Celebrity Name Game’ Show

Celebrity Name Game' Show Contestant

Celebrity Name Game' Show Contestant

Late night host Craig Furgeson has embarked on a new adventure by hosting Celebrity Name Game’ Show. The series is on pace to go forward into production for fall 2014, and the casting directors are now holding auditions for male and female contestants ages 18 and over. Celebrity Name Game’ Show will be produced by the company that is owned by Courteney Cox and David Arquette along with the help of the creators of Deal or No Deal and will be based on a board game called “Identity Crisis.” Details on shooting locations and dates have not yet been released but castings for contestants are set to begin shortly so do not miss out on your chance apply now!

 On the show, celebrities and non-famous contestants will team up to identify famous names — including celebrities, movie and TV characters, and more  after receiving numerous clues. Celebrity Name Game’ Show will be hosted by CBS late night show host Craig Furgeson who is venturing out into game show hosting for the fist time in his career.

Filming location and dates have not yet been announced but the casting directors have announced that they are now looking for male and female contestants over the age of 18 who are interested in auditioning for the new television game show. If you think you have what it take to compete in Celebrity Name Game’ Show please submit your contact information along with one or two recent photos. Please keep checking back for more information on premier dates and to find out what celebs will be participate in a television version of “Identity Crisis”

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. I enjoy watching the show. I love Craig Furgeson and the jokes he makes of the contestant. I play at home and I tell my husband of how I would have chose a better description or a better clue.

  2. Me and my husband watch and play this with each other. We love this game and he is better at guessing and I’m better at giving the clues.

  3. SWM, 59, looking for a good time. Interests include movies, television, music, sports and charades. I also enjoy long walks and bubble baths. I’m will to try new things with groups and I don’t mind millions of people watching. If you’re willing, I will make myself available to you for whenever you want me. Thank you.

  4. The premise of the show is the best on tv. We are a father/daughter team that would bring upbeat comedy and a great knowledge of the subjects. Craig does an awesome job and those Arquettes don’t do a bad job either….Thank you for all you do.

  5. I’m such a competitive person and I love celebrities so this is right up my alley. I’m great at trivia and Hollywood gossip so give me a chance. I’m high energy and love to laugh. It’ll be a blast!

  6. Love the show. I and my Ex put on blind folds and keep the sounds and I win!!! My son is good at this too.

  7. Noel Gonzalez
    What a perfect show for me to be a part of, I’m knowledgeable on famous people, and a quick thinker under pressure, n I could use the money, after all everybody loves free money!!!!

  8. I’m currently watching the show. The contestants don’t suck, but I feel like I could do better. The woman skipped Daniel Radcliffe…..um hello!!!! All you had to say was Harry Potter. I’m knowledgeable on a lot of current and past pop culture (which is an advantage), I work well under pressure, and want to be on tv. But who doesn’t?!

  9. because it sounds like a lot of fun and I always enjoy making money at something I would be good at. Let the games begin!

  10. Well first off…
    I love Craig :))
    I would love to be on the show with my brother.
    I have been through breast cancer and watched my son go through Crohns Disease.
    We are both doing great. Now its time for some fun in life. I love watching this show and it would be a blast to be a part of it, and honestly, could sure use the $$$.
    Pick us please!!!

  11. i love the show. I watch almost every day. me and my friend are nerds trapped in jocks bodies. He looks like a roman warrior and I look like a viking. We need a chance to redeem ourselves because you can’t judge a crook by his lovers.

  12. I know about celebrity and how to give clues please consider me for your game show, it sounds like great fun if I’m picked I will fly to California, I live in the State of Delaware. It’s a great show I watch it every time that is on. yours truly Irma Jimenez

  13. Hello, am planning to attend next Thursday show and would love to participate. I’m a smart, middle-aged corporate heckler coming to LA to visit my daughter. Love game shows, sounds like fun.

  14. My sister and i lost or parents. We are so fun and love life, we would love to be on the show. We could really usea kick in the pants to get back on track. We love Creig too ! Baha, he kicks butt.


