Disney’s THE FINEST HOURS Extras Casting Call

THE FINEST HOURS Extras Casting Call

THE FINEST HOURS Extras Casting Call

Walt Disney Studios’ The Finest Hours is the film adaptation of the book “The Finest Hours: The True Story” of the U.S. Coast Guard’s most daring sea rescue. This is one of the few Disney auditions that will appeal more to adults as the film is set feature actors such as Casey Affleck who will be in the upcoming film ‘Triple Nine’; Eric Bana who was involved in the film ‘Deliver Us From Evil’; Chris Pine who played Rex in Horrible Bosses 2; and Ben Foster who was cast in the American war film ‘Lone Survivor’. The Finest Hours is still in early production but there have been rumors that the director for the film will be Craig Gillespie.

For those who are not familiar with the book version of The Finest Hours, Disney has provided a brief synopsis of what the film will focus on.

‘In February of 1952, one of the worst storms to ever hit the East Coast struck New England, damaging an oil tanker off the coast of Cape Cod and literally ripping it in half. On a small lifeboat faced with frigid temperatures and 70-foot high waves, four members of the Coast Guard set out to rescue the more than 30 stranded sailors trapped aboard the rapidly-sinking vessel.’ – Walt Disney Studios

The film will start production in Boston, MA. Extras casting directors in Boston recently held an open casting call for the feature film; however the casting agency has released a casting call for movie extras who are available from December 5th to December 13th. Extras must be available to work for at least 12 hours or more in the Chatham, MA area.

To Audition for an extra role in Disney’s The Finest Hours please go to the link provided: http://www.bostoncasting.com/castings/want-to-be-an-extra/


Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


  1. Hello,my name is Madison and I am thirteen years old. Although I have no acting experience, I feel like i could catch on easy. I live in America. Philadelphia to be more specific. My family and I travel a lot to NY and Florida. So those to places,plus where i live ,are the places i will mostlikely be able to audition for anythiing. If needed I have an video of me “acting” out a scene of a movie. If you contact me, I could send it and you can see my amazing talent. I also sing,although siblings tell me otherwise,but thats what siblings do.(Wheather I can or cant is entirely up to you.)

  2. hi my name is yuvia olivo i will love to be an extra
    brown hair and eyes
    hieght is 5″2
    weight 100
    speak english and spanish
    live in bakersfield.ca
    i am 11
    love to act and sing

  3. Hello.
    My name is Rei.
    I was born in between the Japanese and Filipina.
    I’m 11 years old.
    Height 5’2″
    The style has confidence.
    I live in Japan.
    So I am studying English.
    I’m going to emigrate to California someday.
    Singing, acting, dancing, a practice I doing every day.
    So, we will participate in the Disney channel audition!
    At that time, please expect!
    Waiting reply ☆

  4. I was born 7-4-2004
    I like acting and singing. I have black hair my skin color light brown. I would like to be in the movie because I like acting it makes me go in to my happy place and i have a great life and all with great friends.I have been in many plays and have been the lead star.I would really be honored if i could have this roll thank you for reading.And spending your time

    sincerely,Arielle King ;)

  5. Hola Buenas Quisiera Participar Castings De Disney Chanel mi sueño siempre ha sido salir en un programa de Television y mas en Disney ya que es el canal que me da fuerza para seguir con mi sueño de seguir actuando y bailando, soy mas que todo un gran bailarín y actuando tambien y quisiera que hicieran mi sueño realidad que actuar en disney y ayudar a mi familia (padres e hermano) aqui les dejo mi numero espero que se hay se pueden comunicar Muchas Gracias y la pelicula que me inspiro mas ahora fue Descendientes Muchas Gracias Castings De Disney Chanel! Disney! Atta: Ricardo Javier Montero Venezuela, Trujillo Estado Trujillo

  6. Name-The Anna Mae
    Height – 5 ‘1
    Weight 128
    Hair – natural dark red hair / some people say it is auburn
    eye – blue
    age- 21
    Gender- Female
    I live in Delaware in the US ..Some people think I look younger than I am. But it depends on the person.I have been in a musical and I am going to take a theater class.I’ve all ways thought being a actress would be interesting .I was in dream club in high school. I was in a school play. We did sing. I think I am a ok singer. From being in the play I know they said I was a soprano. I’ve all ways thought being a actress would be interesting .I was in dream club in high school. I all so wrote a short story and published it on Amazon.com The story is called Loathsome..I am working on more shorty stores that i am going to put up like Sorciere Spiaire… Witch Spy this is about a witch who is in a spy, and The Tall Yellow House Blood On awl this is a scary story. Tall Tales Of ROYALTY is a more book’s I am put on Amazon.com .I paint , do photography, and crocheting.I all so draw fashion and I can kind of sew.All so been working on writing on songs. Still getting better at writing songs.I all ways thought acting would be fun to do. I would be something different .I understand what kids are like I have a daughter.I am in college but I only have three classes to goI will be done before 2015. If I got a part I can take them another time if they interfere with THE FINEST HOURS .I do however walk with a blue cane. It doesn’t mean I can’t walk I just can’t walk well without it. I all ways thought being in a movie in any way would be cool. Acting is something I have l thought on and off of for a while know.I don’t mind being a extra. I get sometimes you have to start small.if you need to know more about me email me. I would like you to consider me for a part please Email at theyannamaeha@yahoo.com. Please contact me when you get the chance please. Thank you . Have a good day. Thank you again.

  7. Hello my name is Faye Louise Lowe,

    I am 11 years old and live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

    Age: 11
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’2
    Eye colour: Ice Blue
    Hair colour: Golden Blonde

    I am a very polite outgoing young girl who loves my parents and my little sister. We all love to act, but I’m always told I’m particularly good at all roles, so my parents payed for me to enrol at Stage 84 Drama School. I love to express myself in many ways through acting, singing and dancing. I can play any role from feisty chick to sweet angel, all roles can be taken.

    I love to ride horses and ski in the winter, but the main sport in my life is kick boxing which I train three times a day.

    I would love to take on any role no matter how small, I just really need a break as things are not so good at home.

    Please make my dream come true!

    Kind regards,

    Faye Lowe.

    • Hi! My name is Sara. Ever since I was little, my passion was to act. I am very passionate, and dedicated to every role I get. I am very athletic and currently involved in lacrosse and dance. I have a very goofy and fun personality, but I can be serious when I need to be. It would be an honor to work in this film!
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5’1
      Weight: 109 lbs
      Age: 13
      Hair color: Brown
      Eye color: Hazel/Greeb
      Location: Ohio (but I have easy transportation to wherever you need me)
      Contact information: Phone- 330-957-7495

      Thank you!

  8. Wassup is Shaniah im 11 in a half I always want to be on Disney channel I sing pretty good. I’m think I’m ready to be on Disney channel I have black hair half way and read going straight up

  9. Hi my name is itzel herrera I would honestly love to be in this movie it sounds wonderful. I am 10 year old and I can act I live in Ocoee Florida ever since I could remember I was singing and acting it has been my dream and It meas the world to me that I can at least audition thank you for listening please make my dreams come true.
    Sincerely,itzel herrera a dreamer

  10. Hey I’m Kylie I would love to be apart of your movie it’s been my dream to be apart of a show or movie . I have long brown hair and brown eyes . I live in a small town in texas but I can travil any where you would like

  11. hello!!!!!

    -I would really appreciate to be in the FINEST HOURS I would take any role

    my name is: valeria leticia jimenez luna
    i’m 13 years old
    Height: is of 1.62
    Weigh: 100 pounds
    i’m form: United States
    I speak 2 languages Spanish and English
    i have brown hair and eyes.
    -I am an American citizen Can travel everywhere in the North the East easily
    -i have always loved the view of being a actor since the age of 4.
    -I would love to be to be apart of a Disney Channel movie. I have experience in theatre performances. It is my dream to be apart of Disney.
    born in the great U.S
    -If you need to contact me please email me at valeriaJL2000@hotmail.com

  12. Hi!Im Courtney Weiss!I am 11 years old and love to act and sing.Ive been in every school play ever involved in my school.Its always been my biggest dream for years.I can fit in to many roles so please consider me!

    • I love acting so much I really hope that one day I can be acting on TV my family says that I’m really good at acting and sometimes I pretend like I’m getting hurt and they really believe me I’ve been in school plays and that’s why I have experience from and I really hope that you can consider me to be acting on TV that has been my dream for a while and some things that I’m good at for acting R crying and feeling pain and I like to bring joy and laughter 2 people that can watch me act on television so please consider me thank you

    • My name is Laci Oswald I’m 11 I live in sc Gilbert I would love to play In a Disney movie I have been practicing acting for 2 years oh please I would love too

  13. Love to make people laugh, its needs to be done . There are great auditioners but there is nothing like me that you would love to love to look for. Please its a dream to become an actress .

  14. I live in north Eastern Arkansas, I am 5 ft 5 I have hazel eyes , my hair color in strawberry blonde, I have glasses I like to sing and dance I am 13 years old please consider me.

  15. Hi my name is Lucy dromnes I am 14 years old I have long blonde hair I am white green/blue eyes I am about 5 ft I live in portsmouth I have family in london where I currently am now my mum is disabled and currently live in a rough area I live with my mum and brother. I a haven’t had really ano acting experience but am usually seen as a funny and intelligent I am quite a quick learner at the momen I am open to doing any part that is needed hope to hear back from you. Thank you

  16. Im a guy, hispanic, black hair dark brown eyes. speak Espanol fluently, English fluently, et je pe parler francais

    • Hi,my name is Angel I am 10 years old and I’m a boy,it’s been my dream to be on Disney channel,I am really inspired by other stars so I hope I can become one to,my shoe size is a 4,I’ve been in a lot of school plays and it really fun and I hope I get chosen for a role,so thank u and have a nice day

    • Hello disney! My is Zeila Duran. I am a muslim and i have big dreams. I dream to because an actress. Just because that i wear the head scarf that dosent mean that i cant dream.i am a good actress and I was born in Denmark but right now I’m in Ethiopia. I am 13 years old, and I have dark brown eye color, and black hair. Please let me be in a movie.. ps. I speak well english .

  17. NAME: Sophia T. Downey
    PHONE: I do not feel comfortable giving personal info. out. Send me an e-mail for any further questions. :)
    AGE: 14
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10 135 Pounds
    SEX: Female, White Caucasian
    Acting is a dream for most kids, but only some kids carry that dream to make it become they’re reality. They’re life. Hi. I’m Sophia I am following my dream one step at a time. I have participated in a few plays at my school,all with speaking roles. I live with my little brother and Nana and Papaw (grandparents), so traveling/money may be a problem considering I live in Indiana. I do not know how to attach a picture but if your interested I would be more than happy to e-mail one to you. Thank you so much for considering me for the role! Have a wonderful day and good luck to everyone else!

  18. Hi,
    My name is Riya and I am 10 years old. I do ice skating, play guitar, do art,I swim, and dance. I have always dreamed of being on Disney Channel, this would be a huge opportunity for me. I have experience I have been in some clubs for a while at my school. I feel like I am ready for whatever you give me, I will take in all the advice and use it as much as possible. It would such an honor to take part in this show. Thank You.

  19. Hey, I’m name is sonny, I’m 14 years old. I want to be on the movie. It would be awesome if I was on the movie.
    Height: 5:2
    Birth date: 10/19/2000
    And I’m shy but like trying new things.

