Comedy Central Workaholics Holds Auditions

Comedy Central Workaholics Auditions
TV Show Workaholics Holding Auditions for New Talent.
Comedy Central Workaholics Auditions
TV Show Workaholics Holding Auditions for New Talent.

The popular Comedy Central series “Workaholics” is holding auditions for an upcoming episode of Season 3. After two successful seasons on the network, the situational comedy sitcom drives the network in its successful rating. “Workaholics” stars actors such as Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, and Anders Holm who play three recent college grads. They all work at a telemarketing company after college in California. It is definitely a comedy about slacking off at work, ironic to its title of the series.

The three main characters share a house together and work together and deal with the everyday adulthood topics of their lives. The series is driven by its actors and a brilliant script produced by three friends who were caught on YouTube with their show and were picked up by Comedy Central back in 2011. After the successful run, the network decided to pick it up for yet another season. Some of the recently actors in the series include Maribeth Monroe, Jillian Bell, and Kyle Newacheck.

While season 3 is scheduled to premiere end of May this year, casting directors are still searching for some roles to fill in the upcoming episodes, including one particular one. The popular sitcom stars the director of “Parks and Recreation” Anders Holm and Blake Anderson. If you are interested in being a part of this phenomenon on Comedy Central and possibly getting an audition with casting directors make sure to submit your information out immediately. Get a professional headshot completed and make sure your information is filled out correctly. All talent considered for any of the roles will be called in to auditions. Filming is scheduled for end of April. Best of luck!

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  1. Not much to say. I’m a diamond in the rough! I’m hilarious, ok? Always been – always will be. Been making em’ laugh since 1992 – no script necessary. It just comes all naturaalll. Better snag me quick!

  2. Hi,
    I’d be a great feisty office manager. I’m used to working in an office environment and would love to be part of the team.
    Kind regards, Jan

  3. I would love to be apart of this show. I’m 23 and relate wayyyyyyyy too much to these guys. This is my favorite show, and being apart of it in any way possible would be a dream come true. I love that these guys are the creators AND stars of the show. I always have the utmost respect for people that can do that. I don’t even want compensation, just meeting the guys and having something to add to my portfolio would vibe rewarding enough.

  4. I enjoy and appreciate this show immensely. I love the dynamic of all the characters. Great show, great acting and writing. Very “tight butthole.”
    Id love to be part of something like this one day.

    Hope to be picked!

  5. Im from boston and have some stand up/improv background. I didnt have a head shot so i put the only bill murray picture i had saved on here. The people with headshots reading this are so excited.

  6. I would love to be a part of this show. It’s amazing and I could add to the Amazingness! I’ve trained for 13 years as an actor on both classical and modern text. On Camera and on Stage. I need one chance to prove i’m amazing and I’d be honoured to start on your show

  7. Names Karan Mann, the show is awesome and just my type. I can keep up with the comedic flow the show portrays and can also input my own humor when needed. Have been told to try acting so here’s my go at it. Mid 20’s with a humorous personality, laid back and adventurous when the occassion calls for some fun.

    Spelling bee champ!

    The End

  8. Hello my name is Campbell McKim and I’m going to tell you why I should be on Workaholics…oh yeah and if it really means anything I’m a 17 year old high school senior standing at 5’10 and weighing in at 172lbs with a slightly muscular build. To be completely honest, I have absolutely no acting experience. But what I do have is the bright-minded, comedic, and spontaneous personality that this magical show embodies so well. A show like Workaholics calls for a specific kind of person. A person who has added many words to their alphabet such as “loose butthole” and “kiddens”. A person who understands what it means to YOLO once and takes it very sleazy. Basically what I’m trying to say here is that Workaholics exhibits a comedic level that a lot of people don’t understand, and that’s exactly what would make me a great fit for any role in this show. Oh, and I’m armed and I have AIDS so physical contact with anyone on the set might not be the best idea. Anyways, if you’re looking for someone who will successfully contribute to the beautifully immature comedy of Workaholics, I’m your guy.

  9. HEY… Look ova hea! RIGHT HEA!
    My name is Rob Lordi and I am the guy. LOL I enjoy making people laugh I am Italian and from NY so I believe I can make a nice addition to the show with my accent and what nots. I do numerous voices and can control all the emotions in a room. I love people I love a good time and I am a consistent hard worker.
    Thank you for taking the time to read.

  10. My name is Nathaniel Williams from North Little Rock, AR. I am a professional comedian looking for a break. Thanks in advance for the opportunity.