  16. My daughter and I would love to be on your show. We enjoy playing games and would have a blast in California! Thanks!

  17. I have always been a fan of game shows and Celebrity Name Game has become one of my favorites. I always record the show so I will not miss any episode. I always wanted to participate, but lived on the East Coast. Recently I moved to California and would love to have the opportunity to participate now that I am nearer the city the show airs. I know I would do really well.

  18. For the love of god i have to get on this show! I watch skintight and scream at the television! My best friend and wife would be the perfect partner and our sorry is awesome we were happily divorced for 17 years before getting back together and having a son together to go with our 18 year old daughter.

  19. As a home town radio diva, a weekly advice columnist, and a fountain of useless fun information, I would be awesome on the show! My best friend of 41 years, an air force air medic with several deployments, is also a perfect candidate..together we would be entertaining and fun!

  20. This show is such a hit, I love it! My roommate and I will close our eyes when the contestants are trying to figure out the celebrity name.. I found out I’m actually quite good at this game.. :)

  21. Other than loving the show and feeling just like everyone else in thinking I can win the show. I must admit though that I have wasted years in front of the boob tube for watching mindless shows just like an addict. So I figure I might as well put my addiction to good use finally with an attempt to feel better about myself for knowing who’s who in tinsel town and win myself some $$$!

  22. My daughter in law and I watch the show everyday! We love this show. We think we would be great contestants. I am a good clue giver and she’s good at guessing. We think this would be a great opportunity. Please consider us. Thanks!

  23. I speak fluently in movie and TV quotes. IMDB is something that I frequent and I just KNOW celebrities, new and classic actors and actresses. I would soo kick ass on this show!

  24. Well #1..Biggest fan of Craig!!!! #2..British…yeah I know he’s not but I won’t hold that against him! #3..Flight Attendant and if Craig marries me he can fly “stand by” for the rest of his life for free! How can ya pass that up??? #4…Yeah I’m pretty and smart too….been a certified SCUBA diver since age 14, flying trans-Atlantic since age 6 and have plenty of flight attendant friends I can bring to the taping!


  26. I would love to be on this show. Not only would the money help me out a lot, but I would love to show my knowledge of pop culture and celebrities. I havebeen saying for years that there need to be a place where I can show my passion for movies and television. Now this show comes along, and I couldn’t be happier. Please give me a chance to appear on your show. Come to Sarasota or Bradenton, Fl please!!!!

  27. I’m a movie freak, love watching television
    I watch it every morning at 10 o’clock and 1030 and sometimes I get pissed off at the people who don’t know who they are. like Courtney Cox didn’t know who Derek Jeter was,ugh. I GOT THIS!!!!!!

  28. I watch the game all the time we play it a lot at home .I’m very good at movies an celebrities.I’m very energetic an passionate I’m a very good competitor an always trying to win.

  29. It is painful how bad some of the contestants are on this show! I know my husband and I could do much better!

  30. My fiance and I would absolutely love to be contestants on the show!! We are both knowledgeable in numerous areas. Winning or not we would definitely be the “life of the party”.

  31. I submitted a pic of me and my dad. He watched your show til his death, but we had discussed applying to be contestants on the show prior to his death in August 2014. I still watch everyday believing had we gone together, we would have walked away with the $20,000 because we both loved trivia gaming.

  32. My husband and I are a hit at parties when we play games like this. It’s fun and even funner if you add comedy. Loving the show! Please contact me.

  33. My son and his fiance of 20 yrs would do well on your show. Both very intelligent and savy. Nancy

  34. I think my big sister and I would be perfect for The Celebrity name game. We know everything and anything about celebrities, from movies and TV shows they have starred in to even their personal lives!! Every time someone we know wants to know about a certain movie or show or whats going on in a celebrity’s life they call me or my sis because we know so much about them! And to be honest I think us going on the show would be good specially for my sister. She has had medical issues all her life and acouple months ago she went thru her 6th surgery because of her health issues. I think we would definitely be able to play a good game and win!! And I think the opportunity would be some great therapy for my sis. No doubt about that whatsoever!! Hope we hear back for an audition!! Thanks!

