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Disney Channel castings
Disney Channel castings

Are you a giant fan of The Disney Channel and all the great shows that are featured all day long? Well if so you should know that you too could be featured in a hit show like “So Random”, “Wizards of Waverly Place”, “Sonny With a Chance” or even be featured as a voice over actor in a awesome animated show like “Kim Possible”!

The Disney Channel currently has several pilots in the works trying to figure out exactly what shows will make the cut, but first they need to find the right talent to help make the shows the best they can be. Maybe they are just waiting for someone like you!

Disney has announced auditions and casting calls year round so now is the perfect time for you to submit yourself to the castings.

  • The casting directors at Disney are currently seeking kids and young adults any where between the ages of 8-18 years of age from all parts of the US.
  • All ethnicity’s are encouraged to submit.
  • Especially older aged kids who look younger than they appear
  • That’s not all though, The Disney Channel is also looking for adults to help play roles of parents, teachers and many extra & featured roles!

Disney Channel has always been a great place for any actor to start their career, so why not you? Why not now? Submit an application today!

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


  1. Hi. My name is Leah. I will be 15 years old this coming October. I live in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. It has been a dream of mine to be on a show or just to sing for people forever and I hope that it can come true with Disney. I have grown up with Disney and its characters, I would love the chance to be a part of that experience for others. I’m a shy girl, but when I get to play a character I truly become them. I have been dancing since I was 7 and singing since I can remember. I am in my schools show choir, if that helps anything. I even taught myself to play the guitar!! Ok, I’ll admit I’m not very good, but I’m getting there. I’m a positive person and a hard worker. I’m not a professional actor but I hope you will give me a chance.

    gender: female
    height: 5’2” almost
    weight: 132 lbs
    eyes: hazel
    hair: light brown and long
    hobbies: singing, dancing, camping, writing, reading, a bit of guitar, and acting

  2. Hi. I’m 12. I believe I am a very good actress. I’m loud. I have experience. I can learn scripts easily (memorize them). I live in Mcleansville. My birthday is coming up so that’s when I hope to have an audition, September 7th. Please email me for any information.

    Sincerely Jada

  3. Hi. My name is Jada. I’m 12 & and I love to act. I’ve been browsing the Internet looking for “upcoming Disney channel show auditions”. I haven’t got any emails back yet. I have experience & I’m loud & I can memorize scripts easily.

    Thank you,
    Sincerely, Jada

  4. Hi. I’m 12. I believe I am a very good actress. I’m loud. I have experience. I can learn scripts easily (memorize them). I live in Mcleansville. My birthday is coming up so that’s when I hope to have an audition, September 7th. Please email me for any information.

  5. Hi. I’m Jada. I’m 12 & I hope to be selected for. A Disney channel audition because I have a lot of talent and experience.

  6. Hi I’m adely and I’m 9 years old almost 10 and I know that’s a young age but I’m ready for the the challenge I have done many plays and I’ve stared in all of them so o hope u can give me an opportunity to at least tryout for Disney channel’s new shows:-)

  7. Hello! My name is Zarah Morrison and i would absolutely love to become an actress for Disney. I have always wanted to act and right now, i dont where i fit in this world but i know that i feel most comfortable acting. I have only acted in short plays at my school but im a very good actress its just ive never gotten the opportunity to act professionally. Oh! And im 14 years old.. Going on 15. I love acting of course and spending time with my friends and family.. Also i love food and science lol.. I live in Trinidad and it would be such an amazing privilege and blessing to be cast in any one of your upcoming films or shows.. Please contact me 1861-791-3123 .. I hope you notice me and please give me a shot at it… :) thank you ! ^_^

  8. I will love to be on the Disney channel because it’s always been my dream and I also love to sing and I don’t just want it for the fame or money I just love to see people smile and laugh .I just want to follow my dreams and make everyone Happy and when I’m on the Disney channel I will give it my all to be the best and if y’all gave me this opportunity I will be so Happy and for my cousin to Look up to me and say dreams do come true.

  9. Hi my name is Safiya and I am 15 years old. I am 5’7″ with brown hair and brown eyes. I am mixed with black and white. I live in South Florida. My talents include dancing, longbaording, and a little singing. I think I would be an awesome candidate for an awesome new show.

  10. I am special In a positive way, I have a mix of an African and American accent. my name is Dabel Emebo. I am 18 years old and I look younger than my age, size 2, weigh about 117 lbs ,I have different acting and modeling experiences. Did I mention that I am 5’9. I have brown skin color, brown eyes,brown hair. Willing to work as hard as it comes. Love acting, love singing, love my guitar. I would go on and tell you my IQ but how about we save that till we meet. Thanks. Hey and if you google me I’m all you see on the first page, if you need more information.

  11. I am 19 years old, I am a singer and dancer! I’ve also played volleyball since the age of six, so I am athletic. I have been acting since age 13 now. I’ve always dreamed of being on Disney Channel from when Hilary Duff was playing Wendy in Casper Meets Wendy. I am 5′ 3″ with brown eyes and brown hair. I am flexible, easy to work with and have a great personality filled with enthusiasm, optimism and a wicked smile.

  12. I love Disney Channel. It gives us kids and teens a time to laugh and I want t
    that experience. I will act in anything. Just give me a chance.Thank yo for your time.

  13. DREAMS 05/24/15
    My name is Breanna, im 17 years of age. First i would like to say I’ve been watching Disney channel since i was 3.My dream is to become a singing and a photographer.It would be an honor to work with and be on Disney channel.I have this urge to learn new things and Disney Channel would be perfect for that.i know a little stuff my self from what I’ve been taught . It time to let the nerves go at show what i can really do.

  14. hair: curly poofy red hair
    skin: very pale
    I speak a little bit of russian though i may not be the best singer in the world i am passonite about singing and acting I am a mostly honest person people wanna be actors/actress to make money well not me i would rather give it to charity the reason i would like to be on disney is because of my love of playing a character i also play a little tennis but i like speanding my free time hanging with my friends

  15. I’m 4″9 I’m 9 years old
    I want a show full of dancing and singing. But also
    Love and friendship and family.
    Talents singing,dancing,acting,cheer leading,running,
    Jump roping. I love animals I’m not allergic to anything.
    Don’t have a boyfriend. If I could be in a show it would be
    Girl Meets World.

  16. Hey what’s up meh name is Abby and here is me

    Hair: dark brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Skin color:tan
    Height: 5″4
    Talents: running, basketball,softball,singing,and acting
    Gender: girl

  17. Hi my name is Hiba and I am 12 years old. I live in Morocco
    and we don’t have opportonities to do what we love. Acting was always my
    passion because I shie a lot but when I am in front of cameras or I am on
    stage I forgot every thing and I become the character that I am playing. I
    had some experience in acting, I did some musicals at school but I really want to act in
    disney channel. My life is acting and if I act in disney channel I can be
    me and the person who I want to be and I know it’s not easy but I am ready to work hard to make my dream come true.
    Thank you.

  18. Hi my name is Jordan Hill and I would love to be on a Disney Channel show I love to act, and I would love to be a funny character. Can you please e-mail me or text it would be a dream come true!!!!
    I’m 5″3
    I’m 12 years old
    My birthday is September 3, 2002

    • Hi my name is Jordan Hill and I would love to be on a Disney Channel show I love to act, and I would love to be a funny character. Can you please e-mail me or text it would be a dream come true!!!!
      I’m 5″3
      I’m 12 years old
      My birthday is September 3, 2002
      I also Starred in a play called “Battle of the Families” my and my friends put together

  19. I am 10 years old. I love singing and acting! I am African, american, and British. I love acting because it helps me relax myself and let me be free. And its always been my dream

  20. Hola me llamo melani ortega suarez y tengo 13 años soy de perú – lima , estudie 2 años actuación , bailo y hago actuación en presentación acá en mi país ojalá que vean esto y en acepten

  21. My fresh face, eight year daughter, that can adapt to any work environment and would be a pleasure to have on the set with modeling experience, with a great singing voice.

  22. I have a versatile looking, fresh face, nine year son, that can adapt to any work environment and would be a pleasure to have on the set with modeling experience.

  23. My name is Garrett I am 5’8 19 years of age, however I look like im 17. I have brown long wavy hair, and am willing to do what i must with my hair to get a role. I love acting i spent 7 years in theatre and I am still doing it in college. I want to be a disney actor because disney actors are great role models to children and i want to be a great role model for the young children and show them that you can achieve your dreams as long as you believe and work for them. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have any questions for me email me at wichertsgarrett@hotmail.com thanks you.

  24. I’m 5’1
    brown hair and eyes
    play soccer
    Just turned 13 January 31,2002
    Also I’m not like everyone else.
    Um well, I wouldn’t say I’m an amazing singer but I’m pretty good. I want to act because all my life I’ve tried to understand why and how people can have emotions that aren’t real. I’ve tried printing out scrip’s, and acting in front of a mirror and even been a main part in plays. I’m definitely no Julianne Moore but I like to think I’m worth watching. After watching so many movies and shows and reenacting scenes I found a passion that you cant get from a school play or a little film you and your friends make. And I’ve been watching Disney Channel since forever!! And when I found out that Disney was making the show Girl meets world. I was just in astonishment. Mostly because I’ve seen all the episodes of Boy Meets World. Even though everything I just said doesn’t explain why I want to act, I just hope to get my point across on why I would like to be apart of a show on Disney.

  25. Hello! My name is Alyse and I love to act! I want to be in one of these shows because I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I’m 13 even though I look about 10 years old. I have blond hair and blue eyes with really fair skin. I also have freckles and I’m kind of short. I love Disney Channel! I watch it everyday before I go to bed. I’m shy in public but I wouldn’t be in an audition because I would be acting. Please consider me because it would lift my heart.

  26. Hi my name is Carlos I am 10 years old I whant to be on Disney channel because I have lots of talent. My talent is beat boxing and dubstep dancing and building. The channel that I whant to go on is Jesse because I like to hang out with Lucke because I like to dance and I like team work and I would like to be with other chericters that’s why I whant to be on Jesse.

    • Hi my name is Carlos I am 10 years old I want to be on Disney channel because I have lots of talent. My talent is beat boxing and dubstep dancing and building. The channel that I want to go on is Jesse because I like to hang out with Lucke because I like to dance and I like team work and I would like to be with other chericters that’s why I whant to be on Jesse.

      • Hi my name is Carlos I am 10 years old I want to be on Disney channel because I have lots of talent. My talent is beat boxing and dubstep dancing and building. The channel that I want to go on is Jesse because I like to hang out with Lucke because I like to dance and I like team work and I would like to be with other chericters that’s why I whant to be on Jesse.

  27. Dear Disney,

    I believe that working for you would be an honor. I love entertaining people and singing(badly) and dancing(badly). I love to be a part of school plays. Please consider me.

  28. I think that I would be great for disney. I am 10 years old and take acting lessons weekly. I am very determined and will work hard.

  29. I am a 15 year old female living in Atlanta Georgia. I have just recently been very interested in pursuing a career in the acting industry and i have always had a connection with the Disney channel. I have no prior experience to this so i know that it is risky inviting a newbie into your show but i would love to have at least a small part on a show. I believe i could bring things to characters to make them come to life and to let the audience experience the connection that i had with Disney channel when i was little. I want to help revive the true magic of disney channel.

  30. Hi,my name is Lamont and I really want to be an actor have searching for auditions for 2 years and I finally found this website and I really thonk this is my big break so please send me an email if you want me for a role or you information on me,
    Thank you Disney Channel

  31. Hi! I want to act in Disney because I grew up with it. I remember every day coming home from school and watching the funny bits and learning a New lesson everyday through your shows. I want to become an actress with disney because they inspire more people, things, and places than they know. I want to make a difference in the world, even,if It means giving joy to others. Disney seems like family to me, even though I’ve never been part of any cast. I’ve played in all my school productions, but I never stop being myself! And that is one thing I learned from disney I’ll never forget.

  32. Name: Ashley So
    Age: 17
    Playing age: 16-23
    Height: 5’0-5’1
    Can sing and act
    My biggest dream is to become a actress/singer and it would mean the world if you could help my dream become a reality. I’m an extremely hard worker and I love to work with other people. I’m outgoing and love to laugh. I’ve always pictured myself working with disney and being a disney girl, I already am a disney girl, just a disney fan girl. I don’t have much experience, I was recruited for a small acting part when I was 11, but I was too young to become an actress. But even as a little girl, I knew that this was my calling. Please help me live out my dream. Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day!

  33. Hallo
    My Name is Diane.
    I am an 13 years old Germania-African girl.
    I love to dance, act, to hang pur with friends and family and …
    It would be so great it i could be a part of the Disney family.
    A wish would come true . :) <3
    Your Diane

  34. I am Rebecca Hinkle. I have been in 2 plays and 1 movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Charlie in the Chocolate Factory were the plays and Ragamuffin was the movie, and would love to be considered for a part in a Disney Channel show or movie. I am 11 years old but I am 5 feet tall and look old for my age. I have modeled for Kendra’s Boutique. I love acting and work great with other actors.I love singing and can memorize things very easily.

  35. Hello my name is Yajaira and I would like to be on Disney Channel because it would be a great opportunity. I’ve always loved watching Disney Channel and I think it would be an extraordinary experience to actually be on a Disney Channel show. I’m not going to lie, I’ve never acted anywhere before but if you give me a chance I will work very hard to accomplish what is needed.

  36. Hola Disney Channel mi nombre es Melani . Tengo 13 años y me encanta actuar cantar y bailar ,soy de peru y me encantaría estar en Disney yo me aprendo muy rápido los guiones y libretos eh ganado en muchos concursos de actuación y estoy en clases de actuación 2 años ósea que tengo un poco de experiencia . Si leen esto porfavor acéptenme .

  37. Hey! My name is Sofia Martinez, I am 12 years old will be 13 in February and I love acting! My family cannot afford acting classes for me but I practice at home. My main priority is school but I would love to be able to be on Disney channel, and maybe I could get a small job as well to help support my family.

  38. I would like to be on Disney Channel because acting is my life! I have been acting for about 5 years now and I know its what I want to do. I have been the lead or close to the lead for every play I’ve been in. I am very expressive and I can sing well too. I have also been in multiple musicals. A few of my roles include “Tinker Bell” in Peter Pan, “Fairy God Mother” in The Big Bad Musical, “Aunt Sponge” in James And The Giant Peach, “Sally Cotter” in Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone, and many many more! I also love to make people laugh! And my bright and bubbly personality makes that easy for me! I smile all the time! Smiling is my favorite! I can do jist about any role! I have had to be mean and evil in plays too so I can do that! But I can also be good and nice too! I really hope you consider me, becasue this is my dream!!

  39. Hi, my name is Cayleigh Griffin and I am16 years old. I moved to america recently from South Africa. I have been watching disney for years now and still love it. I have enjoyed playing different characters and roles since I was little and would love to make a career out of it. I would really like a chance to see if I can do it!! Thanx

  40. Hi my name is Payton, I will be 10 yrs. old in July. I really enjoy acting, singing & dancing. I have been in 7 shows in our local theatre – most of them were musicals. My first show was in 2011. Most recently I played Young Fiona in Shrek the Musical. I just finished playing Snow White in my school play. Last summer I sang The Star Spangled Banner, solo & a capela at the beginning of a minor league baseball game. I would love to be lucky enough to get an opportunity to perform on the Disney Channel. Thank you.

  41. Hi, my name is Kierra Manning and i just turned 14 . Ever since i was a kid i was fond of watching Disney, cartoon network, and Nickelodeon with my brother. I have always wanted to be an actress and singer. I love to read, write stories, and anything that has to do with music. i cant dance though. i hope you please give me a chance. i really want to pursue this dream of mine and i think disney would be a great place to start. this isnt just something i would like to try. i want this to be my career.

  42. Hey my name is Michaela,
    Hair color: blonde
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 112
    You should pick me for this role because my passion is acting there is nothing else that I want to do as my career. The reason why I think I will be perfect for Disney Channel is because I have very strong morals and I would like to be a role model for younger girls that their parents actually approve of and I won’t go down the wrong path. My personality is one of the most outgoing ones you will ever meet. I am such a people person I get along with everyone. I am always comfortable when I am acting my outgoing personality helps a lot with that.

