CMT – Redneck Reunion

Redneck Reunion- CMT
Redneck Reunion- CMT


• Are you a city slicker who is embarrassed of his/her “redneck roots?”
• Have you traded in your camouflage gear for a suit and tie?
• Have you lost touch with your southern charm because of the demands of the big city?
• Would you like to reconnect with your distant family members and come home for a fun-filled redneck family reunion?

If so, we want to hear from you!

From the producers of CMT’s My Big Redneck Wedding comes the exciting new special Redneck Reunion. The hour-long special, hosted by Tom Arnold, will reunite one redneck family with a big-city relative for a family reunion they’ll NEVER forget!

Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role

We are looking for a city slicker who has lost touch with their redneck roots. We want to bring them home for a redneck reunion with their family and redneck roots.

Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male Female
Age: from 18 to 55
Ethnicity: Any –
Hair Color: Any –
Body Type: Any –

Please keep checking back for more information on dates and times of the castings and leave us a comment.

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  1. We grew up with a family farm, picking potatoes and driving tractors. My extensive, (cousins numbering in the hundreds!) eccentric family is the biggest bunch of party hardy rednecks you ever set eyes on! (Think the wedding scene from the Beverly Hillbillies!) The family farm is still there, my uncle owns it but doesn’t run it anymore. Wouldn’t it be great to have everyone get together for a big party with the families own secret country star…Buck T. Edwards! That’s right, by day a humble elementary school principal living in the big city, but on the weekends a world famous country dynamo in hat and sunglasses with an act that draws on down home roots and humor for an event and spectacle that will be second to none!

  2. I am orignally from Mobile Al and I was forced to move up North to Chicago with my job. I am a pharmaceutical sales rep with Country roots and city style. I hunt, I fish, play golf, Mud ride, workout religiously, and enjoy pretty much any outdoors activity. But since Chicago I have found that there are a lot of city events that I have enjoyed as well. I want to make sure my southern roots stay with me! I have worked on a farm and I have also worked in corporate america where a suit and tie is required daily. I drive a jacked up GMC Denali Sierra for my personal vehicle and a Prius for my work vehicle. So as you can see I am trying to spare my southern roots as much as possible.

    Thank you,

  3. Looking for someone with down home country roots, model looks but isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, then I’m your girl! Cowgirl that is…I’ve got horses, dogs, pot bellied pigs and bucking bulls. I am a full time model and actress, in addition to running my horse ranch and bucking bulls. You can check out my YouTube channel at where we post new videos every week! Everyone keeps telling me I need my own reality show.. and you know what, I have to agree! It’s all about Pretty Pink Acres where it’s ranch livin’ blondie style!

  4. I am 46 and an actor in the San Francisco area. I am a professional in the legal field, and I was raised in Dallas. I was recently nominated for Best Actress in a Comedic Role in a Play by Broadway World. I look forward to any chance to talk and act like my “real” self. Thanks….

  5. I should be considered because, after I left my husband in North Carolina in early 90’s, I left behind a whole lot of family and friends that meant the world to me. , I moved back to Westminster, Maryland. My dad (from North Carolina) died in 2001. I don’t go to North Carolina much after my dad’s death.

  6. Well my pop and all his brothers grew-up with Jeff Foxworthy in Hapeville, red necks all come from the same neck of the woods (so to speak)…

  7. I grew up in Pascagoula, Mississippi, a small town, not-so-affectionately referred to, as “the armpit of the South”. Although the nickname leaves much to be desired, it was not such a bad place to grow up…or so I thought. Pascagoula is located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and is fronted by some beautiful barrier islands to the south, and the Pascagoula River to the north. I loved growing up in this environment and enjoyed all the outdoors had to offer. Unfortunately, hindsite is 20/20. I left my hometown at the age of 18 and attended Ole Miss, graduating with a degree in journalism. Following graduation, wanderlust set in, and guided by my love of the water, I landed a job as a cook on a boat. This led me to apply to the Culinary Institute of America. I was accepted and traveled to Hyde Park, New York to complete my chef’s training. I loved my time in New York and was enveloped in the “big city” life. Following this training, I traveled the world, working in the food service industry. These travels took me to Algeria, the islands of Frence Polynesia, the privately owned island of Lanai, before finally landing me in the culinary capital of the South – New Orleans, Louisiana. I first worked as a chef at Gautreaus, the restaurant I now own. I am proud of my accomplishments in cultivating a distinct clientele with discerning palates. Now, back to my roots…most of my family remain on the Mississippi Gulf coast, where summer weekends are never boring. One would have to experience a Saturday at Sand Island to appreciate the full magnitude of such a redneck event. Every redneck with a boat that will float seems to show up with copious amounts of ice cold beer. Let’s not leave out the music – again, it’s something to be experienced live, but the “boom box” competition is fierce! Many of the visitors wade fish from the shore, and think nothing of gutting their catch right on the beach. When experiencing this spectacle with my wife and children, I tried to look on the bright side and think of it as a lesson in marine biology for my little ones…no such luck. My wife now refuses to return to the island. She was born and raised in Uptown New Orleans and cannot abide the Mississippi lifestyle. Bear in mind, that this was only Saturday. Sundays are usually spent on the river, with more odd boats, bigger rednecks, more beer, and maybe, if your lucky, a cookout at some strange point on the river affectionately referred to by my family as “Max’s beach”…named for my nephew. I truly loved this carefree lifestyle as a child and young adult, but have to ask myself now…what was I thinking???? Not that I think I’m better than anyone else, it’s just unfathonable that I could have evolved to the person I am today – with a totally different lifestyle. Thank you NOLA!

  8. I am the ultimate redneck from deep East Texas.
    I traded my redneck, dipping ways for a software sales position.
    Talk about the best acting job ever. I should receive an oscar for getting as far as I have. I can be anyone and can mirror the people around me.
    I can one one hand seem like a dumb but handsome hick and on the other hand hold a in deepth conversation with any highly educated person.
    I am by far the one you need for this role.
    So whats in it for you ? I am a guy who can transform back and forth between a redneck country hick to a hign power excutive who closes million dollar deals for breakfast. I can be Larry the cable guy one second and be Gordon Gecko the next.
    One interview with me and you will be hooked on my charm and chrisma.

  9. I think I was born in the wrong town. 90% of the residents can’t say the name correctly! I love this little town but as they would say, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a redneck.

  10. How about just the opposite. My husband went to a Catholic Private School in New York. He wore those silly boat shoes, polo shirts, and khaki shorts. Had them fancy uptight dinners in stuffy places. One would NEVER expect what my husband looks like now. Matter of fact if his rich friends in New York saw him now….they wouldnt even recognize him. My husband joined the military for 14 years and fought in the combatt zone. This has really changed him. He looks completely different. He’s not clean shaved and proper anymore! And Im pretty sure they would never guess he would pick me as his wife. My husband is funny and outgoing. We both love to hunt deer, hogs, dove, turkey, etc. So if you want a twist on your show….take my Red Neck Husband back to New York City!

  11. i live in picayune,ms and ever since hurricane Katrina its pretty much impossible to live a country life.. At Tailgate parties – There are always fights and its never with your fist now a days its knives an guns.. No one can afford to go mud riding or horse back riding beacuse money is a big issue down here. Cant go huntin or fishing because EVERYTHING has bulit up around here with everyone from Louisiana moving here so there just isnt any country life or down to earth, honest country people anymore or anywhere near this town.

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