  20. Hi my name is brian, im an actor from west london and would love to be an extra, i have brown hair, am 13 years old a quick learner and i am 6 feet tall, i am always ready on time

  21. Hi my name is Philomena this is my second time auditioning,since I’ve move from Seattle Washington to MN, i’m re-auditioning because i moved early so i couldn’t start my training class.To be on Disney Channel will be a dream come true for me,I’ll show you that I can work hard to succeeded my dream. :)

  22. I’m very interested
    Name:Carissa Gomez
    DOB: 11/19/02
    Height: 5’2
    Brown eyes and hair
    *interested in any role

  23. HI my name is Faith and I am 13 years old I would love to be in this movie . I used to be with the compony barbazon and have been experience with acting . This would be a great opportunity for me and hope to here from u soon. thank u

  24. Hi my name is Katherine Glasper, I am twelve years old and very fun and mature.I can play any part. For example I can play mean, funny, neardy, serious,and that’s only a few things I can do. I know you hear this a lot but I am really talented. Not only can I act but I can sing, dance, and I want to take piano lessons. I am very active and playful. I am focus and ready to take on every thing you’ve got. I do not have a agent because im low on fund but that’s not going to stop me from pursuing my dream. Thank you for reading this I really appreciate it, thank you.

  25. Hello, My name is Alessia
    I am 5’3
    I am 14 yrs old
    I weigh 113 pounds
    I am African American/Indian
    I am great at making friends
    I am an A Honer Roll student in school and got offered college hours when i get to highschool.
    I have brown hair and brown eyes
    i play baritone and french horn in band
    im an athlete i played volleyball,basketball,amd ran track
    My favorite hobbies are singing,gymnastics,volleyball,going shopping with my friends,and most importantly spending time with family.
    Im good with listening and memorizing things.
    My favorite fruits are grapes,apples,melons,watermelons,and strawberries.
    My favorite colors are purple,hot pink,lime green, and blue
    I have always dreamed of being on disney. as an extra or lead role.
    Im a girly girl and loves fashion. I can play as a nice girl or mean girl.
    i love musical theater.
    My favorite disney movies are Teen Beach Movie, HighSchool
    Musical, And Inside Out.
    My favorite disney stars are….all of them but mostly Zendaya and Sabrina Carpenter.
    Please feature me to be on the disney channels new show, as an extra or as lead role.
    You can contact me by email @ AlessiaHutchings49@gmail.com

    Thanks for reading :)

  26. Hello, My name is Alessia
    I am 14 yrs old
    i am an athlete. (Favorite sport is volleyball)
    I have brown eyes and brown hair

    I am a band student, i play Baritone and Frenchorn
    I am African American/Indian
    My mothers name is Lakeshia.
    I have a younger sister and brother
    I have always dreamed of being on disney
    i can sing and recently started dance/gymnastics
    I love being featured in things that are musical theater and
    anything that deals with acting,dancing,and singing
    My favorite disney show is…..ALL OF THEM.

    And by email at Alessiahutchings49@gmail.com

  27. Hello I am Diamond , a 15 year old junior . I would like to be casted as an Extra for this film. I have no experience in any other film ,but I can give promising results if I were to be considered. I am very cautious about putting all my information out there but if there are any more questions or concerns ,please email me.Thank you for reading.

  28. Hello, my name is Rocio I have 16 years, I
    am a very happy, funny, sympathetic, tender
    girl, etc … I love All That Is acting, dance,
    music, are everything to me .. Would Be A
    Dream Come True If I had the chance to be
    an extra in a Disney movie .. would like
    something magical since I live in another
    country … I would love to have such an
    opportunity: ‘(Please Think about it:’ (

  29. Hair-Brown
    lives-Florda/New Orleans

    Hi my name is Carmen. My dream is to be on tv for Disney Channel. Im serious about this,I cry at night becase I want to be like people on tv like Sabrina Carpenter and Roman Blanchered. All i want is to be on a Disney show. I know your not gonna read this,but I really whould appreciate it if you did read this. Please let me live my dream. :-)

  30. Name Shelby via
    Age 11
    height 5″2
    Hi my name is shelby and I am 11 years old I have brown hair and brown eyes I like to act and I do you clear space theatre for my school and I would like to take my acting to the next level

  31. hi my name is rosie and I would love to be an Disney extra I love acting and modeling singing and dancing im multi talented and im funny smart kind and careing love to smile and be happy and love quotes

  32. Hello I’m Kayley I really would like to be on Jessie I’m a very good a actor I made my own show around my community and they really like it so please mae my dream come true I would like it alot

  33. Hi, my name is Michaela Phillips

    I am 13 years old

    I’m mixed with Caucasian, African American, and Indian.

    I will be in the 9th grade this year and I’ve dealt with a lot of bullying.

    I have good “People Skill”

    I’m not a great Social Media type of person when it comes to school I’m actually very independent.

    My mom had 12 kids but 11 are still here.

    I have hazel eyes. They change colors sometimes.

    My nickname is “Baby Hazel”.

    I have black and dark brown hair.

    I love to sing, dance, and act.

    I love my best friend Sade Collins.

    I love the beach.

    My celebrity roll model is Zendaya.

    I love puppies.

    I love Zendaya-Replay.

    I love art and music and Performing Arts.

    I live Washington, D.C.

    I’m addicted to fruits. Especially grapes.

    I lobe to write songs and listen to songs.

    My favorite movie is “Zapped”.

    I love Fried Chicken.

    I am a Cancer.

    My 3 fears are, Heights but I will get over that, Losing close family members, and most scariest of them all is dying.

    I look like my dad. I’m like a little Michael Phillips. My name comes from my dad as you can see.

    I LOVE to take selfies #SelfieTimeAllTheTime

    I have natural hair.

    My mom’s name is Vonetta Young

    My favorite colors are purple and blue

    I dont really have any experience in acting but j know that i am good at acting i act around the house alot but i never actually acted in a performance or anything like that. I love acting a lot but most importantly I love the Disney Channel Casts of all the shows. I love Sabrina Carpet, Debby Ryan, Skai Jackson, Zendaya, Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez, Peyton List, Bridgit Mendler, Cameron Boyce, Dove Cameron, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Joey Bragg, Francesca Capaldi, Jason Dolley, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Lavato, Ross Lynch, China Anne McClain, Olivia Holt, Calum Worthy, and finally Miley Cyrus. I used to watch Hannah Montana Every day until they canceled the show. Then things got a little out of hand with Miley Cyrus very bad things that hurt me very deeply. If you need anything further question(s)

  34. him im sarenity im 11 years old i live in ohio im funny,good singer, and smart.Its been my dream to become an actor since i was 4 years old i’ve auditioned for commercials before.I would be the happiest person alive if u made my dream come true. Thank You!

  35. Hi my name is Natalie I’m 11 Years old and I really like to sing and be a actress one day. I’m funny, nice, and smart to do thing. Also if you want to know more about me just reply the message and hope you would give me a chance to make my dream come true.

  36. Hi my name is Perry Jackson,I’m 15 yrs old I love to do improvisations I love to sing im actually making a EP album right now but I’m really cool,funny,and have good charisma I’m actually working on my body movement when acting and I’m really up for the test of any role/character, I work hard I’m determined I put a lot of effort in acting and my singing and hope to here from someone soon.

  37. hi my name is Aliyah Easley, I have a lot of dreams and goals in my life and acting is one ! I Am a very out going person. LOTS of family members call me a diva ! I have been a few school plays btw-they where singing plays , Cinderella , Annie , and high school Musical . I have enjoyed them all !I am 10 years old and im about to turn 11 next week on June 2nd . Im always am determind to do what i belive in and will never give up , and i love to be there to help someone . IM also am a great person to work with :) :) :) :) :) Thanks for taking out your time and reading my mini story about my experiance with actiing and many more to come !! :) thank you once again and have a blessed day

  38. Hi!
    My name is Michelle, i live in Oslo, Norway and I am 18 years old. Ever since i was a little girl i loved disney channel, i always wished to be able to join your team one day. So this is me trying. I am 160 cm with long brown hair, brown eyes and a bubbly personality. I am half norwegian and half hungarian, and i go to the french school in oslo so i speak 4 languages fluently. I love to sing and act, i’ve been singing since i was young but only had 2 years of acting classes since i have a lot going on with school. I have also bern doing cheerleading since i was 14. But anyways i know that i could do a really good job for you even though i live in Norway, i could fly over to you guys and do my very best! It has honestly been my dream since i was 5! You can look me up on facebook if you need more i formation or anything just contact me.
    I would do anything in the world to get this possibility, no words can describe my lust for working for you guys! I know that i would fit in very well in such a movie also!

  39. Hello. My name is Savannah Rose C. I love singing and acting very much. I’m very serious about this. I want to start an early career as soon as possible. In the mean-time, I have been much theatre, voice lessons, acting lessons, and more. I am 14 years old. I have brown hair, and hazel eyes. I’m about 5’4. I want to follow my dreams, and am willing to start from the bottom and work very hard to reach the top. Thank you.

  40. hi, Im Emily. I am 13 years old ad I love actinf. I have since I was a little girl. this would be a great opportunity for me to follow my dreams. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’3.

  41. hello my name is camila fuentes i don’t beautiful but importantly personality help me to fulfill my dream
    I want to send my audition video i from bolivia Could it be?

  42. HI my name is Arielle King. And I was born on July/4/2004. I’m ten years old. I love acting and think this would be a great chance for me to be in this movie. I also love singing and I plan to make a youtube channel for my sing videos. I have acted in 2 of the plays that my state has to do it’s called the Missoula Children’s Theater and it a very good group and they are very good. I’v always wanted to take my acting to a whole other place and I thought I’d look up this and now I’m very happy. I think this is a good chance for me to show myself whit my acting. I hope to hear back from you guys soon. :);0;)<3 Thank for your time.

  43. Full Name: Jeanette E. Ocasio Marrero
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20 years old
    DOB: August 16 1994
    Height: 5″2
    Weight: 250lbs
    Eyes: (hazel) I have 3 layers they are green, brown and around the pupils is yellow
    Hair: medium length/medium golden brown
    Skin: slightly tanned and fair at the same time
    Country: Puerto Rico
    Languages: Spanish and English

    Hello as you now know me …well the information above. Anyway I’m not a experienced actor nor have I ever acted in a play or anything. So yeah I may not have experience but I do know that I’m a fast leaner and have a good memory. Some people from where I come from tells me that I should be an actor because I have the capacity and abbility to be one. I may not have the body, but I sure do have a strong heart to follow what I believe in. If there is a part for me in this show, an extra,villain, sister or whatever I will give you my word that you will never regret it. It would be the only greatest thing that’s ever happen to my life.