  43. hi i am Aydan
    i’m 10 years old turning 11 on February 11
    i am 4 foot 10 inches 110
    i love to play football i play wide receiver

  44. Hi my name is Erin
    I’m 13 years old
    I have long blonde hair
    Blue green eyes
    I’m 5’5
    I hope you give me a chance

  45. Hi my name is Erin
    I’m 13 years old
    I have long blonde hair
    Blue green eyes
    I’m 5’5
    I hope you give me a chance:)

  46. hey ,im tori .I really want to be an actress the Problem is that i live in Germany and not the US .But i can speak fluend english althought with a brittish Accent but i always dreamed of being one of those great stars like ashley tisdale ,selena Gomez and debby ryan .the truth is im not sure if im really talented i just love acting and would like a shot at it.I’ve also been looking for Disney auditions for ever .i know im just a Girl with that one dream almost everyone has but i always wished for only this one Thing .for me ist also not about the fame & fortune i just want to have fun doing what i love and i really want to be a star .id be really greatfull if someone would give me an oppertunity

  47. hi my name is sequoia sand, i am a huge fan of disney channel. i have watched it since i can remember. i am 15years old a freshman in high school and i live in salisbury massachusetts. i am 5’3 i am 102 ibs. i have dark brown eyes, and ambre hair but my natural hair color is dark brown. i have done improve classes and drama classes. i really enjoy it, when i watch disney channel i imagine my self on the show. i have got a scholarship to boston ballet school which was really fun. my friends say im really energetic,funny, fun ,outgoing,smart sometimes i can be a jokester. to be around, they think im perfect to be on disney channel.im very nice and caring for others. they say that they dont know how im so nice and giving they always help me with my dream. i really want to do this for my life i work extreamly hard at something and dont stop at something till its done. i have good grades in school, i always have stuff turned in on time. i like to make goofy videos on youtube with my friends. we like to act really weird in public and make funny voices. i make videos on youtube and i get good feed back from people and they also think i have what it takes to be on one of your guyses shows. disney is amazing, it would mean so much to me to be living my dream to be on disney channel.i have been to a few premiers for a movie and i have been in it, i can also play piano a litle bit and also the same with guitar.i can be really goofy and weird at times but when it comes to my work i take it very seriously.i have been to a few acting audtions and for modeling. but i like acting way more because i get to act out a different character, and i find it really fun! sometimes you can find a character that has somethings in common with you. which is just fun to play. i have helped out in my school plays. i have had a fashion blog.i have been in a few comedic things. i love to make people laugh, it makes me want to keep doing what im doing. i honestly hope that i can be apart of disney channel. everytime i watch it i see how many people laugh and enjoy the channel. i know what it feels like to do something and work really hard for it.or what it feels like to get bullied not many people do anything about it. but i want to be the one that can change a kids life, helping them make a better desicion in life or when there sad to watch an episode of what ever show im on and they get a good laugh from it. i wanna make kids happy, want them to becom something great. i want to help people discover who they are what they want to do and this is what i want to do help people travel but i also really want to act, everytime i watch disney it feels like its eating me alive because im not on it. i would die of happiness if i could do this with you guys. thank you for taking your time to read through this, i know you get alot of these and alot of kids want to work on disney but i really think i have what it takes. they have what it takes to but cant you see i want this so badley. thank you again i really apprciate it :)

  48. Hey I’m Lila! Im twelve and I look about my age, though I could play older. My biggest dream has always been to be on a disney show, ever since i was young. I play flute, ukelele, a little piano, and I absolutely love to sing. My height is about 5′ 2″ or 5′ 3″. I have long brown hair, and brown eye, Im tan (from spending so much time in the sun), and Im relatively strong because I swim A LOT! Though I only speak English and Spanish (after a failed attempt at Swahili) I know many cultures and have known people of many different cultural backgrounds. In my middle school play I played a witch and I got compliments from my: friends mom, vice principal, drama teachers, and music teacher.
    And here’s my unique story: When I was two years old my dad joined the foreign service so I move around the world every couple years. I have so far lived in India, El Salvador, America, and I am currently living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. While moving around I have discovered how difficult it is to make a friend that lasts, because once you move they usually forget you after a year, just so you have to do the same thing over again. Never the less, I have become an expert on getting used to new situations and making new friends.
    And since I want to make this stand out (like everyone else) Im not going to end it with something like “I hope you can make my dreams come true”. I’m going to end it with a solid: Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

  49. im alexa 12 years old and i think i have a chance my talents are i think singing drama happines sadness emotions im practicing british

    blue eyes
    brown hair
    white skin
    great laugh
    follow directions
    practice acctients
    long and lean (tall and skinny)
    please give me a chance i will WOW YOU thank you if you want to call call 612-789-0568 ask for david puchtell or lexi or if we dont answer please please leave a message
    thank you

  50. Hi, I do want to get famous, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve dreamed to be an actress and singer, just like everyone else. Ive been lead parts in plays, and was a model for target, now that can help, I was in magazines and on products, just ask me and give me your email, and I’ll send them. I’m 11 turning 12 in 2015. Im 5’3″ kinda tall. Light brown hair, and brown eyes. Long hair, that is wavy. Please, some agent, or director, or actor see this and look into me!

  51. I would love to be a actress.I can sing,dance,play sports.I can play older parts and younger parts.I can play any sport except basketball.I love the shows that are on the Disney channel now.My favorite is Girl meets world.I am very social and get long with people.I am very stylish.I hope you reply I has always has been a dream of mine to be and actress on the Disney channel

    Name: Victoria Farrow
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Height: 5.2
    Weight: 100
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Languages: English
    School: Middle school of Plainville
    School specialty:Math,science social studies, and langues arts
    Live: Plainville Ct
    Music: I love music
    Flute- 3 years
    Singing- I’ve been singing for 2 years in chorus
    Dancing: Jazz: 2 1/2 years, Hip hop 1 yr and Tap 2 yr.

  52. i know i wont get a response back through being 19 but worth a shot.
    Hello as you can probably tell i am 19 years old, acting and performing arts has been a life long dream of mine and to be even given a chance would be unreal, heres a little about myself.
    My name is Patrick Lipinski i live in a poor area of Manchester,UK i always watch the Disney channel and Disney movies because it always puts me in a calm environment, for instance say the police come to arrest one of my brothers for doing something stupid, i just go upto my room and watch all my favourite shows and all the chaos seems to disappear, now you are probably wondering why didnt you apply when you was younger, well my family is what you call dream destroyers they put my dreams in a case and locked it up until a 3 years ago saturday when my grandad passed over, he is the reason why im writing this today. I know im 19 and making a fool of myself but i just want to be the first person in my family to achieve there dream and not turn out like the rest and commit crime.

  53. HI! My name is Krysta and if you choose me to audition for your next pilot I promise you, you won’t regret it. I’ve grown up all my life watching Disney Channel and believe I will fit into your T.V Family perfectly. Im super bubbly, outgoing, fun, crazy, talkative, loud, enthusiastic, joyful, random, loving, caring, and absolutely unique like each of your current stars. By picking me I can help bring a vibrant vibe to your productions and join your team in making Disney a fun environment for kids, teens, and adults around the globe. Im 17, have dark brown hair, light orangish big/beautiful brown eyes, have a gorgeous light complected skin tone, Im super adventurous, love sports (playing and watching), going to the beach, surfing, yolo boarding, roller coasters, hiking, traveling, I’m super artsy/crafty, and love hanging out with family&friends. I would love love LOVE to act on Disney Channel! It would be a dream come true so please give me a chance and I promise you will not be disappointed!!!!


  54. Hi , Im Angelica, im 16 years old. Im a senior in high school. Im latina with a 5’4 height. Dark eyes and hair. I can sing and dance( all kinds of genres). I can be a very enthusiastic person in a roll since my own personality but i can also be the whole opposite if im asked to. I can speak English, Spanish and a little Portuguese. I would love to be considered. Im graduating this year and dont really see myself in the future doing anything else but acting/ singing/ dancing.

  55. Hi I would love to be a part of Disney channel it seriously would mean the world to me! I can do any role to any character. I am confident and determined and motivated to get an acting career. I’m from San Diego,California. Light brown eyes, brown hair, ombré, I’m 5’3 and im 15 I’m not afraid of making a fool out of myself because that’s how I normally am. I wanna inspire and motivate others and Disney Channel would be a huge start for me. Thank you and please contact me.

  56. I really want to become an actress, but not sure where to start. I don’t think my parents are that supportive when it comes to this, I guess they think I’m to young? Well, I’m 13 years old turning 14 in January. It has always been a dream of mine to act in front of a camera. I have been in many productions, like, Oklahoma, Once Upon A Mattress, about 4 different Christmas Productions, and 5 Easter Productions. So I think I have the experience, I also dance a little but not much and sing. I am learning how to play guitar and I have severe anxiety. So I think acting and meeting new people along the way will be really good for me. I grew up getting bullied, because of being shy and wanted to achieve a big goal like this at a young age. But now I don’t care what they think, I will achieve my dream with the help of the people I love and the people that love me!!

  57. hi my name is sofia and i love to be a disney channel actor i been acting for 5 years now i am 14 teen years old now i like to learn new things and never give up on anything im a hard worker i love school. and i want to make a change for the struggling people out in the world so i can make their life easy and not so hard i want to earn money and donate it to the needs. the only thing that keeps me positive is life and acting.

  58. Hi, I’m Corissa and I am 11 almost 12 and I love to act. I am in 6th grade and in every honors class and I hope to keep it that way. if you picked me I would work hard even if I only had a few lines. It has always been my dream to do this and I know a lot of other people want this too. I am good at acting, singing, dancing, working on gymnastics and tumbling, soccer, basketball, track, and 4-H. I also write my own original songs. I do all of this on a regular basis along with my homework and it seems that it is not too much to do so my family and I thought this would be a good idea. This would mean the whole world to me even if you just took this into consideration. Thank you for this opportunity and your time for reading this. Have a good day! :)
    hair color- blonde
    eyes- hazel
    thank you so much!*

  59. Hi!! I’m Aliyah! I’m 12 years old, but turning 13 in October! I would really love to be on disney channel, because it’s so fun to make people laugh! I’ve always thought it was fun to portray a different person! I’m in 7th grade! I’m about 5’1 and 3/4 inches! I love to sing!! People say that I have a strong voice! I have sung in front of my school before! I have dark brown hair and brown/green eyes! I have submitted an application! I have watched disney channel ever since I could remember! Disney Channel makes me so happy! All of disney channel’s shows are so clever scripted and they teach really awesome lessons! My memory is very good in my opinion! I would just really love to be selected for a disney channel show! Ever since I saw disney channel, I wanted to be on it! I don’t have much acting experience other than movies I have made for fun! If I got to be on disney channel, my dream would come true! :)

    Thank you so so much for reading!!!

  60. Age: 13
    Height: 5’5”
    Hair: light brown
    Eyes: blue
    Sports: soccer
    I have been interested in acting for quite a while now and I think it would be a great idea for me to get a start by starting on Disney Channel. It has always been a dream for me just like any other child actor/actress. I have an acting coach and have been in a few plays now. I am currently looking for an agent and am getting headshots in the near future. I really hope that you read this and I at least get an audition. Please email me with the email i submitted this with. It’s scheinfein@charter.net or you can call our house phone at 508-868-0317. Thanks you for your time and again please contact me to let me know more about this. I really hope I get an audition and I hopefully look forward to working with you!!! :) :)

  61. I just turned 13 on August 15, I’m female, I love to sing I’m taking chorus this year in school I can’t dance but I want to learn, I can draw, I always want to try something new and I always wanted to become an actress and a professional singer.

  62. My name is Erin Davis and it’s a dream of mine to star on a Disney Channel show and I think this will be a good start…I hope you consider me :)

  63. Hi.. I´m Kerttu and i´m twelve years old. My biggest dream is acting in USA and be different cause hey..i´m from finland. what interesting there ever happen. Nobody in finland won´t believe that twelve years old child can really play the role in USA. Well i gonna prove that they are all wrong. I gonna keep doing this until somebody gives me a chance. i won´t give up
    So my height is 5`4″, i have brown long hair and brown-green eyes, my skin tone is white and i speak english and finnish. I can sing, dance, write(storys,songs and poems), run fast, play volleyball and use computers and other electronic pretty well.
    And I have good memory. I can memorize lot and quickly..
    27th day is my birthday. can you make my only birthday wish come true?
    Thank you

  64. Hey
    I’m zena, 12 years old turning 13 in April and female.
    I’ve always wanted to start an acting career but I guess I’m not so lucky
    I want to have a chance to take part in this movie
    I’m confident and very very talented.
    Travel isn’t a problem.
    It would mean the world to me.
    I hope you understand how much i would love this.
    Please please please consider me and contact me by email
    Thank you very much

  65. Hi my name is Glesni Davies I’m 12 years old I have orange hair brown eyes and I’m tall and I’m not fat. I’m from Wales, UK I know that your suppose to be from the USA but I can’t help where I come from now can I haha. I love acting and Disney channel but I don’t want to bore u with my life story cause to sun it up I live wit my mum and sister, I go to high school and I love acting. So please if your interested in someone a bit unique just send me an email.

  66. My name is Samantha and I’m from New Jersey. I am 19 years old but everyone says I look 15. I am half African American and half white. I have tan skin, brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5 feet tall and weigh 110 pounds. I have acted in some school plays from age 5 to 13. I was the lead in my 6th grade play. We did episodes of the Twilight Zone and I played Talking Tina in the Living Doll episode. I also acted in other school plays such as, The Hobbit, Ghostbusters, Edward Siccorhands, Barnum and Baley, and a couple other plays my drama teacher wrote. It has been hard to make my dream come true. From coming from a family with not much money it has been very difficult but I am determined to make this happen. I really hope you consider me.
    Thank you.

  67. I love disney channel and acting singing and dancing. I would love to star on a disney channel show. It has always been my dream. Please consider me. Thanks!

  68. 14 (but I can play some roles that are a year or so below my age, according to people who guess my age) I will also be turning 15 this month on the 12th
    Height- 5′ 3
    Ethnicity: Korean American
    Hi, I live in Springfield, Virginia and I have always dreamed of what it would be like to act just like all my favorite movies and tv shows. I don’t have much experience in acting, but I practice from all the Korean dramas I’ve seen and also loved. I am in my 5th year of choir and I have succesfully been selected for district choir last year and this year. If I don’t make it into the major parts, I would gladly accept being an extra just so I can have the tangible feel and experience to see if my dreams will also push me to becoming part of a major show someday.
    Please contact me for more info, for more about me. I, in my opinion, think I have a weird personality, but that makes me, me right? Excited and waiting for a chance to chase my dreams and make the reality,

  69. I am 13 years old. i am a female rapper and also a dancer and singer i am looking foward to be starring in disney channel…please accept me

    • Hi Lethia,
      i have nothing to do with these auditions. I’m am you cousine Ariane(the daughter of the siter of ur mum(Beatrice)). I would like to get in touch with u. I tried several times via facebook(via joseph and carolin) to get in touch with u but they didn’t react. You are every thing that remains us from our so beloved aunt Beatrice. If you want to send me an email please write to nouidui(at)yahoo.de. U r probably a big girl today. Let met here from u Bye bye

  70. Hi I’m Daniel Grande but my real name is Daniel Fitzgerald and I would like to be considered for a Disney Channel Series because I love watching Disney and acting out scenes from Disney series for my family and I’m 12 I’m 5 2 and I have blond hair but is willing to dye it so plz consider me thanks

  71. I would LOVE to be on Disney Channel. I have a BIG heart and I am very kind. I love to sing, and I’ve been singing ever since I was 2 years old. Music is my thing. When I was a baby, the only way my parents could put me to sleep was to put on music. I love singing and acting, people say I have an amazing voice! :)

  72. Hi. I am 11 years old. Please consider my application. To be in a Disney show has been my ultimate dream. I am petite so I tend to look younger
    Singing and acting are my passions. I have been on theatre plays several times. Has been active at my school plays. I have performed twice on my school talent shows by singing. In school they call me the little girl with a big voice. I will be the happiest person of I am given this chance to be a part of your Disney team. I love love all your shows so much!

  73. Hello my name is Emma McCloskey and I love Disney channel. I am interested in doing anything that will make my career start! I have danced since I was 3 years old and right now I am 16 and a junior in high school! I am skinny and I have brown hair! I would love to have this amazing opportunity! I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me!

  74. Hi! My name is Dina, and I’m 14 years old. I am an Hispanic girl, and my nationality is Persian, however I am Canadian. I have black ombre’d hair, olive to tan skin color, and I am almost 5″5. I can act, and sing a bit, and I also model. It has been my goal to be able to act on Disney, and I hope you will be able to consider me. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
    Have a nice day,
    Dina :)

  75. My dream is to become an actress so if this will help then I am all for it. I jus want to be an actress more than anything in the world!

  76. Hi my name is Nakeyia Riggs. I am a 14 year old African American female! I am very intelligent outstanding and unique! I would absolutely love to be able to audition for your show!! Please consider letting me audition and please email me on the address above!