  35. I would love the chance to be on this show. Craig Ferguson is absolutely Hilarious. I never miss a day if the show. I DVR the show everyday just so I dont miss an episode. I need for auditions to come to Raleigh NC and I need to be chosen, I think me and my sister would be awesome for the show. We are a couple of silly ladies and would bring our own “flavor” to the show!

  36. My wife and I love ya’lls show. We take it seriously and We go so far as to take turns sitting behind the television without volume and jump up and down and play as if we’re actually there.Only thing missing is the great Craig Ferguson. been a fan since he played on the Drew Carey show. But all and all my wife and I are very animated characters. Love the show and even if we’re not chosen keep up the good work. dougandtracy6@gmail.com

  37. I love this show, and would love to be part of it. It looks fun and challenging and me and my mother would be excellent candidates for this show. Please contact me with the information on how to audition for the show. Thank you.

  38. I would love the chance to be on this amazing game show, I just love it, I watch it everyday. Looks like so much fun, I could use the money to help my children for college, and some of my bills. Thank you and I’ll be crossing my fingers!

  39. Pick me and my girlfriend we are energetic and have a great sense of humor we’d fit perfect on your show

  40. I love EVERYTHING about this show especially the handsome Craig Ferguson!! I would rock on this show!!

  41. I would like to take a chance and win some money. I’m an outgoing young professional that likes to have fun and always keep everyone smiling/laughing I believe I can win it all on this show

  42. Hello! I was an instant fan of the show since The Fall. In fact, I now have to DVR-it so I can FF through all the instructions to get to the “meat”. I am 63 (reside in Syracuse, NY). My nephew (Miles) is turning 29 next week and resides in the Buffalo area. We are both “popular culture” maniacs so I thought we should apply. Miles IS a traveler; me, not so much, but for this opportunity, I would. I brought it up to Miles a few weeks ago and he immediately said (without even having seen the show) “Let’s go!” I am an extremely “warm” (temperature) person (as well as having a “warm” personality), so that is the main thing I am worried about: totally melting in front of The World under all of the lights, although I have seen some skirts of contestants blowing, so there must be a giant fan somewhere! Interesting worry, huh? NOT making a fool of myself in front of The World — just melting like Richard Nixon. Please write, as I am interested. Thank you.

  43. I believe my mom and I would be great for this show..she watches television so much she practically knows every celebrity there possibly is. I really hope we could get the chance to be part of it

  44. There is no show on television that I don’t know about I love game shows but celebrity name game is the best game show ever invented. Hats off 2 David n Courtney. I would love 2 be apart of this great show.

  45. I would love to be on this show simply because when I watch it, it baffles me how bad most of these contestants are. I WOULD KICK BUTT!

  46. Not sure what you are looking for however I am 60 and one of the very first USFL cheerleaders picked for the Invaders in Oakland when they had that summer league. A lot of the girls went on to NFL however I was the oldest girl on squad back then 28 and had a child. San Diego, Niners, Oakland Raiders are a few that I have friends that played however we are the seniors of the group! lol You can look me up on FB to see a pic. I am one of a kind and you will see when you meet .

  47. I’ve love games my entire life, from board games to game shows. This game show looks like fun and I’d love to be given an opportunity to play! I’m young, bright and full of charisma! I’d be the perfect contestant for you guys ☺
    Where do I post the pix? Hmmm well hope to hear back from you!

  48. My sister and I would love the opportunity to be apart of this game show! We play catch phrase and taboo all the time! This would be such a fun adventure for us please please pick us!!