  44. Hi my name is Jess and I’m a very fun loving girl who’s dream is to be an actress. I’m 14 years old, I have blondish-brownish hair, blue eyes and freckles. I would absolutely die to have a part as an extra as it would an amazing opportunity to see what show biz is like and will give me an idea of what my dream job will look like if I successfully ever become an actress. Please choose me! I know that I’ll be perfect for the Job

  45. my name is iyyonnah I am mixed
    My skin color is well mixed it’s light brownish and my hair is Brown and black . My eye color is light brown/hazel. I have freckles. I am a committed and talented actress and I’m a singer too!.I’m tall actually and I’m 14 I am a female and I model on the side. I have grey style and I love playing characters that are diffrent from me I’m good at remember ing lines and I am perfect at facial expressions and expressing emotions while acting I know how to do my own hair and make up ,I love taking photos and I just really hope someone will finally give me the chance I need to become big and show all my potential . I am a great choice and thank you for considering me and if u choose me just know I will be committed and dedicated to it and I won’t settle for anything less than my best!
    Thank you all have a nice day

  46. Hello my name is Chanelle Lyons I have lightish brown eyes, and nice tanned skin, my hair is a nice dark blonde, and is medium length, I am about 5 foot 6, I believe I should carry a roll in this movie because I am a great actor and nothin would be better than to be an extra or even a main character, I do a lot of singing as well so I have a variety of things I am able to do if I was to star in a film, I do dancing as well, but this would be a dream come true, I gave been applying for auditions for so long and would love just one position in this movie, please consider me I wouldn’t let you down for the world and I can show you what I got. Thank you

  47. Hi I am a 22 year old ambitious comedian from Long Island, NY looking for a chance to audition and enter into the film and television industry. I will do anything for a laugh and my comedy act will show how outgoing and comfortable I am in front of large amounts of people. I’d love for a chance to audition and show you why I am an excellent fit for the project at hand. my email is roccovaglicacomedy@gmail.com. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    Rocco Vaglica
    Sex: Male
    Age: 22 Years Old
    Height: 6’ 1
    Weight: 235 ibs
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

  48. Hello! My name is Raquel Bernardo. I am Portuguese but I know how to speak in English and Spanish, I have 5 in both. I would like be part of a Disney movie because since I was small until now I have always thought about being in a Disney movie. I can do a lot of things which are: dancing (I started dancing when I was 4 years old), singing, gymnastics (acrobatics) and acting. I am a girl who never says “I can´t” because if I say that the problem will never disappear, I am really happy and funny. I have zumba, contemporary classes and ballet classes, actually, on 1st of May this year I will dance contemporany and ballet in the street and I have already done a lot of shows in my school. I have hazel eyes, brown hair with some golden locks, red lips, some freckles on my nose and on the top of my cheeks, I am 1,51 meters tall and I am elegent and really pretty. I have to say too that I memorise my lines very faster.
    I am 14 years old and I really would like to be part of this movie because I like Disney very much and I think I am a really good actress and when I wrote this article I thought “Wow, this movie will be great, and I want to be part of it”. I only want to say I really hope you choose me to be part of this movie, because like Walt Disney said: “All your dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

  49. Hello, my name is Hope Hawkins.

    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 125lbs
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: dirty-blonde, medium length, no bangs
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 13
    City: Atlanta, GA USA
    Contact: hawkinshope64@gmail.com

    I have participated in many school plays and gone to acting camps over the years. I can do a New York, country, and British accent as well as speak fluent English and partial French. I am a moderate singer but a strong actor. I would be more than honored to play a role in this show.

  50. Everyone should be able to have a shot. it would be an honor to be a part of the business Ive grown to love. Thank you.

  51. My name is Linh Le
    I’m 15 years old
    I’m Asian

    My email is linhtuele10@gmail.com
    Even though I dont have any experience but I know I can do it . Being an actor is my dream , I know this is the chance for me . I got passion and confidential in me , please help me turn my dream into reality . Thank you.

    • I’m 14 years old
      From Germany
      My hair color is brown
      My eye color is hacel brown and green
      I can speek english,german and turkish
      I have acting experience, because i go
      to an acting school for a certain time
      I also sing in the acting school and teaching dance
      I want to be an actress because it gives me
      a lot of fun to act and i would like to work on Disney Channel .

  52. hi im brady im 13 years old im a good actor/songwriter. i have watched Disney channel my whole life and i know it needs me to make it way better. i can make anything funny like me and my friends were watching the best of me and i started laughing out of no where because there was a box of pizza standing behind the girl and everyone else started laughing. Disney channel if your reading this you do want me because i can make your shows/movies and your channel way better and i can make way more people watch it so i hope you will consider me.

  53. I am an actor and I would like to work on Disney Channel . This will fulfil my dreams of becaming more of an actress .

    My Name is Leiana , I am 13 years old and I am able to do a lot of acting . I have even fooled my motehr and father sometimes with my acting school . The Finest Hours would be the perfect thing for me .

    Please give me the chance to prove who my real characters inside me are .


  54. I just read my 3rd commit and I misspelled my name…..ha….just wanted to let tall know I know how to spell my name…. bye ….your a truly, Karen……..*blows a kiss*

  55. My name is Taneika and I am 15 years old, almost 16. I would Love to audition for this movie!
    Eye & Hair Color: Brown
    I’ve been acting for quite a few years now but I want to take it to the next level!

  56. Sry it’s Karen again (if u couldn’t tell I really want this) anyways I really should have left my email for yall…it’s karenranft@gmail.com…..or u can contact my mom at tammyranft@yahoo.com…….(sry I don’t have aunt karys email) I still really like yall…and think yall r gr8……BYYYEEEEE…for real this time

  57. Karen again…..hope I’m not making yall mad…….anyways I’ll keep this one short….don’t worry…….I know karate…..just in case that’s something yall like…..oh…..and I’m not afraid of doing tricks (I tumble) so again……contact me………bye bye…… *runs away because can’t think of cute way to say good bye*

  58. Hey my name is Karen and I’m a perky 13 year old girl from Texas. I love Disney and would love and oppretunity to Star in a Disney movie…… (plz excuse my spelling…..I’ve never been good at it & if yall belive in that dumb blond stuff ima blond) I’ve been dancing sense I was 2 and really love acting …..it would be an honor if yall would allow me to work with yall…. (even tho this is like a billion people’s dream) I am willing to work hard …..if yall Like me plz tell me……cya later. …..ur #1 fan karen…..

    • Lol…Karen again….I read some other people’s stuff( good luck ready all of that stuff) and they put info about them self on it……..so I wanna do the same to……I’m 13 (almost 14 tho)
      I’m a blond (like I said before)
      My eyes r green grey
      I weigh 92 pounds and am 5’4
      I love the color blue (just in case yall r wondering )
      I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters (just in case yall r like wow this Karen person is cool….I wanna see if it runs in her genes (it does)
      I have a dog, cat , and a bunny
      I live in Texas (don’t wanna give away all my info because of……stalkers)
      I’ve taken dance classes sense I was 2
      U hate spelling
      Love talking (sry to all yall who have to read all this)
      Ohhhh…..and I am a strait a student… most of the time…. I’ve had 2 bs before…….*cries*
      And my favorite food is pizza
      …..bye disney……..and I’m always opened……always (literally I’m not busy person) love yall. .. ..Karen *waves good bye*

      • Kern again……this is my last message i swear …..I forgot to mention I sing like a boss (not to brag but I am a really good singer) if u liky.. . ..contact me….even if yall don’t liky…..tell me …..I can take it *flexs*….I like constructive critism……….anyways…..I sent in applications like a billion times…..and I gave u my mom’s number, my dad’s number, my number and my aunt Karys number (if u have roles for a 65 year old lady she wants u to call her)
        Bye again…..still love yall………if hope I don’t forget to mention anything because i don’t want to bother yall again……anyways……bye disney……*blows yall a kiss*

  59. Hello,

    I am Esther a girl from Belgium. I would love to play in this movie. I have read the book and really enjoyed it. I can speak English, French and Dutch.

    Height: 5’2″

    Weight: 9stones

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Light Brown

    Age: 18, birthday March 9th

  60. hello my name is maria mafe healthy but it says I like to sing and I am Colombian thanks actur

  61. Hello! My name is Ana Vergara I am 16 years old. I speak Spanish and English, am responsible, and condition in groups of action I love the action, it does not make me sad, I am A very happy person, am High, thin, brown hair, clear brown eyed. Thank you attention I wait and considered my application. San Jose C.A cell number: (404 453-1031).

  62. Hi , my name is jasmine , im 17 years old , going to be 18 in october and it would be my honor to be in one of the disney movies and become someone bigger . Im 5″2.5 im have sandy blonde hair , im hispanic . My eyes are brown but in light there hazel. I live in Connecticut, i like to be myself and im always happy , always like to make others happy . I am interested in becoming an actress or a model so please pick me, I am willing to travel and making big money soon im a person you would want to platter everywhere .. #superstar

  63. hello my name is luca de Angelis, I’m 16 years old and live in Italy. if you visit my website you will find that are perfect for you. Also from 1th July to 1th August i will do a study holiday in Boston.

  64. I’M not the best but I feel I can ADD something to this. I’M INTERESTED for this success.. My number is 7188263801. Thanks

  65. Hi, I’m Racheal and I’m 13 years. I love Disney channel sooo much. I can also act, sing and dance. I’d be a perfect role for the extra of this movie cus I’m fun and I easily get along with people. I’ve directed a few plays in my school and I even write songs novels and plays. Please consider me. Thank you

  66. Hi my name is Tayllor Jones with 2 Ls.
    I would like to be on disney channel because i enjoy watching it and it is all i really watch every day u am a great acter and think i would make a great character thanks

  67. hi my name is nayeli and i really want a chance to show my acting skill and i have always liked acting since i was little and i used to preform up on stage like sing in front of my church but after a while i moved and i stopped preforming in front of people but i still act at home and i would love a chance to be on TV and especially Disney channel which i love and the movie seems awesome and i would love to be a part of also to show the world that you can make it you just have to try and put your mind to it.
    height:5″2 and Hispanic
    if need more information please just email me. I currently live in Georgia but i am willing to travel

  68. hello my name is amber foster I have some acting experience and I would love to be apart of Disney it would be a dream come true.

    im 21 I have long brown hair and green eyes I have a car and a license and I have a passport.

  69. Hello my name is katherine the truth is that it wanted to start by being an extra for disney empesar few small aa up to managing to be a chic disney. I am 14 years old am a Latin person vivia in colombia nowadays alive in new york in a condition called alive Staten Island with my granny my dad my premium and my sister my breast pitifully still has me in colombia wants that my family and the whole this very proud world of my being a great actress. Porfavor help me

  70. I am Xathen
    I am5″9
    I am 165 pounds
    I am willing to travel

    I am half Mexican and half white black hair Brown and grey eyes

  71. As someone who grew up around the water and a certified diver, this film is the perfect fit for me. Disney has always been a major part of my life and having the opportunity to be in this film would be an amazing opportunity and a privilage to work with a company I adore.

  72. Hello, my name is Savanna C. Vance. I’m raw talent and would like to push myself to see how well I could truly do with a bigger role. I am very energetic and I have a lot of passion that I put into everything I do.
    Hair: Dark brown, subject to any change.
    Eye color: light blue
    Height: 5″3′
    Weight:145 (athletic build)

  73. My name is maylik i want to expiernce a diffrent kind of acting off of stage and explore my oppourtuinty in acting. Im not the next brad pitt but if i get this oppourtuinty i could be better all i need is one chance

  74. Hello my name is lucky fincher. I live IL with my family. I’m nine going on to ten. I short I have long but short hair and i’m black. I have black hair I love disney world and I have never been to disney land I wish to go too.

  75. hi I am mexican but I speak relly well english, my dream is to be an actress and I hope you consider me.

  76. hi I’m Esmeralda!
    i love Disney and would be exciting to meet many people.
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’0
    Eyes: dark brown
    Hair: brown( will cut it)

    in North dokata( I’m use to traveling a lot)

  77. im 11 years old 12 in 3 months and people usually think im 13 because im tall . i have always loved acting and when it does come to acting i am very serious about it . i have a passion for acting i get really into it like if were really the character .
    thank you

  78. Hello my name is Grace Nina Yoon

    I am 15 years old my birthday is 5/09/99 and I live in Charlotte NC

    My nationality is Korean-American, My height is 5’3, and I weigh 101 lbs.
    I have a dark brown hair color with dark brown eyes.
    I really want to audition for this movie because I have always wanted to become an actress since forever but never have gotten the chance to.
    please consider giving me a chance to audition for a role in this movie, I would do my best in any role you would assign for me.