  77. Hi my name is Nakeyia Riggs. I am a 14 year old African American female! I am very intelligent outstanding and unique! I would absolutely love to be able to audition and be an actor on your show!! Please consider letting me audition and please email me on the address above!

  78. Hello my name Dallas, I am 13 years old and I would love to audition for disney channel. I live in Jacksonville,Fl with my family. I love to act in plays at school and even make up my own with friends. Im 5”4 in height and i have brown eyes and light brown hair. I modeled around the age four and five. My role models are the cast from Jessie the tv show. But the one who really expires me is Debb Ryan. I wish to grow as good of an actress just like her.Im great in school and very responsible.

    Please get back to me with any information

    Thank You

  79. Hi! My name is Savanna and I would love to be a part of Disney!! I am 4″11 and I have blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. I sing and can act! I would love to have this opportunity! I love to watch Disney Channel!

  80. Hey! My name is Jasmine Sophia Melissa Cambridge I have been in many plays because I am in talented theatre. I always wanted to be on disney channel because it always made me laugh. Im not just an actress im also a gymnast. I can do many different accents like british australian and dutch. I hope you guys would be willing to help me get on! Thank you so much for reading this have a great day!

  81. My name is Precious and I am 16 years old. This would be a great opportunity for me. I would be so grateful to be apart of this project. I am very happy and I am a fun person to be around. Please bless me with the opportunity of a lifetime by letting me be in this.

  82. I have a passion for acting and if you gave me that opportunity I wont let you down I gerent you I’ll even sign that how serious I am.
    thank you for taking your time and reading this if you need a picture please tell me in my email

  83. My name is Brianna and I love acting out plays that I write. I’m 11 years old in the seventh grade.
    I love to read and sing out loud when no one is around and if I had a chance to be on any show I wouldn’t just give up if I get a line wrong I would just retry there’s no such thing as in can’t. There’s always a way to get what you need or make a way. And if Disney Channel give me a chance I will prove it.

  84. i”ve always wanted to be an actor because its a different way to exprise your self so please help me.

  85. Im ahmari fosselman I was in plays in 2nd grade and kindergarten I’m only 11. My favorite show is hit the floor my idols are logan browning taylour paige Katherine bailess let’s just shorten it out every single character on hit the floor. My Facebook is pretty swaggin ahmari instagram lil_bit_swag_life

    Gender: ahmari fosselman
    Skin:African American
    Height: 5’2
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: sandy red
    Language: English

    I used to make my own raps.
    I’m not judgey I’ll be on any show

  86. I am 16 years old and it’s always been my dream to be on Disney Channel, but I was afraid I was too old. I would love if you considered me and gave me a chance to follow my dream. I would bring diversity to Disney and show girls its okay to look different. I have always practiced the “Hi my name is ______ and you’re watching Disney” :)

    Name: Alia Culbertson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Ethnicity: Lebanese, Ghanian, German, Scottish, Caucasian, African-American
    Height: 5’8
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brunette
    Languages: English, French
    School Production: All through middle school
    Violin- 10 years
    Singing- As long as I can remember. Middle School Choir, High School Elite Choir, Vocal lessons.

  87. I love to laugh I love to make people laugh, my mother and father says that I am going to be either an actor or a comic. I would love to be an actor. When I grow up I want to be just like Will Smith, many people say that I look some what like him. I am 5’1 medium brown skined, weight 99.2 pounds. I have been playing the piano since I was 8 I love basketball, boxing, and swimming. I am very competive, I put god first in any and everthing I do and if given the opportunity I will not let the pressures of fame deny other open opportunitys for my success in doing what I love.

  88. First off I don’t want fame . I want to do something I love to do and branch out to a channel I love . My family is a very musical family . My aunts okay piano and my cousins sing. But only 1 person in our family had became actually a performer . Ruby foster
    A little about me:
    I’m 14 going on 15 in July. I am
    About 5″1 so my appearance is short
    Making people think I am younger about
    Middle school and I’m going to be a sophomore
    I love to dance sing and act . I must say
    I have a voice but its not the best .
    Again I don’t want fame . I want to accomplish something I’ve always loved

  89. I am 12 years old some people say I look seventeen I am really tall blonde hair blue eyes
    and I love to make people laugh I have watch Disney channel for a long time know I
    would be so happy to be apart of this great franchise so send me and email if you would
    like to have me thank you so much :)

  90. I forgotten to say that i am boy and i don’t live in the usa i live in a small country named lebanon

  91. I think I should be chosen for an audition because it’s always been a dream of mine to be a part of a Disney show like the ones I’ve watched my whole life. I am always a very happy and outgoing girl. I am seventeen, but I look younger, I’ve been told. The only acting experience I have is plays and skits I’ve done, but everyone says I should look into acting. Some skills I have are dancing, making people laugh, and I have an amazing british accent. It would be absolutely wonderful I’ve I could have a chance to audition for Disney.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17 (as of March 12, 2013)
    Height: 5″3
    Hair Length: at least 6 inches from waste.
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eyes: blue
    Attitude: outgoing/happy

  92. I think I should be considered for an audition because I have a few talents I believe disney could use. I’m 17 years old, senior in high school, but i do indeed look younger. I am a dancer, I can do an amazing British accent, and I am not shy at all. I enjoy making people laugh and performing for large crowds. Ive been told i should act since i was young because i would do plays and such when i was younger. I’m a very happy spirited person and very dedicated to any work I do.

  93. My whole life has been dedicated to Disney Channel and Disney Movies of all kinds. I loved everything from the Lion King to Brave. From Recess to Phineas and Ferb. From That’s so Raven to Dog with A Blog. I love disney channel. I am a 13 year old. I’ll be 14 in August. My hometown is Chicago, IL. I have had 3 auditions in my whole life and they all were for Disney Channel. One was for commercials the second was for The Lion King on Broadway and the third was for any T.V. show opening Disney had. I failed the last two but the first one I did wonderful on. I just didnt have the money to pay for the training the company would provide. If I got a show on Disney Chanel or got on someone else’s show on Disney Channel, it would be a blessing. You fail and fail and fail until one day God comes and makes you a winner and hopefully you get back to me and make me the winner God wants me to be. Thank You for reading.

  94. I think I should be considered for a disney channel show or audition because I really enjoy being other characters as weird as that sounds when I’m with friends I love being the one that has to act goofy in order to make other people laugh. I’m 16 years old and I’m fluent in spanish and play basketball for my schools team. I haven’t really done any professional acting but I was literally in every elementary school play and I always get the whole “you should go into acting” from friends and family. Also I don’t get stage fright since I play in font of crowds all the time if anything it motivates me!
    Thank you!
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’2
    Hair: brown/long

  95. I know there are way too many of these comments, and no one will notice this one, but my name is Bria, and I have wanted to be an actor as long as I can remember. I have been in many many plays, and am doing one right now as Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. I’m 12 years old, and acting is the one thing I’ll stay up at night doing. I also do a lot of video work for my dad who is a director and photographer, and recent,y was offered to be a client for an agent. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I would be extremely grateful if I could get the chance to audition for Disney. Thank you for taking the time to hear another voice in the crowd. :)

  96. I have been dancing and singing since I was 3 years old, writing songs and plays since age 6. At 13 I have two CDs both raising money for great causes (Haiti and Pediatric Brain Cancer). I love to act, practice accents, dance and sing. I would love a chance to show you.
    Thank you,
    Annalyse Nelson age 13

  97. hellooo..am mara by name am 13 but might look a little younger or older…was born in texas i would love to be on…. iwould love to be like china,zendaya,raven,selena gomez etc pls i need this only promblem is that i live in nigeria pls reply

  98. i want to be an actress and a singer and this my chance to be it i’m nora i have 14 years old i want to an actress in disney i want to have fans i want to all the people to be happy when they see me

  99. I think I should be the chosen one because I want to be a role model to all of the children that are a fan of these shows.I grew up in a very small town that most people have not even heard of ever.Acting is a hobby and a serious thing to me.People take this stuff as a joke and it is time for them to grow up.So the main reason is I want to be the role model to children,teens,and the adults that have a fun sense of humor.I can sing,play the flute act ,and a little more.so please give me and my family a chance to put a smile on there face and say my child is called a role model to difrent people all over the world.

  100. Hi im Nebeyu i have been watching Disney channel since i was a little kid im 12 now and i would love to be part of Disney this would be my first time acting so i think it would help me be better at acting i love all the TV shows and watch them every Friday and Monday. im a boy im African and i would love my family to see me act and be more proud of me so please let me part of this show

  101. Hi, my name is Oken Al-dawith and i’m 17 years old and i’m from Canada,Toronto. i would like to be on this TV show because i do love all of Disney channel old shows and still watch them and i always wanted to be in a Disney show. i always loved acting because it’s an amazing thing to do but people keep telling me i not good enough but i’m still not giving up on my dream

  102. I have always made people laugh I can think of seen on the spot and go on forever I can memorize everything I have always took acting as a thing that you could say you have done it when your older I have thought acting as an hobby I have thought about acting since I was little its been a goal I always try 100% to accomplish my goals.

  103. Disney i love your shows since i was 3 i am 12 now and all i have to say is i want to be a part of any show that you might offer me please except me.

  104. HI, I’m Elizabeth. Ever since I was 5 I have been watching Disney channel. Disney has been a big part of my childhood between the parks and the TV shows. I took acting my 6th grade year in school, my teacher said I was really good, every since that day I have been trying to be an actress. I love trying new things and just having fun with my life. Acting is so much fun, I have been in a plethora of school plays since kindergarden. Beging on Disney channal would be a dream come true, I would love to be part of the team. Hope to be in touch soon. :)

  105. I love Disney Channel! I have wactched it ever since I was a little girl. My favorite hobbies are playing sports & acting! My favorite thing is though, going to Church. Church is really important to me. So are my family & friends. I love spending time with my friends & family. I am a girl that just loves being silly! I am serious though when it’s time to be serious (for ex. praying) But for the most part I’m silly. I am also a storyteller kind of girl. And what I do alot is when I tell stories I always act them out, you have no idea. I love it so much. I also act out scenes from shows and different characters. I love acting! Being on a disney channel series show or disney movie would be a dream come true. You have no idea how much it would mean to me!

  106. hi disney my name is larissa souza ……since i was a young girl i had a dream to be a singer and actor and a dancer i love dancing hip hop i think os the best. I always told myself “one day i will be on tv and those people that make fun of me cuz of that will see that they were wrong” and i just want that so much, every where i sing ….. school (all the time) and i have this awesome feeling that music is something that i want to share with the world :)

  107. Hello my name is austin allen-carrothers and I am 14 years old. I’m am fairly athletic and I love watching shows on family and I would love to be on a show myself! I’ve been watching amc, family and abc show most of my life! I’m 5 foot 3 inches 120lbs and I am more muscular! I’ve been called funny cute, smart, athletic, and fun to be around. I listen 99.9% of the time! I’ve always wanted to be an actor! I can’t really sing :( I would want to be an actor so I would stay out of trouble and I could have a successful career. I have mid length brown hair and I usually cut it to a foahawk and hazel eyes!

  108. Hi,
    my name is Lovisa and I am from Sweden. My dream is to beacome a singer and actress and you have to start somewhere. I love disney and I think I would be a good disney actress beacuse I laugh a lot and when I love to do something (singing and acting) I always do my best. Peapole say I´m good and you can watch me sing on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3769xcjUMOs

  109. Hi! My name is Osiris Rauda im 13 but look like im older i am from El Salvador but i currently live in Atlanta Georgia i speak Spanish and English and im learning French i am 5’5 and i like playing Soccer on my free time but i mostly love to act. i act all the time i am a huge fan of Disney Channel since i was about 5 i loved the shows Suit life of Zack and Cody and Thats so Raven ect …
    I am still a big fan of Disney Channel and i hope you choose me to be part of it that would be my dream come true ! I always wanted to be an actor i act every day. I act when im alone and infront of people .. I have a very big immagination and hope that i can share it with you guys . Thanks for takeing time and reading this and good luck to everyone else :) …


  111. Hello my name is ashley madrid i will like to be on disney channel because i always wantes to be on disney channel i have watched it since i was a little girl i am 13 years old but everybody thinks im 10 and people use to always tell me stop trying you are never going to get the part and i do not just want this for me but for those people too.

    Name:Ashley Madrid
    Birthday:June 2, 1999
    Dream: To live my dream no matter what happens

  112. Hi my name is Ellanita and i am 12 years old i have strawberry blonde hair and browm eyes i am on the petite side , i am active in acting class and love it!! i also have a agent for tv and theatrical and commerial as well as print i am just waiting and hoping to get that principal role , i am very personable and love acting hope u would consider me!!! thank you

  113. Hi my name is jada I think I would be a reAly good actress I’m very confident I’m funny and I’m reAly outgoing I always wanted to be and actress al my life I don’t have much exparience but I no I’m the perfect person to act on Disney. My idol is demi lovato she reminds me of myself alot I would like to be somthing like her. I have a little experience in singing and I think I’m pretty good myself. I would be so thankfully if I could act and that all I want to do with the rest of my life or be a singer. I’m a hard worker and I’m a strong loving beautiful person. I’m trying to go the right direction in my life and make the right choices so who ever reads this thank you!:) <3

  114. i have always wanted to be on Disney and having the opportunity to be on my own show would be amazing I’ve been dreaming of this since i was a little girl and now i am 15 and ready to start i have preformed on stages with “italia conti theater of preforming arts” this would be a dream come true for now you can also contact me on 02084298121 or 07799230772 as i live in London for now

  115. Hey I’m Abbi grace I’m 12 years old about to be 13. When I was 3 my parents took me to a Disney channel audition in new Orelans. I got a call back and then it didn’t work out. I have always wanted to act. Last year I had the lead in my school play. And I am in the play at my school this year. Please give me this opportunity. Thanks

  116. I am 12 years old I hope to achieve my dreams becoming a professional actress I have light brown hair brown eyes I was born in 2001 the way 13th I’m very interested inauditioningwhat is program I am tan 4-11 is my hight I’m very fun to be around my friends say that’s my best trait hopefully my dreams will come true you can contact me at 5039951413 thankd

  117. I am extremely smart for my age and all my friends say I should be in the movies! Please consider me. I have a head full of blonde curls and sky blue eyes.

  118. Hello, my name is Hannah. My birth date is October 21, 1999. I have dreamt about being an actress my entire life. I have blond hair, blue eyes, I weigh around 130 lbs, and I am 5’7, almost 5’8. I am a seventh grader in louisville, Kentucky. I have done multiple shows, including ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Grimms Fairytales, an extra in Big, and I haven’t yet received my part in Mulan. I really enjoy acting, singing, dancing, and drawing. Please contact me if you have any other questions or think I would be good for this part. Thank you for taking the time to look this over. ~Hannah

  119. Hi please email for information.
    Address: 2250 Dartmouth St ,TX College Station, 77840
    Apartment: The Bridge Apartment, Room# 1017
    E-mail: shadazad343@gmail.com

    Age:12 Height:4′ 9″ Weight:78

    Body type:Thin. Hair:Dark Brown. Eyes:Brown

    School statues: B Personal training:4 months

    Shoe size: 2 Pants age range:10-11

    Shirts age range:11-12 Dress age range: 11-12

    Skirt age range:11-12 Monologues. 5+

    Languages: Native Kurdish,advanced English,beginner Spanish,Intermediate Arabic.

    Special skills: Jumping rope,Soccer,Tennis, Bicycle,Card Games, Singing(Pop), Acting, crab soccer, dodge ball,

  120. Hey I’m Jessie Verastegui, making a Disney show would be cool. I’ve been in plays and grew up with Disney (That’s so Raven, Kim Possible, Phil of the future, etc.) I have always wanted to make a show with actors/actress that can help me get a jump start to make it as and actress.
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Sex: F
    Age: 14 (looks 15)
    Skin: a bit tan, but white.
    I’m a Hispanic and it would be nice to work with people on Disney, I have a few famous people who made me want to become like them and I will do my best. I don’t get shy in front of a camera and I do what I have to, I also like to have fun! Please take me into consideration, you can reach me by email or my twitter.
    Please and thank you!

  121. I’ve watched Disney Channel since I was born…not literaly of course…but I’m sure you get my drift. Please, just give me a chance and I can show you why I should be on Disney!

  122. I’ve watched Disney Channel since I was born…not literaly of course…but Im sure you get my drift. Please, just give me a chance and I can show you why I should be on Dsiney!

