Detroit Auto Show Casting Actors and Models

Casting directors are seeking talent to work on a video production for an auto show in Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday, October 17th and Wednesday, October 18th. This is a tremendous opportunity to work a professional event.  You will meet people that need models for other events, so your impressions will go a long way. Producers are seeking people to play cooks, rock climbers, kayakers and all types of models for hosting the event.


The North American International Auto Show is an annual auto show held in Detroit at Cobo Center.  It takes place in January, and it is the largest auto show in North America.  It has been held in Detroit since 1907! The show begins with press preview days, industry preview days, and a charity preview event.  After that, the full show begins.  As a model, you will be working one of the preview days with a chance to work the actually Auto Show date if you do a great job. Models must be energetic, articulate, and approachable.  Staff must be able to effectively meet daily sample and sales goals, sustain physical activity, and stay on their feet for up to five hours a day. Duties may require standing, bending, and lifting.


This is an open casting call, meaning anyone is invited to attend auditions.  During an open call, you will be required to recite specific lines if the role calls for it.  Casting directors will also take photos of you if you fill the role.

This is a great opportunity for you to be an ambassador during an important professional event.  You will gain experience not only in modeling, but advertising and marketing.  You will learn how to promote a promote to different groups of people with looks and persuasion.  You’ll also meet industry professionals that will hook you up with future gigs based on the impressions that you leave.  Make sure to give your all during the auditions and especially during the real deal!

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