  49. Me and my mom watch this show every day and we play along… it would be great to be able to bring my mom to a game show… we love this show… please pick us!!!! :) :)

  50. We take our breaks and lunch all at one time to watch the show. Plus we are “Pretty cute” co-workers.

  51. Me an my husband are oif veterans an love the show,we watch every tapping.we would appreciate the chance to to show what the army has made of us.

  52. Hello!!! I want to shout pick me, pick me!!! But I’ll introduce myself first. My name is Ryan James. I believe I have the right combination of wit, fast thinking and a knowledge of celebrities to kick ass on this game show. I’ve wanted to do a game show for a while and this one suits me best! I have performed in many stage plays so I’m also able to perform in front of an audience.

    Is that what you’re looking for? No? I’ll try again. I always smell nice. I hold the door for elderly people… well, all people. I can bend my fingers all the way back. I guess that makes me what they call “double jointed.”

    Now I’ll say it again, I’m Ryan James, pick me!!! pick me!!!

  53. I’m a fan of the show and would love to be on the show. Would like to know if playing the game on the show is more challenging than in my living room.

  54. My sister & I are tv addicts & absolutely love your game show! I know that we can really kick some, well you know :-P. We have both had a lot of medical & financial burdens in 2014. I lost my home & couch surfed for 2 yrs. The winnings would be a blessing & being on the show would be a dream come true! Love y’all, Courtney, David & Craig!

  55. I think me and my uncle should be a perfect contestant for this show we are movie holilic and TV hollic I think we could beat the game show lol

  56. My whole family is full of avid game players. I used to host board game nights 2 days a week at my house for my co-workers, Taboo being my favorite. I’ve been known to pull out the dictionary to prove my point, but it’s always in good fun. I ADORE Craig Ferguson, and think it would be amazing to meet him. My fiance and I would make it an episode worth watching! I take no prisoners :)

  57. I watch this show every chance I get and right off the bat it looks like so much fun.
    I’ve sat here on my couch and thought “hey I could do that.” And I’d like to prove it.
    I’m a competitor so you’d get the best out of me.

  58. I would love to be a contestant on this show. My sister and I watch this show all the time and play along. We have been waiting for a chance to get on, would be an excellent experience for us both. Please contact me back. Thank you!!

  59. My mom and I LOVE the show and we know we can kick some ass on it. Please give us the opportunity, who couldn’t use 20,000 right?! We’re fun, energetic, and were best friends. We love game shows and this is our absolute favorite. Hope to hear from you guys :)

  60. Hi! Rachel and Jerome here.
    The reason you should choose us is clear. We’re a husband and wife duo with nothing to fear.
    So, bring on the clues, we’ll name the fames! Energy and excitement is the name of our game!

  61. The show really looks like fun. And who wouldn’t want to be on national television I work very hard stress over bills and lifeschallenges like everyone else. I would enjoy if you let me have a day of appreciation for my self. Call me selfish. But with my winnings I would get a attorney for my kid’s. Thank you for your time.

  62. I would love to get picked for the game show. I’m literally watching it now and saying” I can’t believe she can’t get this actor” I’m thinking it cant be that hard… Lol

  63. My crazy hubby and I woul love to be on the show
    We’re high energy, and fun, like making friends.
    We own a pool table moving restoration business in Phoenix, and we’ll do almost anything to get out in the summer.
    Look forward to hearing from you!

  64. My roommate and I would love to be contestants on Celebrity Name Game because there are not many things that we know better than celebrities and popular culture and honestly there are not many places for us to truly utilize this knowledge. We are two college students who study childhood education and marketing but mostly IMDB. Please consider letting us astound you with our one talent.

  65. I love watching Celebrity Name Game it is such an uplifting show. I would make a great contestant because I am positive, enthusiastic and articulate. Plus, I know it would be super fun to jump up and down when we win a round. Thank you for the consideration. It feels great even to write this.

  66. I would love to be on this show it’s so full of energy!!!!! I love hollywood past and present. I would use
    the money i won to invest and take a trip. I also would love to be the first canadian on the show. I live in Coquitlam British Columbia.