  123. Hello! My name is Hanna Wagner. My hair is blonde, I have tons of freckles, and my eyes are some where between blue, grey and green. I am Going to be 12 in a week, though I can look 11-14. This year, I got all straight A’s. Like everyone else who commented, I love acting. I can only dream what I would feel like If I made the auditions and got on even a pilot for a show! I was in the Eckstein school musical, Annie, as an orphan, and it felt AMAZING when I saw the cast list.
    Once, I went to a Disney screening. I got to read a
    commercial about Skippy Peanut Butter, and I guess liked my acting; they chose me with one guy out of 20-25 people.
    I am eager to try to be involved with Disney. I have watched every episode of “Wizards Of Waverly Place”, more than once. It’s the same with “Good Luck Charlie!”, “A.N.T. Farm”, “Shake It Up”, and other shows. I do choir, did drama, and I love to write. My friends say they like me for my positive attitude, humor, creativity, and kindness. I dunno, I just love to act!

  124. Opps, i forgot im 15 (almost 16), and im fom New Orleans. So like i was saying, yall have to take a chance and pick ME.

  125. WASS UP, i am Ledell Thomas (yeh my name is unique). Now im not gonna make up a BIG lie and say that i have had alot of entertainment experience but, i havent. I am very good at remembering lines and acually acting them out (unlike some actors) and making it look real. I can also sing like somebody from church. And dance a little also. I also can pick things up really easy, so if you want me to do something else extra, i can learn fast. Im funny, im fun, im good looking,im friendly,im nice,im humble,im smart,im 5.6ft,and im THE REAL DEAL. What more could you ask for???? SO, take a chance on me and contact me to tell me when my audition start, because you gotta pick me (and i know yall want to).

    (in waiting)

  126. Hello , I’m Lexi I am 13 years old and been acting in drama troupe since third grade I also do a lot of sports such as dance, lacrosse, cheerleading, and taekwondo. I am one of the captains of the high school dance team even though I am in jr. high. In taekwondo I am a second degree Black belt and teach the Beginner class. last summer i was in a film for taekwondo called -Chopkicks Adventure (the beginning) if you would like go to http://www.CHOPKICKS.TV- it was so exciting, but it is one of my dreams to be on a TV show especially Disney because I was raised in a disney family like watching and going to disney world, and land and my mom use to work at a disney store. please email me!!! (:


  127. I have always wanted to act but definitely want to “keep it clean” I have always loved Disney and Disney would be a Channel where I could act with talented actors and be clean at the same time. I have a variety of hosting, acting and reporting experience. Please follow my link and view my news demo and recent auditions. I hope to hear from you soon!!! As far as voice-overs, I have always wanted to do that too! I have been told my voice could make millions. I have worked in radio and at a TV News Station. I would love to find out if I could really make millions with my voice, acting and/or both!!

  128. Hello my name is Hannah Wiggins, I am 14 years old. I am a young graduate of Barbizon school of modeling and acting and have a lot of experience in acting and modeling. I have been in several plays and have taken several acting classes. I also take singing lessons. I am very outgoing and energetic. I am 5’6 and have golden/light brown hair and blue/green eyes. I would love to act in one of Disney’s shows no matter what part it is. Please contact me if interested.Thanks:)

  129. Hello! My name is Meagan Cheston, I am eleven years old, and I live in Detroit, Michigan. I am about 5’3, athletic body type, beige skin, and have blonde hair and green eyes. My strengths in performing are singing, acting, dancing, humor, modeling, and a slight acrobatic background. I’d love to be considered for a role. If you are interested, feel free to contact me.
    Meagan Cheston

  130. Hello my name is Andrey I’m 17 years old and love to act and make ppl laugh and entertain ppl I really wanna get an audition for this and wanna be famous it’s my biggest dream I’m a huge Justin bieber fan and know that it’s never good to give up on my dreams so I’m hoping one day I can actually meet Justin so please help me out and put me on a show or something.

  131. Hello, my name is Estrella Ceja and i am 14 years old , Mexican American, and a singer/actress. I am not too skiny but not very fat im 4’9 and i am very well educated. Since i was alittle girl i was not ment to be normal but thats exactly what my parents expected from me . They had my whole future planned out and wanted me to become a lawyer but i thought normal was overrated.Acting is a question of absorbing other people’s personalities and adding some of your own flare to it. With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying.Whatever role you get me to play,i gurantee you that i can make it twice as good as the original, Just the thought that i may be able to get paid in doing something i love is amazing. If you only gave me a chance to show you what i got you will see that i wont let you down. If you gave me a chance this will just be the begining of my dreams:).

  132. Hi! I’m Dania(: I have a passion for acting. Especially if its on Disney channel. I always wanted to move that wand and say “Hi I’m Dania and your watching Disney channel.”(: Haha. I’m 14 years old. I have some school experience in school with acting. Like I do lots of plays and always get the main character , Yay!(: I would love to be on a show like Wizards Of Waverly Place. I love that show it made my day everyday! Selena Gomez is my role model. I heard she had a dream to be on Disney Channel and now look where shes at. I hope my dreams come true just like hers.(:
    Thanks for reading!(: Hopefully I get responses(:

  133. i want to be a starrrr. i am not fat but people say iam skinney (95 lbs). i am from east india, my skin color is brown…and i am 13…. and i am 5 feet 5inches.

  134. I think that I would be great for Disney Channel! I love to act and being on Disney is a huge dream of mine. I am a good dancer but I don’t think i am the best singer ever i can always get the better and can’t get worse :). My mom does say that i can hit the beat perfectly just not so good with the pitch. Please tell me some ways I can get noticed and also tell me of ways i can get a good agent. Thanks a lot.

  135. hi my name is patricia banks im 14 years old i live in sacamento california i really want to be famous i want to be a actress model a singer or a rapper i been watching disney channel sense like BC lol but really i love disney channel and i really been watching it forever i can act but its just that i smile like a alot so i cant really be serious but when it comes down to it i can and i really want to be A star i love the shoes on disney channel and the people on it and it would be a honor for me to work with amyone from there


  136. Hi, I’m Aislinn Cossio and im 15 years old and I love acting and singing. Me and my friends always hang out and act out scences from Disney channel shows and just dance around being all silly. I love them just as much as I love acting and dancing and singing ! I know everybody has their one dream but if you hear me out this isn’t just a dream to me it’s my passion it’s in my soul and I know I can do this for the rest of my life. Thank you for your time. Have a lovely day.

  137. i would love to be on disneychannel i am talented i’ve been experienced in singing and dancing competitions and i would love to act because i played in recent plays/and school performances so i would love to joina= and meet people/…..

  138. :) PICK ME :)

    I am 15 yrs old but I look a little older and I am a great actress. I always copy the actors on TV and I know I could pull off many different characters (from shy to funny to mean, I am willing to do anything!).Plus, I am NEVER COCKY, ALWAYS CONFIDENT

    I love making friends and I have a loving personality. I always have a smile on my face yet I am still very dedicated and serious about my acting. I think I was born to be a TV star! I never feel better than when I am acting.

    I know I am and I never want to let anyone down. If you get to know me, you will see all the passion, love, and determination that I have!


  139. Hello My name is Aurora,
    I’m twelve years old
    I am great with working with animals if necessary
    I always loved to act since I was a baby
    I always try my hardest at everything I do and have fun at the same time
    If there is an opportunity for me to act, I go for it.
    I love to help people, sports such as soccer, track, baseball, and kickboxing.
    I am also a fan of school because school will help us have a brighter future
    I am very out going. I speak the truth, and I fight for what is right.
    I hope you consider me for a role, thank you.
    Aurora Townsend

  140. Hi, my name is Marcia Allay and I am 18 years old. I’m also 5’3 and multi-racial. I do look young for my age because I take good care of myself. I’ve always wanted to become a part of the disney channel family every since I was younger and I believe that I would make a good addition to the family. I am talented but I can always learn new things to help my skills become better. I am a hardworker, out going, smart,I have a positive attitude and good energy. I also take direction well, so therefore I will not be a waste of time. Anything that needs to be done I will 100%. I am very serious about becoming an actress and I hope to hear from you guys soon.
    Thank you

  141. Hello!! I’m Karen Coen. I am currently trying to find auditions so I hope this will help in any way. I am 11 years old, while some people think I’m 12. I am learning to play the guitar and hoping to learn the piano. I also sing and dance (but dancing kinda isn’t my thing).I know American Sign Language and has been learning ever since I was born since both my parents are deaf and hard of hearing. I’ve always learned it growing up, and I’m still learning more. I play sports like soccer and golf. Acting will always be be my passion besides being a PRO GOLFER. I am looking for some acting classes which I think will be good with my guitar classes. I think once I start getting the hang of all the acting excitement, I will do good on learning on how to be on TV. Many people say I have such a bright smile, a fun personality, and I make people laugh…. I am about 4.7 feet tall, blonde but not strongly blonde, and I’m not too skinny or fat. I hope this is enough to describe myself. If interested, PLEASE e-mail me and we could go over all the things me and my parents need to know. Thanks for your time and I hope I will hear from some casting directors soon!!!! SINCERELY,
    SOON 2 B ACTING STAR…. Karen Coen :)

  142. Dreams. Thats what i belive in. My family comes to disney every year. every year i think the same dream. I onsider myself really good at sports, and i love doing sports. But what i really want to do is act. I have never really had a chance though. I sing to myself in the shower, and i pretend i am on a tv show all the time. My older sister does show choir and theater and is amazing at it. I would do anything for you to give her the chance to shine, i care about my family. Amd if it wouldent be to much to ask please consider me to.

    M. Skylar

  143. My name is Lauren. I’m 13 (almost 14). I come from Portland, Oregon. I’ve grown up in a small community all my life. I know not many people may read this but it is worth a shot. Just like all these othere people leaving coments, I love to act plus I sing a little (: I have issues just like any other girl. I want to get out of town and make something of my self! I see this as maybe my chance to do that (:

  144. I am Alexandrea! I grew up with Disney Channel. I used to watch “That’s So Raven” and “Hannah Montana.” I know a bunch of people want this oppurtunity but I am working hard for this! I’m taking part in my school play in May. Please get back to me. I really deserve and WANT this oppurtunity. And I will do anything for it. Thankyou.
    Description: blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’6″, 14 years old.

  145. I’m my name is kassandra Smith I would love to be an actress or an model. Because that has been my passion since was little my family said I am pretty dramatic and I watch alot of lifetime lol I have a great since of humor

  146. I think I’d b good cause I can put a lot of droma into things I can fack cry I can b sereuse and I can b really excited and I like I’m a good enough actor for Disney channel

  147. Hi my name is jordan I am a 12 year old girl ,I have chestnut brown hair and blue eyes .I am 4’7 and can sing ,act and dance but mostly act and sing .I am a very social person but a sereious worker .I can act out all emotions and even cry on the spot .I have some experience ; I have sang the amarican and canadian anthems at OHL hockey games twice ,I have also been in school plays and had a main role.I have also won 2 public speaking awards ,and competed in school talent shows.I am willing to travel ,to any part of amarica .Please e-mail me any new info at jordanlaura_macleod@hotmail.com.

  148. Hi, im baileigh im 10 years old but i look like im 8 or 9 i have short brown wavy hair green/blue eyes and some freckles and i would love to be on disney i remember growing up all i ever watched was zack and cody and hannah montana they were such great shows but i always wanted to be like raven from thats so raven she was my inspiration and maybe if you considered me to be on disney channel my dream could come true ,THANKS!!!!!

    LOVE:baileigh :)

  149. i am a 19 year old girl who loves to make people laugh. i love to sing, dance and act. i love the feeling you get when you make someone smile and you know your the reason for making them smile. I love when people thank me for making them smile. i know you could help me live out a dream that i have been dream and try to make come true for like 15-16 years now. I am 5feet 3 inches tall i have short brown hair brown eyes and of course love to entertain people. it’s my dream and passion. i love to help others out. i am a loving care-able kind person.

  150. i am a 10 year old girl that is auditionining THIS SATURDAY I dont know what show I should go on if i do make a PART IM NERVESE WHO WOULDNT BE but im just wondering what show i should go on if i get a part?????

  151. Sorry, I left out some things. I can play just about any type of character, I could play a quiet shy girl, or an outgoing loud girl. I’m Caucasian, sort of short for my age, and I am skinny. Height: about 5′ Weight: 82 pounds

  152. Hey, I’m Britnee!

    I’m 13, I live near Schuylkill Haven, PA. I’m new with all this, but I think I could really make it in this business. I look a bit younger than I am. I play 2 instruments, I sing, dance, and act. I have been in many school plays and musicals, and local theatre productions. I’m good in school, I’m energetic, and I know how to listen to directions. Also, I’m good with memorizing, if there is a goal that I have/want, I try my hardest, and I won’t give up. Any criticism I take pretty well. I always wanted to be a part of a Disney show. Just looks like so much fun, and I love acting, in school plays, or even when I’m just hanging with my friends. I’m friendly, and I would really like to be a part of the Disney family, because it truly is a family. They help each other, and look out for each other, and although it may be a lot of work and responsibility I am up to the challenge. Please, consider me. I understand if you don’t, there is a lot of talent and so many people have similar dreams. I just really think I could make something of myself in this business.

  153. Hi!
    My name is Hannah Bergeson. I am 15 years old. I am about 5’4 and have brown hair and eyes. I love acting and can sing and play piano. I have been tryin to get into ‘show business’ for a long time. It is my dream to be an acting. I am a hard worker and do my best in everything I do. I would love to be an actress and have the ability to make people laugh or move people. My family thinks I’m very funny and Random. I’ve been in any acting lessons but my family says I’m good at it. I am not in any sports, but I did take Ice Skating a few years ago and loved it. I hope you will consider me. I really want to do this!! I’ve never been called as far as an audition.

  154. Hello my name is Kehinde people normally call me felix I love to act. i’ve been acting for more than 3yrs, My school work is complete, I am not shy. I am 11 years old :)

  155. I believe I would be a great disney dad. I would like the opportunity to audition for that type of role. I am a 54 y/o white male. WIth a lot of families having older parents I believe I wold be a good fit. My 14 y/o daughter loves the Disney channel and thinks I should try it. I have performed on stage in a play and feel comfortable in front of an audience or a camera. I can provide my full bio and professional picture upon request. Please let me know how to submit an application.

  156. oh I forgot to mention I have a REALLY clear voice if you want me to do voice overs. Teachers always pick me to read from the textbook in front of the class. :P I can do really cool voices too. I can do a swell british accent dah-ling.

  157. Hey whoever is reading this!
    My name is Kat (Katherine) and I’m 12 years old from southern Michigan (I live by the thumb). I may be 12 years old but people think I am 13 or 14. My cousin’s friend was seriously shocked when my cousin told her I was 12! I have been in many plays through the community theatre program. They might have been small but it is still experience. I have much dancing experience. Since I wwas 3! I love to sing, but of the three “threats” singing isn’t my strongest suit. I am a joy to work with as cheasy as it sounds I really am fun to be around. I take direction well. Well anyways just pick me and you won’t regret it in the least. I am five foot three by the way. I am not exactly a twig but that would be better for the viewers since most of the kids aren’t as skinny as Selena Gomez, it would boost their self esteem. Hope to hear from you guys soon!! PEACE OUT FROM K!

  158. I would love to be on Disney channel, not just to be famous but to touch the lives of other kids in the world. To spread the gift of happiness and make them laugh. I’m eleven years old i’m 5’2 and i can sing, act, and dance very well. I’m also slim. I have a good sense of humor and love to help people.i always have a smile on my face no matter on a good or bad day. I hope i can help kids find there talent.Thank you for taking the time to read this.I hope you consider me to work with Disney.

  159. My name is Sara Hosman. I am thirteen years old. I have red hair and blue
    Green eyes. I know that no one will probably read this, but, if someone does.. Can you give me a chance? My brother is famous. I want to show my parents that I can be just as good as him. I am 5′ 7″ . Please contact me… I won’t let you down!

  160. My name is Sara Hosman. I am thirteen years old. I have red hair and blue
    Green eyes. I know that no one will probably read this, but, if someone does.. Can you give me a chance? My brother is famous. I want to show my parents that I can be just as good as him. I am 5′ 7″ . Please contact me…

  161. Hi my name is Alyssia and I am from Minnesota. My dream has always been to be on the disney channel. I hope you pic me to be part of something on the Disney Channel. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

  162. Hi my name is Alicia I’m from Detroit Michigan. Growing up I loved watching Disney channel. I love acting making people laugh and just having fun. I love going to the movies and hanging out with friends.

  163. hii!!! my name is Emily Louise Stewart… i have always dreamed to be famous but doesn’t everyone:)) i dream to be like selena gomez though i wanna have fans yelling my name… Can’t you here it know!!! well maybe noy but still… i am 12 years old and will be turning 13 this summer i probley wont be chosen because i ….. cant sing i cant dance and i have acted in my drama club school play and i think i did pretty good but idk but i can always get better and i would love to get the chance and to get to experience that chance with the disney family…. well i am 4’8 i know small i have blue eyes dark brown hair and its pretty long :) im good in school…. and if you wanna know more or you would like to have me join the disney family just email mee PLEASE !!! :))

  164. I love Disney Channel and would love to be chosne for a pilot. I can sing, and have wanted to act my whole life. I am a female, 18 years old, 5’2″ with brown hair with red highlights and hazel eyes.