    Thank you.

  79. Honestly I have always wanted to be on Disney since I was little. I know many people want to be an actor, but sometimes one person out of a thousand get lucky. I’d love to be that person. I’m 13 years old 5’2 and 88 pounds. When I was little I would stand in front of the tv and act with the other Disney stars haha. When I got older I started looking up these auditions and haven’t got lucky yet, but I’m still trying. I act in front of friends and family to past movies. I print out the scripts and act like I was in the movie. I’m pretty good at acting, but thats up for auditions to tell.

  80. My name is natalia, i would like to act in a series of the program of disney or to increase my experiences always I have been charmed with a movie the theatre and acting. I have seen the series of disney since it was very small which serious a privilege to be able to interchallenge a series I hope that they bear me in mind. Thank you

  81. I am Tara Alexander, a 12 year old girl, turning 13 this year. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I have always been passionate about Disney. I would eventually like to work for Disney animation as a character designer. Not only do I think working for Disney could help me grow as a person, and push me out of the confinement of my comfort zone, but help me learn about working for the corporation all together. I hope you will consider me for a part. Please contact me by email about any roles I may be considered for, or anything of the sort. Thank you.


  82. Hello I am Natalia. for my Disney it is an opportunity to grow in an artistic career. I have always regarded this program since I was small and I would like to work in a series or film to have more experience in acting. thank you

  83. Name: Kaitlyn Amerongen
    Age: 12
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Body: 5’2″ 103lbs

    Looking to start my career
    I’m a soccer player
    I don’t know if you’re looking for child parts but if so I’m interested!
    This would be such a blessing for an opportunity to get be a part of this movie! Thank you!

  84. I’ve read the book and love the idea of making it into a movie. I was in the NAVY and know what it is like for the young men and women to train for the Coast Guard and the skills and bravery they possess when performing rescues. I would like the opportunity to become an extra in such a great movie concept.

    Age 39 year
    Sex male
    Height 5’7″
    Weight 165 lbs. with Athletic physique
    Hair Short dirty blonde
    Eyes blue

  85. My name is Joshua and I am 13 years old and Hispanic. I’m 5’4 and weigh 120 pounds. I’m in perfect shape and would enjoy playing any part . I say this because I believe I can do great at anything I am offered .

  86. Dear Disney Team,

    My name is Jens and I’m traveling around the world together with my indonesian wife in an old VW Split window bus from 1965.

    Today I woke up and thought if it would be possible to create a movie about our trip, maybe also from the view of the VW Bus?

    If you like please have a look at http://www.facebook.com/bulliadventure and explore some of our stories. We have much, much more to tell and would like to do that in form of a movie. Unfortunately we do not have the funds and experiences to create a movie.

    I hope we can find some help from you as the biggest Movie produktion in the world.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Warm regards

    Jens Jacob

  87. Hello my name is Melissa A. i am from dallas texas and i am white with brow hair and eyes i am not so tall but i am not a dwarf and I want to be in Disney bc is the best channel that i never seen before, i am thirteen years old and i love Disney really when i come back to the house from school I do my homeworks and then the unic channel that i see is disney bc is the most funniest and best channel. I always wanted to be in disney but i wasnt here in U.S.A i come from for Guatemala but i never had the oportunity of be right here, so now that i am here I know that i have the capacity and the talent to be in disney i know that a lot of people that they see this they say i wanna be in disney channel all the persons that see this they wish the same as me i know that i am not special to you to pick me instead of other person or kid. But can you give a oportunity? i am bilingual i cant talk english and spanish, i learned english faster when i came from for guatemala,so i can auditioned to disney. I am a funny girl and smart girl i gat “As” iin my report card and i am in 6th grade and i can act and sing and dance.I only want a oportunity to a girl that never accomplish her dreams and this time can be different and change, a oportunity to a girl that all her life was being bullied for her classmates bc she is a nerd.
    A oportuniity to shine and being especial so the people can stop treating her like a trashcan otherwise like an important person. My classmates they ever told me that i never going to accomplish any dream that i want bc i am such a jerk but i can guarantizied you that i am going to do my best if you accept me. So for first time i can feeel proud of me i know that when you just read this you are going to say she is liying she only is interested in be famous and that everyone recognize her, “no” i can swear you that everything that i wrote about is real i promise that if you accept me in Disney Channel is going to be like a family for me, and i want to be in disney channel bc always i ever dreamed be in Disney and an actress and a singer and i promisse that if you dont accept me i am goig to keep trying and trying and never gave up bc i know that i wanna desmostrate to my classmates that Dysney Channel is a channel that can make your dreams come true, and i want to be in Disney Channel bc i want to be and example for other kids that a simple girl of a little country like I can make her dreams come true for keep trying and never gave up bc i passed two times that i send messages to Disney to two movies but you never call me back or send me a message but that is not a reason to stop dreaming I AM A DETERMINED GIRL THAT IS NEVER NEVER STOP TO KEEP TRYING.

  88. What’s your phone number so I can contact you I’m interested.Whar ages do you accept?Where is the place.

  89. Hello im fabiola my hair is blond my eyes is brown , im not fat i like to act and i have alredy act in anothers movies im 13 years old im living in mexico but i have a good level of english but i would defiantly be willing to travel im beautiful and im very serious whit my carrier of acting

  90. Hi
    My name is William Harper. I love disney channel and this movie sounds amazingly exciting and good. Iv had some training and now am dying to get out there in the real world and make my mark in the acting world.
    I’m 14 (15 in May)
    I’m 5’4
    I’m chubby boy
    I’m Caucasian
    I have medium lengths hair that’s dirty blonde (willing to cut or die if I needed to)
    Blue eyes

    I currently live in South Wales uk, near Swansea but would be willing to travel if needed
    Thank you – William

  91. hello! disney listen, my love for acting happened. at 8, right now i’m 11, 5’1. and in drama club. i have a great voice. and always dreamed to be on disney! it would be a dream come true!! (i also do irish dance, swim, and ski!) please contact me! please. i love disney sooooo much. thank you for your time!:)

  92. My name is Tim Oxenford and I live in Australia. Im in grade 8 and am 13 years old. I received an A in Drama and have featured in a school play. Ive always wanted to be in a movie, as a a leading role or even an extra. I’m 5’10 and around 70 kilograms. Im a A student and am very good and memorizing lines and spontaneous work.
    I hope to hear form you.

    Thanks in advanced.

  93. My name is Alissa Lambert, I don’t have any experience but I always thought it looked fun to be on a Disney show or movie. I am 18 years old I think Disney would be a great place to start something new. thanks so much for your time.

  94. Hi!
    My name is Josie. I love Disney and this movie sounds super cool. I have had training in acting and now I am super excited and eager to get some experience.
    Age: 15
    Height: 5″1′
    Weight: 103 Ibs.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Sex: Female
    Hair: Dirty- blonde (willing to cut or dye if needed)
    Eyes: Blue
    Cell #: 336-847-1780
    I currently live in North Carolina but I would defiantly be willing to travel.
    Thank you for your time, -Josie :}

  95. I am 17 a female. 5’6 and 129 ibs. I have been acting since elementary school and i have been lead role in most of the plays ive been in. I really want to be on the big screen and show everyone i have talent. I want to make my parents proud because they always supported me. I hope you give me this chance.
    Thanks you.

  96. Hi my name is cheyenne burns and im 17 im a female. I have always loved to act. I have been lead role in a couple plays and i have been acting since elementary school. I really want to be in a movie and hope you give ne this chance.
    Thank you x

  97. I’m chace Watson im 5″10 blue eyes blonde hair acting has been a thing I like to do I do acting at my school and I’ve always wanting to be a actor and I would come to the audition as long as it’s in California thank you for having the time to read this and my shoe size is 11.5 and my weist is 28 thank you!!

  98. Hi my name is Priscilla and I’d love to be on Disney Channel. I mean who wouldn’t? I’m 12 years old almost 13, 4’11, brown eyes and brown wavy hair. I think it would be amazing to on Disney Channel, its almost as if its a dream. Hopefully, they consider me. I been acting ever since 1st grade, when my grandma signed me up for acting classes. Please, if you can get back to me. :) Contact me at cillamonster13@yahoo.com Thanks

  99. I am 13 years old I am a girl and I really love to sing and act. Those have been my dreams for as log as I can remember

  100. Hello I am a experienced actor and have Been the Field for a very long time, since I was 6 years old, wow times flies when you are busy I guess. I want a great opportunity to expand my talents and to test myself, because I have been waiting for a role to, jump off the page and really make me pumped to do a project, and this says it for me. I understand that this business follows its own rules when choosing a actor, by own rules I mean own way. Please consider and contact me for further infomation,(hate to give our private information)

  101. My name is Katrine (pronounced Katrina) Reddin and I believe that I could make a great addition to The Finest Hours cast. I am 19 years old, and while my main residence is just outside of New York City in Connecticut, I am currently attending university in Fort Worth, Texas. I stand at 5 feet and 4 inches, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I am bilingual in English and Danish and I have a passion for hiking the outdoors and traveling. I am an assistant NRA Instructor so I am well acquainted with the use of firearms (handguns, rifles, shotguns) and I can drive stick shift. I may seem shy at first glance, but I am actually very outgoing and a go-getter type person and can be quite the badass. I am competent, reliable, hardworking, and spontaneous and will not be a disappointment. Failure is not an option.

  102. hi my name is Shania Martinez I think its been evreyones dream to be on Disney channel that is my dream to I hope that that can be true one day I am 13 years old my height is 5’2 eye color is brown and I began my acting career at age 10 hope they could consider me one day for a starring role for more information about me please contact me at shania1041@hotmail.com thanks.

  103. Please contact me all i do is act and its my only and strongest talent i will also accept crazyily small roles on any you offer my age is 15 and am from Huddersfield uk and will audition and travel

  104. Hi, my name is Sarah, and I’m 15 years old. Sadly I live in Northern Ireland and there are not many opportunities here but it has always been my dream to perform unscreen. I’m 1.55 meters in height with long blonde wavy hair and have an average build. I have a lot of experience from past school plays and also a drama festival. It has always been my dream, so in spite of my disadvantage, I hope you will consider.

  105. Hello my name is Ray Garcia i would love to be in this movie because i feel myself that iam ready to take on an acting career (Iam 5’9.i have black hiar. iam mexican.i have brown eyes i live in whitter califonia. iam a slim kid i weight about 135 iam a little dark iam friendly preson and really connect with people) the reson why i want to do these because my family we are not poor but ! its just we are having work promblems and if i was able to do these it would mean the world to me i want to tell my parents that i could do something in my life i want to die knowing i did something worth living for i’ve been watching Disney since i was just 2 and now to part of a movie by you guys Disney would be a honor so thank you for your time Walt Disney hope you guys get this (:

  106. Hello, My name is Katherine Mery. I would like to begin by explaining in depth what an astonishment it would be to become a part of this big project. Helping out and being a part of a movie is like a dream come true. Stepping inside the scene, its really like being in a dream, because once inside, its like a different world.

