help each other deal with the pros and cons of their unique talent.


  • Nia: Female, 10-13 yr old, Raven’s daughter, African-American
  • Booker: 8-10, Raven’s son, African American

Disney is known for their long-lasting franchises and heart-warming stories.  From Beauty and the Beast to Frozen, Disney has been creating masterpieces since the beginning of animation and film.  In television, Disney dominated the industry with dozens of shows and TV movies.  This is an amazing opportunity for you to star in a Disney Original show.

If you don’t land a featured role, there are plenty of chances for you to act as an extra or background talent.  Putting Disney on your resume will help you increase your chances for future roles.  You will gain valuable experience and meet plenty of industry professionals that want to see you succeed.


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  1. I would really want this role. I have an amazing voice. I really know how to act out characters. I really like watching Disney channel. Please tell me how i can audition.

  2. I would really like to be Nia I am a That’s so Raven addict as well and to be 100% honest you will not be sorry for giving me the role so please contact me when you can!!!

  3. I really want this role my name is roderick dale sharp jr I am 14 years old I’m African American and I’m a Disney fanatic. I love raven Symone my mom passed away in 2013 I have a lot of energy and I also like singing please give me a chance how do I audition and my instagram is awesome.rj12.rs in case u want to do research on me.

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