  67. I was born for this!!!!! My name is Tracy, my friends call me the celebrity dictionary. Literally!!! When my friends told me about Craig Ferguson hosting a game show that allows my unique knowledge skills to go to good use, I was overwhelmed with joy. I know that if chosen to be on the game show I would shine and do amazing. Please consider me!!

  68. I should be on this show because I met David Arquette on the Foxxhole and he told me to come on the show I think that’s reason enough

  69. I would live to be considered a contestant on your show. I think I have the celeb iq necessary to, at least, not embarrass myself. Thanks for the consideration!


  70. Although we live in New York, my wife and I will be in California from 2/17-2/24 for her 60th birthday. She is a huge Craig Ferguson fan. Me, not so much.

  71. I absolutely love this game. My best friend and I play Pictionary at home a lot and always win but we are so competitive and always win that no one will play with us anymore so we need to be on your show, please pick us.

  72. I have wanted to be on a game show MY ENTIRE LIFE!
    When my best friend and I get together for a beer or two we don’t discuss world events, we talk about celebrities. Of course we feel we know them, and would rock this game! Give us the chance to share our immense knowledge of celebrities, as well as meet the sexy Craig Ferguson, you truly won’t be sorry!

  73. My best friend and I talk about going on celebrity name game all the time!! I would absolutely love love love to be on the show. I tell my husband everytime I’m watching your show that I could do this! This would be a fun and amazing experience!!

  74. I think I would be great on this show I love acting and i think I would really have fun but also win the game lol

  75. I would love to be on Celebrity Name Game because my best friend and I constantly watch the show and we know the answers to almost everything. Oh and we can use the money to help support our family: CREDIT CARDS! and use the rest to go to New Orleans to have beignets, Miami to get a tan, and New York to discover the big apple by walking through every hood.

  76. I just saw this game for the first time and it’s fun and hilarious. My wife and I would love to be on your show. Thank you.

  77. I’ve always wanted to be on this game show I’m quick with my thinking, am I master at guessing games (charades, taboo, etc) and really feel like me and my partner can go all the way!!!!!

  78. I would absolutely love to be on this show, I loved Craig as host on the Late Late show, and have been dvring every episode of this show, since I came across it this week. I think I would do really well on the show…love playing catchphrase and games like it.

  79. I watch this show close to every day and I always think it would be a fun show to be on. I think I’d be a great candidate for the show.

  80. I love this game. Mr Derguson is the best fit to host the Celebrity Name Game!
    I am missing the new shows in San Antonio Tx It was in one station and time in the
    Evening I can’t find it on my local listing. Please help? Keep up the
    Congratulations and Good work Mr Ferguson. Love love love the show. Thank you!

  81. My brother and I work in the legal profession. He is a practicing attorney and I am taking the bar exam. We are both very knowledgable in regards to pop culture, we both watch your program every night, and I believe we would both be entertaining contestants. Those reasons, coupled with our desire to compete at all levels, make us a perfect fit for your show.

  82. I Want To Be On This Show. I play along every day. And I’m good. Give 2 fly seasoned ladies a chance to have a ball.

  83. I watch this everyday. I love Creig, great host. Was so glad he got something after the late night. This is the best daytime program on TV today. Give me a chance to meet Creig. That would make my year

  84. I’m a broke college student with an extensive amount of knowledge on celebrities, musicians, athletes, and anything related to the media. Some may say that my knowledge exceeds the normal limit. I’d really like to be considered for the show, it would be my dream to show off my talents and to meet Craig.

  85. Me and My Sister are HUGE Fans and we LOVE Courtney Cox and anything she’s associated with. “Friends” and “Cougar Town” are definitely top two. We would so put up a good fight against another couple. Please pick me

  86. I’m watching the show right now (1/8/15 in NY) and can’t believe Craig’s insentivity. Come on, kneelling down next to the the shorter contestant was NOT FUNNY. If the stage crew and cameraman were carefully watching, they should let him see how insulting this was for her.

