Auditions for Comedy Central “The Gong Show With Dave Attell”

Auditions for "The Gong Show With Dave Attell"
Comedy Central Auditions for "The Gong Show With Dave Attell".
Auditions for "The Gong Show With Dave Attell"
Comedy Central Auditions for “The Gong Show With Dave Attell”.

The most bizarre comedy variety show “The Gong Show With Dave Attell” is once again casting for it’s next season! They are seeking some crazy people to be featured on their show and for an opportunity to win some great prizes! Performers should submit their contact information and any up to date pictures to register for the open call audition. Comedy Central along with host Dave Attell are searching for the craziest, wild, insane, unique performers that are out there! All ethnicity’s & ages are encouraged to apply — from the amazing and awe inspiring to the stupid tricks that people and animals can do, to the downright insane tricks and gimmicks!

Comedy Central remains the only all-comedy network & is seen in more than 96 million homes nationwide. Hurry and apply today for your chance to be on the show or inquire about the many other opportunities available by submitting your application! Once you have submitted your information and your most recent headshot, casting department will sift through all of the potential talent and then book according to availability and open character roles left in the series. All talent will have to attend auditions and meet with the client before going ahead to book any position. Talent over the age of 18, of all ethnicity are welcome to submit their information for the casting. By sending in all of your information, you are making it known to the casting department that you are interested in this project. Make sure to have your portfolio ready for auditions. Best of luck!

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  1. I should be considered for the show, because I have large acne scars on my face and I do impressions including Andy Rooney.

  2. Hello, I am an Indian Actress, i have done a bollywood movie and currently doing a TV show. I am Miss Grand India 2014.

  3. I am a funny comedian with too much swag. I started doing all sort of funny things to people when I was in High school, when I then realize that behaving funny to people and saying joke makes people like me and it was a big talent I never knew. but to the glory of God, I am hitting Ground.

  4. I have always been the funniest every where I have been I. My life from grade school to high school it’s a gift I love to make people laugh because I love people. I’m a local comedian in Charlotte Nc ,I also do a local tv show skit comedy that would give Dave Chappell the shots I’m the Michael Jordan of funny . I am 50 years young still looking Good I wasted so much time making people laugh for free it’s time to get paid for my talent I love comedy I can’t see me doing nothing else in life . Also I can do so many different voices its natural . I want a new life for the people I love I want to be a winner for once in my life. I’m humble loving kind .I no with the right opportunity I could take off like a bird. It’s time for me to shit or get up off the pot

  5. AWE HORSESHIT There r many good reasons i recken fer me to give this acting shit a try. I am a 35 year old father of 2 boys and a husband to a women that keeps me dik in me pants. Small town boy i pissed the bed til i was in high school, im a frequent masterbater, baptized catholic but i not big on religion besides some of my beliefs our none of ur fukn business. Love to learn new things, if it dont have tits or wheels, i usually not interested. I currently am a heavy equipment operator, AND i fricken love wat i do, but i also dont mind making people laugh,smile,orgasm,shit,and piss themselves

  6. My name is Quantiz im from detroit im a short funny person im young and fun i been compared to kevin hart for years and now im ready to be in the same level as him i wanna be on top off comedy now its time hope i get a chance to show everyone

  7. My name is dusty Lester I am 19 years old I have been doing stand up comedy since I was a junior in high school when I graduated I moved to Los Angeles since then I have won a competitions and I do shows with celebritys about every week now and I am ready to take this to the next level


  9. im a college student and i know exactly what people want to laugh at, and what would make them watch your show.

  10. Although
    I am 50 and overweight I have a contagious cheerfulness and silly attitude even in adverse situations that make people smile or laugh even though they don’t feel like it. as a barber and ex-bodybuilder I am not the least bit shy about telling it like it is and still have fun mutually with people around me, along with walking, standing and posing for people who are serious.It’s about entertainment!.

  11. i am a legend in my own shower…. and did i mention i am THE biggest fan of Daves Old Porn and i will have top shelf cannabis in my possession as that is how i roll ,,, Raised behind the orange curtain but dont hold it against me,,, 4 out of 5 convicted felons recommend me…please im 41 single unemployed i make everyone feel awkward and uncomfortable and warm and fuzzy inside so thats why my friends tell me to get lost im figuring they want me to go on the road w my act? im just who i be being here now…

  12. To be honest I would just love to be able to contribute, learn, and sharpen my skill set. This would be the perfect place.

  13. IDK but for 50 bucks would you let woopie Goldberg in a diaper lay on top of you in hammock? On the off chance anybody sees this give me a shout id be happy to discuss this and that.

  14. Hi, my name is Fatima Holder. Im twentyone years old , African American female and i love to act. I dont have a proffesional background of acting but i do have short videos on my cell phone of me acting and poeple love to watch them.I know how to be funny and serious at the sametime but i would call myself more of a mixy actress. I know i would be best for this part.

    Thanks for your time and consideration in advanced.

    Fatima Holder.

  15. I think I’m best for your show because I’m very spontaneous and I have a very out going personality and I love to make people laugh and I tend to do things and tell storys that are crazy and unexpected I like to come up wit crazy yet funny ideas so I think I would be perfect for your show and you would love me and my personality

  16. I think I would be perfect for your show because I have a very out going personality I like to say what ever comes to my mind and most the time its something funny but I’m a very out spoken person and I think that you would like this kind of personality for your show and that’s why I think I’ll be the best for your show

  17. I think I would be good for this show because I have a crazy and funny personality I love to make people laugh and I think my personality would be perfect for your show

  18. Why should I be considered?
    well, im a physician, a race car driver, dog trainer, floatation device, chemical engineer, designer, pilot, santa, psychic, house wife, house cat, and edible and occasionally can be used as a hat.

  19. I didn’t know I had a hidden talent when guys I try to date tell me I’m funny. One Guy told me that he couldn’t date me because he don’t have a job. He said when he get his life together then we can be together…..then he started calling me baby…I told him….you just put me on layaway and you put a deposit down by calling me baby.Too funny

    be with youcan

  20. I should be considered for the show because I’m known to be wild, spontaneous and have an amazing sense of humor!

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