    I am a very photogenic and talented 18 year old. Having a natural affinity for playing different roles and creating a world of different characters from my own imagination has always been a part of who I am. I have an excellent memory for learning and reciting lines. What interests me is watching movies behind the scenes, it is the most engaging thing to watch, and I really enjoy it. Just wondering how all the magic is done really gives me goosebumps. Seeing it on the computer is one thing, but actually being on set and being a part of it, is indescribable. I would love to be a part of this, and would live every day of it like its my last.

    Name- Katherine Mery
    Age- 18
    Height- 5’6
    Weight-116 lbs
    Body type- Slim
    Ethnicity- Caucasian
    Hair color- Blonde
    Eye Color- Blue

  107. Hello, My name is Maria Bernal and i live in a small town named San Bernardinoandim 14 i would really like it if u can give me a change to show you that i have talent. I live with my Mom,sister,and brother in a small apartment. I want to show my family that with hard work and believing in your self anything is possible and my biggest dream has always been to become an actor. I also want to show every one that it doesn’t matter where your from that you can be what you want to be if u believe in your self. Thank you for taking your time and reading this.

  108. julie ryer
    14 years old
    lives in alpharetta georgia
    not much acting experience
    long brown hair
    bluish-greenish eyes
    152 pounds
    curvy build

    • Hello my name is Ray Garcia i would love to be in this movie because i feel myself that iam ready to take on an acting career (Iam 5’9.i have black hiar. iam mexican.i have brown eyes i live in whitter califonia. iam a slim kid i weight about 135 iam a little dark iam friendly preson and really connect with people) the reson why i want to do these because my family we are not poor but ! its just we are having work promblems and if i was able to do these it would mean the world to me i want to tell my parents that i could do something in my life i want to die knowing i did something worth living for i’ve been watching Disney since i was just 2 and now to part of a movie by you guys Disney would be a honor so thank you for your time Walt Disney hope you guys get this

  109. Austin orvis
    I am one of the best actors at my school in West palm beach Florida

  110. Hi,
    I’m Julianna Santangelo. I am 14 years old, currently a freshman in highschool and I live in Massachusetts. I have brown hair and brown eyes, I come from a White family mainly from Italian and Irish descent. I am 5’2″ and weigh 94 lbs. Some distinct personality traits I have are bubbly, upbeat, humble, and organized. I love to laugh and I really enjoy entertaining others. I can sing, act, and dance. I was in my theatre group for school and I starred as Ismene in the play Antigone. I also sing in the Honors Chorus program at my highschool. I would love to work in this movie because it has been a dream of mine to act and have my name heard of on TV. Everyone would laugh at me and say it couldn’t be done but i would like to prove them wrong. You should consider me as a canidate for a role because I’m organized, easy to work with, and punctual. Thank you for this oppurtunity.

  111. Hello my name is jeralyn im 17 years old and im 5’1 1/2 and i’ve had no acting experience but i learn very quickly and i love to work with other people. This would be a great opportunity to meet new people and break out of my shell

  112. If you were thinking that you need a handsome serious, funny, full of life person then I’d tell you look no further. My sheer awesomeness will spread over all those around me and make your experience with me life changing. I am a veteran of foreign war a Purple Heart recepient. I am 25 years old and love to act. Together make good things happen. I’m hard to look over in person but easy to behind a computer screen. Get in touch with me and you’ll be more than satisfied

  113. hello my name is and I Karolla brown hair, brown eyes , and sing, ye will act I waited 11 to do this because I was very unsure of me but not anymore thanks and hope you will consider me thanks

  114. hello my name is and I Karolla brown hair, brown eyes , and sing, ye will act I waited 11 to aser this because I was very unsure of me but not anymore thanks and hope you will consider me thanks

  115. I think i would be perfect as an extra for this film. For 1, im very outgoing and charismatic and i consider myself and have been considered by others a good actor and can act in any situation, just think i fit (:

  116. Hi my name is Micah, and I would love to have a role in this project.
    I took some acting lessons as a child, and I still practice in my room in the mirror.
    Give me any role you want, I’m in.
    Please contact me by email for more information about auditions and all.
    Thank you and please consider me, I will give all of my work to this.

  117. Hey; My name is Junior Turner AKA Junior
    Age 18 year old
    MC,TV Personality,Comedian,Acting,Stylish
    Nothing is impossible,possibility is relative once you believe in and is honest with yourself and your capabilities you can change the world. NO FLEX ZONE

  118. Hi my name is Kaitlyn San Martin I am 10 years old, also I I am a competition dancer and a singer

  119. Hello my name is Alexia , I would really like this opportunity to play on this show because it will be great for me to express myself and get out of my shyness. Please get back in touch. Thank You

  120. Name: Francine Amanda Nolasco
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 175
    Talent: singing, acting, I can do accents.
    Hair: brown curly long hair.
    Eyes: dark brown
    Body type: tall, a little chubby, do not look like the weight I listed.
    Ethnicity: Latina.

    Hi, My Name Is Francine. Everyone calls me by my middle name which is Amanda
    I’ve been looking for a chance to audition for any type of role in a tv show or movie ever since I was younger. I started searching for roles to audition for at the age of 12. I knew way before the age of 12 that acting would be something I can see myself doing and enjoy doing it at the same time. I haven’t been able to audition for roles I’ve applied for because I had to be a paying member or something like that. :/
    It has always been my dream to become an actress
    I have been in beginners drama class and in advanced dramas class. I’m quit familiar with acting and what I am supposed to do. I would like the chance to atleast be contacted and given some information on how I would be able to audition or if there are other auditions for any other roles. I just want to be given a chance :) I am hoping to be contacted :)

  121. hi mi nombre es katherine
    bueno yo canto,bailo,y me gusta la actuacion bueno mejor dicho soy buena haciendolo y me gustaria salir aunque sea de extra en algunas de sus peliculas 2015 lo cual me encantaria bastante a y tengo 13 años soy alta,blanca,pelo color negro.ojos color cafe esta es una pequeña descripcion de como soy fisicamente bueno muchas gracias

  122. Hello! I’m Alyssa I’m 15 and I’m just starting early on following my dreams because in life that’s what you sometimes have to do to achieve your goals. I’m a dancer and also take musical theatre classes.
    Height- 5’2
    Weight-110 lbs
    Eyes – blue
    Hair- dark brown

  123. I am 12 turning 13 and I love acting! It has been really hard for me because I’m not that great of a singer although I act every night in front of the mirror. I am about 5.7, yes tall. I have watched Disney all my life and I love acting because I want others to be inspired and I want people to feel what the character is suppose to represent. However if I don’t get the a role i will be willing to do an extra because every actress needs to start somewhere. I live in Australia, Tasmania, which is a long way away. I am a creative girl who needs a chance at the big time. I have brown hair which depends on what days it is wavy and straight. I hope I get the part but I’ll try again another time.

    Thank you.

  124. my name is aidan.
    i am 12 years old
    my eyes are brown
    i have blonde hair
    i also live in scotland and would love to start mt acting career .
    this would be my dream.hope to hear from you soon

  125. Hi my name is masa I am 11 and I would love to be an actor in a Disney channel show it has always been a dream of mine and everyone says that I am great at acting so (I am tall)

  126. I am 12 years old I am 4’7 I have dark brown hair and blue eyes I am 70 pounds. My dream is to be on Disney channel ever since I was little I look up to those people on Disney channel and hope I would be on there and meet new friends. I can sing and dance I practice every day after school to be really good at it. Hope to hear from you so.

  127. Hello my name is Javier i am sixteen years old. Prepared to do anything required for this film. Also i am Hispanic born in the great U.S of A please consiser me for an audition i would really appreciate and be honored for a role.

  128. My name is shyanna I could be extras im 20 years old
    Brown eyes
    Black hair
    Native american
    Size small and medium
    I would be available for those days

    • Hi my name is Kazi mthethwa I have short black hair and I am a fast learner with acting and singing I wanted to become an cater in 2015 the whole day I be searching for website of auditions I can take I am only 13 trying to find a chance of beginning an actor and showing the world I got to show so this an opportunity for me to play in this movie and please contact me as fast as you can to tell me that I am in the movie thank you

  129. Hello my name is Tatiana , I’m 20 years old, I really want to try. I love Disney and childhood dream to get on it.
    Height: 5′ 5
    weight: 136.7 lbs
    Eye color: brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Dress size: s

  130. Hello my name is Isabella Corey and I am 14. I have long brown hair and big brown eyes. I also have straight teeth and long black eyelashes. I love to act, sing, dance, swim, ski, snowboard, sail, and do gymnastics. I love acting and preforming in front of people. I was recently been asked to join a professional acting and modeling school in Boston. I would be honored to work with you guys and to be in the film.
    Thank you,
    Isabella Corey

  131. im available for 12 hrs
    hair color: light brown
    eye color:brown
    have some acting experience and been to many auditions
    hope to hear from you soon

  132. hello i would love to be part of this. im very enthusiastic and i promise i go above and beyond when it comes to acting even as an extra im willing to do so,

  133. My name is Martina. I’m 15 years old and I act, Dance and sing . My dream Is to become a disney actress ️and singer:) I’m in love with all the Disney shows since I Was a Little baby. I would love To Have a chance With ️you and become an extra :) it would be a Honor work with The Disney :)

  134. Hi im Ariel I am 12 going on 13 I was first interested in a Disney Film when the movies Million Dollar Arm came out and I was also interested in the movie Cloud 9 so I wish into becoming the next Actress for a Disney Channel movie…

  135. Ola sou Gabriel e queria ter a chance de realizar meu sonho de ser ator trabalhando na Disney tenho 16 anos e gosto de cantar e dançar moro em Itumbiara Goias no Brasil

  136. I’ve always wanted to act when I was 5.And I was so close to doing it.I was wanted to be in a kids toothpaste commercial…At least that’s what I remember it being.ButI was a my dad’s during the time I was supposed to be doing the commercial.And it made me really upset.And every year I’ll keep asking my mom to look online or something to get my dream to come true.And yeah,she’ll try sometimes.But she also keeps saying she doesn’t remember anything about me going to be on a toothpaste commercial.She said I was probally just dreaming about it all.And if I was,Then that’s even better.Because if you can imagine,you can dream,dream it,and you can become it.And all those things are what I’ve done except becoming.Its been 9 YEARS.But I still have faith.I won’t stop believing and no ones going to stop me.People try to bring me down,I tell them to stop trying.Im hotter than the sun is.By the way,I’m 13 years old soon 14 next month on the 12th,I believe I’m 5″5,I’m Afrian Amarican and Puerta Rican,Light brown eyes,Not much of a body builder,and I’m in the 8th grade.Oh yeah haha,Almost forgot to say the time when I was 8 my very first celebrity crush was Selena Gomez.What made me fall in love with her was her music video “Natrually.”And I planned a wedding for us like it was ever going to happen.And now my celebrity crush is the one and only beautiful,talented,funny,Disney Star Sabrina Carpenter.I can’t even describe how much I love her.The only thing I can say is If I could choose out of two things:Loosing my breath for loving her or living without her,I’ll choose losing my breath for her and my very last words will be “I LOVE YOU.”Anyways…done with the love life story.If I don’t get picked for any auditions then it’s ok.I understand.Doesnt mean I’m going to just give up.So Cali. And world period,prepare for the new guy that’s going to appear on your tv soon!!! DAQUAVISE WALLACE xx

  137. I’ve been trying since I was 5 years old to act. I find it like it’s the only way to express myself and to be happy and relieved.

  138. Hi I’m a girl age 13 and would love eney part you might give me.I have dark brown eyes and long brown hair.I would love it if you would give me a chans at acting I won’t disputing I promise.
    A little about me… I’m love animals have 7 siblings and I have always wanted to become an actres.