  87. Ive always been told if I knew as much about school work as I did about pop culture knowledge Id be a genius curing the world of ever disease by now. Alas, my lot in life is to know pop culture and current event trivia. I would be a perfect contestant on this show. Ratings would only benefit by having me on.

  88. I want to rock this show with my best tv companion….my husband. I have seen all the episodes and i am trying to stay patient…..waiting for the next season. Come Rainy Dae is your gal!

  89. I think this show will only gain more popularity and momentum the longer it is on, and I am looking forward to having the chance to be on a show culminated by the geniuses, the Arquettes & Craig Fergeson!!!!

  90. I think it would be a lot of fun to try out for your show .I have been a movie and tv extra and had been in award winning movie with a small part I live in PA it would be a bucket list for me and i think my wife would be so happy if you do pick me to try out.

  91. I know that I would be great on this show because I have a vast knowledge of pop culture and celebrity information and I come from a very large family and if I’m on the show I will get all of my large family to watch me win the show..

  92. I would love to be a contestant and I think Craig Ferguson is the best. Every game I’ve ever played I have had the good fortune of winning. I practiced this one and consider myself an expert. Please call me for an audition. Thanks

  93. I would love to be a contestant on this show. I watch this show constantly . Looks like so much fun!!
    Call me ,email me pronto!!!

  94. I am a celebrity-a-holic!! tried going cold turkey once staying clear of gossip sites and magazines and I could not detox… I would ROCK Celebrity Name Game Show–Married Mom of 3-everything Hollywood is my CALGON TAKE ME AWAY-

  95. I’m 23 born and raised in Iowa. I have college debt to pay off and have been a competitor my entire life. I’ve wrestled my whole life and am very competitive. Trying to find my niche. I’ve been trying to find my start and I think this would be a great start.

  96. Sorry I have no photo. I’m a good looking guy from San Antonio Texas and I think that my best friend and I would be great competitors on your show. I also have to admit that Craig Ferguson is one of my favorite comedians and I will miss his show come December. “Keeping it classy all the way until Chtistmas” FART. Give us a go, cheeky monkeys! zeffen333@gmail.com. Phone: 210-842-3113. Hope to hear from you…

  97. I know I just missed you shooting in Las Vegas. I have a son who goes to UNLV engineering school. I live in Los Angeles and have another son & daughter who can be on the show. I willing to travel to film at either locations. I use to do Valet for the rich and famous. I would be great candidate for your show. I am outgoing, funny and full energy.

  98. OMG! This is what a full 10% of my brain is devoted to. I could have learned 4 languages but instead I seem to remember celebrities. Please, please, please contact me about auditioning. xoxo


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  101. I would love the chance to take my Tic Tax Dough knowledge and pass it on to the next generation. Please pick me because my dentist bills are going to become crazy, my kids have some screwed up chicklets. Can’t Wait,Peace.

  102. Hola mi nombres es Estefania Rueda Ramirez tengo 14 años pero tengo una gran capacidad para interpretar papeles de grande y pequeña por que mi cuerpo se modifica rápidamente y el maquillaje también no tengo mucha experiencia pero me encanta aprender mi pelo es castaño claro natural, ojos negros mido 1,65 mi dicho es ”el que persevera alcanza” espero poder trabajar con udes adiós

  103. I think I most definetly would enjoy a chance to be a part of this scenario show and I can tell I just can’t wait to get on…!!!!! CONTACT ME……!!!!!!!!!

  104. Hello,
    I would like to apply for this casting however I do not see a email address. Can you tell me how to apply?
    Thank you
    Kimberly Kukich

    • I am a publically declared trivia nerd to the max. I had a severe car accident and was laid up for a year because I couldn’t walk. During this time, my family would have trivia day to improve my mood from physical therapy. I am now doing great, but it is still a tradition. We all gather around and do several game show trivia questions weekly. I would love the opportunity to be a guest on your show. I play along every day!

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