  11. Hi I live in Boulder Colorado and I would love to work on you show even as an extra anything you need. I’m a good actor and as well funny. I’m 18, 5’10” and can travel

  12. yo, whats up. who ever reads this is retarded . jk. Anyways, it would be dope if i could get the part of whatever it is you gays, guys**, need. im good at improvising. I’m a funny guy, i think. I feel im funny. I’m 5’8, 17 years old, hispanic, im tan, very. According to girls ive slept with i do not look 17 xD. i appear much older. Some teenagers wanted me to buy them alcohol because they thought i was 24 or some shit . and they kept insisting i was in my 20’s and wanted me to buy them alcohol. true story. im a young guy, i know, i have extreme confidence though, and my confidence drives me to do things most people wont. i am down for anything, if you tell me to do something ill do it. nothing gay though, like kiss a guy or something, im not homophobic or anything, if i have to do something gay, if the pay is well, ill do it, but, id rather not. … thats a joke, nothing gay. i can b a good actor, im done acts at school where ive acted like a meth head and it actually looked legit. i can make a fat woman voice, a gay guy, and a girl voice, suggest anything and ill try to make a voice for it. and i have a deep voice, deeper than yours probably. im an amateur yeah, but ill impress you guys.

  13. Hi, I am zoie. I am 18 years old and would love the opportunity to shoot in the new season of workaholics. I really love the show and all the actors on it and would love to be a part of it. Thank you for this opportunity.

  14. Conducting an independent study on whether the heads up penny I picked up out of my piggy bank this morning gets me an audition or not.

  15. Ayeeee-O,
    My name is Josh, I’m very much wanting a part as in extra or anything in this tv show. Anything sounds very tight-butthole too me. Im practicing writing stand up comedy and saving up my money for Second City!
    Joshua Little

  16. Hey there…
    I am the crazy bit part actor you are looking for. I am also a comedy writer as well. Please take the time to click on my funny or die page to check out my comedic chops.

    Thanks for your time,
    Ian Kennedy

  17. I love this show!!! I could only imagine what it would be like to be featured on it unless you guys give me that chance. I’m very professional and versatile so can play any role you guys throw at me. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. This casting call is so tight butt hole.

  18. My name is Steffanie Toth, I’m 21 years old, 5’4 124 lbs, natural brunette/fake red head with green eyes. Love the show! Sounds like an awesome opportunity! One could only hope :)

  19. The show is hilarious. I would love a call back and I just want an opportunity to get started in entertainment.

  20. Hello my name is Jordan, i am currently looking to furture my acting career to the next level. Im a reliable, dedicated, responsible, passionate, everything that is needed to be a big time actor person and i just need the opportunity to get my foot in the door. I am a take charge kinda guy that loves to learn, teach, and study to become the best! If and when i revieve opportunities, i NEVER let them go. I am willing to put in the work that is needed and to make sure everything is perfect! Im your guy pick me and you’ll never regret it!


  21. Age : 17
    height : 5’8
    eye color : hazel
    weight :140
    United states farmington hills, michigan 48331
    nationality: italian/german

    good looking, fit, great personality and great actor.

    Would love a chance to star in any of these productions!

  22. wild but laid back and chill dude 21 black right handed like two good pairs of pants slight acting experience would love a chance to be on tv so i don’t sit home eating cookie dough ice cream all day

  23. Never tried acting but I’m funny as shit and want to give it a try. I don’t know how to go about getting an audition but if your interested I registered my number or email me, and shit, if not “pull out of me”… Sy that statement as if u were Keanu reeves. BOOM

  24. Name : Jason Escoto
    Gender : Male
    Age : 14
    Hair : Black
    Eyes : Dark Brown
    Height : 5’5
    Sports & Hobbies:
    Boxing,Soccer,Swimming,Rollerblading,Skateboarding,Biking,Track,Video Games,Drawing,Exercise,Football,Basketball,Reading, Magic Trick,Beatboxing

    Hi My Name Is Jason Im 14 Years Old I Would Love To Have A Opportunity In The Up Coming Shows I Always Wanted To Be And Actor If You Guys Give Me An Opportunity You Guys Wont Be Disappointed I’m available whenever if you can just send me an e-mail.
    Thank you for your time.
    My Email :

  25. I AM CURIOUS TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE REALLY GET PULLED OUT OF THESE COMMENTS. :) I am K.O. I am a fitness model, comedic writer , bikini and print model, actress and vocalist. I am an avid watcher. Love this show.

    I watched all the behind the scenes footage on season two’s dvd and loved how you all birth your material. Of course the boring days were probably cut. But I want to be apart of this. Please email me if there is a chance I may audition.

    Kya Onassis.

  26. Clip from my co-star role on A&E’s “Longmire” with Katee Sackhoff:

    Also if you go to that imbd link you can see a giant picture of my face.

    Considering filming is scheduled for the end of April and it is the end of April…ehhhh- chances are slim, but i wanted to try.

  27. (I’m really good with military roles.)