  139. I am a very good actor I could act natural and I’m 12 years old and I’ve been practicing so and you please email me also I’m 1.6metres tall and I wiegh 5 stones

  140. Hey, im 15 years old I am 5’5 and im a bit on the heavy side (150lb) Many people say look older than 15. please consider me for any part, I would love to be apart of this film. Thanks.

  141. I would welcome the rare opportunity to work as an “Extra” again in my ole’ home town; Chatham.
    I am also a long member of Boston Casting, but have no new profile up as yet. I am very interested in working with you on this historical project!!!!

    Please advise and Thank you for your review and consideration.


    Shauna Hynes-Baler

    508-737-9093 cell/ Local

  142. Name: Nick
    Age: 19
    Hair: Black
    Eye: Hazel
    Body: 6’1″ 180 lbs

    Looking to start my career and get experience
    Im a college athlete with a big personality
    This is such a big dream of mine (along with half of the world) but I’m sticking with it
    this would be such a great opportunity and experience for me. Thank you !

  143. Hello , my name is Graciela I am 15 years old . I am currently a sophomore In high school , I finished drama as my pathway . I have black hair , light brown eye’s. I have dimples, I am 5’4 and I’m Hispanic. Its been my dream ever since I was a small girl to be on t.v. I’m very fun to be around , I stick up for my friends and family . I used to play soccer , I love shopping . I’m almost a class clown , all the boys love me . I like to have fun and look for an adventure. I try to stay out of trouble but trouble just comes to me .I would love to give it a try . I’d really appreciate if you can contact me.

  144. Hello my name is Elida garza I’m 13 yrs old and live in olmito Texas I live in a small town with very little hope of ever becoming famous you see I’m not one of those lucky girls who have a normal life I’m going to tell you my story because I’m not ashamed of my way of life I am a poor girl who lives in a rv I am not pretty I’m not ashamed to admit it I’ve been moving my whole life I’m really poor you see and I would like to get a chance to be famous and have a good way of life if god permits it’s my dream to be famous I do have hope but I live in a small town that no one ever heard of and I’m poor you coulld believe I’m lying because I’m telling you through a comment but I’m not if you could just email me or visit me you would see my way of life sometimes I see poor ppl laying down under the bridge sleeping because their homeless and I want to help them but I’m not wealthy enough to offer them food or a place to sleep at I want to be famous that way I can help the needed and help myself too I love acting maybe I’m ugly because I never ever did something to be pretty but I don’t care about my appearance if you would like to know more about me email me at elidagarza01@icloud.com

  145. i Would love to be in Disney movies. as i know i can stap in a door of stadom. i am 16….0739406168 plz contact me. i will be delighted to be in Disney movies. thank YOU.

  146. Hello, I am age 12 and I am willing to be an extra in season 7 of Mad Men. I am not familiar with being an extra but I am able to sing, paint, draw, etc.

    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    DOB: October 19, 2002
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    ( Medium length hair, straight hair)
    Ethnicity: White
    Build: Slim
    Weight: 95
    Height: 4’9
    Other Talents: Quad Driving, archery, BB Gun shooting, 4 years of dancing classes, can do a British accent, and Volunteer with a Special Olympics Softball team

  147. Hello Disney . My dream is become an actress as Dove Cameron i sought many auditions but is very difisil and cent that this is a great opportunity open . Please demen 1 opportunity

  148. I am aspen moeschler I am 52inch tall I’m 9 yrs old I’m very energetic an bubbly I have big green eyes an long brown hair I have 2 brothers an 3 sister’s an I love my family

  149. Hey I’m Clinton Mullikin I’m 18, I’m in the sound of music for my school. I love acting, I’ve always wanted to try and take the next step but don’t know how. I’m 6’ft, 280 lbs (football build). Brown hair, brown eyes, I have been in concert choir which is the highest choir you can be in out school. I would love to do this and take my next step.


  150. Hi,
    My name is osiris.i am 15, I’m 5’5, I have dark brown hair,dark brown eyes,Tan skin tone
    I’m trying to get into the acting career and this could really help me start. And probably get good tips from the people around the set. Hope you can consider me to be an extra on this movie thanks for your time

  151. Hi,
    My name is osiris.i am 15, I’m 5’5, I have dark brown hair,dark brown eyes,Tan skin tone
    I’m trying to get into the acting career and this could really help me start. And probably get good tips from the people around the set. Hope you can consider me on this movie thanks for your time

  152. Please let me be a extra I have always wanted to work for disney I know you prob let won’t reply but just keep a open mind.

  153. Hi, my name is Elyn Feliz. Im 13 years old, I have been in alot of comercials, and they always tell me i am a great actriz, i passed my singing class with honors, i’m a good dancer,i do Gymnastics. I wish you can make my wish come true i have dreamed with this since i was 7 years old.
    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Age: 13
    Skin: Medium
    Weight: 95

    Please contact me thought Email
    Thats the only thing i always wanted to be an actriz

  154. My name is Sara DuVall, and I am an inspiring actress.
    I have been dancing for 27 years. I have competed, and performed at various local and non local competitions and events.
    Took 2 Disney workshops/auditions, performed 2 times at Downtown Disney.
    Am apart of anlocal modeling/acting agency and have been to a professional workshop.
    My talents include: all types of dance styles, basic gymnastics, knitting, horseback riding, many different accents, perform own stunts.
    I am ready for an acting career in movies, T.V., and commercial.
    Thank you!

  155. My name is Sara DuVall, and I am an inspiring actress.
    I have been dancing for 27 years. I have competed, and performed at various local and non local competitions and events.
    Took 2 Disney workshops/auditions, performed 2 times at Downtown Disney.
    Am apart of anlocal modeling/acting agency and have been to a professional workshop.
    My talents include: all types of dance styles, basic gymnastics, knitting, horseback riding, many different accents, perform own stunts.
    I am ready for an acting career in movies, T.V., and commercial.
    Thank you!

  156. Hey my name is faith hage. I’m Liberia grew up two years ago I moved to America at first I didn’t like it, because kids bullying me.They still do it but I’m used to it oh well if you want to know about call me audition

  157. Hi,
    My name is Poppy Howard. I am 11 years old with long, straight, brown hair and brown eyes. I can learn quickly and I got a high pass in a singing exam. I am taking up singing in 2015.
    Please consider me.

  158. Hi, I’m Tamera and I’m very interested in being an extra because I’ve always wanted to act and do something out of my comfort zone. I’ve always been a Disney kid so it’d be an honor to participate in this film.
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 105

  159. Hi my name is Evah and I have always loved acting whether it was in front of my parents or in the mirror but is has always been a passion of mine so I would love to be an extra or ‘gum’ on the floor cuz no part is small anyways I appreciate any part

  160. Hi I’m Gabriela but everyone calls me gabby! I have a unique personality and a great voice wich has suited me in the schools choir for 6 years, but I’m just as good if not better with solos and duets. I write songs of my own wich I do not post to the public. I have acting experience from plays. I do an amazing job at memorizing scripts fast.I’m 12 years old with:
    -Brown hair
    -Brown eyes
    -Curly medium to long hair.

    I have a lot of charisma and have been watching Disney channel since I was a kid! As I said I have acting experience and a great voice. I believe I’m talented and can play many roles or characters! I hope to hear from you soon!

  161. Hi! I am Caroline. I am 10 years old. I have golden colored hair and turquoise colored eyes. I would love to be in the Finest Hour if you would consider me. Thank you for this opportunity!

  162. I would just like a chance to be apart of the Disney experience I watch everyday no matter how old I get I just love Disney and the actors nd actresses I love Disney nd cant wait to be apart of Disney

  163. hi im natalie but people call me miss dimples im 14 and been acting since 5 years old and im more than confident that im ready for a bigger step in the acting industry. im perfect for any roll you put me in.i will be happy with anything i could get please help me out .

  164. Hello. My name is Jessica and I’m 23 years old. I am 5’5″ I have brown mediam length hair which is very curly. I have blue eyes and medium skin tone. I am very interested in being an extra to this movie. I live just an hour away from Boston Ma so I could be there whenever. I’m also a dancer. I do Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary style dance. I also choreograph as well. I’ve had awards for my choreography and even more awards for my dancing. I would love to be in a movie and take this as my next step in my career. Thank you and good luck!

  165. hi my name is clara Harrison I am trying to get a acting job. maybe if you give me a chance I can be good. I watch a bunch of tv show on Disney channel. and I can mute the tv and know what there saying. I make videos with my brother and be in plays in my school. please give me a chance.

    hair: brown, straight
    Eyes: brown
    Age: 12
    skin: white
    weight: 80
    please contact me thought email
    hope my Christmas wish come true to be a actor!!!! give me a chance please

  166. My name is Na’kiya i live in New Hampshire it’s kind of far but I’ve always wanted to be in a movie and i think this is a good way to go. The movie seems lovely and i as a person would love to have a chance to become something more than just a small town girl. It’s not just for the fame i personally love acting. Please let me know if i have a shot. Thank you! :)

  167. Hello, my name is Chuc Luu, and as an aspiring actress, I am trying to gain experience for roles in the future and becoming an extra would be the perfect opportunity for me. Here is further information:

    Age: 12(looks older)
    Height: 5′ 4″
    Weight: 104 lbs.
    Hair Color: Chocolate Brown with Lighter Highlights
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: Asian (Vietnamese)

  168. Hi my name is Ayia I have always wanted to be an actor on Disney channel since the first episode of wizards of Waverly Place, it was my favorite show, that show has always made me want to be an actor and to be on Disney channel would be a dream come true.
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: light brown
    shoe size: 7
    Shirt size: small
    Pants size: 2

  169. Hello casting team. My name is Mar Brock and I am 15 years old. Ive wanted to be an actress since I could remember but I’ve had so many bumps in my past from following my dreams. I’m better now so I’m ready to try. I have almost shoulder length, bleached blonde hair. And hazel/blue eyes. I’m kinda pale. I’m around 5’5 and I’m very hyper and active, I have a couple scars….. I’m in theater arts at my school and I am very dedicated to that class. Acting is my life, but I haven’t got anywhere yet. I live in North Carolina and I’ll do any thing I can to attend these casting calls. I also enjoy singing. Please email me back when you have the chance.

  170. hello i live in akron african amercan 12 years old light skined hazel eyes 160 pounds and i would love to be on an disney show. hope to hear from you soon i can act sing dance and im a awesome person to be with travel depends where and BYE!

  171. Weight: 115
    Height: 5’3
    Age: 17
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Ethnics: Caucasian
    Live: South Dakota wouldn’t mind traveling

  172. Hi, my name is Yuliana Maldonado and I am 15 years old. I am 5’4″ tall and weigh 120lbs. I have brown hair, brown eyes and am originally from Puerto Rico. I currently live in Massachusetts. I have been dancing since I was 4 years old. My passion and love in life is dance. I wish to pursue dance and realize the amazing opportunities Disney has to offer in what I love. I participated in “Dance the World” this past summer and it was an amazing experience I will never forget. I enjoyed the workshop we had and the encouragement they offered. I have participated in many dance competitions, I have received multiple scholarships in dance conventions. I also participated in a summer apprentice program in Boston, MA and performed with a dance company in the Boston University Theater.
    Thank you in advance for your attention!