  165. 16 years old. 5’3 and 115 pounds. Pretty face long dark hair and tan skin. The personality of a major role. Willing to change my appearance for a job. Would love to have more information for auditions in California please email me at BaybeeAshleey@aol.com. Very experienced actress.

  166. Hi my name is Carly and I live in SLC Utah. I am 15 years old, but I can appear to be 13 or 14. I love to act, sing, and dance. I have taken many local acting classes and have experience with auditioning. I would love to be on a new Disney Channel show where I could show of my talent. I am energetic and I have a wide range of different characters I could play.
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 140
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Blue

  167. I have been amazed at the acting ability of people like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. This is what I see for my life and career. I love to be someone else and to learn to become different than I am in my own life. I work hard and I am now involved with a local theatre. My name is Michael and I am 12 yr old. Acting is a part of me, it is who I am. Thank you.

  168. Hi my name is Brianna Flanter. I am 11 years old and I live in Katy, TX. I have tons of acting experience such as classes and extras in movies. I’m learning to play 5 instruments. I love school making straight a’s. I’m funny energetic and look like a 12 year old version of Selena Gomez. I hope you consider me, thank you. :)

  169. Hi I’m annalise I’m puerto rican and I’m 12 years old but people say I look 10 when my hairs curly… I can sing act and dance and I’m really funny. I get straight a’s in school and have been part of john robert powers. I have wanted to be part of disney channel since I was 8. Some people say I look like selena gomez just shorter and longer hair. I have been part of many plays in school as a lead or extra. Please help me be part of the disney family!!

  170. Hi im Jerica I really love acting I am 11 years old im African American I live in Arlington,Texas im athletic,challenging,fun to work with,out going,and warm hearted I Always have a positive attitude and I am very easy to work with im not afraid to be infront of a camera because I shoot my own Tv show at my house on my sisters camera the name is Missing Jane and I write my own scripts by myself.I have wanted to be on Disney Channel ever since I was 4 years old I always talked about it with my mother and she has supported my decision ever since.Acting is in my spirit I practice everyday on some of the scripts I make because practice makes perfect.I go online everyday and I study acting for hours straight and when I say study I mean I go online and look up all the basiC things I need to know like when I have a acting audition I know what to do,When im on camera I know what to do.I would be so elated if I got choosen to play on any Disney Channel Show because I dont care what show it is ill just be thankful that I accomplished one of my dreams to be on disney channel.Thankyou I hope you get this and take the effort to read it I would be so grateful

  171. I should be considered for Disney channel TV Pilots, Auditions because i love acting. All I want to do when I grow up is to act. Its my dream. I dont care about the fame, its just the feeling when im acting that just feels perfect. I hope you consider me for Disney Channel Pilots!

  172. Acting is the only place where I feel like I can be myself. I have never been goood at sports, but when I act, whenever I am acting i feel like a pro. Acting deals with difficult things. It deals with putting words and thoughts into actions and emotions which may be hard, for me it is so easy. I am ver confident. When I act I do not put on a mask, i expose myself in God’s greayest way.

  173. Hi my name is Rachel I’m 10 years old and I love DIsney Channel.I have always wanted to be on Disney channel since I was little.I love to act,I kinda like dancing and I don’t like singing.I hope you could consider me Thank You.

    (sorry about the first one I messed up)

  174. Hi my name is Rachel I’m 10 years old and I love Disney channel.I have always wanted to be on Disney channel since I was little.I love to act and dance,not so much.I hope you could consider me thank you.

  175. hi im elizabeth wurst i am 16 years old, however i look 14 im new to the acting bussiness actullay i have never really acted before, however i put my heart and soul into everything i do. thank you

  176. Hello my name is Amanda or Mandy witch ever I’m 13 years old Mexican American live in Texas I have always wanted to be on Disney it’s been a dream ever since I was little and hopefully a reality soon I’ve look for tons of auditions down here where I live and it’s not Much I want to be on Disney so bad I have never had experience but I love to try new things every time well day and that basically it and hopefully I’ll hear back and I do live near housten a few hours away and I hope that if I don’t get the chance to act now then mabe in the near future thank you :)

  177. i think i should be a n actor beacause i can be seruose i can be funny i could ac reall well and i can sing and actt i just hope u consinder a auditionn for disney cahnnel.thnak you for ur time for reading this just i hope u get me an audition. thank you :)

  178. I think I would fit in extremely well in Disney Channel. I am funny, exciting, and can be serious at times. I live to act, dance, sing, and I’m not afraid to look like wierd in front of the camera. I have been watching Disney Channel for as long as I can remember and I would love to be a part of something that has been in my life for a long time. I admire everyone that has been on this show and I hope one day people can look up to me. I hope you consider me to audition for Disney Channel. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I’ll be the next person to be working with

  179. I v always wanted to be on disney I enjoy actin singing and dancing it just something I do and do 100% of my time because I enjoy doing it I belive in team work and that everyone should have a good time thank you_sade

  180. Hi Disney Channel!!! My name is Lacey. I’m 12 years old. I absolutly LUV <3 Disney Channel!! I have been watching it scince i was… very Young!! I would be PErfEcT for disney channel because
    a. I'm a good actor, singer, dancer(choreographed), comedian, you name it!
    b. I'm silly yet serious, clumsy but coordinated, get the picture?
    c. I'm willing to work with most wild/marine life(WILL NOT WORK WITH SNAKES, SPIDERS, OR CRICKETS!!)
    d. I do southern and British accents
    e. I LOvE to dress up in costumes!!
    F. I'm not afraid to look like a fool on camera!!

    Height: 5 foot Age: 12 years Hair color: Red/Strawberry Blonde Eye Color: Blue-Green
    Please Choose Me Disney Channel!!!! I <3 You!!!

  181. my name is Alexandra but i go by alli. my dream is to be on disney channel i was insterested in acting since i was 5. i am 12 years old but i look 14 teen. I sing and dance i started to sing when i was 6 and danceing when i was 7 i hope to become a great influnce on young girls some day to follow their dreams.
    So i hope you send me an email
    Ali (:

  182. my name is kelly vazquez but i go by selena. and my dream is to become an actress. i was interested in acting almost when i was 6. my favorite shows were on Disney channel with “that’s so raven” and more. i love to play different people which helps me understand the character more. i wanted to get experience by performing in plays at school or entertaining my family. i also sing and i hope to get better at it. i am Latina and i am 15 years old. i hope to become a great influence on young girls and make my dreams come true. i used to love reenacting scenes from old movies or pretending i have my own shows. i have applied for many industries which offer great opportunities although i don’t know which one will take me somewhere. thank you for your time,
    sel (:

  183. There is a VERY big possiblity tha you won’t even read this , but id feel a lot better if you did . As I scrolled down and read ALL the comments that the kids left I had less and less to say to make me feel me feel unique . Whatever I would chose to say , you woudlve heard it a million times already . I can’t answer the question why I should be considered , but I can answer why I LOVE acting , when I was in going to 6th grade , the summer I graduated 5th , we had this thing called the chocolate challenge , everything we learned was about chocolate , math , reading , english , ect . So of course we had a play about chocolate , & they had auditions for the characters , we were doing the play charlie & the choclate factory big surprise , originallly I wanted to be violet , but they had auditons for willy wonka , I had no interest in it , none what so ever . I mean , come on , it was a guy role . But right before we left they asked me out the blue did I wanna try , of cousre I denied , then the asked m a couple more time so I agreed & tried out thinking nothing of it , so wha do you know , the next day I found out I was willy wonka . The MAIN charater . I love every second of it , the acting , the blocking , wearing makeup & a wig , the dress rehearsals , the feeling I got eveybody was clapping for me . For ME . It was the best feeling in the world , so THAT’S why I love acting . I love the feeling I get everytime I’m in front of an audience , entertaining them . So I was hoping I could convince you to give me a chance . My name is chassity sophus , I’m 14 years old , turning 15 on the 20 of this month , I’m 5’5 and african american . Thanks you for listening . Good bye :)

  184. Hi,
    My name is Allison, I am a 14 year old female, who loves acting. I am currently a freshman at Academy of our Lady, Marreo Lousiana.I have been in many musicals at my school and local theatre Jerfson Performing Art Society, a total of 13 productions in which I had 10 lead or supporting leads. I would love the chance to show you want I can do. I have long medium-light brown hair, I have brown eyes which sometime looks hazel, I have a medium body type (which I can change if need so). I am very easy to work with, even though this would be my first time on TV. I look like 12 year old if you would like young person or a 15 year old teenager if need so. My hair type can straighten very easily and curl very easily also. I can sing and dance, so I would count myself as a “triple threat”. I am a very hard worker, I take constructive criticism very well. I have a great personality that you will never forget. Please e-mail me, I would greatly apperiacte it!

  185. hey if your reading this due to many comments and application my name is michelle pichardo i have brown eyes i am strong i am a great singer f you call me or email me for the audition you il love my voice not branging i speak english and i understand spanish i am comedy funny im a great actor i can change my voice to funny annoying and what i want to be when i grow up is a singer and a actor. i can act like a nerd tough weird lame or boring annoying the script says. One day i want to speak about bullying. I like and enjoy helping teens/kids it’s my favorite i am friendly i have brown hair and i can act tough to i can have a scary voice or i call it possesed voice plz email me at pichardomichelle@ymail.com i am 14 years old i look young and i look like im 15 and 16 but at the same i look like im around 10 or 11 it’s because of my height 6,2 i am a 9th grader going into 10th i live in orlando fl plz email me you wont be dissapointed. I write songs and i think up some funny sketches like so random.

  186. hi , i literally sat here & read all comments , and the more i read it the less i had to say to make myself seem re indivual and unique . i know you here all types of kids from ALL over tHE WHOLe world write begging you just to please give them a chance . So how am i any different ? i dont have the answer . i promise you i dont . but i genuily love acting , it like a dream you know ? i once did a play back in 5th grade , everybody came out to watch us . at first i didnt even wanna do it. i just stumbled into it . my thearye arts teached asked me d i wanna it ? i said no like three times and she kept asking are you sure ? are you sure sweety ? so i caved and fell in love ! the play we did was willy wonka and the the chocolate factory . and guess who played ? charlie ? nope . violet? nope . i played willy wonka . we only had 21 days to rehearse and memorize the whole play and we performed , and i loved every minute of being on stage. we were even on tv , on the HISD channel . the proudest day of my life . and THATS why i wanna be an actor . so i can always have that feeling everyday . My name is chassity sophus , im 5’5 , african american and 14 yrs old , i turn 15 december 20 , 2011.my email address is chassity.sophus@yahoo.com . please email me , if you you are interested in my acting skills .

  187. Hello!
    My name is Allison (or Alli) and I would love to be able to get a role (or two) on a show done by the ABC, Disney Family! I am 15 and will be getting my license when I turn 16 in July. I am also 5″4 and done growing, so I am fairly short. I have what I like to call “beach blonde” hair (slightly dark with red and natural highlights), “aquamarine” blue eyes, and white yet, tan fairly easily. I can play anywhere from 12 at the youngest to 16 at the oldest without any alteration to my appearance (except for some basic make-up). I love to sing, dance, and act and have been formally trained in all three. I have been told I have great chemistry with every other actor I have worked with and I, myself, am very easy to work with. I did some television work when I was younger but my parents pulled me out so I could establish some roots at home and with my family. I am a hard worker, have good ethics, and take constructive criticism very well. If you wish to find me you can look on http://www.imdb.com or e-mail me. I am only credited for one thing on IMDB at the moment but wish to change that. Thank you for considering me!

  188. hey im markell thornton i live in seattle wa i wanna be a disney channel star becuse im to awesome for other tv companeys and im a grate actor iv been doing theader for the last year and drama class at school and my drama teacher said im super talinted wen i was little i think at the age of 6 i wanted to learn to sing so i copyed every thing this girl was doing on tv i avenswally got it so now i wanna get a little bit more credit in my acting so im looking for an acting agent if you guys wold please email me are look me up on facebook are google becuse im kinda famouse on google for my track running im 27.th in the nation thats kinda fast but inyway look me up and please contact me… your friend.markell thornton

  189. i think i should be on disney chanel because i have a fun persenality and i like to explore the world of show bisness and i’m fun,different,smart,funky and i’m a cute 12 year old girl

  190. I think i shoud be on disney because i have always loved to laugh and make other people laugh! I have experence with singing. I performed at my high school’s football game. [i sang the national anthem, and if this is legit and u email me back i will try to send you a video of me singing and acting]
    Stuff about me=
    eyes- brown
    hair- brown with a little bit of dark blond
    height= about 5″4
    my insiration- my mother
    —-please contact me!! :)

  191. I love Disney Channel! I have been watching it ever since i was little and would love to be an actor on one of the shows. I am 12 years old and love to make people laugh. I have been wanting to be an actress on Disney Channel for along time now and i hope i get the chance to.

  192. I love Disney Channel! I would love to be chosen because I will be seeing you one day on the disney channel. When I was 5, I went to a conference where I was chosen and it turned out to be a scam. I went to school the next day, telling everyone that I went to this event and now was famous. My teachers and school thought it was true and told my mother that of all the kids, I have what it takes. My teachers loved me and always comment to my mom how she should take me to LA. I have been entertaining for as long as I can remember and I do it because nothing else makes me happy than knowing I have made people laugh or smile. It is my dream to one day be on the disney channel and would be ever so fortunate to get chosen this way rather than the long battle I have ahead of me. My mom believes that it is my GOD given talent and she believes in me. She is always telling me to never give up because alot of kids go to acting classes to try to learn what comes naturally to me. I could go on to tell you endless stories. I just hope that upon meeting me, it is a goldmine for you, just as much as it is for me, to shine. Plus, my mom already has a financial plan made out for me, just in case I am ever spotted or chosen. :) Thank you for your time. GOD bless.


  193. I am 18 and still LOVE the Disney Channel! A lot of people tell me i look 14 or 15 which i guess is a good thing! I was nominated class clown at my highschool senior year and I’d love to audition! Thanks!

  194. Hey,its Jaqueline and I am AWESOME! I am a very funny person.Like this one time i was in class the teacher was talking and i kept saying random things like banana and kentuckys fried chicken.The teacher heard and i blamed it on my friend michelle.If you see i am funny enough to be on the show.If you pick me maybe you will get pranked by me.Contact me at 301-515-5506

  195. Hi, My name is Andrew I think I would be a great actor because I was recently the Main part of my schools play The Baker’s Neighbor. I really have never been in a acting school but I do help my cousin help act a lot. I am also from Palermo, Italy. I speak Italian, English, Spanish, and currently learning french. This has been my dream for years. I think Disney will help make this happen. :)

  196. I love the disney channel. It would be a dream come true to be on one of these tv shows. I am 18 years old hispanic and i am texas. I want more then anything to become an actor/ singer. I have a super outgoing personality and i can make almost any one laugh i am quite the comedian. I love to sing and have been in plays, musicals, and show choirs. I have been on 2 tv interviews in austin texas, and one commercial for my adoption agency. I am willing to do anything that you need. I am very funny so i can do comedy roles and i am good looking so i can do drama roles and i am a very good singer so i can sing if you want me to. I am 18 but i look like i am 16 or 17. I want more then anything to become an actor and i am dedicated, however this industry is very tough so please please give me the chance to prove to you how talented and dedicated iam. please contact me at 972-527-2920 or email me i promise i wont let you down all i am asking for is a chance to show you thati hve want it takes.

  197. Hello My Name Is Brianna Garcia,
    I think I should be considered for auditions because I Live to Entertain and Act. Acting Professionally Has Been A Dream of Mine For As Long As I can Remember. I work And take direction very well.I feel I Have What It Takes To Be a Disney Star.As well As Acting I have Many Screenplay Ideas. I hope to one day Persue my Dream of becoming an Icon for Disney.
    Thanks For Reading!! And Please Consider Me

  198. YES!! I am a filipino & has a blood of spanish people.I can fluently speak english and can act very well. I am willing to take any risk just to be in this tv pilot audition.PLEASE Email me and say YES!! I am so full of hope!! :)

  199. It would be a great blessing to have this wonderful opportunity to get a chance to show someone else my talents and abilities. I have 7years and more in acting and modeling. I was a recent participant in the New York IMTA 2011 i didn’t get a chance to enter in acting competition area. This would be great!