    Hello there, my name is Erick
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 6 Ft″
    Weight: 154 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eye: Brown
    Body Type: Thin (GOOD LOOKING THIN ;) )
    Language Spoken: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Sign Language.

    My Facebook:

    -high school (graduating next year 2014)

    Talents and Hobbies:
    -Football (American) and Baseball
    -Airsoft (It’s like paintball but with plastic BB’s)
    -Rescuing animals
    and so much more.

    About Me:
    To start off, I’m a high school sophomore planning to go to college to study Veterinarian to help all animals in need. I’ve always been interested in acting because I find it astounding that one persons can be able to portray many different characters. I believe I have the talent to do this also, and would like the chance to prove it. I want to say that I’ve done great things with my life, that I had a chance and took it, and that nothing stood in my way from what I want. I can do this if given a shot. I believe in myself, I have confidence (which is something you really need in this business or you won’t get far), and I’m determined with what ever I do. I will get far in the world, I just need a shot. (:

    If you need any other photos just send me a email.

  28. Im an actress/model who likes to get weird! I love the show and would love to have a chance to audition.

    I’m 5’6, long auburn hair, slender/athletic build. I live near Austin, Tx.
    I’m very driven, dedicated, charming, and witty. I am good with improv and can be pretty creative. Would love love love this opportunity!

  29. I will love to be in the comedy show and show y acting to you guys and judge it by clearness and i will me happy to be in it and make all u guys proud thanks for ur time

  30. And yes. I love using the word love a little more than is strictly necessary. But when you know, you know. You know?

  31. The only thing I love more than getting off work is coming home and watching Workaholics. I’m currently an acting intern with Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, and I would love more than anything to further my career (and have a total blast) by snagging a role on this show.

  32. Hello, yes I am interested in this opportunity. I can play the trumpet and I had a solo once. I am a juggler. I’m a caring young lady. I love to learn how to do new things. I am a determined person. I’m an artist, and I love to solve the rubik’s cube. I’m in the process of learning guitar, how to diabolo, card flourishing, and how to use devil sticks. I also can do some magic tricks. I’ve always been that person who loved to get up in front of people. I love to try new things so much I just went sky diving the other day. I was even on a game show. I didn’t win but it was so much fun and a great experience. Acting is a way you can express yourself and have fun with it. That’s what I love to do. This would be a wonderful opportunity. I have unique talents, that do interest people, because not many people do them. I try my best at everything, and if you contacted me I promise you wont be disappointed. Thanks for this chance. =D

  33. Hello, My name is Brittany Braker. I’m an 18 year old, 5’2″, Pacific Islander, female with long, brown hair. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and I would love to get a chance to be a part of this television series.

  34. Love the show, I would love to audition and work with great people. To make it short, I’m great with improv, focused most of the time and pretty much need something to do at the moment.

  35. Sounds like a great show. I am an actor with lots of experience with the way things work, or more often, don’t work in office life.

  36. I’ve been extremely eager to throw myself into the world of media, and would like to see how I fair.

  37. Hello. My name is Shelby Burke. I am a 20 year old, 5’6″, medium length, brown hair, female. I live in downtown Chicago. I took acting classes at Act One Studios and i’m trying to continue working. I would like the chance to be apart of your production.

  38. Hi my name is Sean Myers, I’m currently 20 years old and I’m looking forward to becoming an actor. I recently got signed to a talent agency and I’m searching to find work anywhere I can. I would be honored to be a supporting role as well as an extra, honestly I just want to get as much stuff attached to my resume as possible. I live in Georgia but I am more than willing to travel anywhere needed. Looking forward to being in touch with you!

    • salutations to all you grundle grumblers(for a great laugh please look this up on urban dictionary)–I am 5’4…extremely funny and I would be an instant boost of comedy gold for the greatest show on comedy central..I watch workalholics all the time…adam is my fav…mainly because him and I would hit it off…I’m thinking about dressing up as adrian petersons son for halloween…put a diaper on,and a peterson jersey…and I will be holding a broken stick…I am trying to come up with enough guts to open my own production company,and I was needing the comedy expertise, and the experience from the great people @ comedy central..I live in oklahoma city.I will travel..but, I’m comedy gold…not fake gold…I will go anywhere you want me to go…I’ve done stand up comedy(okc comedy fest 2005)havent done anything in a few years,I also do nude carroling,I’ve sat in a drop box at a movie gallery kind of like a blockbuster but w/o the customers…I sat in a drop box and pulled peoples hands as they returned thier films…I’ll be your comedy guinea pig…please just give me a chance and I’ll do whatever you want…you can reach me @ 405-999-8297…thank you for taking the time in reading this and god bless!!!I also do imrov,robin willaims is and always will be my idol….you guys should look up grumble.

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