  173. Hello my name is Isabella Corey and I am 14 years old. I have long brown hair and big brown eyes with long black eyelashes. I love to act, sail, swim, ski, snowboard, play tennis and do gymnastics. I have been acting for a long time. I put on little plays with my family members and my friends. I also love to sing and dance. I took many dance lessons and would preform my routines. I love sing as well. In the little plays that I do I am always singing, dancing, and acting. People say that I am really go at it. I would love to be in a movie or a TV show. I would be honored to be in this film. I hope I can hear back from you.
    Thank you!
    Isabella Corey

  174. Hey I am a Latin kid trying to join the acting community I also Abe been dancing for most of my life now on a national champion team and done a mu is video for the mother company ( boss of my body) .
    I am 15
    5’7 or 5’8
    Weigh : 160 -180
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: black
    Speak both spanish and English , willing to learn more languages ! Please contact me for any type of gigs

  175. Hiya. I’m Allison Hardison. I’m 5’3, thirteen years old, and I weigh 103lbs. I have had tons of acting experience and I’m amazing when it comes to memorizing my lines. I can sing, dance, and act! I am from Massachusetts but I am willing to be in wherever I’m needed, whenever I’m needed!. If you’re willing to hire me, give me a call/email!! Thanks!

  176. Hi would always wanted to be in a moive i have been in 3 plays at school. I would be so happy if i just get a little part.i even know how to sing.i would make you proud .Age:12 weight :175.height 5’3 black hair brown eyes. I do have dimples.

  177. Hey i would love to be apart of this and this has always been my dream
    to be in a movie or a show i have been in plays at my church and school
    Before now im trying to step it up and follow my dream and im a funny
    Kid and love to joke around with others but i want this chance to audition
    So badly…

    Weight : 92 pounds
    Height : 5’4
    Age : 14
    Hair color : brown
    Eye color : brown
    Skin color : white

  178. Hi I’m 12 years old I’m 4″11 my haircolor is brown and the tips of my hair is royal blue. My eyecolor is brown
    And I will be honored to get this audition

  179. Hey my names jake and I would love to tell you why I’d love to be in this film. Ever since I was little I wanted too join the military. But disaster struck me in 2010 when I fell to the ground by the cause I a seizure. I later found out I was epileptic and unfortunately the military want accept someone with a disability like mine. My fathers a Marine, my older sisters are both in the Navy and Air Force and my little brother also wants to join the military. I’m nothing but proud to be part of a family that wants to serve their country, however I envy them for I’ll never be able to join. When I found out I was epileptic is when I started acting to hopefully be in the war movies because that’s about as close to the action as I’m going to get. I’m a young 18 year old man that’s been through a lot of struggle in my life but I’m always looking toward the future and one day I’ll be a famous actor so I can start my own military funding because in my book no one surpasses a soldier I’ll take a bullet for one before the president, it’s because of them I’m able to do what I want and have my freedoms. So thankyou for your consideration.

  180. Hi! I’m Ashlyn Jo Mcatee
    I’m about 4’9
    I’ve got dark brown hair and brown eyes
    I’ve loved acting, modelling, and singing since I was 5. I can play any part but I always love to play the villain. I’m very flexible with my characters. I’ve done drama for 2 years.

  181. Hi my name is Aiyana smith I’m 13 years of age my birthday is coming up on December 15, 2014 , I have a lot of talent I would be extremely interested in being an extra on the show , I really have what it takes to be on the show I actually did something similarly to this and I would mind doing this again . I was on acting classes at school and I was in theatre . I’ve been to an audition I’m used to what everything is . I’ve been trying to just start my career with a big break for 5 going on six years . I’ve been dying for this acting career for so so long now it time to see if I got what it take I will never give up on my dreams and wish everybody else the best to. It not about famous its not about the money but it is about seeing if I can accomplish my goals this is my main goal and I hope and prey it can come true ..

    Weight : 84 pounds
    Height : 4’11
    Age : 13 going on 14
    Hair color : Black and maroon
    Eye color : Dark brown
    Ethnics: African American
    If you want to know more you can contact me. Anyways hope you enjoy reading good luck to everyone and Have a wonderful day :)

  182. Hi, I’m 13, I am mixed,and want to push or try my hardest to do every thing in my carrier, and want to be able to help my family with our tuff times and make everything ok, and live a good life.

  183. Hello, my name is Emily Iannucci. I am an aspiring model/actress im 20 years old. I have taken modeling and acting classes at John Robert powers in tampa florida. I have a bubbly spirit and personality I am always friendly and love being around people. Im about 5’0 with hazel eyes and brown hair. My phone number is 8134120963. Thank you so much for considering me.

  184. I am 15 years old and I would love to be a back round person.
    5’3, brown hair brown eyes
    I do have experience with acting . at 11 I was on good morning America , I was also in a movie with brad pit , I also had a agent at one point with Wilhelmina , one of the top agencies out there.

  185. Hi I’m Chris gunn and I’m 16 years old! I am 5-9 and 180 pounds. I’ve been told I’m a good actor and actually been in a couple plays! Being an actor would not only be cool, it would be my job! I would work as hard as I can and harder than that to make sure this movie is a hit

  186. Im 14.
    height : 4’11.
    Hair color: pink, brown, green, blue, purple, blonde.
    Weight: 85 pounds.
    Skin color: white.
    i was told by high school of the arts, my parents, other parents, relatives, other tons of people. That i was gping to become something big in life. And I’d be an amazing actor. We got the money, i just want my dream to come true. I believe I’m going to be something in life.

  187. Hello my name is Libby. i understand you have many comments to read but please may you read mine. I also understand you may even have chosen the few you want but again please read mine. I was not able to put in my details because i live in Wales and so i was unable to fill some of the requirements needed: post code (zip code) and the telephone number. So i will put them in at the end.
    My details:
    Name: Libby Strain-Thomas
    Age: 14
    Date of birth: 1/8/2000
    Gender: Female
    Hair colour: Bleach blonde
    Eye colour: Green
    Height: 5″4
    Weight: 7 stone
    Address: Hendre Gaerog, South Road, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales, LL55 2HP.
    Nationality: Welsh/English mostly
    Contact number: 01286 479720
    Family number: 07724 693978 (please contact this number if unable to get through to the other)
    Personality: Happy, upbeat, funny (so I’ve been told)
    Hobbies: Singing, acting, sketching
    I personally think that i would be good for this film because i will work hard as it will be my first time on set. I will be polite and will respect all workers there. I would love to be in this film because i would love the experience. All my life I’ve wanted to be an actress, but not just to be on films to experience what its like to make a film and to meet new actors/actresses and great directors. This would be a dream come true for me so please if you will contact me back i would be ever so grateful.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Libby Strain-Thomas.

  188. I have acted in short films and have always been open to these opportunities to really take a risk like this to challenge myself in how far I can go with something I really enjoy doing.
    I’m 5’4, dirty blonde with green hazel eyes, I’m Latin and could evolve to any character I am given.

    Hope to hear from you guys..
    Yours truly,


  189. My name is Autumn Lynn Hernandez .I am fifteen year old. I live in Huntington beach California. Have brown eyes and brown hair.
    Am “5”5″ exactly. Have lots of acting experience. I’ve played a lot of roles in my high school plays which by the way I love.I’ve been acting since I was 6 . singing since I was 5. It would be an honer to have a role on live television. Thank you for your time .

  190. I would love to be a part of the process. It will help me for starting my actress career. I’m 14, looking quite older than I really do. I live in France, but I CAN come to Boston.
    Hair: Black
    Hair Length: Medium
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Tanned
    Height: 5′ 7″
    Waist: 27
    Thank you for reading, I hope to hear nexs from you as soon as possible.

  191. If I am from romania can I take an online audition..to upload something…because I rely want ro be an acress. Thank you.i hope you answer me.

  192. I really want to take part in the filming, though for me it is very difficult to get a role somewhere, because I am from Belarus.

    Age: 14
    Weight: about 112 pounds
    Height: 5’6
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: dark brown

    I hope you will read it.

  193. weight: 95 pounds

    Height: 160 cm

    Acting experience: Plays, musical actress

    Hair color: Black

    Eye color: Brown

    Skin color: Asian

  194. I would be so happy if i can be a extra in your movie , to help me start my acting career . I live in hawthorne , nevada not that far from where you are shooting the movie .

    Weight : about 140 pounds
    Height : 5’4
    Hair color : chestnut
    Eye color : blue/green
    Thanks i hope i get to hear from you .

  195. I’m Sarah Adams I am 14 years old and ready for anything. I want to get started on my career and whats a better chance than now? Thanks so much! Hope to hear from you soon!

  196. I have light brown hair, hazel eyes, my height is 5,3, 13 years old, very energetic! I really want to become an actress I only really have done plays!!! I would love to play a part in this it would amazing even being an extra to try and start my career would be great!!!

    • I have light brown hair, hazel eyes, my height is 5,3, 13 years old, I am a female, and very energetic! I really want to become an actress I only really have done plays!!! I would love to play a part in this it would amazing even being an extra to try and start my career would be great!!!

  197. I would love to be an extra. I have played in commercials. I am 12. I like to swim and dance. My main passion is to start a career in singing and acting. This would really help that start.

    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 105 pounds
    Hair Color: Red (natural)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Color: Caramel
    Acting Experience: Commercials

    I hope you pick me

  198. I’m Taylor I love to act and sing. I am 5’4.5 I have light brown bonde hair, had braces but not anymore, eye color changes, but usually hazel, and I weigh about 110-114 lbs

  199. hi my name is Fatima deme I am 13 years old I love acting ,singing , and dancing.
    weight- 89
    height- 5’2”
    hair color- black
    im mixed with Salvadorian and African
    hope you keep in contact thank you

  200. I would love to become a extra it would help my acting career get started up I’m 11 years old but sometimes I get mixed up with a 9 or 10 year old. Acting and singing has always been a dream of ine ever since I was little so being a extra helps me become a actress.

    Weight: about 70 pounds
    Experience: Plays and concerts ad classes
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Eye color: Hazel & Gold mixture
    Skin color: Tan

    Thank you so much for listening to this reply! I hope you get great extra’s

  201. My name is Elzabeth I am fifteen years old, I am five foot five and I have brown hair and blue green eyes. I have not acted before but people have told me I am born to act. I would love to be an extra in this movie because I feel like having an opportunity like this is amazing, and being an extra would give my acting career a start. I hope you consider me.
    Thank you for your time
    Elizabeth Beckas

  202. I would love to become an extra to build up my resume. People describe me as dramatic/mature. I’m turning 12 in 5 days. People usually guess that I’m 9 years old. I look much younger than I really am! I want to become an actress because acting is so much fun for me! I couldn’t care less about the money!

    Weight: about 60pounds
    Height: 4’6
    Acting experience: just plays
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: dark brown
    Skin color: white

    Thank you SO much for reading! I wish you the best of luck in your search for extras!

    • I really want to apear on a disney movie and it’s my dream! I’m from another contry. I’m not from the states but I am a really good actress and I have drama class each week.
      Hair color: brunette
      Skin: white
      Eyes: green
      Thankyou very much.

  203. I have acting skills and modeling skills because I have experiance with modeling agencies so please take this and recognize my talent also I’m 11 years old

  204. I’m Elaijah and I’m 12 years old and want to be apart of the movie .I live in New Orleans,I always wanted a chance to be on tv have apart .Maybe this is the start.