  200. I had previous experience in acting I’m easy to work with flexible and my dads a pilot so I travel a lot! Here’s my info.
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnicity: Asian and African American
    Skin color: tan
    Talents: swimming,just learned gymnastic level 2,white belt,I know I not good at everything but I’m a dying actor here,10 years of age.

  201. I have previous experience with acting in many plays I love acting here’s how I look
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Body: fair but not so buff
    Talents: swimming just started gymnastic

  202. I am 11yrs. old I will love to be on this show. I love to Sing and Dance. I always told my mother that I will be on the Disney Channel and American Most Top Models. To be on this show will be one of my dreams coming true. If I get the chance you will that I am perfect for this show. Thank You

  203. I would love to be a part of disney channel because I have a passion for acting! I have been in two plays and one of them I was the lead. I play the drums and I’m a level 6 tumbler I can do tricks up to back tucks on hard surfaces. I have had on-camera experience and have had training in acting. I also love to sing and I am taking dance lessons. Thank you!

  204. I should be on Disney Channel because I am very active, I love singing, I love dancing, and I am very good at acting and being infront of a camera!

  205. Hi there! My name is Skigh, and I am a fun-loving, friendly, and funny 11 year old girl! I am a great singer, dancer, and actress. I have been taking acting classes since I was 7 and I have been in 7 plays, and I am currently in my eighth. I love to be in front of the camera, and I am not shy at all. I am very bubbly and outgoing. I make Youtube videos also, just for fun. I am caucasian and I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’0 and and 78 pounds. I put a lot of work into my acting, and everyone says that I am great at it. I have also been taking dance classes since I was 4. When I was 7, I would sing Broadway songs and dance in restaurants. I am great at making people laugh, and I love to be funny and make jokes! I have wanted to be on Disney Channel for a long time, and if you picked me to be on a sitcom, you wouldn’t be disappointed. I have a passion for acting and I hope that you chose me to be on a T.V. show!

  206. hi my name is madiana and am 16 years old i am in 11 grade. and i love to act, dance,and make some crazy funny stuff to people,i always love-to act and dance with people because it always my dream’s and i what to show who i am.This is my dream i wish it come true

  207. Hi my name is Katrina and I am 11 years old and I am in the sixth grade. I can do many different things like acting, singing and dancing. I have carmel colored hair and I am caucasion. I speak english and live in the USA. I am currently 4’9 and am still growing. I am really intelligent and its hard for me to sit still. I always put my energy into my work and always try my best. I am always outdoors and I am very athletic. I play laccrose in the spring and somethimes the fall. I love to garden and take care of animals. For a very long time I have wanted to be on Disney Channel because I think I would be a great addition. I am always commited to my work and I think I could make an impression. I am also a very good actress; I can laugh, cry, smile on cue and have had a lead role in a play. This is my dream and I hope you can fufill it!

  208. i am 12 i look 14 cause am really tall 5’3 and i love to act i havent experinced any acting but i am still quailified for acting i have a kind of a british accent i can also do an american accent i can also sing. i hope u choose me contact me at this number for any auditions 8322884176

  209. 20 years old, studied at to two acting colleges, been acting and singing since i was 10, have been a competitive figure skater for 14 years, have acted on MTV and about 7 or 8 Short films, was in theatre for 4 years and in highschool choir for 4 years.

  210. I would love to be on a disney channel show. every time i hear disney channel is the place where dreams come true you can discover yourself there i would really love to be on a show. i am dedicated and love acting singing and dancing. I am 15 years old being able to go to work and like it to its so much fun. when you audition for a show and get the thrill. please email me cierraltaylor@yahoo.com. thank you

  211. My name is Paige Conway and i’m 16 years old. I do look younger than i appear! I am hispanic/caucasion and i am 5’3. I think i should definitly be considered for Disney Channel Pilots because i am very very very entergetic. I love making people laugh and i am known for being crazy and always smiling. I love to sing, act and dance. I love expressing myself and i have VERY high energy. more than usual. lol. I present myself very well and know when its time to be serious. Its always been a dream of mine…and i hoping i can make it come true.

  212. hi my name is julie and i am 11 in 6th grade and i am a good actor and i would love to show in one of the shows in disney channle like shake it up, good luck charlie, ant farm, wizards of waverly place.i always wanted to show in one of those shows and if you pick me ill show you that you pick the right person so please make my wish come true……please

  213. I should be considered for the Disney Channel- TV Pilots because i love kids, and to get them to laugh and enjoy me on TV would be amazing, im 17 but get told i love 14 or 15, i am a comedian at times, i am very easy to work with and can do just about anything asked/told to do. I enjoy acting, modeling, and theater. I get told all of the time, “i can see you being on TV and in Movies” so i thought i would give it a shot. thank you.

  214. My name is Tess. I am 22, but can look anywhere from 17 – 25. I am from Louisiana. I am currently working on a feature film script and about to take in film workshops. I also volunteer every year at the Red Stick Animation Festival. I’ve talked to many guest speakers that have done voice overs and I would love to try my hand at it. I did record an episode of a radio show, that I wrote for school and had fun doing it. I have experience with show choir, i love to paint, and screen print. I am not just searching for my chance to be more than just an extra, I am also searching for crew work. I have had work co-producing and creating props. I hope to be a part of something big.

  215. Hi my name is Morgan Im 11. I should be on disney channel TV Pilots because I been wanting to act for a long time and I get grades (80 and up) I love disney channel SO MUCH! My Dream is to act on disney channel! Im not a bad kid I dont curse,Im very Friendly And very smart. Im Sometimes Crazy And Playful But MOSTLY shy ( Sometimes ) but i’ll Break Out of it !! If I get this I would be sooooooo happy !! Have a blessed and Wonderful day – Love Morgan ( Dont Really Want to Right alot on a website where everybody can see so please email me )

  216. Hi! My name is Kristal Roman. I am 15 year’s old. I also love acting. I have been to some auditions already I have had call back’s but my mother has not had the money for the acting classes i need but, there is something I do have it is called the acting bug. In one of my recent auditions I learned that if you really truly want to be an actress you have this so called acting bug, it’s when you watch a movie,show,music video ,etc….. You imagine yourself as one of the characters in any of these recorded films. That’s when it hit me I am meant to be an actress. Its’s been a dream of mine forever. I’m also Hispanic so i know how to speak booth languages English, and Spanish. So that will hopefully help me. Sorry I wrote so much it’s just that i love acting and i would love a chance to prove that I am capable of making my dreams come true and that some day, I will be walking the red carpet with my Disney Channel Family.
    Thank You
    -Kristal Roman (Soon to be actress)[=

  217. i should be considered for your pilots because i love to act, i think i have an wide range and great energy that you most likely see on disney.

  218. I read every single comment made by the others and saw a repeated pattern in all of them. So I’ll try my best to make mine different…
    my name is Ellana Maningo and i have been a fan of Disney. I wouldn’t say that I’m a hue fan… but I’m a fan and I have been wanting to be an actress ever since i stepped into my baby shoes. So if your ever so kind, to make a girl like me, a dream come true.

  219. Hello,
    My names Kiarah, and I’m 13.
    I’m 5’5, 110 lbs, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and I’m half white, half Hispanic.
    Ever since I was 2, I had a passion
    for entertaining others. Now that I’m older,
    I’m hoping to pursue my dream to become an actress. I haven’t had much experience, except for school and church plays, but I really think I have what it takes to make it in the business. I speak Spanish, so I think that would help me in getting cultural roles.
    Acting is my passion, so I would be sure to put all my effort into all of my work.

  220. the reason why i should be on disney channel is because i love the shows and i love to sing,dance,and act. also i’ve always wanted to be on tv. and i would like to persue my dreams im very positive about everything and i have a positive attitude. :)!

  221. Ok I Am Very Funny And Talented I Really Dont Care What PArt Of A Show Im On Long As I Can Be On It and im a comedic actor and i am no likely to get a ride hopefully u guys can pick me up

  222. i should be considered to me on a show because am smart and pretty nice and i am determined to make my drame come true.

  223. Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m 8yrs old and I am trilled to be able to work with the disney channel. I watch it everyday until my mom says I have to go to bed. I always ask my mom how I can become a star and she always says you can be anything you want to be with a lot of hard work. I would love to have a shot to appear on the show and make my mom proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks LISA

  224. I have experience I watch disney actors every day! I feel if i become a actor my dreams would come true ! If I was an actor on disney channel ! Every one on there are my role models! I love to act , sing , and rap this is why I should be considered a actor on Disney Channel!

  225. hello my name is toryan rogers im an amatuer boxer i have 67 fights im an actor i live for acting i have alot of talent ,im a very goofy and fun type of person i am very respectful ,i love to learn more about acting no matter how far i make it i can never stop learning im a very funny guy im very healthy i live in houston tx if you give me a chance i will show and give my all .

    • Hi my name is Sean C…. I would love to be on a Disney Chanel show im13.. And I’m really funny and I love to have fun …I’m really respectfull.. And I have a lot of talent.. Have a nice day.

  226. My name is Jessica Garcia and I am 18 years old, but I have always been told I look younger. I have acted in 15 plays and productions, and have also written, directed, and stage managed them. I have been in several show choirs and participated in the Guadalupe County 2010 Junior Miss Pageant. I have won acting and singing awards such as All star cast and Best supporting and Best actress, as well as several 1st place awards at singing competitions. I love to sing, act, and perform, and am a very enthusiastic, energetic, charasmatic, outgoing and friendly individual. I am dedicated, hard working, a fast learner, and always try my best at everything I do with a smile on my face. Being on Disney channel would be an amazing experience, and would help me pursue my dream in being in the entertainment industry.

  227. I have always watched Disney channel my whole life. I often act out the scenes after they are shown on T.V. I recently was in a school talent show where I dressed up as a silly character and acted out a funny scene. My parents and others couldn’t believe how hilarious it was. My mother said it was like someone else was actually up there. I wasn’t myself at all. I love acting. Also, my mom said that Disney has a great reputation and is focused on family, the earth and being a good person. That is important to me too!

  228. My names I Morgan I live in Louisiana. I have always watched Disney channel and nickelodeon since I was little. Whenever I would watch a sitcom on the show I would always wonder,’How did they get chosen to play that character?’, ‘Do they enjoy acting on a tv show?’. I have seen a few local theatre performances in my life and have performed in school plays before. I enjoy watching them and being in them. Before, I used have trouble whenever I was in front of a large groupe of people that were watching me, if I mess up it’ll be in front of everybody, what people will say about me. When I worked with the other people on the cast for the school play, they made me feel comfortable, with everybody and myself, I was able to not think about if I messed up on stage, or if messed up my line. I enjoyed how close I came with other people by acting and I really have fun when I’m acting. Now I want know that same feeling when I’m in front of a camera with the rest of the cast having fun acting for everybody that’s watching.

  229. I am a hispanic 5’5 i am 15 but i look 17. I love disney channel i’ve been watching it since Thats So Raven. I take acting very seriously it what i’ve always wanted Ive been in commercials but nothing big yet. I just need a chance for someone to give me so i can show them I can be star and be successful. I sing dance and act I’m very energetic i love comedy I consider myself like a comedian by many people, but also when i have to be dramatic I can be. If you give me the chance I can show you your not wasting you time and that I am very serious about acting. gracias (:

  230. Hi! My name is Reiley Adelson and I am 13 years old. I have loved Disney Channel for like ever and it has always been my dream to be in a Disney Channel show. I have dark brown hair and I am light skinned I love to sing and act and all my friends say I can make a dull day into a party. PLease consider me!
    THank You very much,

  231. Hey disney channel! My name is callie goff and im 12 years old my birthday is April 9th 1999 and i would like to be an actress for you! I am blonde and i have blue eyes, i am 5″4 , and in seventh grade. I am in a program called music mania at my school and its all about acting, singing, and dancing. I have wanted to be an actress (and om not going to lie) only about 4 years. When i was little of course i had the same dream as anyone else, to be a singer hahaha. I have been watching disney channel about since The wiggles , Lizzie Mcguire, Even Stevens, and The Proud Family. Of course now, since i am almost in my teens my favorite show is none other than Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah montana. Sadly wizards of waverly place and hannah montana came to an end. I really would like to work with the great directors of shows on disney channel and i will highly apprieciate the chance to audition. If i dont get a role, it was the effort that counted. Thanks so much for your time

  232. hei i am a boy thats 13 years old i love acting i dance act and sing of cource i i have loved disney channel sice i was a kid. my eye color is brown my hair color is black. i am white and want this so much.love you hope i get the role.the last messege was wrong e mail.

  233. Hello my name is samantha and I’d love this oppurtunity to act on Disney Channel. I’m 13 with blond hair and light skin. Even if it’s just a small part on the show like an extra, it would still give me some experience. I am outgoing, easy to work with, and just talented. I play piano and am a very good singer. Please consider me.
    Thankyou, samantha

  234. My name is Samantha and im 13 years old most people think I am younger than i appear and on the info you said was you are looking for kids younger than they appear so I said what the heck why not live my dreams now.I live in Ozark Missouri but my dad said that he would take me to New Orleans if I wanted this and I was excited think I should be on Disney Channel because it would be a great oppertunity for me Im funny I sing and Im beautiful.Im very talented my mom said and and I think so to.Tell me what to do and I will do it no funny busniess and trust me I am not a stick in the mud I may sound like it but trust me Im not I love to show what I can be and i will do that for you guys so please put me in I really want this and have been practicing soooooo hard in front of my mirrour haha so please call call right now


  236. For about 5 years now, I’ve been working on screenwriting and have a few scripts finished. Although, I’m a little nervous to let others read them, i know that the only way for me to get them on the big screen is to allow others to read them. I’m naturally shy but have recently started coming out of my shell. I’ve discovered while writing my scripts that acting is something i would really like to pursure as a career and, from my short experience in the field, I’ve realized that it’s helped me slowly overcome my shyness. When I was younger, I would watch disney channel 24/7, which greatly upset my brothers who just wanted to watch wrestling. I’m fifteen now and still enjoy most of the disney shows. I’m not sure if anybody is actually going to read this and if they do, great! Although I may not have as colorful a resume as the other contenders, I would like the chance to show everyone what I’ve got.

    Thanks a million,

  237. I think my daughter should be cast for a pilot on the Disney Channel due to her hight energy dynamic personality, and ability to shine with the up most respect that a child can offer. She is 9 years old in the 4th grade, she has been in the dual immersion program at her school for the last 4 years which lead her to read, write and speaks in both English and Spanish at a 6th grade level. She currently carries a 4.0 gpa and is also in the GATE Progream. She has taken a few acting classes however she seems to carry the acting on her shoulder she can cry on que, be serious, smile and giggle when ever she is told to. I believe that my daughter can take the Disney Channel to a whole another level of audience. She is your next Selena Gomez. Please keep Nadege Vargas on your mind when reading this she will soon be famous. Thanks, Cynthia

  238. i should be on Disney Channel because i am unique i have the best personality and i am super talented , i am a great actress , i dance, and i sing . I really think you should consider me as a great tribute to Disney Channel . (:

  239. Hi! i would love to be an actress on disney channel! its always been my dream to be an actress, especially on disney channel. i am 13 years old and i am very hard working. i always do my best at acting, and i dont have a hard time making the situation real. i dont goof around and i am very concentrated when i act. i am also a good dancer and singer, and can do anything i put my mind to. pease consider and thanks so much!

    Jennifer Horvat

  240. Hi! I’m Kora. I love Disney Channel! I love watching all the shows and looking up to the Disney Channel Stars! I would love to be apart of Disney Channel! My mom and all of my friends say that I would be great! I also love singing! Singing is the way I can express my feelings. Everyone says I have a beautiful voice. I do drama plays at school and hope to have a chance at Disney Channel! I am 10 years old and turning 11 in 2 weeks! Thank-you sooooooo much for taking your time by reading this message.
    Bye!!!!!!!!! :)

  241. I am 14 years old and I would love to be considered for a role on the Disney Channel. I love acting and have had a huge passion for it my whole life. Over the last few years I have focused on athletics abut now have realized I want to pursue my dream of acting also. I am a naturally driven person who gives a 100% in everything I do. Also, I would like to be a part of a Disney show becuase of the good message it gives to it’s viewers.

  242. Hi! They call me Regina, and I’m 13 years young, but I could pass for 12 (maybe 11). I’ve heard that with acting, you have to love it more than anything and be passionate. You have to be willing to work hard and cooperate with others. To use constructive criticism and to respect anyone and everyone. For me, all apply. If you want to know more about me, you know what to do.
    Thank you for your time!