  205. My name is Brittini, and yes that is how you spell it, haha. Im 15 years old and i have been acting and singing since i was 2. I enjoy acting and see it in my future. i have been in several school plays and off school plays. One of the plays i was casted in was The Sound of Music. i played Brigitta and did very well from what the audience told me. I would love to have this opportunity to be casted in The Finest Hour. I can sing, dance, and act.
    Im 5’4, have brown long hair, blue eyes, and about 100 pounds. Thank you so much, and look forward to hearing from you soon!!

  206. I would love to be in a disney movie but might not be able to travel due to costs. I
    -have black hair
    -have brown eyes
    -am 5’2″
    -And weigh 104
    I hope that this qualifies me for a role in a movie

  207. I would love to be an extra in this movie
    Age: 14
    Height: 5′ 10
    Weight: 145
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: dark brown and willing to dye it if needed
    That you for your considerations!

  208. Hello my name is Ale’isha Molina and I am a huge disney channel fan .I hope that I can be a side character .I love acting and am great at it .I am also a model and singer. If you please let me follow my dream .Thank you .Have a great Thanks

  209. I live in Michigan and i am 14 years old. I am very intrested in starting my acting career and also becoming an extra!
    Height: 5′ 1″
    Weight: 148
    Eye color: brown
    Heritage: asian and arab
    Hair color: brown

  210. I’m Fatima Sanchez, I’m 14 years old, I’m 5’1, 132 lbs and I would love to be part of the movie as a character or and extra.

  211. Hi I believe I am a perfect actor for this new movie I love acting and improvising . I also play basketball , softball , and have great social skills. I believe I can add a lot to this movie. I am 5’8 , pale , medium hair ,brown eyes ,and have an athletic build . We’ll thank you for your time and hope you choose a great actor for this movie .

  212. I would absolutely love to be an extra to help start my acting career. I live in Ohio and I’m not sure if I can travel because of the costs.
    Weight: 89 pounds
    Height: 5’3″
    Eye color: a blue, green, and gray mixture
    Hair color: Brown and blonde ombré

  213. I would be amazing if I get this part because I’m just a girl at school who get bully because I’m really dark but I always loved it been my dream to Starr in a movie so I really hope I get this part.

  214. -I’m girl
    -I’m 14 year
    -I have green eyes
    I wanna be actress, my dad and my mom don’t believe in me.
    I wanna a day say in my parents “I’m actress” but for moment I can’t say that because I’m not actress

  215. Too bad its not in LA, im joining the military and would’ve lived a part in this, I’ve done extra work before. Well best of luck ♡

  216. Hey, I’m Jalee 16 Almost 17 My Height Is 5’8 I have brown hair brown eyes and my weight… Shouldn’t be important but I’m graduating from high school early and want to get into acting and modeling

  217. hi! My name is Cortnie Wachs, I am 16 years old and I would love to be an extra in Disney’s movie The Finest Hours! This seems like it would be an awesome experience! I hope to hear from you soon have a nice day!!

  218. My names Serena I have light brown eyes I’m 4,8 I’m 80lbs and I live in Newyork. My talents include singing dancing and acting.

  219. I have been acting since elementary school. I have had lead roles in plays/musicals throughout high school. I am now 21 years old and have acted in college productions every year of my college career. (Gustavus Adolphus College, St.Peter, Minnesota) I am average height, skinny/average weight, dark brown hair, extremely huge eyes, and have been dreaming of being an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean since The Pirates of the Carribean Curse of the Black Pearl. I also have been taking private alto saxophone lessons for eleven years, private voice (singing) lessons for four years), and piano lessons for thirteen years. Please consider me as an extra. Thank you for your time.

  220. I will bring something amazing to this movie that no other female can. I’m 16 years old. I’m a model form New Zealand. Let me have to opportunity to show you what i have to offer.
    Kind regards,

  221. I’m Matthew Jamaican recently moved to Miami fl
    17 years old
    Would love to be in a Disney original..
    I have a lot of potential!

  222. I am interested in auditioning for an extra roles.I am 5’6, 145 pounds, athletic built and live in Pennsylvania.

  223. Fyi, i am an amazing actor!! And I promise you I am what you are looking for! I’m blonde! Hazel eyes 5’8 and I weight 134 pounds of pure talent! and im always up for new things! I’ll travel where ever you need me. Just let me know and I’m there! I really hope I get to hear from you soon! Call me anytime, email me anytime cause I know…I won’t let you down

  224. Im 15 years old , 105 pounds, and 5’7. I have been in school plays throughout my years of middle school and high school . I would love to be an extra in this movie .

  225. Hi, I’m Rebecca
    I’m 11
    And I’ve been looking for a citing job since I was eight. I have always loved acting since I was little and would like to be famous for my love and talent.
    I live in Brisbane, Australia and wouldn’t mind moving if I got the chance.

  226. Hi! My name is Olivia. I am American/ Pourto Rican. I am 11 and a half and in 6th grade. I live near New York City so, I can get there easily. I can travel anywhere in North East easily! I love to act, do art, do gymnastics, swim and dance. I’ve been to two acting classes, I am very funny and I love Disney. I have been watching Disney televison shows and movies since I was three. I love to dance and do gymnastics. I can walk on my hands, do a handstand, forward roll, backwards roll and front flip. I took a gymnastics class when I was in Kindergarden through 1st grade. I like to do ballet and hip-hop. I can do spins, jumps, fast hip-hop dance and anything else without problem. I will take any role I can get and I will be very grateful! If you need to contact me please email me at Oliviadydzuhn@gmail.com Thank you a lot in advance.

  227. I am not 18 years or older I’m 13, but look much older. I do not have a lot of filming experience but have a lot of experience in theater and music. I have auditioned for ‘Americas Got Talent’ and would be more than happy to take this opportunity if you are interested email me at 131415emmy@gmail.com

  228. Hello i have been into theater and acting since pre- k i have always wanted to be an actress i’d be more than happy to take this opportunity.

  229. I would love to be an extra. I’m 19, blonde with Blue eyes, 5’8 and a little heavier (190lbs). I live in West Virginia and wouldn’t mind travelling.

  230. Hi I’m TiMari Estela i am 12 years old . I love football,art,and music. I mostly enjoy watching disney channel, I love disney it just brings fun to my child hood. I am a great artist, writer,and reader. I love school and my favorite subjects are math, language arts ,and science.

    I have hazel eyes and my eyes change different colors with my emotions.

    I am 5’2

    I have brown hair with blonde high lights.

    I am 100% Puerto Rican

    My favorite color is purple .

    I enjoy singing.

    I love Bruno Mars, he’s my most FAVORITE musician EVER!!!!!.

    I look up to Bruno Mars he enspires me ALOT,he enspires me to sing.

    A true person that enspires me the most in 2014 is John Cena because he is always saying to believe in yourself, he says to keep your head up high. John Cena enspires the most because he encourages people to keep going no matter what.

    One person that I keep good for is my dad because my dad always tells me to keep a song in your heart and a smile on your face no matter what happens. Another thing my dad tells me is a pencil is stronger then a hammer because a pencil draws out and plans what is happening and the hammer just follows the directions ( be a leader not a follower). My dad encourages me to keep going in life because he tells me to believe my self and he says no matter what he will always love and be by my side as well as my mom I love both of my parents so very much and I thank them both for being there for me when I need them.

  231. Hi, I am Dominika Kiślak and im from Poland.I am 19 years Old. I speak polish, English and basic German. I have been an extra in polish movies etc. I make interviews with polish hiphop artists. I would like to take part in Disney Channel movie, I would love. I love every kind of sport. Last year I stopped trening grappling.

  232. I would love to be to be apart of a Disney Channel movie. I have experience in theatre performances. It is my dream to be apart if Disney
    Height: 5’11”
    Age: 20
    Weight: 130lbs
    Thank you for your time

  233. I would love to be apart of a Disney Channel movie. I have been an extra before in movies and it would be amazing if I could land this part.
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 100lbs
    Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon

    • Hello, my name Tyric Deon Calloway. I am most definitely interested. 15 years old, Brown Eyes, Black Hair , African American , 5’6 , 135
      I also Act
      I also Model & if I want something I work really hard to get it.
      Thank You.

  234. Hi my name is javon i am 15 years old acting is a dream come true i would love to audition for any openings you have available i would love to be there you guys will love me i swere and that picture is kinda old about two years i am a athlete for mountain pointe high school i am in good shape i hope you can give me a call

    • I would really appreciate to be on the FINEST HOURS, I would take any role
      I am 14 years old
      I have black hair
      I have hazel eyes
      And I collaborate well with others, and i have had many experiences in plays
      Thank you.

      • I would really appreciate to be in the FINEST HOURS I would take any role
        I am 14 years old
        I have black hair
        I have hazel eyes
        I weight 40
        I am 5’5
        And I collaborate well with others and I have had many experience in plays
        Thank you.

      • I am Lucas’s mother .
        Lucas is 3 year old , very smart and mature for his age , also he’s a good looking kid … would love to see him starting young in disney shows . any advice how to start him to be recognized ?

    • I would love to be a part of this movie. I’m very into acting and it would be in honor to star in this movie.

      Age: 12 (13 on April 3rd)
      Height: 5′ maybe 5′ 1/2
      Weight: 90 lbs
      Hair: curly and brown
      Eye color: brown

      Thank you so much. I hope I hear from you soon.

  235. Hi My name is Connor Claydon i am 14 years old and i have always loved the view of being a actor since the age of 4. My mother used to tell me to go and audition for different plays around and near by me but unfortunately i never did. After my school work and starting to have some free time to my self i found a book of what i had wrote from when i was younger and in it was how i always wanted to be the spotlight of a show and to live a strong and happy life as a actor so here i am, i decided to give this a go as i always say to my self ‘if you never try you will never know’ thankyou for taking your time to read my application, I hope one day my dream will come true.

    • hi my name is holly stanfield and my dream is and always be to be a star . I am 10 years old. I have had this dream since I was like 3 years old and I would love to star on Disney channel. thank you for taking your time to read my application.

  236. This is my dream and I just want to reach kids to let them know you can do whatever you set you mind to.

  237. Hello my name is McKenna Belury i am 15 years old. I attend the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts as a theatre major. I am dedicated to my art form and would really like the chance to preform on screen. I am 5’5” 1/2 and weigh around 145, i have brown hair and eyes. I have been acting for about 7 years now and would love to be considered in this film or others. Thanks.

    • Hi, I am Jenny. I am 18 years old. I am 5’9, 128 lbs and I have light blonde hair and green eyes. I have always wanted to do something with acting and movie production, and this would be an incredible opportunity. (Side note: I have been scouted by two seperate modeling agencies if that means anything. I have also been told by many people that I look to be about 21)

    • Hi my name is neveah and I love acting and I would love to do this and I can only make it during my three month summer cause well ya I am very tall and up for any position I live in Reno Nevada and I’m very close to la so contact me and I will be verry happy

    • I want to experience this so my skills will be stronger. It will look good in my resume too. I think I’m a great person to work with. I’m 17, 5’6 and I live in Connecticut. But I have family in Boston Massachusetts. I would love to be an extra, the experience will be great.

      • My name is napoleon smith,I am 14 years old I’m a very funny ,outgoing intelligent, athletic, 5feet 6 in african American teenage young male. Although I don’t not not have any acting experience I’m a very quick learner ready to take on any roles. I currently live in the city a bad neighborhood. I’m looking for a way out of here so me and my family can for once see how it is to live comfortable and stress and struggle free.Y goal is to become a famous actor but at this point we can’t afford all the expenses that come along with it. I’m very honest and if you pick me I will show that I can do anything you put your mind too. I’m ready. Thank you

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