  243. Hay I’m markell I love diseny channel I should get to be on it because I have acting exsperiance. I never turn eny thing down I always try at 100% and I like to take pictures. I took 38 pics to put a perfect one on here plz I’m like the most awesome kid ever plz pic me ill never let you down wen your my acting agent √

  244. I’ve been a huge fan of Disney Channel since I was young! I am out-going, friendly and I am quite considerate of other. I’ve recently turned 18 but I’ve always had a passion for entertaining young kids and teens! I am Hispanic, speak fluent Japanese and I love Fashion! I’ve done a lot of community work for my city, acted in my school’s dramas and musicals and I’ve just always found it to be so much fun! I am the eldest of four, with only our mom providing and I think this would be a huge opportunity to show everyone what I got! This would be such a huge blessing for me, and my family! Thanks!

  245. I am almost 14 years old, and I have been acting, singing, and dancing since pre – school. I have a lot of experience, such as voice lessons, I also take Tap and Jazz, and have been in many preformances and shows. One show I was in was High School Musical 2, and I was Sharpay Evans. I work hard at everything I do, and I know I have what it takes to be on a Disney Channel Show. I love acting, singing, and dancing. It would be a dream come true to get a part. Please consider me. You won’t regret it. Thank you. -Jackie

  246. Hi, My name is Alice. I’m thirteen and I have always wanted to be an actress! This would be a great opertunity, everytime i’m with my cousin’s we put on little play’s or musicals. I would love love love this! I’ve been saying since I was around the age of four I wanted to be an actress well when I was that little I said “I wanna be famous!!!”. Thanks for the time!

  247. i have been a big fan of disney channel i am 11 and of course still watch disney channel i want to start my acting carer i have experence i been in a lot of plays ever since i was in pre school i am trying to get in my 6 th grade drama club i am amost in and i love to act i can even fake cry on the spot

  248. I Think I Should Be On Disney Channel Because I’m An Amazing Singer I Practice 24/7 And I’m Very Good At Acting I Always Practice And I’m 11 But I Look Like I’m 13 (: And I LOVE Disney Channel ! P.s one day i WILL be famous :D

  249. heyyy people! my name is ben, lol obviously. and i love acting more than anything, i’ve been acting for more than 5 years going to every class i could find, working so hard to achieve my goal, i’ve auditioned for agents, been in plays, some home made films, i LOVE acting so much, disney channel is the center of acting and singing beauty, i would love the honor of being able to audition for one of their amazing pilots, i am 100% capable of this and would never in a million years let them down :].

  250. Oh and I’m 5’2 or 3 and I’m 14 and a few days ago someone asked I’d I was 12 it was emmbarraing and funny and I oddly enough get called Asian a lot but I’m not I mean in my opinion!:)

  251. Well I’m really good with music I can play piano gutair clarinet trumpt and flute I taught myself how to play all of them but I’m in band so I have had extra help!I love to sing and comedy acting is what I’m really looking for! My friends all laugh at me and moat of the time I dot try!! Im supposedly accident prone so that makes matter for funny for them and more painful and emmbarsing for me! Haha anyways I love to sing and dance and be funny i taken drama or muscial for 2 years now and I’m working on my 3rd play In highschool!! Thanks much!!:)

  252. Hi! Im 15 and have been acting ever since I was a little kid I remeber I would always put on shows with my friends and invite my friends parents over. I am passionate and serious about Acting and want to pursue this career! I am also a singer and dancer. I can look younger and Im the Disney channel type of person, fun, kind, smart, driven, good example, and finds life is a gift. I would love an audition it means alot, Thanks!!

  253. Hi I am from Houston Texas and I know that this is my opportunity to work in what i love the most acting. Please give me a chance and I will show that I am the person that you looking for please thank you.

  254. Hey, my name’s Bree and I adore acting and love singing and dancing even more! I just want to be some one like Selena Gomez who people look up to and can relate to and will NEVER forget! I really just want to be able to live out my dream and I hope you can help me out with that! Bye!

  255. It is my dream to be on the Disney Channel. Entertaining people is my life and always has been. This is what I was born to do. It makes me happy, as well as others. I reside in an area with little opportunity so I take every chance that I get to make people smile. I am loved in my small community of 3,000 people and would love the opportunity to make the whole world smile and fall in love with me. PLEASE PICK ME! Thank you, :)Ethan

  256. People have told me I’m gifted in acting and have the look to be a model, and I really enjoy acting, but the problem is I do not have a lot of experience or a resume. Do I need a resume for this audition?

  257. “Blah Blah Blah” Most people are saying there meant to do this…but I know I am> I’m 13 about turn 14 and I have been asked to many things such as Modeling and Acting! But, the thing is I didn’t think I was ready until now! I know many people can qualify for this great offer, but I know I can today this! I have being going though tough times, but those tough times are over! I want be girl that always happy! If pick me you won’t regret it!I also want to be the first Sri Lankan ever be on Disney Channel… I want make history! That’s always in my memo!
    Thanks , Janadhi Seneviratne

  258. Hey! My name is Nicole, I’m 17 years old, and I have always wanted to get into acting. I have always dreamed of seeing myself on the Disney Channel ever since I was 7. I also do modeling and I love it! I am a very social, friendly, and funny person. Everyone ALWAYS tells me that I am such a character and I should be on television just based on my natural personality. I am not a shy person at all and I would get along with everyone just fine. :) I am a reliable person and I would feel absolutely honored to be on Disney.
    Thank you so much, Nicole.

  259. Hi! I love to act. I went through John Casablancas when I was in High School. When I went there I took classes for modeling and acting, but acting is what I love to do. I have been trying so hard to get into the acting bussiness. I am a hard worker and I can learn fast. Thank you!

  260. Hey y’all!!! I am very serious about acting it’s something I have been doing since i was two years old!!! I have learned from the best of the best. Like Alyson Stoner, Adrian R’mante, Cameron Goodman, Matthew Timmons, Phil Lewis, Cassie Cassoro, Tanya Chislom, and Chester See. I would love to be on anything or play any part. I am thankful with whatever I get. I know it’s a blessing just to be here today.
    Thanks, Marlena

  261. i know i should be in disney because im very good i do acting classes in school and i am very very good

  262. i love to act and would love any opertonity to do so i am 12 yrs old and am short and a tad big but can look as young as ten id love to be on a tv show especaly widers of waverly place becuse that is my favorite show or id like to be a voice over as long as i can act i hope you consider me

  263. hi my name is ally im 11 yrs old im a big fan of disney and allways wanted to be on disney i am very talented. i know how to sing,act, and dance i hope to get on disney

  264. Hey ive been trying so hard to get an acting job, it’s always been a dream of mine because i’m just 12 and to see China Anne MCclian up my age is really cool. ive been in modling before but i really didn’t like it. All of my friends & family think such a drama queen and funny. Thanks Disney Channel !Love Ya’ll

  265. Hi my name is Alanna Crossley and i am 18 years old i have wanted to act since i was about 12, i was in miss pretty little face when i was about 4 years old and i one first place :), i was in the program of NIJAH (IMTA) for about a year i went out for Acting, i rrecently decided i wanted to do Modeling because i just love being in the spotlight and i love to sing also, what made me sing up for this audition is i love the show “Wizardy’s of Waverly Place” i love Alex and Harper and i would love to be on there show i have taken about two years of dining lessons at teh program PTW I was in 2 of my school plays “West Side Story” and “The Cat In The Hat” and i sang in a performance at PTW. I just really want this and i will be and work 100% at the job or task you give me. :)

  266. hi my name is kasjah speight and my sister here is kiyah speight i think we should be on disney because it has been our dream i am 11 yrs. old and my sister is 9 this has been our drean for a while the funny part about is my sister always pull scripts form the actors and use them on my mom.any way we have been researching for the last 3 weeks to be on here i was researching and i found this web site and i was reading the information an i thought this this site was really going to be the one.im so serious about this that out of the blue i told my mom that if i got auditions for disney would she take me all the way to holly wood for auditions and she said yes. let me tell you a little about our talents we can both sing and dance and every body tell us that we are very cute girls and we are very talnted blessed and adorable hope yall post us up for futher updates

  267. My daughter is 9 and is the size of some 6 years old. She is Asian and Caucasian. Absolutely loves the Disney programs. And would love an opportunity to audition. She is with a modeling agency and has been in different plays

  268. Hi well im not gonna lie ive never acted in public before but i think it would be a great opportunity i love singin its one of the things that i will never give up in and well like every other person on here i would like a chance too.

  269. Hi well im not gonna lie ive never acted in public before but i think it would be a great opportunity i love singin its one of the things that i will never gove up

  270. I am twelve years old and I know that I have the right stuff to be on Disney Channel. I can act and sing. I have been in several school plays and acting camps already, and was the lead a number of times. I live in Dearborn, Michigan, right outside of Detroit. I have been searching forever to find casting calls for a girl my age, but have never been able to until now. I would be absolutely honored if I were to be allowed to audition for Disney Channel. Thanks so much, Sarah.

  271. My son, Ki Harrell, told me (his Mom) and his Father, that he wants to become an Actor, Like Will Smith. He destines his acting after Will Smith because he never cursed nor showed bad scenes to become a famous Actor. We told him, “Son, you can do anything you set your mind to do”.

  272. Hello,i am a aspiring model, but acting is my dream!I will be so happy to be a actress for Disney Channel I am also a really great dancer and open to other areas of work!PLEASE CONTACT ME,YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT HONESTLY!

  273. I think I should be considered for the Disney Channel- Tv Pilots Audition because It is my dream to be on Disney Channel. I have always wanted to act! I am always trying to find plays to be in or opportunity’s like this. I would also love to model. It is so much fun. You don’t know how much I want this. I hope for a call. Thank You!

  274. My name is Juaniqua and i am 21 years old and all my life i knew what my mission on earth was to do. It is become a member of the entertainment industry and inspire young people, that right way of life. I feel like me having the opportunity to act will get my voice heard and let it be known to the young adults that no matter what you been through or what your going through, you can make it out just by doing what is right for yourself. I am a natural actor and i know this is what i want and i can succeed at everything i do.

  275. I am a single mom of a 10 year okd girl. We watch all the disney shows together! Every time “good luck charlie” comes on i tell my daughter, I would be awesome for the mom parts! I love thses shows and i act just like them so it would be verybsimple to do. I love laughing, children and having fun while teaching lessons! My daughter is an exceptional singer also.

  276. I was born Theatrical! All I have ever wanted to do is act. I have been in theatre since 7th grade (now in 11th). I have taken a couple of different acting classes. I started singing in church (solos) at the age of 3. I have been in numerous school plays. Most recently, I played JoJo (8 yr. old boy) in the musical Suessical and was nominated for a Tommy Tune award for best supporting actress. I have watched the Disney Channel since I was small and still do. I would to have the opportunity to audition for anything Disney!!!

  277. I have always wanted to be an actress and im ready to start persuing my dream. I want to be on Disney channel because i can bring my different personalities to Disney channel and bring something different to the shows. I am Native American and i havent seen any Native Americans represented on Disney, I would love to be the first one to represent that. I would love to make my family proud and prove to people that dreams come true. I can read scripts, take pictures, i love to act and i would like to do voice overs. I know Disney can give me the opportunity to live my dream!
    Thank you! hope to hear from you soon!

  278. My daughter is very energetic and fun. She has always been inspired to be on television, if given the opportunity.

  279. My daughter has an energetic and fun personality. Very adorable and is inspired to be on television, if given the opportunity.

  280. i love to sing. I sing almost everywhere.You shold pick me ,because i love disney channel.I have watched every episode on disney channel.Also my whole family has been surportive of my singing and acting dream. please make my dream come true.Lastly i am young and funny,i am the class clown of my class.I look 11 years old.Bye i hope you pick me. : )

  281. Hello!
    I’m a 13 years old,girl from Italy,I know it can seems strange,but my dream is to be an actress, a FAMOUS actess,and I don’t want to be it in Italy. I can speak english and I’m going to work 24h a day if they ask me,so plz give me a chance,it would be so much for me!
    I’ve studied dance since from 8 years,I can sing and act!

  282. My daughter has always dreamed of becoming part of the Disney Channel family, she is so full of life and willing to learn all new things, she’s been in dance class since kinder and is great at singing, but most of all she is a pro at acting. She knows how to speak two languages and knows how to use them in her talent. I think she could be the next Selena Gomez or Raven with her talent.

  283. I should be considered to audition because I’m NOT shy. I’m a very good actor. I’m funny, I can act funny. I always wanted to be on Disney channel! Its my dream to be an actor on Disney channel.

  284. Hair-Black

    My name is Cody Lee Hester. The main reason I want this so bad is, for my new family that I have just started. I have a beautiful little baby boy named Landon Lee and amazing wife too. I was in theatre in high school. I look like I’m 17 to most people, but I’ll actually am going to be 20 in December this year. I really hope to hear back. Thank you.

  285. I know I’m going to love to be in disney channel auditions because its going to be a totally new experiance that I would love. If i got picked I would be so happy

  286. I consider myself a ticking timebomb. I am young, beautiful, and passionate about modeling and acting! I’ve been watching the disney channel for years and I fit the quota! I am also amazing at voice acting! I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY AUDITION!

  287. For a long time I had been looking for something like this, i always wanted too be an actor since age 11 and now im 15, i can read fast and write. i always study,
    I love disney channel, im super nice and so funny, if you give me a chance i will show disneychannel what i have in store for them. I really need to start my acting and modeling career. You wont be dissapointed in this, ive been in a lot of church plays did really good, i can be serious and i personally think i would be a great addition onto Disney Channel. So Please would you give me a chance too start my awesome career!!!

  288. Acting is something i have always wanted to do, its my passion. I love singing,dancing, and modeling. Im 13 and it has been my dream to be on disney channel or a dance show! I got the chance in July 2011 to dance on stage with Roshon Fegan from Shake it Up and that was when i knew i really wanted to be on tv more than anything in the world. Im very outgoing and athletic. I do dance, basketball, soccer and gymnastics. I have gone to talent agents and gone to play casting calls. I love participating in my schools drama club and i also have done communication arts that helps me on my acting for many years, as you can see i am very interested in doing something like this. Thank you very much. I’d like to hear back. -Erika Brikho

  289. Watch my utube video Helena Albert singing popular. It is my dream to be a part of the Disney Channel.

  290. Acting and singing are my passions. If I get this, my life will finally be great. I love making people laugh and there is nothing else I would be rather doing. Acting chose me and I want to stick with it!

  291. My name is Deborah im a very fun person my friends like to call me Irah Jones cause they say that i have so much joy and laughter that it cant b just one person.I have been a fan of the Disney Channel every since i could remember and i would love to work wit you all

  292. The reason why I should be considered for the audition is because I have an unique energy and personality. Even if I don’t make te cut I’ll still be in good sprits. I always wanted to be on disney channel since I seen That’s So Raven, Even Stevens, Lizzie Mcguire, Kim Possible, The Proud Family, and Smart Guy. Thank You so much

  293. I have always wanted to be on Disney. I’ve noticed all the changes made to Disney in the recent years and I personally miss the old shows. But being on Disney would be the chance of a lifetime. Here in Louisiana where I live, I’m not provided with many chances to showcase my acting. This is exactly what I need to get out of this small town and do something big!!!

  294. Hey, let me not waste time for what you probably heard a lot of times. I grew up watching disney channel. Been acting since I was 8 singing and dancing since I was 6. I am dedicated to acting and singing. Been told by many people that I’m a triple threat. Thanks for reading.

  295. I have been wanting to act my whole life, so much to the point I’m ready for rejection and anything else that comes with it to make it to the top. I am a good actor and should be considered

  296. I have been a fan of Disney Channel. My favorite show was Kim Possible! I loved the episode when shego and kim had emotion chips in the back of there necks.I’ve been a fan of Disney Channel since I was young.I wanted to be an actress ever since.I’m 12 years old and I really want to act and surprise my mom! Please consider me.

    ~Gabrielle Perez

  297. I am biracial just like the president and so many other children here in the US
    And around the world.I would be a great role model for all.

  298. Hi my name is christian overton I am a great person I am bring life to evrything that I do I am a hard woker I stay true to what I do and I always stay commited I believe that I am the best person who can bring difference style to what ever I am doing I hope you see the talent me and wont to work with me

  299. Hello, I’m thirteen and I would LOVE to be a TV pilot for Disney! I have blonde hair green eyes and I’m 5’6! :D Have a nice day! Hope to hear from you (:

  300. Hi, my name is Jarahn Cosby. I am 13 years old, and I am very interested in acting and singing. I currently participate in different musical therte shows in New York when I can, however I have always felt as if I could do more. In these shows that I do I am usually either the lead role or a main character. I also do a lot of singing. I have been singing since I was 5 years old in school and for different theatre shows. I would really like to be able to audition for a Disney Channel show. I am very outgoing and I work very well with others. I also have no problem with making friends very quickly. I hope that I have a chance to audition for the people of Disney Channel. Please E-mail if you would like me to send you my acting resume. Thank You very much for the oppurtunity.

  301. I really want to say one day that I started my career on Disney Channel.. I love to act, dance, and sing. I can do all three and I would love to be considered for an audition with Disney!!.. Thank you..

  302. hii my name is tim salami i live in newy york and i love to sing act dance and am very funny i have i am a fun out going therteen year old boy who is 95 pounds black hair athleetic i pklay bastetball and base ball i would love to act on disney but i dont pretend to be someone else to get me notice i be myself and just have fun and thats all that matters

  303. I really love acting and singing.It has always been my dream to be on a show like so random are zeke and luther.I see all the good tale that come from disney chanel,people like miley cyrus and soo on.I would be soo grateful if you guys pick me. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  304. My name is Victoria McClymonds, but I go by Tori. I live in Phoenix, AZ, I am 16 years old, 5’4” and 110lbs. This would be an amazing acting opportunity for me, I have wanted to act in front of an audience since i was little. I love to perform and dance, I have performed since I was 3. Also in a recent talent Expo I placed in the top 15, for dancing, out of roughly 400 contestants. Most my friends say I am outgoing and energetic, but I can be serious too.I am a quick learner and I love to act! I am currently doing my first year of online high school, which allows me to be more available than most students. . Thank you for your time, looking forward to hearing from you!
    -Tori McClymonds

  305. I think my daughter should be considered for the Disney Channel because she is such a character! Every where we go she draws attention. She loves to act and sing. Hailey watches Disney faithfully. She stands in front of the TV and sings and dances along. She is small for her age but has a huge personality.

  306. I think i would be great to be in a Disney channel show because, i have stupendous memorization skills, i would work good with the director and all of the other cast mates, i can play the role of a character extremely convincing. i have been given a amazing talent which i would love to use by acting on Disney Channel.thank you for taking your time to read this and i hope you take me into consideration. : )

  307. I know I should be on disneychannel because I have a passion for acting. I’ve been acting since I was a little girl i’m only 12 years old put many people think that i’m 14 years old. To me it’s surprising . I have been in many school plays so I think I have some experience of acting. I don’t have to prove my self to anyone because I know I can act. It would be a great thing to act so I could live my dream and what I always wanted to be. Give me a script learn my lines and i’ll show you what I can do. That’s how much confident I have! Please and Thank You!

  308. I have always had the love and passion for music and acting. I have been told that I am very blessed to have the raw talent for both and would love the opportunity to work and grow with such an awesome company, in turn reep the benefits for both the company and myself. I believe I would be an asset to the Disney family because of my dedication and hard work.

  309. Why should a cool kid like me be choosen you ask?
    I’ll tell you . Hold on to your socks for this one!
    Hello.Hello Disney channel! It is my dream to work with great people from here! I would love for my dream to come true in order to help my family. I am only 10 yrs young but so responsible and motivated to help. I am funny, what can i say cute ahah, and a dreamer. I really love to act and meet new people. So please consider me and i would not let you down

  310. Hi i am Lawrenda Williams and i am 13 years old. I think i should be a part of disney channel because i am caring, smart, and i have a positive attitude ! I know how to work with people and animals . If yall pick me you will never regret it ! and thats a promis !!!! I LOVE DISNEY !! <3 ;)

  311. I am open and willing to play any role given. I am 18 yrs old but look 16 or so. I’m just beginning to act but I’m great at it! No regrets made. Thank you for your time.

  312. Hi :)!!! I should be on a DisneyChannel show because… I love disneychannel!!! I can sing a little and i’m a good actor. I haven’t done like anything on t.v before, but I’ve been in the drama club and choir since the 2nd grade. I’v been watching disneychannel since brandy and mr. whiskers, thats so raven, the emperors new school, etc. PLEASE pick me I will show 110%. I’m only 12 but I look 14, maybe even 15 years old. This would be a wonderful opportunity for me.
    :)EMANI INFO :)
    Height: 5′ 3″ Im African American. Im 12, and I’m in the 7th grade. I may skip 8th and go to 9th grade. DisneyChannel always and forever :) . PLEASE pick me you wont be disappointed.

  313. Hi I love everything about Disney and It’s my dream to be on one of the shows I can sing,dance and act I am in the drama club at my school and acting at the New Venture Theatre for free and I also attend the Baton Rouge music studio school. Some people say I look like Rocky on Shake It Up. Dreams do come I hope mine does.:-)

  314. Hi I love everything about Disney and I want to be on one of the shows I can sing,dance and act I’m in the drama club at my school and acting at the New Venture Theatre and I also attend the Baton Rouge music studio school. Some people say I look like Rocky on Shake It Up.

  315. Alaina is a huge Disney fan and an excellent dancer. We recently visited DisneyWorld HollyWood Studios and saw the dancers out in the main court and Alaina was keeping right up with all of their moves! She recently attended an Seattle area outdoor concert and was dancing along with the music and received applause from several total strangers. She has been practicng with JustDance WII games for months and won the high score at her school’s dance competition. Alaina has also joined the drama club at her middle school this fall and can memorize her lines quickly and deliver them enthusiatically.

    Alaina is full of energry, and is a bright and lively spirit who captures peoples attention. She would love to have the opportunity to audition. Thanks!

  316. i am really ready to be on disney channel i love it and i would like to be on it bacause im a good actor and singer

  317. My name is Celina Ashley i am 16 years old but can look older or younger for my age, i am mexican/chilean but with light brown hair and blue/grey eyes. i Play 7 instruments and sing, i also have been acting since i was very young i think i would be perfect for disney because i love comedy and i have what it takes to make it(:

  318. My names Celina Ashley i am 16 years of age, i have been studying theater for four years now, i can play instruments and i can sing. i have written my own music. and i have been in one commerecial, i should be considered for this because i am hardworking, i learn my lines easily, and all i ever wanted to do was act.

  319. Umm I Don’t Know What’s Wrong With My Computer But I Won’t Let Me Send You A Picture But Any Ways You Can Go On Facebook And Look At Pictures Of Me On It Just Put jaraye11@gmail.com on search. Hope You Choose Me!

  320. Hey my name is Destiny and im from Tennesse. Yep im a southern girl! Im 12 years old but most people say i look more 13 or 14. Im about average height for my age. I have blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Im sorta naturally tan. I think i would be great to star in a new film. I dont have much experience, except for school theater, but hey…everyone has to start somewhere. And im choosing now! You can call or text me anytime at 1-865-321-7357. Or email me at destinybuchman@live.com. Thanks y’all!

  321. well, first of all I just want to tell that i’m not from the US, so i hope that isn’t a problem? I talk english very good! Every since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to be an actress. especially on disney. That’s what I really burn for, and absolutely can live for. I love play others, and meet new people. I feel that I’m the perfect girl for this. Hope you take contact. If there’s more you like to know, just ask. And yes, I’ve forgot to tell. I’m a fifteen years old norwegian girl. Have brown hair, and blue eyes.

  322. I think I should be on disneychannel because i promised my sister I would some day and I dont want to break her heart so please I want to impress her.

  323. Hi!
    I really want to be a role model for “young kids” and learn them to love themselfs like Selena Gomez did to me. She have learned me so much, and she’s my biggest inspiration, and so has Demi Lovato. I’ve always watched all these shows and said “That is me someday.” and everybody has just laughed. I really wanna do this – and also show every one that dreams do come true. My photo that i send wasn’t so good, but i can send you more if you want to. I live in Sweden tho, so send a email for a phone number. But if I get this audition i’ll come to the USA. My biggest dream is to do this, never say never.

  324. i would love to be considered for a pilot on the Disney channel because even though i have lived most of my life in England i can with a bit of practice do an american accent if needed,i can also sing dance and act and taught myself the piano so i can play a musical instrument and i think it would be nice to have a different accent instead of the usual american,to add a bit of variety to the company and relate to other children.

  325. I love acting and I think that going on Disney Channel would be a great opportunity to show my talent.

  326. i think i should be considered for the disney channel tv pilots audition because my dream is to become an actress and exspecially for disney channel and thats pretty much all i watch :)
    this has been dream for a long time and i even gave up my scholarship for basketball for this and i always believe that you can be anything you want to be by having a positive attitude, a hardworker and a good getter meaning nothing should ever stop you for accomplish your dream beacuse the sky is the limit

  327. i think i should be considered for the disney channel tv pilots audition because my dream is to become an actress and exspecially for disney channel and thats pretty much all i watch :)
    this has been dream for a long time and i even gave up my scholarship for basketball for this and i always believe that you can be anything you want to be by having a positive attitude, a hardworker and a good getter meaning nothing should ever stop you for accomplish your dream beacuse the sky is the limit


  328. I am an 18 year old African American, and I am looking to jump start my acting career. I know that Disney has brought up so many young and talented actors, I also believe I can be one of them, and this could be my big break. I am told that I’m a natural in front of a camera, I am the entertainer around my friends and family. I love to have a good time, I’m spontanious and outgoing. Thank you for this oppertunity and have a wonderful day.

  329. i should be considered in this because disney channel shows have always captured my attention , and there very fun to watch specially the teen sitcoms ,like “so random” , these shows always make someone laugh and i like making people laugh

  330. Hi, My name is Sydney I am 11 and I figure skate I have been for 6 years and have won 6 golds, 1 bronze, 1 third. I am working On my full Jumps and some really cool Spins! I would really like to become famous one day and I want to be on Disney Channel. I have proformed in my school talent show and sang I do take vocal lessons and I have competied in Skating and have done our local Ice shows. Thanks

  331. Because when i was six i started getting my self interest in acting escuse me fisrt my name is Naima im born in New York my parents are born in niamey,Niger one of the poorest country in the world so as i said i love acting at school when they organize school plays i always have a part so i am always on internet triying to find a role but they never have good thing but you guys really do have good roles and it will be one of the greatest thing in my life because my mum is in Haiti and my dad is in Niamey so i see my mum every two months and acting is my only friend my dad always travel are at work my sisters and brother are in USA so IT WILL BE GREAAAATTT IF i could you know have a role really thank you

  332. hi, my name is alessandra and i’m actually italian, i live in genoa. i send this message because i love acting, although i never actully followed an acting school and i love speaking english… i can also speek german well. i searched on the internet for an audition in italy, but i figured that if i could have done it in the u.s.a. i would have been the happiest person ever. i also love selena gomez and i’d like to meet her and everyone else there. i’m 13 and i would be very happy to get an answer to this message. thanks, love the work you did with disneychannel. <3

  333. My daughters is very talented and loves to perform.She loves performing in talent show she can dance,rap,write beautiful poems..im asking that you please consider her as a choice… thanks!!

  334. My daughter been asking to be on Disney Chanel… Now I think is the time for her try something new she is really out going love to sing,act,take pictures, knows how to read. and try some voice over lessons I think Disney give that opportunity to that.

  335. Its my dream, acting is what i want to do as my career..and make my family proud. i would love to be part of the disney channel …my dream is also to help my mom with my brothers since she has raised us all by her self. my mom’s been through alot and i want to superise her. i know i have what it takes because i believe in myself. thank you so very much hope to hear from you really soon. -leonor bishop

  336. I am very diverse. I am an overall entertainer. I dance, model, act, and sing- the perfect combination for working for Disney! I looking for the right opportunity to break into the entertainment business and I feel this will do it!

  337. I recently submitted my information, I’m just telling you why I think I should be considered for Disney Channel. Well, where do I begin… Ha ha, I’m eighteen and I have been trying to get into the acting business for nine years now. I live in San Antonio, Texas but I’m from Huntington Beach, California. I remember when I was little walking downtown, talent scouts would come up to me ALL the time. And I always received a call back. But the thing was, my mom couldn’t afford the acting school that was apparently required. But I’m been working so hard to try to get on T.V. and I know whether or not this opportunity happens, I WILL make it big. Acting is the only thing I am TRULY capable of doing. Everyone asks me, so do you have any talents? And all I can respond with is, well I’m an Actress. I would do anything to become considered. I’m Sorry if I’m typing too much, I’m just extremely passionate about acting. I hope to hear from you all! :)

  338. I’ve been a fan of Disney Channel since I was a little girl. I am a teenager perusing a career in acting and would love the opportunity to audition for one of the shows!

  339. I should be considered for a Disney Channel – TV Piolts Adution, because I am very nice, considerate, and fun to work with. Please consider me for a Disney Channel- TV Pilots Adution.

  340. Hello, XhaKoriyah has lots of acting training. She attended Youact in Decatur Georgia and has also done lots of training with Alpha Tyler (Tyler Perry Casting Director) She is currently represented by Babes N Beaus in Atlanta Georgia. You can find her portfolio on Now Casting. com and also Actors Access where you will find copies of her Commercial and her Voice over

    • Im octavia, im 12 years old. I know i have what it takes. I can cry on cue. I can act all doffrent moods. I am one of the mist talented girls u will ever meet. I can act, sing, dance, and write. If u give me a chance i can show you that i have actingg skills and writing skills. Please contact me! I would love to audition and also show u a new tv show im writing. Please Please Please! I am a very talented kid! I can do all kinds of things! Please this is my biggest dream I am going to school when im older to be an actress. Please give me a chance i dknt kniw if i can afford acting school. I love acting please give me a chance! I live Disney Cahnnel and acting and writing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! GIVE ME A CHANCE! I KNOW I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES GIVE ME A CHANCE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I CAN ACT SING DANCE AND ALL KINDS OF THINGS IF U LET ME AUDITION YOU WONT REGRET IT JUST EMAIL ME AT: ducktapetav@gmail.com

  341. I’m one of your biggest fan’s, my name is Katarina H. McKnight and I’m 15 1/2 years old. I’ve been watching the Disney Channel, since I was a toddler, I’ve grew up watching Lizzy McGuire, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, That’s So Raven, etc. I would love to have an opportunity to be an extra in one of your shows.

  342. i would like to be on because my family say I’m a great actor and I want to be like China Anne Mcclain.

  343. hello my name is Brenda, I have 14 years of age I am Mexican and my native language is Spanish but I can also speak the English, I started from scratch, to 5 model years to promote clothing, singing, writing and performing household work will take several years I love the ballet dancing, I’ve written some songs, I have some kinds of electric and acoustic guitars, graphic design, and I’m sure you have the ability to be like those young Disney Channel, I’ve been excited and hoping to get paper for any commercial or serial’m very interested in everything and I’d like to consider, believe me I love disney has been my main isnpiracion ask a child and a chance to prove I have it is really what I do is very valuable I’m willing to give everything for a chance to audition on disney I assure you will not regret I expect an answer please. thanks!

  344. I am a 12 year old girl that looks as old as 13 to 15 I have taken many acting classes and camps since I was little and have been in a couple church plays and got offered a role at the Clarkston Village Theatre as Cleopatra. I will also be in my school play this upcoming year. I am best at roles of a character in modern time and usually when I put on plays with my friends my characters are a bit loopy. I can also play a shy and quiet character. Outside of the acting world I play the violin and am in hip hop at American Dance Academy

  345. Hola,Disney Channel gracias por recibir mi solicitud, puedo cantar en ingles y en español, puedo aprenderme el guion y tambien la coreografia.
    si me dan una oportunidad no los voy a decepcionar. ah a los dos numeros quitales los dos primeros numeros
    soy de Lima,peru .

    • Hi,I’m Dilki.I have tan skin,copper brown short hair,black eyes.I live in Sri Lanka.I love acting.I have experience.I really love so please consider giving me an opportunity.If yu do the please email me
      Please consider me.I hope I won’t let you down if you do.Because there’s nothing more than acting I’ve ever wanted to do.

  346. I think I should be considered for a Disney show, because I enjoy making people laugh, acting, singing, dancing(badly), and I love to be a fun person to be around. I have always dreamed of being famous and it is something I hope to fulfill soon.

    • I think I should be a actor on Disney channel because I love to make people laugh. I am a competitive dancer. I love to dance. I haven’t token any acting classes yet but I might to drama Next year in 7th grade. I don’t have that good of a memory but I have been trying to get my memory better. I am not shy at all. Sometimes I am but it’s rare to get shy for me. I am 11 and I am very tall so I look like 13. I have been wanting to be an actor for as long as I can remember. I am a big fan of Disney!

    • when do we get a reply, I am 11 years old and i have loved singing and acting since I was 4 years old I am pretty good at both

    • I would love to be on Disney channel I love acting and I love Disney. To be rich and famous doing what I love is my dream. Acting is fun and I love to be creative with it I love singing and being the one that makes people happy acting is, will be, and always has been my dream

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